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Hi! I'm new to your blog and I noticed that you do requests, I'm a bigger shipper of Nalu and i was wondering if you have the time to draw Natsu staring at Lucy intently while holding her? I would greatly appreciate it!! Have a good day! 😊😊😊

It’s been forever since I’ve drawn anything for Fairy Tail omg my style has changed so much

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The five times James gave Lily flowers and the two times he didn’t; or, How Lily Evans fell in love with James Potter.

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On her first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Lily received lilies from five different people. She loved them because she knew her friends and that one boy from Hufflepuff had good intentions. She knew they thought it’d be cute to give Lily the flower she was named after. Everyone always thought it would be.

After going through it for so many years, Lily should have seen it coming and warned them. Perhaps she could have worn a sign around her neck starting a week prior that read: I do not like lilies.

But despite how unoriginal the flowers were, she carried them around proudly all day. They were beautiful after all. And she may have woken up too late to shower that morning so their sweet perfume was welcome.

That night she sprawled on her back on the floor by the fire with Mary and Marlene. They giggled about all the couples they had seen that day and the boy who had given Mary chocolates. Suddenly, James Potter’s face was looming above Lily’s.

“What on earth are you doing, Potter?” she exclaimed, bolting upright and nearly smacking her forehead against his. He muttered something incoherent before dropping a flower into her lap and bolting toward the boy’s dormitories.

“What was that about?” Marlene asked. Still lying down, she and Mary couldn’t see what James had given Lily.

“Nothing,” Lily said as she slipped the perfect pink peony into the billowy sleeve of her robes. How he knew her favorite flower was a mystery to her. But even more mysterious was the heat spreading across her face and the pounding of her heart. Stupid James had given her some sort of prank flower that made her feel sick. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.

Still. She kept the flower between the pages of one of her transfiguration books.

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And sometimes those two things are the same [insp]

Last night I had a dream that G had to protect a baby/toddler Kara (I don’t know WHY she was a baby) from someone/something and became paranoid enough that she went to the Shiverpeaks with the kiddo. Her friend, Sham (who belongs to @pejntboks AND ONLY HAD GOOD INTENTIONS) was trying to chase her down, but she thought he meant them harm. Sooooo she proceeded to knock the lights outta him.

The punch was so strong -I- woke up, and then it ended up being a fun warm up to doodle. Sorry Sham

2016 Election Season = Megamind

As I am sitting here in the first week or two of Donald J. Trump’s presidential administration *involuntary shudder*, I’m realizing that the major players in this last election were literally characters straight from beloved 2010 Dreamworks animated film, Megamind. Let me explain.

First, we have our shady but lovable protagonist, who has done some crap in his/her day but has good intentions at heart. Represents blue people everywhere, and is somewhat of a misfit even after fighting his/her whole life to prove themselves. I give you Megamind/Hillary Clinton:

Then, we have the old hero of Metro City/America, that some people really don’t like, but none can deny his charm. He’s had his fair share of fights with Megamind in the past but is now ready to fight alongside him/her. He also has done a few questionable things but undoubtedly wants what’s best for Metro City, I give you MetroMan/Barack Obama:

Then there’s this guy. “What a weird but not that important side character!” the audience thinks, “and what small hands!” Introducing the lovable redhead creepy orange person, Hal Stewart/Donald TrumpTM:

And then, as a result of us not taking him seriously, we have a major villain in the storyline who LITERALLY CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. He was creepy before this, sure, but we didn’t care as much because hey, you do you. But then something backfired, and some ego pill got shot straight up his nose, and we can ignore him no longer. We accidentally created a monster. He is now Tighten/Donald J. Trump, Presidential Nominee: (no, not Titan, it’s Tighten. I looked it up. …which somehow makes this a better comparison… idk)

We’re going to make Metro City great again, he says.

So who is Roxanne Ritchi? Isn’t it obvious? Roxanne is all of us. The people, the viewers at home, the public.

If these aren’t relatable af, then I don’t know what is.

But here’s to hoping we’re in one of these tropes:

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that’s me, Megamind.

You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that’s me, Hillary Clinton.

You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Because if we are in one of those situations, then that would mean by some miracle, things aren’t as bleak as they seem.

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………btw, I wonder whatever happened to Space Dad?

it’s late and i have Feelings™ and i just cry when i think about the fact that despite him making it seem as though he was just pursuing noora for the heck of it, in episode 5 we actually see that william cares about her. i cry bc when he asks her if she’s getting tired of the game, it’s actually because he’s getting tired of the game and pursuit and just wants to be with her or move on. i cry bc when she tells him she doesn’t like him and he actually thinks there’s no chance she will change her mind (despite the fact that she already has……but he doesn’t know that), he just leaves and has every intention to leave her alone for good. i cry bc when she goes after him, listing all his flaws (in her eyes), he just says ‘okay’ and ‘was that all?’ in such a defeated tone, like he just wants to leave and not see her for a while bc despite what she might think, it actually hurts. i cry bc he doesn’t even know what she’s about to do then, and when she runs towards him and kisses him, it takes him a moment to actually realize what’s going on and respond. i cry bc of the smile of pure joy that’s on his face afterwards. i just cry bc william magnusson is a teenage boy in love who got rejected and it hurt, but he still went away like he’d promised, and even when noora came after him, he didn’t assume at any point that it was because she liked him back.

Even if Sonja’s intentions are good, Even clearly wants her to stay out of it - whatever it is he’s hiding - and feels like she is trying to control him again. Like, why does she want to “warn” Isak and tell him things about Even now? She’s known about them for some time and for some reason she decides to do it just when Even is done with her and she hasn’t seen him in a while. Maybe she is just concerned, but from Even’s pov he probably just wants to do something on his own terms for once. Because this time it really matters.

Roy doesn’t think of Riza twice when they’re young.

This is one of his biggest sins, and one he’s reminded of daily when he comes to love her more than life itself. He will always put her needs ahead of his for that reason. Riza will beg him to worry about himself first, but he knows he’s done enough of that already.

Back then, one might have expected Roy to point out to Berthold Hawkeye that he has a daughter to look after, when he’s letting himself go. But he doesn’t. Riza is far down in his list of concerns, but this is when Roy is explicitly told to protect her. Sure, his intentions are good. He does help Riza. He offers further help, then leaves to fight for his country. He’s not to be seen again, until the battlefield reunites them both. She doesn’t contact him, so he doesn’t bother to check on her. He has other things to worry about. Roy cannot afford to think of this girl, this woman, when he’s using the gift that she gave him to end hundreds of innocent lives. Not even once.

Roy sees her in Ishval, and everything comes crashing down on him. Until then, he hadn’t known she’d enlisted. He hadn’t known she’d smelled the burning corpses, seen the smoke rising high, heard their screams as they begged for mercy. He hadn’t known she’d felt the weight of betrayal and would forever live with the knowledge she’s created a murderer. But now he knows, and this is precisely why Riza asks him if he remembers her. Of course he remembers her name and her face; that’s not what she means.

It’s clear to her that Roy has forgotten everything else.

So, I think I get a pretty solid theory down for Star’s character arc.

The first thing River says when Stars magic is compared to Eclipsa is “monster lover”. Now think of everything we know about Eclipsa. She’s the literal queen of darkness and black magic, and yet her love of monsters is what gets the attention.

Eclipsa is not a bad woman, and they’re going to try and say that that’s not true. That she was a bad queen who left everyone and thing. And Eclipsa leaving wasn’t right, but her intentions were good. She just ran instead of making peace.

Star is obviously constantly being compared to Eclipsa. From both of them being labeled as “rebel princess” to both having incredible yet dangerous power, to both not hating monsters like the rest of the Mewmans.

Star is going to be like Eclipsa, and while she’ll shy away from it at first, she’ll take on their role that Eclipsa never did. She’s going to bring monsters and Mewmans peace. Cleave them together, if you will.

This is why Ludo has the other half of the wand. He’s the monster half, she’s the Mewman half, and the wand will only be complete once these two halves are cleaved together. We’ve already seen that Star is far more nuanced approach to monsters after Mewnipendence Day thanks to Marco opening her eyes, and she’s very kind to buffrog as well as the alternative monsters once she gets to know them. She has a lot of growing to do, but Star’s cleaving isn’t just a shipping euphemism. It’s her purpose.

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Any more head canons? Even if they're not zutara its ok bc honestly your headcanons are so fun to read :)

  • They can’t get out of bed in the morning without having sex. Zuko swears its Katara’s beauty. Katara’s become suspicious that Iroh is putting something in their tea. (She never says anything, however).
  • It is a one hour flight from the Capital to Ember Island via Druk; Zuko frequently takes Katara for evening dates or weekend getaways. 
  • Katara adopts a cat. It follows her around the palace, so she names it Shadow. 
  • Zuko erects a teaching hospital in honor of his wife on their 2nd wedding anniversary (because he’s extra)
  • Katara, for all her good intentions, cannot find gifts that Zuko likes/wants, so eventually she ~settles~ for handwritten letters. He dies for these. She learns that words of affirmation is his love language. 
  • Somehow, on the weekends, Katara has managed to convince Zuko of the benefits of sleeping in past sunrise.
  • They have picnics in the gardens all the time; so often, in fact, the chefs and staff have taken to setting up lunch outside if the weather is nice
  • They frequently take cooking classes together; Zuko discovers he has a knack for baked sweets; Katara discovers this to be handy during her pregnancy.
I Said No, Hermione

“Are you taking the piss?”

Hermione looked a bit offended that Harry, of all people, would accuse her of doing such a thing as ‘taking the piss’. Her intentions were always good. She was always honest and true.

“No, Harry James Potter, I am not taking the piss.” she snapped, crossing her arms. “I’m helping you out.”

Harry groaned, draping a hand over his eyes. He didn’t need Hermione interfering! Especially not in this situation.

“Hermione, I don’t need help.” he said, not daring to look at her. “I’ve got this all figured out, thank you very much.”

All this just because Harry had officially come out of the closet yesterday. And now Hermione, trying to be helpful, was most certainly not being helpful. And it wasn’t like he could actually tell her the truth of this whole matter.

“Harry.” Hermione said, gently removing his hand from his eyes. “Listen. This is a good thing. I want to help you find someone sweet and nice that’s perfect for you. And this is exactly how.”

“Are you even in your right mind?!” Harry exclaimed. “How does inviting all the gay men in our year and the one below to come to the common room help me find someone to date? That’s the most idiotic-”

Hermione put her hands on her hips. “There’s no use arguing, because it’s already in motion.”

Harry put his head in his hands. This was going to spiral out of control, and he knew it. But there was no stopping it now.

“H-Hi, H-Harry.”

The brunette boy sitting in front of Harry looked a bit uncomfortable, but he gave Harry a nervous smile and adjusted his Hufflepuff robes.

“Hi, um,” Harry glanced down at the paper in his hands. “Hi, Denny. It says here you play Chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team?”

Denny perked up. “Yeah! We won our last match against Slytherin.”

Harry nodded and pretended to make a note on his paper. “Okay. Cool. So…you like Quidditch?”

“It’s my favorite sport. My team is the Appleby Arrows.” Denny said, seeming much more comfortable. “How about you?”

“Ah, erm…” Harry hesitated. “I don’t really have a team. I’ve never really watched professional Quidditch. My best friend is a huge Cannons fan, though.”

“The Cannons?” Denny made a face. “Ew. I hate them, they’re one of the worst in the league.”

Harry scowled, crossing his arms. “I don’t like them that much, but that was rude.”

Denny seemed to realize his mistake. “Oh! I didn’t mean-”

“Sorry, Denny, but I’m afraid we won’t be compatible.” Harry gave him a fake smile. “So sorry. Now, please leave.”

Denny screwed up his face like he was going to cry, then ran out of the portrait hole.

Hermione walked in a second later.

“What did you do?” she demanded. “Denny looked like he was going to cry!”

“He insulted the Cannons.” Harry said stubbornly, and Hermione sighed.

“Alright. Fine. I’ll send in the next one.”

Harry sunk down in his seat with a groan as Hermione walked back out. This was going to be a long afternoon.

“Potter. Move your head.”

Harry yawned, his head flopping to the side. He was exhausted.

“Potter! I said move!”

Harry cried out as a sharp blow was delivered to the back of his head, twisting around in his seat to glare at Draco.

“Fuck off. I’m tired.” he snapped.

“But I can’t see, your stupid head is in the way.” Draco replied, leaning back in his seat. “How am I expected to take notes?”

“I don’t know, you could move to a different seat?” Harry said sarcastically.

And it’s partly your fault I’m so tired, he finished in his head.

“I would, but I’ve got a nice view. I’m not giving that up.” Draco teased, poking Harry in the back.

“You can see me any old time, in case you’ve forgotten.” Harry retorted, sliding down in his seat.

Draco patted Harry on the top of his head with his quill, then started writing on his parchment.

Harry rolled his eyes and smirked, returning his attention to Professor Binns.

Harry stretched out in his favorite alcove, hidden away from the rest of the school. And from Hermione’s crazy antics.

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

Harry startled, slowly looking around so he could see the speaker. But he relaxed when he realized it was only Draco.

“Oh, it’s you.” he said. “I just needed to get away from everyone for awhile.”

“Even me?” Draco asked, squeezing into the alcove across from him, pressing the bottom of his school shoes against Harry’s.

“Well…I wasn’t really thinking of you. Hermione’s getting out of hand. I had to get away.” Harry sighed, looking out the window.

Draco reached out a hand and rubbed one of Harry’s kneecaps. “Want to talk about it?”

Harry paled. “Ah, erm…no, not particularly.”

Draco couldn’t know. Draco could never know what Hermione was doing. He’d lose his shit completely, and Harry didn’t want to be on the receiving end. (Which he assumed he would be, because life just liked to fuck with him constantly).

And one of the blokes, Harry thought his name was Daniel, had a really nice arse. And Draco could definitely never know that.

“Oh.” Draco seemed a bit disappointed. “You always tell me everything, though. What’s the matter?”

“I just…I don’t want to talk about it.” Harry replied, putting his hand over Draco’s. “It’s nothing personal.”

And you’d definitely flip your lid.

“Fine. Whatever.” Draco huffed, standing up. “I’ll be here if you need me, then.”

“Wait! Malfoy, don’t-”

But Draco had already left, and Harry sighed. He just couldn’t win today.

“Alright!” Hermione said brightly to the three men before her. “You have been called back because Harry has taken an interest in you.”

The three men looked between each other, looking excited and nervous at the same time.

“Now,” Hermione continued, “each of you will go into that room and try and convince Harry why you should have his heart. Understood?”

“Question.” Daniel said, shifting a bit. “If we lose, what happens?”

Hermione shrugged. “Nothing, I guess. You just go back to your lives.”

“I’ll go first.” Alexander said, bouncing on his toes.

“I want to go!” Thomas argued.

“No way, I’m going first.” Daniel snapped, heading for the door.

But the door opened before he could get there, and Harry stood in the doorway.

“Hermione…guys…” he said nervously. “I can’t do this. I’m sorry. I really am.”

Then he walked off, leaving Hermione and the three men gaping behind him.

“It’s okay, Harry.” Hermione said to him at breakfast the next morning. “We can try again, it’s okay if you didn’t like them.”

“Hermione, stop.” Harry said impatiently. “I don’t want you to decide anything for me, I can do it myself.”

“I’m just trying to help-”

“Oi!” Ron said from beside them. “What’s Malfoy doing?”

Draco was clambering up to stand on top of the Slytherin table, holding a goblet in his hand.

“Attention!” he shouted, banging his fork on the goblet until the Hall went silent. “I have an announcement!”

Harry gulped visibly. He had no idea what Draco was about to do, but yet he felt nervous.

“I, Draco Malfoy, am gay.” Draco said proudly, gazing around the Hall. “But that, my fellow students, is not all.”

“Like that wasn’t obvious.” Ron muttered. “With all the preening he does.”

“Shush! I want to hear what else he has to say.” Hermione scolded.

Harry slid lower and lower in his seat. No. This couldn’t be happening, Draco wasn’t this idiotic.

“I am, in fact, dating someone in this very room!” Draco announced, causing everyone to look around in wonder.

“Oh! I wonder who it is?” Hermione said thoughtfully. “What do you think, Harry? Harry?”

Harry was nearly sitting on the floor, only the top of his head visible. Hermione grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him upright.

“Please, if my boyfriend would stand up?” Draco asked, looking towards the Gryffindor table. “Or I’ll come get him myself.”

Hermione gazed at Harry, whose face was burning red like a ripe tomato. She put a hand to her mouth, putting two and two together.

“Harry…please tell me-”

But she was interrupted by Draco jumping down from the Slytherin table and striding across the Hall, pulling Harry out of his seat when he reached the Gryffindor table.

Harry was absolutely mortified as Draco started snogging him passionately right there in the middle of the Hall, groping his arse and stroking a hand through his hair.

There was an immediate uproar, and Draco led Harry towards the doors.

“Come on.” he whispered. “Let’s get out of here, Potter.”

Harry nodded and allowed himself to be led out.

He knew he’d have to deal with this later.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Hermione asked, gazing up at the sky. “I would’ve understood.”

“Would you? Really?” Harry sarcastically asked, shifting his head a bit in Draco’s lap. “I doubt that.”

Hermione smacked his head, going back to reading her book. “Don’t get snarky with me.”

“But really, mate?” Ron asked incredulously, like he still couldn’t believe it. “Malfoy of all people?”

“I’m right here, Weasley.” Draco said in a sing-song voice. “And to be honest, I was the one who sought him out.”

“Huh.” Ron said, picking at a blade of grass. “Never would’ve thought.”

“Well…I do like to dominate.

“Eurgh! I do not want to hear about your sex life!”

Harry started laughing, covering his mouth. He was glad that Ron and Hermione were sort-of getting along with Draco.

For once in his life, everything was as it should be.

“So, does Malfoy know that Hermione was setting you up on dates?” Ron asked.

“Wait…what?” Draco said, suddenly alert.

“Yeah, Harry said that Daniel, that bloke from Ravenclaw, had a hot arse.”


Harry gulped and sat up, trying to wriggle away across the grass. But Draco was having none of it.

“Potter! Get back here right now!

Well…Harry’s life wasn’t exactly perfect.

But everything was mostly as it should be.

you can also find this on AO3. hope you enjoyed!

  • Rough-around-the-edges and stolid detective Chell, who clawed her way through the ranks via her persistence, keen attention to detail, and, perhaps most valued by forensics, steel-stomach. Fits the loose-cannon trope to a T, breaking more laws than she follows when she gets her heart set on a case. The sergeant always exasperatedly pardons her because he knows her chaotic approach is always towed by an undercurrent of good intentions. 
  • Sergeant Cave Johnson. I don’t even know how to expand on this. Can you honestly imagine JK Simmons’s voice not muffled by a half-chewed cigar as he growls about those goddamned media parasites swarming the parking lot? 
  • Forensic technician Rattmann. More colloquially known as ‘one of the lab geeks’ around the precinct. His background in physics makes him a veritable rewind button at crime scenes–– with the barest details, he can weave a clinical reimagining of what went down, painting a gruesome picture with the deduced velocity and angles of impact, given the blood splatter patterns. Usually sits alone at lunch. Doubles up as the APD’s sketch artist.
  • Officer Rick. Always calls ‘shotgun!’ during patrol duties. Has obviously been socially spoon-fed the cliches of sexy, fast-paced crime dramas, and tries to emulate them by dropping corny, deadpan-delivery one-liners whenever he arrives at a crime scene. To his credit, his heart’s in the force, but his brain is practically concussing itself trying to think of a clever pun about that grocery store robbery. Um, convenience stores… convenience… ‘something something inconvenience.’ Yeah that’s good… shit, he tripped over the police tape. 
  • Deputy Wheatley, a veteran paper-pusher. Is the third-tier back-up plan should none of the other officers be available to dispatch. He definitely has good intentions, but his track record is paved with too many instances of getting lost during emergency dispatches and ruining crime scenes after remembering that funny little thing his gag reflex did whenever he saw blood–– namely, kick in. His confinement to his desk is a favor to everyone–– colleague and civilian. Nothing deserves to openly carry a gun less than a hothead who got his rocks off to his own sense of authority. 
  • Craig, the sullen records management officer who always looked at you as though he just caught a scent of something offensive. Surreptitiously lives for the personal tours through the evidence lockers, which usually involve a tortuous amount of detours in order for him to fully and appropriately showcase his own knowledge. He will, however, act as though he’s doing you a personal favor, one that he’s only just barely sparing time for in his all-too-busy life. A twitch of his eye. A practiced huff. Four hours of him anthologizing Aperture’s history of legal infractions. Alphabetically. 
  • Space is the fast-talking intern-turned-emergency dispatcher, whose blindingly sunny disposition manages to place callers at relative ease. Both a comfort and an annoyance in the dour-faced world of law enforcement. More often than not shuffled out to deal with the media, as his limited knowledge of the actual goings-on and baldfaced cheeriness presents the best face to the outside world. (NOTE: Wheatley was the one formerly saddled with this chore, as he had a remarkable penchant for talking a lot without actually saying anything. He was promptly replaced after they realized a sudden role-reversal with him hounding the press. Loving the attention, he baited the journalists with “I really shouldn’t tell you this buuuut” scoops about the latest case. He was subsequently furious when they misspelled his name in the article.) 
  • GLaDOS–– the title of the faceless criminal organization that’s been plaguing the city of Aperture. No one knows who’s in charge, or where they’re based. Those who carry out most operations tend to be transient employees–– namely because they simply don’t live past the missions. One of the most renown instances was a sloppy bank robbery. The perp was visibly anxious as they held up the teller, taking hostages and spitting threats, only to be easily negotiated into custody. Chell couldn’t help but be unsettled at how easily they had given up and, glaring them down across an interview table, brought this up. Why did they surrender themselves so quickly? Why go through all the trouble if they weren’t committed in the first place? They’re still shaken. These aren’t the usual nerves of a guilty conscience–– they look physically ill. “The bank… wasn’t the MO.” Then what was? “Showing you what She’s capable of.” Cue person-to-android reveal. The personality construct’s identity is wiped as it’s assimilated into Caroline’s digital hive mind. Whatever semblance of a humanoid shape it retained contorts as weaponry begins sprouting from its flanks. After a chase that tears apart the interrogation wing, Chell manages to put it out of commission with a frequency jammer. A cat-and-mouse relationship between Chell and Caroline (the mastermind behind GLaDOS) ensues. Gradually revealed to be an organization composed of those radically against the moral/social boundaries placed on scientific pursuit. 
  • ALTERNATIVE STORYLINE FOR DOUG (courtesy of @ask-the-mistakeorb!): somehow managed to get himself entangled in GLaDOS. He wants out, but to explicitly do so would be suicide. He takes on a guise as an anonymous informant to the APD, tipping off Chell with the hopes that she could free him as he couldn’t free himself.
Mistletoe Magic

Title:  Mistletoe Magic

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: Hiding from her mum’s good intentions, Amelia finds herself under some mistletoe with an old friend.

Warnings: Cute fluff ahead.

Author Note: There’s just something so classic with mistletoe fluff stories that I couldn’t resist.

“Oh god, please let me hide behind you.”

Tom chuckled at the woman diving towards him, her dark hair flying in every direction as she darted around bodies. “Your mother at it again?”

“Eventually she’ll realize it’s hopeless and stop shoving men at me, right?” Amelia groaned. “She’ll get the hint one day, won’t she?”

“It is your mother,” he pointed out.

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i mean, don’t get me wrong, fuck sonja for being an asshole to isak when he was just doing the best he could with what little information he had and fuck her extra for the homophobic little jab of even’s feelings being a side effect of his illness

but fuck her especially for everything she’s done in the episodes leading up to this and for everything we didn’t get to see, fuck her saviour complex and fuck her control issues

her intentions may have been good but even needs HELP to LEARN how to deal with this HIMSELF, he doesn’t need someone (with a vested personal interest no less) to control his life and not let him live it for himself

I am so fucking sick of Demi Lovato getting relentlessly bullied on social media. Y'all act like social justice warriors yet you don’t give a fuck about the fact that she has now been bullied out of her career, her passion, the thing she loves most. Demi was homeschooled because she was bullied so badly in school and it’s honestly disgusting that people still do it now. Yes, sometimes she says shit which y'all may not agree with but her intentions are good and tbh everyone knows that, it’s just cool to hate on Demi Lovato. I see everyone preaching about mental illness and supporting it except when Demi shows a symptom of hers. She’s fucking bipolar. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t human. Y'all also preach about eating disorders yet i don’t see anyone defending her when she gets thousands of people calling her fat and whale every single day. Y'all say ‘she’s a celebrity, she needs to handle it’ but she shouldn’t have to handle it. It’s so triggering for her to see these comments. The worst is when people tell her kill herself or to self harm when everybody fucking knows she’s dealt with these issues since childhood. Seriously y'all are fucking sick. And now she may never make music again. Anyone who knows Demi knows that music is her life, she’s said countless times that music saved her life and saves other with it, and now that is gone. How is that fair on her? Seriously y'all can choke because you have bullied a woman, a young woman who had her whole career ahead of her, out of doing what she loves most. It’s no question that she has one of the best voices in the industry and she makes good quality music, now we’re left with shitty songs like ‘Work’ and 'Panda’. I hope y'all are proud of yourselves for what you’ve fucking done. She is a human being, like you. Imagine getting that amount of hate every single day. I’m literally so sad for her.

Thoughts on characters in FT 515

Irene’s husband aka Erza’s dad: He had certainly once loved Irene more than simply someone he married for political reason, if you considered what Irene said about him fighting with her in the battlefield and accompanying her when Belserion died. And his fear for Irene’s turning into a dragon is understandable after going through a war with dragons and Acnologia. Yet it didn’t excuse him from turning his back on her mercilessly. 

Lastly I do hope Mashima had drew him a bit more attractive. Thanks god that Erza doesn’t look like him at all. 

Irene: The backstory actually makes me feel sorry for her. She started something with good intentions, but the result was a tragic. Her created magic to protect human and dragons, but her magic gave birth to Acnologia, and the dragon race became almost extinct as a result. Then she was betrayed by her husband and turned into a dragon. She was no longer human even she got her human appearance back. It’s also understandable that she became desperate and pretty insane when she tried to enhance herself into her child and to become one with her. When her magic failed, I imagine that she considered it a rejection from her own child. She might feel being betrayed again in her insane state, which add more to her hate towards Erza. 

Now seeing Erza as a grown-up and looks like a replica of herself, I wonder if she’s going to try something more on Erza to get Erza’s body.

Erza: I feel like I just keep loving her more that like there’s no stop or limit. She doesn’t harbor any hate to Irene for trying to take over her body before abandoning her when she couldn’t. She acknowledged the fact that Irene’s her mother and gave her credit for giving born to her, but she doesn’t develop some complicated love-hate feelings for her suddenly. Erza knows exactly what she’s standing up for and what’s important to her, like always. She put her personal issue aside when there’s a battle in front of her that she needs to fight, like always. She’s really wonderful, so level-headed and strong-willed.

Mashima doesn’t disappoint me when he writes Erza’s character. If he can write her good fights again it will be really perfect.