and herc takes a deep breath

Alexander: Come on Herc just go over there and ask Lafayette out on a date!

Laurens: Yeah, we know you can do it!

Hercules: *Takes a deep breath and walks to Lafayette*

Hercules: Hey Lafayette!

Lafayette: *Smiles* Bonjour, Monsieur Mulligan!

Hercules: *Passes out*

*In the Fraunces Tavern*

Hamilton: *talking to Herc* PAY THE FUCKING BAR TAB!

Hercules: Chill

*Writing to congress*

Hamilton: *Writing to congress* PAY YOUR FUCKING ARMY!

Washington: Chill

*At the battle of Yorktown*

Hamilton: *yelling at the redcoats* PAY THE FUCKING PRICE

Lafayette: Chill

*At the cabinet battle*

Alexander: *debating with Thomas* PAY YOUR FUCKING SLAVES

Jefferson: Chill

*during the whiskey rebellion*

Washington: Alexander…

Hamilton: Yes sir?

Washington: Nows the time.

Hamilton: *takes deep breath* PAY YOUR FUCKING TAXES!!!!!

Art of Seduction Epilogue (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Sorry it took so long but I’ve been busy with summer classes. I hope you enjoy the fic~ If I get a 100 comments I will write a prequel to Art of Seduction~


You watched with furrowed brows and pouting lips, waiting for Angelica and Eliza to stop their hysterical laughing.

“It’s not funny.” You spat.

“Sorry, you’re right. It’s not funny.” Angelica said, collecting herself before dissolving back into more hysterical laughter. “It’s absolutely hilarious!”

“Only you could do all that, then break your arm trying to get off the bed!” commented Eliza, who was laughing so hard that she was tearing up.

“Hahaha. Knock it off already!” You state dryly. “And stop hogging it, Peggy.”

“I can’t help that I want it all for myself. It’s so tempting~” The youngest Schuyler sister chimed.

“Well it’s MY arm you’re drawing on so knock it off already!” You said, snatching the marker from Peggy. She was taking up all the room on your cast with animal, rainbow, and flower doodles. “I promised John and Herc that they could decorate it.”

When Eliza and Angelica finally calmed down, all of you were able to get back to your coffee time. It had been a week since you tried to seduce your boyfriends.

“So how are things with the guys?” asked Angelica, saying what they were all thinking.

You blushed, taking a swig of your hot chocolate. “Well, besides the whole breaking my arm thing…Things have never been better sex wise. Turns out I just got the seduction techniques mixed up.”

“Oh, I gotta hear this!~” Peggy beamed as her and her sisters leaned in, wanting to hear all the juicy dirty details. “Lay all the dirty, depraved, nasty details on us, girl~”

You shyly smiled back at the girls and nervously tucked your hair behind her ear, not knowing where to begin. Now that you had gotten over most of your nervousness and shyness, all of you were to be a lot more open with each other. You were able to share fantasies and kinks that you had kept hidden, which lead to a lot of crazy good sex and experiences.

Every conceivable position had been explored after you overcame natural shyness. Your boys had taught you to ask for exactly what you wanted, no matter how strange it may seem; they saying how they preferred to know if there was anything they could do. The hardest part of all for you was to actually gather enough confidence and courage to make your fantasies a reality.
“Ready for dessert, mon belle?” asked Laf, nearly choking on his words. He watched as you swiped some whipped cream down the center of his six pack before dropping lower and pressing your lips to his skin.

“I always have room for my favorite french chocolat.” You purred, drawing a whipped cream heart over the delectable muscles of Laf’s chest, slowly licking him clean, savoring his godly chest.

You felt Laf shudder beneath you, aware of every movement your tongue made. He watched you move, feeling like he was floating on a giant marshmallow.

“That t-tickles…” Laf panted.

You muttered your answer, your tongue working over his warm skin as you licked at the cream, savoring the essence of him underneath the sweetness. You grabbed hold of his hips to balance yourself, grinning when you felt the bump of his cock becoming hard against your chest while your tongue kept on licking him clean. You felt his hands lay on your shoulders, admiring his expression, enjoying how his pupils were blown wide with desire. It seemed Laf had gotten hooked on being dominated as much you did.

“I see something even tastier right here~” You gently grasped Laf’s straining cock. Without a minute to squander, you wrap your lips around the tip of his smooth cock and sucked long and hard. He tosses his head once more into the cushions with a moan, and you take considerably a greater amount of his throbbing length into the depths of your warm and wet mouth.

You allow the flat of your tongue to keep running along the underside of his cock, inspiring more groans from him. You gulped his length, feeling his head touch and knock the highest point of your mouth, the back of your throat, and the muscle of your cheek.

“Merde…” Laf moaned, feeling like he was about to come at any moment.

Tapping your thighs with his fingers, you promptly comprehend what Laf implies. You delay with your ministrations so you can position your trickling folds to his face. Laf licks up your arousal, and you take that as your sign to proceed what you were doing beforehand. You take his cock into your mouth again and groan against him when he shoots his tongue inside your folds and strokes them.

Laf plays with your clit as you lick up the pearls of precum from his slit.

“Mon dieu!? Vous êtes parfait!? Je t’aime tellemnet!?” Laf compliments before diving his mouth into your entrance once more with more vigor.

You sucked harder on Laf’s cock, spreading more whipped cream over his hurting balls, and lapped that up as well. This pushed Laf over the edge, obviously he adored having that specific piece of his body attended to. Your climax hit, the vibe of his tongue pushing deeply into you, his cock jerking as he released his seed into your inviting mouth, your own particular body shaking over him as you hit rapture and clung to him before you went limp.

You cleaned up the remaining sweet treat just as Laf added a different and messier ingredient to the mix.

“Delicious~” You said, licking your lips as Laf panted in exhaustion. “You always fill me up, mon beau~”
“Deeper, honey, and relax more.” You pressed your hands over Herc’s shirtless back, easing out the tension, using your thumbs to smooth out the muscles along the sides of his spine as you straddled Herc’s lower back.

“Good, honey. Relax and take deep breaths. Let all your stress melt away.” You soothed, listening to the tranquil sounds of the ocean playing softly through the speakers as you rubbed more massage oil on your boyfriend’s back.

“How’s your injury?” You asked Herc, still feeling bad about accidentally breaking his nose.

Herc reclined his head to the side, so he could talk to you. “It’s fine. Besides I should be asking how your arm is. Is your cast—Ooooh, that’s nice…”

You pressed on his mid back as he exhaled. The effect on him was strong, feeling him melt under your hands. “I’m fine. Stop worrying and let me massage you. Let yourself be pampered for a change.”

After about ten minutes you had him roll over to his back. His face was smooth and relaxed, his mouth opened slightly as breaths came out shallow and slow. You smiled as you looked at the handsome tailor in deep trance beneath you.

Depositing more oil on your hands, you begin at his neck, gently working his tension out. Next you rub his large arm with both hands (doing best to work with the cast), giving extra devotion to his gorgeous bicep.

You actually have to stop yourself from drooling as your palms rub over his pecs. Your eyes glance up to see if Herc is enjoying himself and you meet his gaze. His eyes dart to the tank top that was tightly covering your breasts before falling to your center, which is more or less, spread and on display by your baby blue boy-shorts. It still doesn’t make you nervous somehow. You always felt the most comfortable with Hercules, there was just something about him that made all your nerves melt away.

When you started massaging his temples you were rewarded with a long sigh. You shuddered at the growing bulge in Herc’s pants that was pressing against your crotch.

“Mmm, babe that feel’s really good. Can you do my chest again? Don’t be afraid to press harder. I can take it really hard.” He replied with a smirk.

Your face flushed red but glad he can’t see it as you continued to stroke harder, building up the pressure on your palms against his bare flesh. You knead it harder like softening dough.

You gave a throaty laugh, reaching to pull down his sweatpants. His cock sprang freely from the confining fabric falling against your covered stomach, erect and hard. “I promised a full body massage~”

You reached for the tube of lubricant that was next to the massage oil on the nightstand and squeezed a fair amount on your good hand. Before Herc could react you had wrapped his cock with your hand and and covered him in lube.

“Y/N…” Herc gasped as you ran your hand up and down the length of his cock. You silently gazed at size of it, it fit with the rest of his body.

The muscles of Herc’s stomach contracted as you continued to stroke him.

“Does it feel good,honey?” You asked, leaning over him, giving him a good view down your shirt. You quickened your pace and tightened your fingers around his balls, pressure building.

Herc’s breath was coming out in short pants and had an adorable blush on his face. “Yes…it feels really really amazing…I don’t think—OH FUCK!!!”

His cum shot all over your tank top, boy shorts, and down your waist. Your hand was covered with his cum, smiling as you go up to get a towel. Herc’s head had fallen back, looking dizzy, his eyes closed and blushing in exhaustion.

“Hope that made you feel better.” You said, kissing him on the forehead.

“Uh-huh…” Herc mumbled as he pulled you back onto the bed, his body above you. “Let me help you clean up.”
It was date night and it was John’s turn to pick what the five of you would do. It was no surprise that he picked going to a new dance club that just opened.

You were having a fun time so far. Drinking, dancing, and sneaking kisses from your boyfriends. You had really enjoyed the sight of Alex and Laf dirty dancing with each other.

You saw John get out of the booth and motioning you towards the ladies’ bathrooms with his eyes. He had that lustful fire in his eyes. You quickly excused yourself saying how you had to go check your makeup to make sure it wasn’t running from all the dance sweat.

You opened the door to the ladies’ room and went inside. The pristine cream color of the bathroom tiles looked up at you.

“It’s so clean…Like it’s asking to get dirty,” You said to the unresponsive floor.

“Funny…That’s exactly what I was thinking about you. Looks like I was right~” John chuckled, crouched over one of the bathroom sinks as he splashed cold water on his sweaty face. He straightened and looked at you, smiling mischievously as you approached. His grin deepened as he wiped the remaining droplets from his face.

He was so handsome, about six feet tall, long-waisted, a toned swimmer’s physique, flushed face from arousal and all the dancing, and dripping with sex appeal. It didn’t help that he was wearing a sexy white dress shirt and those tight jeans that showed off his cute butt.

You licked your lips, seeing his cock twitching inside his pants.

“Are you hot?” You asked stupidly, distracted by his sexiness.

“I’d say I’m pretty handsome. I’ve never had any complaints.” John joked, grabbing your waist and pulling you to him. “What about you? Are you hot?~”

You felt the coolness from the water on John’s lips as he kissed you. You closed your eyes and kissed him back, trying to keep up with his fast pace. John, a cocktail of aggressive energy and creative action. He pressed his chest against your breasts and ground his swelling cock into your crotch. You could hear the rubbing sound of his pants against the fabric of your dress. Your panties were soaked. Your cunt swelled with anticipation.

He reached both his hands under your dress and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around the small of John’s back. He carried you into the last bathroom stall and kicked the door closed with his foot. You could feel his hands firmly around the cheeks of your ass, squeezing and exploring. His fingers grazed your cheetah-print panties, the ones he loved so much (there were actually a gift from him), searching for more. Your panties felt squishy and wet. As his tongue probed deeper inside your open mouth, you felt John’s fingers dip inside your panties, touching your wet pussy lips and throbbing clit. You moaned at his touch.

The bathroom door opened and the click-clack of women’s heels crossed the tile floor. You and John opened our eyes and pulled back an inch from the other’s lips. John’s breath was hot. Your heart pounded against our chests. John continued to move his fingers around your cunt in reconnaissance as his eyes bore into you. You blinked heavily; trying to fight back the desire to moan loudly as his fingers rubbed back and forth across your inflated clit.

“Deb is drinking too much again and flirting with my boyfriend,” a woman said. “I hate it when she does that.”

“Oh, Sybil,” another answered. “She’s just trying to get attention. She doesn’t mean anything by it. She’s a totally butch ex-Army girl. Just ask her girlfriend.”

Click, clack, click, clack

Then the metal door closed one stall over.

Click clack, click, clack

The second woman took to another stall. Latches to both metal locked in unison. You put my head on John’s shoulder to steady my breath. Two of his fingers fucked you in a slow tease. You bit your tongue, trying to keep the moans in.

“God you’re wet,” John said in a low and husky whisper. “I want to fuck you.”

Both of you heard the flush of one toilet, then another. Both metal doors opened. The women’s shoes click-clacked back across the floor to the sinks. Water was turned on, soap was dispensed, and paper towels were torn, crumpled up, and thrown away.

“If you keep on doing that with your fingers,” You whispered, “I’m going to come.”

John got that cat-like grin on his face.

“Do you mean this?” He purred, and pushed his two fingers deeper inside you. Chills spread over my body. You wanted to scream.

“Can I borrow your lipstick?” She asked the other woman.

“Oh. Of course. Isn’t this a great color? It’s called Midnight Ride.”

‘Please finish!’ You pleaded silently. ‘So I can finish!’

John pressed his lips against yours again, muffling what he thought was a potential scream.

Click, clack, went the sound of the women’s shoes. The bathroom door opened and shut. Then, silence. John worked quickly. He placed you on top of the toilet seat as he unzipped his pants, freeing his long, hard dick. You pulled your sopping-wet panties down to the floor, reached inside the front of your dress, and pulled out a condom. John tore it open with his teeth and rolled it over his stiff cock. The fun was about to begin.

He lifted you back up and you wrapped your legs tightly around him, straddling him again. John pressed your back against the stall door. You slowly slid yourself down, inching your craving pussy onto his cock. He filled you up completely and deeply. John’s entire body rocked you up and down against the metal bathroom door as he thrust into you. The cold of the metal door seared into your back. The rows of bathroom stalls shook as you slid up and down; meeting every forceful plunge with a groan.

Beads of sweat pooled on John’s forehead. His head was buried into the loose sleeve of your dress. He thrust harder and you started to come. You held onto the back of John’s shirt, tearing and pulling it as your orgasm spilled over you. His fingers dug tightly into your ass as his cock erupted.

“I’m coming!” he panted.

Minutes passed before you finally moved and felt John’s cock seep out of you. Your legs were stiff and shaking. John slowly lowered you until your feet touched the tile floor. You reached for your panties, but decided not to put them back on. They were sopping wet. John removed the condom, flushed it down the toilet, zipped his pants, and followed you out of the stall. John wrapped his arm around your waist, supporting you as the both of you walked back to booth. Still loopy and sweaty from the bathroom quickie.

“Have a fun time, sweetness?” Herc asked, a knowing smirk on his handsome face.

You collapsed into the booth.“I’ll tell you when my legs stop shaking.”
Alex was so different at work. Sure, he was still the same short, lean and handsome man you loved, but he took on a whole new character when he was hard at work. His dark brown hair was pulled up, he walked with purpose in his stride, sure of his next step and his brown were serious-looking. Though you weren’t seeing any of that at the moment.

“So, why are you at my office again?” He asked, rubbing his hands together, looking nervous.

You looked around the large corner office with a panoramic view of the city and lake. Alex’s desk and chair were arranged so that his back was against the window and glorious view. He would never allow for any distractions when he was hard at work. That’s how he was able to climb to the top of his business mountain. You could practically visualize the late nights spending countless hours working and writing, ignoring the beautiful lights of the city.

You took a seat in one of the chairs facing Alex’s desk. He walked around his desk and sat in his leather armchair. He kept a distance between you, waiting for the inevitable to come. You see his excuse calculator turning in his head.

You crossed your arms at him. “You know why I’m here, Alex.”

“I’m not sure what your talking about, darling.” He said, tensely smiling from across his desk.

“Are you hungry?” You asked.

“Not really, I’m still full from breakfast.”


“Oh, of course! Where are my manners? I have a small refrigerator here. There’s bottled water, diet soda—”

“Stop lying, Alex. We both know the refrigerator is full of energy drinks and iced coffees.” You stated. “And I know you skipped breakfast so you could head into work early…again.”

“I can expla—”

“Luckily I’m such an awesome girlfriend that I took time from my BUSY schedule to bring my self-destructive boyfriend some food, so he doesn’t starve himself to death.”

Alex’s face softened, you stood up and walked toward his side of the desk. Alex’s eyes followed your every move. You walked around. You moved a little closer to his chair until your leg came in contact with the faux leather of his chair

“Alex,” You whispered. “I think you need some disciplinary action to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Alex gulped as he swiveled his chair around. “W-What sort of d-d-discipline did you have in mind?”

You smirked, motioning for him to come to you. “I think you know.”

He did as he was told, approaching you shyly. You reached up, placed a hand behind his head and pulled him down to you. You sat on his desk, as Alex’s hands traversed your body, unbuttoning your blouse, squeezing your breasts, lifting your skirt, and his fingers tickling your thighs. He nibbled your ears, neck, and shoulders.You breathed in deeply as his lips caressed your body like liquid. He sucked and bit into the base of your neck and kissed you submissively on the lips.

“Better get to work now, Alex.” You quietly command.

He sank through his knees and sat down in front of you. He touched your legs, but this time, he only laid his hands on your knees to spread them. On his knees, he shuffled closer to you. He leaned down and kissed your knee, looking at you from under his brow, he smiled.

He eagerly kissed his way up your leg. You could feel the tip of his tongue extend from his mouth. Alex paused for a moment when he reached the lace end of your panties, teasing you. You skin glowed in anticipation of his lips.

When they finally touched your leg, it felt like deliverance. Alex laid his hands on the edge of your leg, his fingers moving up and down slowly between your thigh and knee. He moved his lips to the inside of your leg. When the top of his head reached your belly, he shifted the way he sat and pulled you forward on the desk. He kissed your pelvis and looked up at you, as if to ask your permission to even think about touching your pussy.

“Lick me, Alexander. Kiss me, lick me, fuck me with your tongue, and eat me out thoroughly, I expect to be pleased.” You ordered. “Understand?”

“Yes, (Y/-”

You grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair, getting a cry from your boyfriend.

“What was that, Alexander?”

“Forgive me.” Alex apologized. “I meant Yes, Mistress.”

You smiled and patted his head. “Good boy. Now keep going.”

Alex took the sides of your panties in both hands and quickly pulled them down, enough to almost make you slip off the desk. You had to set your hands down behind you. Your pussy dangled over the edge of the desk and yearned for his touch. The fingertips that he moved over the insides of your legs made your insides bubble up. Alex sank down, stretching out his dress shirt beneath you. Surely he’d be able to smell just how excited you were getting.

You spread your legs a little wider and Alex’s hand met your crotch. You quivered. You were on his desk, on top of his important papers, and files. You could see his laptop screen glowing off to the side. You felt like the most powerful person in the world, having managed to pull Alex away from his business needs with sex.

He threw one last look up at you and then closed his eyes. The pointed tip of his tongue moved down from your pelvis to your clit. He licked past it, left and right. Then his fingers moved in too and he pushed back the folds of skin around it. He broadened his tongue and licked up over your clit. Just that one lick was enough to make your whole body shock forward. You almost slipped all the way off the bench, but caught yourself in time. That one lick made you melt like butter. And you knew there was plenty more to come.

Alex pulled his face back between your legs and sweetly smiled. Happy that he could please you. Alex was such a pleaser when it comes to sex. So much that he’ll sacrifice his own pleasure so as long as his partners achieve orgasms.

He set his lips over your clit, his fingers to the side, and licked quickly up and down. Each lick was like a little jolt of electricity that made your stomach contract. Your belly trembled with lust for him. You wanted more, you wanted to feel him inside you.

Alex’s licks slowed down. His tongue moved agonizingly slowly. But still fast enough to make your blood rise to boiling point. You knew your face was as red now as Alex’s had been when he was being lectured by you. Sweat rushed down your forehead and your legs tensed up. Alex used his hands to keep your legs apart, but even that couldn’t keep you from closing your legs around his head.

When he suddenly slipped a finger into your slit, without even the least bit of warning, your legs snapped shut around his head. Your thighs trembled against his ears and your ankles crossed themselves behind his back. Your legs simply weren’t hers to control anymore.

“Yes!” You moaned.

Alex could only use the one hand to try to push your legs apart, and you didn’t want his finger to ever leave your slit. You set both your hands on top of his head and pushed yourself away from him. But only when Alex pulled his tongue back into his mouth and removed his finger from inside you so you could relax your legs. He smiled at you now that he had room to breath again. He set both his thumbs against your pussy lips, his fingers against the insides of your thighs. Looking up at you, he slipped the tips of his thumbs into your wet slit again. A shudder ran up your spine, but you managed to keep your legs open for him. His tongue flashed out at your clit, very quickly.

You clutched the top of the desk. Everything that was happening was so intense. Alex’s thumbs tore your pussy open wide enough to make it feel like it could breathe. His tongue moved down from your clit to your slit and made your hips buck forward.

“Eeek!” You cried out.

He curled up the tip of his tongue between his thumbs, just far enough inside your pussy to make it feel like there was nothing else in the world but that strong tip of his tongue.


You slipped your hands off the edge of the bench and you grabbed the back of his head again. His next lick made your arms tense up and you couldn’t help pull up his head, away from your pussy. Alex’s tongue moved past your clit to your pelvis then up your belly as you fell backward. He had to take his thumbs out of your pussy to catch you.

Hanging back with Alex’s hands on the small of your back, you caught your breath. You threw your head back and tried to suck in as much air as possible. You were going to need it. Alex set his lips down on your belly and kissed his way up between your breasts. You tilted your head down and could only just kiss his forehead before he lifted his lips off your skin again and set them down around your left nipple. He sucked on it hard and teased it with the tip of his tongue.

“Aah!” You moaned.

From below, from behind Alex’s lips, a vague hum rose up. It felt like he was winding up your nipple, teasing up the tension and making the warmth in your chest rise. When he broadened his tongue and gave you one long lick, you instinctively knew that it was the last and that he’d pull his mouth away. Your nipple pulsated with desire for him.

“No…” You whined when his lips left your skin.

He looked up at you, very quickly, and then licked around your other nipple. His tongue drew small circles and never stopped touching your little nub. It felt like your chest rose a foot with every breath you took. You needed all that air to calm yourself down, to keep yourself from feeling like you were floating away from him.

You grabbed the back of his head and pulled him away. You brought your head down and caught his tongue for a kiss that felt like he had been waiting for it all his life. Alex held you in his arms, pulled you against his chest and kissed you like his life depended on it. His tongue swept through your mouth with such passion it felt like a battle. You moved yourself forward, over the edge of the desk. When you dropped down, your mouths slipped off each other and Alex suddenly opened his eyes.

As you gathered your breath, Alex sat back in his chair and an obvious and painful looking erection poking against his pants. You reached a hand out towards him, but he was just a little too far away.

“Go on, touch yourself,” You instructed. “I want to see your cute little cock.”

You blushed a little as you said it, because you still weren’t used to dirty talk, but at the same time you so much more confident and Alex obviously needed permission from his ‘Mistress’, so it was the least you could do. It did the trick too. Alex’s expression changed immediately and unzipped his pants before pulling them off. He pulled his cock out from the hole in his boxer briefs and started masturbating. Pre-come glistened against his fingertips as he ran his hand up and down the rigid shaft but avoiding eye contact now, focusing his gaze lower on your naked lower body.

You slipped out of your skirt; then unbuttoned your blouse and slipped it off your shoulders. You leaned against Alex’s desk in your bra, panties and heels.

You pushed yourself away from Alex’s desk, bent down, and kissed him as he rubbed his hand faster up and down his hard cock. You straddled his lap. The balls of your shoes touched the base of the chair’s legs below.

Alex’s cock pressed against your lower belly. He slipped his hand between your legs and his fingers met your slick, wet cunt. Using your toes as leverage, you slowly slid up and down, rubbing your clit up against the shaft of Alex’s cock.

The fucking condom, your mind raced. Where is the condom?

“Do you have a condom?” Alex asked. A lawyer and a mind reader, your boyfriend was such a catch.

“Yes,” You breathed between kisses. “In my purse. On your desk.”

Alex slid the chair across the plastic below and over to the desk. Still straddling him, you did a back bend over his desk and grabbed your purse. Alex was opportunistic. He moved his body over you. His mouth was between your breasts and sucking your nipples. You found the condom and ripped the package open.

Alex returned to his chair and leaned back as far as he could. You moved back to your straddling position and placed the condom on his dick through the hole in his underwear. He kissed you hard and you scooted yourself up closer to his cock, until the cheeks of your ass fit snug against the tops of his thighs.

You spread your legs for him, took hold of his stiff cock and placed it to your opening. Even with your hand on his butt, urging him in, he entered you only little by little, inch by inch. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide. A few strands of his brown hair had escaped from his hair tie and hung over his face.

“Fuck, Alex, more. Give me it all,” You moaned and he quickly obeyed, with one long slow thrust. He was touching you so deep inside, it ached deliciously, and you were caught between never wanting him to move from that spot and wanting to feel him pumping into you.

You lifted yourself up again and pushed down onto him, this time deeper. Alex groaned. You pulled back up; teasing both of you before plunging completely back down onto his stiff cock.

Alex had both hands on your hips and each thrust of his cock seemed to touch you somewhere inside that you’d never felt before. A sensation seemed to be growing within you, expanding, threatening to take you over. You reached a hand down between your legs and began to touch your clit. There was so much going on, so many sensations; your finger on your clit, Alex’s warm, firm hands on your hips and his rigid shaft in your pussy. It was overwhelming; you felt like your body was dissolving into a mass of pure pleasure.

You rode Alex hard. You pushed your hands against the top of the chair and lifted yourself up and down on his cock. You gyrated and rotated your hips, and pushed your clit up against his shaft. Alex penetrated you deeply. Your orgasm built. Alex closed his eyes. You felt his cock stiffen like a rod. He was about to explode.

Alex had gone tensely silent, his eyes closed and his expression desperate. You wanted more than anything to see him really let go this time.

“Alex, I want to hear you come,” You said, her eyes on his face. He inhaled sharply at that, and pounded even harder into you, still trying to remain as composed as possible.

You felt the muscles inside you tighten and knew your were about to come, but you wouldn’t let go until he did; you were too determined. The hand on your clit slowed so you could maintain some kind of control.

“Let me hear you, Alex, I need to hear how much you like fucking me,” You ordered.

Alex’s face melted into sheer blushing ecstasy and he cried out in a stammering voice, “Oh fuck, yes, I l-love it. A-and I love you so much! I w-want to stay like this forever! S-So please let me c-come! P-Please!”

Now he moaned and begged with abandon. He held your hips in place as his moved up and down in explosive pleasure. You squeezed your legs tight around Alex and arched your back in ecstasy as he rammed into you, over and over, causing your whole body to shake with an orgasm that seemed to have know no end.

Your pussy exploded at the sound of it, this hot, sweet man finally letting go and crying out as he came; it was more than you could take. Your shuddered in orgasm as your pussy glided against every pulsing ridge of Alex’s cock.

You opened your eyes and looked out at the view again while catching your breath. Your legs untangled from around both sides of the chair and you lifted yourself off Alex’s cock. You leaned against the desk again and reached for your clothes, smiling at him. He put his cock back into his shorts and stared at you for the longest time.

“How about that lunch?” he asked quietly.

You shrugged your shoulders. “After what just happened I kinda feel bad about getting you tacos.“

You snapped out of your tantalizing memories and went back to reality. Realizing you were still at the cafe, sitting with the waiting Schuyler sisters, who were on the edge of their seats to hear all the juicy details.

“Stop daydreaming and tell us already, (Y/N)!”

“Don’t keep us waiting!”

“How are things with the guys!”

You smiled at them. “Not telling. That’s between me and my sexy boyfriends and nothing you do will make me tell.”

The three let down sisters groaned, making you laugh as you finished off your drink.

“Gotta go. I gotta meet Laf and Alex to go shopping.” You waved goodbye, trying to calm down the heat between your legs. You were snapped out of your daze by a sudden text to your phone.

MonCrèmePie: We’ve found the slutty professeur costume!

AlleyCat: Should we get the matching paddle, yard stick, or both? ;)

When Are You Going To Realize That I Don’t Care? (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

This was an absolutely adorable request, and I had a lot of fun with the angst. Please enjoy (and prepare for some fluff)

“And what’s a fine lady like yourself doing around these parts?”

You blushed.

“I’m here with my boyfriend, we’re visiting before the revolution begins and he has to go to war.”

“HAH! Like the revolution is anything more than a bunch of assholes complaining about nonsense.” the man laughed.

You sighed and looked at Hercules, standing to your right. He was silent, and looking straight ahead, refusing to make eye-contact with either you or the annoying man flirting with you. This was unusual. Mainly because there were two things Hercules always verbally fought against:

a) People who didn’t believe in the need for a revolution, and

b) Men hitting on you

You and Hercules had decided to visit the city one last time, before he may be sent off to fight in the revolutionary war that was about to break out. Of course, you had been stopped by this man, who obviously, judging by his clothes and demeanor, was a very wealthy man. 

“Come on, young lady, how about you get with a man who’s going to be able to take care of you, instead of some idiot revolutionary.” the man mocked.

You looked at Hercules, who still was oddly silent, staring at the ground.

(Why is he acting like this?)

“No, please leave me alone.”

“Come on, darling, give me a chance.”

“No! Please leave me alone!” you responded, a bit more dignified and louder than your previous answer.

The man shrugged, and began to turn away.

“That’s a mistake, darling.” he reached into his pocket, removed a paper card, and pressed it into your hands.

“Just incase you come to your senses.” he stated before he sauntered off.

You glared at him until he was gone, then glanced at the card:

Phillip Newman

Tax Collector

1423 Way Street

You were disgusted. As you always were with rich, ignorant, entitled folk. You glanced at Hercules, waiting for some sort of reaction.

“I hear there’s a great bar about fifteen minutes from here.” he suggested.

You said nothing before curiosity got the best of you.

“Did that actually just happen?”


“The man who walked up to me, hit on me, spat on you, then gave me a business card. Did that just happen or am I absolutely insane?” you inquired.

“Yeah, it happened.” he responded, still looking at the floor.

“And you weren’t going to say anything? That’s incredibly out of character for you.”

“Well….” he started, then stopped.

“Hercules… is something wrong?”

He took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. He was beginning to worry you.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s…not like he’s wrong…” he finally said.


“Nothing, let’s keep moving.” he said, grabbing your hand and beginning to walk again.

“No, what do you mean?” you asked, trying to yank your hand out of his. You needed to know what he had meant.

“Please,” he said, stopping, and looking at you with large, desperate, hurt eyes. “Please just drop it.”

His sudden upset look threw you off. You had never seen him like this before. Hercules was a loud, brash, funny guy who you wouldn’t trade anything for. You didn’t want to hurt him.

Silently, you took his hand again and you began walking. Hercules was quieter than usual, but you still managed to have a good time. But the thought of what the man had said that had taken such a toll on Herc still ate at you.


“Hercules, come back to bed…” you whimpered.

After the day at the city, you and Hercules had returned to your home. He had been acting extremely distant. You had finally gone to bed, with an extremely tense and awkward atmosphere in the house. Not five minutes later, Hercules had sprung up from the bed, and was now facing the window, looking out at the night. 

“I don’t deserve you.” he blatantly stated.


“I don’t….I really don’t….” he said, still facing the window.

“Hercules, come here. Let’s talk about this…”

He remained silent, still looking out at the night. 

You got out of bed, and slowly walked up to him. You gently placed your hand on his shoulder.

“Hercules, please explain what’s going on?” you somewhat desperately asked.

Hercules spun around, flinging your hand off of him.

“NO! There is nothing to explain!” he yelled, frightening you and making you step back a few steps. 

Realizing his outburst, a sorry expression fell on his face, then he turned around to face the window again.


“He’s right.”

You slowly stepped forward again, a bit more cautious this time.

“Who? Who’s right?”

He was silent.

“That idiot we met in the city, is that the man you’re talking about?”

You heard him take a deep breath.

“(Y/N)…. I’m going to be honest with you. I can’t take care of you. I’m a tailor’s apprentice. I’m going to be in the war soon. When I leave, I want you to find a new man to take care of you.” he confessed.


“Find a new man. Go and marry that man from the city. I cannot and will not return to you after I leave.”

You were lost for words.

“Please… just forget about me. I’m not worth your time.”


“I’m never going to be the man you deserve.”

He finally spun around, and pushed past you. He quietly sat on the bed, and buried his head in his hands.

“Hercules, I love you.”

He did not respond. You sat down on the bed next to him.

“I love you if you’re a tailor’s apprentice. I love you if you’re a revolutionary. I love you if we don’t make tons of money. I love you if you have to go away to fight for some time. And I’m going to be here for you. No matter what. No jerk with an ego problem and business cards can make me second guess my decision to love you.”

“But I’m a tailor’s apprentice. I don’t make enough money. When I go to fight in the war I’ll be making close to nothing. That’s not enough money to-”

“When are you going to realize that I don’t care?!” you shouted.

He lifted his head out of his hands and looked at you.

“This can work. We can make it work! Hercules no sum of money or lack thereof can change my feelings for you. I don’t need money. I need you.” you explained. 

He looked at you blankly. 

You placed your hand on his back and leaned into him.



“What if I get shot out there? What if I die?” 

You were quiet for a moment.

“I’m not going to tell you that you won’t die, Hercules. This is a very dangerous war you’re about to go into and you will be risking your life. But on the off chance that you do die, I’ll write you letters, and poetry, and music, and I’ll carve your name into every tree I pass by. I’ll write you into history books and sing your song to anyone with ears. You will live on in people’s minds and hearts as a man who died for our new country, and you won’t be forgotten. No man can ever fill the space you carved in my heart. I will visit your grave everyday and buy the space next to it.”

You leaned into him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. He turned his head, then pressed a kiss onto your lips.

“(Y/N)… I’m sorry. I’m nervous. I’m scared.”

“It’s okay,” you said, rubbing his shoulder.

“You are about to do something very scary, and I’m proud of you.” 

“But you know, they will only bury us together if we are married.” he sighed.

You were quiet for awhile.

Then you mustered up the courage.

“Marry me, then.”

sick days

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader

You had just gotten out of your last class at Colombia. You couldn’t stop coughing and your head was spinning. Clumsily, you reached for your phone in your pocket. You tiredly scrolled through your contacts and finally landed on one.The only boy you knew that would be home would be Lafayette so you called his phone and headed out towards the front of the college.

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Accidental Admissions

John Laurens x Reader

Note: sooooo I decided to push this up on the queue because of two reasons 1) it was an easy and fun fic to write when I was in a crappy mood and 2) it’s my girl Lou at @hamilsquadxreader birthday!!!! and I wanted to give her some fresh Laurens material for her day ❤️

Request: Can you do some Laurens fluff like maybe a college au where everyone teases Laurens about his crush on the reader and like the reader finds out. I really adore your writing. 💖 

Word Count: 651

Originally posted by shyymoob

“Would you two just shut up?” John grumbles as he feels his cheeks flush with heat. 

He knew that telling the guys about his crush on Y/N would be a mistake, but after a few shots at the end of a long week of classes it was hard to keep anything a secret. 

“You knew what you were getting into when you told us” Hercules says with a smug grin. 

John just glares at his friends as Lafayette throws an arm around his shoulders, they’re on their way back to Lafayette and Hercules’ dorm ready for a night of pizza and ignoring their responsibilities. 

“Ami, you should tell Y/N how you feel!” He exclaims, John shakes his head as he drives his elbow hard into his friends side. “OW! That hurt John” he complains as he pulls away and rubs his side. 

“I am not telling her. I shouldn’t have even told you guys” John mutters, his arms crossed over his chest. 

“Come on John we’re just teasing. But really maybe you should think about telling her, you never know she could feel the same way” Alex points out.

“No she doesn’t so just leave it alone” 

“Relax John, why don’t you ask around and see if anyone knows how she feels about you?” Alex asks.

John shoves his hands in his pockets and sighs. “Leave it alone, she’s probably not interested” He mutters. 

“You could ask Eliza! She’s close with her I bet she’d know if she li-” John turns and glares at him.

“Stop. Just stop talking about it” John says moving away from him and standing on the other side of Lafayette. 

“But you said you like her!” Alex says with a frown.

John attempts not to groan out loud as his friend keeps trying, trying way too hard. 

“Oh fuck off Alex. What do you want from me? You want me to stand up on the bench and yell about how much I like Y/N? Fine” with a final glare at his friends John climbs on top of the bench behind them and yells. “I, John Laurens, like Y/N L/N. There are you happy?” 

To his surprise instead of his friends all laughing at him he looks to find them staring past him, their mouths open in shock. A bad feeling creeps into his stomach as he realizes the only reason why his loud mouth friends would be so quiet after something like that. 

“She’s standing right behind me isn’t she?” John asks, his voice soft, before he hears a quiet laugh from behind him. 

“I’ve never seen you four so still and… quiet before” Y/N points out. 

John takes a deep breath and ignores the fear building up in his stomach as he turns to face her. 

“So ah, you like me huh?” she asks, a small smile on her face as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. 

“Um… well I-I uh” John stammers, still perched on top of the bench. Hercules steps forward and grins at her. 

“That means yes” Herc shoves the pizza into John’s hands and gives him a look. “Why don’t you two take this and go talk?” he suggests. 

John glances from the pizza in his hands, to Hercules then to Y/N and takes a breath. “Would you um… would you like to go somewhere and have this?” He asks, managing to finally put a proper sentence together. 

“I’d love to” 

John feels the fear in his stomach ease as he jumps down off the bench and walks over to her. He gives Hercules a grin and throws a glare at both Lafayette and Alex, hoping they won’t say anything to embarrass him even more, before walking away with Y/N.

“Okay that was cute but why the fuck did you give away our pizza?” Alex grumbles as the three of them watch John and Y/N walk away together. 

Just The Way You Are

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Word Count: 1,621
T/W: Scars / Lots of crying
A/N: For @onelastfic‘s request: “Can you do a Poly Hamilsquad x Busty Reader where the reader gets a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and is having a hard time getting used to life after the surgery?”
This was so hard for me to write, since cancer is so prevalent in my family. So, I kinda tried to make it sweet. 

Three months…three long, hard, painful, depressing months, since your surgery. You just couldn’t get past the feeling of it. Of course, you were more than happy to be alive and cancer free, but you felt like you had lost part of your womanhood. Ever since high school and puberty, your “busty” chest was the one thing you liked about yourself. It gave you those “curves.” When you met “the boys” as you called them collectively, they all adored your curves…and now they were gone. 

You didn’t feel like the boys liked you as much, even though they insisted that you were so much more than your chest or even your beauty. They did everything possible to try and make you believe it, but you just couldn’t help but look at other girls and feel jealous and think that the boys probably liked it better too. But in reality they only wanted you, adoring you just the way you were, busty or not. They were just happy you were alive and still with them. 

Today, like most days, you were the last to get up. You sat up in bed, brought your knees, close to your now flat chest and cried or stared off at the wall for a while. You rested your chin on your knees, blanking out. Not even acknowledging Alex as he walked into the bedroom, coming around the bed to sit next to you. Sniffling a little you turned your head away from him. Feeling his hand rub up and down your back. 

“How are we doing today, Honey?” Alex’s voice came across gentle.

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Too Good To Be True

hercules mulligan x reader

prompt: alexander is always pulling herc along to his daily library sessions. hercules can’t help but notice the cute girl helping out the librarian.

a/n: thank you for all the support lately, it’s unbelievable really. so as a thank you, here is some hercules fluff


“Well Herc, it’s your lucky day.” Alexander said, clamping a hand upon the other boy’s shoulder, “You’re coming to the library to study with me.”

“Please tell me you’re kidding and actually taking Laurens.” Hercules begged, partly trying to convince himself that there was hope escaping the gruelingly long library sessions his ever so intuitive friend embarked on multiple times a week, always making a friend come along and endure the torture.

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Baby Surprise

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1502

Warnings: Swearing, pregnancy, panic, alcohol, implied smut

Request: ILYSM you are amazing, Darlin’(s)! Could you do a pregnancy one for Hercules Mulligan? Like how she tells him she is pregnant and she is nervous about how he reacts? I love y'all! - anon

A/N: This was my first Hercules imagine and that made me really happy because I absolutely love him! But I hope this is what you wanted when you requested, lovely anon! And here’s a reminder that requests are open!

You looked at the pregnancy stick in your hand, shaking slightly as you waited for the minutes to pass. You couldn’t be pregnant…could you? You had the symptoms of pregnancy, but it could easily be just a virus going around. Plus, you and Herc almost always used protection. There was no possible way. Unfortunately, you were proven wrong as two lines appeared. Your blood went cold and you could feel yourself shaking.

You were pregnant. You and Hercules Mulligan were going to have a child. You felt tears stream down your face. A flood of emotions all overcame you at once. You were happy, nervous and scared all at the same time. It was completely overwhelming, yet you still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I’m pregnant…” You said out loud, your voice echoing through the, what you thought was empty, apartment.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!” Alexander barged through the door, his voice booming in the bathroom, making you jump.

“Alex! When’d you get here? I thought I was home alone!” You said, feeling much more panicked than before.

You were so scared that he was Hercules for a second…Wait Hercules! How was he going to react when he found out? The two of you had never talked about starting a family. The doubts and fears started to fill you mind. One right after the other they all went in tormenting you mind. What if he left you? What if he wanted to put it up for adoption? What if he hated kids? There was no stop to these thoughts.

You felt your breaths quicken and become more shallow. More tears fell down your face at a quicker rate. Before you knew it, you were fully sobbing hysterically. Alex crouched down in front of where you were sitting and pulled you into a hug, holding you tightly to his chest. He shushed your cries, and helped you begin to calm down.

“What are you crying for? You and Herc are going to be having a baby. Shouldn’t you be happy? Or are the pregnancy hormones already kicking in?” Alex bombarded you with question, letting you begin to feel overwhelmed again. Taking notice of his mistake, he quickly started talking again. “No need to cry. He’s going to be very happy. I promise you.”

“Are you sure? Cause what if he doesn’t want it? Or even want to be with me anymore?” You asked, watching Alex’s expression soften.

“There’s nothing Hercules loves more in this world than you. If he could have a mini you too, I think it would make his life even more enjoyable. He would never leave you because this is something he’s always wanted.” Alex reassured you, your tears slowing at his comforting words.

“Why are you here, Alex?” You asked, suddenly realizing that it was the middle of the day and your best friend had just barged into your home.

“Oh, sorry about that. I was grabbing a couple things for Herc. He forgot them for his presentation today, with Washington. He also wanted me to invite you out to drink with us and all the boys tonight.” Alex stood up, walking towards the door.

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later tonight.” You said, looking back down at the positive pregnancy stick in your hand.

“Tell him tonight. Trust me, he won’t be even close to upset.” Alex grinned at you before grabbing what he needed and leaving the apartment.

You slowly stood up, still a little shaky, but much more confident. You were going to be okay. Alex was right, Hercules was a level headed guy and would never ditch a girl just because she was pregnant. He loved you and you loved him. You hoped and prayed it would work out fine.

Taking one last look at the stick in your hand, you wrapped it in toliet paper and threw it in the trash. You had other things to focus on, including figuring out how to break the news to him. You walked out of the bathroom and took a deep breath. You could do this.


“(Y/N)! You came!” John cheered when you entered your local bar.

“Did you think I’d ditch you boys?” You smiled, sliding into your usual booth.

“Of course not, mon ami. But, Alex mentioned that you might not be feeling up for it.” Lafayette shrugged, taking a swig from his beer.

“He did?” You asked, shooting a glare at Alex, who was flirting up a storm at the bar.

“Yup, and he’s already completely wasted.” John laughed chugging his own drink.

“Where’s Herc?” You asked, scanning the bar for him.

“He ran to the bathroom real quick.” Laf said.

Nervousness began to gnaw at your empty stomach. He was going to be back any second and you’d have to tell him. You knew the sooner you gotter it done the better you’d feel, but still it was absolutely terrifying to even think about.

You loved Hercules more than anything and didn’t want to lose him over anything, especially not a baby. And even he wanted the baby, it was just as scary to think of the two of you as parents. Missing out on going to the bar almost every night with the boys and not being able to go on anymore spontaneous trips. This baby meant responsibility for both you and him. Were the two of you even ready for that yet?

“Hey babe, you good?” Hercules waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking.” You blushed, not even realizing that Hercules had exited the bathroom and scooted to sit next to you in the booth.

“How was your day?” Herc grinned at you, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“It was…exciting! I got some surprising news, I may need to share with you later.” You attempted a smile that only grew as he smiled back at you.

“I can’t wait to hear it! Now, how about a couple of drinks!” Herc took his hand from your beginning to stand up.

“Wait, babe!” You called as he began to walk away, hoping to stop him from ordering you a drink.

“Don’t worry! I already have your order memorized!” Herc gave you a thumbs up before he turned and walked to the bar.

“Shit.” You huffed under your breath.

“What happened?” John raised a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“Um…nothing. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You stumbled over your words.

“You’re tense and zoning out every five seconds. What’s going on?” Laf asked, studying your face for anything that would give you away.

“I just have things on my mind. Chill, okay?” You defended yourself quickly.

“Okay…” John and Laf kept a close eye on you as Herc and Alex walked back to your table.

“Here you are, m’lady.” Herc winked, sliding your drink to you.

“Whoa! Herc, she can’t drink that!” Alex slurred, completely drunk.

“Shut up, Alex. It’s a perfectly good drink.” Herc rolled his eyes.

“Alex, don’t be an ass.” You tried to give him a signal to shut up, but he obviously didn’t get the memo.

“No, it’s not that! The alcohol will hurt the baby! And I don’t want my future godson to be messed up!” Alex threw his hands up in protest.

“Baby?” Herc asked in alarm, his head whipping around to look at you. Your breath caught in your throat.

“Yeah! That baby in (Y/N)’s stomach. The one that you helped her make.” Alex nodded, taking another shot and slamming it on the table.

“(Y/N)?” Herc’s eyes were wide.

“Um, yes?” You replied, trying to ignore the confused stares from everyone at your table.

“Are you pregnant?” Herc asked, slowly taking your hands in his.

“Yes and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just found out earlier today and I was trying to figure out how to tell you. Alex only knew because he was there when I was freaking out that the test was positive. I’m so sorry, Herc. I’m so sorry!” You rushed your words out, tears pricking your eyes and threatening to fall out.

“What are you sorry for? We’re going to have a child!” Herc cheered, pulling you tightly in his arms.

The boys began cheering nonsense things about becoming uncles and fighting over who would be the child’s favorite. Herc kissed the top of your head and continued to hold you close to his chest.

“I love you.” Herc mumbled into your hair.

“I love you too.” You sighed contentedly, nuzzling your face in his neck.

“Just one thing…” Herc trailed off, looking around at his friends.

“Yes?” You asked, following his line of sight at the boys taking rounds of shots in celebration.

“Can we agree to let one of the Schuyler Sisters be the Godparent and not one of these idiots?” Herc asked, John Laurens now showing to the others how he could belch the alphabet.

“Agreed.” You giggled.


Pairing: Hamilsquad x Reader (poly), lil bit of John x reader oops
Requested by anon: “Poly Hamilsquad x Reader Idea: John comes home to find Hercules handcuffed, Lafayette blindfolded, Alexander with a ball gag in his mouth, and Reader is drunk or on a sugar high.”
Trigger Warnings: Usually these would be kinks but I got creative lol.

John walked through the front door with an armful of fast food, ready to have a night in with his girlfriend. His boyfriends had texted him, saying that they were going to the club, and asked if he wanted to come with. He promptly replied with, Raincheck, as he was painfully aware that Y/N was still mad at him.

When the boys were mad, it was at least bearable, but none of them could take you being upset. You had two kinds of anger. There was the passive aggressive kind: You’d smile happily at them while making snarky remarks in a bright and cheery voice. And then there was the silent treatment: Cold over-the-shoulder glances and straight up ignoring their existences.

You were silent treatment angry.

You’d been at it for weeks, sometimes forgetting what you were mad at him for. You were stubborn, though, so the reason didn’t really matter. You were waiting for an apology, a sincere one. Not the babe, please don’t be mad at me I’m sorry. You wanted the I know what I did was wrong and I’m prepared to make it up to you apology. And that was what John planned on doing.

He couldn’t stand the thought of you being mad at him, especially for so long. This entire relationship started with the two of you. You’d started dating in high school and here you both were, still together. Of course, with some additions.

It was a hard transition, going from his only significant other to being one of four. At first, you felt like you were competing for his love. As the others caught on, they reassured you that whatever your thought was certainly not the case. The four boys actually felt the same way you did; all feeling as if your love had to be won by one of them.

You all laughed about it in the end. It was then that the relationship started to fall into a relaxing pattern. Of course, whatever argument you and John had was an exception to this pattern.

As he closed the front door, he began speaking, knowing that Y/N was the only one home. “Baby.” He called. He walked to the kitchen in the dark since he knew the way like the back of his hand. “I know you’re here, please answer me. I brought food from that little diner you like.”

John heard a squeal and watched as you scurried into the kitchen. “Hi John.” You said giddily, searching through a bag for her food. He looked taken aback, “You’re talking to me?”

“Of course!” You grinned. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Your freckle-faced lover furrowed his brow, looking at you with a confused look. He took your chin between his thumb and index finger and tilted your head up. As you slurped a noodle past your lips, he noticed that your eyes were glassy. Your breath smelled like the rum that Alexander keeps in his room. “Y/N, are you drunk?”

“I mean, that would explain why I’m a little dizzy.”

John chuckled as you struggled to lift yourself onto the counter. This wasn’t exactly what he expected, but it was better than having you be mad at him. “The boys went to the club, right?”




John began to walk out of the room, but stopped in the doorway. You were prone to accidentally hurting yourself when you were drunk. “Uh, don’t touch anything sharp. Or shiny.” When he turned to walk away, he stopped again. “Actually, don’t touch anything.”

He heard you mutter something along the lines of such little faith you have in me as he went to check the boys’ bedrooms. Upon opening Alexander’s door, John found nothing but papers and books scattered everywhere. Lafayette’s room was clean and tidy, but also empty. Herc’s bedroom was known as the war zone, so John expected the mess, but not the vacancy.

All of a sudden, John heard you crying, so he rushed back into the kitchen. You were standing with tears streaming down your cheeks and blood dripping from your palm. “I was just trying to cut this sandwich in half.”

“Babe, I told you not to touch anything. And why did you use a big knife? It’s just a turkey melt.”

You started mumbling an incoherent response as he cleaned and bandaged your cut. “Where are the boys?”


“In the basement?”

“We were playing a game.”

John sighed and nodded, taking her hand and leading them to the basement. As he looked at his boyfriends he couldn’t help but to break into laughter.

Lafayette was blindfolded, struggling to follow the instructions that Hercules was giving him. Not to mention, he was handcuffed to a pipe, which John made mental note of (that’s probably dangerous, he thought). Alexander sat on the floor, defeated, with a ball gag in his mouth.

John wanted to ask how this happened, but quite frankly, he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Shut up, John.”

“Ses non drôle.”

“This is pretty funny.” John managed to sputter.

“Hmm mm mhmm.”

“Oh my god, John, please take that out of his mouth.”

John walked over to Alexander and pulled the ball gag out of his mouth, allowing him to take a deep breath. “I said I blame you.” Alex said. “What?” John asked. “I wasn’t even here.”

“We were going to go to the club, but belle was upset, so she wanted to play a game-”

“Which of course was truth or dare.” Herc added.

“-And for every dare belle didn’t do, she drank.”

Despite the hilarity of the situation, John did feel bad for upsetting you to this ridiculous point. So, he let Herc out of the handcuffs, gave the boys some cash and told them to go out, on him. They were worried for the both of them; after all, you were still upset with him. John assured them that he’d take care of you and that he’d be fine. With that, they left the house.

John took you back upstairs and sat you down at the table. He sat the food in front of you, urging you to eat. He could tell that you were sobering up because you were leaning back into the silent treatment again. “Eat, please.” He begged.

“Not hungry.”

Two words, he thought, we’re getting somewhere.

He then retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge. He handed it to you, “At least drink this.” You sat, contemplating how much you needed water. You decided to take it, if not for your own health, for John’s. He looked as if he was about to keel over in guilt.

After you drank your water, John led you to bed, just laying with you, side by side. You were both silent as you stared at the ceiling. Suddenly, John was speaking quietly, “Do you remember when we had our first serious fight?”

You stayed silent.

“We were fighting over where we were gonna move. Our first apartment. I wanted to live in Harlem, and you wanted to live uptown.”

You turned your head to look at him, “Uptown is better than Harlem.”

“In your dreams. It’s way too quiet up there.”

“That’s the beauty of it.”

John chuckled as you turned your head back to look at the ceiling. You both were in silence for a few minutes. Neither of you could continue the conversation; you didn’t know how to break the tension.

“I was wrong.” He muttered. You turned your head once more to find him looking at you. “I was. I’m sorry, Y/N. I never want to be the cause of you feeling this way again.” He said. You looked into his eyes and saw honesty. He definitely meant it. “Do you forgive me?”

You grinned as you pushed his hair from his face, giggling slightly, “Honestly, I forgave you when you walked through the door with my favorite noodles.”

{ this time }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader (john-centric); little more of john x alex

t/w: angst bc john’s sad; mention of racism/prejudice (it’s one line)

a/n: i picture john’s mom as hispanic. i feel like that better explains why he can speak spanish so yeah

john’s in his headspace a little. also i broke up the scenes so it wouldn’t be too confusing. 

summary: our sunshine boy has daddy issues

inbox || masterlist

John shifted a little when he woke up. He stared at the ceiling, let his eyes follow the lines on the walls, thought about how three different lines still managed to meet at one point until he felt like he couldn’t breathe. 

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John Laurens x Reader 

Note: Hey guys so I only have 3 requests left and I’m going to try and get them done before my exams start so if you have requests send them in an I’ll get try my hardest to get them done soon! Also I apologize for the shitty ending, I’m horrible at endings I know

Request: Sorry this is a lot but 415, 445, 446, and 451 with John after they get into a fight and end up confessing how they both like each other angrily and they kiss

Prompts: 415. “What did you say?”, 445. “Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”, 446. "I shouldn’t be in love with you!” and 451. "I can’t be in love with you!”

Word Count: 809

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

When you agreed to come hang out with the boys today, they swore that John wouldn’t be here. You’ve been avoiding him for weeks, ever since you realized your feelings for him.

You made the mistake of admitting your feelings to Alex and now you realize the mistake you made as he stands with Alex, Herc and Lafayette. 

Ever since you realized you’re in love with him you’ve been trying to convince yourself that he’s not right for you, that he could never love you back. You’ve picked out his annoying traits and focused on them in the hopes that your feelings go away.

“Hey Y/N you made it!” Alex says as you approach the group, a wide smile on his face. You try your best to return the smile but it falters when you make eye contact with John. 

“Yeah, hey guys” you tear your eyes away from him and look up into the smiling faces of Herc and Lafayette. “So what’s the plan for today?” 

“We figured we’d just so hang out in the park”

The day starts out pretty good, you manage to avoid John most of the time by sticking close to Lafayette. You notice John giving you strange looks throughout the day but you choose to ignore them and focus on having fun with the guys instead.

When Alex, Lafayette and Herc run off to go and play with a bunch of dogs you feel the sudden panic in your stomach as you realize you’ve been left alone with him. 

“Are you avoiding me?” he asks, your back is to him and you dont dare turn around. 

“What makes you think that?” you ask quietly. 

“Oh you know just the fact that you won’t look at me for more than 5 seconds and that you haven’t said a word to me all day” he points out. 

You take a deep breath and turn to face him, he stares at you with a raised eyebrow and his hands stuffed in his pockets. 

“Have I done something to upset you?” his tone is clearly annoyed and if you’re honest with yourself you’re glad he’s annoyed at you, maybe that way he’ll be rude and you’ll get over him. 

“Why does everything have to be about you? Maybe I just wanted to hang out with Alex, Laf and Herc today” You point out and almost cringe at the offended look on his face when you say the words. 

“Wow. Trying to cut me out of my own group of friends? That’s cold Y/N” he says, the venom clear in his voice. 

“Yeah well tough luck John, not everyone want’s to be with you all the time” you spit. 

He clenches his fist and takes a breath. 

“I wish Alex didn’t invite you today, I’ve had a shitty week and really needed a fun day with my friends and instead I get this” he says 

“God, you’re so annoying! I wish you would just leave if you’re having such a terrible time” You tell him, turning away from and running a hand through your hair in frustration.

I’m annoying? Have you met you? You are so- you know what fuck it” he says as he grabs your face with both hands and slams his lips to yours.

You freeze in place as he kisses you, not sure what to do. Finally, you slide your hands up into his hair and kiss him back. When the two of you finally pull apart you both take a step back and stare at each other.

“What was that?” You ask, eyes still wide in shock.

“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!” He exclaims, looking just as shocked as you feel.

“Not your fault? You kissed me! Whose fault could it be?” you yell at him.

As you stare at him there are millions of thoughts running through your head. You’ve been in love with him for so long but there’s no way that you could possibly be anything with him is there? He’s annoying and frustrating and there is no way that kiss meant to him what it mean to you.

He runs his hands through his hair, pulling it out of the ponytail he usually keeps it in “I shouldn’t be in love with you!” he exclaims.

“What did you say?” you ask, needing to make sure you heard him right.

“I said I shouldn’t be in love with you but I am! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Well I can’t be in love with you!”  

“What? You’re in love with me?” He asks. “What about all of those things you just said? And the ignoring me thing?” 

“I didn’t think you’d share my feelings so I was trying to get rid of mine!” you explain. 

He chuckles softly and presses his lips to yours again. “You’re crazy” 


Can you do a hamilsquad member (you choose) x female reader where she comes out as asexual and it’s just a bunch of fluff?

‘Take a deep breath Y/N,’ you mumbled to yourself as you walked up to the front door of your boyfriend’s apartment. ‘It’s all going to be okay. Hercules will love you no matter what. At least that’s what Peggy claims.’

Knocking on the door, you waited for your boyfriend to let you in out of this hot weather and into the nice cool air conditioning.

“Y/N!” Hercules cried as he opened the door and let you into his small apartment. You wandered inside, standing nervously in his living room.

“Is everything okay cupcake?” Hercules questioned.

“Of course!” You laughed. He looked at you confused. “Why are you asking?”

“Because you usually just walk straight in and and flop down on the couch and throw you jacket wherever it lands. You’re just standing there nervously.”

“Well for one, it’s a bazillion degrees outside, so I’m not going to wear a jacket.”

“Touche. But what’s going on, is everything okay?” He looked concerned. You swallowed hard.

“I need to talk to you.”

A look of panic appeared in his eyes as he nodded and sat down on the catch, gesturing for you to sit next to him.

“Herc, um, so I need… I don’t know how to say this… I’m…um,”

Hercules put his hand on yours and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Y/N, take a deep breath. It’s okay, take your time. I’m here, you don’t need to worry about telling me anything. I’ll be by your side the whole time.”

You took a shaky breath and began again.

“Herc, I’m asexual.”

He looked at you for a minute before nodding.

“Is that when you don’t feel sexual attraction to people? Or just some people?”

You relaxed a little and began explaining it to your boyfriend.

“Well it’s different for every asexual person. Some don’t feel any at all, some feel a little bit, some only feel it after getting to know a person. Some are okay with sex, some are sex repulsed. It’s just different for everyone.”

“Oh okay. Well thank you for telling me,” he smiled, giving you a peck on the cheek.

“I’m just glad you didn’t get upset. I was really scared to tell you.”

He smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry my love. You don’t need to be afraid. I’ll always be here for you.”

Breathe [Chuck Hansen x Reader]

Author’s Note: So like, does anyone else really like Pacific Rim?? It’s like my favorite movie ever. This is something I wrote a loooong time ago, and I might even share some of my other Pacific Rim fics too. I want to write for it again though. And, well, more fics in general, but I’m drowning in homework this quarter and I’m always too tired to write. I will try to soon! I have ideas, just… no energy. Fml. 

Word Count: 1,588

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I’m Willing to Wait for It (Laurens x Reader) (Part Three)

I’m Willing to Wait for It - Part 3 -

Laurens x Reader

Warnings: Kissing, crying, uhhh more crying idk 

Words: 1,613 boiiiiiiii

A/N: fresh outta da oven. enjoy. stay rad.


Everyone, except for Peggy who’s asleep with her head on Eliza’s lap, takes turns explaining the crazy scheme to me on how it’ll work and what I’m supposed to do.

“So, basically we will slowly chip the mirror part off so you can get through.” Angelica comments.

I give them a worried look.

“What if it doesn’t work?” I question. John takes my hand and squeezes it. Alex walks over to the mirror and points to a small crack on it.

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{ a freedom in your arms }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader (john-centric); mostly john x herc

t/w: none! fluff

a/n: more little!john. enjoy! 

notre petit artiste means our little artist!

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He felt like he was drowning, on the edge of something horrible. He could feel his heartbeat pounding against his chest, felt his face grow warm with anger, and a horrible wave of anxiety on the brink. He felt sick. His skin burned.  

“Hey, hey, don’t pull your hair like that, baby.” 

I-I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad. Can’t have anyone else mad. Please don’t be -

Alex came around on his side of the desk, knelt down in front of him. Alex took his hands, brought them away from his head. “Jack, sweetie, what’s the matter?” 

Please don’t leave. Please don’t leave. 

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Fluffmas Day 28-Blanket Fort (Hamilsquad x Reader)

You pushed the door open with a grunt, letting it swing inward on its own so you could put down your briefcase up and juggle the multiple grocery bags that needed to be brought into the house.

“Alex, John, Herc, Laf! I’m home!” You called out, heading directly to the kitchen, ignoring the rest of the rooms in order to relieve your full hands. The groceries were a little heavy but you could handle it.

You placed bags down on to the counter with a ‘thud’ and a sigh of relief. The briefcase went down on the chair much more gently.

It wasn’t until your hands were free did you realize that your boyfriends hadn’t asked their daily questions that came when you got home. There was no “How was your day?” “Did you finish that new project?” “Did you remember to buy more milk and eggs?”

Glancing around the kitchen, your boyfriends hadn’t come to welcome you home. You wouldn’t question it, except for the fact that they weren’t in the living room.

'Maybe their upstairs,’ you wondered, lips curling into a smile at the thought of the last time she found them all upstairs together. Hercules was commissioned to make three dresses and the clients happened to have the same measurements as Laf, Alex, and John. The looks on their faces when they saw you laughing at them in those frilly dresses.

Smile widening, you made your way to the bedroom, but instead of being met by the sight of your boyfriends, you saw an empty bed.

Not a bed empty of people.

A bed empty of everything.

The sheets had been stripped from the bed, as had the pillows. Confusion set in as you noticed even the John’s turtle plushie was gone. Hercules and Alex had done laundry the other day, so there was certainly no reason for the bed to have been stripped…

Spinning on your heel, you headed out of the bedroom. Your puzzled frown deepened, making your way through the house. She had already been in the kitchen and the bedroom, and the living room and bathroom were out, so that left Alex’s study or the spare room that Hercules usually used for designing…

Since Alex wasn’t screaming about how John and Laf shouldn’t touch his important documents you decided to to check the spare room.

As you turned the corner, a flurry of brown curls and freckles came around the other side.

“(Y/N)!” John said cheerfully - too cheerfully. You immediately recognized the overly sweet tone of voice that your boyfriends adopted when they had something to hide.

Still, the sight of your partners always made you smile.

“Hey Johnny Boy,” you said automatically. “What are you up to? Where are the others?”

John met your eyes for an instant, then flicked to the side before his smile brightened. “Nothing, I’ve been waiting for you to get home with Herc, Laf, and Alex. Did you remember to buy eggs and milk?”

John smirked. “Yes, I did. But where—”

“Oh good! Laf said he needed them to make dinner—”


“—and maybe tomorrow we can make cupcakes! Herc’s birthday is coming up, so I thought we could—”


Your boyfriend’s rambling stopped.

“Yeah, hun?” he asked, already bringing out her 'I-didn’t-do-anything’ face..

“Why is our bed stripped and where are the others?”

Eyes flicked to the side a second time. This time, you looked past him, eyes narrowing at the door behind him as you considered what he might be hiding in the room.

“We decided to do the laundry…” John said all too quickly.

You weren’t fooled for a minute.

“Herc and Alex did laundry the other day,” you stated, then took a step forward and reached for the room’s doorknob. John stepped closer in an attempt to block, but the damage was done.

What you saw caused you to make a face in confusion. Glancing down, you took in the surprised looks of Laf, Herc, and Alex as you asked, “Are you guys building a shelter?”

“… A fort.” corrected Alexander.

“A fort?”

“A blanket fort.” answered Hercules.

“A fort.”

“Oui.” responded Laf.


“Why not?” defended John.

You laughed, shaking your head. “Fair enough.”

You watched as Laf and Alex whipped the sheets out over the tops of the chairs that Herc and John, draping them evenly over the backs of all the chairs. When everything was settled over the furniture tops and the fort felt fully covered.

“Finished!” yelled Hercules, fist-pumping in triumph.

“It is a magnifique forteresse!” chimed Laf.

“Some of my best work!” remarked Alexander.

John cheered and grabbed your hand. “C'mon, c'mon! Let’s go inside!”

“I dunno if I’m gonna fit in there, guys,” you shrugged, measuring the size of the opening against the size of your body in your mind.

“Nonsense! If Laf and Herc can fit, so can you!” John dragged you to the opening. He laughed, his hair bouncing with his excitement. “See. Your the perfect size!”

“Okay.” With a deep breath, you crawled into the fort, twisting carefully to lie on your stomach. You didn’t really know what to do at this point, but your boyfriends were obviously excited about it.

“Are the rest of you guys coming in or what?” You gestured to your boyfriends.

They giggled, diving in and lying beside you. You snuggled close to Laf and Hercules, relaxation taking over your body, their hot flesh warming your cool skin.

“Perfect,” you hummed, letting your eyes flutter closed and drift into a calming nap.

Guns Drawn

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Prompt: Can I request an imagine poly Hamilsquad x female reader where somebody offended the reader and she challenges him to duel and of course Hamilsquad is trying to talk her out of it and maybe John Laurens is her second. 

TW: Gun violence, injury, shock

Word Count: 1776 (NEW YORK CITY)


“No, I’m going, and that’s final!” You puffed up, frowning as your courters looked on you with worry. “He’s disrespected me. He disrespected all of us with his words, and I’m not going to just…let him bat at all of us like that, like we’re something to be taken lightly!!” You cried out, digging Alex’s dueling pistols from where they’d been put away, after John’s duel. That had been nearly three years ago now. The war was long over. You needed them now.

“Mon amour, please, think rationally!” Lafayette was begging you. And he was no pushover, but he had always been weak to your desires. “Yes, he says these things, but who listens? Alexander is the Treasury Secretary, Hercules is at the top of his field, I am a liaison to France, and John is the son of a Senator! We should have no care for their words!”

“But it’s not your position he attacked! It was out relationship! And I refuse to sit idly by and let them slander us this way!” You made a noise of surprise as you finally laid eyes on what you were seeking, drawing the pistols from the box, and holding them against the light. The gilded barrels glinted in the light of the candles, and you started inspecting them as your husbands began glancing between one another for any sort of idea on how to stop you.

“(Y/N).” John came to kneel beside you, where you were seated on the floor, your face set in a dark frown as you began cleaning them after years of disuse. “Please, listen to us! We love you. We love that you want to fight for us! But…please, don’t throw away everything over this. What if you lose? What if we lose you?! Please, call it off. Reach a peace. Something. But don’t let us lose you over this.” He was begging. He’d put everything on the line in a duel before. He’d hugged Alexander the day of his own duel, made himself okay with the idea of dying. He wrote letters to his sisters, that would be sent upon receiving word that he’d expired. He’d done everything. But he had been terrified.

He’d made it out the other side…but…had he been even a half second slower…

He shuddered to think about it.

You stopped at the look in his eyes, seeing the begging look. You pursed your lips, and looked down at the weapons. It looked like the fire from the lamp was caught in the metal of the handles, and it danced, back and forth, until being snuffed out as your hand covered the handles.

“…I’m not backing out…but I’m not going to shoot him either.” You muttered. The tension in the room raised, the boys all eagerly listening for your plan. It could mean life or death. “When we meet eyes, I’ll aim upwards. I’ll make my intentions clear. He’s been known for dueling over honor before…it’s not in his social interest to kill me. He’ll call it off. We both will…and this will fall away.” You murmured, shaking your head and letting it fall a bit.

“Oh, thank god.” Hercules fell to his knees and enveloped you in a hug so tight, you swore you felt your back pop. The guns fell from your hand, and you hugged him back, feeling him bury his face in your shoulder. “We’re coming with you.” He said quickly, pulling back to look at you.

“What? No, it’s dangerous enough already, what if one of you gets hurt?!” You asked, looking at all of them with worry. But they were all giving set expressions.

“Sorry, but this is not open for discussion.” Alex insisted, crossing his arms.

“That is right! We are not letting you go alone, (Y/N)!” Lafayette gave a small, triumphant smile.

You puffed a sigh, but smiled a bit. “Okay…okay…I’d feel better if you were there, anyway.” You took a deep breath as Hercules lifted you while he stood as well.

“Well, we have an engagement tomorrow, don’t we? Time for bed.” John gave you a weak smile. You could tell that he was affected by this…that only made you more sound in the idea to end the duel. You couldn’t let them lose you. Because you couldn’t lose them.


At dawn you were dressed in your warmest, and thickest, coat. It was freezing, being the early winter. All four of your husbands were lined up with you, giving you quiet words of encouragement while your seconds were discussing, trying to come to a last minute peace.

“(Y/N)!” You looked up as your name was called, and took a deep breath. You ran into a last hug with all of them, before making your way over to your second, giving him a nod, and letting him press the pistol in your hand. It felt like it didn’t fit. Your hand was shaking. Why was your courage failing you now, when you knew that you’d make it out the otherside.

You looked the man who’d slandered you in the eye, and raised your gun towards the sky. The both of your turned your backs, and started to walk.


You would face the east, with the sun in your eyes.


You could see your husbands, and you gave them a small smile.


Herc’s warmth…


John’s smile…


Alex’s eyes…


Gilbert’s laugh…


A gunshot. You heard it. It ripped through the morning air, and you could hear the birds fleeing from the trees around the clearing. You dropped the pistol, and you could hear fair screaming.

Was this shock?

Lafayette had told you about shock.

You felt numb. But everything ached. Your body felt cold, while your chest was on fire. You were a mess of contradictions. The gun fell from your hands. It clattered dully to the ground and you heard more yelling as you pitched forward.

What happened? Why were you in shock? Was it just the anxiety from the duel. You collapsed into the dirt, cheek to the ground, and your hand numbly felt along your chest until you found just why you were in shock.

Where your chest melded into your shoulder, the fabric of your coat was being stained with red. You started to hyperventilating, your hands shaking. The world was slow, and you heard the screams of your name while you were propped up.

They had to know! You needed to show them!! You needed help!

With wild, half lucid eyes, you cried out to them, unnable to make words in this state, no matter how you tried. You showed your hands to them, covered in red.  

Hercules was lifting your head.

John was yelling for the doctor.

Alex was trying to keep your eyes on him.

Lafayette was gripping your hands to his chest.

The world went dark, and your eyes fluttered shut, even as you could hear Alex screaming for you to keep focused. Your lashes touched against your cheeks, and your head fell back.



You groaned at the sound of your name.

“-lasting damage-”

Half images, and memories assaulted your mind. You were loaded into a boat…

An ungodly screech…had that come from your mouth? You were too foggy to remember.

Lafayette pressing on your wound, and your hands trying to bat his away with no strength. You hurt too much…why was he hurting you more?

“-can do? Anyth-”

You sucked a breath through your teeth, and finally opened your eyes to see all of your boys crowded around you, having gathered the moment they heard you waking. You gave them a weak smile, trying to sit up. Herc was gentle to push you back down. The look of relief on their faces was something you’d never seen before.

“Baby? How are you feeling?” John’s voice was soft to your sensitive ears…you didn’t think you could handle another loud noise right now.

“…like I got shot…” Your voice was raspier than you’d ever heard it, and attempts to clear your throat failed. Alex ducked away, taking the glass of water from the nightstand and gently bringing it to your lips. You took little sips, like you were instructed, but you felt like you hadn’t touched water in days, and it took all of your willpower not to gulp it down, and beg for more.

“So…” Your voice was a little stronger, with the water to ease your words. “What did the doctor say? Is the bullet out?” The boys looked to one another worriedly, wordlessly prompting one of them, anyone, to explain this to you. “…what?”

“Mon lapin…” Laf sat on the bed with you, and took your hand in his. “Yes…the bullet is out…but the shock of the blow produced scarring…ah…um…” He was searching for the right words, looking at the ceiling. “Right, lungs. In your lungs, there are scars.

“Okay…so…what does that mean?” You knitted your brows, giving Laf’s hand a squeeze.

“You’ll probably be feeling short of breath, maybe light headed in the next few days…your body has to learn to work around it. Your right lung can’t fully inflate, anymore.” Alex murmured softly, unable to meet your eyes.

You struggled for a deep breath, you noticed.

“I…okay…um…okay…” You were at a loss. This was permanent. Final. This was sticking with you for the rest of your life, because you couldn’t let go of a grudge.

“It….it really could have been a lot worse.” Herc murmured, stroking your hair from your face. “An inch or two to the left…we wouldn’t be talking right now.” He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

“Take a rest now, alright? We’ll be back in with your medication later…” You shot out a hand as they started to turn their backs to you, and leave you in peace. You didn’t want peace.

“No! No…” You wheezed a bit with the force of the yell. “Please…please stay? I need…I need to feel…close to you…” You struggled for breath. As though the boys had to be told twice. They climbed in on either side of you, whispering coos, and kind words, trying to get you to rest your  voice, and heal.

Soon, your eyes fluttered shut, and you let them hold you, until some sense of normalcy was re-established. Though it never lasted. And it never would.

But if this was the least you managed to get away with, then you were happy. Because you had them.


AAAAAA I FINALLY HIT A RELEVANT NUMBER OF WORDS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That made me so happy I actually added a word so I could hit that perfectly.

Love, Rosalie

{ fluffmas prompts //#24 with poly!hamilsquad x reader }

{ requested by a sweet anon. hope you like it! <3 xx there was a separate request for a nsfw version that i’ll try to have up soon as well. }

24 - wearing stockings

slightly nsfw?? more suggestive. the boys get a little handsy,,,but you look so good in your little outfit! they really can’t help it…

You had a Christmas party starting any minute now. You’d been planning this for a while with your boys. Christmas parties always made you so excited for the upcoming season. You had all of your gifts ready to present, an outfit picked out, and were practically counting down the days. It was at your brand new place that you had gotten with your boyfriends. You and Laf decorated the house this morning while Herc got Alex and John to help him bake and prepare the food. 

You had about 45 minutes until your guests started coming in. While you were excited for what was in store, you still felt like you were going to throw up. 

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