and her hair poof


by: @rosie-berber and @herpinkminkness

rating: explicit (for sexy times). also, be warned, lots of fluff.

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“Hola!” the friendly voice called from an adjoining room, hidden from view. “I’ll be right with you!”

“Thank you,” Castiel answered, walking up to the simple wooden counter, centerstage in the otherwise barren room. The hotel lobby lacks extravagance, sure, but the walls were painted a cheerful yellow, the color of the little faces in texts he sometimes received from Sam. A few pamphlets in Spanish sat in cubbies along on the wall, each promising a unique and beautiful experience of Costa Rica. But there was no pamphlet for the experience he’d planned.

“Thank you for waiting.” The voice belonged to a woman of effortless beauty, who had come sweeping out of the side room. She was dressed simply, her brown fuzzy hair pulled neatly into a poof of a braid, her dark eyes highlighted only by her long lashes. She let out a long breath as she flashed him a kind grin, before continuing. “How can I help you?”

“We need a room. Errr, a cabin.” Castiel struggled with remembering the right term - his Spanish was rusty. “For three nights. Do you have anything?”

“We?” The prod was good-natured, accompanied by a quirked eyebrow at his lack of company as she retrieved a dusty log book from under the counter. Yes, it seems they were quite off the beaten path. Perfect. Just what Dean needs.

“My, uh, companion is outside,” Castiel clarified and she nodded, taking a few minutes to detail the cabins she had available. He selected the furthermost one, lining the outside of the small area that comprised all the cabins, and facing the active volcano. It had been nearly dusk as they’d arrived at the offbeat site, and they could see trace amounts of smoke from it pressed against the orange sky. He’d left Dean outside to watch it. Just before passing the threshold to the lobby, Castiel turned to observe him, silently standing and watching it plume. Such a rare gift, to watch Dean taking a moment to just … be.

He found Dean in the same position in the barren area designated as a parking lot, eyes fixed towards the sky. Cas quietly moved towards him, juggling keys and a handful of pamphlets. The kind woman had insisted he take some, explaining that zip-lining and the sky bridges were some of the most beautiful in the world. They’d get to it - they had time. Now it was much more critical that they practice the near-unheard-of art of doing nothing.

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skadisprawl  asked:

Awesome idea for getting donations - I hope you'll let us know how much you raise! I just sent mine - can I request Cap meeting Sam Wilson's favorite niece(s) (or other young relative of choice)?

Aw, I love Steve meeting the family :D 

“I thought I was supposed to – what was it?” Steve asked, grinning at Sam. “Make you look ‘awesome’ in front of the girl at the front desk?”

“Don’t put airquotes around awesome like you don’t know what it means,” Sam said, as he knocked on the door. “It’s much more important to look awesome in front of my baby niece.”

The door opened, and a tiny girl with dark hair in two huge poofs on either side of her head looked up. She stood there, mouth hanging open.

“Are you Latisha?” Steve asked, she nodded, wide eyed, and he crouched down. “Nice to meet you. I’m a friend of your uncle.”

“Captain America?” she breathed.

“That’s right. Sam said you have all my comics,” Steve said.

“Hear that?” Sam asked. “She’s making noises only dogs can hear.”

“Uncle Saaaaaam,” she groaned, and then disappeared from the doorway. Steve didn’t even have time to react before she was back, carrying a tiny Captain America shield, with which she whacked him on the shin.

“Ow!” Sam howled, hopping backwards.

Steve grinned. “You and me are gonna get along fine, Latisha,” he said, as Sam grumbled about Captain America fans.

Reasons to Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender

-The show is animated by Studio Mir (Known for Legend of Korra)
-“I’ll form the head!”
-THE CHARACTERS. They’re all lovable and the character development is already amazing even though it’s so early on.
-Space Nigel Thornberry
-Klance. You’ll ship it. Trust me.
-“We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!”
-The beautiful, scarred hero that is SPACE DAD
-Selfless, brave, gorgeous Space Princess and her incredible cloud of hair. It’s so poofy. *Poof*
-Smol, peanut butter-loving, peanut-hating space nerd Pidge
-Space Capri Suns
-Hunk. Kind-hearted, selfless Hunk. Who loves food just as much as we all do.
-Badass castle that doubles as a spaceship. As if it wasn’t already cool enough.
-Blaster impressions *pew pew*

Honestly there are so many other great reasons to watch the show (feel free to add to the list) you just gotta watch it. JUST DO IT.

her hair also poofs out to make herself look intimidating

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On Hiro and Tadashi’s parents

So… betsyselanoican linked me this


Under the cut because RAMBLING.

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Riley's Hair

Like I know this is a super weird subject to talk about but does anyone like how Riley’s hair in the beginning of S3 wasn’t perfect. It was wavy and imperfect and in a way that made her more human. Like S1 & S2 made it seem like she had naturally perfectly straight hair or the bounciest curls with no frizz what so ever. BUT FOR ONCE, she wasn’t always perfect. I don’t know, somehow having Riley’s hair be wavy with some poof and frizz made her character seem more raw and natural. Somehow it affected me and now wavy hair Riley is my favorite Riley. :-)

something that bugs me

i’ve actually seen people talking shit about this christina grimmie thing???

saying it doesn’t matter, she wasn’t important, she was just some “lil white bitch” and why didn’t we react like this when important figures died???

look i’m a 16 year old i don’t know about every important person’s death and i’m not gonna react strongly to every person’s death

why is this so different??? let me tell you something

christina grimmie was 22 years old, and she was finally living out a dream of hers and starting her life out

she was shot three times and her brother witnessed it and then saved everyone else by tackling the gunman

she was hospitalized and suffered until she died

when i was 11 years old, me and my friend would watch her videos and learn the words and movements to her above all that is random videos

i thought she was pretty and silly and fun and the amount of poof in her hair amazed me

a 22 year old that i idolized as a 6th grader is dead and the fact that people are making light of it and cracking jokes scares me

she was shot

she was murdered

she was young and she doesn’t get to live a life anymore, she’s never gonna see anything past that hospital room

i’m not asking you to be sad and cry over her and make a memorial post, i’m asking you to show some goddamn respect

just because other important people have died recently doesn’t mean you can shit all over her death

just because other important people have died doesn’t make her death any less sad or fucking terrifying to hear about

and i don’t understand why that doesn’t make sense to you

Armed and Dangerous (cartel!au Taehyung)

In which Taehyung meets a girl who might finally be his princess - if they can make it through the dangers of his profession.

Genre: cartel!au, romance

Words: 4,232 oh goodness

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Taehyung was sure that the girl by the exit was a princess. Amid the hustle and bustle of what had been named the best coffee shop for people on the go, she had found it in her to read a book and sip at her tea, seemingly unbothered by the raucous crowd. She even dressed like she had stepped out of a fairy tale with her knee-length, floral skirt that could not have reached that level of poof without a petticoat. Her hair had been tied with a velvet ribbon – a ribbon! – and what shocked him the most was the fact that she wore stockings. What girl wore stockings anymore? Taehyung soon found himself approaching her table. She looked up from her book, and he gaped at her, his mouth suddenly too dry to form words.

“Yes?” she prompted with a smile.

“Are – are you…” Are you alone? Are you okay if I sit here? Are you interested in going on a date with me? Those were all things he could have asked, but none of them were what he did ask.

“Are you a princess?” He cringed immediately. That was probably exactly what she did not want to hear. However, he was pleasantly surprised by a giggle.

“It’s usually little kids who ask me that,” she told him. So she dressed like that every day. He glanced down at his own attire – old jeans and a tee shirt with a burn mark by the collar – and felt unworthy of passing her on the street. He colored in shame and turned to walk away before he made an even bigger fool of himself.

“Wait!” she called. He looked back at her, surprise evident on his face. His shock only grew when he spotted what appeared to be a blush in her cheek.

“If you have time, would you maybe like to sit for a while? I’m waiting on a client, but it seems they’ve gotten caught up in something,” she offered. He took the seat across from her without hesitating.

Licking his chapped lips, he asked, “Client? What do you do?”

“I run my own business. You know, there are all these sites you can sell your stuff on now. For the local clients, I like to do sales in public places for my own safety. My clients usually feel better about it as well,” she said.

Taehyung could picture her selling cute accessories over something like Etsy, and the image nearly sent him over the edge. When he had been younger, his mother had practically fed him with stories of witches and dragons and magic. She had wanted nothing more than for her little boy to be a prince, and while he had fallen short of that in most aspects of his life, he had promised to himself that he would be a perfect prince for whoever decided they could deal with him. This girl, however, must have been too pure for him to touch, yet she let him anyway. She couldn’t know what his hands had done.

When he finally went to leave the shop (along with her name, Aeri, and number and a real date set for the next week), the ringing of a bell signaled the arrival of a new customer. He stepped out of their way, but the glint of a ring caught his eye. It had a clown’s face etched into the side, and he snapped his head up to see Zico, the infamous leader of one of the top gangs in the city and sub-unit of his father’s mafia, Block B. Taehyung blanched. He knew he could not confront someone from his cartel’s biggest rival on his own and chose instead to scurry out the door before he could be noticed. He didn’t fail to send up a small prayer on the behalf of his date’s safety.

Apparently everything went smoothly, because she showed up for their date at a small, 50s-themed diner the following Friday. The whole night was a dream. The food was good, they got along even better than he could have hoped, and not a single bullet was fired at them. Taehyung doubted he could ever get tired of just being around her. She was what had gotten him through his week. He had run drugs and fought in clubs without complaining, instead distracting himself with thoughts of her ribbons and lilting voice and easy smiles. He had even imagined himself leaving the underworld and helping her with her business.

He knew the last one could only be a dream. Namjoon would never let him leave Bangtan, not in a million years. Loyalty was everything to Namjoon; leaving for a girl was almost as bad as leaving for another gang. In fact, the other members confronted him about her after their fifth date.

“Hey, Taehyung,” Hoseok called out before said boy could leave their afternoon meeting.

Taehyung turned in the doorway. “Yeah?”

“Have a seat.” Hoseok gestured to empty spot beside him on the couch. Taehyung eyed him, but he eventually complied. Not long after, Jin and Suga shuffled into the room as well, taking the two free chairs.

“What’s going on?” Taehyung asked. He thought he had been doing okay with all of his runs. Every person had paid and he hadn’t had to fight anyone during a deal. The only thing he could think of that they could have had a problem with was when he had made them late for a fight when he had taken a wrong turn, but Namjoon had brushed it off at the time.

“You know that our lifestyle requires a huge commitment, right?” Hoseok began.

“Well, yeah. I didn’t think this was just some easy side job, if that’s what you’re asking,” Taehyung replied, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I think what Hoseok is trying to get at is, we’ve noticed you’ve been spending a lot of time on other things,” Jin said.

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I don’t take off for much longer than I have before,” Taehyung told them.

“We know about the girl, Tae,” Suga sighed.

“Oh.” Taehyung blinked, but then a wide, lovesick smile crept across his face. “She’s so great. She dresses like a princess and she’s sweet and we talk all the time and-“

“Taehyung!” Suga’s bark startled the poor boy, who immediately shrunk in his seat.

Jin sighed. “This is what we were talking about. You’re so far gone that it’s getting dangerous. What would you do if Block B or those pretty little rich kids EXO caught wind of her? Would you sell us out to get her back?”

Taehyung’s mouth suddenly felt very dry. His tongue darted out to wet his lips, but it didn’t seem to help much at all. “I…”

“Go on and tell us the truth. If it’s that bad, we need to know,” Hoseok urged.

“What? So you can take her out yourself?” Taehyung jumped to his feet, his calloused hands balling into fists. He cursed at the fighter silently.

“No,” Hoseok denied, “we wouldn’t do that to you, but if the answer to that question is yes, then you will have to drop her. If you go to meet her, there will be repercussions.”

Taehyung slowly sat back down and tried to smooth down his sleeves with his fingers.

“I wouldn’t cross anyone – not you and not her. You’re my family. I just… I just wanna add her to my family. Please don’t take her away from me. I won’t let anyone find out about her,” he whimpered. The older boys were suddenly reminded of when he first came to them as a scrawny teenager, all bruised and bloodied and terrified out of his mind.

“Maybe you should have a serious talk with her and also one with Namjoon about this,” Jin advised.

And that’s just what Taehyung did. He confessed everything about his relationship to his boss first, and while Namjoon certainly was not thrilled, he allowed it to slide by, at least for a while, if Taehyung promised to be careful. If, however, he ran into trouble, he was to put the boys first. Namjoon believed in giving his men at least one chance, but he didn’t put too much stock in love; he did, after all, supply the citizens of Korea with a synthetic replacement for love and happiness for a living.

The hard part would be telling Aeri.

He finally decided to broach the subject one night before they fell asleep in a hotel bed.

“Aeri,” he began.

“What is it?” she murmured. She turned over to face him even though her eyes were already half-shut. He adjusted his arm that was thrown over her waist.

“I haven’t really told what it is I do, have I?” He already knew the answer to his question. He couldn’t have just let it slip out in passing that he worked right under the boss of a major drug cartel.

“No, but I don’t mind.”

“I feel like you might change your mind once you hear it though.” He licked his lips. “It’s on the dangerous end of the spectrum, and the legality of it is also not exactly keeping me safe at night either.”

“All right.”

“Wait – all right? I just told you I break the law for a living.” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t have to tell me anything else. I’m staying with you either way.” Aeri shrugged and tucked her head under his chin, snuggling up closer. Taehyung was silent for a moment.

“Are you a sociopath?” he finally asked.

“Tae, I was almost asleep,” she grumbled.

“I’m serious! How can you not care? Are you a sociopath?” he asked again.

“I’m not a sociopath,” she laughed, “I’m just in love and very tired.”

“I’m in love with a sociopath.”

“You better not be. I should be the only girl you’re in love with.”

“I’m dating a sociopath.”

“Are you cheating on me or something? Because I know nothing about this sociopath you’re dating.” She propped herself up on one arm to meet his gaze, but she was shocked to see tears collecting in the corners of his eyes.

“You’re not – not supposed to stay with me after you hear that.” His voice cracked, and he hurriedly wiped away the tears.

“Come here,” Aeri sighed. It was her turn to pull him close, and she didn’t let go until they both fell asleep.

The next day found Taehyung back at work, and the next, and the next. Another month went by with his relationship only growing stronger. Aeri never asked about his underground work. In fact, the month passed without mentioning any work at all. It became this sort of unsaid agreement to ignore what didn’t need to be brought up.

At the end of the month, Namjoon got a call. The only reason this seemingly insignificant happening got any attention was because Namjoon never received calls. He was always the one who called. The whole room went still as he answered.


The boys could just barely make out a faint, “Is this the Monster?”

“This is he,” Namjoon replied as he sat on his desk. Jimin held his breath. “So you know my name, but I don’t have the pleasure of knowing yours.”

“I do hope you’ll forgive me. You can call me King.”

Namjoon was silent.

“I’m sure you are aware of what this call is about, then?” King asked.

“Yes, I am. If you would give me one moment,” Namjoon said. He gestured for everyone except Jin, his right-hand man, to leave the room. Taehyung followed close behind Jimin, whose shuffle down the hall was nothing if not reluctant.

“I can’t believe he sent us out!” Jimin whined.

“Calm down; I’m sure he’ll tell us what happens.” Hoseok rolled his eyes.

“But it’s not the same,” Jimin sighed, “That’s King! That means that La Princesa has finally decided we’re important enough to say at least ‘buzz off.’ I’ve been trying to get in contact with them for months now. One of my guys got their phone number, but they never answer.”

“That’s because you keep sending them nudes instead of actually talking to them,” Yoongi deadpanned.

“Even if she is the top arms dealer in Asia, La Princesa is still a girl. I thought she might appreciate my efforts,” Jimin defended himself. Yoongi was about to make his comeback, but Namjoon chose that moment to open the door.

“That was fast,” Hoseok stood up from his seat against the wall.

“That’s because it wasn’t much of a conversation, really. He just told me where to go and when if I wanted to see about doing business with them,” he explained.

“Are you serious?” Jimin gasped, “We could meet La Princesa herself?”

“It’s probably just Namjoon and Jin going,” Jungkook scoffed.

“Actually it’s not. She’ll only meet with us if we all go,” Namjoon said slowly.

Yoongi asked what everyone was thinking, “Are we sure it’s not a trap? How do we know that was really King?”

“Trust me, it was. When I was under Zico, I heard his voice often enough to recognize it, though I’ve never seen his face. And La Princesa makes all her clients sign a contract not to get her involved in any of their activities, and she also makes sure that she doesn’t share her clients information with any competitors.” Namjoon ran a hand through his gelled hair.

“I’m sure she just wants all of us there to sign the contract,” Jin added, his tone a little less harsh than the boss’s.

“We’re going tomorrow night- oh, and La Princesa says that I should thank the cutest member.” Namjoon looked concerned for a moment.

“My nudes paid off!” Jimin yelped.

Namjoon blanched. “Please tell me you didn’t send nudes to the arms dealer to end all arms dealers.”

“Oh, but he did,” Yoongi snorted.

Despite all of this, Taehyung couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe the whole deal was a set-up. He waited until most of the other guys had meandered off to do whatever business they needed to finish in order to sleep before he called out to Namjoon.

“Boss, could I talk to you for a sec?”

Namjoon lingered in the doorway of his office. “What is it?”

“I was just- well, I’m still nervous that this might be a set-up or something, you know?” he replied.

Namjoon thought for a moment. “You’ve never worried about these kinds of things before. Is it because of Aeri?”

“Yeah, I think it is. It’s just, before if something happened to me, that was it; it just affected me, but now, I don’t want to leave her. I don’t want her to have to go through missing me,” Taehyung explained.

“Well, I’m not giving you the option of not going, but you could warn her, I suppose. Just don’t tell her exactly what’s going down,” Namjoon conceded.

Like Namjoon had suggested, Taehyung brought up the subject at dinner that night, although Aeri was the first to speak.

“Are you all right? You’ve looked tense since you picked me up,” she asked.

“Yeah, well, sort of,” he admitted.

“What’s wrong?” She scooted her chair forward.

Taehyung reached over and took her soft hand in his own, calloused ones, running his thumbs across her knuckles and playing with her fingers as he spoke. “Tomorrow night, I’ll be doing something for work that’s a little different from usual, and I don’t really know about it. It could have a bad outcome.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much – I mean, I’ll always worry about you, but I’m sure you’ll be fine,” she added quickly.

He raised an eyebrow.

“You’re really okay with it? Nam- my boss won’t let me out of it, but I thought you might at least – I don’t know – ask if he could,” he said.

“I could ask if you wanted me to, but I really think you’ll be fine. I just have this feeling, you know?” she told him.

“Why are you so weird?” he asked.

“I’m weird? You’re the one who always tries to get me to freak out over your illegal activities. Let me live,” she joked. Taehyung couldn’t help the snort that came out of him.

“Such a weirdo.”

The night of the meeting certainly didn’t alleviate any of his fears. It had rained all day, so now grey puddles blocked the sidewalks and reflected cracked stoplights. Everyone’s shadows appeared long and menacing. The boys traveled by van to the set location, a nondescript warehouse behind a candy factory. The doors looked rusted, but they were actually easy to slide open. A set of three cars waited for them inside. They would have to travel in groups of two and three, which didn’t exactly thrill Jin.

“Why can’t we just go together? We’ll take our van; I’m sure we can all fit,” he argued.

“No can do.” A burly man shook his head. “La Princesa gave strict orders. You either follow them or give up on any contact with her.”

“We’ll go,” Namjoon said.

“You can’t be serious! This doesn’t feel right,” Jin insisted.

“I think you should listen to Monster, Jin, was it?” the man smirked, “So it’s you and Monster in the first car, J-Hope and Suga in the second, and the rest of you in the last one. And don’t forget the blindfolds.”

Taehyung couldn’t stop bouncing his leg even when he was sandwiched between Jimin and Jungkook. He didn’t usually get this anxious during an outing, but he just couldn’t shake the feeling that he would be thrown a curveball tonight.

“Ya aren’t gonna freak out on me, are ya?” their driver asked.

Taehyung licked his chapped lips. “Who? Me?”

“Yeah, you. I forget ya can’t see me.”

“There is literally cloth over our eyes,” Jimin scoffed.

“You’re Chim, right? If ya can’t be nice, I’ll just have to kick ya outta my car. You’re not really necessary tonight,” the driver replied. He spoke slowly, like it didn’t cross his mind for a second that he should be mad.

Jimin being Jimin, however, was appalled. He gasped, “Not necessary? I’m the one who got us this deal!”

“Is that what you’ve been telling yourself? I’m sure you’re a good shot an’ all, but you didn’t make this deal.”

“What are you talking about? I even sent to nudes to La Princesa to persuade her.”

“Oh, ya must not know how our phone system works then, do ya?” the driver chuckled, “Ya see, the number that ya can get from other groups to call us with is the basic number, that the lower-level members deal with. The second is King’s number, and if ya have that one, it means he called you first. La Princesa’s number is private. Only her top workers like King and Ace and maybe a couple of her more trusted clients have it. There are so many people trying to call her that she can’t possibly deal with it all herself, ya know? So whoever got your pictures, it wasn’t the boss.”

Jimin stilled.

“What are the chances the recipient was a girl?” he asked quietly.

“I’d say they were pretty slim, plus the phone gets passed between different workers.”

Jimin cursed violently, making Jungkook jump and bang his head on the window.

“What was that about?” he whined.

“I’ve been sending nudes for nearly half a year! There must be fifty by now,” he half-yelled, half-sobbed.

“Who sends that many pictures of their penis? No one wants to see a penis! I don’t even want to see my own penis sometimes. They just look weird, man,” Jungkook exclaimed.

“Please,” Jimin pleaded, “don’t even talk to me right now. I want to crawl into a hole and live out the rest of my life as a hermit.”

The rest of the car ride was awkward, to say the least. Taehyung spent the time worrying over the probability that Jimin would throw himself from a moving vehicle so he wouldn’t have to face La Princesa’s henchmen. Fortunately, they were the first car to arrive, which made Jungkook suspicious.

“We were the last ones to leave, so why are we the first ones here? Where’s everyone else?” he asked.

“You didn’t think that we would let you all follow the same route, did you? We have to maintain some of the secrecy.” A man walked out of the shadows, his arms crossed over a broad chest. He leaned against a wall and eyed the group of boys. He nodded in Jungkook’s direction. “You must be V.”

Taehyung froze for a second, then swallowed and spoke up. “Actually, I’m V.”

The man furrowed his eyebrows. “Really? Huh. I guess you are about the same age.”

It was Taehyung’s turn to be confused, but he didn’t have too much time to dwell on his thoughts because Namjoon’s car had pulled into the building, followed closely by the one carrying Hoseok and Yoongi. Soon, the Bangtan cartel was lined up in the middle of the floor. Although they outnumbered La Princesa’s men, the one man’s aura gave them all the impression that they would leave with more injuries if there was a fight. Even Namjoon seemed like he was more on defense. They were completely out of their element.

“Are you King?” Namjoon inquired. He tried his best to square his shoulders, and he popped a lollipop into his mouth. Taehyung knew it was cinnamon flavored.

“Well, that is what people call me,” King replied with a shrug, “but why don’t you take a seat? You are our guests, after all.” He gestured towards a row of chairs up against a wall. The boys waited for Namjoon to move first, and when he did, they all sat down in order of rank, leaving an empty space for Jin, who remained standing.

“I thought we were meeting La Princesa,” Jin said.

King sighed, “You are. She’ll be here shortly. There was an, uh, incident that put her behind schedule, and Ace had to accompany her here.”

Jin began moving towards his seat as he asked, “What kind of incident?”

“Most of our clients are very trustworthy and understand that the wrath of the underground would be unleashed upon them should they ever cross us, but S&M recently changed heads, and the new leader thought he could try to take our boss. It didn’t work out so well for him,” King told them.

Taehyung grew a little more excited at the thought of possibly meeting the infamous Ace, who was probably the most skilled hand-to-hand fighter the underground had seen in years. He was a legend at only 20, and Taehyung wanted to meet him, if not beat him.

They sat there in silence for a few more minutes before the faint yet unmistakable clicking of heels started to head in their direction. The sound made Taehyung’s heart beat faster as he remembered listening to Aeri get ready in the morning. He prayed that he would be able to hear that again and that La Princesa wasn’t about to order a firing squad on them.

The clicking got louder, and he realized that she was about to turn the corner. Another click, and he saw the front tip of a shiny, white shoe. A half-click, then a pause. She had stopped to murmur something to whoever walked behind her, which was probably Ace. Taehyung could see a little patch of what he recognized as a white stocking; he had seen them enough on Aeri. Another click, and the foot had disappeared. The conversation must have been urgent. He could barely make out the sound of hushed whispers despite the curtain of silence hanging around Bangtan.

Finally, there was another click, and he got an eyeful of a white heel and a stocking-covered leg. Another click, another stocking, another heel. Taehyung shakily rose to his feet, earning odd and disciplinary gazes from the other members.

“Aeri?” Taehyung cried. He rushed over to stand in front of her, holding her hands and check her all over for injuries. He was surprised that the young man who had accompanied her let him do this. “What are you doing here?”

Aeri giggled, “Well, didn’t you say when we first met that I was a princess? You weren’t wrong.” She went up on her tip-toes to peck him on the lips. He grinned as all the pieces finally fell into place.

Jimin cleared his throat behind them.

“I hate to interrupt, but does this mean V is the cutest member?” he pouted.

Taehyung whirled around.

“You sent nudes to my girlfriend?” he yelled.

“Ah, was that you? Ten kept talking about it,” Aeri leaned around to peek past Taehyung at the other boys. Jimin let out a long whine at her words.

“So, V,” Namjoon began, “I guess I should thank you for getting us into business with La Princesa.”

“Please, call me Aeri. We are practically in-laws if you think about it,” Aeri said.

“All right, Aeri. Shall we get this contract signed?” he asked.

Taehyung threw his arm around her shoulders. “Can I sign mine with a kiss?”

“Well, if you insist.”

“I want to tell them to stop being gross, but she’s an arms dealer, and I sent her like fifty nudes.”

Gemsona Bomb : Day 2 -  Regeneration! ~~

Labra didn’t regenerate that much. But she did.

V1 - Birth. This is how Labra looked when she first shape a body for her. She didn’t know what was expected from her so she go for a simple, average body. She was rapidly placed under Blue Diamond autority and, like a lot of Labradorite, was placed on different places to survey and be a lookout. She poofed under the command of her superior that wanted her to change that “birth outfit” to something more practical.

V2 - Diamond. Since her job is and will always be nothing else but to look and watch she got rid of her arms, they were useless to her. She also allow herself a little more freedom with her hair (she likes the huge hair of the quartz) and outfit.

V3 - Crystal. After fleeing the Homewolrd Labra got poof during the crash of her ship. She got rid of the diamond logo, poofed her hair even more because why not and change her dress to look like a star, symbol of the rebels. She also got more practical legging since the future may ask her to run.

soma week day 4 - dragons

shout out to wingsof-flame for reading over this and earth-shines for lobbing around headcanons with me. i think i kidnapped her soma kids and now they exist in my fics, too… either way, you’re both groovy for putting up with me ♥



It was probably the poofiest dress Wes had ever seen.

Somewhere underneath all those layers of chiffon and poof was a bright-eyed baby, with her blonde hair tied up with ribbons. He could see her face, soft cheeks pink and blue eyes vibrant with the same sort of curious wonderment that all babies seemed to possess, but everything else – her legs, especially – was overshadowed by intense floof of the dress.

It was the absolute cutest thing. He snuck a kiss onto her pudgy cheek and bounced her on his hip. Clumsy baby hands patted at his chest and she giggled softly.

“Now where did your daddy go?” he wondered. She did a little wiggle and pressed her cheek against his shoulder. “What do you think? Should we go find him?”

She reached a hand out towards the kitchen, and Wes knew that his niece was a smart little thing. He knew he could thank both his sister-in-law and his brother for that – Maka was brilliant and her brain must’ve been at least a little bit hereditary, but Soul had read every book under the sun about raising children in preparation for her birth.

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I was lucky enough to catch Hamilton again last night and on top of everything else I loved about the show, I was a really big fan of the way they mixed Colonial dress with some very contemporary looks, resulting in a very cool anachronistic vibe that paralleled the traditional/contemporary way the show was composed and directed.

(Costume spoilers possibly?) One of the coolest things was that most of the ensemble had a very simple base costume that they started the show in and with various scene and set changes, articles and elements would be changed and added and they were fairly uniform for each member save for small differences in the little details in the corsets, etc. for each of the female dancers So over the main corset and pants went this awesome bodice/skirt combo and I am totally nuts for it.

So this sketch is of Carleigh Bettiol, the long haired ensemble member who wears her hair styled with a little front poof throughout the whole show and I mentioned to her that all that hair must make the choreography that much harder to do and that I felt her struggle since my hair was always getting everywhere too. And thus our “hair-ography” exchange inspired this drawing. (I swear it was so hard deciding who to draw because EVERYONE had such wicked hair)