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Fortunately, the rumours are true. THIS SHOW IS NOW A PWYC BENEFIT FOR THE PARKDALE COMMUNITY FOOD BANK. After BLACK IRON PRISON play, MARJIE BARGY will be hosting her infamous karaoke. Mommy are no longer able to make the trip to Canada, but the gig must go on.  Come out and have the best Friday you could possible have. 

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From Zuke's "I don’t want to have people have to sit down and put together puzzle pieces to see if they were represented". So literally everything about Ruby and Sapphire means nothing???? I mean yeah its not much and its not perfect but oh my god

Yea they’re so White Savior-y but there’s no poor Black kids. Just middle class racially diverse kids that are bored and annoyed as fuck. Now they’re throwing paper balls and she’s crytyping on her mommy&me blog

Being pregnant with Newt Scamander’s child would include:

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A/N: Me. Trash. 

  • Even tough you’re the mother, Newt’s still saying that he’s the mommy.
    • “Mommy’s here.”
    • “Newt, I’m the mom. You’re the dad.”
    • “Don’t listen to her, kid. Mommy’s here.” 
  • Him being very careful during your pregnancy. 
    • Controlling 3x wether his case is closed or not. 
    • Controlling the doors before going to bed or leaving for work.
    • While he loves his beasts, he tells them to be very tender around you. 
  • Pickett leaving Newt’s side when Newt has to go to work, taking care of you while his ‘mommy’ is away. 
    • Pickett cuddling with you.
    • You trying to convince him that the other Bowtruckles won’t make fun or bully him. 
    • You both having an actual conversation about attachment issues.
    • You’re talking most of the time.
  • Cuddling all day in bed when you’re feeling unwell. 
    • Him calling sick at work most of the time because you’re much more important.
    • Him trying to cook and do all the things you need to do to keep the house up.
    • He fails most of the time miserabely.
  • His arms around you.
    • Caressing your belly and talking to the baby about his beasts and adventures. 
    • Kissing your belly.
  • Going on long walks.
  • Making you laugh when you’re moody. 
    • Even if there are times when you want to kill him, he’s still very optimistic.
    • Massaging your aching feet.
  • Accepting all the changes your body has to endure.
    • Him telling you he’s still very much in love with you and that he’ll never stop loving you.
  • Him going with you to the doctor and not leaving your site, holding your hand when the doctor tells you something new about the baby’s progress.
  • Newt crying when he feels his child kicking.
  • Decorating the bedroom for your child. 
    • It’s unisex.
    • Of course the room is full of drawn pictures of all of your and his favourite beasts.
  • Watching your every step and you getting pissed off, so you sneak away when you have to go for groceries shopping.
    • Him almost fainting because he thinks something happened to you.
  • Him being surprisely very calm when you go into labor.
  • Holding his child in his arms is one of the best things that ever happened to him.