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sooo, does fred have some sort of feelings to theo or what?

hmm, well… nothing real or meaningful in the way of romance. there is respect, fascination, annoyance and some protectiveness, but that protective side usually shows itself when theo interacts with his father and has more to do with caleb (fred’s father) than theo. frederick is just rly done seeing him tear down people’s self esteem and sense of worth.

so to sum up,

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i hope they let her learn and become a better mother, as well be more accepting of alec and magnus, because i feel like there’s potential there

i actually noticed during that scene when magnus gives a gift to max, that maryse looks at alec a few times when magnus is with max in such a….. i dont know if caring would be a good world, but nicola did a wonderful job there with those looks because i really felt there that she could learn and use her potential as a supportive mother. i hope they dont forget her storyline because i really want to see her grow especially from the situation, and become a better version of herself because god theres so much potential and i love nicola so much

       [ it’s so fun to be in a different timezone and come home from a long day to watch you guys just waking up ]

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Okay but like, this episode was a major step back for the show. I can already tell the next episode will lose a ton of viewers because of it. All the episodes leading up to the winter finale were amazing and we were still getting a little of the Season 1 vibes but ever since the hiatus, everything's just deteriorating rapidly. CW better get their shit together because they've already lost the majority of the original show's fans.

i ghostwrote this, buddy. i don’t know what’s going on djslfsalf the only reason i still watch is bc i’m in love with melissa and bc i’m thirsty for rep

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Ship that pisses you off: 💣

Ooo, way to go straight for the controversial one, Stars. XD

Okay, first, disclaimer: shippers gonna gonna, and you go and like whatever ship your heart desires, even if it’s whatever ship(s) I discuss get angry about below. We can agree to disagree! But here we go. 


Mary and whatshisname (in the last season) from Downton Abbey. The car guy that she marries at the end. 

Look, the main problem is that she and Matthew were achingly perfect, and I know, I know, Dan Stevens decided to move on and the only real way to get Matthew out of the show was to *do what they did*, and I know no one was ever going to be good enough for Mary after Matthew. 

BUT [spoiler alert] Matthew literally died in a car accident. And she broke down with perfectly real, legit concerns about getting involved with a guy who races cars for a living in a time when that is like, SUPER, super dangerous. But everyone just like, talked her out of it? And talked her into being with the guy? Which not only makes zero sense with Mary’s character, it made no sense for everyone else to be trying so hard to sell her on this guy?? 

Rule of thumb for writers and characters and romance: if everyone has to constantly talk about how right two characters are for each other but I cannot feel it from the two characters in question, you’re doing it wrong

While I get some things they tried to do (she definitely needs someone who challenges her, agreed), it was Not Right from the beginning. She was constantly hesitant and unsure and it came off like everyone else “knew better” and pushed her into the relationship with the guy, which is not at all in line with the Mary we grew to know. 


(Other ships I thought of: Alex/Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) - though I blame fandom and writing “twists” for that one; Ted/Robin (HIMYM) - blame the finale only; Kylo/Rey (Force Awakens) - blame certain corners of fandom) 

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lmaoo why did tristen punch the fuck out of aiden?

Long story short, Grace has an ex-boyfriend named Giaro that had been harassing her for months, years probably. Just when she was about to take legal action against him, filling a request for a restraining order that is, he got at her when she was over at Aiden’s house. Unfortunately for him, Aiden showed up along with Tristen and he ended up beating the crap out of him. You see the thing is, even though Giaro trespassed private property, broke said property (he broke the window in order to get in) and tried to physically harm his girlfriend, the fact that Aiden had beaten him almost unconsciously could be something he could use in his defense because, there was no fucking way that motherfucker wasn’t going to court. So, in order to allege self-defense and to tie up loose ends, preventing any legal problems, Aiden asked Tristen to get one or two swings in. That’s it xD


- German Junkrat line 2016

Today while I played I got to hear a new line from Junkrat when he’s talking to Mei.
I play the German version of the game and when Mei asked her no-good-bully-question Junkrat replied with this.
“Ich mach’ einfach nicht den selben Fehler wie du und setze keine Brille auf.” (I simply don’t do the same mistake as you and don’t wear glasses)
I thought it was kinda adorable (and sassy) so I felt like doing some doodles to it. Simple man with simple solutions.

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consider: fem! otabek and fem! JJ. I fell in love with your fem! yuri and I want her to have a pretty girlfriend who skates too

You mean like that ?

Yulia and her curvy girlfriends, Danagul (Aka Dana), and JJ (who’s name she likes to keep secret and give fake names to everyone)

(Also thaaaanks I’m happy you liked my fem!Yuri !)

And more of fem!JJ and fem!Otabek under the cut :

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hey, my sister died earlier this week and I really love seeing your lesbian goblins curled up soft and warm. Do you think you could post a couple of pictures of them?

I’m so sorry. here’s a vid with goblin love - hope it helps!

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My sexual orientation is probably your Among the Hollow designs. Too damn good. So quick question, how does Sevilla's outer 'hoodie' stay on her head? Does she have a pin of a sort or does it fall everytime she's running away from the government?

good question! I imagine she’d pin it to her headscarf somehow. Unless she was trying to escape from Cosmas and needed it to be detachable??

 Her main outfit design is based on a number of different cultures that I took inspiration from (Turkey, India, and Palestine, and even Harb to name a few). Below are a few examples.