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"Sensory overload" for Ninette? For the distractions drabbles? Sorry it's two words not one... and I really hope your anxiety chills out soon

When Marinette made it back to her classroom after today’s akuma, Nino was sitting outside of it.

It wasn’t really an odd thing to find him there, headphones clamped tight over his ears and blaring music loud enough to hear all the way across the hall, but it was still somewhat concerning.

Marinette waved a hand in front of his face, wincing when he blinked hollowly at the gesture, and then brought his eyes up to meet hers in slow motion.

He set down his music player (she noticed belatedly that he’d been fiddling with it), and politely removed his headphones. “Yeah bro?”

“Bad day?” she asked softly, knowing he’d be the one wincing if she raised her voice.

He waved a hand, smiling reassuringly. “Just a long one.”

It wasn’t even noon yet.

Asking, “Anything I can do?” got her the requisite headshake.

“Nah,” he murmured roughly, blinking again in that movie slow-mo’ way he did sometimes. “Just need a minute.”

“Okay,” said Marinette, making a mental note to tell Ms. Bustier that Nino was in the bathroom—he hated letting people know about this stuff.

“Where were you?” he asked, idly curious.


A nervous laugh leaped out of Marinette’s throat, about three decibels above Nino-approved volumes. “O-oh, you know! J-just… around.”

He blinked at her again, nonplussed smile floating around his mouth. “Okay, dude.”


Marinette resisted the urge to bury her face in her hands. Thank god for Nino and his don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies.

“I’m gonna.” She gestured at the door. “School.”

Nino nodded, and picked up his headphones again.

Marinette opened the door as quietly as she could, and left Nino to his decompression.

Teach Me - Jack Maynard #1

Warnings: None 

Words: 1175 

Summary: Y/N is speaking to a guy she really likes and is afraid he will want to do something either, she’s very inexperienced and admits it to her close friend Jack who offers to teach her everything she’d like to learn 

This is a mini series about Jack Maynard, im not sure how many parts will be in this but id like to thank @buttercreammaynard in advance for all the help shes given me so far


“How’s it going?” Jack asked as you walked through his door smiling at him 

“Good, you?" 

"I’m good” He spoke as you both walked over to his sofa taking a seat, turning to face each other 

 "How was Croatia?“ 

 "It was fun, I got a nice tan and the boat was gorgeous” he had a grin on his face as he spoke 

 "I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I feel like I haven’t seen you for ages" He let out a light chuckle at your reply 

“I was only gone for a week" 

 "I know, I just felt like I haven’t been able to see you properly over the past few weeks from you being in LA and then Croatia" 

 "Well I’m here now” You smiled at him 

 "So, meet any girls in Croatia?“ You laughed at your own question, of course he did 

 "None that is keep in contact with, how about you, have you met anyone?” You smiled slightly at his question, a blush rising on your cheeks 

 "I may be speaking to someone" Jack’s eyes lit up when you spoke, a small smirk gracing his lips 

 "Who is he?“ 

 "His name is Oscar and I met him a few weeks ago, we’ve been speaking for a while and well we we’ve went on about 5 dates now, two of them I stayed over at his for” His eyes widened at your words, clearly taking your statement wrong 

“Have you had sex?" 

 "NO” He laughed at your reaction 

 "Have you done anything with him?“ You shook your head 

"Do you plan to?" 

 "Well I- well I haven’t you know” You took a deep breathe before continuing 
“I haven’t had sex before" 

 "Wait really” a shocked tone filled up his voice 

 "Well yeah" you spoke, a blush rising on your cheeks again at his reaction 

 "Why have you never told me?“ 

"You never asked" 

 "Fair enough, but I thought it would’ve come up in some conversation" 

 "Why are you so surprised?" 

 "Because you’ve dated a few guys in the space of our friendship I would’ve thought something would’ve happened” you simply just shook your head 

“Have you done anything with these guys?" 

 "Jack, I’ve done nothing full stop” His eyes widen again 

“So your like completely pure?" 

 "I guess, why are you so shocked?" 

 "I mean I just thought you would, I’m kind of surprised that you’ve just freely told me" 

 "Well he’s been hinting recently that he wants to do something? but I’ve kind of just played it off like I didn’t catch his hints or I would just laugh when he’d say something sexual” You sighed 

 "Are you willing to?“ You took a moment to answer, taking in a deep breathe before replying 

 "Yes, but I guess I’m just nervous" 

 "What makes you nervous about it?" 

 "What if I’m bad at it? Like what if I do something wrong?" 

 "There’s not a high chance of that happening” He laughed, a small smile appearing on your face 

 "There’s still a chance though, it would be me doing something I’m inexperienced in, something I know nothing about" He sat for a moment, speechless even 

 "What if he tells you he wants to sleep with you, or at least do something?“

 "Then I’d do it but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be because I’d have to tell him I’ve never done anything before" 

 "So he doesn’t know” You shook your head, Jack sighed
 "I don’t think it’s something you should be stressing over" 

 "I can’t help it" You frowned

 "Would you be more comfortable doing it with someone you can trust first?“ You mouth opened slightly but no words came out 

 "Wh-what do you mean?" 

 "What if you tested it out with someone or perhaps were taught how to do certain things" 

 "What are you implying?" 

 "Nothing nothing” he spoke quickly
“But if you felt comfortable enough and wanted to then I could help you” It took you a while to reply, the pros and cons of such a situation going through your head 

“It wouldn’t be cheating, your not even together” That got rid of one of your worries 

“Just take your time to think about it tonight, come back over tomorrow and we can talk about it, I understand if you don’t want want to” You smiled at him and stood up 

 "Thanks I guess" He laughed, standing up with you walking to the door and opening it for you, leaning on it as you walked out 

 "Don’t forget to think about and come and see me tomorrow" You simply smiled and said goodbye, walking off to the lift 

On the way home your mind was filled with thoughts, once again going through the pros and cons of this situation, it would bring up your confidence a lot and you’d be less nervous about doing anything with Oscar but something that screamed out at you was what if this changed your friendship with Jack Once you got home you got ready for bed, it being past midnight and you were extremely tired all you wanted to do was sleep 

Once you got into bed and got settled your phone buzzed 

 ‘Hey’ Looking up slightly to see the name tag saying Oscar, a smile growing on your face  


 'How do you feel about going out on Friday?’ With it being Monday today you’d have a week to prepare if he was to ask you to stay at his 


 'Great I’ll see you then' 

You replied with a quick night before placing your phone on the bedside table next to you sighing loudly 
You hoped you would come to a decision before seeing Jack tomorrow but right now your not too sure 

 The next day came around quickly once you fell asleep, getting up and realising you had to go to Jack’s soon and you still didn’t have an answer for him
 If you said yes you would have until the end of the week to 'learn’ everything he was willing to show you and you could do that, right? 
 Right looks like you have your answer 

 Soon later you found yourself in the same position as yesterday, sitting facing Jack on his sofa as he sat waiting for you to speak 

 "So I thought about it and I mean if you didn’t mind, you could perhaps teach me a few things" As you spoke your voice got quieter, Jack’s eyes lit up slightly when you finished 

 "If your 100% comfortable with it, then yes I will" He sent you a comforting smile 

“When would you like to learn these things by?" 

 "Friday” His eyes widened as a little chuckle left his lips 

 "Well perhaps we should start right now then" he stood up taking you hand and pulling you to his bed room, sitting on the bed next to you
For him he wasn’t sure if it was the fact you were going to make him come at least twice or if it was something deeper, either way it excited him

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Mom. We all know that since I'm a glitch and I've never aged past 18 you're saying that I can never have kids. That's what you're saying.

Glitter: *She hums, rubbing her chin while doing her thinking face* Hmm.. Well, you have a point. You can have kids!! As long as you plan their future in advance so that you don’t have to worry! *She gives you a bright beaming smile*


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪


not to be rude but beyonce doing her choreography to panda was everything i ever wanted

i still can’t believe little percy kept a photo of annabeth in his notebook to look at whenever he missed camp - even though the photo was of just annabeth, and not even at camp