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lips of an angel

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“Harry!” She screamed, racing down the stairs trying to create distance between her and the curly headed dork that was hot on her heels. Allowing Harry to raid her lipstick collection was a bad idea, now here she was paying the price for it.

 "Y/N stop! I just wanna give you a kiss!“ He smirked with an evil laugh while she took refuge behind the couch, keeping away from his tinted lips. “This is payback for all the lipstick stains you’ve given me.“ 

 Y/N backed up and, before she knew it, her back collided with the wall as she was trapped in the corner. Harry’s face held a shit eating grin as he approached her slowly. "Every award show.”


 "Every interview." 

 "This is your shirt-" 

 "Every performance." 

 "Harry it’s fucking Gucci!-” She was cut off by his lips attacking hers, moving down to pepper sloppy kisses down her neck. He continued as she squealed, her hands pinned above her head while he worked his way towards the exposed skin of her chest uncovered by the v-neck. Harry managed to get the pink gloss on the white fabric but he couldn’t care less, her child-like giggles were music to his ears. She was so angelic. 

 "Say mercy.“ He commanded, continuing to tickle her with his soft lips. She remained stubborn, thrashing as she tried to loosen herself from his hold but to no avail. Between her giggles she cried out for mercy, panting heavy as he halted his actions and looked up at her with a smile. 

 "You look like a masterpiece baby.” He spoke, turning her around and pulling the t-shirt down her arm to expose her shoulder. There he planted a warm kiss, causing her body to erupt in goosebumps and a shiver to wave down her spine. That was a weak spot on her body that always reacted to his touch. The feeling of his soft lips against the smooth skin of her shoulder blade was inevitably one of her favorite places his lips have met. 

 She never wanted the mark of his lips to disappear from her skin. She’s always wanted an addition, something to that meant something, something that made her feel something. She thinks of it every night before her eyes shut and mind falls into its dark state. She wanted something permanent, something of him she could forever have on her body, specifically in that area. And now was the perfect opportunity to get a start on that. 

 She turned to face him, stroking his lightly stubbled jaw while holding his soft stare that held all the love and reassurance she needed. “C'mon babe, let’s get this lipstick off.” He nodded and took her hand, leading them up to their shared bedroom. Harry sat on the bed while Y/N grabbed a roll of napkins, taking a sheet before slapping it on his lips causing him to groan.

 "For fucks sake Y/N, aren’t you suppose to rub it off?“ He pouted, watching the smirk on her face grow while she folded the paper and slyly put it in her back pocket. 

 "Just wanted to see your lip mark,” She shrugged away her lie, grabbing another sheet and removing the pigment from his mouth. 

 "Baby, if you really want to see my marks, look in the mirror.“ He gripped her hipbone before standing and walking them both to the full length mirror. Before her was her painted reflection, his lip stains all over her neck and chest. He smirked as he watched her in the mirror, smiling at what he’s done to her body.

 He took his thumb and smoothed over her bottom lip before it dipped down her chin and along her jawline. She closed her eyes at the lustful moment they shared. His large hand traced her neck, his pointer finger and thumb enclosing as it went in between her breasts.

 "God, you’re breathtaking like this baby.” He whispered in her ear, soon placing a small kiss in the spot behind it. She moaned softly as she threw her head back against his shoulder. He shook his head in disapproval. “No pet, I want you to look at yourself.” She whined but obeyed, looking back at the their reflection.

 Harry continued to explore- no- retrace the skin that no one but him was familiar with. Eventually he made his way to scrape over her hipbone, and dip down into her shorts. He gripped her core which was covered by red lace panties that were already soaked. Her breath only increased watching his intense gaze while his fingers haunted over the place she wanted him. 

 "Daddy- please.“ She panted, not wanting to be teased any longer. 

 "Hmm, please what baby girl?” He hummed, wanting to hear how much his girl wanted him. How bad she ached for him. 

 "Touch me, please- fuck.“ She gasped as he applied pressure to her covered clit. He rubbed her through the cloth and watched her expression. Mouth slightly agape while a soft ‘yes’ slipped past, her eyes fluttered at the sensation. His lips attacked her neck, his tongue lapped over a spot sure to leave a trademark. Not to show that she was his property, he never had that mindset. But to show that she has someone who loves and appreciates her, and there was no room for anyone else. 

 He slipped his fingers into her panties and rubbed her hard. She felt hot as his fingers then moved inside her folds. Her walls clenched around his long digits and the sound of her wetness echoed throughout the room. He pumped in and out of her pussy, fingering her hard trying to find her g-spot. When he heard her cry out, he knew he’d found it. 

 "P-please darling, I can’t take it anymore.” She begged, moans escaping the plump lips he was dying to devour. “I need your cock in me, now. I need it hard.”

 That flipped a switch in him. He turned her over and smashed their lips together. His hands fiddled with the v-neck of the t-shirt she was wearing, gripping both sides before splitting the shirt in half, ripping it off her body. She gasped, her eyes widened at his eagerness. He was so fucking sexy and she couldn’t get enough. His eyes trailed down her chest that was covered in a red lace bralette, tits sticking out as an invitation for his palms.

 Her lips attached themselves to his swallow tattoos, tongue outlining the ink. His head tilted up towards the ceiling as he continued to let her work her magic. She continued to trail her tongue down south, her nose pressed against his hard stomach. Her hands fumbled with his zipper, pulling it down and popping the button of his pants open. He helped her pull them down and off his legs then threw his black tee off and into the corner. She wanted so desperately to tease him like he had her, but she couldn’t help it. Not taking him in her mouth now was like finally receiving the candy you’ve been craving for, but not taking a bite.

 Her hands pull the elastic of his boxers down, allowing his thick member to spring out and against his stomach. She moaned at the sight, taking it within her hand and giving it a few pumps before enclosing her mouth around the tip. Harry’s hand held the back of her head, fingers tangling in her hair as she moved further up his cock. He twitched in her mouth, lips forming an ‘O’ shape as Y/N worked him in her mouth. He hit the back of her throat and she gagged, but continued to work him through until he orgasmed. 

 "Fuck, that’s it baby. Y/N- oh God, I’m coming.“ He moaned loudly, fucking her mouth until he came. His cock pulled out of her mouth as she released it with a ‘pop’ sound from her lips. She swallowed what he released in her mouth, a bit trickling down her chin. Harry brought his thumb, wiping it up and to her lips where she licked the last drop. He smirked down at her before she stood up. 

 He gripped her ass tightly, attacking her lips not bothered in the least that she had just gave him head. His hands slide down until they were on her upper thighs. "Jump,” he commanded and she did so, her wet core pressed up against his navel. Harry walked over to the bed, placing her onto it and placing himself in between her legs. 

 He looked down at the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, and that sexy smile on her face encouraged him to pound into her, not wasting a second. Her back arched and a loud moan left her lips. She was so wet around him that he was already hard again. 

 "Fuck princess, I forget how tight you are,“ he groans, rocking their hips together. She wraps her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his back to encourage him.

 "Harder, fuck me harder. I want you to ruin me daddy.” She cooed, gripping his hair tightly while he growled at her, she truly was his vixen. 

 He pulled out of her, and as she was about to whine at the loss of contact, there he was again; slamming into her harder and his pace increasing. She threw her head back, his lips nipping her skin while he continued to fuck her the way she wanted. 

 "You want it harder baby? You want me to tear this pussy up?“ His voice was so seductive and movements so euphoric she couldn’t piece together a coherent sentence. All she could do was let out a long moan, focusing on her clenching walls and his thick, long cock that was fucking her senseless.

 He slapped her ass harshly, needing to hear her speak. "Answer daddy, princess. Do you want me to stop?” He proved his point by slowing down, watching her face skew up and a frown form on her lips. “Or, would you rather me not allow you to come? Huh princess?” She cried, gripping onto his biceps tightly and shaking her head. 

 "No please- daddy I need you so bad. Let me come around you, I want you to feel me come around your cock.“ Satisfied with her response, Harry held her down tightly and fucked her hard until she came undone, releasing around him as he followed suit.

 They both took a moment to relax, allowing them to catch their breaths and for their pulses to return to a normal pace. With a lazy grin on his face, Harry pulled Y/N to his chest, kissing her shoulder blade tenderly and spooning her in his arms. She sighed contently at the soft gesture, closing her eyes in need of a good nights rest after such steamy sex. 

 "I wish I could just stay home with you all day tomorrow.” He pouted, hating the fact that he couldn’t stay home to take care of his girl who probably wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.

 "You’re going to the studio to meet with Jeff?“ He nodded. She was upset about this, but then realized that it was her opportunity to get what she desperately wanted done. If Harry wasn’t home it would run all the more smoothly.

 "Don’t worry about me baby, I’ll be fine.” Y/N reassured him with a yawn and a subtle smirk on her lips.

 "Bye baby, I’ll see you later on tonight.“ Harry said before kissing her temple and walking out the door. Y/N smiled, quickly grabbing her phone to make a much needed phone call. 

 "Hello… hey Mark! I need you to make me an appointment for 3 o'clock, I wanna get something done… no Harry doesn’t know, it’ll be a surprise… alrighty, see you then!” As the call ended she squealed to herself, not being able to hold back her excitement. She only prayed that Harry would be just as happy about it as she was.    

 "Y/N!“ Mark smiled, taking her into a big hug. Mark was one of Harry’s mates and not to mention one of the only people who Harry ever let put a needle on his skin. If Harry trusted him, she could too. "So what’s the design, got anything in mind or do you want me to pick something?” He joked, getting out the necessary equipment in order to get the job done. 

 She pulled out the napkin from her back pocket, hoping she didn’t look like a fool as she handed it over to Mark. He simply smiled, taking the napkin out of her hand and looking at her with raised eyebrow. “You want every detail to be the exact as the print on this napkin?” He questioned not in a sarcastic way, more of in an questionable manner. 

 "I-I mean, if it’s possible? I really want it to be-“ 

 "I know Y/N, no worries, it’ll be exactly how you want it.” The tatted man walked over to a machine and sat down. He took the napkin and placed it under a glass panel before flicking a light on, then beginning to trace the design. 

 After about 15 minutes, Mark had gotten the design to an identical. Although within the details, Y/N spotted something Mark had added, and it made her love the design even more. He turned off the tracing projector and turned back to the anxious girl. “You ready Y/N?" 

 With a deep breath Y/N nodded, walking over to the chair surrounded by machines and needles. She was nervous, but she had a mild resistance to pain, so she thought it wouldn’t be too bad. 

 Y/N wore an off the shoulder top to make things easier and less awkward for both of their sake. Mark sanitized the area of her shoulder blade before checking the fluids. He stamped the design on the clean area and peeled the paper off, throwing it in the bin. After dipping his needle into the black ink, the fun part began.

 Mark had given her a list of things to do in order to prevent the tat from getting infected. If she had any questions, she quotes directly from Mark, "don’t fucking ask that wanker for tips, he’s careless.” 

 Y/N has had the bandage on for about 4 hours now. She was going to wait for Harry to get home before unfolding. It felt like the best decision of her life, and she was over the moon about finally being able to show the person who inspired it. 

 While Y/N sat on the couch watching reruns of Friends, the front door opened and closed. The familiar sound of Harry effortlessly taking his shoes off echoed throughout the house before he stalked over to the couch and crashed on top of her. She giggled, running her fingers through his hair that rested in her lap.

 "Hello darling,“ she smiled, pressing a soft kiss to the tip of his nose. Harry groaned, turning his body and wrapping his arms around her waist while he nuzzled his face into her stomach. 

 "I missed you pet. What’d ya do while I was gone?” He asked cluelessly, wondering how her day went. She tried to hold back her smile but failed, she was a shit liar. 

 "Uhm- just got something done.“ Harry turned his face to look up at her, his eyebrows furrowing as he examined her face. 

 "Did you get like, lip injections or something? I mean if you did that’s cool- but no matter what you’re still beautiful to me and-” She cut him off by putting her hand over his mouth, laughing lightly. 

 "No Harry, bloody hell my lips look the same as always!“ She pointed out his dumb accusation with light humor. He pouted, giving her a confused look. 

 "What do you mean by got something done then, princess?" 

 "Well-” She was cut off her phone that dinged with a notification. Harry reached over on the table to hand it to her but, before he did, his eyes caught a glimpse at the message she received. 

 'Hi Y/N, it should be time to take that bandage off. Make sure you clean it well and apply ointment to the area. Hope you like your new tat x.’

 "New tat?“ Harry choked out before sitting up right, his eyes widening at this message he just read. He looked back at his girlfriend, a shy smile rested on her lips. 

 "I wasn’t lying a few months back when I said I wanted one on my shoulder.” Y/N admitted, looking down at her hands. “But I wanted something that had a piece of you in it. You know my weakness is when you kiss my shoulder, the feeling of your lips on that spot always soothes me.” She turned around, moving her hair to the side, exposing the ink that was wrapped up. 

 His mouth was slightly opened, not believing that the only other ornament to her body was something he inspired. He didn’t know what to say, so he remained silent, taking the bandage off and tracing the design with his eyes.

 "The napkin with your lip mark, I gave that fucking napkin to Mark with no regrets and told him to make it happen. And he did.“ 

 Harry was speechless, it was like what he was hearing wasn’t real. He didn’t think anyone like her was real, she was too precious, too innocent. As he examined that tattoo his eyes caught something he knew wasn’t a simple coincidence. 

 The letter H was carved as a lip line on the bottom lip, not so much that you would catch it with a simple glance but enough that you could tell it was definitely there. 

 "Do you like it Haz?” Y/N finally turned back to look at the love of her life. The most heart warming smile rested on his pink lips and his eyes were glossy with tears. He felt as though his heart may burst from all the love he held for her at that very moment. His lips attacked hers, hands cupping her soft cheeks while tears ran down his own and he smiled into the kiss. 

 He pulled away and looked back at her. The love of his life, his guardian angel, his future wife. “Like it? I fucking love it. And I love you, with all my heart Y/N- fuck I wish I could explain this feeling to you. It compliments you so well, baby.” Harry grinned, the light shining into his eyes brightening them to a pale green shade. They sparkled as he stared back at her. 

 ”You compliment me so well.“ She confessed softly while looking back into the eyes of her world. Now she would forever have a kiss from her guardian angel to accompany the spot where the other angel would rest.

Lydia Says Stiles’ **** Is Big

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Lydia x Reader x Stiles

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“Yeah you owe me a massage after this, new boots too.” Lydia sighed as she followed you and Stiles through the mud and met with Scott.

“Well I’ll give you both when we get back to mine… well the boots I can get on the way back from dropping this little button off.” Stiles poked your nose as you scowled at him and jogged after Malia.

“I thought we were going to talk about running around after the wolves she’s going to get hurt.” Lydia sighed fondly, rolling her eyes when Stiles tapped his bat on the floor.

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The Barn 2


She was only out for a handful of minutes before she came back, tasting the after waves of magic. The roots of her teeth tingled and she scrambled across the floor, stumbling sideways. The world was a rush tilting and swirling. Being trapped on the deck of a ship in the middle of a storm would have felt no different.

The magic came to her hands and she flared it enough to bring it up where it would be malleable. It was old but it was an old friend; they picked up right where they left off.

‘A hungry old friend.’

Sakura blinked and saw the room, the details she knew by heart, and the ones she didn’t. There were new figures in the room that felt as familiar as the ghosts haunting her halls. She had done it, she had broken their curse and now they were physically manifested in her home like she wanted.

But they weren’t moving on like she wanted.

“Who are you?” She coughed, tasting dust in her throat and feeling cotton where her tongue should be. Magic always left her feeling dry.

The one who had caught her first stood closest to her with long black hair and just as dark eyes. He was dressed in an old three piece suit finely tailored and flattering to his figure. She could see her reflection in the shine of his black leather shoes.

When he smiled it was all teeth and all danger. There was magic beneath those teeth, she could feel it in her bones.

“First and foremost I’m thinking I’m in need of showing my appreciation to the little tart,” he teased in a tone made for smooth talking and straight up bullshitting. His voice was a lull as he reached for her again.

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Dinner Time

“No.” Mirai put down her fork. 

“Please,” Viktor used his nice voice. “It’s good for you.” 

The six year old pushed her plate away. “Don’t care. It tastes gross.” 

“But it won’t feel gross when it’s inside you,” he attempted to reason. 


From across the table, Misha giggled, slowly sipping his drink as he watched the scene before him. 

Viktor thought for a moment. “What if I get you some sauce?” 


“At least try a bit of it.” 

Mirai eyed him up like they were totally equal. “Papa, I said no.” 

His eyes flashed. “Well, I said you have to.” 

She met the challenge with ease. “Last night you said ‘no means no’ when I wanted a cookie. Why is it different now?” 

Damn it. Thankfully, Yuuri chose that moment to come through the door with the usual call of ‘tadaima’, setting his bag down and wandering into the kitchen. Viktor practically pounced on him like a lost puppy. 

“Yuuuuri,” he pleaded, “she won’t eat the broccoli.” 

His husband just rolled his eyes. “How come, Mirchan? You ate it yesterday.” 

“Don’t want to,” she complained. 

“Hmm,” Yuuri said effortlessly, “what if I give you a magic kiss again?” 

A magic what? This was new. 

Mirai immediately went gleeful. “Maybe it might work. Maybe.” 

Yuuri just bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “There you go. Now try some.” 

To Viktor’s utter amazement, Mirai obediently tucked in, shovelling the broccoli into her mouth like it was chocolate or something. “Mmm,” she said, “it’s good.” 

“Magic… kisses?” Viktor asked. 

“Mmhmm,” Misha nodded. “Tosan gives us magic kisses that make all food taste good.” 

He had no idea what to say. 

Yuuri just smiled with satisfaction. “It works every time.” 

After recovering from the shock of seeing his daughter easily obey one of them for the first time in weeks, Viktor found his own smile. “Do I get a magic kiss?” 

Mirai stuck out her tongue. “No Papa it’s only for us.” 

“You can have a double magic kiss later,” Yuuri said, subtly squeezing his ass as he made his way into the bathroom. 

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Prompt: After a particular hard mission Alex comes home and just wants to lose control. So she basically drops to her knees and is ready to bottom once she comes home. I'm sorry. I am just a sucker for angsty sex...

Her nerve endings have been on fire for over eighteen hours.

She’d washed off almost as much blood as she had dirt in the DEO showers, and every one of her muscles ached.

She’d commanded her team and she’d gotten every single one of them home safe, including that rookie agent who had a kid on the way.

She’d been on her game, completely present, completely in control, completely focused, for over eighteen torturous hours with no let up.

If she’d lost control, even for a moment, people would have died. Good people. People who have other people who love them.

People she couldn’t afford to fail.

And now? Now, all she wants is the woman waiting for her at home, the woman who’d texted her saying Winn told me you had a rough mission, babe. I’m so proud of you for getting everyone home safe. I’d love to see you, but if you need to be alone, it’s completely fine. Let me know what’s best for you.

But Alex doesn’t want to let her know.

Oh, she’ll tell her all about the mission, all about the way they almost lost Chan, the way she almost lost a limb, the way they almost lost Winter.

She’ll tell her, but she’ll tell her tomorrow.

Right now? Right now, she doesn’t want to make any decisions.

Not anymore, not tonight. Tonight, she wants Maggie to make all of the decisions for her.

So she doesn’t text back, instead making the last decision she wants to have control of tonight. She shows up to Maggie’s studio and scrapes her key in the lock.

She looks into Maggie’s eyes – Maggie, fumbling around in the kitchen, wearing nothing but boxers and one of James’s sweatshirts – and she knows, immediately, that Maggie understands, just from looking at her – just from looking at her slightly hunched shoulders, her doe eyes, her small stance – what she wants. What she needs.

Maggie says nothing, just sets down the dish she was drying, wipes her hands, tosses the towel down, and strides past Alex to close and lock the door. She licks her lips, subtly checking Alex’s body for any outward signs of injuries.

Alex sinks to her knees.

Maggie’s breath hitches.

Alex’s eyes are wide and innocent and raw and needy, and when she licks her lips slow and suggestive, she makes it clear what she wants to do with them next.

Maggie tries to remember how to breathe before bending down and kissing Alex’s forehead.

“Be a good girl for me and stay here for a minute. Don’t move a muscle, Ally.”

Her words are commanding, but her voice is liquid and her eyes are gentle, are protection, are comfort, are safety.

Alex nods obediently. “Understood,” she whispers, and a thrill shoots through Maggie’s core as she strokes Alex’s hair gently before striding to her bedside table.

She feels Alex watching her, and her face heats up as her heart races, the sound of the opening drawer grating through the studio as she tugs out a harness, tugs out a strap on, and secures them both over her boxers. She adjusts herself so the base of the dildo is right over her clit, and she shudders with anticipation.

On her way back across the apartment – on her way back to Alex – she grabs a pillow, and when she’s back in range of touching her kneeling girlfriend, she instructs her to lift so she can rest her knees on the pillow.

Alex rises obediently, but her eyes are fixated on Maggie’s strap-on, her hips practically arching with need.

“Something you want, babygirl?” Maggie asks, tousling Alex’s hair with an almost lazy – but extremely deliberate – hand.

Alex nods quietly, and Maggie understands.

“I want you to suck me off, Alex. Can you do that for me?”

A strangled whimper nearly dies in Alex’s throat, and her eyes are wide, and her eyes are eager as she nods again.

“Good girl. Go on now, open your lips for me, baby.”

Alex obeys readily, and Maggie barely contains a growl.

She tosses her head back and pushes her hips toward Alex’s mouth as slowly, as controlled, as she can. Alex moans around the strap-on as she takes Maggie deeper, and the vibrations, the sound, the image of Alex Danvers on her knees for her, trusting her, loving her, wanting her, nearly make Maggie’s knees give out.

“I wanna be in the back of your throat, Ally,” Maggie whispers, her face hot, her heart hammering because what if that’s too much, what if Alex doesn’t –

But Alex does, god, she does, because Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, and Maggie’s fingers tangle in Alex’s hair as Alex takes her as deep as she can, bring her fingers to the base of Maggie’s strap-on and pushing in time with the movements of her mouth, her lips, so Maggie has all the pressure on her clit that she needs.

“Alex,” she moans raggedly, and Alex smiles even as Maggie fills her mouth, because god, she’s never trusted anyone like this, never wanted anyone like this, never wanted anyone to make decisions for her like this, to take care of her like this.

And god, does Maggie want to take care of her.

“You’re being such a good girl for me, I’m gonna make you cum, okay Al?” Maggie tells her, taking her hands out of her hair, off the back of her head, and offering to help her up.

“Understood,” Alex whispers in a small voice that has Maggie wondering what kind of torture she saw today, what kind of hell she survived, but she knows they’ll talk in the morning, in the safety of the sunrise and coffee and warm blankets and nakedness.

Right now? Now, she’s going to make good on her promise to make Alex Danvers writhe and scream and beg for her.

“Bed,” Maggie tells her when she’s on her feet, and Alex walks forward obediently.

“Strip,” is Maggie’s next command, soft but steady, and Alex’s wide eyes leave Maggie’s as she removes her boots, her socks, her jeans, her shirt, her bra, her underwear.

“My beautiful girl,” Maggie murmurs, and Alex has never felt this safe.

“Lay down and spread your legs for me.” Alex squeaks and Alex obeys.

“Understood,” she whispers, and Maggie is wildly in love.

Maggie kisses her way up Alex’s body, from toes to knees to inner thighs, from clit to stomach to breasts to collarbone to throat to face.

“You are so gorgeous, Alex Danvers,” she breathes into her ear, and Alex writhes for contact.

“Touch yourself for me, Ally. Show me what you want me to do to you.”

Alex could cum just from those words alone, just from the intensity in Maggie’s eyes, the way her look makes her feel surrounded, protected, held. Safe. Loved.


Taken care of.

She brings trembling fingers to her nipple and she brings trembling fingers to her clit.

She pinches and she pressures and she obeys Maggie when she reminds her to keep her legs open so she can see everything.

“Is that how you want me to touch you, Alex?”

Alex squeaks and nods, and Maggie grins softly.

“With my fingers, with my tongue, or with my strap-on?”

Alex stammers and Alex can’t form words, and Maggie leans down to kiss her forehead, and Maggie understands, so Maggie guesses.

“You want me tongue here,” she suggests, gesturing to Alex’s nipple, and Alex nods desperately.

Maggie smiles and gently lifts Alex’s hand away from her breast, bringing her fingers slowly, deliberately, one-by-one, into her mouth. She licks and she sucks and she makes Alex whimper and thrash desperately, still touching her own clit, as Maggie wets each of Alex’s fingers before returning them to Alex’s nipple.

Alex gasps as her nipple hardens at the contact, and Maggie smiles softly.

“Good girl, Ally,” she whispers, kissing her forehead again.

“And you um… you want me to stay on your clit, or you want me to fuck your pussy like I fucked your mouth?”

Alex gasps out a strangled scream and her hips arch violently. “I…”

“You don’t have to say it, baby, just show me. Show me what you want, beautiful.”

“Understood,” Alex chokes out, barely breathing, and slips her three of her own fingers inside herself, all at once, because god she knows she’s more than wet enough, and Maggie moans raggedly at the image.

“You’re gorgeous, Danvers,“ she promises her, and Alex smiles breathlessly.

“I’m going to fuck you just how you want to be fucked now, okay? You gonna be a good girl and let me make you cum nice and hard for me?”

Alex squeaks and Alex nods, and Alex is wrecked and Alex is so, so desperate.

Maggie makes good on her word, her tongue working magic on Alex’s nipple, her palm, her thigh, working wonders on Alex’s clit, her strap-on stretching Alex out just like she wants, just like she’s begging for, just like she’s been waiting for since Maggie pulled out of her mouth.

Maggie holds her extra close when Alex cums, screaming and thrashing and gasping for breath, and Maggie whispers to her the entire way through.

“There’s my good girl.”

“I got you, baby, just let it all go.”

“God, you’re beautiful, Alex.”

“Alex, Alex, Alex.”

“I love you, Alex. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

And god, god, god, does she love Maggie, too.

This is Magic, a.k.a. Flying Magic City.  She’s a retired greyhound and a bit shy but wanted to show the StickyFrogs her Long. 

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Modern AU (of Pansy after the war): “The world was different now, and the Pansy Parkinson of today would have a lot to tell her old self. For starters, there was no such thing as a blood traitor anymore, unless it was Pansy herself.” (x)

this is what happens to that girl in the margins, after the war: she survives. pansy parkinson, with all those signifiers (of the purest blood, sliver-tongued and scared), picks herself up from the rubble of the fallout and the grief. she brushes the dust off, and thinks if this is life now, i will live it. 

so she does. she applies to work for a wizarding hotel, the pay awful and the company more so. she rents a small, unfurnished flat where she transfigures throwaway furniture into upholstered furnishings every night before bed. she patches old clothes with spells recently learned. she starts smoking. 

and she re-meets this golden, freckled boy: with his eyes so earnest, and hair so bright, he looks almost like some sort of beacon, almost like he’d offer her shadow back. she hates him, on principle, hates how easy he makes breathing, hates how light he makes her feel, how he forces her to be reckless. pansy parkinson, this impoverished girl with motive, her plans thrown up in the air, just because this stupid, stupid boy kisses her in public. 

Equally Breathtaking

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he comes home to the reader walking around in his clothes. Steaminess ensues. @coveofmemories @sweetg @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


After a week away on an unbelievably difficult case, there was nothing he wanted to do more than go home to Y/N. Earlier in the day, she’d texted to say that she’d made his favorite dish, chicken cutlet and baked ziti, and couldn’t wait until he got home.

To say he was lucky she was in his life was an understatement. She understood the pressures of his job. Never made him feel guilty for being away so often. When he was home, he gave her everything he had, and then did the same at work. It was tough, but it was enough. 

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his keys and rattled them in the lock. After what felt like ages, the key finally fell into place. The second he stepped inside, the vision before him caused him to drop his bag to the floor. Dancing around in the kitchen was the love of his life, damp, wavy hair hanging loosely at her shoulders as she prepped the last of their dinner. “Hey baby,” she said as she turned around. “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Why wouldn’t I be looking at the most beautiful woman in the world?” he asked as he scanned her frame. Apparently, she’d decided her own clothes weren’t good enough. She was wearing one of his button-down shirts, one of the older ones that hadn’t been ironed in a while, which hung loosely on her torso. As his eyes fell toward her legs, he noticed the material of his boxers hugging the curves of her bottom. The messy yet beautiful vision before him made him smile. “What happened to your clothes?”

Confused, she looked down, as if only now realizing that she was wearing his clothes. “I was running around all day, cleaning and cooking and doing laundry and I got really, really hot in my own clothes, so I decided to change, but everything I picked out was just going to be too tight and I needed freedom.” She rambled on, shaking her breasts for emphasis. “So I took one of your shirts and even though I knew you were coming home tonight, it smelled like you, and I’ve missed you, so I put it on and it was comfortable, so I kept it on.”

God she was beautiful. It didn’t matter if she was decked out in the most beautiful silk dress, matching heels, perfect make-up and gorgeously coiffed hair, or standing in front of him with damp hair and dressed in his shirt and boxers. She was equally breathtaking either way - the most beautiful woman in the world. “And the boxers?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he glided his hands over her bottom.

That amazingly, adorable, embarrassed smile painted itself across her features. “I know how much you like how my butt looks in your boxers.” That he couldn’t deny. He was a big fan of her butt - his boxers, her panties, nothing at all - it didn’t matter. “You want dinner?” When he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she must’ve noticed. “Or I could put it away for now?”

“Yea,” he said dreamily. He wasn’t normally the kind of man to get away with any kind of dirty talk, he couldn’t pull it off, but when he was in a daze, she found it cute. “I think I’d rather have dessert first.”

She giggled and stepped up on her tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. After he helped her put the food away, he spun her into him and gradually backed her into their bedroom. “I’ve missed you,” he said more seriously. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” she breathed. As he backed her into the bed, she fell backward, causing them both to giggle. He dropped to his knees beside the bed and grazed his hands up her thighs and underneath his shirt, gliding his gun-roughened palms over her sensitive nipples. The sound of her moan ran up his body, goosebumps showering themselves across his skin. 

Y/N dipped her finger into her center, bringing it out and dabbing the wetness across his lips. He groaned and took her finger into his mouth, sucking it clean before peeling down the boxers and throwing them to the side. He bent his head to her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. She was needy, grinding her pelvis downward and silently begging for the magic of his tongue, but he wanted to take her all in. “Mine,” he mumbled softly. 

As he kissed closer and closer toward her center, she deftly undid the buttons of his shirt, letting the material fall to the side and expose her needy skin. When he finally pursed his lips against the swollen bundle of nerves that had been begging for him since the moment he got home, she lightly gasped and grabbed his curls, pushing his mouth to where she needed him most. “More, please, Spence.” His cock twitched at her words and they drove him further, burying his face into her slick heat. She writhed beneath his mouth as he licked, sucked and kissed her. “Please, I need you inside me.”

“Is that so?” he asked coyly as he crawled up her body, gently lifting her off the bed to peel the rest of his clothing off her.

Eagerly, she nodded and bit her lip, desperate to feel him inside her after a week away, and he was more than needy for her. When he was on a case, he was 100 percent there, but once he left, the need for home and her was even greater than if he had been thinking about her while on the job. 

Spencer pushed himself off the bed and ridded himself of his clothes. He breathed a sigh of relief when his erection was free from the constraints of his own boxers. As he crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, she reached out for his length, teasing the tip and bringing the remnants up to her mouth to taste his desperation. “Please fuck me,” she begged. Her half-lidded gaze was nearly enough to push him over the edge, so when he slipped inside her, her walls tightening around his member, he cried out and took her mouth in his. 

A strangled cry ripped from her throat as his cock hit the deepest parts of her. But neither of them could get as close as they wanted. The room filled with grunts, groans and whimpers as he kept up his pace, watching for signs of increased desperation. “Oh, god, fuck,” she cried underneath him, reaching down and grabbing his ass. With one hand on his ass and the other around his back, she pulled him into her as closely as she possibly could and bit down on his shoulder.

“Oh fuck, Y/N,” he cried out, pulling out and releasing himself onto her stomach. “Holy hell.”

Her breath came in ragged spurts as Spencer pooled into a puddle at her feet at the end of the bed. “My god. Have you missed me, Spence?” She chuckled.

“So much,” he whispered as he kissed her knee. Reaching over, he grabbed a wipe for each of them to clean themselves up, and then helped her off the bed. “Now, I know I’m going to need much more of this…and this…” he said, kissing up her body. “But I need fuel. You want dinner now?”

She stood up and picked up his shirt, draping it around her as they walked outside. He was right behind her, which meant once again, he was getting a view to die for. Suddenly, she turned around and smiled, grazing his member through the boxers he’d pulled on. “If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing, and looking like that, I’m not going to make it to dinner.”

“If we can make it to the table, that’s all that matters,” she winked. 


Warning: Smut

Being in a long distance relationship sucked, Joe decided.

He and Y/N had been doing long distance for the past six months, and it had been going well, but there were some days that were harder than others. Today was one of those days.
Mostly because she had been teasing him all day long, sending him pictures of different lingerie sets she was trying on, asking which one he liked best.

It was bad enough when she sent pictures to him while they were apart, but she knew that they were seeing each other tonight, for the first time in nearly a month, so it was worse, because Joe was getting a taste of what he would get later.

But he couldn’t do anything about it right now, even though he really wanted to do something about what those pictures were making him feel, because all the boys were round at his place.

“Will you stop texting your girlfriend and pay attention?” Jack threw a pillow over at Joe, who quickly locked his phone, the newest picture Y/N had just sent disappearing, before he looked up at the boys.

“Sorry,” He shrugged, “Just excited.”

“Oh right, she comes back tonight, doesn’t she?” Oli asked.

“Finally, yeah.” Joe nodded, a smile on his face.

“I didn’t know Y/N was coming back tonight!” Caspar said excitedly, “We have to all go out for dinner then! I want to see her!”

There was a loud chorus of agreement, the boys having all missed their female friend, and before Joe could get in a word of protest, it had been decided.

They were all going out as a group.

Internally, Joe groaned. Because that would mean longer before he would be able to get his hands on his girlfriend.

Externally, he smiled, telling his friends that he was sure she’d be excited to see all of them as well.

It was going to be a long night, on top of an already long day.

He knew the moment she stepped foot into the restaurant, even though he hadn’t seen her yet.

He just knew she was there, and Joe turned around in his seat, a smile growing on his lips as his eyes fell on Y/N, still searching the tables for them. As he stood, her eyes met his, and her entire face lit up.

“Hello, love.” Joe greeted her, pulling her into a hug as soon as she was close enough, her arms familiar around him.

“I missed you.” She mumbled against his neck.

“I missed you more.”

“We missed you too!” Caspar announced, forcing the couple apart as the boys stood to greet her as well.

Reluctantly, Joe stepped back, allowing them to get their hello’s and hugs in, although his eyes remained on her the entire time, eyes moving along the familiar curves, being displayed wonderfully by a tight dress. And he knew what was hidden underneath, because of the newest pictures she had sent earlier in the day.

He was ready for dinner to be done already.

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Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Four

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC   |   Word Count: 4280
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, NSFW 18+

Stunned, Loki found himself caught in her eyes, jade now with confusion and pain. With a sigh, he brought his forehead to hers. “Lauren, no, never. I should have told you from the first.”

“Told me… what?” she whispered.

“I want this. I want… you. I have for some time.” His heart hurt at finally speaking the words which beat so hard within it. “This was never a charade for me. I may have… influenced you into choosing me, but only because I couldn’t bear the idea of it being someone else.”

A soft sob escaped her lips. “Really?”

“Really… my love.”

The cry she released was one full of hope and disbelief. Then, her lips were on his, molding, tugging, nipping with her teeth, setting him growling.

When she finally disengaged from his mouth, he hummed quietly, “Is that a yes, my sweet?”

“To which? Being together or being engaged?” she quipped, her hands caressed down his arms, fell to slide around his waist.

“One leads to the other, does it not?”

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Illicit Affairs

Summary: No, Ginny isn’t going to tell you who’s she’s been seeing Ron. And it’s definitely not Pansy Parkinson either.

Word Count: 1.2k

this is basically pwp, i just wanted to try my hand at some wlw action

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Time for a story - All you need is love

Finally it’s here - The 200th chapter in celebration of Time for a story’s second birthday. I can’t picture my life without this story anymore.

Thanks everyone for supporting the story! I can guarantee that were are still a lot of stories left to tell for Olicity, their family and their friends!

Also prepare for the blacked out chapter notes for the next 50 chapters. I will post them soon. ;)

“Okay, I really, really, really don’t want you to stop what you are doing,” Felicity said breathlessly, her fingers moving through Oliver’s short hair though she wasn’t sure if she wanted to push him away or pull him even closer, “but I think it’s only fair to tell you that I will have to head out in forty-five minutes and I really need to shower first, so there is absolutely no way I’m able to give you back for this immediately.”

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Acquainted with the Night (8/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Blood, violence

Words: ~6400

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: Never-ending love and appreciation to @ripplestitchskein and @unfolded73 for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld for the gorgeous banner.

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin, @the-captains-ayebrows, @maryvmassakre, @katealexandra26, @superchocovian, @vanyali07, @imhookedonaswan, @captain–kitten, @dreadpirateemma, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @fairytalesandtimetravel

Also on ff and ao3

Chapter Seven

Just as the last light of day spilled over the horizon, Emma sat beneath the crown of one of the Isle’s great, fruit-bearing trees.  The laden branches hung low, and it appeared to kneel in supplication.  Though the spell on the forest could no longer touch her or Killian, it seemed the trees were still in mourning, bent down to look upon the rest of the forest in graceful despair.  They were draped in finery, instead of rags, and the sap that poured from the knots in their flesh was brightly colored, and sweet.  Emma gazed on just such a tree – pale white bark and blood red leaves – her legs folded beneath her.  It seemed sad, but resigned to its fate, and she wondered if this too was a reflection of what she felt inside, or if it was tied to Merlin’s death.

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amandasinedahl  asked:

Plsss write somthing jily where they just a few week until fall in love its on a break and lily its home and there is a family party but sudenly lillys mom call to lilly that a boy who has messy black hair ask for her. But its a fam. Party so youknow

Thanks for the prompt, hope this one shot is to your liking! ^_^

Just Smile and Mingle

Family parties were always an awkward ordeal – cosying and catching up with people you had little else in common besides blood.

But, Lily Evans thought wryly to herself, it certainly didn’t help being a witch and having to keep nearly everything about your life a secret from your Muggle relatives under the penalty of law.

It made her smile all the more fixed, her small talk all the more stilted, the lies covering up this whole other magical part of her life tasting foul on her tongue, necessary as they were.

At the moment, Lily was stuck answering her second cousin’s polite enquiries and hating every second.

Petunia, on the other hand, was positively glowing, pressed into her dear Vernon’s side, making rounds to introduce her boyfriend to everyone.

Lily escaped her second cousin’s clutches and rolled her eyes, but almost bumped right into her cousin’s wife – Violet? Vivian? Valerie? Something along those lines – and fixed an empty smile right back onto her face and said hi.

Their small back garden offered no hiding places, and Lily cast a longing look at the house. 

Where was her mother? She’d be out soon, Lily hoped. If she had to play hostess for much longer her head would explode. Petunia might’ve been right in her element but Lily so wasn’t.

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The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Nine

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimpfor some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine: Into the Fire

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How'd Red take it further and further with Robob though (I'm a comrade irl) becuse shes the shyest bean and it took me like a month to just hug her it's insane

@robindaspoopy   Whoops, my hand slipped.  Also, @ut-stuff is partially to blame because Nyx helped me with my fluster fuel. <33

It started while watching TV on the couch together, sitting of course with Red’s arm around Robin’s shoulders, coaxing her to lean her head against his shoulder.  At first, her body was stiff and her heart was racing, but after an entire episode of Red gently running his phalanges up and down her arm and the fur of his jacket’s hood tickling her cheek, she slowly began to relax.

This was nice.  Despite his bones, his jacket and thick sweater made him comfortable to use as a pillow.  And with his arm around her shoulders, it was easy to feel protected–safe.


Red was pleased that she relaxed.  He was always cautious when moving with her, not wanting to take advantage or push her into something she’d be uncomfortable with.  Taking wasn’t his thing; he’d rather be wanted.

Although he could still taste her lips on his teeth, even now.

He decided to make a move and shifted his arm around her shoulders, moving to hook his other arm beneath her legs.  She squeaked, automatically flinching with panicked surprise.  "What are you doing?“ she blurted in a rush, while Red just shrugged.

“makin’ ya more comfortable.”

And with that, he set her on his lap, her legs still sprawled across the couch, but their bodies angled so her back is pressed against his chest.  His arm wound around her waist, holding her securely, and his cheekbone pressed against her temple.  Robin made flustered sounds at first, her face suddenly growing as red as his namesake, but she quieted after a few moments of just staring at the TV while Red absently ran his hand along the curve of her hip.  

Another episode passed, and she honestly had no idea what happened with the characters.  Every fiber in her being was too busy being hyper-focused on Red.

The next one started automatically, and about five minutes into it, she felt his breath hot against the side of her neck.  He nuzzled his face against it in an effort to get her hair away from her skin, and Robin felt her heart hammering in her chest again.  She tried her hardest not to tense, and then–his sharp teeth lightly scraped against the side of her neck.  Her hands automatically shot to his arm, clutching onto it through his hoodie sleeve, and Red immediately froze.  His mouth traveled back up her neck, to her ear, and he murmured directly into it, “too much, sweetheart?”

Robin hesitated, her fingers moving to lace between his.  There was a ring on her finger, a ruby that meant she would be wed to this skeleton soon.  It was still so surreal; she had initially been against accepting his proposal, thinking that he was just trying to stake a claim on her and nothing more.  After all, he had only proposed after he saw the bracelet she had made with his name engraved into the band.  If that was all he wanted, a collar would have the same effect without a ceremony.  

But then, he convinced her otherwise, opening up about his feelings.  The moment she saw tears, she knew he was serious.

Robin pulled back and turned halfway toward him.  Her legs were still across the couch, but she twisted to face him.  Her gaze dropped to his fangs, even as his usual smirk began to fade with his confusion.  Had it been too much?  Did he make her too uncomfortable?  

No–she wiped those worries aside as she slowly leaned forward, closing her eyes against rising embarrassment, and pressed her lips to his teeth.  It wasn’t their first kiss, but it was the first she had initiated.  Her hands clutched the front of his jacket, fisting in the fabric to ground herself.  She felt Red’s teeth shift, curving into his usual grin… before beginning to part.  His tongue slipped from between his teeth, tracing her lower lip, getting just a taste of her.  As soon as Robin felt it, the magic making her lips tingle, she froze.  

It felt nice–strange and unexpected, but still much better than she expected.  She breathed in, her own lips parting just enough for him to touch the tip of his tongue to hers, and the electric tingle of his magic ignited.

That was all she could handle.  Robin broke the kiss, her face completely scarlet.  "Y-you, ah.. you w-want some mustard or, uh… something?“ she managed, so flustered that she found it difficult to string together a coherent sentence.  She hurriedly fumbled to get off his lap, standing in the living room despite the fact that her knees were wobbly and weak.  Ugh, it was just like him to leave her a flustered, blushing mess.

And then Red chuckled and leaned forward, taking advantage of her position to reach out and smack her ass.

Robin jumped a little, not expecting the contact.  When she looked over her shoulder, he was leaned back on the couch, wearing a confident, teasing smirk.  "oh, i want somethin’ alright, sweetheart, but… i’ll settle for some mustard, thanks.”      

And that was the moment Robin discovered she enjoyed getting spanked.

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Bakugou being gentle with his gf in their first time, since this is their first time doing 'it'

Gentle boom-bastic is what I live for

*gender specified- Female


Katsuki wasn’t the most gentle person in the world, but in private he was an entirely different person. Well, not entirely different. He still yelled, cursed, and basically did everything else he did around other people, but he tuned it down from a 12/10 to an 8/10. That was good enough for her.

But right now was different. Bakugou and his girlfriend were finally “hitting the home run” as Kaminari would prefer to say, and it was both of their first times. He was definitely confident, but he new it wouldn’t be that easy for her. It was a big move for her, and he’d feel like a total shit nugget if she regretted it.

His hands lightly gripped her hips ((the whole gentle thing was quite new for him)) almost like he was unsure of what to do. Leaning down, he kissed her like he always did: fast, hard, and oh so sensual. His breath tasted like a strong mint, but not in an overwhelming fashion. He pulled her legs around his waist, lightly gyrating against her warmth. She whimpered against his lips, reaching forward to gather his soft hair in her fingers. His teeth gripped her bottom lip, lightly sucking on it while his half-lidded eyes watched her face.

He pulled off the last of her undergarments, finally seeing her masterpiece of a body in person. Unwillingly, he pulled himself away from her sweet kiss to focus on the bigger priorities. His hot hands guided themselves to her breasts, squeezing them and admiring their greatness. He pulled a nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking like his life depended on it, watching her back arch up and silently praise him for the magic of his tongue. He watched her lips part in a moan, nearly moaning himself at the sight.

She really made him feel like the number one.

Bakugou’s other hand slipped down, down, down towards the amazingly wet spot between his girlfriend’s legs. His fingers lightly flicked her clit, making her legs squeeze tighter together in an overwhelming sensation. He pulled away from her chest ((albeit unwillingly)) to hold her legs open, allowing him more access to the dripping pool that was her opening. His fingers, well lubed from her juices, slipped inside her like a hot knife through butter. With one finger, he slowly began to prep her for the final show. Slowly in, slowly out, knuckle deep every time.

“Is this ok?” he asked, still slowly moving in and out, “or do you want more?”

His surprisingly seductive voice caught [ name ] off guard, but she stuttered out an out of breath “yes”. His red eyes kept watching her diligently as he pushed another finger inside her warmth, hoping for her absolute pleasure. His hand picked up pace and force, pushing out the high-pitched moans of an angel. Bakugou’s muscles tensed as he pushed into her more, and more, eliciting squeaks and squeals and every other glorious sound his partner could make at that exact moment. Sweat began to drip down his back, making him heat up. Soon enough, her legs forced themselves closed as she reached a riveting orgasm.

Her back arched as she shook out an orgasm, with Katsuki watching in amazement. He was rock solid right now, and he figured now was a better time than ever. He pulled his member out, giving it a few strokes as he gazed upon the quivering site before him. After his own prepping, he placed a gentle (and warm) hand on her thigh and lightly pushed her onto her back.

“You ready?”

“Oh..yeah I am.”

“You sure?” he asked, reaching for the box of condoms he kept hidden in his bedside table for just this type of thing.


Bakugou unwrapped the tiny package, pulling the rubber dick sleeve out and slowly rolling it over himself. [ name ] watched patiently, wrapping her legs around him once more. For the first time, Bakugou blushed at the prospect of the whole situation. He guided the tip towards her still soaked entrance, blush as strong as ever. His opposite hand found and gripped her hips once more, slowly pushing her onto his length. She winced at first, feeling a slight pressure and light sting. It wasn’t overwhelmingly painful like she thought, and it took a few seconds to get used to. Thankfully, her usually headstrong boyfriend was taking his time easing inside her. He’d move a little, wait a moment, and pull out again. Slowly but surely, his entirety was snug inside her. He sucked in a sharp breath, wanting nothing more than to just pound her so hard she’d need a wheelchair, but for her sake he held back.

She gripped the sides of his face and pulled him down into a gentle kiss, one which he returned gratefully. His hips began to slowly roll in and out of her wetness, bringing forth more of those delectable moans. He couldn’t help it anymore, and gradually began to pound away at her sweet spot. The moans got higher, and he couldn’t help but release his own grunts of pure pleasure at being one with her.

 Shamefully (for him anyway) he didn’t last as long as he’d planned, biting back a moan as he finished in the condom. He pulled out slowly with a wet ‘pop’, removing and disposing of the condom while trying to hide his embarrassment.

“What’s wrong, Kaachan?” she asked, sounding spent but managed to be so cute all at once.

“I-I didn’t last that long..a-and you didn’t..” he muttered. She smiled and pulled him back, curling up with him with a light peck on the lips.

“There’s always next time.”