and her sarees

You can note she is wearing nothing underneath her transparent saree totally nude round ass is visible…
Exhibitionism is not all abt being nude ..
Flashing skin like Wearing revealing cloths to restaurant clubs hotels parties ..Much fun 🍻

Very Simple way Of exposure…
Make ur Wife Dress In a Totally Tight backless figure hugg blouses…
Let her wear a Transparent saree on her
I bet the whole fucking event would be Raping your wife on their minds and lusty Eye’s on her… Navel will be more Killing


Desi village aunty appealing look with holding two of round boobs with a seduceing smile…

Story :

She got drenched in rain and her bra was visible through the thin material >I noticed her nipple and areola protruding from her blouse. Her ass was only visible through her saree and her panties were visible. I began to work on my tool. All of a sudden she turned her back and she saw me standing near the window. 


Normally I wouldn’t bother trying to screenshot something this long, but that take down at the end is too good not to share.

Summary: Lady Gaga is wearing a Saree, an Indian piece of clothing. Some SJWs are mad because this is cultural appropriation. An Indian person tells them that there is no problem with her wearing a Saree because it has no religious connotations (it’s basically just a regular dress but Indian). Another SJW tells all native Indians/Desis to fuck off and educate themselves because they don’t understand how harmful it is to let white people get away with this.

Then poppypicklesticks says this

Don’t you love it when SJWs decide they know more about someone else’s culture and appoint themselves the champions of it, to the point they call the people who are actually part of it arrogant as fuck if they don’t adhere to the sensibilities of pubescent little American snots?

I mean seriously don’t they know how fucking INSULTING it would have been for Gaga to not only not wear this gift, but actually refuse it or hand it back? It would be an insult to not just the giver, but to Indian culture as a whole. The concept of sacred hospitality goes both ways, and is embedded into just about every culture.

Like India, a nation so vast it was called the Subcontinent for centures, home to a billion people and cultures and civilisations that have spanned centuries and millennia, crafted beautiful temples in the ancient lava flows that are said to have killed or off contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs, where the first civilisations of all flourished in the Indus valey and the birthplace of the oldest major religion (by several millenia) is apparently so weak that it needs a bunch of bored American teenagers to defend it from the evil whites.

Listen you American saviour little shits: India has survived centuries of colonialism, and it still stands today as one of the most beautiful, rich and fascinating cultures in the world: Its aesthetics are world-renowned for their undeniable and distinctive loveliness, and the fact that they have endured for the turbulent millennia that comprise the nation’s history. It’s going to take a lot more than a white woman wearing a sari given to her as a gift to destroy India and its pathetic that you think so little of India, or indeed, ANY of the nations or cultures have appointed yourselves the champions and spokespeople of to assume so.