and her hair poof


FINEAPPLE /ˈfīˌnapəl/ a black woman wearing her natural hair in a big ass poof on her head, looking like a fine ass pineapple. Therefore, a FINEAPPPLE 🍍

Headwrap Tutorial

skadisprawl  asked:

Awesome idea for getting donations - I hope you'll let us know how much you raise! I just sent mine - can I request Cap meeting Sam Wilson's favorite niece(s) (or other young relative of choice)?

Aw, I love Steve meeting the family :D 

“I thought I was supposed to – what was it?” Steve asked, grinning at Sam. “Make you look ‘awesome’ in front of the girl at the front desk?”

“Don’t put airquotes around awesome like you don’t know what it means,” Sam said, as he knocked on the door. “It’s much more important to look awesome in front of my baby niece.”

The door opened, and a tiny girl with dark hair in two huge poofs on either side of her head looked up. She stood there, mouth hanging open.

“Are you Latisha?” Steve asked, she nodded, wide eyed, and he crouched down. “Nice to meet you. I’m a friend of your uncle.”

“Captain America?” she breathed.

“That’s right. Sam said you have all my comics,” Steve said.

“Hear that?” Sam asked. “She’s making noises only dogs can hear.”

“Uncle Saaaaaam,” she groaned, and then disappeared from the doorway. Steve didn’t even have time to react before she was back, carrying a tiny Captain America shield, with which she whacked him on the shin.

“Ow!” Sam howled, hopping backwards.

Steve grinned. “You and me are gonna get along fine, Latisha,” he said, as Sam grumbled about Captain America fans.


by: @rosie-berber and @herpinkminkness

rating: explicit (for sexy times). also, be warned, lots of fluff.

read the whole darn thing on ao3

“Hola!” the friendly voice called from an adjoining room, hidden from view. “I’ll be right with you!”

“Thank you,” Castiel answered, walking up to the simple wooden counter, centerstage in the otherwise barren room. The hotel lobby lacks extravagance, sure, but the walls were painted a cheerful yellow, the color of the little faces in texts he sometimes received from Sam. A few pamphlets in Spanish sat in cubbies along on the wall, each promising a unique and beautiful experience of Costa Rica. But there was no pamphlet for the experience he’d planned.

“Thank you for waiting.” The voice belonged to a woman of effortless beauty, who had come sweeping out of the side room. She was dressed simply, her brown fuzzy hair pulled neatly into a poof of a braid, her dark eyes highlighted only by her long lashes. She let out a long breath as she flashed him a kind grin, before continuing. “How can I help you?”

“We need a room. Errr, a cabin.” Castiel struggled with remembering the right term - his Spanish was rusty. “For three nights. Do you have anything?”

“We?” The prod was good-natured, accompanied by a quirked eyebrow at his lack of company as she retrieved a dusty log book from under the counter. Yes, it seems they were quite off the beaten path. Perfect. Just what Dean needs.

“My, uh, companion is outside,” Castiel clarified and she nodded, taking a few minutes to detail the cabins she had available. He selected the furthermost one, lining the outside of the small area that comprised all the cabins, and facing the active volcano. It had been nearly dusk as they’d arrived at the offbeat site, and they could see trace amounts of smoke from it pressed against the orange sky. He’d left Dean outside to watch it. Just before passing the threshold to the lobby, Castiel turned to observe him, silently standing and watching it plume. Such a rare gift, to watch Dean taking a moment to just … be.

He found Dean in the same position in the barren area designated as a parking lot, eyes fixed towards the sky. Cas quietly moved towards him, juggling keys and a handful of pamphlets. The kind woman had insisted he take some, explaining that zip-lining and the sky bridges were some of the most beautiful in the world. They’d get to it - they had time. Now it was much more critical that they practice the near-unheard-of art of doing nothing.

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For your Halloween Prompt! I choose WinterShock, pretty please, and the prompt I would like is #1. If it's already gone, I choose #22 as 2nd choice, or #15 as third choice. (I hope I remembered those right...)

Here’s number 1! This ended up being inspired by The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater but should hold together for anyone who isn’t familiar with those books. Hope you enjoy! 

(Side note: I know there’s a game called Avengers Academy but in this case it’s just a fancy pants private boys school. No super heroing to do with it.)

1. “You know, like a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, a coven of witches!”

“That’s …not really how it works. But, sure.”

Rating: G

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Bucky Barnes

“You know, like a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, a coven of witches!” Bucky Barnes was looking earnestly up at her from the booth and Sam and Steve were sniggering across from him. Darcy looked around the soda shop, she had three more tables to take care of on this round and she just couldn’t get these Avengers Academy boys to give her break.

“That’s… not really how it works. But, sure,” Darcy said, shrugging. “What do you want to eat?”

“Four orders of cheese fries, six double cheese burgers, three double chocolate malts,” Sam recited.

Darcy blinked and clicked at her pen repeatedly. “Okay…and for you?” she asked Steve.

He blushed profusely, red flooding his pale skin and Sam answered for him, “That was for all of us.”

“Great,” Darcy said, without any enthusiasm and turned to move on.

“Aren’t you gonna write that down?” Sam asked.

“Do you read palms?” Bucky asked stretching out his hand to wave it in her face.

“No,” Darcy answered, figuring that covered the bases, and walked away.

It was bad enough around town when it was just locals. But when the Avengers Academy students arrived back on campus and flooded the streets with their high end cars and the shops with their limitless credit cards, Darcy had a hard time stomaching coming into work at the old soda shop turned kitschy diner. And this particular group of Avengers boys had been a regular thorn in her side at the diner since they’d first walked in last fall. Sam Wilson’s eyes were going to end up loose in his head for how often he rolled them, Steve Rogers was somehow worse for being both a local and an Avengers boy, and Bucky Barnes…

Bucky Barnes was persistent. Charming. Chatty. And evidently fascinated by Darcy and her family full of witches.

She avoided their table beyond delivering the tray of food, ignoring Bucky’s parted lips, poised for speaking. She even skipped the mandatory, ‘How is everything?’ swing by.

The tip was hefty all the same and Darcy wrinkled her nose irritably in thanks.


Maria appeared in Darcy’s doorway, willowy form soft against the frame, face stony and suspicious.

“There are boys waiting for you downstairs,” she said slowly, with that careful enunciation that always meant she was near to listing your errors and follies out very publicly.

“I didn’t invite them,” Darcy said, squeezing past Maria. She thundered down the steps as the older woman watched from the upstairs hall.

Darcy recognized the navy and black uniform pants before she saw their faces and nearly turned tail on the stairs then. Steve Rogers, svelte and sickly, was leaning slightly away from the venus fly trap on the side table by the entrance. Sam Wilson leaned back against the door itself as if to bar anyone else from entering the house, his uniform half abandoned, gray shirtsleeves rolled up. Bucky Barnes was the bravest, advancing past the unwelcoming welcome rug that was more shades of dirt than colors of wool, and peering into the living room cum study cum entertaining room where Darcy’s mother and aunts and cousins and extended female family hosted their paying customers.

“What are you doing here?” Darcy asked, three steps up from the entry hall so she could hold some height over the collection of boys.

Steve shrunk back closer to Sam who folded his arms over his chest and smirked up at Darcy. Bucky turned and walked up to the stairs without any reserve.

“I realized my mistake at the diner,” he said, hands in his pockets. “A coven is not a numerical measurement but a chosen community. I’m sorry for the insensitive error.”

Darcy’s frowned deepened even as Bucky offered her up a sheepish smile, perfectly tailored for winning over it’s recipient.  “Fine,” Darcy said, shrugging and turning to leave again.

“It’s just,” Bucky carried on, and out of the corner of her eye Darcy could see his hand, stretched out for her perusal. “I’m having these terrible dreams. And I thought someone here might be able to help me.”

She stopped, turned back to him, lips pursing, and studied him for a long minute.

It took her a second to move past the carefully trimmed poof of hair, half windswept and half architecturally perfect, the chiseled jaw line, the softly gleaming silk tie around his throat. His eyes were tired, dark circles pooling under their lively blue gray. His lips were snagged and bitten with worry and he hadn’t quite managed to shave away all of the spotty, youthful beard that was working it’s way in on his face. Over his shoulder, Steve and Sam were both stepping closer, Steve’s face openly worried and Sam’s stubbornly guarded.

Darcy huffed, making sure to sound put upon, and stepped down once to look at the offered palm. There at the center Bucky Barnes’s life line was snapped clean in half, a sudden and jarring break in the otherwise predictable pattern of wealth and privilege she might have expected to see.


Darcy looked up to see her mother standing in the doorway, wiping her hands off on a kitchen towel. There was a dangerous combination of fragrances in the air which meant that the older woman had been brewing a tea although whether it was medicinal, psychedelic, or only herbal, only a test would tell.

“Bucky, this is my mother, Peggy Carter,” Darcy said. She met her mother’s gaze, a queasy nervous feeling spreading through her stomach that she patently refused to acknowledge. “He needs to speak with you.”

Peggy’s eyes widened slightly, taking in the Avenger’s uniforms and the anxious expressions on all four teenager’s faces.

“Well, alright then,” Peggy said, red lips pursing. “Who would like tea?”

Darcy shook her head subtly, warningly at the others, and followed them into the kitchen.

Double Trouble

Characters: You x Sehun x Vivi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fluff
Music: `*•.♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♥ .¸.•*

Leaping out of the bus, my little legs sprint their way down the busy streets of Seoul in exhilaration. With my new apartment lease finalized, I could finally pick up my puppy from the adoption center. A week of wait not only made me antsy but it drowned me in guilt with the thought of how my sweet little baby must feel so lonely in that small cage.

Eyes sparkle in pure bliss as I spot the animal shelter from the end of the block. I prance forth, giggling happily to myself at how my dream of becoming a doggie mom would finally come true. A tall and handsome gentleman opens the door for me, a gorgeous smile brushes across his face at the sight of my uplifting spirits. He, too, is here to pick up his new puppy.

“I’m here for my Bella!” I announce, smoothening out the crinkles of the documents over and over again, due to my elated heart.

Nonchalantly, the young man, from before, walks up to the same counter, and places his adoption papers too. We exchange rapturous smiles - me almost leaping out of my shoes.

“Are you picking up your puppy too?” I surprise myself by initiating conversation.

Chuckling, the suave stud nods. My radiance spreads contagiously to him and he can’t help but grow a liking to this free spirited girl in front of him. I, too, take a few extra peeps at the beautiful stranger, who seemed as if he had popped straight out of a manhwa novel.

The doors of the back room swing open, prematurely terminating my admiration of the other pet owner. Out comes my little baby, Bella, staring around innocently, in one of the staff’s arms. Her soft white hair poofs up, making her look like a little marshmallow. Both the young man and I rush forward.

“Bella!” I shout.

“Vivi!” the male claims.

I blink. He blinks. The staff holding the puppy blinks.

“This is my Bella,” my possessive personality auto-pilots and I outstretch my arms to retrieve my baby.

“No, that’s Vivi, my baby,” the male corrects, his longer arms beat me to the confused puppy.

“Hey! Let go of my Bella!” I warn and dive to take my dog but the man spins around, protecting his Vivi from this female kidnapper.

With a scoff, I turn to the staff with a what-the-actual-hell face, in which she looks just as confused.

“That’s my Bella, I recognize her cute heart-shaped nose! Give her to me!” I demand, ending my statement with unreserved accusations about how this man must have stalked me into the shop to try to kidnap my dog for ransom.

“Are you kidding me, this is my Vivi. I can recognize her twinkling eyes and shy smile from a mile away. I signed the papers last week already!” the man counters, unzipping his baseball jacket and slipping the puppy in so I couldn’t take her.

Midway through our brawl, the manager comes out with a forlorn expression on his face and hands clasp together.

“I’m so sorry, Oh Sehun-ssi, _________ssi. There was an error on our system, and it seems we accidentally registered both of you as the adopters of this dog,” the man lowers his head and explains.

Sehun and my jaws drop to the floor. Curses befuddle my brain because how in the actual world can this animal shelter make such a big mistake? The pet owner, beside me, also gives a low growl of displeasure, his logic scanning for possible solutions, his irrationality, already digging in his pockets for his phone to give the place a negative review.

Silence overtakes the room. Staffs pretend to diligently go back to work because no one wants to be dragged into this mess.

“Okay, well, who signed the papers first?” I take a deep breath and propose the first solution. For sure, that person would be me because I recalled Bella arriving at the shelter the very morning of the day I signed the papers.

Nervously, the manager personally flips through the records. His face turns ice cold. Sehun and I stare at him, impatiently waiting for answers. Clearing his throat, the older male gulps, “I am very, very sorry. The staff that day did not enter in information into the database until the end of her shift, therefore, all the applications were filed at the same time.

Sehun lets out a snort, while I almost grab the manager by the collar. “Are you serious, right now?! Check the security cameras!” I demand.

Scoffing, the handsome good-for-nothing male says as a matter of fact, “This isn’t first come, first serve.” I throw him a death glare as he gently strokes the sleeping pupster’s head. “Look how happy Vivi is with me. She feels safe with me. Now, can we go because I have to move in to my new apartment today. I’m already late.”

“That’s because she’s a baby! She would have fallen asleep in my arms too, had you not stolen her from me!” I retort. My head is throbbing so hard; I’m so frustrated that I’m so close to bursting into tears at the thought of not being able to take my Bella home.

“There’s more dogs in need of homes, our Dear Customers,” the manager tries to break up the fight but both of us hold our palms out to cut him short.

“Look, that’s not the issue. The issue is that, that’s my Bella. We bonded last week. I promised I’d take her home!” I reason, my eyes starting to water.

At my present emotions, Sehun’s brows twitch, his strong guard softens a bit. But he refuses to let go of his Vivi, for, he believes they had fallen for each other last week already and can’t be separated. Softly, he leans in and gives his baby a sweet kiss on her forehead.

“Well, Ma’am, it seems Oh Sehun-ssi is more financially stable…” a staff tries to propose another situation. It only makes things worse because she has pushed a button within me, she should have never ever touched. My lips part to scold her but my opponent cuts me off.

“That’s not a relevant matter in this situation,” Sehun states, as stoically as possible and keeping himself busy with cradling the puppy to block himself from defending me any further.

“Well, technically, we must ensure that all adopters can financially support—“ a staff starts but the manager gives her a stern look of disapproval.

“Bell…la…” I sadly whisper, reaching out to touch her, who is now fast asleep in Oh Sehun’s arms, her little tummy rising and falling peacefully in her Appa’s protection.

My lower lip ripples.

“Wait…Sir, Ma’am, can you confirm your addresses?” a staff pauses the heated argument and requests that, one by one, we scan the information on the screen. Sehun outstretches an arm to gesture, “Ladies first.

“Yes, that’s correct,” I nod.

“Correct,” Sehun affirms, thereafter.

Our replies leave the staff speechless, she calls over the manager. Another staff joins in the mini meeting. Sehun and I exchange confused looks. He shrugs.

“Sir…Ma’am…if the information is correct…you two not only live in the same complex…you two live in the same apartment…” the manager announces, a little puzzled and irritated by the situation, which now seems like a prank to defame the shelter.

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trans girl Pidge headcanons

  • Pidge is a nickname based off her deadname and not her actual deadname
  • it’s why she’s fine with people calling her that
  • she loves feminine clothes and all but she’s more comfortable in baggy clothing
  • whenever she wears dresses or skirts she has shorts on underneath
  • lance: “pidge why are you wearing shorts under a skirt, doesn’t that defeat the point?” pidge: “look sometimes you just gotta climb things and skirts aren’t made for climbing.” lance: “o shit tru”
  • Matt is constantly saying things like “my little sister…” to reassure her and although she never admits it it makes her heart swell
  • she really likes poofy dresses. look at her hair. look at that poof. if she likes that hair she loves the poof
  • she finds some of allura’s old dresses and just cackles to herself as she puts it on and promptly turns into a puffball
  • she’s upset she’s so short but also likes it bc it makes her seem more feminine
  • admires people who can wear heels and one day aspires to be able to run in stilletos (years from now she will succeed in not only running but fighting in them)
  • i love her
  • that’s not a headcanon i just really love her

| | > I love how people get so god damn salty about that post I made about Widowmaker being taller than Hanzo. Like – guys. She’s taller. I’m sorry that upsets people but even without her heels she’s still taller then him like just let Hanzo be short it’s okay like –

He’s standing flat footed and she has her legs spread apart and she’s still a bit taller than him. Hanzo is literally standing at his full hight, back straight and head only slightly bowed and she’s taller then him with legs spread out and her own head bowed a bit and hanzo’s little hair poof doesn’t count 

Also aLSO I know that it’s kind of blurry but literally her heels are like, one inch guys she’s not wearing seven inch heels into battle even from a distance you can see that her heels aren’t gigantic. 

once again

I’ll reiterate 

because even though I mention it in the post people still bring up the heels like they’re magic shoes that give her five extra inches 

Her heels. Are nOt. that tall. 

Annabeth Chase Headcanons

Cause I got a lot of anons asking for some and I deleted my old post so why not.

  • Annabeth is a natural beauty. Her appearance is distinctly memorable, strikingly beautiful in the way where you find yourself thinking about her even long after she’s gone. 
  • Her face is heart shaped and very angular.  Her nose is upturned and her eyebrows are defined with a slight, natural arch. 
  • Her eyes are extremely piercing, framed with long dark lashes and hold all the weight of a thunderstorm. They seem to stare deep beyond your own, as if all of your secrets are drug out and laid bare to her. 
  • Her lips are pouty and have a constant, healthy pink hue to them. She always bights her bottom lip while she’s concentrating. (Something that starts to drive Percy crazy as they grow older)
  • She gets all of her growth spurts in the very beginning of her teenage years and by the Battle of the Labyrinth, she hits her end mark. It makes her a bit upset since she would’ve liked to be a bit taller but she can’t really complain as she ends up being 5′9″. 
  • But her height has always been one of her favorite things about her. She loves being tall, mostly because it’s just another factor that makes her more intimidating, but also because Percy was short during the beginning of puberty and she was ruthless.
  • Elbow resting on his shoulder, holding things out of his reach, nicknames that would make him blushy - you name it, she probably did it. Although Karma turns out to be a total bitch because not only does Percy end up being a little more than five inches taller than her, he turns all of the teasing around on her. She decides she probably deserves it though.
  • “Hey Wise Girl, How’s the weather down there?”
  • “Percy, I am four inches taller than the average girl. I’m not short.”
  • “I’m sorry did you say something? I couldn’t hear you.”
  • “Don’t make me punch you.”
  • “Can you even reach that high?”
  • Her neutral expression is slightly intimidating and makes her look a bit unapproachable. But her smile is one of her best features - It’s wondrous, lighting up her face in a way that’s purely magical.
  • When she’s happy, her eyes take on the look of April showers - It’s a soft grey, sweet, almost watery, and is refreshing like a breath of cool air.
  • Her stance is one of a queen. Straight spine, shoulders back, and sure steps.
  • You’re pretty sure she could beat you up blinded folded and with arm tied behind her back. 
  • Actually, no. You’re positive you she could beat you up blinded folded and with arm tied behind her back.
  • One of the main reasons why she liked Percy so much when they were younger was because he never backed down to her. When she was snarky to most people, they would nearly always fail to have a response to match hers. But Pery not only seemed to be ready with a sarcastic response of his own but gave her a run for her money at times. (But she’ll never tell him that.).
  • Her hair is extremely long. It’s golden in color, varying in different rich tones of honey and cascades all the way to the small of her back. It’s definitely not thin but not extremely thick either. It’s curly, and one of the reasons why she keeps it so long is because it weighs down that curl. If she cuts it too short it poofs and frizzes. (She also likes how her hair makes her feel like a princess but she’l never tell that to anyone either.)
  • Everyone loves her hair. Percy particularly loves running his fingers through the silky locks and mussing up the curls. Piper will plait little briads into it. Hazel will spends hours doing complicated up-do she learned from the 1930/40s.
  • She’s the queen of messy buns, high ponytails, and double french braids.
  • Her body type is slim and lean. Her bone frame/structure is more on the small side and she has the body of a runner or swimmer - not bulging with muscle but is very toned.
  • She’s the type of girl who’s practically perfect at everything without really trying - Grades, fighting, whatever it is, she’s probably good at it. Of course she won’t excel on her first try nor be the very best in the field, but you can bet she’ll pick it up ten times faster and easier than anyone else.
  • But because of all of this, she was heavily bullied in school.  She was the girl who looked distant and withdrawn and consequently no one would come up to talk to her. She was the girl who despite having dyslexia, was smarter than every single person in the class and threw off the curve. She was the girl who was stunningly pretty with ratty clothing and no makeup. She was the girl who could beat everyone in P.E. and walk back in without a sweat. 
  • Annabeth’s school torment stemmed from jealousy. She would overhear nasty whispers about her and find mean notes shoved into her locker. People would move away from the table where she sat. She was isolated and ignored.
  • One of Annabeth’s worst fears is to be forgotten or to be ignored… to be left entirely by herself. This is the accumulation of everything that happened in her childhood up to through her teenage years - from being bullied in school to being hated by her step family and ignored by her father. To losing Thalia and consequently re-losing her to the huntresses and being betrayed be Luke. Then Percy disappearing for months on end during Hoo.

anonymous asked:

Adored your post w/head scratching as a fight ender. Could you do a short with this idea for one of your pairings/groupings? Maybe Supercorp (thought I'm not sure what they'd fight about?) Maybe Kara tells Alex it works and she tries it with Director Sanvers on one of her gfs is just like o_O wat are you doing?

Hi, dear, I posted your chapter on AO3 here!

[Refers to this post:]

A/N: Because last time T on AO3 pointed out that I should let my girlfriend’s prompts skip the line (and she admitted that this anonymous prompt was actually hers submitted while I was down in the gym)…you get this fluffy fic faster than usual bc apparently I’m whipped (and may or may not have been promised head scratches in return for a fast turnaround)

So…the promised smutty chapter is coming in just a day or two, but that one required rewatching JDT’s “Pony” dance a few times…for research, obviously for research (very professional and such)

Chapter Text

“Your feet are so cold,” Kara huffed as Alex wriggled her toes under Kara’s legs. The cold didn’t affect her, but she wouldn’t be a good little sister if she didn’t complain.

“Shh, you’re a human furnace. Just warm them up for one minute?”

“Ugh, fine,” Kara relented, stealing back the carton of ice cream from Alex in retaliation. Now that they were caught up on Homeland she could devote all of her attention to finding the brownie bites still left in the carton. “So how are the girlfriends?” she asked between mouthfuls of chewy brownie.

“Good, good. All the performance evaluations at the DEO are due next week, so Lucy’s been a little…snippy recently. But it’s fine; we know it’ll be over soon enough.”

“Oh gosh, you know what is, like, a guaranteed way to end fights with your girlfriend?”

“Wait, are you admitting that you and Lena fight?” Alex gasped. Kara always gave her such shit for how much she and Maggie and Lucy bickered. It was, for the most part, fairly good-natured, their own way of showing each other that they cared without being overly sentimental about it. But next to Kara and Lena, who seemed to play the part of the perfect, well-mannered couple…well, the contrast became a bit obvious.

“I wouldn’t call it fighting…”

“But you just did.”

“Hmm, I’m choosing to remove myself from this narrative.”

Rolling her eyes, Alex figured she might as well forge ahead: “Did you fight about kale? Did you tell her you got her a green juice and then hand her a mint chocolate chip ice cream shake again?”

“That was one time!” Kara huffed. “How was I supposed to know someone would be excited about drinking something made of kale and broccoli and cucumbers?” She shuddered at the memory of being forced to try one. Lena might have been able to get her to enjoy sweet potato fries, but the rest was a step too far.

“Yes, yes, so are you going to tell me about this miracle cure for fighting or will I only learn after three easy payments of $29.99?”

“You’re so funny,” Kara deadpanned. “But since you’re my sister…I guess I can tell you even though you’re rude.”

“You love me.”

“Despite the rudeness.”

“Definitely because of it.”

“This is why you bicker so much with your girlfriends.”

“Eh,” Alex shrugged. “We work.”

“Yes, yes, you’re all very cute together, even with the sarcastic comments and short jokes.”

“Thank you. Now tell me your magic trick.”

“Head scratches.”

“Excuse me? They’re not dogs.”

“I’m not suggesting you scratch their ears, Alex,” Kara huffed. “C’mon, remember when I was first getting used to being close to people and you would tickle my back?”

“Yeah, I’m not saying it’s not nice! I’m just saying, it’s something you do when you’re already all in a good mood together, like if you’re cuddling to watch a movie or go to bed or something.” Alex shook her head at just how far she’d come. If someone asked her a year or two ago where her life might be today, her answer would probably have involved a lot about the DEO, a few references to time spent with Kara, maybe some of Kara’s friends too. But to think that she’d have a girlfriend? That she’d have two girlfriends? That she would have learned to not simply tolerate intimacy but to crave it, even in the most banal of circumstances—a simple touch of hands while walking down the street, an arm looped around her waist while she poured her coffee, two quick kisses before they all headed out each morning for dangerous jobs—well, that would have been simply unthinkable.

“No, I get it, but trust me, it works! It was like a pause button or something. We were sitting next to each other, and she was a bit annoyed because I maybe…well, it doesn’t matter.”

“What’d you do?” Alex asked, narrowing her eyes as she tried to figure out exactly which of Kara’s guilty looks was playing about her face today. It didn’t look like the “I forgot my strength and broke something expensive look,” especially since Lena was rarely mad about things that were replaceable. It was sort of close to her “I ate the last of something delicious and feel bad because someone was mad but not bad enough to regret my choices” look, but something was…off about it.

“Um, I ripped her bra in half…for the third day in a row.”

“Ah,” Alex sighed, rolling her eyes and feeling rather lucky that the only time she’d had to repair any clothing after sex was once when Maggie had overenthusiastically ripped at a silk blouse, popping off half the buttons. “So she was mad but not that mad.”

“Oh…no, she was pretty mad. Did you know she only wears La Perla? And holy cow, Alex, have you seen how much they charge for a pair of underwear? It’s like…like, they better be made of gold or something! Or bulletproof. Or really comfortable…”

“Okay, okay, so moderately mad,” Alex conceded.

“Anyway, we were sitting next to each other on the couch, and she was venting, and I just leaned over and started running my fingers through her hair because I know she likes it. And suddenly…poof, the conversation just stopped! She sort of closed her eyes and relaxed and it was like she couldn’t even remember why she was mad.”

“And you don’t think that’s…bad for your relationship do you?”

“No, I mean, it’s not like with Mon-El, if that’s what you’re asking. Because I still remember why she was mad, and I know to be better going forward. But I didn’t have to hear the lecture, and I made her happy, so win-win!”

“Huh…I don’t know.”

“Trust me!”

And Alex figured it wouldn’t hurt to try Kara’s advice. After all, this was hardly a fight worth having. Lucy was just in a bad mood because several departments were late about turning in their performance reviews, so she’d been stuck at the office far too long after skipping her lunch break for a meeting, and she’d taken it out on her girlfriends, snapping at them for being distracting when she needed to work from home because there “aren’t enough hours in the day, and you two don’t have to be so loud when you make out!”

So Alex slipped in behind Lucy at her desk and apologized in a soft whisper, careful not to disturb her anymore. But while Lucy continued ranting about incompetence and no one letting her get any work done in the office or at home, Alex leaned forward and ran her fingers through Lucy’s hair, scratching lightly the way she knew Lucy liked when she curled up on the couch, her head in Alex’s lap and her hands resting on Maggie’s thighs.

“What the fuck?” Lucy asked, admittedly getting sufficiently distracted to stop muttering about how loud her girlfriends were.

“Um…is this not helping?”

“Helping what? You’re just messing up my hair.”

“Oh, I, uh, I thought it would help you relax…”

“Why would that be?”

“Ooh do mine instead!” Maggie yelled from across the apartment, bouncing slightly on their bed as she grinned at Alex. “If she doesn’t appreciate it, she shouldn’t get to enjoy your magic hands.”

“I didn’t say I don’t enjoy Alex’s hands,” Lucy huffed, “but they were a surprise.”

“Yeah, right, sorry,” Alex mumbled, quickly extracting her hands and going back over to the bedroom where Maggie had now sprawled across the bed face-down, her shirt hiked up so that Alex could tickle her back. “One sec, okay?” Alex whispered to Maggie, pulling out her phone and sending a quick text to Kara: “Your trick does NOT work!”

She was too frustrated to reply when Kara sent back: “Works like a charm whenever Lena is mad. I’m sticking by it. Maybe you did it wrong?”

The following Sunday, after the performance reviews had finally all been submitted and Lucy had gotten to sleep in late two days in a row, things felt like they were finally back to normal—at least close enough to normal that Alex was looking forward to having Kara and Lena over for brunch, rather than dreading how much time Lucy would lose with it.

But, of course, she should have suspected that things were going too well. And she absolutely should have recognized the mischievous glint in Lena’s eyes when she turned to look at the Danvers sisters sitting side-by-side on one side of the table. “So,” she began, a smirk playing about her lips, “I hear you two have some trick for soothing your girlfriends. Care to share with the class?”

“What’s this, Danvers?” Maggie asked, not even bothering to hide her grin.

“I don’t have any tricks,” Alex huffed. “Kara does.”

“Way to throw me under the bus!” Kara pouted.

“It’d hurt the bus more than it’d hurt you,” Alex countered.

“So what is it the great Kara Danvers does to put Lena in a good mood?” Maggie asked, looking at the blushing blonde.

“I mean, I think we all know the answer to that one…” Lucy trailed off, figuring she would stay on her best manners and not point out the obvious today.

“It’s not that! No, I just…first of all, how do you know?” Kara asked, turning to look at Lena.

“You literally texted Alex about a magic trick that you do whenever I’m angry.”

“Oh.” Kara fidgeted, playing with her glasses and trying to look innocent. “It’s nothing really…it’s just, you know, when you’re mad, sometimes it helps if I scratch your head.”

“Oh my god, is that what you were doing?” Lucy asked with a laugh, thinking back to how startled Alex had been when she called her out on it.


“Ooh, try it on me next!” Maggie called out, raising her hand up and volunteering.

“You’re not mad?” Alex checked. She’d worried a bit that it might sound deceitful. “Any of you?” She turned to look at Lena.

“No,” Lena assured her. “It’s part of being in a relationship. You figure out the little, easy ways to put your partner in a better mood, and they end up being the easiest ways to end the fights that don’t matter as much.”

“Wait…what do you do for me?” Kara asked suddenly looking curious.

Lena just laughed and shook her head. “A good magician never reveals her tricks.”

While they were cleaning up, though, Maggie sidled up to Lena at the sink. “It’s food, right?”


anonymous asked:

Maybe amethyst cuts her hair short after the first transformation she has because she's freaked out by all the hair she gets and is like "nope nope nope" and just cuts off her long purple mane when she gets back to human form cuz she is freaking out

oh my god you’ve just made me picture that part from the santa clause where tim allen tries to shave but it just immediately grows back.

that’s it. that is exactly what happens. whenever she tries to cut her hair it all poofs back when she changes.

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Charmed circle squad (including Milla & Nessa) headcanon heights? Or at least height order?

The height of the Charmed Circle squad is actually very genuinely important for me, so thank you for giving me a chance to talk about it.

Pfannee: 4'7. Sometimes she wears her hair in a high poof just so it looks like she’s 4'9.

Boq: 4'9. He gets very sad when Pfannee has her hair in the poof.

Galinda: 4'11. I always pretty much just picture her as Kristen Chenoweth, after all.

Nessa: 5'2.

Milla: 5'5.

Crope: 5'8.

Tibbet: 5'9. He likes to jokingly brag that he’s taller than Crope, but, like, dude, come on, you’re about half and inch taller than him.

Shenshen: 5'11. She also casually wears six inch heels to class almost everyday and honestly? step on me.

Avaric: 5'11. Please never mention that he’s shorter than Elphaba and the same height of Shenshen, and never mention that he’s not technically 6'0. It’ll either end with him punching you or him crying.

Elphaba: 6'2. She’s tall and lanky and a little bit scary but mostly Galinda likes it because it means Elphaba is the natural big spoon. (con: Elphaba once held Galinda’s hair brush above her head for a few minutes and it was horriblified because Galinda couldn’t get it back until Elphaba lowered her arm).

Fiyero: 6'4. Goodnight, my sweet and tall prince.

Girl Meets Awkward Moment

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Could you plz plz plz write a one shot where Maya is wearing Josh’s shirt or something and it’s completely innocent but The adults see it and they think that Maya and Josh slept together and coz of this they both are embarrassed and blushing.


Maya Hart walked into the Intro to Art classroom, feeling both nervous and excited.  When  her art teacher, Mr. Jackson, mentioned that some local universities were reserving spots in some of their entry level classes for high school juniors as part of a special program to promote post-secondary education, she jumped at the opportunity.  A couple different schools offered art classes, but of course Maya picked New York University.  Not just because a certain someone was a junior there, but because NYU was a great school for studying art and where she planned on applying next year.  Luckily, the art teacher at the university liked the piece she submitted and picked her right back.  It was like it was meant to be.

Maya glanced around the room that smelled like paint and clay and watched other students file in. They seemed to be picking seats at random and sitting down, so Maya shrugged and sat down in front of  the nearest wooden easel in the middle of the room. She smiled as she traced her hand along the oak edges of the easel and smoothed out the large white canvas staring back at her, then Maya began to reorganize the paints that sat along the easel’s ledge, undoing the ROYGBIV color palate it was preset in.  She was moving the yellow to the far end when a voice interrupted her.

“Maya?” Questioned an all too familiar voice.

Despite the familiarity of the voice, Maya was still shocked to hear it. Obviously, she knew he went to this university, but she never thought she’d actually see him, especially in Intro to Art.  So, turning her head in surprise, she simply and automatically repeated his sentiment.

“Josh?”  She queried then added, “What are you doing here?”

He gave her one of his boyish grins then replied, “It’s my university.  What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first.” Maya retorted cheekily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I have to take a certain number of art credits to graduate.  I’m not much of an artist, but I already took Intro to Music, and this sounded less painful than Intro to Theatre.” Josh explained, half-serious, half-joking.

“So, basically, you picked the lesser of two evils.”  Maya responded.

“Pretty much.” Josh nodded, putting his hands inside his jean pockets.  "Your turn. How did you wind up in this class?“

Maya quickly told him all about the program that her art teacher recommended and how she was accepted. Josh couldn’t help but smile at how she beamed with pride and talked with such enthusiasm.

"Well, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.” Josh answered truthfully.

Maya smiled back, but before she could respond, the teacher burst through the door.  She was a tall, skinny woman with short, gray hair that poofed out from her purple headband.  The professor, who had to at least be in her sixties, called out to the class, “Sorry, I’m late! Please, take your seats, take your seats.”

Maya noticed the professor was wearing jeans and combat boots with her purple blouse.  She smirked, immediately liking the woman. Maya couldn’t wait to learn from her. Unfortunately, her smile didn’t last long after hearing the chirp of another female voice.

“Hey, Josh, over here!” Called a pretty brunette from two rows up.  Her hair was long, straight and absolutely perfect just like her outfit, which consisted of a sweater and mini-skirt.  Maya thought the skirt was a weird choice for January, but it looked cute nonetheless, and the pale pink of her sweater looked great against her mocha colored skin tone.  "I saved you a seat.“  She finished, patting the stool beside her.

Maya suddenly felt deflated. She was officially jealous of mystery girl’s style, beauty, and access to Joshua Matthews.  By the way she was talking to him, they clearly knew each other. Who knew how many classes they had had together before or even had together now or maybe… maybe they knew each other outside of class.  Ugh… that was something Maya really didn’t want to think about.  She wasn’t stupid, Maya new that he probably hung out with college girls, that there were tons of them that paid him lots of attention. She just hated being reminded of that fact, and now Maya got to be reminded of it every Thursday for two whole hours.

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