and her love for simon was so pure

Let a girl choose death – Janis Joplin, Simone Weil– and death becomes her definition, the outcome of her “problems.” To be female still means beng trapped within the purely psychological. No matter how dispassionate or large a vision of the world a woman formulates, whenever it includes her own experience and emotion, the telescope’s turned back on her. Because emotion’s just so terrifying the world refuses to believe that it can be pursued as a discipline, as form.

Chris Kraus - I Love Dick

(I’ll stop quoting it when it stops being phenomenal.)


- rupi kaur

I Have You Figured Out

Montgomery Scott x Reader

Words: 843
Plot: Scotty needs help fixing something. Or at least, that’s the excuse he’s using to get a member of command to come and spend time with him. Fluffy fluff mcfluffafluff.
A/N: @youre-on-a-starship, I know you wanted a tag so here’s a lil tag for you. We were complaining about the lack of Scotty fics in the world. Let your friends know Scotty fans are out there. We are out there and we love Simon Pegg, He Who Is Good And Pure And True. I also decided to try out writing from the reader perspective here to see if I like it (since I’m always doing it the other way around) so we’ll see how we go.

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Keying in the flight logs from the last few days was a monotonous job; the screens whirring as (y/n) yawned slightly, propping up her chin with one hand. Navigation points, status reports - she loved her job, no two ways about it. But sometimes everyone needs a break; and she had barely managed to squeeze one in since she’d been promoted to Lieutenant.
“Scotty, status report” the Captain murmered, leaning back in his chair and taking a bite out of his sandwich. They were doing lunch on the job today - just like yesterday, and every day as far as she could remember.
The intercom cracked, but she could barely make out Montgomery Scott’s voice through Kirk’s PADD.
“She’s running fine, Captain. Got her flying true and fast. Although, would yer mind if I were to borrow our fine Comms Lieutenant for a moment? Think one of the wee communications matrices is off and may need a language reprogram for safety. I’d send one of my guys but-”
“-But they’re all patching the hull breach. Got it.” Kirk replied, swallowing hard and spinning casually in his chair.
Crossing his legs, he gestured to (y/n) with his sandwich-filled hand, pointing the crust at her.
“Lieutenant, engineering on deck 4. Your lucky break from all the fun and games of flight logs just came”.
(y/n) laughed, keying in the log out code and turning to face the Captain.
“Who’d have known a minor hull breach could be so handy?” she grinned while Kirk rolled his eyes.


When she walked into engineering, she noticed Keenser pulling at some wiring, with no sign of Scotty in sight. Brushing at her uniform, she opened her mouth to ask where he was, before a shout came from down the corridor.
“Lass! I’m through this way!” a familiar voice called, followed by a metallic clanging that made her ears ring. She shook her head, following the turn of the corridor until she came to a small maintenance room that held the communications array for the deck.
Leaning under the main communications console, Scotty was eagerly pushing some of the wiring together, a screwdriver between his teeth. He pulled it out of his mouth and tightened something; the screen briefly flickering before going dark again.
“She’s really throwing a tantrum today, lass. Normally I wouldn’t get a fancy goldshirt like yourself gracing us in the bowels of this here ship, but I canneh finish the wiring without programming her first” he huffed, looking up and half-smiling, half-grimacing as he kicked a metal panel at his feet.
(y/n) laughed, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She had barely realised how warm it could get down here; the ensigns must really swelter in the heat. She’d have to bring that up with the Commander at some point and see if they could get better cooling systems.
“You saved me from hours of writing up flight logs, Scotty. I owe you one” she added, walking over to one of the monitors and keying in her access code. The screen booted up, showing a dozen or so bizarre prompts that it shouldn’t.
“Well, I’ve found your problem. I can fix these up as best as I can, but you’ll probably want to get someone from engineering to check them over. I’m very rusty at this.”
Sheheard a metallic clanking, and Scotty swore under his breath. She spun around to see him with his finger in his mouth; he’d cut it on some unprotected wiring. Ugh, more forms.
“Oh god, are you okay?” she asked, rushing over to where Scotty knelt and kneeling beside him.
“Really went and nicked it, bloody useless thing!” Scotty spat, looking at his finger in concern. It had a thin cut down the side; nothing too serious, but just enough that it looked as though it’d be fairly painful.
“Sorry lass” Scotty breathed “didn’t mean to scare the life outta yer like that”.
“As I said before; I owe you one” she smiled, tucking a strand of stray hair behind her ear. Scotty looked up at her, then; his eyes meeting hers. She felt her heart quiver for a second; his brown eyes soft in the white light, the slight dusting of grey from the wiring on his cheek from where his hands had touched it. That moment lingered, until it was more than a moment; more than just two colleagues in a passing gesture.
“You know” Scotty breathed, his features softening “lass, I didn’t just call ye down here because I canneh find someone else.”
(y/n) chucked, reaching her hand out slowly to brush against his knee.
“I noticed Keenser in the corridor. I have you figured out, Montgomery Scott”.
Scotty flushed red, shrugging his shoulders with a smile.
“Guess I’m not as smooth as I’d believe then, lass” Scotty said, leaning closer to her, his hand reaching out to cup her face.
(y/n) closed her eyes, her breath hitched-
“This is the Captain speaking, all crew brace for emergency defensive manouvers. All command crew to the bridge.”

Well, shit.

I want nerd!sizzy. I want Simon rambling about comics to Izzy, or her accidentally stumbling across Wonder Woman. I want them watching the 2017 movie, and Izzy having tears in her eyes, and just a pure look of awe on her face. For her to just whisper “that’s me,” because there’s so many similarities in their characters. I want Simon dragging Izzy to Comic-Con, and her deciding to go all out and cosplay as Wonder Woman. Seekers of truth, and warriors of love and equality. I just love them so much.

Clace 2A Review

So I’ve seen a lot of things said about Clary & Jace in the first ten episodes of the season & i just to throw my opinion out there.

 A huge thing I’ve seen posted over & over again is that Clary doesn’t care about Jace & his feelings. In 2.04 Jace told Clary that their wasn’t an us. He has kept her at arms length & pretty much cut her off. Any time they have scenes Jace is mostly talking about Valentine or some kind of mission. From Clary’s pov Jace seems to have moved on & has no longer has romantic feelings for her. She mentions to Alec that Jace wasn’t returning her calls & he even told her was happy she was with Simon. Clary does not know how Jace feels & all of Jace’s actions are pushing her closer to Simon. We know how Jace feels because we have seen things Clary has not. What he don’t know is how Clary feels. She has talked to no one about her relationship with Jace or Simon. So that’s a huge question mark.

I think people are two worried about the happy ClarySimon moments. Yes he makes her happy but he always has. Simon is something comfortable & easy for her. But the interesting part is Clary almost died in 2.09 & while she was laying in Simons arms under the stars all she could utter out was I’m happy. Then in 2.10 she called Simon someone she cared about…..umm you mean like a best friend. Its obvious that Clary is not dealing with her own feeling but I do believe we will see Clary pov on Jace & Simon in 2b. 

Its really important to focus on the small stuff because this is a slow burn & I think we got a lot of tiny amazing bit that is just leading up to how amazing Clace will be when they are finally reunited. Seeing Clary & Jace fight as team on the rooftop was sooooo great. They are so in sync with each other.  I really love all the moments from Jace that we saw proving how pure his love for Clary is. He would do anything for her & to make her happy& I think its really great to see that on screen. The promise scene where is becomes obvious that Jace understands Clary in away others just will never be able to. We’ve got alot of stuff that is pulling them together. I love what we have set up for 2B & i cannot wait to see how it plays out. Please if you want to talk clace or Jace feel free to drop by my ask

Music Suggestions

Everyone’s doing this now so if you’re looking for just sapphic folk, this is who I listen to that seem at least mostly unproblematic! (Please lemme know if anyone on here is bad, I would like to know so I do not continue to support them!) 

-Ashby and the Oceanns (Kind indy) 

-Beth O'Reilly (More pure folk, a little new to them ) 

 -Brandi Carlile (More pure folk) 

-Catie Curtis (Country ish) 

-Coeur de Pirate (Rock/pop at times)

-Dar Williams (Occasionally folk rock) 

-Doria Roberts (Still new to her but seems pretty pure folk) 

-Erin McKeown (Folk rock at times) 

-Ferron (Bluegrass/country influence) 

-Grace Petrie (New to her, seems pure folk ish) 


-Jasmine Kennedy, (New to her, no head up yet) 

-Jennifer Knapp (Like half her songs are really jesus-y so heads up there, but she’s a good one for like learning she’s sapphic later in life)

-Joan Armatrading (New to her, no head up yet) 

-Julia Weldon (I love them so much!!! They’re non-binary!)

-Julien Baker (More indy) 

-Karine Polwart (Old fashion kind of folk) 

 -Kimya Dawson (Indy) 

- Loamlands (Folk rock) 

- Meshell Ndegeocello (Neo-soul, just a magical unique mix of amazing)

-Murmurs (Very 90s girl group indy folk)

-Nina Simone (Classic but I just learned she’s sapphic, touches on every genre pretty much) 

-Rachael Kilgour (pure folks) 

-the Shondes (lotta pure rock mixed in, not all members sapphic) 

-Thao & Mirah (Still new but shares a singer with the murmurs I believe) 

-Tracy chapman (Pretty pure folk? Beautiful beautiful music) 

 -Tret Fure (Pure folk) 

-The Wailin’ Jennys (Not all sapphic, but they got some pretty gay songs) 

-Waxahatchee (Indy) 

*deep breath*

the mortal instruments is such a good book and honestly it’s better than the show but the show just found these underrated actors/actresses and gave them this fame and acknowledgement they deserve because they’re all amazing at portraying their characters like omg i could not find a better alec or jace or even valentine and they all are such good friends irl like this show brought people together you wouldn’t have found hanging out two years ago like could you see harry and kat hiking together before the shadowhunters series it’s so perfect and i don’t think ive ever seen the fans try and shove irl romantic ships onto the actors/actresses ive also never seen smutty art for this show and that makes me hecka happy bc i don’t need that on my soul did i mention the actors/actresses? harry is so good at portraying magnus like how does he speak and move so calmly and swiftly what is his secret speaking of magnus, matt is so perfect and great at playing our grumpy alec and matt and harry are both so good and portraying malec like it’s gotta be hard to fake love but they do it and everyone is supportive like matt is malec stan #1 speaking of number 1 dom is such a pretty man like he’s so good at what he does he was destined to play jace bc have you seen him he’s the mundane jace but still part angel it explains the eyes also al is such a pure baby i love him and he’s such a good simon like who else could be that dorky and then bam be this hot vampire right nobody ofc kat is such a sweetheart and she has REALLY pretty hair like oh my god i would literally cry if i saw her hair irl who’s hair is that red her and dom are also perfect at acting in love like woah they look so happy together and talk so easily with the other em is so beautiful and important and idk how she is so underrated like dude she’s so ahhhhhhhH and the way she looks so elegant during fighting scenes brought to life how imagined izzy fighting in the book isiah was honestly really unexpected bc ya know old spice commercials like we got a taste of werewolf a while ago but woah he’s so good at portraying luke like im 100% sure luke is white in the books but dude i can’t see anyone else playing my fav lyconthrope and he makes me so happy with his dad vibes like he’s totally the dad of the cast don’t fight me on this and he’s one of the more known guys too but still v underrated and honestly this entire franchise is breaking my heart like ive been crying and smiling like an idiot in the car and im 100% my guy would think im crazy if i texted him this but eh and oml im gonna end myself now bye

Beads and Babies - Henry and Nora


Nora answered her phone at the familiar ringtone. “Hey. You done?” They had finally narrowed down the leading lady candidates for his next project to three choices and he had been called in to read against each of them.

“Yeah, finally on my way home. Do you want me to pick up anything for you?”

“Can you get my birth control refill?”


Nora glanced at where Simone was pushing beads around a bright multi-colored wire maze. She gleefully laughed and clapped her hands as the bead clonked onto the wood base. Nora took a deep breath and stepped into the hallway. “Or…you know…not.”

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I have to say I don’t care what Jace told Simon he would have done what Clary asked. He would literally do anything for her but he would never take away her choice & that’s what makes Jace Clary’s perfect partner. His love for her is so selfless & pure that he would endure more pain just to make sure she never had to.


- can i just say how much i love the fact that magnus keeps his magic ingredients right next to jam etc.? i mean, how iconic

- sending alec a fire message because alec was ignoring him? but magnus needed to see him because he was so worried about him
I’M NOT OKAY BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT OKAY this is so important? alec always refuses to think about himself, he doesn’t want to think about his feelings, he prefers pretending that the pain isn’t real. like it’s not important because other people have it worse and he should be there helping them instead of thinking about himself
but then there’s magnus being worried, reminding him that he’s there for him, that he can’t always think about others. that he needs to be happy too because he deserves to be happy

- i will be forever in love with alec’s reactions when he’s drinking any kind of alcohol. he really is innocent in SOME WAYS, isn’t he?

- will i ever get over the fact that alec missed ON PURPOSE because magnus was pouting and alec just wanted him to smile again? of course i won’t. he got played so good but it was still the most adorable thing. but when magnus finally showed him he’s totally slaying, alec was turned on. like, not even trying to hide how turned on he was. i’m living

- ahhh, the worst thing that can happen on first date? talking about how many exes you’ve got. especially when two people starting to date are literally the opposite of each other
and i gotta say, i was very unsure how i felt about alec asking magnus how many people he’s been with. but in the end, he realised that this really didn’t matter. that he wanted to be with magnus more. that he wouldn’t give up just because of his insecurities. it was never about magnus being with many people, it was about the fact that alec was just scared. he’s so inexperienced. that’s exactly the reason why magnus was scared too. afraid to do anything because what if he broke alec? he called him innocent… like magnus is not and that being with him would break alec
this showed just how healthy their relationship is and could be. yes, they will always face some difficulties but they know they like (love?) each other too much and it is possible to go through any problems. together.

- i always knew i couldn’t have what i wanted until you came along
i have so much to say about this? alec always thought he would end up alone or try to please his parents and marry some shadowhunter woman. he thought he would never be truly happy. but magnus came into his life and showed him that it’s possible? i know alec came out on his own terms and for himself but magnus had such a huge role in this and when alec tells him just how much that means to him, magnus is so surprised? he was freaking out about not wanting to destroy that ‘innocent boy’ but here’s alec… telling him how important it is to him to have magnus in his life

- when alec says 'magnus…’, it’s like magnus already knows what alec is trying to say. the pain on his face absolutely kills me. his past is in the way of his happiness and he can’t stop it. when alec almost leaves, magnus doesn’t say anything. it’s like he’s given up but alec taking a deep breath and trying to deal with his insecurities… this is so important and beautiful.

- i don’t care how many people you’ve been with
i don’t care how many people you haven’t been with
they both struggle, this isn’t an easy situation. but they both know that what they have is something special and they want to make this work because it’s worth it and they both deserve to be happy

- and a whispered 'i’m all for effort’? i’m a real mess. magnus lets himself have this, to try because he sees that alec truly wants this, even if he’s scared

- also, one date and they’re already talking about having a real relationship. they’re so #married and i’m living

- malec being the softest boyfriends saved my life. it was so pure and i’ll be crying forever


- and magnus is adopting his first shadowhunters, interesting
jace feels like magnus is his only option. jace feels that magnus is a good person because of the way that he’s with alec and because of that quick moment they shared when jace came to bring alec back

- i still feel seriously weird about the pack stopping looking for luke after a what… day? two? seriously? luke is their alpha and they give up on him just like that? especially when they know very well what he’s going through? if maia knew that, everyone did. but she was the only one willing to go find him

- i was so worried about luke. going through random transformations, not being able to control himself because he was hurting so much. he loved jocelyn his whole life, she was the love of his life and then he lost her, just like that. i can’t even imagine how painful it must have been for him

- that scene where luke saved maia? i am absolutely speechless. she had nobody but luke was there for her, trying to calm her down, trying to help her. luke is just too good for this world and we don’t deserve him
and alisha and isaiah were amazing? i was genuinly in tears

- luke’s transformation was made so realistic? it was like i could almost feel his pain? i honestly i can’t begin to imagine what he must felt in that moment… turning into a wolf, ready to attack some mundanes
but simon talking about clary stopped him? i was in tears because luke loves clary so much that he is able to control his emotions. clary is now the most important person to him. and he would do anything for her

- it’s good seeing clary and jace acting more like siblings and jace trying to help clary figure out things connected to that rune or warning her about the clave. at least it’s not creepy incest so i’m seriously happy

- clary seriously matured so much? she could still be angry or blame alec for what happened to jocelyn (even though it wasn’t his fault at all) but she’s just worried about him because he feels guilty? i’m really proud of her

- clary walking out of the water in her wet dress… what is air???? this was so hot? like, obvs amazing body but she was so confident walking out of it? finally proving to everyone that yeah, she might be valentine’s daughter but she’s nothing like him at all

- do you always talk this much?
i absolutely LOVED maia and simon’s first meeting. simon talking way too much as always and maia just being so casual. let’s go find luke together

- that moment when maia tells simon she tried to kill jace and suddenly he’s so impressed with her and basically human heart eyes emoji. this is so pure and beautiful

- maia and simon exchanging their downworlder stories were so amazing? like, nobody will understand you like the other downworlder will. even if maia and simon are like the opposites, they still go through a lot of similar things and feelings. and i’m really glad simon found her because she just gets him?

- i love how soft izzy is always with clary? always thinking about her, always explaining things to her.
but i’m so worried about her… her hand is already shaking because of lack of yin fen?

- my heart is absolutely in pieces after that scene where izzy almost drowned in the water and then she has to give up on one of her biggest dreams to go into the citadel
i really hoped she would think about it before asking for more from victor. but i guess that’s just too addictive, isn’t it?

- raphael doing encanto on simon’s mum? yeah… why do i have a feeling it’s not gonna work anyway? cause she’s gonna be freaked out about this somehow . like she knows she remembers SOMETHING but just can’t figure out what it is?

- i am absolutely in love with irons sisters, they’re SO badass??? i mean, who can get an intro like this? making weapon and fighting? they are AMAZING. i’m not surprised at all izzy wanted to become an iron sister when she was younger

- the citadel looks absolutely AMAZING and i am literally izzy when she looks at it for the first time

- i can’t believe cleophas is a member of the circle? she spent so many years with the iron sisters just to betray them like this? and this shows just how much she hates her own brother? she wants all downworlders to be gone… including luke

- victor is the shadiest guy… he’s literally acting like a drug dealer. i’ll give you this stuff but you gotta spy on clary WHAT THE FUCK (i’m seriously beliving in that theory of him being actually sebastian more and more)

-  and victor making jace clean the weapons? what even…???? that was so fucked up?
and then he just kicked him out??? jace saved his life and now he’s doing this? yeah, that makes sense (seriously believing more and more in that theory)

- that smile when izzy says 'wait’? that was so creepy?

(see, i’m not just Malec Mess™ i can write other things too)

You Are My Everything- Simbar

So I basically wrote this all in one sitting in my new dorm room the night before the first day of university classes because I wanted to write something before all the chaos starts and I have a large fear I won’t have time to write. So I’m sorry if its crappy af ok. All these Simbar scenes are killing me and this is inspired by a few fics I’ve been seeing around here and reading so yeah, enjoy!

Also. RIP Bianca ( @from-red-string ), who I apparently murdered for letting her read this beforehand. May you rest in peace surrounded by Simbar love. 

The first moment I looked into his eyes, everything felt like pure bliss. His gentle skin, his tiny fingers, and toes, his dark brown eyes identical to his fathers. He was everything I had hoped for and more. He was perfect. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Klepas

Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™: my thoughts and feelings condensed for your reading pleasure because I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers. 

  • Annabelle needs a rich husband, like now.  Simon is rich, though not titled.  He is, however, a sexy, rakish hunk of working class man flesh who can melt your drawers with a few simple words whispered hotly against your ear.
  • Here’s the main problem: I loved Simon and loathed Annabelle.
  • I know, I know: “but these are the wallflowers, they’re so lovable and great!”  Sorry, I disagree.
  • “Any other man in his situation would have had the decency to be embarrassed by his own lack of refinement - but Hunt had apparently decided to make a virtue of it.”  #1 reason to love him, honestly.
  • Meanwhile, Annabelle is so hellbent on catching a rich husband, literally any husband, she’s willing to ensnare any titled tool who happens to be at the same party.  And yet, she finds the notion of becoming someone’s mistress HIGHLY insulting to her dignity.  I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but spreading for your husband’s bank account is the same as spreading for your mister.  (Please refer to Victoria Woodhull’s comments on how marital sex without love is merely legalized prostitution.)
  • Spoiler: They get married and then - drama-rama - everyone thinks she’s using him for his money, because SHE LITERALLY JUST NEEDED TO MARRY A RICH GUY AND SO THAT’S WHAT SHE DID AND 2+2 = YOU’RE A GOLD DIGGER.
  • Shit happens, lives are in danger, and suddenly they’re in love.  Weak.  And again, I find Kleypas’ pacing damn near unbearable.
  • Listen, I totally get why she fell for him, Simon is HOT, giving, caring, funny, smart, hardworking, irreverent towards the ton, need I go on?  But Simon falling for her?  Give me a break.
  • Simon deserved better.
  • Annabelle deserved to be the mistress of some fat, balding jerk.  (I don’t really mean that, but I’m so BITTER right now.)
  • AND the build up wasn’t even that sexy.
  • I’m disappointed.
  • But I’m also in love with Simon, so I guess I can’t say the book was bad.
  • I originally gave this book 4 stars, then I wrote this review and realized that I vehemently did not like Annabelle and I knocked it down to 2, but then I realized that Simon was so good and pure he alone deserved another star.

Three Frustrated Stars

Izzy’s reaction is honestly so important. Because she’s not shocked, but she’s not just like ‘aw’ either. She’s also not fangirling. Her face is just pure relief. Because this is her big brother, whom she loves MOST in the world. This is who she has looked up to, held dearly, and loved most all her life. And as she looks at Malec kissing she’s seeing not only Magnus loving Alec, but Alec loving Alec.

anonymous asked:

No but why is the book problematic? What's wrong with them? I only read the first 2 and they seem okay to me. Its a little... Off... In some parts, but other that it seems okay.

ok im not really sure if this is the same anon that told me to go fuck myself if it is then i wish you love and happiness (also if it is then why are you judging me for not reading the books if you’ve only read 2) and if it isnt then i’ll gladly explain nonnie, btw im gonna talk about the books and casserole clam

Let’s start with the LGBT/queer part of the books/problems:

  • Alec is biphobic. He makes fun of Magnus for having been with men and women.
  • ALEC WAS SUPPOSED TO DIE IN HER FIRST DRAFT i see she loves malec so much she was gonna have her only male gay character die FOR LOVE GUYS
  • Casserole said how she “headcanons” Raphel as asexual, which first of all was kinda weird?? bc she changed his sexuality and then said “its a hc” like she is the literal author??? everything she says has to be canon???, and second of all it’s rude towards the ace/aro part of the fandom bc not having any rep is terrible and having someone give you that rep and then take it away from you is the wrost thing ever
  • Alec’s sexuality is HIS ONLY STORYLINE, he is the token gay character. 
  • Apparently there’s a lesbian couple in the books that is sent to an island or something
  • Magnus is canonically bisexual but then she “headcanoned” him as pansexual bc for her they are kinda the same, what she is doing only shows how little knowledge she has over queer stuff and how little respect she has for her characters’ sexualities.
  • Simon and Izzy, a straight, white (in the books) couple get a happy ending, and Magnus and Alec, a same sex, biracial couple don’t. Now, because the straights are gonna hate me for this, i’m not saying straight white couples don’t deserve happy endings i’m just saying that if she is such an ally then why didn’t she give BOTH couples a happy ending?
  • Malec was denied proper development in her books, to my knowledge not even the most important parts of Alec’s ONLY storyline (the token gay) where in his POV, their entire relationship was in the background (she like sends them away for half a book i think), it wasn’t even put in the main saga of the books even tho alec IS a main character.
  • After the show became such a popular thing she was like “oh i’m gonna write more malec” what did she do? she decided to write smut, which only proves that she fetishizes gay sex, reminder that this is a STRAIGHT woman that is writting about two male characters doing something sexual only bc she wants a t t e n t i o n.
  • she prides herself for being an ally but in reality she is a straight person that has internalized homophobia and DOES NOT ACCEPT IT AND TRY TO CHANGE IT

Now let’s go to the racist part of the books:

Its very clear, and even in the show, how much social differences downworlders and shadowhunters have, it’s not subtle how much she was trying to make racism a thing in the books. Shadowhunters have so much internalized racism towards downworlders i don’t even think they notice it, and it’s even obvious in the show how much they seriously don’t think downworlers are equal, and yes i’m talking about EVERY CHARACTER, but im not here to talk about the show, anyways… you know how i said Izzy and Simon get a happy ending? well that’s bc Simon is turned into so many things but hey hey surprise he ends up becoming a shadowhunter and being happy with the love of his life bc now he is not filthy and digusting like the downworlders now he derserves respect and love. You see, it’s not that it is a bad thing to talk about social differences in YA novels because you can eassily educate people (if you are well educated yourself), BUT cc did such a bad job with it she souldn’t have tried, why not leave simon as a vampire but have him be respected by everyone? why not have sh realize they are racist and that they should change? why not at the end of her books have laws be changed so downworlders can be equal? LOL NO WHY DO THAT WHEN I CAN CHANGE SIMON AND MAKE HIM PURE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

Anyways let’s move to the incest part:

Now imo this is the most controvercial issue in her books, CC has an incest fetish, it’s disgusting and so so so wrong…

Someone asked her something about TVD and she was like “lol why don’t you ship the ones that are brothers”, she wrote a fic about ron and ginny , her entire story is like an incest fest, Clary and Jace find out they are brothers but do they stop being weird and sexual with each other? nope they keep doing it BUT ITS OK BECAUSE ITS LOVE AND THEY ARE NOT ACTUAL BROTHER AND SISTER if that is someone’s actual excuse to see Clace as something romantic then please ask them what is wrong with them, even if they aren’t brother and sister they THOUGHT they were and while they THOUGHT they were they were still all over each other BUT ITS LOVE SO ITS OK, also isn’t there a part where sebastian tries to rape his actual sister (clary)? ha the rape part wasn’t disgusting enough??? ADD SOME INCEST, isnt that how clare’s brain works?

Can we also talk about how Alec has a crush on Jace even tho they are B R O T H E R S… maybe not blood related but they are still brothers and it’s just so fucking wrong. Tbh im surprised she didn’t try to have Izzy be attracted to Alec.

I read a post yesterday about someone that said how the incest stroyline was such a huge part of the books and that they hoped the writers did a good job with it… WHAT KIND OF PSYCHOTIC THINKING IS THIS there is no good way to treat incest what the fuck is wrong with cc stans????????? its all so wrong


Ok so now… my issues with book!malec: 

it’s so…bad???

For what i have read this relationship is really toxic, Magnus and Alec start their relationship when Alec is 17, which is not only illegal but oh so wrong, they don’t communicate at all (i think Alec almost takes Magnus’ inmortality away and doesn’t even give a fuck if Magnus is ok with it), Alec is such a biphobic asshole toward Magnus…

Straight people like to complain so much about Show!Malec but this is literally one of the very very very very few same sex relationships that is healthy AND THEY HAVENT EVEN STARTED THEIR OFFICIAL RELATIONSHIP give me a break

I really want to point out how hard it is to create a queer character/relationship and not fuck it all up if you are straight and know nothing about queer romance, she tried and failed. It was awful and gross and please NEVER let her write queer romance ever again.

(Her cishet stans talk about how much Alec/malec’s stroyline matter so much to them, dude IM QUEER IT ALSO MATTERS TO ME BUT HER POTRAYAL OF IT WAS TERRIBLE SHUT UP)

Ok so now let’s jump to the anti cc boat:

  • She enjoys toxic relationships (she made a character go back to her abuser).
  • Enjoys incest.
  • Is such a petty woman isn’t she like 40 wtf
  • almost got a girl kicked out of college
  • slut shamed izzy, which was extremely rude because emeraude and the writers have done a great job they dont derserve this shit
  • made her stans attack a fan
  • something is gay? time to sexualize it but dont worry she is such a great ally she is great her representation is 10/10 total knowledge of the LGBT+ community
  • so manny more terrible things tbh

And i know some of you are gonna be like BTU HSE CRATED TEH SADHOW HUNTERS WORLD lmao no she didnt she plagiarized everything, there is like a chart someone made where they compare everything in TMI with Dark- hunters and my dude it’s pretty fucking similar. And she didnt exactly create her characters, she took the personalities from HP characeters and put them in her books, oh yeah that reminds me people are actually saying tmi is better than harry potter??? no it isnt???? leave hp alone

Did i forget anything please tell me i’m here to add things to this list.

Also if you cc stans are gonna come crap on my blog or this post, im gonna ignore you so don’t waste your precious time please.

Edit: I forgot how Izzy and Clary literally hate each other for no reason other than the girl on girl hate trope, which is childdish and gross

okay, but this part right here KILLED ME OKAY? IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT

How he moves slowly towards her, and his hand on her chin. It looks like he’s still so unsure if he should kiss her, but he still did it anyway. And her smile! They’re so cute

Just look at them, this is such unexplored waters for them. They’re just falling hoping the other will catch them. It’s so beautiful. How he grabbed her hand and then just stood there, like i already said, so unsure if he should kiss her. The fear of this unknown thing, all these new feelings. I even feel like a bit of naivety in them, in the way they kiss. Everything felt so pure. I love it. 

Good, such a sweet kiss. I’m dying. 

MTV’s Season 2 Character Descriptions for Shadowhunters


This season, Clary finds herself at crossroads between her mundane life and her new Shadowhunter life. “In a way this season is about finding where your true home is,” Swimmer told MTV News.


The Institute is on lockdown when Shadowhunters returns — but Clary isn’t going to sit around and do nothing while her friend, and maybe brother, Jace is still under the merciless Valentine’s thumb. Things aren’t looking for great for this Shadowhunter. 


Poor Simon. Someone so pure shouldn’t have to endure this much pain, but it wouldn’t be Shadowhunters if Simon wasn’t suffering somehow. “There’s something that breaks your heart about Simon,” Slavkin said. “We have this great moment where he tries to go home again, but he can’t … It’s hard for him to let go of that because it’s his mom, and he loves his mom, and he loves his sister. It’s devastating.”


Watching Clary and Izzy develop a friendship in Season 1 was one of the show’s strengths. This season, however, something happens midway through the first 10 episodes that causes some serious friction between the two Shadowhunters.


Expect Alec to struggle with the fact that The Clave, the institution he’s built his entire life around, might not actually be the good guys.


At the end of the first season, Magnus and Alec shared their first kiss, and Season 2 picks up right where they left off. Meanwhile, the High Warlock of Brooklyn will also take Simon under his wing and show him what life in the Shadow World is all about, and we’ll learn more about his colorful history with Simon’s sire, Raphael.


This season, Luke is finally part of the action. His history in Idris will be explored through a series of flashbacks, and bits and pieces of his life before he was a werewolf are revealed.


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