and her skin is so hard to color sigh


I haven’t written in so long, so sorry if this is sloppy and doesn’t make sense. 

Pairings: Annalogia, slight NaLu.

Setting: Canon.

Summary: When he seen the familiar head of blonde hair, Acnologia’s blood began the boil. What he thought he was seeing was the woman that betrayed him 400 years ago, but that wasn’t nearly the case. Either way, the Heartfilia bloodline would pay for their betrayal… with their lives.

“Seven more dragon slayers, then I will take down that fucking traitor Zeref.” Acnologia grumbled to himself as he descended upon Magnolia. The dragon turned human smirked to himself, loving the fact that he took down God Serena with a single strike while the Gods of Ishgar couldn’t even land a single punch.

To him, it proved who was truly in charge.

Acnologia knew how powerful he was, how much he was feared across the world. If he wasn’t something to be feared, they wouldn’t have had a plan as complicated as this one just to take him out. He gritted his teeth, thinking about what has happened in these last 400 years. His mind wanders to one specific subject, but he quickly shakes his head at the thought.

“I can’t focus on then, I have to focus on now.”

That’s what he’s always told himself whenever his mind begins to drift on the past, to her. She broke him, the only person he has ever let in these closed off walls of his… and she betrayed him.

He couldn’t even bring himself to repeat the name of her… the woman he loved.

The only woman he would ever love.

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Kat Von D - Monarch eyeshadow palette. I LOVE THIS PALETTE! I was in Sephora looking for something else and I came upon this palette and swatched a few colors and immediately threw it in the basket. They are soo pigmented and just really awesome quality. I love gray eyeshadows, but my whole life I’ve had a hard time finding ones that didn’t show up looking BLUE on my skin. Well, these grays don’t!!! They look true to color, gray, and blend so well. It’s got three beautiful matte shades and the rest are shimmers I believe. They’re such everyday wearable colors. Obsessed. I think I might need to get her other palette too. Sigh…sorry wallet lol

“somebody/ anybody
sing a black girl’s song
bring her out
to know herself
to know you
but sing her rhythms
carin/ struggle/ hard times
sing her song of life
she’s been dead so long
closed in silence so long
she doesn’t know the sound
of her own voice
her infinite beauty
she’s half-notes scattered
without rhythm/ no tune
sing her sighs
sing the song of her possibilities
sing a righteous gospel
let her be born
let her be born
& handled warmly.”
― Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf
—  ― Ntozake Shange, for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf