and her face in the third gif

You see this face? This is the face of a boy in the most beautiful state of disbelief to ever exist. Stiles stilinski has loved Lydia Martin for years–since the third grade–and has always seen her for who she really is. He listened to her when no one else heard. He paid attention to her when no one else did. He remembered everything she ever tried to hide. He knew how smart she was despite how hard she tried to hide it, and he only loved her more because of it. He never underestimated her. He never sidelined her or blew her off or thought of her as anything less than important. He complimented her. He treated her as an equal. He did anything and everything for her. He risked his life to save hers. But, above all of this, more important than any of this, he LOVED her. He loved her before anything supernatural tested the limits of their emotions. He loved her before they had to fight for their lives and the lives of others. He loved her when he was just a boy and she was just a girl. He loved Lydia Martin like no one else has, and when he knew he was going to be completely erased from existence, he wanted to let her know that. After years of confiding only in his best friend about his feelings, after years of everyone but Lydia knowing about his feelings, after years of silence, Stiles tells Lydia to remember in any way that she can that he loves her. So, when his friends have saved him, when the love of his life made everyone they know remember who he is to bring him back, he finally gets to hear from Lydia. He never–not once–acted like he needed Lydia to admit anything to him. He never pushed her or pressured her or nagged her or coerced her to love him just because he loved her. He simply loved her, but he didn’t realize how, all this time, that was what was needed most. This is the face of a sarcastic and cocky boy with a heart so big that it stores not only unconditinal love but also immense darkness finally having all the love he gave given back. This is the face of a boy who can’t believe that the love of his life–the girl he’s always loved–loves him back. This is the face of a boy who’s heart is skipping beat after beat because he can not believe that Lydia Martin has come to love him. This is Stiles Stilinski learning that he is loved. This is Stiles Stilinski in heartachingly beautiful disbelief because he loves the same girl that loves him. gif source: @obriens


Taehyung x Fan (Tae POV)

    ✧ short imagine

    ✧ I was feeling cheesy.

The countdown in my headset began as the last movement of our choreography was complete, my breath was so heavy but yet the applause was louder. 

5.” The voice spoke up, my eyes wandering through the crowd trying to catch her eyes one more time. 

4.” I squinted, seeing her radiant smile in the third – no; the fifth row. 

3.” She tilted her head carefully, turning around, finally noticing that my eyes were glued onto her figure.

2.” Her lips were now agape, as I traced my tongue over my own; wondering if her lips were as delicate as they looked from afar. 

1.” Anxiety overcame me, I looked at her with much more concentration now, trying to remember every detail I could read off her face.

Sorry.” I mouthed before the lights turned off and I deeply was. 

But I swear I saw her eyes glisten even in the scary darkness that was surrounding me …

Hope I’m not too late to put in my work for the Zephyr Appreciation Week. Might be a bit sketchy, I was in a rush to complete this since I was away for most of this week.

Zephyr was my third Warframe since joining 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time on Mag, then Frost, however I was really excited when I got my hands on Zephyr.

One of the few Warframes back then who had a passive, and who could maneuver to difficult places with ease (before the Pakour 2.0 update). Farming her was difficult back when I didn’t have many weapons to chose from; the Oxium Ospreys that blew up in my face didn’t have a dent in their armour most of the time.

With the release of the Hagoromo TennoGen skin, I immediately went straight back to playing her for a while, it was a great addition that brought her to fame for a short time. It’s sad to see that she isn’t as popular, but she’ll always be one of my favourites.

Her thoughts could be more or less this: “He is acting strangely while talks about this woman, giving compliments. I need more informations".

Her face in the second gif is precious. Like: “I need to meet this Lagertha, to know why he is so monosyllabic right now!”.

In the third gif she is trying to tease him, maybe to see how he would react with the perspective that she would meet Lagertha, and ask her about his past. They had so little time on our screen, but their interaction as a couple is amazing and accurate. This is exactly how the most part of women I know would act.

By the way, this gifs are not mine, they belong to @vikingshistory

His face is screaming: “I’m in trouble!”

Imagine: Teasing Stiles about the kiss in front of everyone (Part 2 of 3)

The day after the kiss, you were standing in the middle of a park while coach Finstock tried to fix the bus with the bus driver. You had your arm looped through Stiles - having refused his sweater for the third time - and was pressing your face against the back of his shoulder when Lydia, Allison, and Scott walked over.

“So, are you two officially a thing now?” Lydia asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you and Stiles.

You looked up at Stiles. After kissing him, you had told him it was his choice if he wanted to date you because the kiss didn’t just confirm it and you didn’t want to make a mistake and tell people yes when it was no. Stiles nodded and wrapped an arm around your hip.

“Yeah, we’re a thing,” he said, doing the thing you loved when he stuck out his neck and made a face. You snickered and watched as Allison grinned.

“Well, you two are a very cute thing,” Allison commented.

You smirked and shifted from foot to foot. “Stiles thought I was a very cute thing last night after we kissed.”

Now it was Scott’s turn to comment. “Kissed? Whoa, you kissed?”

“Well yeah…Couples do that…right?” Stiles asked, a confused look on his face.

“Yeah, Stilinski, they do,” coach piped in while he passed you to head to the bus. “Idiot.”

Stiles slouched slightly and you laughed. “He said I was pretending not to be cold so he could be warm and then found a quick solution to our problem.”

“A kiss?” Scott continued.

“Yup.” You patted Stiles’ shoulder. “He said my lips were soft.”

“Oh God, Y/n, stooop!” Stiles whined.

You laughed and hugged him, shivering. Stiles sighed and unzipped his sweater, handing it to you without any words. You accepted it and put it on, leaning into Stiles for more warmth.

Stiles grinned, and for the first time in a long time, he looked genuinly happy.

My latest school assignment was to make a reaction piece (story, poetry, art, etc.) to the second third of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. This was my rendition of the scene where Y.T. talks to the spacey Snow Crash survivor about what happened to her.

Also the texture on the image was because my computer froze up JUST as I finished the figure - sans face - so instead of tableflipping and giving up I took a picture with my phone, uploaded that to my tumblr drafts, then restarted my computer and downloaded it and kept drawing on top of it. Figured the texture would actually contribute since it’s supposed to be a digital-esque picture to begin with. 


But I want a woman.


well it was nice knowing you anchan


Kol and Freya in 3x22 (Guilt)

(Part 2)


eunji trying to take a picture of the fans