and her voice and everything about her

Oh, Maker, Hear Me Pray

This takes place during the scene when Cullen tells the Inquisitor about his past and the Inquisitor must choose if he’ll continue or not to take the lyrium.

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan


Cullen has always been a man of faith. He prayed even in his darkest moments when he thought the Maker’s light would never reach him again. 

He prays hard right now, as he hears his voice telling her everything.

About the fall of the Kinloch Circle.

About his years of blind anger and fear, when he saw every Mage as a catastrophe waiting to happen.

About his decision to cut any bond to the Templar Order, realizing his place wasn’t there anymore.

About his addiction, which makes almost every day a battle he must win as his body burns and his bones creak.

He tells her everything and hides nothing.

He prays she won’t be disgusted by his confession, he prays she understand that he’s trying to be better, he prays she understands he can’t take that blue vial anymore.

It’s a confession of some sort, like when he searches Mother Giselle once a week and confesses his sins and doubts. 

He’s doing the same now, offering her his sincerity as well his will to accept whatever it’ll come.
He doesn’t know what to expect.
He doesn’t know what he has the right to expect.

Then, she speaks, and her words are nothing but comprehension and respect and tender concern for his sake. Not for him as her Commander, but for his own person. She assures Cullen that he can win his last battle and get rid of the lyrium once and for all. She puts gently her hand on his breastplate, preventing him from falling into his own uncertainty. 

He wishes to take that gentle, lovely hand and kiss the knuckles one by one, lingering on her skin with a speechless declaration of loyalty and love.

He doesn’t dare, all he can do is just watching her walking out from his office, leaving him stronger and calmer and full of an underserved relief. 

He prays the Maker to keep her safe. The world needs its Inquisitor. What or who he needs, though, it stays stuck on his lips.
 It’s a wish too big to beg for. It’s too much to ask. He’s always been a man of faith, but he knows what a woman like her deserves.

He fears he’s not enough, so he prays to serve her well as Commander. If he asks for more, it’s a secret between him and the Maker.

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Bad Decisions: Chapter 6


Jon paced the corridor replaying the conversation he had with his sister. He knew that she was right about everything, but he still couldn’t muster the strength to take the last few steps to the Queen’s chambers. He thought back to the first time he pushed himself to knock on her door, the first time he knew without doubt that he wouldn’t let her get away, and willed his feet forward.

“Lord Snow?” Missandei’s voice cut his determination short.

“Hello Missandei.”

“Is everything alright? You appear to be a bit apprehensive.”

“Aye, all is well considering. “ He responded silently. “What gives you that thought?”

“I have been standing here for some time watching you walk back and forth. I believe that you want a word with our Queen, but you have yet to knock.” Missandei responded with a smile.

Jon could feel the heat rising in his face, for that was exactly what he had been doing. He could see that the young woman’s smile grew wider and the heat on his face grew along with it.

“I need to talk with her. I just…” He looked down at the floor before locking eyes with Missandei again. “In light of what was just discovered I fear it may be an unpleasant conversation.”

“I hope I do not talk out of turn here, Lord Snow, but she is a treasured friend and she has been through quite a lot. Daenerys Targaryen is one of the strongest people I have ever met.  I have been with her for some time, yet, I have never once seen her the way she is when you are near. I doubt that there is anything you can say to her, that she will not understand. You fear the conversation ahead of you, but the only true way to conquer fear is to face it. I am sure once you do you will find that the fear was completely unwarranted.”

She gave a reaffirming squeeze on his shoulder and headed away from him. Jon stood in the silence for a couple moments trying to gather himself before moving forward. He nodded to the guards that were standing at the door, took a deep breath and knocked. He wanted to run and face her another time, but he knew he had wasted enough of what little time they had left already.

“Come in.” He heard faintly from behind the door. Jon opened the door, stepped inside and closed it behind him never taking his eyes off the display in front of him.

Daenerys turned to see Jon standing in her doorway and stood from the bath, not bothering to cover herself or shy away. He watched her intently as she made her way towards the robe lain out on the chair. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of the woman in front of him. He hated himself for thinking the things he was, but he knew despite everything he loved her.

Jon studied her, taking everything into his memory because there was something different about her. ‘Has it ever occurred to you that she might not be a reliable source of information?’ he thought to himself as they made eye contact, but quickly dismissed the thought for she was adamant that it was not possible. He could see a blush creeping on her face under his gaze.

“W-Was there something you wish to speak about?” Daenerys spoke first, wrapping herself in the thin cloth she picked up.

“Yes, Your Grace.”

He noticed she bent her head slightly, but said nothing further and he took it as his opening to continue.

“I would like to apologize for my actions earlier. I know that you were only trying to provide comfort in the upheaval that has become my life and I shut you out. For that I offer my deepest apologizes.” He said humbly.

“You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, Jon.”

“I feared that I may have upset you by walking away.”

“Everyone deals with things in their own time and in their own way. I would be a liar if I said I was not somewhat hurt, but you learned that everything you grew up believing to be false. It would have been utterly selfish of me if I were to hold that against you.” She took a step forward.

Jon found himself doing the same. “I certainly appreciate your honestly on the subject, although you are allowed to be selfish at times.”

“Yes, I know Jon Snow.” He smiled at hearing her call him by the name he has always answered to, not the name he had be given that reminded him of his connection to her.

Daenerys continued. “This is not my time to be selfish. The hardship of recent events affects me, but it is minute in comparison to you. I know that it would be expected of me to be dismissive or angry at the news; however, in our travels together I think that I have come to know who you are.”

“How can you be so sure? After today, I am uncertain if even I know who I am. How can you not be angry? I am. I am the heir to the Iron Throne.” He paused.  “Not you” He dropped his head as he spoke the lost words.

“Have you suddenly started craving power? Do you now want to rule the Seven Kingdoms?” She said sternly, but there was no harshness in her voice.

“No. I do not.”

“I thought not. As I said, I know who you are Jon Snow. A name or circumstances of ones birth does not change who a person is. It does not bother me that you were born Aegon Targaryen, because it does not define who you are. I love you for the man you have shown to be.”

At that moment Jon felt utterly torn. He hadn’t missed that she said she loved him, but he felt that he couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge it. ‘I know how I feel, but it is wrong.’ He thought to himself.

Daenerys said nothing, but looked at him questioningly. He could see that there were multiple unasked questions formulating in her mind and he braced himself for the inevitable. The room was silent for a while with just the sound of their uneven breathing. Finally he broke the silence that had formed.

“You are truly extraordinary. “ He closed the limited distance between them. Daenerys opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the sudden crash of Jon’s lips.

The Queen pulled back. “Jon?” She asked thick with confusion.

“Since Sam and Bran broke the news of my parentage I have gone back and forth with myself, but I come to the same conclusion. Seven Hells, even Arya and Missandei knew of my feelings. I love you more than anything, Daenerys Targaryen and I am not letting you go as long as there is breath in my body”




comparing and contrasting 

I’m biased to no end, but I always did get a weird vibe from Peridot whenever we had a barn episode with Lapis. Sudden change in personality? Too much smiles? Too happy-go-lucky? Too much fanon cutesy gremlin peridot feel? I always thought I was just too attached to my own mental interpretation of Peridot and blind to actual canon Peridot, but now I can finally pin point my issue. 

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Thoughts on Getaway Car

So I just have a lot of feelings regarding Getaway Car and needed to get them out and I didn’t think it would be this long but here we are.

  • Oh my god I just love this song so much, it’s so beautiful, both lyrically and musically
  • The way she sings certain words is just so beautiful (listen to her singing “I knew it from the first” and “he was running after us” and you’ll know what I mean)
  • It’s strange but it almost makes me feel dreamy, and it seems somewhat whimsical, especially during the chorus, and because of this it sounds and feels like freedom at first
  • But only when you listen to it fully do you understand the true sadness in it
  • This is song of tragedy: the tragedy of an unwanted relationship; the tragedy of a relationship that would never work out; the tragedy of a relationship that was doomed from the start; the tragedy of wanting to escape so badly you make all the wrong choices; the tragedy of wanting freedom, only to become lost when you obtain it
  • It is the tragedy of becoming so intoxicated by freedom that you don’t care about the consequences of obtaining it
  • Parts of it seem almost accusatory in tone, with him refusing to acknowledge his part in the tragedy – they were both aware this was a doomed relationship from the start but he’s feigning innocence
  • The chorus after the first verse has the original air of freedom about it – she’s escaped, the wind is blowing in her hair as she cruises down the highway, laughing with happiness and freedom, ignoring all the warning signs
  • However, the chorus after the second verse is more ominous, with it almost seeming to weigh heavily with a sense of foreboding – she’s realised their mistakes, but it’s too late, everything is crumbling beneath them
  • The way she sings “we’re both sorry” makes me so sad, it’s just filled with such regret and melancholy
  • There’s almost a sadness in her voice in the bridge when she describes leaving him, and 
  • When she sings “I’m in a getaway car/I left you in a motel bar”, there’s such a soft sadness to it but it builds up into confidence 
  • I love the reference to Bonnie and Clyde because they’re usually romanticised and depicted as a couple insanely in love, which is far from the truth – beneath this veil they fundamentally had a toxic relationship and committed horrendous crimes, and while this is obviously not what she’s depicting in this song, I think it’s similar
  • On the outside, to the media, to the public, they appear to have the perfect and idealised relationship, but underneath that it’s far from the truth – there are cracks that cannot be fixed, and they ultimately turn out to be disastrous for each other
  • Undoubtedly the media played a large role in this, referencing back to the second verse when she describes their relationship being turned into a circus, and ultimately ruining whatever romance they may have had, leaving them both with regrets
  • The outro has conflicting undertones of anger, determination, and confidence to it but overwhelmingly has an air of freedom surrounding it
  • Although she’s describing how she was crying and dying throughout this relationship that she thought would free her, there’s almost relief in her voice now that she has finally and truly escaped 
  • I can almost imagine her stealing the getaway car and driving down the highway once again as she originally had in verse one, but this time she is alone and free and happy
  • Despite the conflicting feelings the outro gives off, it doesn’t give one of self-pity or sadness and I love it for that. It describes an almost toxic relationship that she escapes from, and she shows that she is not broken because of this. I just love that whether she intended to or not, this song shows that you can escape from relationships that are unfulfilling or unhealthy for you, and you’ll be okay afterwards
  • So basically, it’s the best of both worlds: It has a beautiful and compelling melody while simultaneously having meaningful lyrics, especially when analysed in depth
  • Honestly I don’t know if this is what Taylor was thinking when she wrote this song, and tbh it probably wasn’t, but that’s what I love so much about music and poetry and art – it can mean anything you want it to

”anywhere with a clear shot of the street.”
(maggie gives her girlfriend two guns to make sure she stays safe ;-;)

Lapidot in “Raising the Barn” – From Lapis’ Side

Before I delve into Peridot’s side of the relationship in this episode (in a separate post), I want to take a look at Lapis.

“Peridot, we have to leave Earth – now!”

As soon as Lapis hears about what happens with the Diamonds, she instantly wants to leave.  But notice her Lapis’ reaction here is that “we have to leave”.  If she didn’t care about Peridot so much, she’d have just fled there and then.  She’s clearly absolutely terrified, but she doesn’t want to leave Peridot behind.

In the next scene, we see Peridot getting very worked-up about leaving, and Lapis telling her that they can take all of their stuff with them.  It would appear, then, that Lapis only does this…

…in order to appease Peridot by taking their home with them.  If it were left up to Lapis, she’d have just taken Peridot with her and left the barn behind – but because Peridot is upset about losing the barn, she makes sure to accommodate her.  This means, of course, that Lapis does care about how Peridot feels in all of this and is trying to keep her happy.

The dialogue in this scene is also very interesting:

“There – now we can bring our whole life with us!  You, me, and all of our things!” 

Just look at the dialogue that I’ve put in bold here.  This shows how Lapis and Peridot share their entire life with each other.  Lapis says this with a genuine smile, as if she’s more than happy to acknowledge this fact.  She shares absolutely everything with Peridot and wants to continue doing so.

This is also evidenced here:

Notice how we see emphasis on Lapis squeezing Peridot’s shoulder as she’s talking – she’s literally trying to hold onto Peridot.  Despite her fears and despite everything that’s going on, she desperately doesn’t want to lose Peri.

I mean, heck…

…she was even going to leave Steven behind at this point.

After the trio are reunited with Pumpkin at the end of the episode, Peridot finally decides to be honest with Lapis – by telling her that she doesn’t want them to leave the earth.

“Peridot… what are you trying to say?”

You can really hear the emotion in Lapis’ voice here. The realisation that she’s about to lose Peridot is dawning on her – and she doesn’t like it.

This isn’t the face (or the body language) of someone who wants to leave; far from it, in fact. Lapis is feeling hurt and betrayed by what she sees as a lack of honesty – and is scared.  She’s been put into a very difficult situation and has to make a painful decision. She wants to leave with Peridot, but now she knows Peridot wants to fight for the Earth; which, because of her past traumas, is something that Lapis doesn’t feel able to do right now…

…so she makes the decision to leave.  But, again, look at her face here.  She’s hurting - badly.

She actually pauses to take one last look at Peridot before she flies away – and, again, the agony of this decision is written all over her face.  Because she wanted Peridot to go with her.  She doesn’t want to leave her behind but she’s so afraid of the impending war that she feels like she’s got no choice in the matter.

Now that she’s going to be alone in space for a while, this should give her time to think everything over properly.  Is she going to realise that she’s made a terrible mistake and return to Earth in order to reunite with Peridot and defend their home?  I think it’s highly likely.  Lapis has expressed regret over her negative actions in the past on more than one occasion, so I daresay that she’ll feel guilty for leaving Peridot behind; and will want to make amends.

There’s been a running theme of “home” with Lapis and Peridot in the show up to now.  Lapis thinks she’s taken her home with her into space, but has she really?  “Home is where the heart is”, as the expression goes; and Lapis’ heart is well and truly with Peridot.  I’m certain that, in time, she’ll come to realise this herself.

The Reunion

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Avengers x female!Reader

Request: Hey Bae 😚 would you like to do an imagine where you were Buckys wife in the 40s and after he got taken by Hydra you went through the same fate. Now 70 years later they found you during a mission captured and take you to the compound. Bucky feels overly happy but fears you won’t recognise him, but you do. So over the time you slowly get along with the new life and also your feelings for Buck didn’t change, you just experience a more intense love life 😉 this would be great & some smut hehe -anon

Warnings: Smut/NSFW (18+) - fingering and oral (female receiving) - some language - a wee bit o’ angst

Word Count: 3.6K

A/N: College is really stressful and I’ve had such a bad mental week, it’s been great. Any ways, here’s some good ol’ smut! There’s plenty more where this came from, so I hope it’s what you were searchin’ for. Requests/asks are still open, so feel free to drop somethin’!

Bucky’s P.O.V.

Y/N. Her name was Y/N.

It’s missions that this that remind me of her. The flakes falling around us bitterly kiss my face as Steve and I trudge through endless mounds of snow, heading for the large, rusted metal door embedded in the rough stone of the mountain. This is where I was kept under HYDRA control - where my previous life has ended and this new one began.

Y/N was my comfort - she kept me grounded. We had first met during a night-out in the city. I had convinced Stevie to go to a club with me, and she was the first woman I saw when I stepped into the dim room. We spent the whole night drinking and chatting, and by the end of the night, I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with - I just never knew our time together would be so short.

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As requested Barry being protective over reader in front of the league

Also… IM BACK!!!




If, a few hours ago, you were asked what was the craziest thing that had ever happened in your life you would probably have to mention that rave party that you had went to a year ago.

And what would you answer if they asked now now? Meeting the other five members that formed the Justice League. You had not expected any of them to simply burst into Barry’s place in the middle of the night, and neither did him as you figured, because the scream that left his mouth as a response to Aquaman’s one made more sound than a building tumbling down.

“Hello Barry” Batman sighed. Truthfully, the members had chosen the worst moment to barge in to Barry’s and the regret was obvious in Batman’s aura. In the end of the day the scene seemed like it was from a movie. Aquaman was laughing and winking at Barry, while Cyborg stood frozen behind Wonder Woman.

Barry had been quick enough to throw a sheet on you and was currently busy with trying to cover you up the best he could.

“See I told you he was getting some” Aquaman winked at Wonder Woman, whose response was a single smile and then to Barry, who screamed. Again. And this time he decided it was better to cover your whole body with his, as he arranged his place on the bed as quickly as he could.

“Ahhh no! Stop! You shouldn’t even know about her!” Barry shouted as he felt your cheeks warm up on his back. “Don’t even look at her that way! Arthur!”

“Ohh where did the Barry I knew, went? You’re not stuttering!” Aquaman stated in between his loud laughing.

“Why are you here?”

“We need you for something” Cyborg took the lead of the conversation for better or for worse. He was too embarrassed to be present on this whole scene. “And we would rather not talk about it before a civilian”

Barry sighed as he looked around the dark room. As his clock stated the time had passed twelve for two long hours now. They wouldn’t usually ask for his assistance this late, so this had to be important. But did he really want to leave his bed, at a time you were in it too? Sure the two of you could barely fit onto that bed, but he liked as much closure he could get with you.

Although, wait a second, did Victor just? Did he-?

“I’m cold” you barely whispered as you mechanically wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his back. And Barry, was just there in the middle of everything and everyone, not wanting to show his comrandes the way he felt around you, and not wanting to seem like a coward to you. He always felt like he was a coward when he was around you.

“Look, Barry, sorry to just barge in here, have your moment and-”

“Victor she knows about everything I do in the costume, so I doubt she doesn’t have to be present for whatever you want me to know.” His voice was slightly raised and his tone was more than just agressive, and he himself wondered where this had came from, where the hell.had he found the will to even cut Batman off?

“Once again that’s a pretty dangerous thing to do to a civilian Barry.” Batman added and threw you a harsh look. “You’re exposing her to danger! It’s not long before you see her with her insides sprawled on a dirty floor. I’ve been there! And I can assure you, you’re not going to bear with it.”

“I’m protecting her the best I can, Bruce. I don’t really do a lot with anything in my life, but I’m protecting her.”

After that all you knew was that Barry kept his own hands on your waist, pulling you closer to his back as him and the league shouted profanities to each other. It was so crazy, so crazy that you were only now noticing Superman standing right next to the door, only now wanting to step up and talk, to put some sense into the conversation.

“Look, I’ll come okay, just give me some time to get dressed okay?” You didn’t see, as you were too drawn to the vibrations that echoed through Barry’s body as he spoke, but as you guessed the members quickly agreed to leave the small room with no protests.

“You have to go…” You mumbled through your squeezed face, melancholy lacing in your voice.

“Yeah, I’ll ask Superman to give you a fly home, it’s dangerous for you to stay here, okay?” Barry spoke softly before he barely turned around, just to face you. “I’m so sorry”

“No! No no no no don’t be sorry. You’re a superhero. I can’t hold you back! Plus we’ll have so much time now that Christmas is near. Don’t be afraid.”

Barry swore, he could stay like this forever. With your hands gracefully cupping his face as your thumbs run over his cheekbones, staring into your beautiful eyes for a whole eternity. It felt like this moment could indeed last forever as it was printed onto his brain. The warmth he felt around you, the beating of his heart. He didn’t want you to ever get hurt and forced out of his life.

“I-i… I think it’s a pretty bad time to say this but I I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you”

And after placing a kiss on his plump lips you waved him off while he got dressed in inhuman speed.

“Go save the world, hero.”
Loki Imagine - Dirty Dreams

Loki’s P.O.V.

At night, it was usually very quiet. Everyone else was asleep, expect me. Being on Midgard wasn’t what I had actually wanted but here I was, almost forced to stay because of my brother Thor. He and his little avenger friends had a secret mission, which left me tagging along unwillingly. At least I got some sort of a room, which I was in now. It was small. There was a big bed, a nightstand and a few books.

It was really late but I kept hearing whimpers. They were distracting my reading so I got up to check whatever it was. Hopefully they wouldn’t nag their heads off tomorrow since I left my room. I wasn’t a pet tho, so I assumed I got some freedom here.

Quietly, I opened the door which led me to a hallway. It was dark, the white curtains covered the windows and no lights were on. Then I listened. First I heard absolutely nothing. As I thought it was simply my mind, I heard it again. It came from the room on the opposite of mine, Y/N’s room. She was a spy, for all that I knew. Actually, Y/N was the only decent human here who treated me nicely.

Was she crying?

I walked behind her door and knocked gently, hopefully not waking anyone else up. Night time was great because I didn’t have to interact with some of those gormless muppets. She didn’t seem to react on the knock. So I listened closely, quite honestly not expecting anything special. 

‘‘Loki’‘ my name left her lips softly and I thought I heard it wrong. Had I done something? This filled me with confusion so I opened the door and walked in, expecting to see a human woman crying into a pillow, her H/C hair messy and eyes bloodshot. Instead, I found her perfectly asleep in her bed, the sheets a little messy. She shifted her position so she was laying on her stomach and her hand squeezed the sheet. 

Obviously she wasn’t crying. If she would’ve been quiet, I wouldn’t have stayed. But she did mention my name so I was also intrigued. Did I frighten her? Was she having a nightmare as well?

I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind but there was only one way to find out, magic. Casually I walked over and then sat on the edge of her bed. It was a little bit smaller than mine, which was surprising. But her room was bigger and it smelled like redwine and perfume. 

As I sat down, I looked at her hair and focused, closing my eyes as well. Not too long after I caught onto her dreams and they played before my eyes. There were no murderous monsters chasing her, no blood covered rooms or ghosts in her dreams, oh no.

Y/N’s dreams were much dirtier. I could see a candlelit, fancy bedroom. Y/N was on the bed, above a man and she was riding him. She was moaning loudly and it seemed quite intimate. It took me about two seconds to make sense of this all. 

My eyes opened and her dream vanished from a sight. A mischievous smirk appeared on my face along with a chuckle. She was dreaming the dirtiest of dreams about me. I was both surprised and honored. 

‘‘What..are you doing?’‘ I heard a sleepy voice, making me look back at Y/N: She had woken up now and she had noticed me. Y/N  turned on her back and then looked out the window, noticing it was still night. This would be fun.

‘‘Oh, I couldn’t sleep and then I heard interesting sounds coming from your room, darling. I just came to check if everything was fine’‘ I shrugged and kept my smirk plastered on, happy that I knew what I now knew. Y/N’s cheeks seemed to heat up a little bit. 

‘‘Did you have sweet dreams?’‘ I asked her and then took a look at her body, finding it hard not to. Y/N was a beautiful woman, undeniably. She was wearing a black nightgown and a golden necklace around her neck. ‘‘I-I don’t-’‘ Y/N got flustered which I liked. I could keep questioning her a bit, since this was more interesting than the midgardian book I was reading.

‘‘I assume you like candle lights’‘ I added and that put it all together for her. Y/N’s pretty eyes widened and she nearly gasped. We had talked a lot during the few weeks we had been here and I had never seen her this flustered, shy and even embarrassed. She was quite cute like this, lost for words.

‘‘Did you look into my dream?’‘ She whisper-yelled at me and threw her blanket away from her. ‘‘Maybe I did, love’‘ I answered quickly, causing her to throw a pillow at me. As I put the pillow away, I noticed that Y/N was standing in front of me. Did I piss her off? Oops.

‘‘Loki! You..urgh- that’ unfair!’‘ She stomped her foot on the floor. That was a sign for me to stand up as well. ‘‘Well a little magic here and there never hurt anyone’‘ I let out a light laugh. Y/N couldn’t even look me in the eye. ‘‘But- Damn.. this is awkward’‘ Y/N breathed out quietly. At least she wasn’t yelling so that was good.

‘‘It doesn’t have to be awkward’‘ I replied quickly, causing her to tense up. ‘‘Loki..’‘ She said my name almost happily until she looked angry again. ‘‘You idiot! You’re just playing around’‘ She hissed and raised her arms up in the air. I was quick to see what she did so I grabbed her wrists and pulled her closer.

‘‘Remember who you’re talking to, kitten’‘ I reminded her with a darker voice, making her look at me. Her eyes were filled with a dozen emotions, shame being quite evident. But there was also lust in there. ‘‘Loki, what are you doing?’‘ She asked me shyly and eyed my hands that held her wrists. I studied her closely and noticed how easily submissive she was. 

‘‘Whatever do you mean?’‘I teased her and turned us around so I could make her sit down on the bed. She barely put up a fight as I controlled her movements. Perfect. ‘‘Are you going to make fun of my dream?’‘ Y/N asked me and it made her look away. She was quite flustered now. Something about her made me feel different. I didn’t want to make fun of her dream.

I actually quite enjoyed her dream.

I let go of her wrists and then I grabbed her jaw, making her look at me. Our eyes met and I noticed how she slowly started affecting me, making me want to do all kinds of things to her delicate body.  ‘’Oh I won’t make fun of it dear. I got other things in mind but it’s up to you whether you want it or not’’ I let her know a little of my plans. My other hand touched her bare knee and I traced my finger on her skin, drawing goosebumps.

Y/N gulped but she didn’t back off either. ‘’And based on your exclusive dreams..’’ I spoke up again, now letting my fingers touch her thigh. Y/N separated her legs a little bit, almost magically so I could get better access. ‘’ wouldn’t mind it one bit’’ I finished what I was saying, hoping for a positive reaction. 

Only now it came true to me how much I desired someone to touch and someone to be touched by. These past few weeks had been so long and boring and all along this woman slowly woke up my sexual dreams. Now it was pretty obvious she felt the same.

I let my palm rest on her thigh and I waited for her reaction. Y/N smiled and then nodded, looking at me very intensely. ‘’I won’t mind’’ She answered. Suddenly she grabbed my hair and pulled me in bed so I was on top of her smaller frame. Our lips met and that was the beginning of a blissful night. Also, neither one of us cared about being quiet anymore, because for that moment it was just her and me.

Killing a toxic co-workers hopes, dreams, and future.

Names changed for anonymity, happened a few years back. This is a long one so TL;DR at the bottom.

Background: I got a job working for a small hardware company. 4 people in the office, a few in the warehouse, and a delivery driver. Nothing fancy, but it got me off the night shift and onto a desk. The owner was a pretty nice guy, let’s call him Ray. Ray took over the family business in the early 2000s. Like most small business owners he was pretty frugal. The job came with absolutely zero perks. 10 vacation days that doubled as sick days, no insurance, everyone was hourly and Ray hated paying OT. He had one large customer that accounted for about half his business and everything after that was profit. He had gotten to the point where the business was doing well enough to support his comfortable life (10-3 schedule, 4 weeks vacation, season baseball tickets) and had zero interest in growing it beyond that point. But my problem was not with Ray, it was with the absolute b*tch in the purchasing department.

The players: Four people in the office meant that every part of this business fell to one of us. Ray was the owner, he negotiated large scale orders both with customers and suppliers. Sarah was our admin/receptionist, sweet as pie. I was in charge of order processing and logistics, and I did quite a bit of work revamping the company website. Ingrid (aka B*tch Supreme) handled small scale purchasing and most of the other customers.

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Together at Last

Hello friends! :) 

This is a christmasy request!! 

Picture isn’t mine which was to be expected tbh.

It was safe to say that Harry was crazy about her. Everything she did and every word she said enchanted him in a way he hadn’t known before. 
Harry found himself sighing with relief whenever she entered a room, just as if he’d been waiting and looking for her from the moment they parted until they were reunited again. Didn’t matter if that distance laster a month, a week or an hour or even a minute. And once his eyes found hers there was a wide smile decorating both of their faces and their bodies would almost glow with light.
Sometimes, especially after a drink or two, Y/N would walk towards him instantly, almost as if she were as drawn to him as he was to her, and if she was particularly brave, Y/N would cuddle herself in his lap and he’d lean down to kiss her cheek.
The way they interacted with each other didn’t really fit into what was deemed to be the norm of two best friends and it had earned them some confused looks or silly comments from others in the past, but all in all, Harry was happy and Y/N was too.
He spent a lot of time with the person he cared for the most, and even if he wasn’t allowed to kiss or hold her like he was itching to, it was just as he’d written in a song once: “A little bit was all he was asking for.”

Things were particularly hard in December, though.
The nights were long and cold, leaving a burning sensation in his chest as well as goosebumps all over his arms. The want for someone to hold on to, specifically for her, grew and grew, to the point where it almost hurt and there were many morning he left the bed without having slept for a moment. 
The days weren’t much better, either. It snowed constantly and the sun left London’s cloudy sky shortly after 4 in the afternoon. And with all the lights decorating everybody’s home and the Christmas songs playing on repeat no matter which radio station he happened to be listening to, Harry’s heart hurt with the disappointment over how lonely he always was. 

“Earth to Harry.”

Her voice pulled him out of his thoughts and upon looking at her, his heart fluttered. She was breathtaking. He recognized the jumper she was wearing as one he’d gotten for her, well, technically he’d gotten it for himself but when he’d shown it to her she’d loved it so much he’d gifted it to her without a second thought. It suited her better than it would’ve suited him anyway, and to see her all cozy and comfortable warmed his heart.
Her body lay comfortably on his couch, her socked feet propped up in his lap and when his eyes locked with her pretty ones, she gave him the sweetest smile a person could wear. 
It’s unfair, Harry thought, she didn’t for a minute give me a chance to not fall in love with her.

“Is everything alright, H?” Even her voice was soft. Harry sighed.

He nodded and when his fingers found her feet to slowly massage them, she stifled a giggle, all worry leaving her expression. 

“M’fine, love. A little caught up in my head, but… s’all okay. What about you? Comfy?”

“I’m good,” Y/N replied, before holding out one hand for him to take, a gesture he happily complied to, “I’m always good when you’re around.” 

The second phrase she uttered quietly, a little as if she hoped he couldn’t hear. His heart dropped and with flushed cheeks his eyes left her face and instead focused on her fingers.

“What’s got you all stuck in that head of yours?” Y/N pressed on. 

Her fingers felt warm in his grasp and he loved how the tiniest hint of a blush crept onto her cheeks when his thumb drew a small heart into her palm. The closest he’d ever got to tell her how he felt, Harry thought grimly.

“I’m wondering why you’re not going to be with me on Christmas.” 

Y/N winced.
It was an unpleasant topic for either of them, one that brought a lot of unspoken disappointment and let down to the pair. In fact, when she’d first said no to his invitation for Christmas eve, he’d been so baffled that he’d had to ask her to repeat herself and after hearing her rejection a second time, he’d found it difficult to talk to her for the rest of the evening.

“I’m sorry.” 

The quiet words tumbling from her lips made him feel like crap. His constant whining had painted a frown onto her pretty face and when her eyes went as far as getting glossy, he pushed himself up with a sense of guilt so strong it made him sick. Harry’s body got dangerously close as he let himself fall on top of her chest carefully and between her open arms.

“No, I’m sorry,” he hushed, “You’ve got that thing with your friends and I shouldn’t be an arse about it. S’just… I’d really like it if we’d be together whilst celebrating, you know? It’ll feel wrong with you not around and to be honest m’a bit bummed out by it.”

“I know,” Y/N sighed, “I am, too, Harry, and honestly I would so much rather be with you than with my friends. But we made those plans ages ago and I can’t just bail on them.”

“You’re a good friend.”

“I think your point was that I’m a shitty friend,” she giggled softly, then added, “We can meet up the day after.”

She sighed upon feeling his nod against her neck and hear chest tightened when he laughed against her collarbones.

“Of course, yeah. We’ll meet after.”

And just like that, they were once again in a position other best friends probably wouldn’t end up in, and when Y/N slung her arms around Harry’s shoulders, it was clear that they wouldn’t be moving out of each other’s reach anytime soon.


There were moments where it annoyed Y/N how ridiculously crazy she was about her best friend. But who could blame her? 
Whenever she walked into a room, she could be certain to have his eyes follow every move she made, every breath she took and once she let her own orbs find his, they would both find themselves smiling uncontrollably. 
The people around them knew as well. Hard not to nice since it wasn’t everyday you saw two people give each other the kind of looks and secret glances that held nothing but pure wonder. Their expressions were ones of surprise, not because they couldn’t understand why their hearts had decided to fall for the other, but because their chests ached with the amount of love they felt. They cared about the other so deeply, at first it had come almost as a shock to their systems. Harry blushed at the mere thought of her while Y/N’s heart jumped whenever somebody mentioned his name.
Why they didn’t just confess to each other nobody in their friendship group understood and there’d been plenty of plans to play secret match maker with the two, but after years of friendship they also felt like it wasn’t their choice to make for the pair.

And it was because of that affection she held for him, that Y/N wished she would’ve agreed to spend Christmas at Harry’s. That, and because her friends never showed up.
The party they were meant to attend was set in the north of London and in a club Y/N had never been to before. It was packed with people and the moment she’d set foot into the venue somebody thrusted a drink into her hand and about three others offered her something to smoke. 
The cigarettes she declined and the drink she set down on one of the tables.
She wasn’t naive enough to consume something she’d been given by a stranger. 
It wasn’t at all the christmasy party she’d expected and hoped for. People wore reindeer antlers as well as red Santa hats and there were remixes of Christmas songs blasted through the speakers, but other than that it was nothing like she’d been told it would be. It wasn’t cozy, it wasn’t small and above all, there was nobody around that she knew.
Y/N hated it. This wasn’t how she wanted to spend Christmas. 
Close to tears Y/N did the only thing she could think of doing, the only thing she hoped would help her flee the uncomfortable situation. Shakily she pulled out her phone and began dialing the familiar number, before pushing her way to the very back of the club and into a narrow hallway where it was somewhat quieter.

She knew he was having a small get together himself, that his sister, his mother and several friends of his were over. So him noticing her call was unlikely and a desperate attempt that promised little help. Y/N whimpered and brushed her free hand over her forehead. 
She would leave a message, she decided, one he would hopefully hear before tomorrow. Oh god, what was she supposed to do all alone at a club full of wasted strangers?


Y/N could have cried with relief upon hearing his voice.

“I didn’t think you’d pick up.”

Harry chuckled lowly. “I’m the shitty type of son who doesn’t switch of his phone during Christmas.“

There was the sound of laughter in the background, probably his mother, and Y/N’s heart sank. She was ruining everything for him.

“To my great luck,” she sighed and before she knew it the first tears spilled over and onto her flushed cheeks. 

“What’s up, baby?” Harry cooed playfully, unaware of just how upset his best friend was, “Already regretting saying no to me and instead going partying with you friends? Or are you calling me to rub it in my face that you’re having a great time without me?”

“As if,” Y/N hiccupped, “They never showed, Harry. And now I’m stuck in a club I don’t know and I’m alone and there are so many drunk people dressed up as santa and I- Harry, I know it’s Christmas and I’m so sorry but could you please come pick me up? I’m a shit friend to even ask and you’re busy, but please, I don’t want to be here, Harry.”

Y/N was full on sobbing by this point. Her voice was shaking and some of the words she said didn’t even sound right and were swallowed by a sob. Harry already reached for his keys. When he spoke next his voice was tense and heavy with worry for her.

“Of course, Y/N, absolutely. M’on my way, alright? Don’t you worry. Message me your location and I’ll be there.”

Harry glanced at his mother. She was standing by his side and up until now she’d been chatting with one of his bandmates, but now she was looking at him with worry in her eyes. 

“It’s Y/N,” Harry explained without hanging up the phone, “She needs me to go get her. I’ll be back in a bit. Sorry, mom.”

He kissed her cheek quickly before making his way to the door, already pulling on a jacket. One glance at his phone told him that Y/N was a good twenty minute car ride away. He even knew that club.

“I got your message,” Y/N heard Harry say, and when he added that he would be with her in twenty minutes, probably fifteen, more tears fell from her eyes. This time they were happy ones, at least.

“Thank you. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for, Harry. Truly, you are.”

Harry sighed and momentarily his eyes squeezed shut. “M’getting into my car now, baby. Okay? And m’on my way. Please just- please don’t cry, love, yeah? You’re not going to be in that situation for much longer. I’m coming for you, yeah?” 

“Yes, okay,” he heard her say quietly, “I’ll meet you by the entrance?”

“Perfect. S’it okay if I hang up? I got to focus properly whilst driving. Snow and all.” 

“Sure,” she nodded, a smile making the tears disappear from her face, “see you in a bit then.”

“See you in a moment, love.”

It took him half the amount of time he’d expected to reach the club where his girl was, partly because it was Christmas Eve and people were home with their families and not driving around London, but also because of how he was pushing the tempo limit. He knew he ought to be cautious, but knowing that Y/N was in distress, he could’t help himself from pushing his foot onto the gas.
His heart ached at the thought of his Y/N afraid and alone in a club full of drunks. 

Y/N’s stomach fluttered and her heart-speed increased when she recognized the black car pulling up and her feet hurried towards him the moment he stepped out of his vehicle. He already held out his arms for her to jump into. 

“Thank you,” she sighed into his neck and another sob fell from her trembling mouth.

Harry didn’t reply, but wrapped her up and pressed her to his chest, utterly relieved to see her safe. His lips found her temple, her forehead and finally her cheeks, warming her soul.

“I’m sorry I made you come and get me, Harry.”

He shushed her quietly. “So glad you rang me. M’always just a phone call away for you, Y/N. And I’d come get you no matter what time or day it is.” 

Her hold around him tightened and he whimpered when her lips found the spot right below his ear and when she even dared to poke the skin with her tongue, his knees weakened. 

“Can I come to yours?” Y/N whimpered against his ear, “Or has the offer expired?”

A chuckle shook his chest. “Of course you’re still welcome to celebrate Christmas with me.”

Upon stepping into Harry’s warm flat, Y/N was greeted with hugs and kisses on both of her cheeks. Harry’s mother handed her the cup of tea she’d prepared for her and held ready and his friends reached out to greet her and engage her in their conversations. 
Nobody commented on her late arrival, her flushed cheeks and puffy eyes or on the fact that Harry was holding on to her the whole time. When they entered the flat, he’d been holding her hand, fingers intertwined loosely and when he had to let her go so she could say hello to everyone, his hand remained on her back. The moment she sat down on his couch, he followed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Y/N didn’t seem to mind, of course she didn’t, and when she leaned into his body or stole a kiss to his cheek, most of their friends turned to look away, the moment too private and innocent as that they felt comfortable enough to stare at them.
Harry’s chest could’ve burst with golden butterflies symbolizing how incredibly happy he was. 

They ate dinner with everybody settled on chairs around the small Christmas tree, shared jokes and at some point Anne told parts of the Christmas story, simply because it was a tradition.

“You’ve got a lovely tree, H. Love how colourful you decorated it!” 

“Thanks, Kate,” Harry smiled at his friend, “But the compliment should really go to Y/N. She did all the decorating and was the one who picked out the tree in the first place.” 

“Oh, so you two are finally a couple, then? Took you long enough to tell her, mate. Jeez.” Jim, Harry and Y/N’s mutual friend, spoke casually with his eyes fixed on the biscuits he had on his plate, completely oblivious to the numerous stares of shock and amusement that were set on him as he was busy deciding which he would eat next. “And Y/N? You’re awful at hiding your feelings, love.”

It was as if somebody had emptied a bucket of ice water over her head and Y/N hid her burning cheeks in Harry’s neck, who, for some reason, felt nothing but joy. 
Of course he was in love with her, and of course none of his friends had stayed oblivious to it. And frankly, Harry was sick of not having Y/N as his girlfriend.

“Thanks, mate,” Harry replied lightly, “Know I should’ve told her ages ago.” 

And when his arms cuddled Y/N further into his chest and their friends quickly changed the subject, one of them even swatted the back of Jim’s head, Y/N felt herself relax as well. 
Harry hadn’t disagreed with Jim, hadn’t laughed or shrugged it off. He’d… admitted it hadn’t he?

“I really do fancy you,” Harry muttered into her ear, soothing the tiniest bit of doubt in her mind, “And maybe it’s the christmas spirit that got to me or it’s because m’so damn happy you’re here after all, that I don’t mind you knowing.”

“I reckon it’s the eggnog you drank,” Y/N joked quietly.

Their eyes met, the red painting their cheeks darkened and when she leaned up to press her mouth to his softly, they pulled apart with a shy giggle. 

“I fancy you, too, Harry.”

Hope you liked this little story. Let me know!


Christmas Harry

Best Of Me - Jimin Version

Summary: Jimin knew he loved you, he loved everything about you. He also knew that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, so he forced himself to hate you and it worked. It left the both of you broken hearted, and you ignoring him. Will he confess to you? Or will you leave him for good?

Best Of Me - 5/7

Word Count: 6777

Originally posted by springdayserendipity

The way you tilt your head back when you laugh. The way you scrunch your nose when you’re playing a video game against Jungkook and you’re losing. The way you wrap yourself up into blanket before sitting down, no matter the temperature. The way your hair comes untuck from behind your ears and falls into your face. The way you always talk, with light in your voice, always intrigued at what the others are saying.

Jimin hated it. He hated your laugh, he hated how loud and obnoxious it was. He loved watching you lose against Jungkook, but hated hearing you whine about it. He never understood the blanket concept, even when it’s scorching out, you somehow manage to be covered up. He hates how you never do anything with your hair, how it’s always down and a mess, like you just rolled out of bed. And your voice, it cuts him like glass.

Right now, he’s cringing at just how loud your voice is as you’re complaining to Hoseok about your day at work. Still dressed in your work clothes, you just had to come over and rant to someone. He can hear you plain as day from the living room, interrupting his TV show that he so badly wanted to watch.

“I just don’t understand what went through her mind to do something like that! She completely messed up twenty-five files Hoseok! I would have understand if it was like five, but twenty-five!” You let out a groan and placed your elbows on the countertop as you watched Hoseok grab items from the refrigerator to make a quick dinner.

“I mean, it’s only her what, fifth week, cut her some slack Y/N, she’ll learn.” Hoseok was too forgiving sometimes, you on the other hand didn’t have the patience to be dealing with 25 files being recorded incorrectly. It leaves you to redo them, at home, on your own time.

“Yeah, her fifth week.” You rolled your eyes and massaged your temples with your index fingers. “Hoseok she should know better.”

“Well maybe,” he placed some salad ingredients on the countertop next to you with knife as well, “she was just stressed or got too caught up in her thoughts, I don’t know. Just ask her tomorrow, it’s not like she did it on purpose. Oh can you also cut that tomato?”

You grabbed the knife with your hand and started cutting up the tomato, taking small pieces from it and plopping it into your mouth. “I guess you’re right, I’ll talk to her tomorrow. It’s just,” you set the knife down as Hoseok reached above you for 2 bowls, “now I have to redo all those files.”

Hoseok started making the two of you salads as you grabbed some water from the fridge. You sat at the table as he brought over the 2 bowls. “How about, you stay here and I can help you.” He let out a cheeky grin.

“How about no.” The both of you looked up to be greeted with Jimin leaning against the wall. “How about you go home and get that done.”

“Good afternoon to you too Jimin.” You grinned at him, and Jimin scoffed. “I mean Jimin is right Hobi, I should go home and get this done.”

“No it’s alright, do it here and I can maybe help you. I don’t know with what, but I can try.” Hoseok was trying his best to help take the workload off of you, he hated seeing you stressed out like this. Jimin on the other hand, didn’t mind watching you suffer. As long as you leave at the end of the night or anytime soon, it was just fine for him.

“Are you sure I won’t be intruding?”

“When are you ever intruding? You seriously just barged in here twenty minutes ago!” Hoseok and you both let out a laugh. You nodded your head at him, indicating that he was right. You didn’t need to knock anymore, you were always here, and it helped that you were Taehyung’s childhood friend growing up.

“You have a point, let me just go to my car quickly then and grab everything.” You bustled out of their apartment and Jimin let out a groan.

“Why are you inviting her to stay?” Annoyance laced his voice.

“Uhm I don’t know because she’s our friend?” Hoseok grabbed your bowl along with his and placed them in the dishwasher. “What’s so bad about her being here?”

Jimin ran his hands down his face. “She’s just so annoying hyung! I wanted to watch my TV show but I couldn’t because of her being too loud like always!” Hoseok just laughed.

“Jimin, stop being childish. She’s a friend and we treat with her respect around here.”

“Well she’s your guy's’ friend but she isn’t mine. I can’t stand her.” With that, Jimin left the kitchen and sat back down on the couch, turning the volume up on the TV.

You walked through the door again, with folders in your hand and your laptop case thrown around your shoulder. Hoseoks’ eyes went wide, looking at each folder you had to do. “I told you it was a lot yet you told me to it’s gonna be alright!” You strode past him, heading into the living room. You sat down on the other end of the couch from Jimin, and he glared at you. “What?” You questioned him as you sat everything down, and watched what was on the TV.

“I think you should leave.” He said it darkly, his eyes squinting at you, an annoyed sigh escaping his lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bother you it’s just my normal spot to go and…”

“Bye.” He waved at you, and turned the volume up even more to silence you. You and Hoseok walked back out into the kitchen, and he helped you place your items neatly on the table.

“I’m sorry if I made him upset.” Apologizing to Hoseok wasn’t going to anything.

“Nah don’t worry about, he’s been in a mood all day.” Opening your laptop bag and retrieving your laptop, you set it out on the table so you and Hoseok could look at the spreadsheets you needed to do. “Well how about,” Hoseok started and he opened one of the folders you had, “you start with this folder, and I’ll organize each folder and hand them to you, and then place the done folders on the other side of us.”

“God you’re a life savior Hobi.” You snatched the folder from his hand as he let out a chuckle. “But if you don’t mind,” his eyes peeled away from the sheets of paper to look at you, “can you get me a blanket please?”


Your eyes were dry, your fingers hurt, your head was pounding, but the 25th file was done and inputted into your laptop. Shutting your laptop, you stared at Hoseok and let out a sigh. “How long was that?” Hoseok peered down at his watch and his eyes went wide. “What?”

“Five hours Y/N, oh my god.” He rubbed his eyes intensely as he drug out the last word in his sentence.

“I think it was only five hours because Tae and Namjoon came back.” You grabbed your laptop case and placed it on the table while sliding your laptop into it.

“Tae acted like he hadn’t seen you in years when he saw you yesterday morning.” Hoseok rolled his eyes at the younger boy, as he stood up and pushed in his chair. The only light that was on was a small one above the table, otherwise the whole house was dark and quiet.

“Oh be nice, that’s my best friend ya know?” A half smile came across your lips as you stood as well, stretching. “Thanks again for the help, and I’m sorry for keeping you up.”

Hoseok waved his hands at you with a little ‘psh’ coming out of his mouth. “It was no problem Y/N, I’m glad you got it done though and can go home and sleep.” You grabbed the neatly stacked files as you adjusted the laptop on your shoulder.

“Ugh sleep sounds amazing right about now.” The blanket you were wrapped up in was now in your hands. You walked to the living room quickly to place it on the couch, but saw Jimin fast asleep and shivering. With the one hand that was available you tossed the blanket over Jimin and fixed it as neatly as you could so it covered him up all the way.

Jimin’s eyes opened faintly to see the image of you adjusting a blanket on him. He didn’t know he was that cold until you woke him up momentarily. “Thanks.” He mumbled out, before turning to his side and dozing off again, or so you thought.

You walked back out into the kitchen to be greeted with Hoseok by the door, waiting for you. “Jimin looked cold so I put the blanket on him.” You sheepishly grin as you slid on your shoes.

“I bet he appreciates that.” Hoseok opened the door for you while saying good-bye and gently shut it. He walked over to the table and turned of the light, and as he was yawning, heading to the bathroom he bumped into Jimin.

“Tell her to not put a blanket on me again.” He shoved the blanket into Hoseok’s chest and walked past him.

“Jimin she only did it because you were cold.” Hoseok threw the blanket onto the couch as the younger got to the bathroom before him.

“Well tell her thanks for waking me up.” He slammed the door on Hoseok, and Hoseok let out a little growl.

“Well maybe you should thank her because every time you sleep on the couch your neck ends up hurting.” Hoseok waited for a reply from Jimin, but nothing came out his mouth. Hoseok stood there contently, knowing that he was right. The door finally opened and Jimin walked out.

“Well tell her that I hate her.”

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A master post of links because EXID comes back in two days and I’ve seen LOTS of new stans asking questions about who each member is/where to start, and I want EXID to come back to as many eager LEGGOs as possible. So hopefully this post will help get new fans and excited AND let some OG stans feel nostalgic and reminisce.

So, a quick history lesson EXID (Exceed In Dreaming) debuted in 2012 with LE, Hani, Junghwa, Dami, Yuji and Haeryeong. When Dami, Yuji and Haeryeon left (and Bestie was born), Solji (EXID’s former vocal trainer) and Hyerin were asked to join the team. And, thus, EXID was born. They almost disbanded a couple of times but toughed it out and proved a bunch of people wrong and now they’re coming back with their fourth mini albm, (And you can refer here to a long list of specific reasons to love EXID, but let’s get on with the videos!)

The Basics (where I personally feel ever fan should start): 

Solji (the leader, currently on medical leave):

LE (the rapper, and the woman who writes/composes ever song):

Hani (the “most popular” member who also does lots of MC work):

Hyerin (the unexpected vocal queen and variety star):

Junghwa (the visual maknae with the widely-beloved “hot body”):

Music Videos (Official MVs for singles):

Misc (other shit that LEGGOs love):

Non-singles that you should know:

Showtime (from summer 2015):

Weekly Idol:

Okay, new LEGGOs. Go forth. Prosper. Pre-order Full Moon. Stream it. Tell your friends. Write some LE/Junghwa fan fiction. Get an “Ah Yeah” tattoo. Change your blog title to a lyric from Velvet. Buy a bunch of curlers to keep in your bangs. I love you. Make Solji proud, and please support these amazing five  women and their amazing music.

Once Upon A Dream (Part One)

Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader/OC
Rating: NSFW, Mature
Warnings: Language/Cursing, Adult Themes/Situations, Emotional Stress/Angst, Gang Activity, Underage Drinking/Drug Useage (Party responsibly!), Rivalry, Smut!
Format: Part One of Three

Note: So this is a little something that popped into my head, inspired by the song, Wildest Dreams. Silly, I know, but some of those lines just seem to fit Sweet Pea so well. I couldn’t resist. This has a slight AU!Quality, where there is a strong football rivalry between the Southside High and Riverdale High. Cliche, perhaps, but I lovee it. There’s some Archie!Angst in the beginning, so if any of you are a sucker for that! This will be a three part mini-series, and should wrap up after the third part!

Looking at him, she couldn’t help but think he was beautiful.

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Missing Bughead scene from 2x06

“I’m doing this to protect you.”

The words filtered through his brain like liquid fire, he was hurting, and it burned, but.. god there were ashes, there was hope.

There had to be a reason, something so painful and difficult it made raindrop tears gather in the corner of Betty Coopers haunted green eyes.

“I love you, I don’t think I can stop.”

She loved him, she had said so surrounded by his new family and his old, dirt under his boots and that flimsy white tank top that made it hard for Jughead not to run his fingers over the bare skin of her arms. She looked like something out of a dream, The Beautiful and wholesome Sandra Dee to his double edged, hard knock life Danny Zuko. She was holding something though, something so heavy he could practically see the physical weight of the burden on her shoulders.

She was pressed against the glass window of Reggie Mantles slick black camaro, teeth tearing into the soft skin of her perfectly pink lips. She wasn’t speaking and neither was he, both teens were thoroughly shook from the events that had just taken place. They were scared, and…damn it seemed like they both had reasons to be, it was about time Jughead found out Betty’s.

The car jolted to a stop, Betty snapping forward, her eyes quickly landing on Jugheads.

“What’s the matter?! What’s happening?! we can’t just stop, the police!” She was frantic, her fingers reaching for her cell phone as “unknown” flashed on the screen for the third time in the past fifteen minutes.

“Call it a pit stop, you wanna answer that call Betty?” Jugheads voice was calm and level, every nerve of his body was vibrating but he was calm on the outside. They were going to talk about this and they were going to talk about it now.

The ringing came to an abrupt stop and Betty dropped the phone to the space between the seats

“No.” She whispered “No I’m not.” Her eyes catching his, if he wanted to talk about it She was ready, he could tell from the flicker in her eyes.

“You said..” Jughead cleared his throat, mouth dry with anxiety “you said that I wouldn’t understand, that you were trying to protect me? Betty who are you protecting me from?”

The beautiful blonde in the seat beside him took an audibly shaky breath, her fingers twisting together as she stared down at her hands before she began

“I’ve been getting… calls. I’ve been getting calls from the black hood, a lot of calls.” She whispered, the words sounding almost robotic as she repeated what she had told Veronica “you remember the letter? How he said he’s doing this all for me? Well, he meant it, when I talk to him, when I listen to him, he doesn’t hurt anyone, he doesn’t kill. I’m stopping him, but only if I listen. He…” Betty released her fingers placing a hesitant hand on Jugheads arm, not surprised to see the anger in his eyes. “He said he would hurt you unless I cut everything off. He won’t leave me alone. He… he’s obsessed with me.”

It was a silent for a moment, processing time, no time to think, just absorb, take it in.

But only for a second.

His lips were on hers, his fingers threading through her ponytail as he knocked the tiny red bandana from her hair. He was whispering something against her lips, it sounded like a prayer as he pushed his forehead against hers.

“I love you.” He whispered “I’m sorry.”

Betty’s hands came up to cup his cheeks

“I love you, don’t be sorry. I’m sorry I sent Archie, I couldn’t face you. I knew… I knew you would be able to tell, I knew that you would know I was lying. You know me Jughead, better than anyone else.”

The young Serpents face contorted into something of pure anguish

“I don’t though, I gave up on you. I stopped believing in you, in us. Betty I have to tell you something.” His voice cracked, a broken sound that ripped right through Betty’s heart, a worried frown marring her perfect features.

“It’s okay.” She whispered, fingers stroking his cheeks “it’s okay, you can tell me.”

He couldn’t look at her, not after this, not after everything seemed to be falling into place for the moment and he was about to destroy whatever peace they had made.

“Me and Toni… we kissed, we kissed more than once.” The words fell from his lips, his eyes searching hers desperately for something, anything.

Slowly but agonizingly painful her fingers slipped from his face, her body pushing closer to the Camaros door.

“I saw you.” She whispered a far away look in her eyes “at Pops, with her, just the day after. You were happy, she makes you happy.”

“No!” Jughead came close to wailing “no, it’s not like that. She’s my friend, she knows I could never be over you. Betty I love you. It was a heat of the moment thing. I thought you were gone. You make me happy, I love you Betty Cooper.” He dropped his forward to hers, tears falling to his cheeks and onto the leather of his jacket. He pulled her closer, the emergency brake digging into her thigh.

After a few moment of painful silence that seemed to go on for hours, Betty spoke

“We have things we need to work on. We have things we still need to talk about, work through, but… I’m here and so are you and I think… I know we can get through this… together.” Her eyes finally found his, sadness still there but something new, something familiar.

She was Tired. Tired of fighting it, tired of being away from him. Just tired, and so was he and there was still a war going on, still things being thrown at them from every direction but…

They were here, and that?

That meant everything.

Lapis and Peridot: abusive power + control

So out of curiosity in light of Raising the Barn, I was brushing up on power and control in abusive relationships, and I came across this interesting diagram:

These are tactics used by abusers to obtain power and control in their relationships. When used together, it creates what’s known as a climate of fear– and, with this, the victim will feel like they don’t have an equal voice in the relationship.

First off, I strongly believe Lapis was holding onto a sense of power over Peridot that she was at least somewhat aware of, leading to Peridot’s hesitation to voice her own wishes. And I’ll like to break down and illustrate the major tactics she used that unambiguously gave her power and control in her and Peridot’s relationship, because apparently there’s still debate on whether or not Lapis is an abusive character.

(mind you, not all tactics have to be used in a relationship, but considering I cover half of them below… I’d say it’s more than enough)

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Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous to see you with another man in a bar and shows him who you belong to and you who can please you the right way, giving you what you really need.

Related to these: Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, getting jealous when he sees a guy leave your house in the morning when your parents are gone on a trip.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, implying there are more things he can to you than the boy you had over a few days ago. And going into detail.

Imagine changing in your room while your neighbor, Dean Winchester, is watching from his own window.

Imagine going for a swim in a bikini to tease your neighbor, Dean Winchester, who has been doing the same all day.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, suggesting all the things he can do to you in return to you implying the things you want him to do when your parents are gone.

Imagine your neighbor, Dean Winchester, teasing you with his scruff and lips when he knows you fantasize about him and in return you show him how dirty you can and have been for him.

“Thank you for this, Sam, fuck I sure as hell needed it.” Dean let out a heavy sigh, taking a large sip of his beer.

“Yeah, took notice of that.” Sam said with a half smile “What’s got you so worked up these days, man?” the younger Winchester leaned back in his chair and for a second, as the thought of you run through Dean’s mind, he clenched his jaw.

“Oh you’d have no idea, Sammy.”Dean shook his head, closing his eyes and throwing his head back to take another large sip of his beer before slamming it down a little roughly. He truly needed this night out, for what he couldn’t even begin to realize. He had thought, when he took Sam up on his offer, that those few days would give him the chance to let go of everything, stop tossing in his bed at night when he could only think of you and how close, yet far away, you were from him. Close enough for him to touch you, to shower you with love and worship your body like no other guy could - and oh he was going to make sure you’d never forget it - however none of it was possible.

But he only got less sleep than before. And it was all because he thought of what could happen while he was away, with another boy. And that drove him even crazier, it drove him insane, and he felt like breaking something, crashing anything in his path… especially when he’d call your phone and you wouldn’t answer. Gosh, the thoughts that ran through his mind made him feel more like a caged wild animal than anything else. So, just as he had decided he needed a break - mostly to keep himself from just making you his and let everyone to know - he had rushed everything because he could barely hold himself back.

“You can’t even-” he bit his lip, shaking his head “You can’t even fathom what has me so worked up.”

Sam studied his brother with a frown “That’s why you couldn’t wait to finish helping me, huh?” he questioned softly and the older Winchester looked up from his beer to give him a half smile “I knew something was up when you’d impatiently walk around while waiting for me to set up the TV but I never-” Sam chuckled, running his fingers through his hair “I never thought that it could be the same reason.”

“It’s a woman, isn’t it?” Sam’s smirk got bigger and Dean managed to breath out a chuckle. Oh how he needed that. Whenever he was around you he seemed to be holding his breath, along with every fiber in his body that just screamed for him to grab you and kiss the living heaven out of you.

“Yeah” Dean licked his lips, scratching his scruff “Actually more than that.”

“More?” Sam narrowed his eyes, before his eyebrows raised in realization “Oh it’s that woman!” he said with a grin “The one you haven’t stopped thinking about. The one… the one that you’re smitten with.” he teased slightly and Dean chuckled dryly… mostly because his throat felt tight at Sam’s words and the realization that they brought.

Oh if only Sam knew how much more than just smitten Dean was.

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Mornings and Unwanted News

Requests: Multiple for part 2 of Nightmares and Bruises.

Prompts: 4. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.” and 13. “Can’t we just lay here for a minute?”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 839

A/N: Thank you for all the requests for part 2 of Nightmare and Bruises!! This is going to be a mini-series. I will be making another Masterlist for it and I will tag it when it’s done. Sadly, requests are closed at the moment so I can get through the ones I have.


Series Masterlist

Originally posted by bigbadroman

Y/N was woken by the light streaming through the curtains that she had forgotten to close after Billy had climbed through the previous night. She groaned and lazily went to move to close them but the arm around her waist tightened and pulled her back against Billy’s bare chest.

”Can’t we just lay here for a minute?” Billy buried his face in the back of her neck.

“I was only going to shut the curtains.” Y/N chuckled sleepily.

Billy’s grip seemed to tighten comfortably around her and she didn’t try to get up again; only turned over and buried her head in his chest to get away from the light. He smiled dozily and kissed the top of her head as she curled into him. Neither of them wanted to get up and neither of them had too; it was a Saturday. They continued to lie in each other’s warmth until Y/N’s alarm sounded telling them it was nine o’clock. She sat up and slammed off the alarm before turning to look at Billy who was now laid on his back looking at her with a smile.

“What?” She asked as she ran a hand through her tangle hair.

“Nothing. I just think you look cute in the morning.” He replied and sat up as she climbed out of bed and threw on her dressing gown.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to me before.” Y/N muttered and looked at the floor.

“Well they should have.” Billy stated.

“You hungry?” Y/N yawned and started walking out of the room without meeting his eyes.

“Starving, princess.” Billy climbed out of the bed and pulled his button up shirt on before following her downstairs.

They went into the kitchen and Y/N pulled out the eggs and some ham. She began preparing an omelette as Billy leaned against the counter and watched with a smile on his face. Y/N had very quickly become his safety blanket and he believed that was one of the things that had caused him to fall for her.

“You got any plans today?” She questioned as she skilfully flipped the omelette and then dropped the toast down in the toaster.

“No. Not really.”

“You want to stay and watch a movie?” Y/N said not turning to look at him so he would see her blush.

“Sure, princess.” He smiled widely at the idea.

So, that’s what they did. They spent the day on the sofa watching various movies and just enjoying each other’s company. That was until the phone rang. Thinking that it would just be her parents, Y/N shot up to answer it and was surprised at the caller.

“Y/N?” Steve’s voice drifted over the line.


“Yeah, I need you to meet me at Dustin’s.” Steve’s voice was slightly unsteady.

“Why?” She questioned; fearing the worse. She glanced at Billy to find him already looking at her.

“He-we think that he may have found a sort of baby Demogorgon thing.” Steve said.

“Demodog!” Dustin’s voice called in the background. She could basically feel Steve’s eye roll over the phone.

“Where are you calling me from?”

“The Wheeler’s. I came to find Nancy and found Dustin instead.” Steve clarified.

“Okay, I’ll meet you there in 15.” Y/N assured him before shakily hanging up the phone.

Billy had got up from the sofa. “Everything all right.”

“Yeah.” Y/N tried to keep her voice steady. “Steve needs me to meet him at this kid called Dustin’s house about some stupid science project we promised we’d help him with.”

She was already walking up the stairs and he was quick on her heels. “You sure you’re okay?” Billy asked carefully. He knew something was up but he didn’t know how to ask.

“Yeah.” She said as she pulled the bag she hadn’t seen since last year out from under her bed. The stuff inside clanged as she threw it on her back. “Look, I should be back tonight.”

“Okay. I’ll come round.” Billy said as he followed her out of the house and watched as she locked the door. “You need a lift there?” It was starting to get dark.

She shook her head. “I can walk.” Without thinking she walked up to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. She didn’t give him chance to react as she quickly walked off leaving him dumbfounded but smiling none the less in the middle of her drive.