and her love for simon was so pure


Nina Simone: 

Loving Your Blackness By Any Means Necessary

Wonderful and strong words! I love how she says BLACK! Her thoughts are a truth that touches the soul of our people! Her spirit was so beautiful! We need more like her out there in the entertainment realm.

Thank you for being at a time when we needed to hear that we were strong, gifted and black! Nina Simone was pure power…


MTV’s Season 2 Character Descriptions for Shadowhunters


This season, Clary finds herself at crossroads between her mundane life and her new Shadowhunter life. “In a way this season is about finding where your true home is,” Swimmer told MTV News.


The Institute is on lockdown when Shadowhunters returns — but Clary isn’t going to sit around and do nothing while her friend, and maybe brother, Jace is still under the merciless Valentine’s thumb. Things aren’t looking for great for this Shadowhunter. 


Poor Simon. Someone so pure shouldn’t have to endure this much pain, but it wouldn’t be Shadowhunters if Simon wasn’t suffering somehow. “There’s something that breaks your heart about Simon,” Slavkin said. “We have this great moment where he tries to go home again, but he can’t … It’s hard for him to let go of that because it’s his mom, and he loves his mom, and he loves his sister. It’s devastating.”


Watching Clary and Izzy develop a friendship in Season 1 was one of the show’s strengths. This season, however, something happens midway through the first 10 episodes that causes some serious friction between the two Shadowhunters.


Expect Alec to struggle with the fact that The Clave, the institution he’s built his entire life around, might not actually be the good guys.


At the end of the first season, Magnus and Alec shared their first kiss, and Season 2 picks up right where they left off. Meanwhile, the High Warlock of Brooklyn will also take Simon under his wing and show him what life in the Shadow World is all about, and we’ll learn more about his colorful history with Simon’s sire, Raphael.


This season, Luke is finally part of the action. His history in Idris will be explored through a series of flashbacks, and bits and pieces of his life before he was a werewolf are revealed.


I love Clary Fray so much. She’s so pure and good and just wants to help people. Can you imagine losing everything you have in a single day, realising everything you thought you knew about the world was wrong, and then just being like ‘okay I’m going to fix this. Show me how’. Like she has one mental breakdown and then she just gets on with it. She loses her mum, she thinks she’s lost Luke for a while, she almost loses Simon, and she just keeps on going. Clary Fray is strong af and I love her with every fibre of my being

Izzy’s reaction is honestly so important. Because she’s not shocked, but she’s not just like ‘aw’ either. She’s also not fangirling. Her face is just pure relief. Because this is her big brother, whom she loves MOST in the world. This is who she has looked up to, held dearly, and loved most all her life. And as she looks at Malec kissing she’s seeing not only Magnus loving Alec, but Alec loving Alec.

as of the first 4 eps i have mixed feelings about simon bc he seems like a good dude and a good friend and i always feel so sad for him when he looks at clary with that heartbreaking “i’m  in love with her and she doesn’t realize it” expression BUT i’m scared to get too attached to him just in case he ends up being one of those “i was friendzoned so now i’m pissed” whiny douches eventually

like pls…pls keep him pure and let him get over clary and fall for someone else 

also pls nobody come onto this post to tell me what happens with him that would make me frown i wanna see it in my own time thnx