and her younger brother is pretty fine

Seventeen reaction to meeting Joshua’s younger sister who’s similar to Seungkwan

Thank you for the request! I’m super sorry for the long wait >< I hope this is to your liking~ ^^

i missed doing reactions TuT thank you for requesting~

Requested by anon ♥

Note: I’m not sure what you mean by her being like Seungkwan but I wrote the reactions thinking that she’s mostly outgoing, and has a good sense of humor and pretty much what Seungkwan is like around the members when the cameras are on~ 


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  • At first he would probably be like “wth she’s literally Seungkwan 2.0″, then he’d find her adorable and then he’d just keep laughing because boy, the girl’s hilarious
  • Lol looks like Seungkwan has some competition


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  • Based on how I saw this angel talk to his younger sister on OFD, I feel like he’d act like a brother from the get-go (you know like, he’d be a little worried about her feeling uncomfortable but would be happy when he realizes she’s fine)
  • *laughs* Adorable.


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  • Would probably keep laughing from start to finish because of the members’ reactions
  • *lol*


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  • I feel like this meme would just stay “out of her way” after greeting her and would just be his meme self in a corner somewhere
  • Aww, she’s cute
  • *in the depths of Jun’s confused mind* Why are they laughing so hard tho? I don’t understand


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  • Finds her hilarious, cannot stop laughing
  • *can’t breathe but still keeps laughing because this boy got superpowers*


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  • Tbh I feel like this fluff ball would just quietly listen to her (probably sits with Jun in the corner where he still can’t figure out why everyone’s laughing) and laugh at her jokes 
  • To Jun: “Hilarious”
    *in Jun’s mind* I… still don’t get it


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  • Idk man, I just have this feeling that this dude right here would just love every joke she makes and would also feel like an older brother to her 
  • Yessss gurl, roast Seungkwan’s ass “That’s so funny!” *lol*


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  • Would probably be really random and join in on her jokes, would be really excited and would probably be the one who makes her laugh the most
  • *introduces himself when seungkwan’s not even finished yet and is all over the place*
  • She’s A D O R A B L E *screams internally*


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  • I feel like Mingyu would just find her cute and laugh but like he’d be more subtle about it 
  • “That was a good one” *hehehe*


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  • A sweet bean that is like a brother from the get-go and pays a lot of attention on her, laughs at her jokes, asks her questions and so on
  • *is his adorable self and makes her feel comfortable*


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  • “I honestly feel so ridiculously attacked right now, I am speechless”
  • Would probably be a little awkward at first but then he’d start throwing jokes and would probably get along with her well after a while
  • *smol-and-awkward bean* *lol-gurl-i-still-got-it bean* *bffs-with-the-seungkwan-2.0-girl bean*

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  • Would lmao so hard that’s all i have to say about him i really feel like that’s how he’d be
  • Omg *laughs so hard he gets a six-pack on his tummy*


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  • Slightly awkward at first? He’d probably introduce himself and he’d probably be like Wonwoo (would probably find himself in the same corner where Wonwoo and Jun were). I don’t think he’d speak much but he would probably laugh at her jokes and all
  • lol whut she’s younger than me 
  • To Wonwoo and Jun: “Isn’t she funny?” *cute chuckling*
    Wonwoo: “Yeah, she’s absolutely hilarious” *lol*
    Jun: “Don’t fucking test me”

i may or may not have taken the jun joke too far, don’t take it too seriously! i think he’d probably laugh along too~ also, sorry about the shortness of a few of these ><

fatcatissurprisinglysvelte replied to your post “chocolateclockwise replied to your post “Would you mind telling me…”

Does your mother believe you are something like a Sin Eater, only for illnesses, and that is why you have so many health problems? And that is your God-given destiny? If so, that is pretty fucked up. I’m glad you are seeking help. You are no ones sickness sponge!

…kinda. She’s always telling me I’m a blessing and a light in her life, but only ever when I tell her I’m doing “fine” and not really how I am coping with my illness. It’s only been in the last year that she’s really acknowledged that I’m sick and it’s treatable and not just ~the way I am~.

I also have a disabled younger brother and she’s always going on about how he’s a blessing from god to teach her to be a better person and yeeeeea, he is not happy about that. We’ve both tried multiple times to tell her to knock it off, but she’s forever disappointed that her second sick/disabled child is not a ray of metaphorical sunshine and is actually chronically depressed and also likely autistic, she just wont let him get tested for it cause then that means he’s not magical, just well…I wont repeat her wording.

And I mean…my parents are good likable people…they’re just fucking nuts and don’t realize they’re abusive and doing the things their abusive parents did to them and…there’s a reason I moved 4000 miles away from home, and as much as I like to say it was purely for love…there was a good element of self preservation in there too.

Lost and Found Part 2

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Lost And Found Part 2

Summary: Two sisters wake up in an all to familiar world but have no memory of what happened the night before, what happens when the Winchesters boys find them and claim that the two girls are their sisters? As they struggle to remember who exactly they are, with Sam and Dean helping them, the reader and her oldest sister Katie are pulled into a wild supernatural adventure , that they somehow know all too well…?

Pairings (none only family connection): Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Dean x sis!Katie, Sam x sis!Katie

Characters: (y/n), Katie ( @winchesters-favorite-girl ), Dean, Sam,

Warnings: fluff and angst

K: Here’s part 2! I’m not really sure what happened here. All I gots to say is, Sorry?

(Flashbacks are in italics)
(y/n) = your name
(y/n/n) = your nickname



“Wha-? Whoa! Hey easy (y/n)!” Dean chuckled.


“Uh? Uh oh! Hey wait a minute Katie don- OW!”

Dean tumbled to the ground as he was knocked down by his little sisters.

“Easily tackled down by his own two little sisters, how sad.”  Sam cackled at his older brother who currently had two little girls on top of him.

“Shut up Sam!” Dean retorted.

(y/n) and Katie giggled at their older brothers bickering.

“De come play with us!” Little (y/n) exclaimed happily.

“Sammy can you come play with us too?”  Little Katie asked.

“Sorry buggies, we’re kind of busy right now.” Dean explained.

It wasn’t a lie, as much as they wanted to, Dean was put in charge and had to keep watch of his younger siblings until their dad and Bobby got back. And Sammy was busy with homework. Playing with them just get them both distracted.

“Aw, pretty please?” (y/n) pleaded.

“With sugar on top?” Katie added after her sister.

They even did their best puppy dog eyes to convince Sam and Dean to come play with them.

Both brothers looked at each other and sighed. Who can say no to those adorable eyes. Obviously they had learned that from Sam.

“I blame you Sammy, they got that from you.” Dean said.

“Obviously they learned from the best” Sam smiled as Dean only rolled his eyes at his younger brother’s sudden cockiness.

“Alright fine, we’ll play with you guys, but only for a little while.” Dean said.

“Yay!!” Both Katie and (y/n) exclaimed happily.

“Come on let’s go play hide and go seek!”

The siblings played around for a bit and ran around the house, careful not to break any of Uncle Bobby’s things. After playing around and acting all goofy, it was time for (y/n)’s nap time. She was still little and John wanted to make sure his little girl still got the nap times she deserved. Katie, even though just merely a few years older than (y/n), was still a loud to take one if she wanted to. But claiming she was too big for naps, she decided not to take one this time.

Sam tucked (y/n) in a nice cozy blanket on the couch, while Katie sat near her little sister with her notebook in her hand. Dean and Sam sat near too to continue what they were doing before.

As (y/n) drifted off to sleep, all three siblings heard her murmur something that made their heart melt.

“ I wuv you uys”  (y/n) said softly as she dosed off.

All three smiled at their adorable baby sister who they loved too.

(Timeskip a few years ahead)

Stupid Dean. Stupid Sam. Stupid…Stupid Katie! How dare they! I can hunt, I have just as much as right as they do. It was the same thing every time ‘no (y/n) you’re too young’ ‘no it’s too dangerous (y/n), you have to stay here (y/n), you’re gonna get hurt (y/n)’.

You’ve had a enough of it. All of it.You packed your stuff and ran off on your own to take care of this hunt. You were doing perfectly fine until your siblings found you and had to ruin it for you.

Now all four of you were trying to stay alive because whatever monster you were hunting was now hunting you. Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic.

Covered in dirt, scrapes, bruises, blood and whatever other crap was on you, you were beyond pissed and walking away from your older siblings.

“(y/n)!! You have to stop!” Dean called out.

“It’s dangerous now is not the time to act like this, please listen to us (y/n/n)!” Sam pleaded.

You didn’t want to hear it anymore. You were tired and sick of hearing the same thing over and over agin. You walked faster not paying a single attention towards where you were heading.

“(y/n)!!” Katie called out and ran towards you.

“Go away, I have a hunt to finish!”

You couldn’t help it, you were determined, you wanted to prove yourself to them.

“No you aren’t! You aren’t doing this by yourself! You have to stop acting like this” Katie yelled out.

She caught up to you and suddenly grabbed your arm sharply and turned you around to face her. But you weren’t having it, you snatched your arm out of her grip. And before you can stop yourself, the hurtful words were already coming out of your mouth.

“Oh my god! I hate you guys! All of you are always trying to control me! I’ve had it! Just go away and leave me alone already” With angry tears in your eyes you turned to walk away.

That stopped Sam and Dean in their tracks for a split second, while Katie stood their in shock.

Those word stung and hurt them really hard, especially since it came from their baby sister who they loved and cared for deeply. Before Dean, Sam or Katie could say anything else, as you walked away, a white painful light suddenly struck you and blinded you.

“(y/n)!!” Katie was quick to run towards you and grab a hold of you, with Sam and Dean not to far behind. They were running toward you both. But before they could do anything, the white light struck Katie too and surrounded and blinded the both of you.

“(y/n), Katie!!” Dean and Sam screamed out.

Everything went blank and there was suddenly just darkness.

'I hate you guys!’ Your own words echoed into your mind until they slowly faded away….



“(y/n), wake up!”

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Aside from Sara, who in the dctv universe do you think len would be attracted to/consider pursuing something with?

That’s really hard to say? 

And attraction is very different from genuinely considering pursuing something. Who he’s attracted to could be any number of characters and we’d never really know, because most people don’t act on every (or even most) passing attraction(s)?

So I’m approaching this from the angle of “who would he genuinely consider pursuing or try to pursue” and my answer is coming up pretty short (sticking to canon, that is, because I can ship a lot in fandom).

Because with Sara, a few preconditions (after basic attraction) were also met? She’s single, she’s a badass who can hold her own in a fight, she’s more morally grey than most of the heroes he’s met so far, and she has her own checkered past and demons that she wrestles with. They’re working together closely and he knows he can trust her to have his back and that she has a huge loyalty to all of the team. She demonstrates (in S1) great emotional insight into others and cuts right through (his) bullshit but she’s typically non-judgemental about it. She doesn’t try to change him but she does expect him to be authentic and a better version of himself.

Aside from shipping coldwave (which I think is super canon-plausible), I can’t really see him pursuing anyone else on the Legends voyage. Jax is too young and too much like a younger brother (or son, given their ages…), Stein is married and their personalities would clash, Len and Rip are too at odds and Len doesn’t trust him, same with Ray tbh?, and Kendra seems pretty uninterested in Len and Mick and sees them as the dangerous criminals on the team. I think Len would find her too sweet for him? And he’d fine Nate too frustrating/annoying. 

Of all the Legends, I can see him maybe having a thing for Amaya, to be honest, once he got to know her. Once she showed her (moral) flexibility a bit and they found a way to joke with each other. But I think he’d find her a bit strict? And maybe not easy to connect with or open up to.

For Arrow…it would be hard to me to see him with any of the Arrow ladies. Thea is too young and he would not at all be her type. Felicity is too… earnest? And would need more from him emotionally than he’s ready to give. Laurel comes the closest, but her moral compass and her being a DA make me think they might not actually get along much. 

For the men… haha, I can’t decide if it would work perfect or be a complete and utter trainwreck to have him and Oliver together. I feel like they are too similar in certain regards, which would leave them often at odds and in competition. And by another token, Oliver has done a lot of killing (low-level) criminals and I think Len would see him as a deadly agent of justice and it would take a while to get around that reputation. And Digg wouldn’t put up with Len’s shit in the slightest (plus Digg is [was?] with Lyla) so… idk. 

Which leaves us with Flash characters. Caitlin is an immediate ‘no’ because she wouldn’t be attracted to a guy like him at all. She likes guys who work out and who compliment and spoil her a little, guys that make her feel safe and protected and talk softly to her and she wouldn’t be comfortable with Len and his coldness. (And yes I ship her and Mick…). Iris seems unlikely because she was pretty scathing of him, and she needs honesty in a relationship, like a lot (with Eddie and now with Barry) and I don’t see that as something Len could really provide her with, and he’d be exhausted even trying to. I can see her lecturing him a lot and him not having any of it.

I can see Len being compatible with either Barry or Cisco though, to be honest. Not that he’d ever genuinely pursue anything with either of them, based on canon. Barry is his enemy, but he’s got most of the same checklist as Sara does: badass, surprisingly morally grey and has plenty of personal demons, has worked with Len and can see through and cut through his bullshit but does so while having rapport instead of being preachy. With Cisco… Len’s straight up admitted he likes Cisco, and he loved the alias Cisco gave him. Cisco is badass, clever, gorgeous, and has his own moral greys that crop up sometimes. He’s also funny and I think Len would really enjoy having him around. I can’t say if it would ever end up in flirting and romance territory, but I can just see them hitting it off.

But yeah, sorry dude, if we’re sticking hard to canon, the answer is pretty much that he wouldn’t genuinely try to pursue any of them (except Mick, who is already his husband).

Diving In

Summary: Sam watches as Dean finally puts action to his feelings.

Word Count: 424

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Sam grinned at Dean, his eyes hazed over as he thought of whatever it was.

“Wanna talk about it?” he questioned.

Dean blinked and focused on him. As if coming out of a trance, his eyes lose that glassy glare and there’s recognition in there. “What? What happened?”

“You tell me,” said Sam, smiling. “What is up with you, dude? You’ve been out of it for days now.”

“I-I’m fine,” Dean replied, scoffing when Sam gives him a disbelieving look. “Just thinking but it’s nothing horrible.”

Sam leaned forward. “Is it Y/N?”

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Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

Elainejamin | A Small Chance

Elaine and Ben had a pretty clear understanding that Christine would be their only child. Labor would be of high risk again, and that possibility scared the both of them. Plus, the doctor explained she would have a slim chance of getting pregnant again anyway because of the labor she experienced last time. So Christine would be an only child. And that was fine. But in the bottom of Elaine’s heart, she wondered how life with two kids would be like…if she could give her daughter a younger brother or sister. But that would never happen.

Elaine had been extremely exhausted for a few days. She dragged her feet out of bed and she insisted on more naps for Christine just so she could join her. She also started to feel lower back pain, and she thought maybe she was overworking the stay-at-home mom job. It was the third day of experiencing this and when Ben came home, she brought up her exhaustion and back pain. “Why do you think I’m feeling like this?” She complained.

I knew it! | Jungkook X You

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Members Ft: Rap Monster & the rest of BTS

Requested by: -

Rated: Fluff / inappropriate

Words: -

Made By: Admin Tsuki

A/N: this is definitely a cute one!

“Eomma, do I really have to go?” You asked your mom as she parked the car in front of the bighit building. Your mom was forcing you to spend a day with your big brother, Namjoon. “Yes love, you guys have to bond more! When was the last time you talked to him?” Your mom asked as she wasn’t planning on changing her mind. “Like.. Two weeks ago?” “That’s right, now get out of my car!” She said. Sighing heavily you opened the door and got out of the car, waving goodbye to your beloved mother.

“Hey Y/N, long time no see.” The manager of BTS greeted you as you both entered the elevator.

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Clary Feels

Okay I’ve been thinking of this for a very long time and I really hate it in fics where they paint clary out like she’s weak when I honestly think she’s the best shadow hunter including being better than Jace. THINK ABOUT IT 

  • yeah, she wasn’t the greatest during the series BUT SHE WAS JUST STARTING OUT Like she was pretty good compared to everyone else who were training since they were 12 or younger and she only had a few month’s training 
  • Even without training she killed a demon
  • PLUS she defeated BOTH of the villains of her time 
  •  She brought together downworlders and shadow hunters 
  •  she can make runes 
  • Put the mark of Cain on Simon
  • Cured Jace of his heavenly fine and then proceeded to kill her brother with it 
  • Was a total badass
  •  And much more that I probably can’t think off the top of my head 

 The point is, what we saw of her was her beginning and she was amazing so how amazing would she be after she completed her training like really she was the best person in the whole damn series wtf

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kc + "we’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years" au

This is my basic headcanon so no 4x16, no baby, Kol is all alive and well, inseparable with his bat as he should be.
Set some time in the future. Crack-ish.
Hope I did this prompt justice.

If there was one thing people could say about Caroline Forbes, it was that she surely knew how to throw a party.

So there was absolutely no reason in the world for Caroline to feel nervous about holding a simple family dinner to celebrate nine-year anniversary of her marriage to the certain hybrid.

No reason whatsoever.

And yes, indeed, they got married.

It wasn’t something either of them needed, with Klaus often repeating how he was an Original and thus, above such silly human conventions. Even Caroline had to admit she had got over her simple-human-life fantasy solid thirty years ago or so.

However, when her mother had inevitably grown old, something she was dreading since the day she had fully understood just what her immortality meant, Caroline decided to fulfill one of her mother’s wishes – to see her daughter in a white dress, getting married.

Of course, nowhere in those dreams her mother imagined walking Caroline to the altar so she could marry Klaus Mikaelson, of all people.

For a long time, that wasn’t something Caroline imagined, either.

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