and her shoes!


Rose, Belina and Olivia Model Sheets (From S01E11 “Step Right Up”)

Here are the designs of our three favourite orphans : Rose (a.k.a “Lil Iris”), Belina (a.k.a “Lil Talia”) and Olivia (a.k.a “Lil Auriana”). It was kind of fun creating these three characters, and making the three of them different from their “favourite LoliRock”. 

Ah, and as a bonus, the model sheet of Talia without her jacket and shoes, as it was asked a few times. :)

This episode was the first one to be storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, who’ll also storyboard episodes 15 “Stitches”, 24 “Smart”, and in second season episode 24 “Forget You” and music video 10 “Never Give Up”.

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Hi Rosy! Can you break down the 412 Bellarke rover scene for me please? I was thinking about it more, and Clarke did pull the trigger (over his head, so it wouldn't hurt him) when she said she didn't. What do you think about her statement that no matter what she does, people always die? Why was it so important for Bell to ease her conscience when she'd threatened/kidnapped him? I love Bellarke, but something about that scene & Bellamy's easy forgiveness seemed too easy.

Well first of all, I think we’ve forgotten that Bellamy and Clarke are always the first to forgive each other– way before they’re able to forgive each other. This is canon and am important part of their relationship. 

He was pissed, no lie. He was mad at her for what she did. But he also understood what she did and why, and the similar decisions that they made together. 

He knows how hard it was for her. Because he’s been in her shoes before.

His whole attitude changes when she says “Nothing is okay.” His eyebrows shoot up. Did he think that she thought it was the right choice? The good choice? When really she didn’t think anything was right or good?

And when she says “whatever choice I make, somebody always dies,”

He blinks, and then is all of a sudden grinning. Like, did he just realize that she picked HIM over everyone else, knowing it was a choice, a conscious one? Like not just that she couldn’t shoot him, that she couldn’t shoot HIM. She knew she would be dooming so many people to die. I mean. It’s a horrible choice and he made that choice too, when he opened that door. But like, she put him on the same level of importance as he put O. Most important. 

I don’t know. It’s totally inappropriate. But all of a sudden, he’s grinning and joking and saying, “Well, not shooting me, that was the right choice.”

The thing about them is they DO understand each other, and they believe in each other. They know where these decisions they make are coming from, even when they disagree. I mean, seriously, she was trying to save lives. And he was risking them. 

“I didn’t pull the trigger,” she says.
“Is that supposed to make it okay?” he asks.
“Nothing is okay.” she says.

What if she just said that she thought not pulling the trigger was the wrong decision. What if she still thinks the door should have stayed closed. There’s an argument to be made for that. 

And she chose not to do it anyway.

She chose Bellamy over what she thought was the best for humanity. 

He’s seen what she’ll do for her people. And she didn’t do it. For him.

What if that scene is really Bellamy realizing for the first time that Clarke loves him? And he is so stupid happy that he starts grinning inappropriately and making lame jokes and staring at her instead of watching the road. She has no idea what just happened, but he can’t take his eyes off of her.

He’s not trying to make her feel better. He’s realizing she loves him back. 

Your Desk is a Mess Part 5

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

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Part Five

“So,” Natasha said, taking a sip of her nth drink of the evening and leaning onto the table in front of her. “Y/N.”

“Yes, Natasha,” you replied, smirking at Wanda, who was sitting beside Natasha. 

Wanda had had to help Natasha into the bathroom while you were off for another round of drinks, and the subtle stench of vomit reeked from her shoes. Wanda looked done for the evening.

“Over there,” Natasha slurred, pointing in the direction of the bar, “is a fine young gentleman who already asked you for your number.”

“Yes, I remember. I was there,” you responded taking a sip of your drink.

“So…?” Natasha asked, raising her eyebrows expectantly.

“So…?” you replied.

“For God’s sake, Y/N, why didn’t you give him your number?!”

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Do you think real!Ciel was the one who gave Lizzie her height complex? I think he did it on purpose

((??? Did what on purpose?? Growing up more slowly than Lizzy?? xD ))

Nah, real!Ciel doesn’t really have much to do with this since it’s this reunion scene with our!Ciel

that gave Lizzy the height complex. And it’s not like our!Ciel ever said to her that she’s too tall or asked her to wear flat shoes, Lizzy herself chooses to wear them because

she doesn’t want our!Ciel to feel uncomfortable about his short height (ch58).

And in case you mean this scene from ch58 by “he did it on purpose”,

then, again, no, I don’t think real!Ciel said this with the intention to hurt Lizzy. He was 5-7 years old back then, he was scared of his strict and strong aunt, so to me it seems like a normal reaction for a child of that age :)

The Mechanics of the Language of Love

‘Green Shoes’ allows the bard to explore the yes or no of decision unspecified. A woman in green shoes - of course - admits that she is not “courageous”, not “heroic” enough to say “yes”. She admits that she is not “lionhearted”, and she has not “plunged”. The narrator finds the “no” sweet and weak and vows to “brush [it] aside.” What is at work? Freedom, power, manipulation, ignorance? The woman has the right to say no, but it is meaningless in a world where women’s rights are easily dismissed. Ah patriarchy, who could have invented such a monster? In the end, the woman in question has her green shoes, and these might be magical, as everything involved in the true feminine may be. I am incapable of explaining myself properly, because language is too patriarchal to be clear. 


Kirsten Fell - written on the insole of a green shoes, left one, in an invisible ink that is activated by perspiration.

A girl is a navigator

A girl has an intimate relationship with the night.

We know the dark that folds us under her mantle,
and we know the dark that shrouds our menaces.

We know la luna protectora,
and the spotlight moon.

We know the soft spots in gravel roads,
and the rhythm of pavement.

A girl knows the exact decibels of her shoes.

We may not know which way is north
(we can’t see stars in the city)
but we have a sharp internal sextant.
She warns us when we’ve got ten seconds to casually cross the street.

We aren’t flâneuses; we’re geometers,
we take the hypotenuse home,
it has the most foot traffic.
Or else we take one of the legs, if la luna’s at the right angle.

A girl is always noticing, measuring, executing.

When a girl is lost at sea we keep count.

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I am in lust with a beautiful slim redhead called Hannah at work. I sometimes stay late and smell her black lace flat shoes, that she wears for hours barefoot, whilst stroking my hard cock looking at her wedding photos - imagining I am balls deep in her ass sucking her tiny toes. That usually is enough to send me to euphoria, and empty my nuts into her unfinished mug of tea!

1. You have a foot fetish so

2. You lust after a MARRIED woman?!?! Um, no. Get the fuck out of here

3. I really wish I didn’t read any of this, especially that final abhorrent sentence.


Jesus christ Hannah needs to run