and her perfect kids

The perfect sister

-Zoe is referred to as “that perfect girl”; she’s smart, pretty, likable

-Connor, on the other hand, is referred to as a psychopath, crazy, and a freak. He has no friends, he does drugs, he disappoints his parents

-Maybe the main reason Connor wasn’t close to Zoe was because he envied her perfection

-She was probably favored by their parents because she was the ‘normal’ one

-Connor assumes If it had been Zoe who skipped school and did drugs, their parents would have did everything the could to help her

-He wishes he could be the perfect kid, instead of the son who’s falling apart

-So when he meets Evan, a part of him dares to hope that maybe they could be friends

-But then he sees his perfect sisters name on the paper and his heart drops

-Of course this kid that he kinda liked, who he might have become friends with, of course he loved Zoe. She was perfect, he was not.

-Even if they did become friends, how would he know it wasn’t just a way to get to Zoe? What if once Evan had a way to talk to her, he drifted away from Connor? Because why would he hang around Connor, the freak, when he could be with Zoe, the perfect, perfect girl?

-So he snaps and yells at Evan and runs off

-He can’t escape her. He’s always compared to her, by their parents, by teachers, by other students

-Who would ever love him when Zoe was superior to him in every way?

-No one.

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Alicia Zimmermann would literally kill all of you if she saw you guys saying her son was an ugly baby. He had chubby little baby arms and she used to get weepy looking at them, muttering “look at his little sausage arms bob oh my god he’s literally perfect look”. Because!!! That’s!!! Her kid!!!!!!!!! And he’s cute as hell!!!!!!!!


Here, have some appropriate battle music!

A close call for Undyne, but she still came out okay! Seems someone else was watching, though…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Diana out there cheering on her 5 lil monkeys.

She is screaming for Jason to keep going all the way and when he kicks the ball into the back of the net she is picking up zack and swinging him around “DID YOU SEE HIM GO!?”(i have a headcanon that jason played football to appease his dad but really he liked soccer)

She gets to the gym 40mins b4 game time to make sure she saves the perfect seats that wont block her or the kids when cheering Zack on during one of his basketball games. She records everyone of them and watches it with mama taylor while the kids are busy with ranger duties/school

She makes sure kimberly drinks plenty of water during her track and field comps. She braids her hair back so it isnt in her face and always places a good luck kiss against her temple whispering helpful reminders like “Dont forget to tuck your leg during hurdles”

She lets billy test his robots abilities against her and helps with any adjusting “my mom is happy im in a club even though it’s robot fighting but she never wants to help me with the dirty work….im glad you wanna help me” he made his robot a tiara for when it goes into battle.

She is right next to the coach on the court screaming and cheering on while trini is spiking ball after ball into the opponents side during volleyball games “She might be short but ya kids got a good jump ms prince!”

Diana Prince has a jersey for each kid she wears during every game all homemade.

Ive been reading the Diana Prince adopts Trini au and like the parts where she is just accepting the other 4 as her own had my ass in my feels and i had to share

The Signs as Suburban Moms
  • Aries: Jennifer, age 43, an alcoholic who lets her kids run wild but still shows up to school functions so it looks like she's trying
  • Taurus: Ramona, age 37, a stay at home mom obsessed with interior decorating who spends over $20,000 a year at Homegoods.
  • Gemini: Lyn, age 38, a confident mom who flirts with married men even though she herself is married and posts too much on social media
  • Cancer: Pat, age 41, a loving mom who already has six kids but wants to push for one more because she loves the whole process of raising a child
  • Leo: Stella, age 36, a "younger" mom who is an ex Broadway star and likes to tell stories about her "dazzling" experiences on the stage and rant about how her kids are sure to follow
  • Virgo: Courtney, age 45, a traditional mom who doesn't let her kids dye their hair and thinks college is the most important thing ever
  • Libra: Katherine, age 42, a gossiper who is obsessed with high school reunions and going to parties and socializing
  • Scorpio: Kelly, age 39, a widow who is doing her best to provide for the kids but is grief stricken since losing her husband
  • Sagittarius: Georgina, age 38, a firecracker mom who brings everyone on road trips across the country and likes to skydive
  • Capricorn: Susan, age 42, a self proclaimed "tiger mom" who pushes her kids to learn instruments and achieve perfect grades so they can show the world their potential
  • Aquarius: Harriet, age 37, an artist who keeps to herself and doesn't really show up at PTA meetings because everybody there is boring
  • Pisces: Christina, age 40, a super lenient mom who won't get mad at her kids for drinking or anything like that but rather try to understand why they did it and try to help

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Hi,i love your blog,I spent all night reading your stories,Prompt idea remember when Betty suggests "Rebel without cause",and they just share a smile.Can you maybe add a backstory to it?

I’m sorry this is so late! But here ya go!

“Maybe… rebel without a cause?”

Jugheads head snapped up at her answer, shooting her his gorgeous smile, followed by an eye roll, the smile never leaving his face.

She looked back at him and smiled, she knew he was thinking the same thing as she was.

Flashback to six years ago, it was Betty’s birthday and she was turning ten.

Jughead could remember clearly the way she was practically shaking with excitement

“I’m double digits now juggie, just like you, and I can’t believe mom and dad finally said I could have a party with some of the kids in our class, were having triple chocolate cake!”

Betty was growing into herself, slowly, and that meant the baby fat all the other girls had lost by now, still was present on her body.

Jughead didn’t care, he thought she looked just fine to him, all the other girls looked sick, had they never had a hamburger.

Unfortunately for Betty, it gave the vicious elementary school kids a perfect excuse to pick on her.

Jughead was in the same boat due to his second hand clothing and enormous appetite.

“You know that’s my favorite bets, I’m for sure getting the first piece.” He teased

“Not on my birthday you’re not forsythe” she smacked his shoulder when suddenly her eyes caught onto their familiar red headed best friend .

Tugging jughead along she ran to Archie

“Archie! You’ll be at my birthday party tonight right.” Betty asked

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Hey jug!”

Jughead smiled at his best pal

“Hey arch”

They talked for the length of recess before the school bell rang.

The rest of the day dragged for both ten year olds.

Finally it was time for Betty’s party and he found himself in front of her door knocking with his signature three taps.

Alice opened the door and smiled

“Forsythe, come on in Betty should be down any minute.”

Alice was a great mom, and she loved Betty and her sister more than anything.

As he headed to the snack table his eyes caught a flash of pink and suddenly the pretzel he was about to put in his mouth was on the ground.

Betty was standing at the top of the stairs in a soft pink dress. Her hair looked like sunshine falling down her back in golden waves.

She was so pretty.

She finally reached Jughead, twirling around

“What do you think?”

He couldn’t speak

“Nice dress , uh real nice”

“Thanks” she beamed tugging him to the couch “let’s wait over here for a few minutes for everyone else to show up.”

Minutes turned to hours and suddenly it was eight o clock at night.

The party was over.

No one had shown up.

Suddenly the blare of a car horn drew their attention to the window.

There was Archie, getting out of Jason blossoms dads car and waving before walking into his own home.

Before he could register what was going on Betty was in his arms. Crying.

“No one came, no one at all. Not even Archie” she sobbed into his chest.

His ten year old brain didn’t even hesitate, he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed circles into her back “I know. I know”. After what felt like years Betty pulled away, wiping her nose on her sleeve.

“Thanks Jughead , for being here on my birthday, I can always count on you.”

Jughead didn’t want her tenth birthday to end like this.

“Hey the party doesn’t have to end here, there’s still plenty of snacks and I bet my mom would let me sleep over and we can stay up and watch movies.”

Betty sniffled, bringing her watery eyes up to him
“What movie?”

He scrambled to get up and move to their VHS case, grabbing the first one he saw ,he handed it to her.

“This one!”

She took the movie smiling slightly, her eye brows wrinkling in confusion

“Rebel without a cause?”

He had no clue what the heck that movie was

“Oh sure, that’s a great one! Well what are you waiting for pop it in!”

She laughed for the first time getting up and placing the movie in and moving to cuddle up next to him on the sofa.

For the next two hour they laughed so hard they cried, stuffed themselves with cake and eventually fell asleep wrapped up in the same blanket.

Walking into the living room Alice stopped in her tracks, smiling softly.

She was so grateful for her baby girls best friend, he had saved her a lot of heart ache tonight.

Taking out her camera she snapped a picture.

Oh shoot, she should probably call jugheads mother!


GLEE MEME: Fifteen Scenes:
13. “Three minutes.”

Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.

More reasons to smile

A kid could’ve just gotten their braces off

A family could’ve just bought their first official house

A hijabi could’ve gotten complimented on the way they tie their hijab

An older sister could’ve just helped her recently openly gay brother perfect his winged liner

A kid could’ve just stood up to their bully

Someone could’ve just gotten asked to a dance by their crush

A student could’ve just gotten accepted into the college of their choice

A family in need could’ve been given their own Christmas tree

Someone who recently lost weight could’ve just noticed their new muscles

Someone could’ve just gotten their first paycheck

A kid could’ve just finished their letter to Santa

A healthy baby could’ve just been born despite multiple health scares

An addict could’ve just admitted themselves into rehab

A person in the military could’ve just made it home for Christmas

Someone could’ve just made the basketball team

A college student could’ve just finished the project that’s been stressing them out for weeks

A couple could’ve just said their first I love you

A woman could’ve just said yes to getting married

A gay married couple could be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary

If ANYTHING happens to my daughter…

Originally posted by dianadethemyscira

A/N: just a bunch of protective mom diana

“Mommy why are you crying?” Your daughter, Athena had to ask. You sigh as you grip the steering wheel, feeling a lot of emotions. Unlike your wife, Diana, she was a crying mess as she gripped your daughters hand the whole time.

“Because my little one is going to school!” She exclaimed, looking back at Athena, grinning. “My beautiful baby is all grown up.”

You hear your daughter giggle. “Mommies! Can you please come in.”

“Yes ho-”

“Of course baby!” Your wife interrupted. You couldn’t help but chuckle at how enthusatic the brunette was about your guys daughter.

Ever since Athena was born, she vowed to protect you and Athena and although you were grateful, she could be very over protective.

“Did you get everything?” Diana asks Athena and the little girl nods eagerly.

“Yes Mommy! Mama gave me everything this morning.” You grinned happily as you turned to get a glimpse of your beautiful daughter. She was dressed in assortment of colors, not just one, with a hello Kitty backpack and a lunch bag to match it.

Athena looked a lot like Diana, brown, long hair, beautiful creamy skin and plump lips, but you were both certain she had your eyes and nose. She was probably the most beautiful kid ever (not to mention she was technically a demi god.)

You pulled the car in, parking and you could’ve sworn Diana was already out the door before you even parked. She picked up Athena, putting her up on her very big shoulders as you watched happily.

“be careful, Diana, you are very tall and she could hit her head.” You heard a little gasp from the Amazon and she made sure to protect Athena’s little head.

With a little guidance from the teachers (and a lot of apologies because all Diana did was glare and threaten for the safety of her daughter) you found her room. It was small and perfect just for kids her age. Diana looked around, very confused and new to this kind of environment but you grabbed her hand, reassuring.

“It’s alright,” you whisper, and you hear the superhero sniffle. “I swear to zeus himself,” she grumbles. “I will destroy anyone who even look at Athena wrong-”

“Baby!” You wrap your arms around Diana, pulling her close so she didn’t actually hurt anyone. “it will be alright. Trust me.”

She grumbled again, kissing the top of your forehead before pulling away slightly.

“let’s go home before I actually freak out.”

“good idea.”

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Hii! I love your writing! Could i request pls another daddy!katsuki scenario because i totally loved the other one and i can't get enough of bakugou (;-;)

THANK YOU BBY! I AM IN THE SAME BOAT HELP MEEEEE!!! I just wanna smooch Kacchan’s angry self all day  (  ˘ ³˘)(♯▼皿▼)

Also I’m so happy you loved it!! I am SO in love with Daddy!Kacchan myself so thank you for request more!  & for letting my mind wander through so many amazing ideas about him~(⺣◡⺣)♡*

Click here for the previous fic mentioned!

Bakugou, Katsuki (Daddy!Kacchan)

Pacing back and forth with steaming hands to his blonde head, he began to worry his own mother, who placed a stern hand on his broad shoulder to stop him in his tracks. “Sweetheart… you’re scaring everyone, sit down already.” After those words, his crimson irises moved from the face of his aging mother to the random eyes on him in the shared waiting room. How long was he pacing for? Were his thoughts being expressed out loud? A loud tch escaped the stressed out man and he slumped into a nearby chair, with age he was able to control his emotions a little easier and even more so with the help of his wife. But without her, he was a god damn wreck, like right now.

“She’s a fighter, like yer’ mama!” Bakugou’s mother pressed, trying to ease just a little bit of her son’s worry.

“What …. what if there’s a fucking complication! And I’m not there next to her!” His deep voice wailed out, his hands going back to grip at the sides of his head. This is why he wanted to wait for as long as they did, hell if he could have waited even longer he would. Women died in child birth around the world all the time, quirkless or not. If he lost her, if he lost both of them, what would he do? Bakugou’s mind was starting to become his enemy in this moment and all this waiting was making it all even worse! His palms were sweaty and his breath shaken, he was so anxious that both of his legs shook relentlessly. His wife had been in labor now for thirty-two hours. “W-Why is it taking so long!?”

“Babies don’t just pop out son,” his father now chimed in, he was calm the whole time but remembered reacting the exact same way when he was waiting for his now grown man son to be born. Just as Bakugou stood up to snap at his old man, the doors swung open and a familiar nurse’s face came rushing over to the waiting family. She smiled up at the husband and urged them all to follow, it was time for the Bakugous to meet their newest addition to the family. “Katsuki… you go on ahead first… come get us after you’ve officially met your child.” his father stated with a proud smile on his cheeks, embracing his now emotional wife who just couldn’t wait to see her grandchild.

Gulping, it was finally time to meet his child but he hesitated when it came to opening the door. He wanted to be by his wife’s side this whole time and now that he could he was beyond nervous all over again. Frozen in place. ‘What do I say…? Will I be good to this child? Oh god! What if I hurt it!? Y/N will kill me…. I’ll kill me!’ Bakugou’s mind began to act up once again forcing a strong scowl on his trouble features. But a sudden sound snapped him out of it. A baby crying along with the soft hushed tones of his wife’s voice and then the tears began to fall, “t-tch!” he growled, wiping his face before opening the door. This was his family! So why was he standing behind a closed door crying like some idiotic weakling!?

“O-Oh, Katsuki!” Y/N breathed out when she looked up at the suddenly flung opened doors. Her husband just stared at her in the doorway, worry written all over his clearly exhausted features. He gave her his usual greeting like they did when they were back at home, a simple nod in her direction and she laughed. Her hair was a mess and sticking to her damp skin from all the sweat, cheeks bright red but still held a tired but purely happy smile on them, wet from all the tears. He couldn’t get over the fact that his wife in this moment was actually glowing. His wide crimson irises moved from his radiant wife down to what was within her arms and pressed into her chest. “Come say hello to Kana,” she whispered sweetly, gesturing him over with a hand.

His feet brought him closer, but he hesitated to make any sudden movements because of the size of the bundle in her arms. It was so tiny but when what was inside of that bundle was shown to him, he felt another rush of emotions and the tears came flowing out again against his will. The bundle was tiny but the child wrapped within it was even more so. His wife wiped away at her own tears, she knew her husband was an emotional man underneath all his grumpiness when he cried more than her during their wedding. She just knew that he would cry meeting his daughter as well. He dropped to his knees by the bed, moving his face closer to the newborn without moving her mother or her, and he just stared. No words, just staring in awe. He didn’t move a muscle once he was in that tiny girl’s presence. How could he dare touch something so small and so precious? “I….I’ll never let anything fucking happen to her… to you…… us.”

Y/N touched her husband’s cheek with his words, causing him to look up at her bright face again, “I know you will, you’re our hero after all.” Bakugou gave a shaky laugh before shoving his face into his wife’s chest a series of sobs wracking his body, what a complete mess he was. She was okay and so was their little one, all thanks to her and not him. Y/N gently caressed the top of his head all while staring at the calm little child in her other arm, still utterly shocked and amazed that these two adults made such a perfect being. While her father cried in the arms of her mother, Kana began to wiggle and fuss within the blanket. Her tiny face twisted as she got more upset and Y/N couldn’t stop the laughing fit that came over her.

This little girl was the spitting image of Katsuki himself, a tiny fluff of ashen blonde at the top of her head and that scowl on her cheeks matching his perfectly being only a few hours old. “L-Look Kacchan…. she’s opening her eyes…” Y/N patted at his head and he wiped his sadness on her hospital gown, he looked down and his crimson irises caught with another identical pair. ‘She’s so beautiful…’ he gasped within his head while he studied every part of that little girl’s face in silence. “You know…. you can hold her, she’s your kid.”

“I-I can’t…. What if I drop her?”

“Well….. luckily we’re in a hospital already because if you do you’ll have to be checked in right away.”

Tch….!” He scoffed at his wife with a nervous smirk, he did want to hold his child but his nerves were his enemy today. Grumbling at his emotional distress, he looked around the room and brought a nearby chair that was behind him much closer, because once that girl was in his arms he wouldn’t be moving any time soon. Scooting the chair until he knees were touching the hospital bed, he plopped down into the cushions and glared intently at his wife with puffy eyes before opening his arms wide. 

She rolled her eyes in return and slowly lifted the girl up with both of her hands, “watch her head, okay?” His glare intensified but he didn’t mean to that’s just how his body reacted to his feelings, his wife knew it was his nerves and that this was an emotional time for the both of them. He was allowed to act like this. Cautiously Y/N brought Kana down into Katsuki’s bulky arms, knowing that even though they were muscular and scarred, they were also kind and very gentle. His face twisted from a glare to a nervous, nearly panicked look while the child was being lowered down. Soon enough, there he was with the smallest being in his large arms, which only made her look even smaller within them, he fumbled to get comfortable with her weight.

“Fuck she’s so tiny..” he murmured through tight lips, his irises focused on her while she also stared back up at him. He allowed himself time to adjust to such a new sensation and while he did, Kana fell back asleep, allowing her father to stare down at her in peace. This was his kid, no denying it. “…she’s perfect,” he whispered while bringing the newborn up to his face slowly, more confident with handling her after some time had passed. He brought a finger to her cheeks, touching at the soft skin, utterly amazed by the look of her. That blonde hair, those crimson irises, this little girl even had his nose. Which he placed a gentle kiss against before the tears that rolled out of his face once more landed on her’s. 

ok so before i leave to go do homework for several long, awful hours, i’m gonna talk a little bit about the bill/bev kiss

let me just list out all the amazing little details about bill (thank u jaeden) and bev (thank u sophie) that are fucking amazing and beautiful:

  • the way they make eye contact the whole fucking time before he kisses her, both of them looking lost and hopeful and a little desperate
  • the way bev’s hand comes up but she hesitates to touch him on the first kiss, completely mesmerized and shocked
  • the way she stares at him, and in that moment you can see her go from “what?” to “YES”
  • HE KEEPS??? HIS EYES OPEN?? THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART!!! he wants to soak in every second of that moment
  • the look on her face when she pulls back. she’s just like. wow. i love this kid. bill (and the other losers, but bill the most) gave her a summer of excitement and friendship like nothing she’d ever had and she’ll never forget that as long as she lives.
  • bill’s face as he watches her go. he doesn’t want her to go. he’s blown away. jaeden??? how??? your face???
  • THE BLOOD. i kinda love the aesthetic tbh. and it’s like. her making her mark on him, because they’ll always, always be a part of each other

if you think he doesn’t draw what her face looked like during that kiss for every night for the next month you’re wrong

i’m never gonna fucking get over this. they mean so much to each other. bev was the one who kept bill grounded, who reminded him that he wasn’t fucking insane, even when everyone else thought about backing out. she would’ve done anything for him, and him for her. no, their relationship isn’t perfect, and yes, they’re just kids, but??? god. every bit of their relationship in that movie was pure adoration and trust and support, and while they may not end up together in the end, bill’s going to remember that kiss for the rest of his life.

"And she finds it difficult to believe — that a person would love her even when she isn’t trying. Trying to figure out what other people need, trying to be worthy.”— Margaret Atwood

Special thanks to my awesome friend Christine for editing this and giving me feedback

Betty Cooper-top of her class, a cheerleader, polished and presentable at all times. She was a Cooper girl after all and her mother invariably expected nothing but the best.

Betty Cooper was supposed to be perfect, but Betty Cooper never felt perfect. No matter her efforts, it’s as though there would always be cracks in her carefully constructed armour, just as there will always be the indents on her palms.


Jughead Jones noticed Betty’s palms when he was just six years old.

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