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aaah !!! FCK IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS !!! hey guys, i’m andi and it’s really nice to meet all of you! hmu if you wanna plot or scream abt anything, i’m super down ! under the cut is a blurb about my smol problematic bean who has her bio, stats, and connections pages up if you wanna check those out ( fun fact: i… never get those pages done this early but SHE IS MY CHILD AND I LOVE HER ) anyway, onto the blurb **tw: eating disorder**

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You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.

BTS ideal type vs What they need


She’s the type to always have a smile on her face, and be the perfect girl with everything in her bag. With frilly napkins, and her short hair barely brushing against her shoulders. Her pink lip balm blushing bright against her lips. She’d be a small person who always needs to be protected. She’s soft spoken, with bright eyes shying away from his when she comes face to face. The type to always check up on her “oppa.” Getting him lunch to work whenever she can. Did I mention? Her cooking skills are something to always look forward to.

  1. Looks
  • Smol Smol Smol. Like 160 ish.. you need that adorable height difference ok?
  • Long hair, that he can just twirl between his smol hands
  • Brightest smile possible!!!!

     2.   Personality

  • Shy shy shy
  • Secret aegyo master
  • Amazing cook, so he can just rest his head on your shoulders, as you go around the kitchen cooking, and he just stands there with you.
  • Someone who can take care of him
  • But depend on him as well
  • the type to sweetly call him “oppa” everytime.
  • The purest, sweetest, angel alive.

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He thought he needs a perfect “girl”, but that’s where he went wrong. He needs the perfect girl for himself. Which does include all of these aspects, but to some extent. He needs you to be his friend, not his puppy. He needs you to be a sweet, yet mischievous girlfriend. Be the type to prank him, but hug him nd shower him with kisses afterwards. Be that girl who cooks really well, but messes up the kitchen along the way. The ones to cry at every sappy romantic movie, but also enjoy the gruesome fights with all the blood. Dance with him. Shamelessly. Just dance. Twirl around with him, and you’re the perfect girl for him.

  1. Looks
  • Smol smol smol smol smolllll!!!!!!!!
  • be the chubby bunnyyy that he can keep pokinggggg!!
  • Long flowy hair, perfect for all the hair flips that’d be involved.
  • a bright smile that just lights up his world

     2.  Personality

  • AEgyo Queeen
  • a little sarcastic, just a tad bit.
  • Very very very sweet and caring
  • but also the type to prank him with Tae
  • Affectionate AFFAAFFAAFAAF
  • a little bit pervy
  • very very sweet
  • definitely very kind

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BTS ideal type vs What they need


He’s someone who wants a quiet and smart girl, reading a book in the corner of the library, but knows just when to loosen up. She’ll be the perfect girl in his opinion, someone who doesn’t try hard, but still looks fabulous. She’s the type to always have a smile on her face, and be the perfect girl with everything in her bag. Not the type to be fragile. But still needs someone to care for them. She’s the girl who makes you turn your heads around, because she just looked too beautiful in that dress. Her long hair draped over her shoulders, her converse resting on her feet as she runs around.

  1. Looks
  • moderate height. 163-168
  • a little chubby. not a stick figure please
  • long black hair
  • the type to look good in a skater dress and high tops

     2.  Personality

  • not so loud
  • affectionate
  • caring
  • dependent
  • intelligent
  • yet somewhat childish

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He might think he likes that girl in the corner with a book in her hands, but he couldn’t help but take his eyes off her. She is the center of attention. Not in a bad way, but rather because of her smile, her hyperness, talkativeness. In fact he would fit in so well with someone as hyper as him. But don’t get him wrong, the intelligent part is key here. He’s mentioned it a million times in all interviews on his preference of intelligence in a girl. So you know what dragged him to you? when he noticed you having a full fledged debate on whether or not Aristotle can be considered an economist. Don’t get him wrong though, he loves your smart side as much as he loves the childish one. but the appearance of your perverted jokes just makes his day. He needs someone to smile for him, especially when the days are hard.

  1. Looks
  • I think he’s right about the height, you need thee cute height difference girl.
  • chub chub chubby cheeks. he’d love to be able to come home and just pinch your cheeks.
  • TBH, as many times as he’s talked about looks, I don’t think anything would matter to him.
  • But **ahem** nice **ahem** assets **ahem** for this boy please. **ahem**

     2.  Personality

  • Loud, but not the dumb loud. More like I know what I am talking about so listen.
  • Intelligent. Its a must for him.
  • Sometimes childish. **ahem** Pervy **ahem** sexual jokes. **ahem**
  • Punny… you need to be punny. appreciate those puns.
  • Caring
  • independent, but can depend on him under different circumstances
  • someone who understands the impact of music and dance on his life.
  • Smiley Smiley!! 
  • someone who loves him.. and only him.

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How Rick Got His Groove Back

This moment is EVERYTHING…….

Here is Rick leaving for a run to find something ‘interesting’ for the tyrant he now serves. His son is giving him grief and questioning his decisions. Due to the testosterone being systematically drained from his body by the tyrant, Rick is feeling less than worthy of Michonne.

He is no longer a leader, is helpless to fight back and is half the man he used to be (in his mind).

As he leaves, he’s most likely feeling he’s still on shaky ground with the woman he loves. The woman who most likely has her shit more together than he does.

He leans in to give her a respectful yet chaste kiss because that’s all he feels he deserves to give her after everything that has happened.

But our girl? Our perfect, warrior, in love, Queen??

She is having NONE of that.

Nope. She knows what her man needs and, hell what she needs and plants her life returning, testosterone giving, lips on his.

Rick gets some of his mojo back, Michonne ascends to goddess level of awesome and we all hyperventilate before falling into a heap on the floor.

God I love my show and I love my ship!

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“The Flash” star Candice Patton just made this ethereal shade of blue THE color for spring

The gorgeous and talented Candice Patton is turning up the heat on The Flash, and on red carpets, too. The 28-year-old starlet donned a flowy jumpsuit in the most gorgeous shade of blue that we think we’ve ever seen. And, now we want one too.

But, this isn’t the first time that Candice was one of the best dressed at an event. The actress is no stranger to slaying on the red carpet, and she has an amazing sense of style. She definitely knows what works best for her!

We’re completely obsessed with this shade of blue.

She managed to find a pair of pumps in the stunning blue, as well.

Just look at how the pantsuit falls on her.

We love this silhouette.

The off-the-shoulder style looks so good on her.

From head to toe, everything is perfect. Seriously, this wonder woman completely rocked it.

Our favorite part, however, is the confidence that Candice delivers. She looks so comfortable and confident in her chic outfit. And that is always super important, especially if you plan on wearing something for an entire night.

And as for the clothing, we’re totally going to be rocking this color and style all spring.