and her sarees


Normally I wouldn’t bother trying to screenshot something this long, but that take down at the end is too good not to share.

Summary: Lady Gaga is wearing a Saree, an Indian piece of clothing. Some SJWs are mad because this is cultural appropriation. An Indian person tells them that there is no problem with her wearing a Saree because it has no religious connotations (it’s basically just a regular dress but Indian). Another SJW tells all native Indians/Desis to fuck off and educate themselves because they don’t understand how harmful it is to let white people get away with this.

Then poppypicklesticks says this

Don’t you love it when SJWs decide they know more about someone else’s culture and appoint themselves the champions of it, to the point they call the people who are actually part of it arrogant as fuck if they don’t adhere to the sensibilities of pubescent little American snots?

I mean seriously don’t they know how fucking INSULTING it would have been for Gaga to not only not wear this gift, but actually refuse it or hand it back? It would be an insult to not just the giver, but to Indian culture as a whole. The concept of sacred hospitality goes both ways, and is embedded into just about every culture.

Like India, a nation so vast it was called the Subcontinent for centures, home to a billion people and cultures and civilisations that have spanned centuries and millennia, crafted beautiful temples in the ancient lava flows that are said to have killed or off contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs, where the first civilisations of all flourished in the Indus valey and the birthplace of the oldest major religion (by several millenia) is apparently so weak that it needs a bunch of bored American teenagers to defend it from the evil whites.

Listen you American saviour little shits: India has survived centuries of colonialism, and it still stands today as one of the most beautiful, rich and fascinating cultures in the world: Its aesthetics are world-renowned for their undeniable and distinctive loveliness, and the fact that they have endured for the turbulent millennia that comprise the nation’s history. It’s going to take a lot more than a white woman wearing a sari given to her as a gift to destroy India and its pathetic that you think so little of India, or indeed, ANY of the nations or cultures have appointed yourselves the champions and spokespeople of to assume so.



Desi village aunty appealing look with holding two of round boobs with a seduceing smile…

Story :

She got drenched in rain and her bra was visible through the thin material >I noticed her nipple and areola protruding from her blouse. Her ass was only visible through her saree and her panties were visible. I began to work on my tool. All of a sudden she turned her back and she saw me standing near the window. 


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“Hurry up love!” Harry said checking the time for the fifth time in this hour. Harry and y/n were suppose to join Harry’s family for dinner and being a newly  married woman she was taking her whole time to get ready.

“Coming! Coming!” Said Y/n who came rushing busy in locking her earring knob. She was dressed as Harry thought she’d be. Y/n was Indian and Harry was now very used to their custom and traditions. Harry smiled to himself as he admired her busy state from head to toe. She wearing a black saree with golden borders and red bangles which were the indicators of a new wed woman. She had black necklace which along with some red powder (not chilli powder dorks) filled in her middle hair partition which showed the love and respect and right of a women for her husband. Her hair fell perfectly down her saree blouse which showed perfect amount of y/n’s tummy. And the most important thing was the ring that Harry put on her ring finger making her his completely. 

“Stop staring styles.” Y/n said as she giggles and Walked past Harry to wear her red sandals. The sound of her bangles never failed to turn him on ever since she wore them last month during their wedding. It was a great Indian wedding. Styles family was way much excited for Harry’s wedding in Indian traditions.

“Someone looks breathtaking huh?” Harry said chuckling as he slide his feet in his shoes. He was wearing nothing much fancy just a blue tuxedo as it was new year party. Harry’s breath hitched when he saw y/n’s half back and tummy exposed when she bent to tuck her feet inside her sandals. All that Harry wanted to do was bend her over the counter and fuck endlessly. But poor boy couldn’t as they already were way too much late to be a bit more.

“Oh who?” Y/n said giggling, as she took the woollen- scarf and wrapped it around her shoulder. Wearing a coat over her outfit would look a bit odd thought y/n so she went with the scarf.

“Hmm I suppose Mrs. Styles so” Harry said as he wrapped his arms around
Y/n’s waist turning her around to make her face him. He was mesmerised by her beauty. He leaned in wanting to taste her lip but was stopped as y/n pressed her palm against Harry’s lips-stoping him.

“No no mister. It took me so long to get ready and to my make up. Do not try to ruin it.” She giggled shaking her head. Gosh he swore he could make out with her anytime she wanted to. She was too hard to resist.

“But please poppet! I need one!” Harry whined as he pouted his plum pink lips. Y/n awed at him before standing tip toes pressing her lips against him softly trying not to ruin her lipstick.

“Thank you! Now let’s go.” Harry said as he lead her into his car and opened the car door for her before sitting inside himself. He started the car while y/n’s perfume took over Harry’s car scent. Well it wasn’t making any easier for him to resist not tasting her. The sweet and soothing scent took over inside the car completely.

“Am I looking too much?” Y/n said as examined herself in the rear view mirror and looked at Harry with furrows eyebrows. Harry smiles softly as the car came to a soft halt on the red signal.

“No no sweetheart. You look exactly how you’re suppose to look. Well it’s making difficult for me not to touch you” Harry said as he softly brushed his finger on y/n exposed stomach lightly.

“Harry! Don’t tell me. Oh god!” Y/n said as she looked at the growing bulge in Harry’s pants. Well it wasn’t easy for y/n on the other hand too to resist her husband who was looking good as ever in his clothes.

“What can I do huh? You’re looking incredibly breath taking in that saree (gosh imagine him saying saree!) plus those bangles ! Jesus I might just die here with your sexiness!” He said trying his best to concentrate. Y/n giggled at his eagerness as she leaned over kissing his cheek.

The whole time during the party Harry kept his arm around y/n’s bare waist giving it a squeeze minute to minute. His cold platinum band on his ring finger sent chills down her spine as y/n tried her best to stay calm and not to attack him with kisses.

“Oh there you are! Come on darling guests want to meet you!” Anne exclaimed as she stole y/n from Harry ripping his arm away from her waist. Y/n smile hugging Anne’s best friend who wasn’t able to attend the wedding due to her medical issues.

“Oh my my. Look at you honey! You’re glowing.” She said with wide eyes.

“Haha thank you!” Y/n said as she saw Harry’s eyes burning in her body. She smirked to self and chatted for  15 minutes or so about her saree which the show stopper was everyone.

“Okay guys!!!! Countdown begins!!!” Gemma chirped as everyone started counting from 5. Harry searched for
Y/n as the crowd came to the middle of the floor.

“4!!!!” Harry’s breath quickened as he searched for her eagerly.

“3!!!!!” Y/n heartbeat quickened as she
Looked for Harry.

“2!!!” And there both of them came in front of each other. Harry waste no time wrapping his arms around y/n’s waist giving it a squeeze pulling her close.

“1 !!!!!!” Said both in a whisper, soon enough their lips were on each other’s kissing and welcoming the fresh year.

Y/n stumbled over her feet as Harry pushed her against the door kissing her with all the passion he had. Both of their clothes were discarded in the floor messing up the clean house that Harry knew y/n would whine about later.

He lift her up as she wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist, cupping his face in her hands y/n kissed him - slipping her tongue inside his mouth tasting the whiskey he had just a mere house ago.

Harry’s long legs carried her upstairs when he softly tossed her on their kind sized bed. He climbed over her as she arched back-pressing her cloth covered chest against Harry’s bare one. He took as an opportunity to sneak a hand behind unclasping the bra and taking it off her body slowly.

“Gosh. I love you so much.” Y/n said as she bought one hand to his face caressing his cheek  with her finger lightly. He smiled as he lightly gripped her tiny wrist kissing it softly. He bite his lip as he saw the bangles covering half of her lower arm.

“You like them don’t you?” Y/n giggled as he nuzzled his face in her wrist.

“You’ve got no idea.” He said. Harry stared into her eyes deeply. He could see the love for fun which y/n had deep inside herself. He leaned in to kiss her neck which tasted nothing but sweet.

A soft moan escaped y/n’s lip as her red-plastic bangles cover hands went into his hair to grip them. Harry on the other side slowly pulled her soaked panties down her legs.

Y/n wasted no time to pull Harry’s boxers out too. Her small hands took his now-fully erected big cock in her hands and pumped him. Harry’s eyes rolled back in his eye socket and his head dropped his the crook of her neck.

“Oh fuck baby.” Harry said as his finger went to y/n’s slicked-wet pussy. His fingers searches for the tiny little bundle of nerves. Soon he was rubbing her clit as she whimpered beneath him. Harry pulled back a little to look down at the piece of of art and love whom he called his wife.

Her face was scrunched, lips slightly apart, chest raising up and down pressing it to Harry chest with a beat of time. He smiled as she peeked an eye open when she felt his fingers pulling away.

“Why the hell on earth you’d do that?!” She nearly screamed in frustration. Well sexual frustration.

“Can’t let my fingers have all the fun baby.” Harry said as he slowly slid his cock inside her stretching her to the fullest. A manly moan left Harry’s mouth as he felt her tight walls around him.

“Fuck. S-so fuc-fucking tight.” Harry said as he moved in out of her. Y/n just laid beneath him moaning making Harry lose all over again. Her whimpers-and cries of pleasure was enough for Harry to go weak.

He moved down while thrusting inside her. Harry licked his lips as he took one of her nipple bud inside his mouth while playing with other. He nibbled on it lightly and flicked his tongue on the bus causing y/n to go all crazy.

“Hmm yes Harry! Oh my god hmm aghhh!!” Y/n whimpered beneath her rolling-moving her hips to match with Harry’s. It took no further time for Harry to feel a coil burning in his stomach.

“I-I’m close bab-baby.” Harry moaned leaning in locking his lips with y/n’s smudged by lipstick ones.

“So am I Harry! Let it go sweetheart.” Y/n said as she rolled Harry’s balls in her hands.

“Come on baby, cum for me. Come on.” Y/n said and within a few second she felt Harry shot his hot liquid inside her. And with one more big thrust, y/n scratches Harry’s back as she herself felt reaching her highs and releasing.

There was a comforting silence for a few minutes as the couple tried to bring their breathing back to even. Y/n ran her fingers through Harry’s hair who had his face hidden in her neck softening inside her.

“Do me a favour peaches” Harry mumbled against the flesh of her neck followed by a hum from y/n.

“Don’t take those bangles off for another one month too” he said chuckling as y/n giggled and squeezed his butt in a agreeing way.

Well they both knew the power of her bangles ;).

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