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all for love || stiles stilinski

word count: 4174

warnings: none

prompt: collab with @sarcasticallystilinski

author’s note: happy lacrosse week everyone! this is my first part of lacrosse week with hay! we are very proud of this one and we hope you have as much fun reading as we did writing!


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A/N: An anon request where the team is out at a club and Spencer and the reader both have crushes on each other. Everyone knows but them. The reader gets drunk and dances and occasionally tries grinding on Spencer. They end up walking home together and he stays at her place (no smut), but then he confesses how he feels. @coveofmemories


“How the fuck is he so clueless?” Morgan asked Garcia. The two were watching intently as Y/N (subtly to her, but so subtly to everyone else) grinded against Spencer on the dance floor. It wasn’t like either of them to dance, but Spencer was tipsy and Y/N was pretty wasted. “He’s a genius. He has 187 IQ. And she’s also a genius. Upwards of 170. How the hell do they not see that the other one is ridiculously into them?” It really was astounding. They’d been working together for three years now and yet neither of them seemed to understand that the other one had it bad for them. 

Garcia didn’t get it either. Or how either of them could miss the not-so-subtle ways she had been trying to get them together. “I mean, I’ve even gone so far as to send flowers to Y/N from him and yet they still don’t get it. For geniuses, they can be pretty stupid.”

Spencer had just gone up to the bar for another drink and Y/N followed him, resting her arm on his back. “Spence,” she whined. “Come dance with me. Why won’t you dance with me?”

“I look like an idiot when I dance, Y/N,” he said, his eyes widening as he realized how slurred his speech already was. Maybe he shouldn’t be getting another drink, but it was already here in front of him, so whatever. “Why would you want to dance with me anyway?”

“Because you’re my best friend, Spence,” she said, pulling on his sweater vest and back towards the dance floor. “And I’m drunk. And you’re cute. So the question really is, why wouldn’t I want to dance with you?” She grabbed his drink out of his hand and placed it on the table before reluctantly pulling him back to the dance floor. 

“She finally admitted he was cute,” Garcia said, her mouth agape as they headed back to the dance floor. “Apparently, you just need to get her stone-cold wasted for her to admit anything to him.” She and Morgan were still staring. All they needed was popcorn and it would’ve been the best movie either of them had seen in a long time. 

For nearly another hour, Y/N danced against Spencer. He barely moved, but that wasn’t anything Y/N did, it was just that he had no idea how to dance, and from what Morgan could see, his brain was moving. The kid was trying to figure out whether her feelings for him were purely because she was drunk, or were because there was something there. 

All of a sudden, she went to go grab something and nearly fell on the floor, only being saved by Spencer reaching down and grabbing her arm before she hit the ground. “You okay?” he asked.

She grabbed her head. “A little woozy. I think I should go home. I’m not a good drunk.”

“Okay, I’m going to go with you,” he said. “I don’t want you walking home alone.”

She shook her head, insisting that he should stay. He seemed like he was having fun. “I’m not leaving you to walk home alone, Y/N, plus, I’m only having fun because you’re here.”

“Alright,” she sighed. “Let’s go.”


About 30 minutes later, Spencer and Y/N teetered into her apartment. The alcohol had only seeped further into her system, but Spencer had started to sober up. “Sit,” he said, grabbing water and some headache medication for her. “Drink this.”

“Aw, you take such good care of me, Spence. What would I do without you?” She patted the couch next to her, inviting him to sit down beside her. After taking her medication and guzzling down nearly three-quarters of a glass of water, she leaned back and took his arm, placing it around her back and curling into him. “Thanks for walking me home.”

“No problem,” he replied. He was trying to decipher her movements, but alcohol muddled his thoughts and undoubtedly her own emotions. There was no way that his best friend was into him - at least not in the same way that he liked her. “I wasn’t about to let you walk home alone. If something happened to you, I would never forgive myself.”

She placed her hand on his chest. “Do you want to stay the night?” she asked. “I’d rather you not walk about to your apartment by yourself either.” He responded by leaning back and pulling a blanket up over both of them. There was a chance he’d regret staying over in the morning, when they were both sober, but for right now he’d take falling asleep next to her. Within minutes, they were both fast asleep. 


“Hmm,” Y/N moaned as she realized where she was. God, her head was heavy. How the fuck had she even gotten home? “Oh, my head.” When she opened her eyes, she realized the material underneath her fingertips wasn’t from her couch. Spencer was underneath her. Oh god, had something happened? Last thing she wanted was for Spencer and her to have had sex while she was wasted. She liked him too much to make him feel like that was all he was worth.

Spencer opened his eyes. “Oh my head is killing me,” he groaned. 

“Spence,” she said, “Did we…?”

His heart sank. She sounded so afraid - like being with him was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened. “No, Y/N,” he replied sadly. “We didn’t. I just brought you home and we fell asleep here.” Apparently, she wasn’t into him at all, but he had to say something. It had been weighing on him for too long. “What if it had?”

Y/N collapsed back onto his chest, the heaviness in her head hurting too much to stay upright. “I wouldn’t have wanted anything to happen between us while we were drunk. You deserve more than that, Spence. You deserve to know that the person your with loves you and wants you when she’s stone-cold sober.”

Spencer could tell that she loved him, but he was still confused as to whether she loved him like he loved her. He’d wanted her from the moment they began working together. At first, he thought his feelings would go away, but they’d only gotten stronger. “I guess that’s true,” he said. “I don’t think I could regret anything with you though.”

She had started to stand up, hoping to get something to eat that would sop up the acid in her stomach, but she stopped in her tracks. “You wouldn’t regret sleeping with me? Spence…do you…do you like me?”

“Of c-course,” he said, glancing up at her with big, brown eyes. “I l-love you…I always have.”

It had never occurred to her that he was in love with her. Why wouldn’t he say anything? They told each other everything. “Spence, I love you too.” She sat back down on the couch and pulled his face to hers, grazing her lips against his before taking his mouth in a sweet and simple kiss. “I’ve wanted you forever. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I always assumed you wouldn’t want me,” he replied honestly, shrugging his shoulders as he gathered up the courage to look her in the eyes. “Plus, even if you did, I wasn’t sure about risking our friendship.”

Leaning back into him, she lowered them both back down to the couch. Food could wait. “I don’t think there’s anything that could put our relationship in jeopardy.” He reached up and cradled her head in his hand, before taking her lips in a searing kiss. “Nothing can come between us.”

Anonymous suggested: What if Shamy did not have a genius child together but instead had one with average intelligence that was much more like Penny or Missy personality and interest wise. How would Sheldon and Amy deal with knowing they did not produce a superior being, who has little if any interest in science.

Note: I made up a new child for this because Ally, Lee, Leo, and Isaac are all established as being very smart or geniuses.  Also, I don’t know that this Sheldon is very in character, but I didn’t want to make him too mean.  He did say he wouldn’t love a genius child, but maybe once the kid was actually his, he might change his mind.

Sheldon was in his office working when his daughter snuck past the door.

“Mary Ellen, where are you going?” he asked her.

“Out with friends?” she tried.  She was hoping that no one would notice that she left.  She was planning to be back before dinner.  Her friends were just going to hang out at the park down the street from her house.

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8. A First Kiss (from this list)

(not compliant with dark cupid)

i’ve always sort of thought of mari as being the one with experience when they get older, but the opposite is also an interesting concept, tbqh :3c

“H-hey, Chat?”


“You’ve… you’ve kissed people before, right?”

It was such an odd question that Chat stopped and stared. “I mean… I guess so? Why?”

Ladybug puffed her cheeks at him, embarrassed, and tightened her grip on the string of her yo-yo where it was secured to the next rooftop. “Just curious.”

“Oh… ‘kay?”

He extended his staff and primed his next jump, but apparently Ladybug wasn’t quite done yet.

“Can…” Chat glanced over and was surprised to find her fidgeting. “Can I ask when your first kiss was?”

He shrugged, watching her wind and unwind the string around her fingers in not-quite-concern. “Sixteen?”

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Hello, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my beloved, you’d think civilised, beautiful country, located in central Europe, Poland, the basic human rights are about to be taken away from women. Why is that? The Polish government, inspired mainly by the Catholic Church (that has definitely too much power in Poland), has created an anti-abortion project. For now, abortion in Poland is legal in case of rape or if the mother’s/child’s life is in danger. If the anti-abortion project comes through (which is very likely) the situation of Polish women will change dramatically:

- aborting a pregnancy that has started because of rape will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy in case of a fatal disease of the fetus will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- the project says that whoever puts the woman in a situation of a probable miscarriage could be charged of 3 years in prison, which in practice means that some of the medical exams (like the prental exam which helps to indicate if the fetus is healthy) could not be available because of the doctors being afraid of going to prison,

- it all also means that men could get easily away with rape, since the women would be afraid of going to the police in case they got pregnant and didn’t want to give birth to the rapist’s child (which they will now be forced to do),

- also, on the side of this project, the Catholic Church wants to make in vitro even less available for families struggling to have children, since apparently “it’s basically just killing unconcieved babies” (?? fuck logic),

- what’s more, they’ve recently withdrawn chemical contraception for women from the pharmacies (things like spermicidal gels, liquids, creams, vaginal suppositories) cause they’re apparently “dangerous for women’s health”, so now the only contraception available without a prescription are condoms,

- don’t even get me started with the level of sexual education in Poland which is basically non-existent. Recently, just this week, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a child. A 12-yr old!! She had sex (they said it was consensual, but who fucking even believes this shit) with a 29 year old man. The doctors said she didn’t even know what was going on during the labour, she of course had to have C-section because her body was obviously not ready to have a baby at such young age. There are so many cases like this.

- all of this is supposed to “help” with the demographic decline and to “encourage” people to have more kids. Let me tell you something - if anything this encourges me to is to not have babies  a t    a l l.

Let me also show you some of the social media responses of “pro-life” activists and give you a glimpse of what kind of shit Polish women have to deal with:

“If the pregnancy started because of rape, the only victim is the child that can lose its life.”

“If abortion is such a dramatic decision to make, it’ll be better to not let women make it. To ban abortion.”

“Womanhood is all about being in service of life. Women/female MPs who are against life, contradict their own womanhood.”

“All of these women screaming that “their belly, their choice” [should know] that the life in their bellies belongs only to the child. Selfish women, assassins like during Holocaust. You just lend your body to give new life. You should be happy you were not killed. There should be no abortion.”

“Abortion is barbaric (…) and it will be remembered as equally bad as genocide and gas chambers.”

I found these in 5 minutes. Women are treated with no respect, they’re believed to be stupid and not fit to make decisions about their own bodies. Men leading our country (most of them are very religious) want to decide about what we should do with our bodies. Please, help us. Spread the word. We are trying to fight this, but we’re in the minority… The world needs to know!!


Guys, if you wanna help, there’s a petition to sign!!

I miss her [Part 8/...]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1127
Warning: none

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


I wanted to post this part yesterday but I had to re-write it because…it just didn’t make sense… ._.

Two months later, 9th September.

The market was full of people like every Wednesday. [Y/N] got used to it when Bucky went to the market to buy himself some fresh plums. But today should be like no other.

“We have to go to the drugs store before we go back. We need new toothpaste” [Y/N] took another look at her watch while she followed Bucky down the street who held her hand. He nodded “Okay”

Before Bucky could round the corner with [Y/N] by his side, he stopped and his gaze wandered to a man who was sitting on the other side of the street.

His hands were shoved into the pockets of his jacket while his eyes were concealed by a blue cap he wore. Bucky recognized him immediately and [Y/N] did the same when she followed her boyfriend’s gaze and her eyes landed on her friend Steve Rogers.

“What is he doing here?” Bucky turned his back to Steve and looked down at [Y/N]. She sighed and looked over to Steve who sat outside, next to a little café while holding a cup of tea before her eyes went back to Bucky “I don’t know…maybe they found a way to find us. But I swear, I didn’t contact him”

“Do you want to speak with him?” his fingers traced over her chin while his eyes showed fear but also sobriety. After years of hoping and mourning, he got the chance to get back together with the love of his life but now another incident could destroy it again.

“I’ll speak with him…but I promise you to come back. Don’t worry. Do you want to go back home? I’ll meet you there, okay?” she kissed his cheek before Bucky nodded and hugged her “Be careful. I don’t wanna lose you again”

“You won’t” [Y/N] smiled when she let go of his hand and carefully crossed the road to meet Steve.

Slowly [Y/N] approached her old friend while Steve took another sip of his tea and put down his cup when she sat down in front of him. He smiled at her “So you found him. I’m happy to see you both together again. Did he recognized me?”

“He did. I showed him some pictures and helped him with his memory” [Y/N] nodded and took a sip from his tea “Now tell me. There is a reason why you came. Because of Bucky or because of me?”

“Because of both of you” Steve sighed and took a look over his shoulder before his gaze went back to his friend. A bit confused, [Y/N] looked over his left shoulder only to see Sam who was on the other side of the road, leaning against a thick brick wall “I see you’re not alone. Come on, why are you all here? Did something happen back in New York?”
“We found some files. About Bucky and you. I’ll explain everything to you but you have to come with us. Bucky as well. It’s urgent” Steve seemed kind of nervous while he fumbled with the zipper of his jacket.

“I don’t think so. Bucky and I will stay here. We’re safe” [Y/N] became serious and wanted to stand up before Steve gripped her wrist “[Y/N], I knew you were safe here but you’re not any longer. They are people who are looking for you and Bucky. We need to get you away from here. It could be that they are already on their way.”

“Who the hell are they? Are you speaking of HYDRA?” she began to whisper when Steve shook his head “No, not exactly. [Y/N], I promise you, nothing will happen to him. The government has other problems to deal with. Tony will take care of this and nobody will come and take him to some jail. Please, you have to trust me…”

Inside [Y/N] was discussing with herself. They could go back home and live a normal life but there would always be a chance that the police will ring the doorbell and take Bucky away. Away from her.

“Will you come with me?” she looked at him before he nodded “Yes, of course, if this means that you will come back home with Sam and me. Nat misses you, just like the other do. And if Bucky would stay as well, we would be together again. The old team, you know”

[Y/N] chuckled before she stood up “Come on, let’s go. But Sam should stay here. He will be confused enough when I come home with you”

He followed her down the street after he told Sam to go back to the jet. Together they went through some darker alleys because the flat was some blocks away from the market.

“Do you know why Buck chose to move to Bucharest?” Steve looked around while he followed [Y/N] who looked around a few times. [Y/N] shrugged while she showed him the way to their shared apartment “He never told me but you can ask him yourself. But before you come inside with me, you will stay outside. I’ll let you in when…he is ready, you know”

He nodded when they finally arrived at the huge skyscraper. Together,  they went upstairs before they stopped at the front door. [Y/N] took her keys out to open the door while Steve waited outside like he was told.

Bucky sat at the table in the little kitchen and stood up when she came in. Relieved, he stood up and hugged [Y/N] when she came over to him. Softly she kissed his lips while her arms hugged his waist “Bucky?…Do you trust me?”

Confused he looked down into her [y/e/c] eyes “Of course, I trust you, but I know that you will tell me something I don’t like, am I right, doll?”

Slowly she began to nod before she buried her head in his chest “Steve is waiting outside. He told me they are people who are looking for us and it would be better if we go back with him. Back home to New York. I know you may not like this idea but I don’t want some people to work on you again or attack both of us. I mean, we could be as happy as here. He said that the government doesn’t care anymore. There are other problems they have to deal with”
Bucky sighed and laid his head on hers before he closed his eyes “I trust you. I just don’t wanna lose you again. You’re everything I need now, doll. You’re my everything”

[Y/N] detached herself from him and nodded “And you’re mine. And I know we can do this together”

Softly she gave him another kiss before she went to the front door and let Steve inside.

Part 9

And again, another part is done. I hope you still like it. It will get more exciting in the next chapters ;)

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@climxtologist Continued from here

    T H E unit seemed to halt, registering the words before his
    large shoulders lifted up, looking bashful for the moment
    while letting out a soft, shy whir. H E R words meant a lot to
    him, they made him feel important and needed! O H what
    a feeling it was!  Q U I C K L Y he set the paper down and
    began to write once more, trying hard to not mush all the
    words together with how fast he had moved the pencil
    across the paper;

    Thank you so much! No-one has ever said anything so
    kind to me…!!

The Hug and Roll

Originally posted by music-is-love-4ever

Summary: Chris not being a big cuddler but you loving it, so in the middle of the night he tries to do the “hug and roll” and ends up rolling you right off of the bed

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader


A/N: …I need to stop watching Friends…

Chris’ POV:

There was only one problem with sleeping with Y/N. She loved to cuddle. Loved it. Of course, there was normally no problem with that. It would’ve been completely fine… except for the fact that I hated cuddling. I loathe it. I tried to tell Y/N that. I tried.

But I couldn’t. There was no possible way for me to tell her that without upsetting her.

So there had to be a way. I knew there had to be a way. The one person who would possibly know was Sebastian.

And he did.

The hug and roll.

That was it. I know it sounds stupid but it had to work. Had to. If it didn’t, I would be screwed.

“Love you Chris.”

I chuckled gently at Y/N’s sleepy voice but placed a kiss on her temple, none the less, “I love you too, babe.”

I waited until I knew she was completely asleep before commencing the plan. I wrapped my other arm around her and gently rolled her onto her side of the bed. That was it. It was done.


My other arm. It was still stuck under Y/N.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Think fast…. Come on Chris.

Quick like pulling a tablecloth off of a set table. It would be just like ripping off a bandaid. That would be the only way to do it.

I took a bracing breath and counted to three before tugging my arm quickly from out under Y/N.

Only… it didn’t work out as well as I hoped.

Y/N had rolled off of the bed and onto the floor with a soft thud and a groan.

Fuck. That’s not good.

~ A couple hours later ~

Y/N’s arm was enclosed in a Y/F/C cast and her tired eyes were being too easily swayed into showing forgiveness…. Even though this is the thousandth time I’ve apologized since we left the hospital.

“Y/N, I really am so so sorry! Please, forgive me. It was Sebastian’s idea and I just… I didn’t know what else to do so I took his advice.”

“Why would you listen to Sebastian?! You could’ve just told me! Chris, if you don’t like cuddling, you should’ve just said so. It’s not a big deal. ”

I sighed gently and wrapped my arms loosely around her waist, “It’s not?”

She rolled her Y/E/C eyes lightly at me, “Of course not. But you can bet your ass that, until this arm is healed, I’m getting all the cuddles I want.

I chuckled and nodded, carefully pulling her closer and silently thanking the gods that, for now, she was letting me off on that, “That sounds like the least I could do.“

A Day In The Life Of

| Request: “Hi !!! Could you do a imagine where Dan and Y/N are watching after Y/Ns niece for the weekend and she is scared to sleep alone so she sleep between Y/N and Dan ?! Please :)) Ok maybe a thing, (if that’s alright) y/n is a youtuber so maybe she is vlogging a bit of the week end and the phandom is crazy (in a cute way) about Dan and y/Ns niece :)” |

| Warnings: None. |


“Hello Internet!”

Dan said to the camera with a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“It’s around 7 am and I’m about to wake [Y/N] up because her, well, our, niece is going to spend the weekend with us!”

The Phandom loved Dan and
[Y/N]’s niece, falling in love with her after [Y/N] vlogged a hectic day babysitting her by herself when she was two.

Dan crept into the bedroom to wake up [Y/N]. She lay there, wrapped in the checkered duvet, hair messy and a soft snore leaving her lips.

Dan approached, gently shaking her shoulder. “Wake up, babe.” He said softly.

She groaned, rolling to her other side and gently slapping away his hand. “Five more minutes.”

Dan turned the camera back on himself, shaking his head. “Get up, Sleeping Beauty.” [Y/N] giggled. “I’ll get up if I get true loves kiss.”

He groaned, leaning down and softly pecking her lips, making sure to film it as he did. [Y/N] got out of bed, taking Dan’s large hand in hers and following him down the hallway as he filmed.

“When’s she getting here?” She asked, yawning as she spoke.

“Around 11, but we need to be prepared before she comes. Making up the guest bedroom, buying food a five year old will eat, things like that.” He explained, making his way into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

By “cook” I mean pour cereal and milk in two bowls.

After breakfast, Dan stopped filming to allow them to get dressed and such, quickly he began filming when [Y/N] walked in the room in her favourite outfit, laughing as Dan sang “Here she is, Miss America.”

After filming, preparing the room, shopping for food, and everything else, the doorbell rang.
Dan and [Y/N] walked to the door together, Dan filmed as [Y/N] opened it and greeted her niece, Bandit, pulling her into a big bear hug. Dan greeted [Y/S/N] and they left, leaving Dan and [Y/N] with a rowdy five year old and her luggage.

“So, Bandit, how do you feel like filming A Day In The Life Of video with Auntie and I?” Dan asked, handing her the camera and taking her from [Y/N]’s arms. Bandit nodded, having filmed with both her aunt and uncle before.

[Y/N] grabbed her nieces luggage and they put it in her room, getting her properly dressed for winter in London, and headed out.

“Uncle Dan.” Bandit started, sitting between her aunt and uncle in the taxi. “When can I get my ears pierced like yours?” She asked, taking note of the pink studs Dan wore today. [Y/N] giggled, and he didn’t know how to respond. “When your mum and dad let you, I suppose.”

The taxi soon stopped at a toy shop, where they bought Bandit a toy of her choice. A pristine doll with features scarily similar to her own.

“Of course she picked one of the most bloody expensive items in the shop.” Dan mumbled to the camera, [Y/N] shaking her head as she gave her niece the money to pay for the toy. “You said she could pick anything, love.”

They walked out of the shop, Bandit holding [Y/N]’s hand with one hand and carrying the doll that made Dan’s wallet cry with her other.

[Y/N] whispered something to Bandit as Dan talked to the camera, and Bandit let go of her aunts hand and grabbed her uncles. “Thank you, Uncle Dan!” She yelled to the camera and her very tall uncle with a scraggly toothed grin. “You’re welcome, kiddo.”

[Y/N] took the camera from Dan, talking to it about random things about London, most of which she was telling her niece.

They soon arrived at the next location, an ice cream parlour. “But [Y/N] it’s winter in England!” Dan whined. “Dan Howell how many times must I tell you that ice cream makes you warmer because of its fat content?” Bandit giggled at the playful banter between her aunt and uncle that was all being caught on camera.

They walked into the shop, Bandit releasing Dan’s hand to look at the brightly coloured ice cream in the shop. Pastel pink strawberry, bright yellow lemon, even a blue coloured flavour that Dan swore was radioactive.

Bandit settled on a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of lime, which [Y/N] noted was a “Lovely shade of green.” And rainbow sprinkles. Dan got a scoop of coffee, and [Y/N] got [Y/F/F]. They took their seats in the shop, enjoying the cold sweets and filming a bit more.

“Auntie, can you make spaghetti for dinner?” Bandit asked, her bright [E/C] eyes sparking. “Of course, we’ll have to go to a shop and buy the stuff to make it though.” [Y/N] smiled, despite hating spaghetti with a red hot passion.

After finishing their ice cream, sightseeing with their niece, and going food shopping for the second time today, they finally arrived back at the flat.

After dinner was eaten, the lounge was completely destroyed and then put back together again by Bandit, and the sound of cartoons filled the flat, they decided it was bedtime and [Y/N] prepared her niece for bed.

Together, Dan and [Y/N] tucked her, and her favourite stuffed animal, in bed, let her say “Goodnight internet.” to the camera, and prepared themselves for bed.

After crawling in bed, it wasn’t long before they heard the patter of little feet on the floor. Dan stood up at the sound of a light knock on the bedroom door.

“Uncle Dan, can I sleep with you and Auntie? I’m scared.” She asked, carrying a stuffed toy with her. Dan nodded, picking her up and placing her in bed between
[Y/N] and himself.

“Goodnight Bandit.” [Y/N] mumbled sleepily, placing a kiss on her nieces forehead, Dan did the same, and Bandit kissed both of their cheeks and told them goodnight once more.

And soon, all three of them fell asleep after a long day of babysitting.

Emma (John Laurens x Reader)


So this is my first time uploading onto Tumblr so adventure, am I right! Haha sorry. Anyway, it was just a little something I wrote that was originally supposed to be TJeff but became this. Probably because I love Laurens, idk. Anyway, enjoy and if you want to send a request, feel free.

Ship: John Lauren x Reader

Warnings: None except fluff I guess

It had been a peaceful day. Your boyfriend John was a work and your daughter Emma had spent most of the day in preschool. Even now, Emma was playing in her room quietly with her stuffed animals while you finished cleaning the kitchen.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

Maybe she wasn’t being so quiet. You put down the towel you had been using to dry the dishes and kneeled down to her eye level. “What’s up, buttercup?”

Emma giggled at the phrase, a smile taking home on her freckled face. “When will daddy be home?”

You glanced at the clock that hung next to the fridge and couldn’t help but smile yourself. “About 30 minutes. Why?”

“Can I draw daddy a picture?” The 4 year old asked sweetly, as though you could possibly say no to such an innocent request.

“Of course!” You ruffled her (H/C) hair. “Come on, I’ll get you paper and some colour pencils.”

Emma cheered, running back to her room with you following, first stopping in your office to pick up supplies. You set them down on Emma’s desk. “All set?” You chuckled as Emma nodded excited. “Okie dokie, artichokie. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” Emma nodded again as you left to the kitchen with a quick smile.

While she had been a bit of a surprise, Emma has been one of the biggest joys in your lives. You had been dating John for about a year and a half when you were expecting and when you told John, he was frightened and confused and nervous but overall, he was excited. He had fussed and pampered you and even proposed.

However, you said no. You knew he loved you and would love this baby more than anything. At that point, though, you felt like he was doing it out of obligation and had to decline. He understood, even if he was a bit disappointed. Then Emma was born.

You couldn’t help but think back to what John’s face was like when they first handed her to him. It was like he had been handed the world. And essentially, he had. He doted on her whenever he could, making sure she always knew just how much she was loved. And boy did she know it.

You sighed and sat at your kitchen table with a cup of tea, taking in a deep breath. Peace once again.

“(Y/N)! Emma!”

Or not.

“In here, John!” You shouted. John walked in and smiled. “Hey, have you seen the paper towels?”

“Yeah.” He reached into the pantry and pulled a roll out from the back. “Here you go.” Handing you the roll, he pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “I love being your hero.”

“Hero?” You scoffed, standing up and placing the roll on its holder. “More like the villain that put it up there.”

John smirked, placing his hands on your hips. “Don’t you love villains though?”

“Oh my, you’re right!” You said, faking a tiny gasp and wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Emma shouted, running in.

“Emma!” John pulled away to pick the young girl up, drawing tiny giggles from her. “How was your day today, sweetheart?”

“Really good! I got to play tag at school and got a gold star for colouring in the lines!”

John gasped. “No way! I can’t even colour in the lines! I’m so proud of you!”

“Oh, I drew you a picture, daddy! Want to see?” Nodding, John put her down, allowing her to bolt to her room.

“Need a drink?” You asked when you noticed just how worn out he looked.

He chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, that’d be good.” You stood up and went to the fridge, grabbing a beer and the opener. You sat next to them and handed it off. “Thanks. Have you seen the picture yet?” Chuckling, you shook your head as Emma ran back.

“Here you go!” She shouted, handing him the paper with 3 people drawn in only a way a young child could. You automatically recognised the small person with freckles and (H/C) hair as your daughter, making the other 2 you and John.

John grinned widely. “This is amazing, Emma!”

“You like it?” A shy little smile crossed her face and John enveloped her in a hug.

“I love it.” He pulled away and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead before turning to you. “What do you think, mommy? Its great, right?”

You smiled and nodded. “It’s amazing. I absolutely love it Emma. Maybe you can even show your little baby brother or sister how to draw like that.”

John looked up in shock. “You’re-”

“Yeah.” You smiled, hoping he’d be just as excited as he was when you told him about Emma.

He stood up slowly, picking up Emma and setting her in his lap when he sat down set to you. “Marry me.”

You smile, leaning forward and giving him a quick kiss.


ok so

in this scene, All Might came to check up on Izuku after his… conversation with Shigaraki

and, of course, Inko came to see her son b/c he was just in a hostage situation that could’ve gone VERY BADLY

but it’s kinda funny because

while Inko thanks the police for taking care of her son, Toshinori is still in this scene. he’s just…. hiding behind one of the walls to the police station

which means this is the first time he’s actually seen Inko

and…. he doesn’t seem to be hiding too well

i wonder what would’ve happened if she saw him, or if this somehow turned into their first meeting….

lana--22  asked:

"...Alright, if you say so, Dad..." Lana said, not convinced, but too tired to argue with him. "I'm just gonna... sleep in here, is that okay?" She leaned against the wall, her eyes falling heavily.

“of c-course, darling, of course.”