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Hello :) I would like 69 for Supercat prompt pp !

69. Casino :-)


Kara’s eyes went wide at the word. She turned her head to look around, everyone was watching. The background noise floated to her ears; hundreds of people chattering, glasses clinking, an occasional whoop of victory.

When Kara looked back, Cat repeated, “Blow.” She arched one perfect eyebrow, waiting.

The surprised assistant darted her gaze down to the two clear, red dice Cat was holding out to her. Looking back up, Kara quietly stammered. “I, um, I don’t understand, Ms. Grant.”

Cat took an impatient breath, rolling her eyes. “For luck.”

“Oh!” Kara adjusted her glasses, suddenly comprehending. “Right.”

This was one of only a handful of times that Kara had come on a business trip with Cat. They were in Vegas, and Cat had been on a winning streak all night. Who was Kara to stop it?

She bent toward Cat and blew a gentle breath over her open palm. Her boss’s look of irritation turned into a small and satisfied smirk.

Turning back to the craps table, Cat confidently tossed the dice. Everyone around the table leaned in with anticipation.

The boxman announced, “Lucky number seven!”

Everyone around the table cheered. They’d been betting on Cat for over an hour. Cat threw her hands in the air with a bright smile and a loud, “Yes!” Kara laughed, watching her.

Cat grabbed her glass and took a long swig. She looked over at Kara and the bright smile softened to something more affectionate. “My good luck charm,” Cat said.

The stickman directed the dice back over to Cat. She snatched them up, instantly offering them to Kara again in her open hand. Kara didn’t need to be prompted this time.

Taking an unconscious step closer, she loosely wrapped her fingers around Cat’s wrist and blew over the dice. Their eyes locked and Kara could tell Cat was slightly startled at the bold touch. After only a second, Cat’s usual aplomb was back in place.

Cat tossed the dice again and, again, the table erupted in applause. Kara grinned at Cat’s enthusiasm. She would continue using her superpowers all night to keep Cat’s winning streak alive if it meant Cat kept flashing that gorgeous smile at her.

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May I please request a Voltron Family Au scenario where teenage Hunk goes to a party (on a dare by Lance and a a little bit of Pidge) and sneaks back in the house with a hickey and Keith just has a full blown freak out the his baby has a hickey?

[The Voltron Family] Hunk, Lance and Pidge were in the library doing homework at home and Lance was talking about some dude’s party coming up when the topic diverted to Hunk.

Lance: *nudges Hunk* How come you never go to parties?
Hunk: *grimace* Pidge never goes to parties either*
Pidge: *looks up and fixes her glasses* For your information, dear brother, I do go to parties. Intellectual parties more like where we discuss theories and whatnots. But parties nonetheless. 
Lance: *looks pointedly at Hunk* See?
Hunk: *sighs* But they last till morning and all people do is drink and dance. No, thanks. I’d rather read and work on something productive.
Lance: Hmmmm, you’re just no fun, buddy.
Hunk: Yes, I am, Lance. *offended* We have fun together!
Pidge: Yeah, well, that’s a given. We’re family—
Lance: Who happen to have fun Dads—
Hunk: Who seem to have endless ideas for family time. I heard we’re going to The Bahamas next.
Lance: *gapes at Hunk* ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
Hunk: I heard Daddy Keith talk about it with Daddy Shiro. Not sure if it will push through, but they’re in the talks. *wiggles eyebrows*
Lance: *squints* I see what you’re trying to do, buddy! You’re trying to distract me from the real subject at hand! Which is you! Going! On! A! Party!
Hunk: *sighs* Parties aren’t my thing. That’s your thing, Lance.
Lance: You’re just a wimp. You need to stop hanging out with Daddy Keith. You’re starting to sound like him.
Pidge: *snorts*
Hunk: *glares at Pidge then back at Lance* I’m not a wimp. 
Lance: Yeah? Well I dare you to attend the party this weekend. Stay for an hour. See if you like it. Then you can text me if you don’t so I can pick you up.
Hunk: *grumbles* FINE.

And that was how Hunk ended up at a party because if there was one thing Hunk was, it wasn’t a wimp. After a few hours, he didn’t know it was already very late so he snuck out of the party and snuck himself back home. He slowly opened the door at 2AM and was glad the whole house was already asleep. He tiptoed silently as he closed the door then he turned around only to be shocked when suddenly lights turned on and there was a looming figure standing in front of him.

Hunk: *screams so loud* Oh my god! You can take my money! *shuts his eyes* Just don’t hurt me! *cowers in fear* 
Hunk: *opens his eyes* D-Daddy Keith?
Keith: *shifted in place to look intimidating with his arms crossed*
Hunk: Um…
Keith: I’ve been calling your phone for the past 6 hours and you weren’t answering. I almost called the police to report a missing child. Let me repeat. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
Hunk: Um… *scratches his cheek* My phone died…
Keith: *eyes widens* *approached Hunk and holds his jaw* *gasps* IS THAT? IS THAT A HICKEY?!!
*sweats nervously* Um…
Keith: *glares at Hunk* You let a person SUCK YOUR SKIN? *fumes*
Hunk: Uh…
Keith: Hunk Garrett-Shirogane, ANSWER ME. 
Shiro: *comes down the stairs* What’s going on?
Keith: *turns to Shiro* Your son here HAS A HICKEY.
Shiro: *stops abruptly* *surprised* A what? A hickey?!
Hunk: It’s not that big of a deal. *hides his hickey* *feels guilty*
Keith: Not that big of a deal? *scoffs* NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL?
Shiro: Hunk, it IS a big deal. You’re only 17 and—
Hunk: But I bet Lance had some—
Keith: No he doesn’t. I make sure that boy is clean and sanitized before he enters this house. He never comes home with a hickey. I would know because his pick-up lines never worked.

They let Hunk go to his room to rest and they’d talk about it in the morning when they’re all awake and well-rested. Keith just lied awake looking at the ceiling with Shiro beside him, pretty much asleep already.

Keith: I can’t believe it. My baby boy…
Shiro: *pulls Keith in* Hmmm, go to sleep, babe.
Keith: I can’t! *looks at Shiro* Shiro, my son has a hickey! Someone did that to him! Probably someone whom he didn’t even know! *realization dawns* Oh my god. Hunk let a stranger touch him. *covers his face and sobs* My pure boy is now tainted. Where did I go wrong, Takashi?
Shiro: Hey, it could’ve been a mosquito bite.
Shiro: Hey, just sleep it out, yeah? C’mon. It’s almost 3AM. *gives Keith a peck on the lips* Let’s just close our eyes and—
Keith: *sobs* Give me a second to just sob it all out first.

And that was how Hunk was never allowed to go to any parties anymore and that following morning when Lance found out, he said “Oh my god! You lil minx! I didn’t think you’d get THAT far!” 

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top five pidge moments?

1: when Pidge came out as a girl to the team!!!! she’s so brave!!!!!!

2: Pidge geeking out over Rover was so adorable i cry



5: every time her glasses do the anime-shine thing lmao

Today’s The Day (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Genre: Smut, Fluff

“Cheers to your twenty second birthday!” Aisha said as she held her glass in the air. “Happy Birthday, Nicole!” everyone shouted at the same time, and kicked back their drinks. At first Nicole didn’t have any plans for her birthday, until her best friend, Jungkook showed up at her doorstep. He told her to get dressed, and only said that they were going out for a bite to eat at her favorite restaurant, BST. When they showed up she was surprised to see all of their closest friends there waiting for them. Jungkook had pulled her into a tight hug and whispered “Happy Birthday,” in her ear. After the next two hours they all sat around the table chatting while they stuffed food in their mouth. Never wanting the fun to stop her best friend, Aisha, suggested they all go to the club.

Once they were all at the club, and secured a booth, Aisha druggedagged her away to the bar. Aisha placed everyone’s order to the bartender, and spoke after he walked away. “So, Nicole…do you think he’ll finally make a move tonight?” Nicole knew exactly who she was talking about. Nicole turned her gaze to Jungkook, and frowned when she saw a pretty brunette talking to him. “I really don’t know,” she said as she turned back towards the bar. Jungkook had been her best friend since they graduated middle school. He was always there for her, when she needed him the most. At first she didn’t see him in anyway other than being her friend. But over time, she began to develop feelings for him and looking at him in a different way. When he began dating, she was crushed because she felt like she wasn’t attractive.

The bartender took that moment to place all of their drinks in the bar. Aisha grabbed the tray and began to walk back to their group. As they approached the table, the brunette looked at her and then got up to leave the table. As she kicked back her drink, she looked over the rim of her glass and stared at Jungkook. As if he could feel her gaze on him, and looked at her in the eyes and opened his mouth. But at that moment Aisha leaned over to tell her, she was going to go dance with Namjoon, who was her boyfriend, and asked if she wanted to go. Jungkook closed his mouth and then turned to look chat with Yoongi and his girlfriend, Nicole thought to herself. Nicole finished her drink, and slid out the booth to join them on the dance floor. It didn’t take her that long to find a dance partner, when she began moving her hips to the beat. Her mystery partner grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, as she grinded up against him. But, just as quick as her mysterious dance partner showed up, he was gone.

She turned around to find Jungkook standing behind her, looking at her with dark eyes. The guy next to him looked like he was about to say something to him, but Jungkook just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door leading outside. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Jungkook?” She said as she stanched her hand out of his, when they approached his car. “I don’t like to share what’s mine,” he said in a cool tone. Nicole raised her eyebrows at his statement, “Are you crazy?!” Not wanting to ruin her birthday, she turned to walk back to the club. Nicole didn’t make it two steps before Jungkook grabbed her wrist and pushed her against his car door. She was about to yell at him, but was out off when he placed his lips against hers.

His lips melted against hers, causing her body heat up with desire. Jungkook then pulled her away from the door, so he could open it. Jungkook sat down in the back seat and lap his lap. Without a word, she moved to seat herself on his lap and face him. As soon as he closed the door, Jungkook pulled her closer to him and captured her lips again. Jungkook trailed his hand up her thighs, and when it reached her pussy, he began to stroke it gently. With his free hand he pulled her tank top and bra down to free her breast. He pulled away from her, and looked at her with a heated gaze. “I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner,” he said as he took her nipple into his mouth. As he continued to work his fingers into her, and rolled her nipple between his lips, causing her to moan out loud.

Jungkook stopped working his fingers inside of her and seemed to be in great need, as he hurried to undo his jeans. When he free his cock, which was already hard, hit against her thigh, she jumped a little bit. Jungkook lifted his hips, as he reached for his wallet to pull out a condom. When the condom was rolled onto his length, he looked at her with loving eyes. “I’m so sorry, for making you wait this long.” He leaned in to kiss her, as he lifted her hips and slid her down slowly on his cock. “It’s okay,” Nicole replied. When he was completely inside her, he kissed her neck and began to move his hips in an upward motion. “Damn, Nic. You’re so tight,” Jungkook bit out through clenched teeth.

Nicole began to move her hips against his, adding to their pleasure. Jungkook moved his thumb to her clit, and began to move it, adding pressure to it even now and then. As he rubbed her clit with one hand, the other hand shake its way through her hair and pressed his lips to his. Nicole could feel the pressure building up in her body, move closer and closer to the surface. Jungkook seemed to feel it to, because he said, “Its okay, baby. Let out go. We can come together.” And with that, Nicole take her orgasm flow through her body moments later. At the same time, Jungkook closed his eyes, and released into the condom with a sharp groan. When they both came down from their high, Jungkook began to speak first. “I’m so sorry, Nic.” She knew he had to be talking about her feelings for him. “I was going to do something about it later tonight. But seeing you grind against a guy who wasn’t me, made me jealous. But, I don’t have to worry about that…because I’m never letting you go. Okay?” He said as he looked into her eyes and gave her a small kiss.

Nicole was speechless, so Jungkook continued. “Will you be mine?” Jungkook asked. Nicole looked at him and asked, “What do you think?” Jungkook gave her the adorable bunny smile she loved so much. After they cleaned themselves up, they made their way back into the club. As they walked toward their table, hand in hand, everyone stopped talking. They all looked down at their connected hands, and smiled but still didn’t say anything. Aisha was the first person to speak, “Well…I guess this means we don’t have to make a plan anymore for you two.” All Nicole could do was blush, as she held onto Jungkook’s hand tighter. Jungkook then led her to the dance floor, and began to work his hips against hers. He then leaned in closer, and whispered in her eye, “Oh, by the way, Nicole. I’m nowhere close to being done with you yet. You still need your twenty-two birthday spankings.”

Blossom ~ An Avenger’s Story (2/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N meets someone who can help her in hiding. But this man has a connection with both HYDRA and SHIELD. 

Notes: boom. this is it. my man enters the scene. i love him. and i hope you do, too. :D

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (coming soon)


When Y/N opened her eyes, there was a roof above her. Ceiling. She’s somewhere else.

The baby.

Sitting up fast, suddenly alert, Y/N groaned out loud at the pain on her lower back. She brought her hand to it and felt rough gauze against it.

“Idiotule. ai de gând să se rupă cusăturilor.” a man with long brown hair and a rough stubble appeared at the doorway and immediately striding over to her, placing a glass of water on the table beside the bed. He lifted up her arms and inspected her back wound.

“I-i’m sorry. I don’t understand.” Y/N stammered. The man paused to look at her and shook his head, standing up to grab a first aid kit on the cabinet across the room.

“I said you’re going to open up your stitches.” he said. Y/N would think that he was Romanian but his English was crisp and very American. His voice gruff but Y/N noted the hint of gentleness to it. After all, he did save them.

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honestly when i was younger and my vision wasn’t this bad i thought Velma from scooby doo losing her glasses and being all “I can’t find my glasses” was just an overreaction for comedy

but now that i have horrible eyesight boy you set your glasses down somewhere and then suddenly they’ve vanished and you gotta feel around for anything that looks remotely like the right size/color blur

theories? on MY blog??

Okay, so remember that ask about how Luigi is buddy-buddy with his ex-minion pals? I’ve gotten a handful of reminders from both anons and actual users telling me that Luigi wasn’t conscious during his time as a villain and therefore would not remember his time in the castle. That’s cool, you can believe that if you want! But I just can’t agree.

Here’s what bugs me about Mr. L:

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Margoe - 11. Biggest fear: As of now, being an unfit mother is her biggest fear.. and labor pains.

13. Bad habits: Overthinking everything, nail biting, and putting her glasses on her head and forgetting where they are..

Noah - 18. Biggest insecurity: Not knowing who he is yet..

Wolfgang -  01. Full name: Wolfgang Nickolaus Munch.
02. Best friend: Used to be Alex..
03. Sexuality: Unknown.
04. Favorite color: Black or very dark grey.
05. Relationship status: In one with a beautiful pink blob of sunshine.
06. Ideal mate: Margoe.
07. Turn-ons: Answered here!
08. Favorite food: Meeaaaaat.
09. Crushes: Margoe.
10. Favorite music: Rock ‘N Roll, Heavy Metal.
11. Biggest fear: Losing Margoe/ letting her or their child down.
12. Biggest fantasy: Running away with Margoe without repercussions. 
13. Bad habits: Jumping to conclusions, wearing the same socks for weeks at a time..
14. Biggest regret: Meeting Cullen and leaving home.
15. Best kept secrets: Cullen used to be it but Margoe knows now..
16. Last thought: “Fuck, i want pancakes.”
17. Worst romantic experience: Cassandra.
18. Biggest insecurity: Answered here!
19. Weapon of choice: His fists or a baseball bat.
20. Role Model: Cullen when he was younger..

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I know things are super bad right now, so here's a cute headcanon for you: Since Harley had glasses before she became Harley Quinn, imagine she still has to wear them for reading and such, so she has to sit in bed with Ivy wearing her dorky round glasses and Ivy teases her about them

I DREW SOMETHING LIKE THAT LIKE TWO YEARS AGO WHEN MY ART STYLE WAS STILL SHIT. I’ll have to redraw it I love drawing wlw couples casually sharing a bed it fuels me


“She stared at him for a moment, and his heart nearly stopped entirely out of fear. He had said the wrong thing. He must have. Any second now and she would blow up on him. When she started to speak, he started feeling even more tense.

‘Do you know what I’ve just decided, Sugawara Koushi?’ Kumiko asked him. Despite his worry of what she might do or say next, her brown eyes shone ever brightly behind her glasses, and her famous large grin made an appearance. Suga could not understand why that smile set him at ease in such a facile manner, not yet anyway. ‘I think you’re alright!” She said, proceeding to walk past him down the school steps and outside. 

What on earth compelled him to follow after her, he was not sure, but he felt in his stomach that he was about to become a part of something bigger than he had ever known.“ 

~ from Of Volleyballs and Violet Symphonies, written by @sugawaraformytea   24.02.2017

♛ ┇ The ⅅevil in ⅅisguise

「 — The Devil doesn’t come to you
dressed in red, with pointy horns.
She comes as everything
you ever wished for. ✘ 」

“Dr. Luthor?”

The room was hardly lit and the only source of light illuminated Lillian Luthor’s features just enough to recognize her. It was an uncanny sight; with her face only half-lighted, her edgy jawline looked even sharper. Ready to strike. Ready to slice.

But first, work had to be done.

“I said I do not wish to be disturbed.” With dangerous ease, the low voice sneaked across the dark, windowless room like a deadly snake; the bit of light reflecting in her glasses like a flash of warning. She didn’t even bother to look up.

“I know,” the young man replied and Lillian would’ve smirked at the nervous undertone had she not been busy with the creation of her newest … protégé: Metallo 2.0. “But I think you want to see this.”

Lillian’s chest lifted with a deep inhale before she finally tore her gaze away from the computer screens that were currently displaying control charts of vital signs.

She needn’t speak because when her piercing blue eyes finally met Jonathan’s, it spoke volumes: This better be good.

“Believe me, it is worth your time,” he quickly added and held out a tablet, as if reading her mind.

“Mh,” Lillian merely hummed before long fingers draped around the offered object … and after a few second, her lips curled into the smirk she had been holding back earlier. “#CatCoCares,” she read aloud, a chuckle following. “My, my, how precious.”

“This is bad,” Jonathan nodded as if agreeing, which made Lillian look up at him once more.

“On the contrary,” she drawled, handing the tablet back to him. “This is exactly what I have been waiting for.”

“I don't— think I understand? It’s a fundraiser! It’s PRO Alien!”

“Yes, I can read just fine. Thank you. And it’s finally time to put an end to the Pro Alien Propaganda.” Oh, how she reveled in his naivety. /This/ was the reason why she was in charge.

“Dr. Luthor, I— didn’t mean to—”

Lillian’s hand flew up, her palm facing him. “Save it. And update me on /our/ accounts.”

Jonathan’s facial expression made it abundantly clear that he still had no idea what his boss was up to, but he knew better than to question her because everyone who dared to …, well. He was smart, yes, but not as smart as her and he admired her greatly for it. The way she made plans, the way she always prepared for every possible situation, the way she executed her plans— or executed… Not to mention the way she had resurrected and modified a dead man.

Yes, Jonathan knew better than to question Dr. Lillian Luthor and so, with a few quick swipes on the tablet, he pulled up their accounts. “Looks like Metallo’s little speech in court caught more attention than we originally thought. Our donors did not only double, they— Here, see for yourself.”

“Ah, this is perfect,” Lillian murmured as soon as her eyes fell upon the numbers that seemed to be climbing by the minute. Ever since they had made Project CADMUS publicly known, anonymous donors came pouring in. “I’ll be taking Paul with me so he can get the names of everyone playing a big pro-alien game…” She paused while her lips curled into another smirk. “…while I take care of Cat Grant.” Oh, and how she would take care of her.


This plan’s seeds had been sown a while ago and it was finally time to reap.

And reap she would.

“Dr. Luthor,” Jonathan inhaled, “with all due respect—”

Lillian quirked a brow.

“—you can’t show up there. They will recognize you!”

And when the woman opened her mouth, the most unexpected of sounds fell from her lips: she laughed…

… and Jonathan had no idea what scared him more.

“Oh, Jonathan,” she breathed, handing back the tablet before she pulled off her glasses, “People only see what they want to see. There’s a reason why I appeared in public the way I did. Everyone might’ve looked at me, but they didn’t /see/ me. Our enemies saw a tall woman in colorless clothes. They saw the embodiment of evil, the devil incarnate; but believe me, no one will recognize me. Not at first, that is… Because they don’t expect the devil to make a colorful entrance, wearing a dashing smile.”

And that’s when Jonathan knew: Her smile. Her smile was the scariest of them all.

He nodded because honestly, he couldn’t imagine Dr. Luthor in anything else other than her black attires.

Oh, how she’d surprise him.

“Now go, put me on that guest list.”

“Will do.” He was already on his way out when he turned around a final time. “Under what name?”

Lillian’s head snapped around once more and with a soft hum, she leaned back in her chair, blankly staring at him for a second— until she knew.

This special game called for a worthy name.

“My real name.”

“Your—?” Even after all those years, this woman was still able to surprise him— and to send a shiver down his spine. “What’s your real name?”

“Lilly-Ann Young.”

Her smirk was audible this time.

It was the name Cat Grant’s future nightmares would be made of— unable to shake; impossible to forget, e v e r.

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if Elora is blind, shouldn't her pupils NOT be drawn and filled in with a dark hue/black? Shouldn't they be more soft hued/faded? Cause that is how a blind person's eyes look in real life. Not being rude, just pointing out that her eyes are misleading.

She’s not literally blind, she’s just very short sighted, I use ‘blind’ as a loose term, because without her glasses, she may as well be. She doesn’t see much more than coloured blurs from about an arms length away.