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Sofia Coppola becomes the second woman to win the best director prize at Cannes Film Festival

  • Sofia Coppola, the Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning screenwriter, director and producer, has officially added a new trophy to her already crowded shelf. She is the 2017 winner of the best director prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • In winning the award, Coppola became only the second woman in the festival’s 70-year history to take home the prize, according to the Verge.
  • Coppola won for her film The Beguiled, a thriller set during the Civil War starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell.
  • “I was thrilled to get this movie made and it’s such an exciting start to be honored in Cannes,” Coppola said in a statement. “I’m thankful to my great team and cast and to Focus and Universal for their support of women-driven films.” Read More (5/29/17 3:01 PM)
Our Cake

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Chronologically follows “I’m Ladybug” but can be read on its own.

“Princess, could you help me bake something?” Chat asked as he dropped into her room late in the afternoon.  He’d had a rare block of free time, and instead of scheduling a modeling shoot or an extravagant date, she’d insisted on a low key evening together.   She had a couple movies set aside, in case that seemed a good plan, and she’d spent some of her time earlier preparing things to make pizza.  

“Sure.  What do you want to bake?”  She pushed aside her sketchbook and crossed  the room to hug him.  

“A cake.”  He smiled down at her.  "Lemon cake with raspberry ganache.“

"Oooh.”  That sounded fantastic.  She’d told him once that people didn’t give lemon cakes enough of a chance.  "Kitty has good taste.“  She glanced at the time.  "Since you’re a little early…”

“Is that okay?” he asked, quickly.

“Of course it is.”  She nodded, wanting to be clear on this; her sweet boyfriend could get pretty anxious about social rules, and he didn’t need anyone else thinking he wasn’t wanted.   “I’m always glad to get to see you more.”  She was wearing a blue sundress he’d liked so much that he wouldn’t stop raving about it during their photoshoot.  "I was just thinking that we can get it started before dinner.  That way it has time to cool, and we can dress it before you have to leave.“

He let out a soft sigh.  "Oh, good.  I don’t want to smother you with my presence.”

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I guess my big problem with this movie so far is in its inability to fully take the monster’s side.  Sometimes the monster is in the right.

The movie keeps it vague how evil Space Succubus is, and wants us to be afraid of her.  But the backstory they’ve set up for her, and the actress’ portrayal of the character, makes me feel the opposite.  I honestly want a story where Space Succubus ISN’T the villain.

Actually that’s kind of what Stranger Things is, huh?  Except replaced “Space Succubus” with “Dimension Warping Telekinetic.”  Huh.

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All I know is Laura is gonna be a badass in this movie and I can't wait to see Elise and her arms and abs and legit everything else be sexy as hell. Hope we get some BTS of her on set tomoz

honestly if we somehow saw elise’s abs in the movie whether it be in a steamy scene or just her wiping sweat with her shirt i’d lose my mind

Mad Love Series

Song: Mercy by Muse


Luke Evans as Driver/Jack

Kaya Scodelario as Lucille Northman Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan Morgan

Eva Green as Angela/Angie Northman

Summary: (This is my version of No One Lives movie staring Luke Evans).

After losing Betty and letting Emma go, Driver sets out to search for another woman. Before heading out he makes a stop and comes across a young girl name Lucille. He is drawn to her by her beauty and attitude, and soon makes plans to take her.

When driver sees an opportunity to take Lucille, he goes for it. But soon he is out fox by the young minx. So he decides to get information from her school to learn more about her. What he learns is something that he didn’t expect. 

He finds out about the abuse Lucille is going through from the hands of classmates, her mother, and men that her mother services. So he decides to do something he never done before, give Lucille an offering and speak the truth of what he is, a total psychopath. 

Though a normal girl in Lucille’s position would be freak out, Lucille has never been normal. Just like driver, Lucille has always been different. She didn’t know how different till driver approach hers. Just like driver, Lucille is draw in by driver’s charm and looks. 

She finds driver’s offering sweet and kind, though he had brutal torture and murder someone to give it to her. Driver becomes Lucille’s protector and mentor. They developed a secret relationship and plan to take off within a years time. 

A course, nothing ever goes as plans. They are force to split up in hopes to draw attention away from him. Though leaving meant the trail on driver will go cold, it also meant Lucille would be on her alone. 

Will driver ever return to Lucille before things get bad for her? Or will it be too late, for the both of them? Find out, in Mad Love.

To read this series, click this link here: Mad Love Intro

This series has 46 parts so far and still going, new part will be out shorty. If you like to be tagged in this series, please leave a comment below or in the ask box. 

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LGBT Percy Jackson Headcanons

-Trans girls are always accepted by Artemis into the Hunt

-Nico never actually says he’s gay, just makes it known by making out with Will in nearly every location possible

-Queer kids whose parents didn’t accept them are year round campers

-At first the Ares kids were a little wary of the LGBT community, but when a second year Ares camper comes out they become fiercely protective of them

-The Aphrodite kids are walking encyclopedias on all LGBT terms, and have a list with definitions in their cabin for questioning campers

-The Aphrodite kids also really like helping trans campers feel comfortable in their own skin

-Pansexual Piper

-Lesbian or Bi Reyna

-Asexual Thalia

-Apollo kids (being children of the god of prophecies) always know who is going to come out next, but never pressure them to do so

-Chiron makes any homophobic campers be on stable duty for a month

-Dionysus lazily mentions that if he hears anyone else being homophobic… well, he hopes you like dolphins

-Athena cabin getting into debates on which of their favourite fictional characters are LGBT and having literal CHARTS and GRAPHS to prove it

-Bi-curious Percy, though he never acted on it because it’s always been Annabeth

-Jason being the straightest, whitest, cis-est, malest demigod out there, but supporting his LGBT friends and the entire community without hesitation

-Jason is literally the guy to make t-shirts, to keep buying skittles, to find all LGBT songs possible, and, of course, “Guys! Guys! There’s a Pride Parade next week! We /have/ to go. Where can I buy a pink tutu on short notice?”

-Nico secretly loving that Jason is like this but never admitting it

-Pansexual Will

-Frank being really confused about the whole thing but totally accepting it because people he love are in that community and it’s all about love so how could that possibly be a bad thing?

-Annabeth, Frank’s go-to on anything he doesn’t understand, happily explains everything she knows to him

-Frank thinking it’s so cool and telling Nico how awesome he is for being himself

-Hazel being /floored/ on how accepting the world is of LGBT people today, though of course plenty of people still suck

-Hazel being slightly relived to know that it’s normal because although she loved Sammy then, and she loves Frank now, there was this girl back home who she sort of had feelings for and never understood what that meant

-Demisexual Frank

-Bisexual Rachel

-Leo and the rest of the Hephaestus cabin working on bracelets for gender fluid kids that change colour to correspond with how they feel

-Alex Fierro buying out all of the first ones ready

-Bi Magnus

-Gay Hearthstone

-Gay Blitzen

-^^^This was obvious because Blitzstone is practically canon, come on people

-Each and every god (besides those who swore off all love) responding with ‘yes’ when asked what their sexual orientation is

-Polysexual Sadie

-Polysexual Leo

-Trans Meg

-Also lesbian Meg?

-A large number of LGBT and ally kids being from the Aphrodite cabin because LOVE is LOVE people!

-Calypso making flower crowns that correspond with the different flags’ colours and giving them to anyone who wants them

-Bi, pan, and poly Apollo kids never feeling the need to change the pronouns when they sing love songs or write love poems

-Apollo being *extremely* out at CHB while he’s there

-Him actually giving other LGBT kids the courage to come out

-A small elite group at Camp Jupiter created as a safe space for queer kids

-Reyna always supporting it but being really shy about joining when she comes to terms with her sexuality

-The kids in the group gladly welcoming her

-Asexual/aromantic child of Aphrodite worrying something is wrong with them

-Their brothers and sisters assuring them that they’re normal and there are all different kinds of love

-Hephaestus cabin setting up LGBT movie nights (nothing graphic, mostly fluff, though Travis and Connor have tried on more than one occasion to sneak some x-rated stuff in there)

-Piper running an LGBT aesthetic blog on tumblr

-Feel free to add more!

The Performative Wokeness of Dear White People

“I plan to marry me a dark-skinned sister. Have the ashiest, blackest babies possible.” Says the character of Reggie (Marques Richardson) to his group of friends as they’re taking a stroll on the campus of Winchester University, the fictional university set in the world of Dear White People. Reggie’s proclamation came during a conversation about the character of Sam’s (Logan Browning) new white boyfriend.

The statement echoes a conversation that Sam has earlier in the series with her group of friends where she says that she prefers her men like she prefers her coffee “full-bodied with preferably Keyan origins.” Prompting Muffy (Caitlin Carver) to ask Sam, in Muffy’s words, “a dumb white girl question,” why it would be racist if Muffy was to only date white men, but not racist for Sam to only date black men. Sam goes onto explain that there are parts of her identity that white men will never understand in the ways a black man could. However, Sam does eventually start dating a white guy named Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), who only after being outed on his Instagram account, does she go public with.

Sam’s relationship with a white man becomes a point of contention for many of her closest friends, sparking an ongoing discussion in the series of whether a black person can really be pro-black, while also having a white significant other.

Reggie’s politics, however, are never challenged in the same ways that Sam’s are. His declaration of love for dark-skinned women, is dead upon arrival considering that the only other thing that he is known for outside of his pro-blackness, is his crush on Sam. A light-skinned biracial woman.

Based on the 2014 movie of the same name, Dear White People is a satire set at a PWI about college campus politics through the lens of black students. The show also explores the theme of identity. How often people assume identities or have identities projected onto them that contradicts who they really are. Identities such as being“woke.”

Used to describe a person who is socially and politically conscious, the word “woke” has surged in popularity within recent years due to social media and the rise of social movements such as Black Lives Matter. But what once was a way to describe someone’s political awareness, being, or staying woke, has seemingly dissolved more into a competition of who is more educated on race and other social issues.

Performative wokeness is examined within the world of Dear White People, with episode five featuring a scene where Reggie shows off an app he created called Woke or Not. The app shows photos of students at Winchester University and with a push of a button app users can determine whether a person is woke. Or not.

Even though Dear White People pokes fun at the absurdity and arrogance that comes from people who think they have the moral authority to decide who is or isn’t woke, the show itself falls into many of the same traps that it attempts to satirize.

In an episode centered around Gabe, he’s sitting at a table surrounded by Sam and other black women while they discuss white male privilege and how women of color are often passed over for opportunities that usually end up being given to mediocre white men. While he’s silently listening on, Gabe imagines himself banging his fist against the table as he looks directly into the camera and exclaims that sometimes people actually earn the things they get and that just because he’s a white man doesn’t make him an “asshole.”

“Asshole,” of course, seems just a tad bit reductive considering that being an “asshole” in this scenario is about benefiting from a society that prioritizes average white men over hard working black women. While the narrator says that only “a tiny part” of Gabe wishes he could make such a statement, it’s still concerning that Gabe, who is supposedly enlightened on issues of racism and sexism, is secretly harboring resentment against women of color for venting their frustrations about the institutions that systematically hold them back from opportunities

Is it possible that Gabe is being used as a conduit to discuss liberal racism? After all, episode five deals with how even “good” white people can be guilty of the same racism that they like to think they’re above. But this wasn’t Gabe’s first time making racially tone deaf statements without being taken to task. In the first episode, Gabe tells Sam that he wouldn’t let his friends make her feel like she didn’t belong in his “world,” after Gabe’s first uncomfortable meeting with Sam’s friends where he made a series of half-hearted attempts at trying to relate to the struggles of black students.  

 However, the most egregious occurrence of Dear White People’s lack of self awareness about their own performative wokeness comes with their handling of discussions surrounding colorism.  

The most improved upon element from Dear White People the movie is the colorism. In the movie, the character of Coco (Teyonah Parris,) a dark-skinned black woman, existed solely as a foil to Tessa Thompson’s version of Sam, a light-skinned biracial woman. With the movie being turned into a series, we see Coco, now played by Antoinette Robertson, develop into a fleshed out, fully realized character. But even with the series upgrading on the movie’s shortcomings, even going as far as calling Sam out on her light-skin privilege, the series began developing flaws of their own in regards to its colorism.

Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) outside of being Sam’s best friend, also has feelings for Reggie, the guy who has feelings for Sam. This scenario is reminiscent to a flashback scene in episode four in which Coco longingly looks on as Troy, (Brandon Bell) a guy she has feelings for, flirt with Sam. Even though in that particular situation, the scene was a part of an episode that explores Coco’s relationship to colorism and how it affects her love life, the same motivation doesn’t appear to be behind the love triangle of Sam, Joelle, and Reggie.

The fact that the only light-skinned biracial woman of the show is constantly shown as the object of affection, while the two principle dark-skinned women of the show are depicted as coveting over color struck black men who constantly overlook them for said light-skinned biracial woman is disheartening to watch.

What makes this even more disheartening, is the fact that Joelle was walking right beside Reggie, struggling to contain her smile, as he declared that he was going to “marry him a dark-skinned sister,” only later to hook up with Sam. But Joelle, nor does anyone else, call him out about how his preference doesn’t align with who we actually see him dating.

Has Dear White People found itself stuck in the same tiny confines of identity that it sought out to expose through its characters? Can the contradictions that arise within the show merely be chalked up to poor writing? Or does it prove that inconsistency will inevitably happen when trying to voice the concerns of multiple people with varying opinions? A light skin woman can not speak to the struggles of colorism that a dark skin woman faces. A white man can’t relate to the problems a black man has. And one show cannot voice the opinions of all within a community.

some ladynoir stuff
  • chat noir will drape himself over ladybug’s lap during the downtime on their nightly patrols and moan about how awful plagg is just for some head scratches from ladybug (let’s be honest, plagg taught the kitty well; complain and receive cheese/ladybug)
  • they once spent an afternoon atop the notre dame after an akuma attack critiquing civilian’s fashion choices. both learned that their partner has excellent taste in fashion.
    • ladybug: “oh my god is that a man bun? those things should be burned.”
    • chat noir: “who the hell wears crocs anymore? they look like shit, and they make your feel smell. god, shoes have three deciding factors: quality, price, and style. crocs have the rare combination of being expensive, poor quality, and being ugly. it’s quite a feat for one shoe to suck this much. i will judge anyone who wears crocs.”
  • ladybug uses chat noir as a mannequin to measure some of her designs during their downtime. 
  • there are frequent arguments over akuma names because some are too stupid to say aloud. ladybug believes in creativity and free will and vows to let the akumas keep the names they declare themselves with. chat noir files petitions to change many of them because he absolutely refuses to admit he nearly got beat by a Mr. Pigeon.
  • if ladybug and chat noir are literally anywhere together outside in public without an akuma, someone’ll always ask, “are you two together? are you on a date?”. chat has to hold ladybug back from clobbering them.
  • during their stakeouts, chat noir sings “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and has gotten to 1 before, even though it usually ends up with him getting pitched off a roof.
  • one early morning, there was an akuma battle, and chat noir learned that ladybug has bad bed head. he makes sure to keep a comb in his pocket now at all times for whenever there’s an early battle, and ladybug doesn’t have time to fix her hair before going to school. she doesn’t say it, but she’s really thankful. (also really jealous because tikki, pockets, give me pockets, god fucking damn it)
  •  one time there was a mermaid akuma in the seine and chat noir fell in the water and revealed he couldn’t swim. ladybug saved him and made him take swimming lessons. nothing beats coming to sunday morning swimming lessons and finding one of paris’s famous superheros with floaties and a kick board.
    • you can bet your ass that ladybug constantly makes “a cat to water” jokes every second she can.
  • ladybug keeps a tally of how many puns chat noir makes. his gets to 162 in one night before she sets a limit of 10 puns per day. he breaks it all the time and has to wear the Collar of Shame™ for the rest of the day, which is black collar with a huge pink bow. (ladybug thinks he secretly likes it).
  • chat noir actually hates ladybug’s puns and buys her the “Punning for Dummies” book for Christmas.
    • she gets him “31 Ways Not To Be A Douchebag”.
  •  ladybug doesn’t actually know how to use a real yo-yo. chat noir laughs for two weeks.
  •  ladybug and chat noir regularly attend movies as themselves because no one really knows why the superheroes are going to the movies, but it probably means there’s an akuma or something equally bad so let’s just not go. it just means they get the best seats every time.
  • sometimes when they’re really tired and stressed out, and ladybug is being bossy and chat noir is fed up with hearing it, he’ll say, “okay, deborah” which causes her to pitch him off the eiffel tower.
  • chat noir can never get into a hammock. he always flips over every time he tries to get on one.
  • one time ladybug flubbed a back handspring, and the news stations got it live. chat noir plays it on repeat for a week.

1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Happy.

2. What is the song you can’t stop listening to right now? “Wait For It” on the Hamilton soundtrack.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix? “13 Reasons Why.”

4. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? “Friday Night Lights.”

5. Go-to pregame meal? I’m an omelet extraordinaire. I have an omelet with veggies, meats, cheese – the works. And before workouts, I always make this yogurt parfait.

6. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals? I actually rid myself of superstitions, but I do a quick 20-minute meditation before games.

7. If you could have any three celebrities over for dinner, living or deceased, who would they be? The Obamas. Just me, President Obama and Michelle.

8. What was your AIM screen name? brownsuganumba9.

9. If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would your occupation be? Therapist or psychologist. Something in that field.

10. What is your go-to karaoke song? “Hey Ma” by Cam'Ron.

11. Who was your sports idol growing up? Serena Williams is my sports idol.

12. What is your favorite thing to do on an off day? Be in nature. Hike, or go to the beach. I love to be outside.

13. If soccer had “walk-up” songs, what would yours be? Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”

14. What is your go-to emoji? It’s called pop star, but it’s the new one of the girl with paint on her face. She embodies me as a person.

15. If there were to be a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Angelina Jolie.

16. What if your coach had to describe you in one word? What would he say? Brave.

17. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies outside soccer? No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic painting. I got a whole set and I light candles at night and sit there and paint and look out on Lake Michigan.

18. Favorite cheat meal? French fries. Skinny, thick cut, garlic fries, TRUFFLE fries … I love French fries.

19. One place you’ve never been that you want to visit? Tokyo.

20. First concert you ever attended? Spice Girls

I just can’t believe that people that are fans of this film franchise want the hero and the villain to get together. They actually want our hero to be with the man who tortured her and tried to kill her friends

These people want young girls in that movie theatre to see their hero and role model become some kind of “magic healing woman” to redeem an evil character

How is that any kind of example to set for young girls? How on earth can you expect them to have to watch their idol be with her abuser? What kind of message does that send them?

What about the RFA and Unknown and V finding out that MC has a career in the arts (author, artist, actor or something like that?) @saeranlover

Lol it’s been like 5,000 years since I’ve done a request, here you go bbies


  • It was always a lingering thought in Yoosung’s mind
  • The thought always came randomly, but sometimes he swore that he  recognized your voice
  • Like the one time you yelled “Come at me!” at a friend who was teasing you and he just froze for a second to think about why it sounded familiar
  • It wasn’t until one day he was testing out a LOLOL character he’s never played before and she screamed out a line of dialogue before her attack
  • And suddenly he heard your voice behind him perfectly recreate the line
  • He turned around to see you cheekily grinning from your place on the bed
  • But it was wiped off your face soon enough because baby boi just pounced you into a big hug
  • You giggled as he rapidly asked you other things you voice acted in and gawked when he recognized the other characters you’ve voiced in games and cartoons
  • He’ll shyly ask you to reenact his favorite lines or scenes and his inner fanboy will show
  • Yoosung’s never really been into the behind the scenes stuff but he already somewhat was a fan of yours before so he’s basically dating his favorite VA
  • Silly lil’ peanut is gonna ask for your autograph on his merch of the characters you’ve voiced


  • She found out during one of your nights in
  • You were in the kitchen preparing the snacks while Jaehee sorted through the set of musicals the two of you had rented for tonight (you finally convinced her that watching ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’ for the 8th time in a row was a little much)
  • Once that was all said and done, you cuddled up to Jaehee while the movie started as she fed you popcorn
  • Oh crap, you recognized this movie
  • You actually got the part of the main dancer in this film (it was your typical dance batte film)
  • You somewhat never wanted her to find out  that you were an actor/dancer in fear of always being compared to Zen
  • Once your character was introduced, Jaehee’s eyes squinted a little at the screen before gasping and shaking your shoulders
  • “MC, MC, IS THAT YOU?”
  • “U-uhm nooooo…?”
  • “Wait, why would you keep this secret from me?”
  • After explaining your reasoning as to why, she just pulled you into a tight hug
  • “I’d never compare you anyone else, I love you just the way you are, famous or not!”
  • After watching the movie, she put aside the time to scour the internet for every performance you’ve been in and is about to be the proud owner of all your merch
  • jaehee please no that was our grocery money


  • “lolol zen have you seen mc’s latest cover?”
  • “Cover? What’re you talking about?”
  • “the one on her youtube channel???”
  • “…”
  • “you do know what she does for a living, right??”
  • After Seven endlessly mocked Zen for not knowing what his own girlfriend did for a living, Seven graciously provided the link to your Youtube channel
  • Zen then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours of his life going through
  • your entire channel
  • He knew that you liked to sing and sounded like an angel but this
  • This is something extraordinary
  • You actually made a living doing this and he never even knew!
  •  He finally made his way up to your latest cover (which was uploaded about a week ago), and HO L Y  C R A P
  • It was the song he’s practiced at home for months on end for a musical he recently just starred in!
  • When you get home that night, you’re bombarded with compliments and questions (mostly compliments)
  • You explained that you never recorded around him because you were afraid that he might’ve thought you were going to use him for popularity
  • “Babe, I know you would never do that NOW WILL YOU PLEASE DUET WITH ME–”
  • Guess who has the best mashup cover of ‘Butterfly’ now


  • Coming home a few hours early was indeed a rare occurrence for Jumin
  • Usually when he came home, you were instantly there to greet him with a hug and kiss
  • He called your name, but there was no response, just a faint typing sound
  • After hanging his coat on the coat hanger, he began walking towards the noise, his hands already working on loosening his tie
  • “Ah, here you are, my love,” he said upon entering the officeroom
  • “Jumin, you’re home early,” you smiled, letting your husband wrap his arms around your shoulders and resting his chin atop your head
  • “The office had to close early for some renovations,” Jumin explained, “but I’m more interested in what you’re working on.”
  • “I’m working on my next book!”
  • The surprised look on his face made you remember that you never brought it up to him before, but now is as good as time as any to explain
  • Jumin seemed genuinely intrigued as he listened to your explanation on your book series, which was apparently very popular
  • When you finished, he asked if you could lend him the first addition, as he did enjoy reading in his spare time
  • And soon enough, he was hooked
  • He’d have long talks with you over dinner on how he wasn’t expecting a plot twist or how well you wrote your characters
  • Or about how you should hurry and finish the next book because you left him on a cliffhanger


  • He’s known since the background check that you had a job in digital art but he tucked that away in the back of his head because there were too many other things happening at the time (eg the hacker, your sudden appearance, his emotions and job…)
  • It isn’t until one day where he’s been able to work for a few hours straight without you lecturing him about how he should take a break
  • So he got up from his chair, slapped his right leg a few times to wake it up, and ventured outside his office to find you
  • To no surprise, you were huddled inside in the bedroom, but this time with your drawing tablet in hand
  • “Hey Saeyoung,” you tiredly muttered, eyes still glued to the laptop screen
  • His eyes trailed to where you were looking and a look of mock hurt morphed on his face, “MC, how dare you draw a picture of another man!”
  • You stifled a laugh at your boyfriend’s dramatic tone, “Zen just asked me to draw some things for his website so I’m–”
  • You should me drawing me instead! Here, I’ll even pose for you!” 
  • You regret even looking behind you, because Saeyoung was already stripping down to his boxers, need I remind you the pair with cat faces on them


  • Usually you were making some sort of noise in the house, but today you were oddly quiet
  • “MC? Where are you?”
  • “I’m in the living room,” you hollered back as he started making his way over, “Be careful not to bump my arm though.”
  • “What’re you doing?” he asked, taking a seat on the floor next to you
  • You explained that you liked paint and used it as a way to make some extra pocket money
  • V was very happy and excited to hear that you had an artistic career just like him
  • You were always delighted to describe the paintings to him, and you always did it with such passion
  • After awhile, he started to miss photography and he so badly wanted to see your work for himself
  • So he decided to get the eye surgery
  • Once he did, he was shocked at how much he can see your heart poured onto the canvas
  • You often went out into nature together and sit there together for hours to photograph/paint and enjoy one another’s company
  • You also loved painting some of V’s older photographs and he loved it and every single one is framed in the house
  • #artsycouple
  • The day you painted a picture of the sun and gave it to him, he cried


  • The first time Saeran ever walked into your room, his eyes immediately darted to the big, colorful collection of sticky note pads on your desk
  • He picked one up, noting that every one had a slightly different drawing than the others, “What’re these for?”
  • “Oh, I’m an animator! I like to use these sticky notes when I’m bored.”
  • He never got to watch cartoons as a child so this was all new to him
  • Watching you peacefully work is very, very soothing to him, to just watch the lines fill with color so smoothly
  • You even let him have some of your already drawn-on sticky note pads and he likes to flip through them when he’s nervous or needs to calm down when something’s bothering him
  • His favorite is the one you made for him where it goes “I love you, Saeran!” with a cute little doodle of a cartoony-looking you kissing his cheek on it
  • As mentioned before, he never got to watch cartoons or movies as a kid and he’s willing to watch the ones you’ve worked on
  • It always amazes him that you made what was on the screen and he loves it (he’s never said it out loud but it shows on his face)
  • He really enjoys the ones that are story-based rather than the nonsense slapstick ones (which is what Saeyoung enjoys, much to his dismay)
  • Seeing the childlike innocence in his eyes is heartwarming and you wouldn’t trade it for the world 

How Far I’ll Go Spread

Inspired by the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Disney’s Moana

This is one of my favorite, if not most favorite, Disney movies. In particular, this song struck a chord in me. I can relate to the feeling of being called to something, but unable to find the confidence to set sail toward that calling.

For Moana, it was the Sea that called her - that beckoned her to greatness like her ancestors. For me, it is becoming a pharmacist. Years ago I tried to prepare myself for pharmacy school, but could never truly take the plunge… and ever since I have been coming back to it, over and over… And now’s my time. The wind is in my sail and I’m headed off to see how far I’ll go.

I made a spread to help me pinpoint some of the feelings I have over the matter, and thought I’d share it with you all. It’s developed to help you take a good look at what’s holding you back from letting yourself follow your calling, and how it will be once you accept that calling in earnest. Hopefully it will be insightful and enlightening for you as it has been for me!

1. The Road That Leads Back

  • What keeps pulling me back? What do I need to realize about this that makes it integral to my path?

2. I’ll be Satisfied If I Play Along

  • What it will be like if I don’t go after my calling. Will I be satisfied?

3. What Is Wrong With Me?!

  • Why can’t I just move on? Why can I not make a decision to go through with it or be satisfied with where I am?

4. So Come Find me!

  • How to give in and let my calling engulf me.

5. The Wind In My Sail

  • A message from the Universe, hope and endurance to fill my sails and carry me forward!

6. The Line Where The Sky Meets The Sea

  • The true heart of my calling and why it’s so alluring to me… What makes this path worth braving the treacherous waves?

7. How Far I’ll Go

  • A glimpse of what will happen once I set sail toward my calling and how I will be changed throughout the process.

This is one of my original spreads. If you use this spread for any promotional services please credit me accordingly!

So if an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie does get made, there’s three different settings it could have, each with its own pros and cons

Option one: Pre-Phantom Menace, during Obi-Wan’s apprenticeship


  • Would be Obi-Wan’s least stressful canon apperance
  • Qui-Gon
  • Mace Windu
  • Could move Xanatos from the EU into canon
  • Squishy baby face teenager Jedi
  • No Jar-Jar
  • Palpatine’s dickishness is all firmly backstage; if it’s even involved at all


  • Ewan Mcgregor can’t play teenage Obi-Wan
  • No Anakin
  • No Ahsoka
  • No Padme
  • No R2-D2 or C3-PO

Option two: During Anakin’s apprenticeship, in the ten year timeskip between TPM and AOTC


  • Ewan can and would play Obi-Wan
  • Anakin’s wonderous adventures in the early/mid teen years
  • Parenting hijinks
  • Mace Windu
  • Perfect opportunity to give some canon elaboration on normal Jedi life, as that has literally never happened beyond tidbits here and there
  • Plot could be Obi-Wan obliviously fucking over Palpatine’s repeated attempts to assassinate him, and almost pushing Palpatine into a stress aneurysm because how the hell does Obi-Wan not even notice the assassination attempts what the fuck


  • Qui-Gon is dead
  • It’s all downhill from here
  • Still no Padme, considering she’s specifically stated to not interact with the other two until AOTC
  • Still no Ahsoka
  • We have to look at Palpatine being trusted and respected by the Republic and know that there won’t be a happy resolution for a good 20-30 years and I mean even then oh my god

Option three: Set it during the time skip between ROTS and ANH


  • Still Ewan Mcgregor
  • It makes perfect sense for Ahsoka to be involved
  • It makes perfect sense for Bail to show up as well
  • We might actually get to see Breha Organa
  • Small child Luke! Small child Leia! Both viable cameos!
  • Rebellion era, meaning the overall tone of the movie would be ‘fuck the establishment, fuck the government, fuck fascism’ which are very positive messages that should be sent these days
  • Qui-Gon’s ghostly hijinks
  • Darth Vader


  • This is the saddest possible Kenobi
  • Oh my god it’s so sad
  • The Jedi are dead and everything is painful
  • …Darth Vader
  • Oh my god it would be so sad
  • The title would probably have to be ‘Obi-Wan’s Adventures in Crushing Depression and Toppling Governments: A Star Wars Story
  • Seriously it would be like Rogue One but worse because we already know how fucked Obi-Wan is and oh my god
  • Star Wars is a family franchise but the setting would just feel wrong if Obi-Wan didn’t yell fuck at some point. lets face it he’s earned it.

Conclusion: Make an Obi-Wan trilogy. Don’t let George Lucas write the dialogue.