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On the Navajo Nation, kids with the most severe developmental disabilities attend a school called Saint Michael’s Association for Special Education.

Dameon David, 8, is waking up from a nap in his classroom. He has come to the school in northeastern Arizona for four years. He has cerebral palsy, seizures and scoliosis. His mom, Felencia Woodie, picks him up from a bed with Superman sheets.

“Other schools that he was going to go to, they didn’t have the nursing staff or the equipment he goes in, or the trained staff that they have here to do his suctioning, his feeding and his medications daily,” she says.

Woodie, who also works at Saint Michael’s, says the only problem with the school is its water.

“It has a certain stench to it. Sometimes you’ll smell … kinda like a egg smell,” Woodie says. “Sometimes it’s yellow, brown, or even we’ve seen black.”

On The Navajo Nation, Special Ed Students Await Water That Doesn’t Stink

Photo: Sami Rapp/Courtesy of Saint Michael’s Association for Special Education

(( OOC: I also received questions about mating and magic headcanons… soooo…. here goes. 

Remus still has magic… but since he lacks any training, it comes in spurts, and is purely instinctual. He doesn’t like it, it makes him stand out from the pack, which values uniformity. 

Fenrir is trained to use magic, but he doesn’t share this knowledge with the pack, preferring to keep them submissive and docile and dependent on him. 

They have to rely on him for everything, especially once he discovers that the “caregiver” has been undermining him and creating division in his pack. 

When Fenrir takes over again, he establishes a system that controls every aspect of the pack member’s lives through fear and manipulation. He controls everything down to who the pack members spend their time with, and this includes mating. 

He doesn’t allow mates within the pack because he doesn’t want the members to place their loyalty on anyone but him. He also doesn’t want anyone creating alliances that could threaten the new world order he’s trying to create. 

This makes is difficult for any deep relationships to be built within the pack, and creates a lot of resentment towards Fenrir… or misplaced resentment towards each other. )) 

Yamaguchi doesn’t really like to read minds. He always feels as if he’s invading people’s privacy. But, sometimes, he simply has to do it. What happens, when he tunes into some random person’s mind on a crowded train, though?

The poll is rather popular, here goes the winner (32%). The second fic was really close behind it.

Also - this is my 50th work published!

SFW, TsukiYama
Words: 1286
Also on ao3.

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Who You Are (Part 5)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,793

Warning: swearing, violence, making out ;)

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

A/N: For some reason I always post at 11 o’clock at night. I have no idea why….Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been really busy with school, but I got it done! :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

When you had come up with the idea of Peter helping you learn to defend yourself, you didn’t realize how hard it would actually be. Ok, this should be easy enough, you think right before you punch the bag.

“Shit! That really hurts. Ow. Fuck.” You say, shaking your gloved hand out and jumping around while cradling your dominant hand into your chest.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break your hand. You punched with your thumb tucked it.” Peter says standing to your right with his arms crossed.

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I try to get back to concepts images. It’s been too long since my last one and i have to train again! 

Here’s a little song that goes with it:

Imagine: The Train Ride w/ E

Imagine you and Ethan were all alone on the train. He was sitting in front of you. The train was about to take off. You two both suddenly realized that there’s actually nobody here.
The train goes and twenty minutes later, Ethan dropped his phone and it slides to your feet. You realized and picked it up. “Sorry about that”, Ethan said. You smiled and noticed how handsome he was. “It’s fine”, you said and went back to staring at the window.
“I’m Ethan”, he said.
“I’m y/n”, you responded.
“So, y/n, what are you doing on this train?”, he said, but then realized how weird that sounded.
You giggled and said that you were just exploring and he was too.
He sat next to you and you were surprised. You two talked the whole three hours of the train ride about the places you’ve visited, your favorite foods, work, and so forth.
Finally, when the train stopped, he asked for your number. You gave it to him and you guys made plans to see each other the next day at a coffee shop.

Started reading The Raven Boys because I saw some Adam/Ronan fanart but apparently this is a ship that takes all four books to develop like whoa there partner no one warned me I was on the slow burn train

Welp here goes nothing I hate when I already ship something and now have to wade through other ships before mine happens blergh

Magnus & Madzie

For the first time since she was six, Madzie was hesitant about knocking on Magnus’ door.

“You going to stand there all day, kiddo? These groceries are heavy.”

Madzie jumped a foot in the air but calmed down immediately when she saw Alec in front of her. It had been fourteen years since she first met him but he looked basically the same with the exception of fine lines that appeared around his eyes. She was immediately filled with a sense of comfort, and she smiled at him allowing him to pass her. The door opened for him magically, clearly sensing his hands were occupied.

Once his groceries were on the table he turned to her, “so what’cha doing here?”

She bit her lip, “I’m going to ask Magnus to oversee my continued training.”

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@A-differentpxth//Dark!Charles Starter

Months of gunshots. 

         Months of sleepless nights. 

                     Months of blood upon Charles hands. 

From hunting down mutant to mutant, Charles finally found his biggest target. It took him a year, but he finally managed to hunt him down. “You said so yourself, Erik. You’re either with us or against us,” said Charles as his tired and darkened blue eyes remained fixed upon his target; His gun remained steady and pointed straight. “You know this was coming, old friend,” he smirked, darkly. 

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Guuuurrrrlll I don't know about you but I'm over here scoffing, homegal gets on a jet and goes MIA while homeboy is "training up north" and then just as we see she's going back from her mysterious trip, he is all moved in to his new place...???? 👀😌

Chapter Three

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but this was a big chapter for this fic and wanted to get it done right! Hope you enjoy it! Here it goes…


Harry returned home from a long day of flight training at the army base. His secured home on the base was small and quaint giving him enough privacy at the end of a long day like today. Tossing his bag in the entry way he kicked off his shoes hurling them unceremoniously into the floor. Deacon, his other protection officer closed the door behind him.

Rounding the corner Harry walked into the kitchen seeing Rip standing there with a file in his hand. Slowing his pace to a stop, Harry eyed him suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. Realization hit Harry as to what the file may contain; Rip’s findings of the blonde woman from the night at the masquerade ball.

“Is that it?” Harry’s heart began to race in his chest hoping he would finally learn the identity of the woman. Rip nodded slowly keeping his eyes on the prince. He wanted to warn Harry of that he would not be pleased with his findings of the woman, but felt it best for the prince to reveal the information at his leisure.

“Yes Harry. It is.”

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Alternate “You”niverse *Avengers x Reader* (7/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear somethings up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One |Alternate “You”niverse Part Two |Alternate “You”niverse Part Three  | Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
Alternate “You”niverse Part Five
 |Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
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Yourself, Steve and Sam were all standing in the training room, discussing on how long Tony would take to fix the portal; also subtly bringing up Steve trying to make amends with Chris at some point before he leaves, although, Steve doesn’t seem to think he needs to despite your better judgement that he should. 

You wave as Scott and Paul walk through the doors, Wanda and Natasha following slightly behind them, Paul hadn’t been around much; in fact this was probably the second time you have seen him, he was often with Hank Pym, which was unusual but Scott assured everyone it was because he felt more comfortable over there, due to being on the set that looked like that house.

“Is that Captain America?” everyone is silent as Paul stares in awe at Steve, who shyly waves and smiles, Paul just grins at him “that’s awesome” he comments to Scott, you chuckle because Scott had the same reaction, you see him just stare at Paul for a few seconds before looking at you three,

“Not an alternate me, it’s just me, they literally cloned me” he mutters, you laugh with Sam at that, nodding in agreement over the fact Scott and Paul are basically themselves, there’re no lines on who is who, the lines are blurred with those two.

“How’s Bucky holding up? I haven’t talked to him in a while” you asked Steve who sighs gently, shrugging and saying the same thing, he had been busy helping Tony make the portal work again; in fact, you hadn’t seen Sebastian nor Chris in a while, it’s like everyone just disappears or goes off with their friends, although that’s for the better; the arguments Robert and Tony would have if they hung out, well, it’s best not to dwell on bad thoughts. 

“How’s Anthony?” You asked Sam, he just grins at you both; Steve chuckled softly at his friend.

“He’s awesome, another me is great, c’mon admit it” he nudged you both, you nodded as Steve rolled his crystal blue eyes, but managed to nod as he snickered at him “he’s been telling me about his life, his children and wife, he’s got it all and I love it. Him and Sebastian get along really well, actually, Sebastian has to film scenes whilst Anthony isn’t there otherwise he just laughs” you chuckle and can imagine that, just being around Anthony you want to laugh, he just has that happy vibe about him “he’s just a nice guy, kinda like me, no wonder they hired him” he shrugged, you thought for a moment,

“Do you think if they hired someone else, you’d look different here, like that actor?” you asked, everyone in the training room goes silent; Natasha and Wanda exchange glances, everyone trying to figure out in their minds how it honestly works, Steve frowns deeply and then sighs loudly,

“Stop, this is making me feel weird” he yelled loudly.


Sebastian rounds the corner, already lost; he had walked up three flights of stairs and walked into many bedrooms trying to find a kitchen. Stopping in his tracks he sees’s Bucky sat on a sofa, the room oddly silent and he’s staring straight ahead, lost in his mind and a look of… nothing, nothing present in his grey eyes and Sebastian weirdly knows that look, he’s done and portrayed that look many times. 

Sebastian knows he should walk away, avoid a glare or maybe something worse but if anyone knows what’s going on in that mind, it’s him, he’s spent years on this guy and he likes to think he’s done Bucky justice over in the other universe.

He coughs lightly, Bucky jerks his head and looks at Sebastian, almost a little terrified more than angry and Sebastian sits down a little away from Bucky, holding a gentle smile at the man before him and Bucky frowns; going back to looking straight ahead, trying to ignore Sebastian’s presence. 

Sebastian tries to think of something to help Bucky, to take his mind off what he can only imagine Bucky to be thinking about, an idea pops into Sebastian mind; Tony had said their phones don’t work in this universe, but Sebastian still has many photos on his device, proof of the love that he has gained from being Bucky.

“When I became an actor I only dreamed about landing a job for Marvel” Bucky looks at Sebastian from the corner of his eye “to play such a layered character, diverse and broken, very much broken character” Sebastian eyed Bucky, who he has caught the attention of, Bucky shifts to stare at Sebastian curious to where this was heading “I’ve been in a far few… bad roles, I wouldn’t say bad, they led me to play the diverse characters I can now play; I originally went in for Captain America, believe It or not” Bucky raised his dark eyebrows 

“I got a call back a couple weeks later, asking about going in for the role of Bucky Barnes, I accepted and that’s how I got the ball rolling, I studied so much on the character and I was told the arch of him but I didn’t think it would happen cause of the death in the first movie” Sebastian chuckled, he looked at Bucky, who was glaring slightly at Sebastian, trying to figure out what he is trying to do.

“I had a small following to begin with, it blew up in a matter of weeks, no days, from playing Bucky Barnes” He tells Bucky “it only grew more when Captain America: Winter Soldier came out, thousands upon thousands of fans, I get stopped in the street and people love me” he shrugged, still not used to it himself but grateful for every one of his fans, he chuckled 

“I go to comic-con, an event where massive co-operations like Marvel, announce their upcoming movies and casting for them I go to them and people are dressed as Bucky or the Winter Soldier” Bucky raises his eyebrows, not believing that for a second, till he is passed a phone and he sees’s many photos of girls and boys dressed up as him, he looked at Sebastian who only smiled.

“They’re not my fans, not really, well I thought they were till I came here” Sebastian smiled “I mean, they are because they support me for every role, but they are yours just as much mine” Sebastian tells him sincerely, Bucky was scrolling through screen-shots of messages Sebastian gets “I like to screen-shot them, whenever I feel down or whatever, I read through them; it helps me stay sane. What I am saying, you are loved far more than some of the people here; people are rooting for you to get better, to smile and be friends with Steve again” Bucky nods slowly, his eyes trained on all the photos, reading the kind words about him or Sebastian.

“I’m…loved?” he asked meeting his eyes with Sebastian’s, it was weird to look at his own eyes, especially so bright and happy ones and Sebastian nodded lightly at him. 

Bucky’s breath got chocked up into his throat, the tears welled in his eyes and he tried to blink them away but the more he thought about people actually liking him, wanting him to get better and be whole again, it was very overwhelming and he allowed the dam to break and the tears slipped down his cheeks. 

Sebastian didn’t know what to do, he remained sat as he watched Bucky flip through the photos, crying and smiling at some of the costumes or words “I thought people would see me as a… villain or something” he tells Sebastian who instantly scoffs.

“James Barnes is far from a villain” he says a tad angrily, Bucky raises his eyebrows, cheeks wet from tears and wouldn’t be drying soon and he Sebastian muttered a small apology for the aggression. 

“You don’t think I’m a villain?” he asked in a small, lost voice, Sebastian nodded. 

“I’m the last person to think that of you” Sebastian tells him “I basically run the Bucky Barnes fangirl club, I’m like head defence on that, I have to hold back from saying anything in interviews when they mention it” he chuckled and Bucky nodded “the only one that thinks that is you, I have yet to meet any fan that says otherwise, what you done… cannot be pinned on you, ever, trust me” Bucky nodded, those two words are said to him a lot, ‘trust me’ and he never really does, but Sebastian is basically the good version of Bucky, the version Bucky wants to be and he can’t help but trust him.

“I trust you” Bucky mutters, Sebastian grins and nods, Bucky sighs and knows he should go back and help Tony; he gives Sebastian his phone back “I gather you are lost?” he asked and Sebastian nodded, he stands up, gesturing for him to follow “I know where Tony keeps all the nice sweets” he mutters to Sebastian “I want to hear more of this comic-con and all the girls who dress up as me, where do they get all their stuff from?” Sebastian chuckled and nodded, Bucky wiped the stray tears away, not fully smiling but he can feel a little lighter. He doesn’t feel so down, or run down, he feels light and almost weightless.


Tony walks through the base, in search of what he thought was the only living Maximoff, Wanda, he finds her sat by herself. A book floating in front of her face, her eyes reading the words before her, he sighs gently and he knows he shouldn’t say anything; under strict orders from Fury. 

He walks closer to Wanda, sitting beside her and looking as she glances at him, she notices his expression and puts down the book and looks at Tony with a frown. Wanda promised not to ever go into his mind, or anyone’s, but especially Tony.

“I was told something, ordered not to tell anyone, not to speak a word of it to anyone… especially you” Tony tells Wanda, she frowns and nods lightly, he looks at her and he sighs lightly and turns his torso to look her dead in the eyes “this one time, I am giving you permission to look inside my mind, to see what I am keeping a secret; you have to promise this stays between us” She nods but feels a little weird “I can’t keep this from you Wanda, you have the right to know what’s going on, what’s happening because I know… I would want to be told and you’d tell me” she sighs and nods with a small smile.

“Okay, I still feel a little weird about this, Tony” she mutters and he nods, getting to work she holds her hands up near his temples, her eyes go vaguely red as she looks inside mind; Tony’s own eyes go red and he thinks purposefully on what he wants her to see, she focuses on that, opening the memory.


“What is this about, Nick?” Tony asked with a deep sigh “as you can see I am a little busy, not a lot time to chat, or read emails” Nick rolls his eyes at Stark,

“Pietro is alive” Tony stares at Nick for a few seconds, when the silence is enough, Nick speaks up again “he’s been in a recovering coma, many advanced Doctors have been seeing to him, I thought he wouldn’t ever wake up but… a couple hours ago, he started to mutter for Wanda” Tony nods slowly, not really believing he is alive and somewhat okay “this is kept between me and you, Wanda must not find out, not till he is fully up and walking; anything can happen between now and then” Tony shakes his head.

“I can’t” Tony mutters “that’s her brother, her family, she has the right to know all of this; not me, I should be the last person,” Tony tells Nick, 

“I made the decision to tell you, Stark” he tells Tony “You wanted to know all our secrets, now you do, I expect you to do the right thing” Fury tells him before leaving, Tony sighs gently before turning around and going back into the lab, where he is faced with everyone and the undying need to tell Wanda.


Wanda pulls away and starts to breathe heavily, Tony places a hand on her back in a comforting manner, and she isn’t upset; far from it. She feels tears of happiness well up into her eyes; she looks at Tony for a moment before hugging him tightly, Tony smiles and hugs her back lightly.

“Thank you, so much” Wanda mutters into his shoulder and Tony shrugs lightly, knowing how it must feel not to be alone anymore, to not have everyone actually dead around you and he can only imagine all the emotions she must be feeling.

You and Steve walk into the kitchen, stopping in your tracks you see both Bucky and Sebastian laughing with one another, you glance at Steve who does the same back to you, and they seemed to be laughing about something on Sebastian’s phone. Bucky glances up and waves, he’s actually smiling, a genuine smile, almost as bright as Sebastian’s but not fully; although it’s something, it makes you grin back, the warmness enveloping you.

“Sebastian is showing me Chris Evan’s left boob grab thing” Bucky tells you, Sebastian snickers as you frown, moving to stand beside Bucky who shyly smiles as you lean near him to see the small few second video that Sebastian has on his phone, you laugh at it “he does it when he laughs and stands near someone” Bucky shrugged. 

“Thought you were helping Tony?” Steve asked grabbing something to eat, you glare at Steve who shrugs lightly, and Bucky just shrugs and goes back to watching Sebastian flip through his phone.

A selfie of the alternate you and Sebastian come up, your hair is slightly a lighter shade of your hair now, a bright grin on both of you and you look at Bucky and Sebastian.

“That was at Comic-con” Sebastian states “we ran into each other and then proceeded to take thousands of photos” he shrugged and you nodded, you didn’t look too different, you smiled as he showed a few more pictures to Bucky who was so consumed by them all and asked about each fan and Sebastian did his best to remember and tell him about them.

“I have fans” Bucky tells you and Steve, you smile and nod, Steve sits beside Sebastian and smiles at his friend and looked at the photos also “people dress up as us, at these conventions and I want to go, they seem like so much fun” Bucky fawns to Steve, who just nodded and chuckled. 

Bucky’s eyes glimmer and shine as new photos are shown of fans, dressed up or not, Bucky smiled at the sheer number that Sebastian seemed to have just by playing him in that universe. 

That people are supporting him, that they don’t blame him like he thinks everyone does, or that he isn’t a villain. That they just love him, for him, for being Bucky Barnes and trying to find his footing again.

(Sorry, that this part took so long to come out, also to that rude anon if you waited two days… you wouldn’t of have to been rude, or been called out for being so rude. Let me know what you think. SORRY FOR THE BUCKY X SEBASTIAN FEELS MOMENT! - Ro)

Gotham 3.18 – Light the Wick

As I watched it, and with some random observations here and there.

Previously on Gotham.

Bruce’s boring training goes on. And on.  Selina is defenestrated.  Jim joins the Court and wonders if his dad felt as dumb in that mask as he does.  Ed shoots Oswald.  Oswald wakes up and tells Ivy there’s someone he needs to kill. Barnes doesn’t need a cure.  Lee flees.

As always, long post will be long - reaaally long.  There are likely to be rambling digressions. Gobblepot may appear (although I welcome all shippers and non-shippers alike :)).  There will be naked favouritism and naked not-favouritism.  Broader comments at the end on plotlines and parallels and general direction.

Arkham, where a straitjacket clad and masked Barnes is being led out through the prison yard - chanting guilty, guilty.  Jervis and his distractingly soft hair watch him being taken away, and wonders aloud in rhyme what’s going on. 

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pynch figure skating au

So I’ve recently fallen back into anime hell after the premiere of yuri!!! on ice, which got me thinking (as one does about obviously gay figure skaters) about a pynch au, so here goes:

•ronan is a world renowned skater who’s been training for years and years, and at age 17, becomes the world champion

•adam sees his victory on the tv screen at Nino’s and just sort of stares in awe

•mostly because he’s cute but also because he looks like he could kill someone, except for when he’s on the ice–all deadliness leaves his face and grace and innocence take over and it leaves adam absolutely captivated

•a few days later, ronan (who apparently is a local, adam found out after a few extensive google searches) walks into Nino’s and orders two slices of cheese pizza with olives on top

•he notices adam staring at him with wide eyes and then he meets adam’s eyes and sits down in the open seat at adam’s table and aDAM ALMOST STOPS BREATHING BECAUSE THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY HE LOOKS UP TO IS SITTING RIGHT ACROSS THE FUCKING TABLE FROM HIM oOoooH MY GOLLY JESUS

•and all adam can say is “ice,,,,,,, pizza???” (bless him) and ronan tries so hard not to laugh but he finds that to be most hilarious thing so he offers adam the other slice, and he shyly takes it after ronan insists far too many times

•and then ronan says “you seem to be a fan. you ever been skating?” And adam gets all shy and red and looks down and says “no, but it seems pretty interesting. I might, one day–” “tomorrow at noon.” So ronan leaves his phone number with the pretty sandy haired boy and walks out of the restaurant

•the next day, Adam gets to the rink and walks in and Ronan’s doing his winning routine and there is beautiful classical music playing and he just looks so beautiful and peaceful and at home on the ice and all adam can do is stare and take in the wonder of it all

•and then ronan notices him staring and proceeds to grab skates from his bag and throw them at adam (which sounds really dangerous, actually) who laces them up, but he has trouble balancing so ronan takes his hands and leads him around the rink (with a few snarky comments thrown between the two, ngl) until he finds balance and can skate on his own

•adam has so much fun and ronan knows it by the way he smiles, and they end up making it a weekly thing.

•After a few months, they start doing simple duets, just for fun, and their faces are really close together for the end pose so ronan takes that opportunity to kiss adam, soft, quick, and gentle, as the music ends. Adam gets all red, smiles softly, and goes in for another.

Tragedy of Ben Solo

Another thought sum-up from reading several SW books, mainly Bloodline.

So, Ben Solo, son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, was born about a year after battle of Endor, on Chandrilla (known from Aftermath trilogy). Both his parents led very busy lives, which lead to him being mostly raised by his uncle, Luke Skywalker. Another reason for this was that Leia sensed darkness surrounding her son and hoped Jedi training would keep it away.

(Here goes the thought vomit)

We know little about his fall to the dark side, except it was somehow influenced by Snoke. Another thing we know is that up until his adulthood, he had no idea about his heritage, from mother’s side.

My idea of this is that he had been told stories about his heroic grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, hero of Clone Wars etc. What he hasn’t been told is what happened to Anakin – that he became Darth Vader, one of most feared people in Galaxy, even more than two decades after his death on second Death Star.

During Bloodline, the truth about Vader and his family comes out – publicly. And by Leia’s own words from the book: “Now, he has to find out the worst possible way.” What if that was, what sealed his fate? What if this revelation, the fact that his heroic grandfather chose Sith over Jedi, darkness over light, was what made him turn? What if, in his mind, the fact that most powerful and heroic Jedi of his age chose darkness, meant that dark side was ultimately better?

Remember, only person who knew, what happened on Death Star, was Luke. Only Luke knew that Vader in the end turned back to the light. Even Leia herself didn’t believe it, or at least not entirely. And I think that Luke didn’t tell many people – not anybody who didn’t know the truth about his relationship to Vader. And after they were “outed”, who would believe him? Child of monster apologizing said monster’s actions with things like “they changed” or “they made it up”, when they are the only person who was there, when is supposedly happened? Yeah, definitely trustworthy.

So, Ben Solo found out his grandfather turned to dark side – nothing else. No reason why he did it or proof that he returned to light. Ben – angry that everybody lied to him, believing that darkness must be better in some way, finally snaps and attacks his uncle or some other Jedi.

Little boy, who’s been practically abandoned by his parents and raised to believe one man to be hero finds out that that hero wasn’t so pure after all and that he chose different path than his family would led him to believe. He feels betrayed, and the voice in the back of his head tells him to use that rage to get revenge on those liars – and he does, ‘cause while he’s no longer a little boy, but adult man (he was about 23 when it happened), who never got a chance to grow up, because his family treated him like that little boy all those years, believing that he was still too young to know the truth…

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anonymous asked:

(N.I.N.A.) MOAR LITTLE EGO IDEAS!! 5 year old Jackieboy Man could be Toddler Marvin's best friend and big brother. He could stick up for Marv when Chase isn't there, he could snuggle with Marv, it would be so sweet! (Also, curiosity outweighs awkwardness, so I'm asking it. Here goes. Would little Marvin be toilet-trained. I know, weird, but I'm just wondering. I don't think he would be at his age, not yet. Sry if that's too weird for you.)

Yesssss gimme more Jackieboy and Marvin brotherly and friend love!!!!✨✨✨✨
If you think that he wouldn’t be, it’s completely fine. And nah man, it ain’t weird lmao