and her perfect everything


The BakuSquad - Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero || Boku no Hero Academia ep. 23


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?


every hour, every minute 

I wana come home to her laying on the couch in her pajamas snuggled by the fire
Or half naked because it summer and the sun is shining on her face
Or in the shower where i can tease her and walk in
Or cooking where i can grab her and taste what she made
Or sleeping so i can get right in bed with her
Or anything with her cause everything with her is perfect

She’s perfect 💯, she’s beautiful 👰, she looked 👀 like Linda Evangelista 💃.. she’s a model 💋 💅. Everything 🔁 about her ☞ was perfect 💯! Did she stone 💎 those tights 👢 ? Oh, she’s smiling 👱 ! They ate 🍽 her up 🔝 EVERY🕛SINGLE🕧TIME🕗 she’s on that damned 👹 stage 🏁. She 😡ftsdbsds😣. She walked 👣 out there in a fucking 😠 mask👶 and they 👥 were like 🗣: “Valentina! 👰 Your smile 👄 is… covered! 😍”.


This role came along, and it was the perfect fit. Everything about it—I had her on the surface of who I am. [I also liked] the fact that she was Latina, and they weren’t trying to push any stereotype on her. She just was Latina, which is how I feel. I’m a Brazilian—full blood, parents born and raised, and I lived there for a little bit—but I didn’t grow up there. I’m not as Latina as sometimes these castings demand you to be—this “urban” idea of what a Latina is. I’m American; I was born and raised in America, and I don’t want to fake who I am to fit a stereotype. This came along, and I felt like I didn’t have to try to be anything that I’m not.


You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.

A quick sketch of Orisa, the recently revealed new tank hero for Overwatch!

I’m so excited. Everything about her is perfect, I love the design, I love the concept and she sounds like a really nice character gameplay-wise as well. I really can’t wait! I had to doodle something. Orisa (and Efi) just make me so happy. They’re so good and pure.