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Title: Ten Second Car by safferpenn
Pairing: Harry&Louis & Liam&Zayn
Word Count: 14k
Rating: Explicit


“How is it today?” Harry replies, smiling so his dimples pop out.

“You’ve been coming in here for 3 weeks, and you always ask how the ham and cheddar is. I can tell you, it was shit yesterday, it was shit the day before & guess what Curly? It’s shit today too.” Louis smirks, as he finishes, purposely not making eye contact with the beautiful curly headed boy.

Harry just stares at him, wide eyed and completely endeared with this sassy boy. Is that flirting? Harry’s sure it is. And where did that nickname come from suddenly and why does it make him feel so weird.

“I’ll take the ham, please.”

“Suit yourself, Curly.”


AU in which Harry goes undercover to catch illegal street racers robbing rigs and instead falls in love with the bad guys brother.

Based off of The Fast & The Furious (2001) in which Liam is basically Dom, Louis is his brother, Zayn is Liam’s boyfriend, Niall is their right hand man and Harry’s undercover and in love.

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Edited 1/22/17

This doesn’t make sense to me. 

I know this has been discussed before but I just wanted to lay this all out.

Five years pass between Angela’s death in 2014 and Striker Eureka’s launch in 2019. Obviously Chuck and Herc have spent *plenty* of time together since becoming copilots, which means Chuck could only be referring to those five years. 

Lucky Seven was deployed in 2016. Jaeger pilots need to be ready to go if there’s a Kaiju, which means Herc would have been in the Shatterdome (“at home”) pretty much that whole time. 

He wasn’t busy fighting Kaiju because Jaeger/Kaiju battles (including travel time) are only a matter of hours, and during that time period Kaiju were only attacking once every few months, and Lucky Seven would not have been dropped in to fight every single Kaiju. 

Even if Herc was heavily involved in repair and maintenance of the Jaegers, administration of the Shatterdome, etc., I doubt that would be more than the equivalent of a regular full-time job. And he would be working in the place where he and Chuck lived. And Chuck, by his own admission, spent a lot of time with “these machines”, so he was probably involved with that as well.

It seems unlikely that Chuck went full time to a regular school since he became a ranger at 15, and before that he must have spent a lot of his time studying how to be a Jaeger pilot. If he had a tutor or went to a small school at the Shatterdome then he didn’t leave “home” very much either. 

We’re not given any indication that the pilots train regularly - Stacker and Raleigh are both considered (relatively) fit for duty even though they haven’t been pilots in years - but even if Herc did spend a lot of time training, then Chuck was probably training with him. (Given Chuck’s low opinion of the abilities of retired pilots, he probably considers regular practice to be very important.)

In conclusion: nope.

The idea that Herc being a Jaeger pilot resulted in him not being around does not hold water.

Now Herc being emotionally absent/not actively “fathering”/quantity family time is not equal to quality family time, etc., are possible factors in Chuck’s resentment, but those have nothing to do with Herc being a Jaeger pilot. (And just to be clear I’m not saying that tension in their relationship doesn’t make sense.)

(I sort of think it’s hilarious that Max and Rob’s understandings of their characters and their characters’ relationship are informed so strongly by a scene that 1) ended up being deleted, 2) has a couple of lines that don’t really make that much sense when you dig deeper.)

I know this wasn’t in the final cut of the movie and isn’t canon (depending upon how you choose to define Pacific Rim canon), but it still comes up all the time. 

I don’t know why this bugs me so much. I don’t feel the need to defend Herc or invalidate Chuck’s accusations here, but I guess picturing 12 year-old Chuck sitting alone in his room flipping through a Jaeger manual with Herc nowhere to be seen just doesn’t ring true for me.  ?