and her younger brother is pretty fine


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

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How's Marion?

“We don’t really talk much these days.” Scott shrugs. “The last I heard she was doing fine with the GDF. Much better than Ned anyway.” He’s gotta laugh at the tales he hears from his Godmother regarding Ned’s clumsiness and his obsession with a houseplant.

“We kept contact up for a while but at the end of the day she tried pretty hard to kill me down that mine. I wouldn’t have trusted her around my younger brothers.”