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I wish I could tell my parents I'm a girl. Any chance I could get a fic of Sanvers helping someone with this? Obviously you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm sorry, I'm probably bothering you. I know this isn't really a party ask.

It was usually Adrian that brought kids who needed validation home to Maggie and Alex.

That day, it was Kara.

That day, it was Kara because there was an attack on National City High and one of the girls who was injured – not seriously, thanks to Supergirl – begged, begged, begged for the medics not to call her parents.

Supergirl eyed her and swooped in just as the medics were trying to insist that regulations mandated them to let her parents know.

“Maybe I can talk to her for a moment?” Kara had asked, her voice low in her Supergirl capacity.

And when the girl – Leslie, her name was – whispered to Supergirl why she didn’t want the medics to call her parents, Supergirl nodded and asked her if she’d like a hug.

She did.

“But I’m really going to need you to get that cut on your arm looked at,” she’d told her. “I can have a few friends of mine look at it and fix you right back up, if that’s okay.”

It was. 

So she took her to the DEO, and J’onn’s potential rage about Kara bringing an unvetted child into the facility without anyone’s permission simmered to nothing when Kara just widened her eyes at him. He nodded, frowned, crossed his arms over his chest, and bent slightly, remembering what it was to have a daughter who was significantly shorter than him, and trying not to.

“Did Supergirl tell you that this is a top secret place, and you can’t tell anyone its location?”

Leslie nodded. “I know a thing or two about secrets,” she murmured, and he glanced at her stiff collared shirt and at the barrette in her short hair, and he nodded.

“Well, I have a doctor here that’s very good at listening to secrets,” he told her.

“That’s what Supergirl said!” Leslie perked up, like she was just realizing that Supergirl had just flown her somewhere, that Supergirl was talking to her, helping her, introducing her to her friends.

And as if on cue, Alex strode out of the med bay, lab coat on, brisk walking, head turning, I-have-somewhere-to-be-right-now stride on.

“Leslie? Hi. I’m Doctor Danvers. I hear you’ve got something you need stitched up.”

Leslie held up her arm and Alex bent to examine it keenly. 

“Alright, that shouldn’t be too hard. Do you want to come to the med bay with me?”

Leslie glanced at Supergirl, who nodded down at her. “Doctor Danvers is the absolute best there is, Leslie. She’ll take really great care of you. And I’ll be right out here when you’re ready, okay?”

Leslie nodded as she followed Alex.

“Danvers!” A low shout from down the hall made them both turn, and Alex broke into a wide smile.

“Hey, babe.”

Leslie’s eyes flew wide.

“I got Supergirl’s text, she said – oh, hey, you must be Leslie. Nice to meet you, I’m Maggie.”

Leslie blinked with an emotion she didn’t know how to articulate, but she thought it might have something to do with introducing herself to one person – Supergirl – as her real self, as Leslie, and then having the three people she met next – big, important people, it seemed like – all automatically call her by that name, no questions asked and no sarcasm or cruelty to be found.

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“Fiancee, Danvers, or did I miss something?” Maggie teased.

Alex beamed and bounced on the balls of her feet. Leslie marveled at the transformation. “Nope, I just like hearing you correct me.”


Leslie’s eyes traveled between them with awe and with admiration and with something that looked an awful lot like longing.

Alex giggled before sobering and led the two of them into the med bay, where she prepped Leslie for stitches.

“So,” she asked conversationally as Maggie watched her work, as Leslie held on tight to the stuffed animal that Maggie passed her. “Supergirl tells me you didn’t want the medics on site to call your parents. Even though something really awful just happened. Everything okay at home?”

Alex flinched at her own lack of finesse, but Leslie didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah. No. I just… Doctor Danvers, are you gay?”

Alex laughed, but Maggie laughed so hard she nearly toppled a set of microscope slides off the table nearby.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, Leslie, it’s a good question, an important one. I just… yes, I’m a lesbian. I didn’t realize until I met Maggie, and that was… kind of a big thing for us, so that’s why we’re laughing. Why Maggie’s… still laughing, apparently. Why do you ask?”

“I think I’m gay.”

“Well there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Maggie sobered enough to say earnestly.

“But the thing is, I’m not gay as in I like boys. People call me gay because I like to be more feminine. But I don’t like boys. I like girls. But people think I’m a boy. But…”

“But they’re wrong,” Alex supplied softly, casually, as she stitched Leslie up.

She nodded, and so did Maggie, slowly, supportively.

“So I’m a girl. And I like girls. I think my parents would be okay if I was a boy and liked boys. I think they’d get used to it. But I don’t know… I’m a girl. So I’m a lesbian, but also… well… a girl. It’s the girl part I just don’t… I don’t know how to tell them. That part. The girl part. That I’m a girl. And I… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this, I don’t know you, I – “

“Hey, hey, you’re okay. You’re not doing anything wrong,” Alex reminded her, and Maggie had never been so in love. 

“But how do I…”

“Tell them?”

Leslie nodded, her eyes transfixed on the small stitches Alex was making in her arm.

“You might wanna be a doctor when you grow up, Leslie, the way you can watch me stitch you up like that,” Alex grinned approvingly before Maggie started answering.

“Well, how do you communicate with them best? Like, are you the serious talks type of family, or the texting type, or maybe joking around? When do they hear you best?”

Leslie gave a dry laugh. “When I cry.”

“Yeah, sometimes we do that when we come out,” Maggie murmured, and Alex resisted the urge to pull her into her arms.

“I guess sometimes they interrupt me. Like, when I try to tell them something that’s important to me, if it makes them uncomfortable, they like, try to talk about what’s on TV or something. So maybe writing them something. Because then they won’t interrupt me.”

“What do you think you’d want to say?” Alex asked, careful to keep her tone casual.

“That I love them. That there’s nothing wrong with how they raised me, that there’s nothing wrong with… with me being a girl. That I’ve sort of always known I wasn’t a boy, but I didn’t know I was a girl until I realized I could be. That I want them to know because I want them to know all of me. That they’re not losing a son, that I’m still their same child and I still like the same things, I’m just their daughter now. That I love them and I need them to love me. As a girl. With my name. Because they raised a great daughter, even if they didn’t know they were doing it. And I want them to be proud of themselves that they raised such a badass girl, and I want them to be proud of me because I am that badass girl. I… yeah. That stuff. I’d want to tell them that stuff.”

Leslie sniffled and she trembled while Alex and Maggie fought to keep their own eyes dry. 

“You said that really beautifully, Leslie,” Maggie told her, and she made a mental note to pick up three dozen donuts for Kara as a thank you for doing this.

“Do you want us to help you write it down before you go back to school?” Alex asked, and Leslie lit up like she was on top of the world.

“Yes, please,” she beamed, and when J’onn and Kara peaked in a half hour later, they’d never seen so much giddy joy in the med bay.

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fic about max and el becoming best friends pls

She finds them, like so many things, in the space underneath the floor boards.

She swipes her hand on the wheels and stares at they spin. Hop keeps saying he’ll teach her how to ride a bike but he’s always busy too. These look more manageable than the bike, even if they have more wheels. She shoves her feet into them and ties them up, staggering along the floor slowly. It’s a strange but not entirely unpleasant feeling, even if a lot of it is pushing herself from the chair to the table and back again. Then into Hop when he comes home.

“Where’d you find those old things?” he asks.

“Down there,” she says pointing beneath her feet. She thinks he might yell but he just makes that huffing sound. When he’s upset but also amused. Like an emotional compromise. “I can put them back,” she volunteers.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, “someone should enjoy them.”

She does.

Fast forward months later and she gets a day out. One day, when Hop checks with everyone that it’s not too risky but says it’ll be a while before she can do it again. Maybe another half a year, maybe not until it’s completely safe. She nearly breaks her neck throwing everything she can think of that’s important into her backpack before Hop drives her over to the Byers house. Jonathan still looks like he hasn’t slept in months but he smiles when he sees her.

“Nice skates,” he says.

“Thank you,” she whispers back before he steps aside so she can go inside.

The guys all beam when they see her, then they all collapse together yelling over each other about everything. She scrambles to upend her book bag, showing them the things that she brought. No-one gets a word in edge wise and it’s not until she looks around that she realizes her skates are missing. She goes into the kitchen to see Max hunched over them. For a moment all the rage is back but Max’s head pops up and she puts them on the table with a flourish.

“There,” she says, “I fixed the toe stop, it’ll be easier to brake. It was too long before.”

“The what?” El asks.

“Toe stop,” Max repeats and then taps the long piece on the front, “this thing. So you can stop.”

“I just hold the chair,” El mutters.

“What’s gonna happen when you go outside?” Max asks. It’s a good question, one she doesn’t have an answer to. Max picks up the skates, grabs her wrist and pulls her outside. “put them on,” she says.

She shows El a bunch of new positions to put her feet in, how to push off and how to turn. Eleven follows as best she can, but a part of her is aware of just how old the skates are. Max gives her hand a tug and when she tries to turn, something in them comes loose and the two girls wind up on top of each other as one of the wheels flies off.

“Shit, sorry!” Max says as Eleven stares at her skates, “I bet we can fix them.”

“El—El!” She looks up as Mike comes running towards her.

“Her skates broke,” Max says.

“Shit,” Dustin sighs, “that’s rough.” Mike unlaces them and helps her up.

“Are you okay?” he asks and she nods first.

“My skates broke,” she repeats. Mike nods. “I need new skates.”

“Damn right you do,” Lucas agrees, “we gotta tell Mrs. Byers.”

The others run inside but Mike stays outside with her and gets his bike. They’re both bigger but she still fits if they sit carefully, arms wrapped tight around his middle. She buries her face in his shoulder blades and smiles when he lets go of one of the handles to give her hand a squeeze. The ride is perfect as they get to the shop Max leads them too.

“Hey MadMax,” the guy behind the counter says and she gives a nod to him, “you hanging with the two-wheelers now?”

“As if,” she rolls her eyes, throwing an arm around Eleven’s shoulders, “this chick needs some roller-skates.”

With Max’s help she gets laced into a pair of bright red skates, with wheels and laces the color of Eggos. Max shows her how to adjust the toe stop. These ones fit perfectly. Like they were made for her feet. El can’t stop marveling at them as she carefully pushes her way out of the shop. The boys all cheer when they see her.

Max helps her skate most of the way home.

She holds onto the back of Mike’s bike for the rest.

“You did a good job,” Mike tells her when they get back to the Byers house, “and your skates are really cool.”

El blushes all the way up to her hair.

It’s a week before someone knocks on the cabin door. She skids towards it but Hop beats her there, opening it and looking confused at the person the other side. El knows that it isn’t Mike just from that, but she’s surprised to see Max standing there.

“Kid what are you—“

“My name’s not kid, it’s Max,” she snaps, “can El come out skating?”

“No, no she can’t come out skating,” Hop says, “this is a secret—she is a secret. You aren’t supposed to be here.”

“I’m not,” Max says rolling her eyes, “I’m hanging out with my brother.”

Hop blanches and El wonders what that means. Hop shakes his head and lifts his elbow, permitting Max entry. El steps back and Max frowns at the action, surveying the cabin instead. El doesn’t see a skateboard on her. She’s not upset about Max being there when her skate broke, but she’s not exactly wanting to risk it happening again. Finally Max looks at her and then holds up a pair of bright blue skates.

“Let’s practice turning,” she says, “help me move the table.”

They push the furniture back and Max shows her a new way to lace up her skates. El does her best to copy Max’s movements, her fingers feeling clumsy. They both get to their feet and Max shows her how to turn quickly. Then how to move at the speed you want to move, instead of just shoving yourself forward as hard as you can. Eleven practices everything Max shows her religiously, trying to copy the other girl’s movements as best she can. She learns how to spin, though Hop forbids anything like jumping in the house.

“Why don’t you make her Eggo Surprise?” he says one day as they’re eating dinner.

“Why?” El asks.

“To say thank you for showing you all this stuff,” Hop says. El considers this and nods.

Hop’s jumping rule gets broken in record time.

The first day of school, real school, she makes Hop drop her off well away so she can skate in. She’s spent a year dreaming of doing this. She waits for the wave of euphoria to hit her.

“Nice skates!” She spins and stops on a dime as Max rolls up to her on her board. The red head glides past her and El puts on a burst of speed. They race towards the main building. They’ve talked about racing but the space has been limited. She glances over at Max who sticks her tongue out, “heads up!”

El turns and stops right in front of Mike’s converse. His eyes widen in surprise and what she hopes is admiration. From Max’s whistle she knows it’s impressive. Then someone shoves past her, rocking her forward on her toe stops and Mike’s arms instantly bad around her waist, keeping her off her ankles. She turns but they’re already moving into the crowd. Like nothing happened. No one is hunting her, they don’t know she could kill them with a thought. And Mike’s arms are still locked around her waist.

“Are you okay?” He asks and she nods, still surprised at this turn of events, “okay good, lean on me.”

She leans on him as she undoes her skates, swapping them for her shoes. Max taught her how to tie the laces together and she slings them over her shoulder as they all race up the steps towards the building. She gets her locker and hangs her skates carefully inside, locking it tightly behind her before running off to join her friends.


[x] [x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly to shorten!)

You froze as you shakily lowered your hands, your voice still ringing in your ears as you had yelled at Bucky to stay away from you. The rest of the Avengers gaped at you in a stunned silence, looking between you and Bucky, who was on the floor. They had all rushed into the room after they had heard you and Bucky yelling.

“Bucky,” you said softly, looking at him as he looked up at you. He was trembling slightly as he stumbled to his knees, and you could see his leg was hurt. “I am so sorry…”

Bucky opened his mouth to reply, but you had already darted out of the room. You had sworn never to hurt anyone out of anger again, but perhaps, this was who you were, and there was nothing the Avengers could do to change that.

“y/n!” Steve called after you, moving to follow you as you pushed the door open.

“Dont, Steve,” Bucky said, limping to his feet. “I’ll go after her.”


What I Never Knew I Wanted (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

@fandomobsessivee  @zxcorra  @killjoycametofuck  @sebbaevans @humanandangel @allthingsmarvell  @yumna97 @chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  @iwillbeinmynest @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @goodnightwife @irepeldirt  @yourtropegirl  @bellejeunefillesansmerci @buckyb-avengers  @winterboobaer  @mrhowardstark @rileyloves5 @ria132love 

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Oops (Avengers x Reader)

Hey guys! This was honestly such a fun one to write, so I hope you guys enjoy it! This is completely platonic and really just me living through the anon that requested that, so thank you, Nonnie! Anyway, let me know what you think and enjoy!

Summary: (Y/N) has always been a little clumsier with her powers, but six years after being recruited, she swears she’s improved far more than they’re giving her credit for. An afternoon of her past mishaps may just prove her wrong.

Warnings: Mentions of abandonment at the very beginning, one curse word. I think that’s it. (Let me know if there is anything you need tagged. I want you to feel comfortable reading my work.)

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I've been dying for this sanvers prompt pls give it a change make it real!!! Maggie is recovering from a injury, not that serious, but she can't work for a few days, this makes her sad/grumpy, but Alex is around to take care of her (feel free to explain what hurt her)

^^i don’t know if this is what you were looking for, but here you go!


“Come on, Danvers! I’m fine!” Maggie shouted from the bed.

Alex turned around in the kitchen and looked at Maggie, who was propped up against a mountain of pillows in Alex’s bed.

“No you’re not, Mags! You were shot!”

“Well, yeah, but that was yesterday! And I was wearing my vest, so I didn’t really get shot. I’m fine. I promise.”

Maggie moved to get up and Alex rushed over to stop her.

“Nuh-uh Sawyer. You are not getting up.”

Alex guided Maggie back to lay down, and crawled onto the bed to sit next to her.

“Please, Alex.” Maggie pouted. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m fine before you’ll believe me?”

“You’re not fine, babe. You have a cracked rib and a bruised collarbone! You’re supposed to stay in bed. Doctor’s orders!”

“The doctor in the emergency room just said I have to rest. I can do that from the couch.”

“Well Dr. Danvers orders bed rest. I love you too much to risk you getting worse. You could’ve died, Maggie. I was so scared yesterday. I can’t lose you.”

Alex’s eyes were welling with tears at the mere thought of losing Maggie.

Maggie felt her own tears coming and wasn’t prepared to deal with the emotions that would come with them, so she did what she always did: she deflected.

“Wait, did you say Dr. Danvers?” Maggie tried to hide the blush appearing on her face as she let her mind explore that possibility.

“Well yeah. I am a doctor. You know that.” Alex swatted playfully at Maggie’s arm.

“So we’re playing doctor now, are we?” Maggie asked, biting her lip, and running her fingers along Alex’s thigh.

“We’re not playing. I actually am a doctor. I just said- I thought-”

“Oh babe, you are so oblivious!”

“Wait- what?”

Alex clearly had no idea where Maggie has been going with that.

“I was flirting with you! It’s a- a role-playing thing, you know? You’re the doctor, I’m the patient, you have to give me a physical exam….”

“Oh my god Maggie!” Alex said blushing bright red. “I will take care of you in many other ways, but I am not having sex with you - especially kinky sex - until you’re fully healed!”

Maggie pouted at Alex and started pulling her shirt over her head.

“No, don’t you dare pull a Danvers pout on me!”

“It’s not a Danvers pout- ah,” Maggie gasped in pain as she tried to pull her shirt over her head. “-if I’m not a Danvers.”

Alex helped Maggie pull the shirt that had gotten stuck off of her arms and tucked her now topless girlfriend under a blanket, trying very hard to ignore the fact that her girlfriend was indeed topless.

“Don’t be silly.” Alex said as she made sure Maggie’s feet were covered. “As long as we’re together, you’re a Danvers.”

“You really mean that?” Maggie asked.

With her hands still on Maggie’s feet, Alex looked up at her, marveling in the glow of Maggie’s face.

“Of course I do, babe! You’re a part of my family. I love you, and I worry about you, and I can’t get you out of my head. You’re a Danvers. And you always will be. It’s more than just a name, you know? You’re my chosen family.”

“I love you, Alex. Now come cuddle with me.”

Maggie pulled Alex closer and wrapped Alex’s arm around her stomach.

“I love you too, Maggie…. Danvers.”

“Mmm I like the sound of that.”

“I guess that answers what we’re gonna do for last names when we get married.” Alex laughed.

“You wanna get married?” Maggie asked in shock. Alex didn’t strike her as the marrying type.

“Well, yeah. I mean, if you do! If you don’t I-”

“Stop rambling Alex. Of course I wanna marry you.”


“Well duh, Danvers! You’re not getting rid of me that easily!”

Alex cuddled closer into Maggie, and rested her head against the back of Maggie’s neck. They laid in happy silence, only broken by the sound of the occasional kiss.

As Maggie was fading into sleep, Alex spoke.

“So… what about kids?”


Kristanna Week: Day 3 Sparks

Words: 2400

Rating: K

A/N: This falls as part of the backstory in the Major Life universe  here.  But it can stand alone if you are not familiar with that fic.  Inspiration from Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

Just a young gun.  A typical jock with a quick fuse and complete lack of tack.  She’d known her fair share of athletes before.  They were all the same.  Arrogant and walking around with an air about them that they were so much better than everyone else.  Why should he be any different?  

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If Wishes Were Fishes

For Lance Loves Ladies Week, Day 5:  Beach / Rain

Pidge’s first time at the beach (in general but also with Lance)

(yes this one is also plance; no i will not cease and desist)

Cross-posted to Ao3

They are hundreds - even thousands - of lightyears from Earth when Pidge sees a beach for the first time.

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OkiKagu Library

Rating: T

OkiKagu Fanfic

Set in the Timeskip arc

Kagura woke up to the sound of incessant knocking on the bedroom door.

She doesn’t open her eyes to know that it was already morning. The little sunlight that was seeping through the curtains and entering the dark room was enough to let her know. And she doesn’t need to ask the person outside why they were knocking.

With difficulty, she tries to pry off the arms that were encircling her waist and failed. She then resorted to push the bare chest away from her but only received a groan.

“Bakaiser-sama?” The voice outside asked. “It’s time for the morning assembly, sir. I’ve been asked to fetch you.”

But the said Bakaiser still wouldn’t get up. It started to annoy Kagura that her much needed rest, after a very tiring night with him, was being disturbed all because he was too lazy to wake up.

“Oi, Sadist, wake up! Get the door.” She murmurs. For emphasis, and because she couldn’t remove his arms from her, she shakes his shoulder in a violent manner. “Hurry up.”

“In a minute…” He replies.

But the officer outside didn’t know that. He continued to knock on the door and kept on calling their Kaiser. Physical means won’t goad him to get up so maybe something else?

“Alright. Maybe I’ll go back to the Yorozuya. No one ever disturbs my sleep there.” She said in a more cheerful voice. It didn’t take the Sadist half a minute to get out of bed and head to the bathroom.


Kagura rolls around and stares at Okita who was already wearing his pants and was washing his face by the sink. She could see the frustration he had in how intense he was scrubbing his face with soap. She knew he didn’t like it when she made those kinds of jokes but it always got her what she wanted. After cleansing his now reddened face, he heads to the drawer next to the bed to get a clean, white shirt.

“I was just kidding, you know?” She sported those puppy eyes she often saw on TV when people wanted to apologize. Her Sadist’s stern face soon formed into a smiling one.

“I know.” He rested his hand on the bed and leaned in to kiss her. She, in turn, held on tightly to his arm. “Very good tactics.”

She smiled, acknowledging his rare compliment, “Hurry back.” She whispered against his lips.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted me to go so quickly?” He teased and her smiled turned into a pout.

Their hands lingered for a few moments as he left for the door. He was very clingy, that Sadist, but he was never vocal about it. He showed it through actions. Her, on the other hand, would always voice out her complaints of intimacy. When she wanted him near, she was sure to speak her mind.

The voice of a scared officer and the clicking of the door signaled that he had left. Kagura sits up to get the Sadist’s recently used shirt from the foot of the bed and slips it on. She really loved wearing his shirt. It wasn’t too big and was comfortable enough for her to wear in bed. But it wasn’t often that she was able to do it since he always placed in a laundry bin after taking it off.

Falling back on the bed, she takes a whiff of his scent from the collar. His shirts always smelled like cologne but she was sure she hasn’t seen any kind of cologne bottles in their room. And she could register a bit of a woman’s scent on them every once in a while. But she never worried he had another because ever since they got together, at night, they were never in separate rooms.

She recalls how he had proposed the idea months ago. It was in the afternoon and he had asked someone to fetch her from the Yorozuya. She was reluctant of course, what would the Bakaiser want with her? She initially thought it had something to do with her illegal immigration but she was a bit surprised when no one handcuffed her or brought her in an interrogation room at their headquarters.

It had been very unusual. Instead of the hostile behavior the Yorozuya often received, she was met with hospitality and respect. Whenever she and her escort came across any lower ranked officers, they would stop to greet her. What’s more is how the escort was giving her a tour of the new Shinsengumi HQ; giving her irrelevant or trivial information about how a room had been made or what was its purpose. She even noticed that he was really trying to make a good image for their Bakaiser by praising him every now and then.

The boring tour continued until they arrived in front of a room with very large, wooden doors. She guessed it contained something very important to the Shinsengumi and maybe she was called there to receive a job.

“Please, step inside, Kagura-san. The Bakaiser will be with you shortly.” The escort had said.

Kagura was right, the room contained something very important. Judging by the extravagant and red-themed furniture, beddings and drapes, this was most likely the Bakaiser’s bedroom. Her feet walked on their own and she marveled at how beautiful the room was. She’s never been somewhere so nice; she only saw them on TV and this definitely felt like one of her soap operas.

She was very confused. What did that Sadist want? The Shinsengumi would never lower their pride to ask them for a job and she knew it was excessive of them to get her as their maid. In her musings, her feet lead her to the bathroom near the bed. She hadn’t really paid attention to her surroundings and didn’t register the stinging coldness of the marble sink but was still trying to figure out why he had asked for her.

A familiar voice invaded her mind; snapping her back to the present. “Do you like the place?”

With grace under pressure, she shifts her head to look at him, Okita Sougo the Bakaiser, standing by the doorway without his red cape and uniform’s coat. “Well?”

“What did you want from me?” She had blatantly asked. No use in beating around the bush.

But Okita dodged the question and moved to sit on the bed. “Did they treat you well? You can tell me if you have any complaints about your escort.” He said. It was really starting to get weird. The Sadist was concerned about how she was treated? Was this even the Sadist she knew from before? Maybe she was being pranked and if she gives in he’ll just laugh at her face.

“Why did you ask for me?” She stands in the doorway, just a few feet away from where he sat. She keeps her respectful mode on. For some reason, the fact that he was able to go higher than a commander made her develop a sliver of respect for him. “Just tell me.”

He gives her an amused smile. If he was expecting that she would give him answers while she didn’t get any, then he’s going to be disappointed. “I just wanted to know if you like it here.” His eyes briefly scans the whole room. “So, do you?”

She still wasn’t convinced with his reason and so she chose to ignore the question again. She crossed her arms, signaling that she was expecting a better answer.

He sighs. “Alright. I have something to propose to you, China.” Though she was reluctant, she let him continue. “After today, you can go back home to Danna; keep eating your egg on rice, keep working there, and continue your daily routine—”

“That’s what I plan to do.” She interjects but Okita ignores her and continues.

“Or you can still keep doing all those except for two things.”

Now this piqued her interest. She raises an eyebrow to question his statement.

“You’re not going to sleep in a cabinet and you’re not going to live there anymore.” He bluntly states.

She gave him a bewildered expression and then scoffs. “Are you crazy? Where am I supposed to live then?”

“Here, of course.”

Did she hear it right? Did he just ask her to move in to the Shinsengumi compound where girls weren’t allowed in? She just laughs at his preposterous idea. Even a job like that was too big for the Yorozuya. Specifically her.

“You’re crazy, I’m not going to be your slave if that’s what you think. I’m going home.” She said but before she gets a feet away from him, he spoke again:

“I’m giving you a choice here, China. You’ll keep the freedom that you already have and continue your daily activities, whatever they are. The only difference is you’ll be coming home to me.” He points to himself to emphasize his point. “I won’t chain you down or force anything on you. It’s all up to you.”

Now it was really getting weird. Why was he acting all so submissive and generous to her now? Well, what he was offering her didn’t seem so bad to her. After all, she’d be finally relieved of that cramped cabinet and she’d definitely get to eat things better than her egg-over-rice meal. Also, it wasn’t really that repulsive to imagine a life with him; she had grown very open minded in two years. Seeing him was kinda exciting and mysterious at the same time. The only problem was the catch.

“What’s the catch?” She aggressively asks. “I don’t want to be your pet or sex slave.”

His eyes widened at the bold statement. “Sex slave? Well if you wanted to be my slave that cou—” she gives him a deadly glare. “I could easily go to the Red Light District if that was what I wanted.”

“Then what?”

He breathes sharply before answering:


Kagura blushes at the thought of what happened next. It was the first time she felt a mixture of pain and pleasure in the years she had been alive. He wasn’t rough like she had expected him to be; No. He was gentle and had made sure she was enjoying it as much as he was.

Of course she ended up accepting his offer on the condition that they were to test it out first and both of them could tap out if it didn’t turn out well. He kept his promise of not obligating her to do anything for him that she didn’t want and she kept her part of going back to him at the end of each day. She was actually expecting everything to fall apart in just a few weeks but it had been months since that agreement and Okita seemed to show a little more effort.

It was uncharacteristic of him, but she liked how he really tries to keep her happy. Just like a while ago, any threat she makes about leaving him doesn’t end up in a physical fight (like most of their conflicts) but ends up in him automatically doing anything to please her. Of course, she made sure she kept him happy as well.

The creaking of the door and Okita’s voice announcing himself made her aware of his presence. He was clearly still sleepy as he removed his ridiculous cape and removed his coat. She scoots to the right to give him enough space to lie down next to her.

“Are you still sleepy?” She asks and positions herself on his chest. He shakes his head but his eyelids were closed and his movement was a bit sloppy. She guessed he was trying to stay awake just because she was. “We can sleep in, you know?”

Upon those words, he flips their position and hugs her tightly again. “Just wake me up if you need me…” His voice softens as he drifts into sleep.

Kagura embraces his head against her chest and smiles. They were making each other happy jsut because they wanted to, not because they had agreed on it. This wasn’t a trial anymore; she’s sure she won’t be leaving him.


crazyplemmi  asked:


this was so fun to write omg i hope you like pain

Her stomach flutters with something akin to nervousness as she walks briskly down the street, footsteps muffled by the light layer of snow that’s still falling gently in the dusk evening light. She marvels at the way her feet remember a path she hasn’t tread in years as if it’s ingrained in the very marrow of her bones. Her breath rises in a thin mist in front of her and she shivers, pulling her jacket tighter around herself as she hurries to the only house on the street unadorned by the strings of Christmas lights that grace every other building for miles.

She stands on the porch for what feels like an eternity, staring at the purple door they’d painted together on a warm summer day that feels like a century ago. It’s a memory that belongs in someone else’s life; too full of joy and hope and peace for her to claim it still.

She stares at the door and thinks that she could leave right now and no one would ever be the wiser. And then, before she can act on her thoughts, she knocks. The door opens almost immediately and she stands there, staring at him with her fist still frozen in the air, before letting her arm drop to her side. Her heart pounds even harder as she processes the emotions that flicker through his eyes as quickly as lightning. Confusion. Shock. Betrayal.

The mug in his hand falls to the ground and shatters, hot liquid crystallizing almost immediately in the cold and he tears his eyes away from hers to stare at it, breaking the spell. “You died,” he says flatly as he stares at the broken shards lying between them.

“I know.”

“You’re here,” he chokes out, and his voice is coloured with disbelief.

“I know.”

“I hate you.”

“I know.” Her voice breaks and he finally looks up, his face streaked with tears. He reaches out and pulls her towards him roughly, kissing her with the desperation of a man lost in the desert who’s just found a river and is determined to drink it dry.

“I hate you,” he sobs into her mouth even as he pulls her more tightly against him. “I hate you.”

He buries his face in her shoulder when he finally tears his lips away from hers and Natasha tightens her arms around his waist as she feels him shaking. “I’m sorry,” she whispers, trailing her fingers up and down his spine gently, curling a hand into his hair. “I’m here and I’m sorry.”

His breathing slows and he leans back to look down at her, offering her the shadow of a watery smile. “Natasha,” he murmurs, and when he presses his lips to hers this time it’s the slow, sweet kiss of someone who has all the time in the world.

“Your lights are still up,” she notices when he pulls back, pointing at the darkened strands that are hanging above the doorway.

Clint’s gaze follows her hand. “I haven’t taken them down in ten years.”

“Ten years exactly,” she whispers. “December 23rd.”

His face clouds over as he looks back down at her. “Why now, Natasha?”
She shakes her head. “I don’t know. I was dead for a while. I was gone for a while. I forgot for a while. But then I remembered and I came back.”
He nods, knowing it’s a longer story than he can begin to imagine, understanding that he can’t have been the only one suffering for the past decade. He has enough faith in her, in them to believe that she didn’t stay away out of her own volition.

But there’s one thing he needs to know. “Do you remember the last thing I said to you?”

She remembers it vividly. “I was dying and you pulled out a ring.”

“Yeah,” he breathes.

“Do you still have it?”

Clint reaches up, pulling the chain from under his sweater to reveal the diamond that’s made its home next to his heart for the past ten years. “I carry it with me everywhere I go,” he whispers, and she can see the sadness weighing heavily on his shoulders and knows he’s not just talking about the ring.

Natasha presses herself up onto her toes to kiss him again and as she does so she unfastens the chain from around his neck, letting it pool into his hand. “Ask me again.”

Rainy Day (Lucaya)



It started as just another summer day. Riley was on vacation to her grandparents’ house and Farkle was gone at science camp, which left her and Lucas in New York. On this particular summer day they had chosen to stay in watch movies, specifically all of Marvel.

Maya was sprawled out over her couch with her feet on Lucas’ lap as they watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


The thunder began booming and echoing throughout her entire apartment. Lucas looked at her after her body stiffened and saw her wild eyes flickering frantically between the TV and the window.

Lucas couldn’t help but wonder if Maya was afraid of thunderstorms. Then a huge strike of lightning flashed causing the power to glitch and Maya to jump 3 feet in the air while squealing like a 5 year old. When the power flashed back on Lucas found her curled in ball at the far end of the couch.

“You okay Shortstack?”

“Not now Huckleberry.”

He couldn’t help but laugh as he scooted next to her and wrapped his arm around her.

They were able to watch the movie for about 5 more minutes before another strike hit the apartment officially knocking out the power. Maya again squealed and jumped but this time buried her face in Lucas’ shoulder.

“So, someone is afraid of thunderstorms, huh?”

“Shut up Ranger Rick. I am not.”

“Then why are you gripping my shirt?” Maya instantly released him and glared daggers at him.

“Ok I’m sorry. I won’t make fun of you but we should probably find candles while we still have some light.” Lucas said while pulling her off the couch.

“Yeah ok. I think we have a few in the kitchen.” She stated while heading to the kitchen.

They retrieved the candles and went back to the living room. The rain continued to poor down and according to Lucas’ weather app, it wouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon.

“So… tough, strong Maya Hart is actually afraid of something huh.”

“Look everyone is afraid of something, even bad girls like me.” Maya declared as she buried herself under blankets at the huge clap of thunder.

Lucas once again scooted next to her and gathered the bunch of Maya and blankets closer to him.

They stayed there for a long time; Maya whimpering slightly at every crash and bang and Lucas strengthening his hold on her. Pretty quick Maya was on Lucas’ lap and half asleep.

“Lucas, why are you still so nice to me even when I tease you relentlessly?”

Lucas smiled and thought for a moment before replying. “Because I see something special in you Hart. You may come across as hard and rough but really you are selfless and courageous. You see the good in others and want a better world. And even when you discovered I wasn’t “Mr. Perfect,” you didn’t treat me any less. I admire your bravery and honesty and I want to help you realize just how golden you really are.”

When he looked back down at her he realized she was fast asleep. He smiled before lifting her light figure up and moving into her room before setting her down on her bed.

“Goodnight Maya. Sweet Dreams.”


First Lucaya drabble so I’m sorry if it’s not great! Enjoy!

4chan found a post with Kelly Thompson detailing her plans regarding A-Force, has it not been cancelled.

One of the most interesting things was that she tried to get America Chavez to join the team as Jennifer’s replacement….because it was „unclear” if Jen will still be usable after Civil War II? Wait a second, wasn’t there that leak about Jennifer dying during the battle with Thanos? And Marvel was claiming it was fake and they always intended Jennifer to survive and did not change plans because of that leak? Because that above kind of implies they lied….

And I really feel bad for Kelly Thompson, it really appears that not only Marvel has pulled off the rug from under her feet, they threw her into a tie-in for a crossover strongly affecting the more popular half of her cast without even telling her what exactly is going to happen. That’s awful and really shows the company’s priorities are not with making good stories but with getting that damn event money.