and her need for the truth

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I don't know if you would be interested, but would you consider doing a follow up to the ask where Amy lost her memories. Her remembering everyone and their reactions would be wonderful to read!

(Because we all need some sweet happiness!)

Mark shows Amy into the building. She’s nervous about seeing the Egos again after so long, after she forgot them. “There’s no reason to feel guilty,” Mark says again. “You had an accident.” He sends them the message that they’ve arrived. “I think we’re supposed to meet them in the living room.

They ride the elevator up as Amy hugs her arms tight to her torso and chews on her bottom lip. She can’t imagine what they went through. Wilford likes to act tough, but Amy knows the truth. Bim and Host… well, she doesn’t even want to think about that.

Mark leads her through the floor where the Ego’s bedrooms are until they reach the living room at the end. The lights are off, but when Mark and Amy step in, the lights come on and the Egos spring from their hiding spots with a loud, “SURPRISE!” Wilford is blowing bubbles, Bim is holding a bouquet of flowers, and Host is in the corner looking very nervous.

Dr. Iplier, arms crossed over his chest, squints at her for a moment before declaring. “I give her a clean bill of health!” The others cheer, and Amy laughs as they swarm her with hugs and little gifts.

Wilford hugs her and won’t let go for a solid minute. “You’re not leaving again,” he declares in a loud voice. “I refuse. You’re mine now.” Amy laughs and presses a kiss to his forehead before he finally let’s go of her.

Bim just literally sobs into her shoulder. “I thought you’d never remember us!”

“Aw, Bimmy Boy, how could I ever forget BIM TRIMMER,” she says in her best Bim voice. He laughs and hands her the flowers that he and Poppy grew for her.

Oliver prances over in his new button-up shirt and places a flower crown on Amy’s head. “I’m very happy to have you back, Amy. Things weren’t the same without you.” He blushes deeply, but Amy winks at him.

“Good job, buddy. Not a single glitch that time.” She giggles as his blush gets even redder and he backs away, tripping over an ottoman.

Host, as always, is last. It’s as if he always thinks everyone should be allowed to go before him. He steps over, quietly narrating and smiling. “The others were afraid that you would never recover, and the Host couldn’t… he couldn’t come see you because…”

Amy places a hand gently on the Host’s cheek. “I know, Hosty. I’m glad that I remember you.” Host pulls her in for a hug without another word, but Amy knows what it means because Host lets her hear his quiet thoughts through their contact.

He’s very happy to have his best friend back.


Renee Walker

She’d grown up with an unbreakable front out of necessity and it was what she defaulted to whenever she felt threatened. Renee held his knife out and waited for him to take it before guessing, “You’re too short to have a useful reach. Back-up, then, for when you can’t finish a fight quickly enough against a larger opponent. Thank you for not drawing it on Dan Monday.”

“I don’t need a knife to best her,” Andrew said. “Would I need it against you?”

Renee knew the right way to answer that but settled for the truth. “Yes,” she said, “but I can’t promise you it would do you any good.”

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"Wait until I say this last thing" with Alyanette, please?

“Wait until I say this last thing?” Marinette asked nervously.

Alya closed her mouth and nodded.

“You’re my best friend. You’re always going to be my best friend, but I…I can’t keep going on like this without you knowing the truth.” Marinette took a deep breath. “I love you, Alya…I mean, I’m in love with you…romantically.”


“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way,” she continued on quickly. “I know this is probably out of nowhere for you and if you need some time–”

“I don’t.”

Marinette nodded, face falling. “Right…of course not.” She swallowed thickly, a lump forming in her throat. “I didn’t think you did…I only–”

“Wait!” Alya threw both hands up, eyes wide. “I meant I don’t need time!”

“You don’t need time…”

“I’m into you too, you goober,” she smiled. “I thought that was obvious.”


“Do you see me hanging all over anyone else? Kissing and hugging anyone else?” Alya chuckled. “I’ve been thinking maybe I had it all wrong and you weren’t actually into girls at all.”

Marinette grinned. “So you like me back?”

“I think the words used were actually love and romantically,” Alya teased. 

“Fine. Do you romantically love me back then?” Marinette asked, trying for exasperation as her cheeks tinging pink.

“Absolutely,” Alya nodded, leaning in for a kiss. 

Prompt List :)

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I was watch How I Met Your Mother just now and I was watching 1.06 basically Ted met a girl at a Halloween party and she wrote her number on a Kit-Kat. So he said the line "you don't understand I need that Kit-Kat" and after that he went to that party every year and waited for her. So I thought that line sounded a lot like this one "you don't understand I need pie". Thoughts?

“We can never catch a break” “Keep missing each other” “I tried but you didn’t see me”.

Eg. Raking leaves, killing 1000s of clones, who broke the connection, I hid the truth to protect you etc etc etc etc…. yeah :)

Girls night with Betty and Veronica would include

⦁ Romcom movie marathons
⦁ “Betty we watched 10 Things I Hate About You twice last week give it a break.”
⦁ Trying to copy pinterest recipies
⦁ Ordering in chinese
⦁ Doing each others hair, make up, and nails
⦁ Girly playlists with tons of Taylor Swift, Spice Girls, Kelly Clarkson and Lana Del Rey
⦁ Basic sleepover games like truth or dare
⦁ “I dare you to flash Archie.” “What Veronica, no!” “Yeah youre right thats a little wild, sorry, flash Betty.” “RONNIE!”  
⦁ Face masks, hair masks, every kind of mask or scrub Veronica brings
⦁ So much sugar
⦁ Pop corn and candy fights
⦁ Veronica insisting Betty try on everything she throws her way
⦁ Making weird faces at Archie from Betty’s window
⦁ “Kevin, we need Kevin he would know what to do with Betty’s hair.” “We cant call Kevin, its 3am” “Betty honey not everyone has a bedtime”
⦁ Deciding to go swimming at midnight
⦁ Staying up til 7 am them next morning and sleeping the rest of the day

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i hate when people bash slytherin because its like, no not everyone is evil you dingbat the reason why the slytherins didnt fight in the battle of hogwarts was because fighting meant fighting family and friends jusT STOP

i mean the truth is that j.k didn’t do a lot to not make people (at least sort of casual readers/watchers of the movies who weren’t interested in delving much deeper into the universe of harry potter) care about other houses besides gryffindor and i mean… she’s said multiple times that she’s a gryffindor herself but i don’t think you’d need her to tell you in order to figure out that she clearly favored them over the other houses and sure, she might say whatever she wants about hufflepuff and slytherin now that everything is done and how amazing the hufflepuff and slytherin houses are (they are!) but the truth is that she didn’t give a fuck about making them look good when writing the books, slytherin especially

i mean you can tell that both hufflepuff and slytherin, even if it’s for different reasons, got the worst because hufflepuff was labeled as the “dumb” ones and it was an embarrassment to be put on that house because it meant the other houses didn’t want you and you didn’t have any good traits (around the time the last movie came out people still made fun of hufflepuff and finding someone actually sticking up for the house was harder than finding a fucking unicorn) and slytherin = evil

ravenclaw is sorta…. meh because they were labeled as smart so it wasn’t a bad quality, i mean maybe people said they were nerds? but i haven’t seen a lot of bashing to ravenclaw in my years as a harry potter fan like i’ve seen towards hufflepuff and slytherin (although some people glamorized the “evilness” of slytherin, but hufflepuff was mostly just ridiculed)

and it makes me so angry!!!!!!! because it seems like most of the hate towards slytherin stems from the fact that they are the antithesis of gryffindor SO THAT MUST MEAN THEY ARE WRONG SOMEHOW BECAUSE GRYFFINDORS ARE PERFECT ACCORDING TO J.K., apparently the only evil wizard to come out of gryffindor was peter pettigrew and THAT’S IT and they made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t a true gryffindor!! he was actually a coward!!! (eyeroll)

whereas in slytherin the evil wizards were 100% true slytherins, they absolutely weren’t wrong for their house (second eyeroll)

i mean it’s clear that being in a house isn’t black and white but j.k. sure as hell made it seem like it

(btw i have nothing against gryffindors lmao it just makes me angry how the other houses were portrayed and how apparently gryffindors were the best of the best at everything, and i’m forever bitter that a house like hufflepuff that valued tolerance, acceptance and hard work above all was ONLY ridiculed for years and treated like trash)

whoops i ranted, sorry

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i think i'm depressed. my granddad had depression and committed suicide when i was 4. he had to be sectioned by force and it broke my mum. i don't want to do that to her again and put her through it because of me. what should i do? i'm begging you here, i need some advice and not the usual 'she'll understand'. i need someone to tell me how to help myself without hurting my mum.

Love, you have to talk to someone who can help you. Go to the psychologist in your school. You need help and you know it. If you do nothing then love, there’s going to be no recovering from depression.
I can’t help you with that, babe. You need to see a psychiatrist.
You need to tell your mother about it, tell her the truth, that you wanna get better. I promise you that she’ll be glad to know the whole truth and that you’ll recover much faster.
Baby, you are hurting her by not telling her the truth.

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4 the character thing!!!!!!! sorreltail Light Of My Life Queen Of My Heart!!!

it’s That girl!!

  • sexual orientation headcanon: bisexual
  • gender headcanon: cis female
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: ptsd from 3 events: when darkstripe tried to kill her, when she was hit by the car, and from honeyfern’s death. it’s like she starts learning how to cope with one thing, and then another happens. she still needs a lot of coaxing to cross a thunderpath, and absolutely can not sun by the rocks where honeyfern died. she gets nightmares and panic attacks. brackenfur is v supportive
  • 3 random headcanons:
    • 1. she always felt like cinderpelt’s death was her fault, no matter what anyone else said. stemming from that, she grew more and more anxious as cinderheart grew older and continued to look exactly like cinderpelt. she often felt guilty just looking at her daughter. and when the truth about cinderpelt’s spirit was revealed, she was terrified. she thought cinderpelt’s spirit would be mad at her for “causing her death”. on the contrary; when sorreltail joins starclan, cinderpelt is the first to greet her after honeyfern and molepaw. she thanks her for always taking care of cinderheart and brackenfur, and says that she now considers sorreltail to be just as much her mother as frostfur was. cue happy tears from sorreltail
    • 2. when she was in the nursery with her second litter, sometimes other cats would jokingly ask who her favorite child was. she would get mad about this and squish lilykit and seedkit close to her (along with poppyfrost and cinderheart, who were always close by bc they loved their little sisters) and proclaim that she loves ALL of them equally
    • 3. her favorite child was honeyfern.

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Shiro is gone, but there's no time to grieve. The Galra Empire is regrouping with Lotor at its head, and that's not a fight they're going to win without Voltron. A princess must be strong and show no sign of fear or hesitation. The decision falls to Allura to put Keith in Shiro's place and claim the Blue lion, even as her heart cries out for the man she loves.

You are a bad person. :( 

[Short prompts ‘n stuff]

It’s too heavy a price.

All they know is what I’ve told them, the truth, but only a piece of it. It was all they needed, these children of earth willing to risk their lives for someone else’s war. They look to me for guidance, as if I wasn’t just as blindly feeling my way through this mess as they are. This wasn’t supposed to be my war either, but we never get to choose these things.

It’s the first time they’ve lost, I can see how they’re struggling to understand the enormity of it all. They thought it was all a game, maybe that’s my fault. I didn’t want to frighten them with what we were up against or what they could lose along the way. They don’t know what it’s like to carry the memories of a dead world locked inside, a home that I can’t ever go back to. We’ve been wiped out, all we were and all we’ve ever done. I’m the Princess of nothing and if this war ever truly ends, I have nowhere to go back to. It took my home, everything I’ve ever known and loved. It took my father more times than anyone should have to lose their family. It took him.

A brave warrior from earth with a gentle smile with his own scars and his own burdens to carry. He understood better than any of them, the only one who’d seen how cruel the Galra could be. He could look at me and see the sorrow inside, pushed away to focus at the task at hand. He let me grieve in private moments, asking nothing more from me than to sit with me.

Now I have to hand his helmet and his burdens to another.

Keith is always so serious. I wonder how he hides his emotions so well when it feels like my heart is breaking into pieces, but he took the helmet with a stiff nod. It was like he was ready for this. Shiro always did plan ahead. He knew that he couldn’t be the reason that Voltron fails and the galaxy with it.

Just thinking his name hurts.

There’s no time for mourning, I can see how angry that makes them. Lotor and the Galra fleet won’t give us time to grieve, not Altea, not my father, not Shiro. They take too much.

The Paladins look to me as if I can reassure them that it will be okay or that they’ll be able to survive this fight. I don’t know what to tell them anymore. They will have to learn to be strong and harden their hearts if they hope to make it through this, they have to reform Voltron and relearn what it means to be a team. I have to hold them together even when I can barely keep myself from shattering.

Blue will be my sorrow and my revenge, for my people and my heart. That’s the one promise I can make. They won’t take anything else from me, I will stop them here and end this war once and for all. For him.

For Shiro.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more.


Their defeat was merely delay to the time after Oblivion opened.

When the Sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood.

But no one wanted to believe…

Believe they even existed.

And when the truth finally dawned…

It dawned in fire!


There’s one they fear.

In their tongue she’s Dovahkiin.


Benedicta was walking on the snow path that was going throughout the mountain. The only thing that could be heard was the whistling of the harsh cold wind in the trees. Skyrim was truly beautiful once one would wander in the wild. She was heading for High Hrothgar, followed by her Redguard friend, Taysir. He had spent some years studying there, and now, she needed to go there too.

She had heard the call.

As they were walking up the seven thousand steps, Benedicta suddenly heard a voice singing. It was him, it was Taysir.

“Our hero, our hero claims a warrior’s heart. I tell you, I tell you the Dragonborn comes. With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art. Believe, believe the Dragonborn comes. It’s an end to the evil of all Skyrim’s foes. Beware, beware the Dragonborn comes. For the darkness has passed and the legend yet grows. You’ll know, you’ll know the Dragonborn’s come.

Dovahkiin! Dovahkiin! (Dragonborn! Dragonborn!)

Naal ok zin los vahriin, (by his honor is sworn)

Wah dein vokul Mahfaeraak ahst vaal! (To keep evil forever at bay!)

Ahrk fin norok paal graan Fod nust hon zindro zaan, (And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph’s shout!)

Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal! (Dragonborn, for you blessing we pray!)”

Here it is for the Fantasy AU! I’m sorry for the anon that asked for the Final Fantasy AU, but the “any game ever“ just really confused me, because I thought that you meant: “Any other game is fine” so… I went with Skyrim~ <3

I.. Don’t know how to draw heavy armor but I tried xD

Here’s the link for a first version of the song, Male version to be precise.

Famous female version.


Alternative Universe AU Meme 3/17

Consider this:

1. Prairie is not the first blind person Hap has known in his life.

He knows how to care for her, guide her, understands intuitively how to cater to the needs and limitations of a blind person.

2. Hap has a deeply engrained sense of propriety. Being rude/impolite is a deeper offense to him than being unjust.

3. Hap does his work because he wants to ask questions no one is supposed to ask & break out of the coma of this reality. He hungers after The Truth about what happens after death, not for fame or profit, but because he genuinely believes it will change the world.

4. Hap is isolated, of his own volition. He lives with his test subjects in a remote area (unlike Leon who lives in an urban center and goes home every night).

5. Hap is educated, lives in a home that has the trappings of a Dutch modern design, and his clothing is classic but simple. He enjoys cigars. He seems like someone who knows what it is to have money and isn’t really affected by it…just accepts financial stability as a given.

• I think Hap was raised in a middle class family.
• I think there was personal tragedy in his youth…most likely a death of someone he was close to.
• It is very likely he had a blind person in his life, and I believe this person was female. Possibilities include: daughter, sister, mother, grandmother.
• I believe his father was an absent figure.

The thing that makes the most sense to me is: mom died when he was young, maybe in childbirth. Father left or was unknown. He was raised by his blind grandmother, and when she died, she left him enough financial stability to either pay for college or build his home above the mine and pursue his work.

Some say ‘I couldn’t be as strong as you’ others say ‘I don’t know how you can handle this’ but the truth is I am not strong and I can’t handle it. All you see is the time I just don’t think about what happened. I don’t think about seeing the person who held me on this earth in a hospital bed unable to even keep her eyes open. 

I don’t think about the pain you had. I don’t think about telling you, you needed to stay strong. 
I don’t think about not being able to be by your side for one last time. I don’t think about not being able to say my last goodbye. 
You said ‘’I just don’t want to anymore’’ and I asked what you meant. As you said ‘’all these tablets and the chemotherapy- I just don’t want all this’’. I knew you lied. I knew you didn’t want to hurt me. I’m not mad at you for lying. I understand. I feel the pain you had. I just want to be with you again. Hold you and tell you how much I love you. 

I just want to let you know that I didn’t visit you again because it hurt way too much to see you like this. I believed in you. I thought you’d make it. I was wrong. I’m sorry. I miss you. I love you so much, mom. 
We will meet again. I promise. 

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let’s talk about the Pearls

because their behaviour in The Trial was fascinating to me

At first, we see them exhibiting all their usual stuff. YP is as flourishing and Extra as always, and while for the most part BP is her usual quiet self, we see her display the most actual personality ever as she grins while drawing “Rose Quartz’s” death

But the tricky thing with the Diamonds’ Pearls is that it is very, very hard to tell what’s the real them. What are they really thinking, and what’s a show they have to put on to avoid their owners’ wrath?

Here, we see them lose their calm– both of them, at the same time, for the same reason. And not because of a direct threat/insult, like Yellow Pearl’s flinching from Yellow Diamond in “Message Recieved”. It’s a comment Blue Zircon makes:

“So how did a Rose Quartz with no business being anywhere near Pink Diamond get so close in the first place? Where were Pink Diamond’s attendants? Her Agates? Her Sapphires? And where was her Pearl?”

They both immediately freeze. YP’s expression is terrified. She looks directly and BP, as if either afraid for her, or searching for reassurance or guidance. We don’t know exactly what Blue Pearl’s expression is, with her eyes covered– but maybe fear too, or uncertainty, or surprise…

So the question is. Why?

1) They’re genuinely shocked. They’re so indoctrinated by Homeworld ideology that the thought that Pink Diamond’s Pearl didn’t do anything to protect her is an accusation which strikes them to their core

2) They’re afraid their Diamonds will lash out at them as scapegoats. This episode made it painfully clear that YD especially is pretty trigger happy, so I wouldn’t put it past her to occasionally strike out at blameless underlings

3) They know something.

This last one seems more likely to me. Because why else would they get so much focus? The question is– what?

Okay. Let me split this up into sub-theories:

  • They (or one of them) witnessed Pink Diamond’s death, and they have information which could explain the discrepancies Blue Zircon brought up. However, they never divulged it for whatever reason. (Possibly because, if there was a cover up, they could be at risk if the did). Now it might come out accidentally, and they could take the fallout.

  • One or both of them helped orchestrate Pink Diamond’s assassination, either directly or indirectly. The main issue is the question of how an obvious criminal like Rose Quartz could have gotten close enough to Pink Diamond to kill her. Pearls would have a great insight into how all the court hierarchies work. Since they’re considered to be basically dim-witted furniture, they’re pretty easily ignored. Combine this with abilities such as holographic projections, perhaps they could have found a way to smuggle Rose Quartz (or the true killer) close enough.

  • Another Pearl was directly involved in the smuggling and killing of Pink Diamond. While they didn’t plan it, BP and YP helped her (and any allies e.g. Rose Quartz) escape, because of Pearl Solidarity

Hmm…. but who could this other Pearl be… If only there was another Pearl in the show… a known rebel… who’s past history with Homeworld is shrouded in mystery…

Ah. Yes.

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t know exactly how Pearl exactly fits in. Rose Quartz being the killer seems important for the Arc of Steven coming to discover that his Mom’s past actions weren’t all sunshine and daisies, and the further arc of him realizing that maybe sometimes violence/shattering is necessary or justified. So maybe she just helped sneak Rose in, even if she didn’t deliver the killing blow herself. 

Although, if Pearl was the culprit, that might give even more impact to her expression when Steven discovered what happened to Pink Diamond in ‘Back to the Moon’

Admittedly, this can easily just be Pearl saddened that Steven’s discovered the truth. That the perfect image of his mother, the person Pearl loved and respected more than anyone else, has been broken. That his innocence has been lost.

But if she was responsible, it could also be fear that Steven– who is innocent, who still values the lives of everyone– would reject her if he discovered she was the one who did it. 

(Also, consider Pearl’s claims of being Rose’s sole confidant, the one who knows everything… The only one who knew the truth of Pink Diamond’s shattering.)

‘Course, we’ve got the little problem here that all eye witness accounts say that Rose Quartz killed Pink Diamond. As you might have noticed, Pearl looks absolutely nothing like Rose.

… but hey. How about shapeshifting? You know. That thing Pearl swears she can do, but that we’ve never seen her demonstrate in 132 episodes? This would be a pretty significant demonstration. And the trauma of using it for such a thing could explain why she hasn’t wanted to use it since. 

(Not sure why Pearl would have felt the need to disguise herself as Rose Quartz. Maybe it was because she knew all the other RQs got captured and bubbled for Rose’s rebellion, so Pearl was protect her fellows from a similar culling. Or maybe she thought showing the leader of the rebellion dealing the finishing blow would make a stronger image. idk)

That said, again, I still really am fond of Rose being responsible… so maybe we can split the difference and put the death on Rainbow Quartz? That would be rad too.

basically it’s all a mystery and i’m not sure where it’s going, but the Pearls almost definitely have some clue

Let’s end this on their worried faces

(protect them


Okay but here is the cycle right now.

Sana didn’t tell Noora about Williams gf so Noora kissed Yousef  

Tripping Noora (on his lips)

and now Noora is hanging out with Yousef which is the last push Sana needed to make saranors2 which lead to….

Vilde breaking

and Vilde breaking has caused Eva….

to be fucking pissed. you could say Vilde breaking has caused her to slip her cute happy drunk girl image and become the angry protective Eva we also love

and now we just got the next impact

angry Eva has caused Sana to finally open up to someone, Chris. and now Chris literally has the power in her hands. She is the only one who knows the truth besides Sana. She has the selfie stick now. but instead of telling Sana to open up she is telling her to keep quiet because the hate on Isak will just go away.

I think her advice to keep quiet is her hitting Even in the face with the selfie stick

get ready for the pain.

Bum’s backstory was always going to be horrific but I think the real tragedy behind this chapter was the fact that he could have had a normal, happy life. Despite the fact all the information came from his uncle I think it’s clear Bum’s father would’ve had a good job, had been raised with affection and I get the feeling he probably loved his wife. If Bum’s uncle’s behaviour this chapter was anything to go by, he probably beat Bum’s mother and that’s why she ran off with his brother. I mean Bum would probably have still had BPD but he wouldn’t have been beaten, starved and sexually abused and I get the vibe his parents were probably decent people.

Another interesting trope Koogi has used this chapter is the idea of the sins of the father. Over the course of the chapter we discover Bum’s beatings are in part due to the fact of who his parents were. Though Bum’s uncle claims his father was the favourite son I’m guessing his own fell out of favour when he married his brother’s girlfriend. At the moment, I’m fairly confident Bum resembles his mother and that’s why his uncle has this overwhelming urge to punish him. Whether Bum’s Grandma ignores her sons actions due to guilt over having a favourite or because she can’t deal with Bum’s criminal record is unclear. I mean she calls him a wicked child so I think it’s a mixture of both, making out that almost everything that happens to Bum is his fault because he doesn’t learn from his uncle’s actions. After hearing the story I wouldn’t be shocked if Sangwoo takes her as a victim as well.

Finally I want to talk about a Sangwoo - after the small snippet we’ve seen of him I feel fairly confident that my prediction he was going to be the one person to react to Bum’s story with sympathy/a need to protect is right. Koogi shows us the minute he snaps. Sangwoo is smart and I think he can read Bum’s subtext pretty well in this situation which is why rather than flying off the handle at being lied too he tries to coax the truth out of him instead. Honestly the screen shot I’ve used of Sangwoo for this post is one of my favourites because it’s so obvious his switch has been flipped but he doesn’t lash out at Bum. The need to protect his property is stronger than his desire to hurt something in that moment which just shows how much their dynamic has developed since the beginning. I also think he looks a little concerned/worried about what exactly Bum is going to tell him so I’m excited to see whether Bum’s story triggers anything about Sangwoo’s
own backstory next chapter.


This is absolutely insane I am just blown away that this many people follow me and my weirdness…

Storms and Visitors
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Regulus invites you at his house to stay for the night until the storm stops but Sirius has other plans.”

Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
“You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realize that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.”

Frosting and Crushes
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @inkstainedfanfics
“Newt has been distant the past week, focusing only on Tina and their work. You try to strike up conversation with him at dinner, but, after many failed attempts, grow irritated and leave early. Queenie decides to take matters into her own hands.”

Body Heat
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader is the younger sister of James and is in a relationship with Sirius.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @deerprongs
Lilly gives Reader a potion to help her with her headache but ends up adding putting too much of an ingredient in that makes Reader loopy and giggly. Completed Series

Air B&E
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengerofyourheart
“When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity.”

Lost My Way
Tom Holland x Reader
by @intheheartoftomholland
“Famous actor Tom Holland has been in the film industry for years now after making it big as Spiderman and he loses himself along the way.”

Being Pregnant With Steve Rogers’ Baby
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingsteverogers
Basically an imagine…

The Bunkhouse
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
by @angryschnauzer
“Bucky is backpacking through the Canadian Rockies when he decides to stay at a bunkhouse for the night. The only other guest is a loud and arrogant stranger by the name of Steve that does nothing except boast about his bravado and prowess. Its time for someone to take him down a peg or two.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @after-avenging-hours
Basically sex demon Bucky begin a sex god.

Don’t Be Ashamed
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @fantasticnewtimagines
Handicapped!Reader requires a cane to walk around and Newt is a sweetheart about it.

Urgent Care
Avengers x Reader
by @arrow-guy
Reader brings Peggy to help diffuse the Civil War between Steve and Tony. Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @marvelous-fvcks
“You accidentally walk in on Bucky as he gets ready for his date - completely naked - and your natural awkwardness only causes things to go from bad to worse. In an attempt to resolve the situation you get some of the worst advice from some of your friends who are no help whatsoever”

A Personal Connection
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @sebastianstandoffish
“Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.”

The Voice Inside My Head
Deadpool x Reader
by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
I don’t really know how to summarize this one, just read it, trust me.

You Should Be Here
Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader, Sam Winchester x Niece!Reader
by @winchesters-favorite-girl
“Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.”

What’s Between Us
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @bovaria
“Reader breaks her arm during a mission so she has to stay in the tower to heal. After a while she gets really bored and glum so Steve takes her out to cheer her up.”

The Past On Your Doorstep
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @atwistoffate
“After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.”

Fire And Ice
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @beccaanne814-blog
Bucky has a crush on the Reader who is a nurse for the military.

Going To The Yule Ball With Sirius
Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
An imagine of what would happen if Reader were to go with Sirius to the Yule Ball.

Study Hard
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Reader has been studying for hours and Sirius forces her to take a break.”

Newt Scamander Smut
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @13reasonswhyiblog
“You and Newt had met at Hogwarts, and had both left a while ago, Newt left before you due to being expelled. But Professor Dumbledore had asked you both to return and fill temporary positions. You were going to teach DADA, and Newt, quite obviously was teaching Care of Magical Creatures”

The Smallest Moment Makes The Biggest Difference
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @captainhopelessromantik-808
Reader works at the ministry with Newt and he asks her out on a date.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengemebuckyy
“You’re a doctor for the avengers and when Bucky comes in with a hunk of metal in his side you find that it’s not his injury that’s making you sweat.”

You Good?
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Reader works for Shield, more as a backup agent with the computers. She’s shy, but has a kind personality. She meets Sam one day buy getting shot at an attack on the Shield base and he helps her get away safely. Later they become friends and one day while running together she gets flustered by him and runs faster to hide her face but it causes her to loose her breath and when he catches up, she admits she likes him.”

Hazelnut and Hurricanes
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Sam finds you in a busy coffee shop and can’t keep is eyes off of you. After buying you a coffee he insists on taking you on a date. You finally agree, but will the awful weather ruin the night?” Completed Series

Bucky’s Baby
Sugar Daddy!Bucky x Reader
by @lancefuckrr *On AO3*
“Down on your luck, you meet a man named Bucky - a handsome and wealthy businessman - who changes your life completely.”

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @omg-imatotalmess
Reader helps Newt deal and tame his beasts.

Avengers x Reader
by @theliteratureloser
“Reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.” Ongoing Series

Modern Times
Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers (Platonic)
by @itsanerdlife
“Reader whose a none romantic and doesn’t believe in relationships trying to explain her lifestyle to the Avengers Team, specifically the two men from the 40′s who don’t understand as she teases them.”

Drunk Love
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @winter-childrens
“Bucky is drunk and is very sweet and cute.”

The Perfect Prom
Peter Parker x Reader
by @icat8
“Prom has been more of a nightmare than the dream you hoped it would be. Thankfully, you have a friend like Peter.” Completed Series

My Fake Boyfriend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @supersoldierslover
“After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.” Ongoing Series

My Hot Nerd
Peter Parker x Reader
by @ships4you
Peter comes back from his nightly shenanigans and finds his girlfriend waiting for him in his bedroom.

Arsonist’s Lullaby
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“Reader is a pyrokinetic, being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers.” Ongoing Series

This Is War
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny.” Ongoing Series

The Only Exception
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?” Ongoing Series

The Friendly Wager
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?” Ongoing Series

Guys My Age
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @221bshrlocked
“You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.” Ongoing Series

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @azurakenway
Newt gets turned into a beast and needs Reader to kiss him in order to turn back into a human.

Weak When You’re Around
Sirius Black x Reader
by @lovelysiriuss
“In which Sirius realizes he feels weak when he’s around her, but not knowing what to do about it.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avasparks
“The whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.”

What Passengers Do In Private
Sirius Black x Reader
by @azurakenway
Sirius gets a little possessive on the train to Hogwarts when another guy flirts with you.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @h4rtache
“Gryffindor reader is feeling nervous about graduating when Young!Sirius comes to console her.“

My Girl
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader and Sirius spend a cold night in Hogsmeade.

Fat Bottomed Omega
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @melonshino

Golden Desire
Sebastian Stan x Reader
by @sebuckyverse
“Watching Sebastian work on the set of ‘The Bronze’ is giving you a hard time.“

Let’s Pretend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @papi-chulo-bucky
“Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant pornstars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.“ Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @oneshot-shit
“Bucky being annoying can lead to fun times.“

My Beautiful Boy
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @timeforsmut
Submissive Bucky smut

The Elevator
Jensen Ackles x Reader
by @melissaj616
Elevator smut with Jensen


Idk if im a crackpot or what but This is the scene when Rhysand shows up to Feyre’s cell the night before the last trial where he reveals everything he’s been doing + how he wants amarantha to die, etc etc. And then look at what he says at the end of their convo –> from the first highlight to the last, esp the part: “you’d go tell Amarantha the truth about her whore. Perhaps she’d give you Tamlin for it.”

And I’m just floored Bc it’s currently 1:30am and I’m thinking what if rhys told Feyre all those secrets about himself so she can use them the next day??? Just in case shit went bad (which it did) w amarantha … feyre could turn him in and potentially save herself or even tamlin. liKE THIS SHATTERS MY HEART RHYS WAS GIVING HER AMMUNITION TO USE AGAINST HIM SO SHE COULD SAVE HERSELF IF SHE NEEDED TO LIKE HE WAS READY TO BE TORTURED/DIE/OTHER HORRIBLE STUFF IF FEYRE USED WHAT SHE KNEW AND STRUCK ANOTHER BARGAIN W AMARANTHA LIKE I AM TRASH WHY DOES HE DO STUFF LIKE THIS I CANT HANDLE IT