and her sarees

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Like I mentioned before, Anjali gives dance lessons at the Temple (the boys are taught by Anjali’s former teacher). All of her students call her Didi (which means big sister). 

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It was a 16-minute demo. My friend Sara was there when I wrote it. She kept the coffee going and kept the cassettes coming and made sure we didn’t run out of batteries, and it was a long, long night recording that demo. She was a great songwriter helped. Sara was the poet in my heart. She likes to think it was all written about her, but it really wasn’t. She’s in there, for sure, but it’s written about a lot of other things too. Mick was the “great dark wing within the wings of the storms,” but when I was going with Mick I was hanging out with J.D. Souther and he kept saying, “You do know this relationship with Mick is never going to work out, don’t you?” And I said, “Well, when I get out of it, I’ll let you know.” And so there’s bits and pieces of him there talking to me.
I played it for J.D. and Don Henley and they both said, “You know what, it’s almost not too long. It’s good in its full 16 minuteness - it’s got all these great verses and it just kinda travels through the world of your relationships.” They were really complimentary to me and these are two great songwriters. I knew I had to edit it down, but I found it hard to get below seven minutes. As simple and pretty as the song was, it turned into a magical, rhythmic, tribal thing with all those “oohs” and “aahs.” It’s a fun song to sing.
—  Stevie Nicks, Tusk Deluxe edition liner notes, 2015

30 Days of Pride: Day 1/30

Trini celebrates Diwali with Kim’s family. 



“How is this even safe?” Trini asked, holding a diya, a little clay lamp, in her hand. It was going to be an idyllically crisp October evening, perfect for celebrating Diwali in the Hart family’s backyard. Kim’s parents were bringing supplies out of the house (snacks, matches, lighters) while Kim and Trini set up the tiny little lamps.

“We’re putting them in the pool, Trini,” Kim explained for the third time. “Nothing unsafe about it.”

“All I’m saying is my mom would freak if she found out I came over to your house to play with fire.”

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