and her face in the third gif

You see this face? This is the face of a boy in the most beautiful state of disbelief to ever exist. Stiles stilinski has loved Lydia Martin for years–since the third grade–and has always seen her for who she really is. He listened to her when no one else heard. He paid attention to her when no one else did. He remembered everything she ever tried to hide. He knew how smart she was despite how hard she tried to hide it, and he only loved her more because of it. He never underestimated her. He never sidelined her or blew her off or thought of her as anything less than important. He complimented her. He treated her as an equal. He did anything and everything for her. He risked his life to save hers. But, above all of this, more important than any of this, he LOVED her. He loved her before anything supernatural tested the limits of their emotions. He loved her before they had to fight for their lives and the lives of others. He loved her when he was just a boy and she was just a girl. He loved Lydia Martin like no one else has, and when he knew he was going to be completely erased from existence, he wanted to let her know that. After years of confiding only in his best friend about his feelings, after years of everyone but Lydia knowing about his feelings, after years of silence, Stiles tells Lydia to remember in any way that she can that he loves her. So, when his friends have saved him, when the love of his life made everyone they know remember who he is to bring him back, he finally gets to hear from Lydia. He never–not once–acted like he needed Lydia to admit anything to him. He never pushed her or pressured her or nagged her or coerced her to love him just because he loved her. He simply loved her, but he didn’t realize how, all this time, that was what was needed most. This is the face of a sarcastic and cocky boy with a heart so big that it stores not only unconditinal love but also immense darkness finally having all the love he gave given back. This is the face of a boy who can’t believe that the love of his life–the girl he’s always loved–loves him back. This is the face of a boy who’s heart is skipping beat after beat because he can not believe that Lydia Martin has come to love him. This is Stiles Stilinski learning that he is loved. This is Stiles Stilinski in heartachingly beautiful disbelief because he loves the same girl that loves him. gif source: @obriens

Giving In and Letting Go

“Y/N,” Dean said hesitantly as he stared at your seemingly lifeless form, completely disconnected from everything and everyone around you.

When you didn’t stir, not that he had expected you to, Dean moved to sit beside you, his hand squeezing yours gently.

He felt nothing in return, just your hand laying in his limply.

“Sweetheart,” Dean swallowed, pushing your hair away from your face and kissing your forehead. “This is it. If there was ever a time you were going to pop up outta that hospital bed and declare this whole shit show a joke, it’d be now,” Dean chuckled humorlessly.

He wasn’t met with your voice like he had prayed over and over that he would be.

Instead, he was bombarded with the reminder that a machine was doing all the breathing for you. The rushing sound of the oxygen mask filling your lungs with air. The steady beep that indicated a heart beat but no response, no brain activity.

Dean leaned over, tears in his eyes as his lips brushed yours gently. He wanted nothing more than for your lips to suddenly attach to his, kissing him back furiously, but he knew deep in his gut that was not going to happen. Not now. Not ever again.

“Brain dead,” the doctor had said. “The machine is keeping her alive, Mr. Winchester.”

The words echoed in his head. Taunted him. Dared him to contradict them when all evidence indicated otherwise.

“What am I supposed to do?” Dean begged as he remained close to you, tears threatening to breach the surface. “What the hell am I supposed to do without you, Y/N?” Dean asked.

Just then the nurse walked in, turned off the machines and removed the oxygen from your face. Dean’s tears poured forth then, as he watched your chest heave once, twice, and fail to raise a third time on its own.

The monitors were off, but he knew if they were on they’d be blaring at him, mocking his pain and suffering. Mocking his loss.

Dean’s forehead fell against your stomach, sobs racking his body.

“This is all my fault,” Dean whispered, kissing your hand gently. “I should have found you sooner. The Djinn knew how to hide. God, I should have found you sooner,” Dean mumbled.

Then Dean felt a hand on his cheek which made him gasp.

“It’s not your fault Dean.”

He looked up, his heart twisting in horror.

“No,” he whispered as his eyes fell on you. “No. Not you,” Dean mumbled. “Y/N,” Dean pleaded, staring at you standing before him.

“You need me Dean, I can’t go now,” you managed, your voice soft and raspy.

Dean leaned into your touch then, his heart shattering into unrecognizable pieces.

“You can’t stay,” he whispered.

“I have to,” you answered, moving closer to him. “You asked what you were supposed to do without me. Now you don’t have to find out,” you whispered, reaching down and brushing your pale lips against his.

When the love of your life begged you to stay, begged you not to go, not even death could tear you away from him.

Stiles Stilinski-Hold On
Song:Hold on-Chord Overstreet.
⚠️-Mentions of Suicide attempt.

You stood hesitantly in front of the misty mirror in your bathroom, blinking a couple of times before your eyes wandered over to the box of tablets that sat on your sink.

You took a deep breath in before grabbing the packet, fumbling with the packaging quickly trying to get it open. You had to do this for the pack, for yourself.

Weeks earlier Lydia had delivered the news that someone in the pack was going to make a sacrifice, she’d been having this premonition for months now but she didn’t know what it meant until the Alpha pack had returned looking for Scott.

They wouldn’t leave him alone until one of his pack members was killed by him. Of course he wasn’t going to murder any of his best friends, it wasn’t an option but you couldn’t handle it anymore, everyone was constantly in danger because of the alpha pack and you needed to do something to help.

You couldn’t think of a better way to die, saving your friends.
You shut your eyes tighter than you ever had before as you tipped the contents of the box into your hands, then into your mouth.

As your heart slowed down Scott’s eyes turnt red, his heartbeat quicken when he realized what was happening. He jumped off his seat and ran out to his bike, sending a text to everyone in the pack.

Lydia sat up in her bed, her mouth wide open, screaming your name just as she had screamed out Allison’s. She jumped up from her slumber, wrapping her jacket around her body.
Her phone was quickly in her grasp, Lydia’s fingers shook as the feeling of dread grew in her stomach.

“Stiles you need to get to y/n’s house now"she cried.

You let the packet slip out of your hands as you fell to the ground.
Stiles was well on his way, all different thoughts were running through his head as the wheels of the Jeep sped up.

He pulled up to your house, leaving the vehicle doors open as he ran towards your front door. His fists pummeling against it. He got no answer. The rest of the pack arriving behind him.

“I have a key!"Malia shouted, running in front of everyone.
When the door was unlocked everyone piled into your house and the search for you began.

"Y/n?!"Liam shouted.

"Y/n where are you?!"Stiles mumbled to himself as he ran up your stairs two at a time.

Stiles, Scott and Lydia scanned the upstairs floor, Stiles ran his hand through his hair multiple times.

"Something’s wrong"Lydia murmured.
Stiles’ eyes travelled around your room, they stopped abruptly on the closed bathroom door.

He walked slowly towards it, grabbing the door handle, he got angrier and more upset as he tried to open it but of course you’d locked it.

"Scott can you hear a heartbeat in there?"Stiles’ voice shook as his best friend walked towards the door.
Scott placed his ear against the door. Immediately pushing on it when he heard your heartbeat slowing down.

"She’s in there, but something’s wrong"he whispered.
Stiles ran immediately towards the door, kicking and pushing against the door until it swung open.

His own heart stopped when he saw you laying on the bathroom floor unconscious.
Lydia cried loudly and Scott immediately rang Melissa.

Stiles scooped your body up off the floor, feeling your heartbeat.
"Please don’t leave me"he screamed as his own body shook.

"What’s wrong with her?!"Liam yelped as he stood wide eyed.
Malia and Lydia spotted the medication box that lay next your lifeless body.

"She sacrificed her own life for us"Lydia murmured.

"It was y/n"Stiles sobbed as he rocked back and forth with you in his arms. The two of you stayed like that until the ambulance arrived.
He wouldn’t even let them touch you. Stiles lifted you off the ground and carried you to the vehicle himself.

Your best friend insisted that he stayed with you and no one was about to argue with him, especially after everything you the two of you had been through together.

The pack followed behind in the jeep.
An eerie silence lingered.

Lydia’s eyes were concentrated on her hands, a frown placed upon her face. She turnt to Scott who was speeding down the road behind the ambulance.

"What if she-

"She won’t, I promise we won’t let her die"he promised the pack, and himself.
Meanwhile in the ambulance, Stiles was losing his Sanity as he watched you lay unconscious on the stretcher. It wasn’t like they were driving an ambulance, it was like they were driving a nightmare that Stiles couldn’t escape from.

He gripped onto your hand.
"Hold on Y/n, I’m selfish and i still want you, come back because I still need you. Nothing has changed since third grade y/n, you are my best friend and I will love you forever"Stiles whispered, encouraging you to wake up.

"I swear I will love you forever, come back and I’ll make this right” he nodded.

Stiles knew deep down that you loved him too, he was too stubborn to act on his own feelings. He often dated other girls to try and distract himself from you but in the end it always came back to you. It was always you.

When you arrived at the hospital, and the ambulance doors flew open and Melissa appeared.
Running over to you she started brushing your hair out of your face.

“Oh sweetheart, it’s okay you’re in good hands now"she sighed sadly.
The paramedics showed up minutes later,ready to lift you onto the hospital bed.
"Stiles you have to let go now"Melissa squeezed his shoulder.

"I don’t want to let go, not again"he feared that if he let go, he might not get to hold on again.

Scott took over from Melissa, squeezing Stiles’ shoulder.
"C'mon Stiles, let them help her"Lydia spoke gently.

Stiles’ hand slipped out of yours and he already felt cold and alone as they wheeled you away.
Malia gripped his arm and lead him towards to waiting room. The rest of the pack trailing behind.

9 hours later and Stiles was still pacing back and forth. He would question every doctor and nurse that walked by. Desperate for answers.

Melissa appeared an hour later, standing still in front of the pack.
The pack jumped up, bracing themselves for bad news.

"It was close but she is going to be okay"Melissa nodded. Lydia and Malia embraced in a tight hug whilst Scott praised his mother for her hard work.

Stiles didn’t say a word, instead he burst through the hospital doors, sprinting down the corridors towards your room.

You lay in your hospital bed, tubes sticking out of your arms. They’d placed you on a drip.

You heard your door open, slowly lifting your head to see who it is only for a hand to gently slip around the back of your neck resting your head back down on the pillow.

"You need to rest"Stiles spoke, his voice cracking slightly.

"Stiles, I’m so sorry"you shut your eyes tight and sighed.

"I’m not going to forgive you for this, not for a while"he spoke out again, his hands resting on your cheeks.

"I don’t expect you to"you mumbled.

"But I will eventually forgive you because I’m in love with you and in my eyes you can do no wrong, I always have been in love with you I just didn’t want to admit that I’d fallen in love with my best friend But seeing you lying on that floor, watching you get taken away by the nurses-

"Stiles I-

"No y/n, you don’t understand. I realized today that I can’t live without you. I can’t imagine a world with you gone"Stiles ran his hands through his hair.

"So promise me now you won’t do this again, ever. I don’t care who it’s for, just promise me you won’t try and save us again"he pleaded.

Your hand reached up, grabbing onto his shirt. You pulled him down and pressed your lips against his.
You could feel his lips twitch up into a smile.

After you pulled away you nodded quickly as he sat in bed next to you.
"I promise”

Title: Protected
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Thanks to the lovely user who sent this request in, I had to rewatch a couple episodes because my mind was running a total blank when it came the Hand.

Danny watched carefully as Madame Gao continued to walk towards him, it was silent in the room, save for the sound of his breathing and the clack of her wooden cane against the stone floor. Danny eyed her carefully, not knowing what she was planning.

He had withdrawn from the challenge, but part of him wanted to hear what she had to say. Madame Gao knew about K'un-Lun and about his father.

“I am amused by the way your mind works, Danny Rand,” Her voice commanded the room,echoing off the walls. “You’re different from the others at the monastery, you’re feelings compromise your actions and cloud your thoughts.”

Danny scoffed, grabbing onto Sabina’s arm and guiding her to the exit.

“That simple fact alone will prove to be very useful.”

Danny stopped his movements, gently pushing Vanessa closer to the door before turning back to Madame Gao. “What do you mean.”

There was a flash of a smile and glint to her eyes that made an unsettling feeling grow at the pit of Danny’s stomach.

“I could be wrong,” She twirled the end of her cane around her hand. “But some of my informants tell me your close to the Meachum siblings, no?”

“Ward and Joy have 24 hour surveillance and are the owners of a multi-billion company. You’ll have a lot of trouble on your hands if you try to take either of them.”

“Oh, of course,” Madame Gao took another step, a mere foot away from Danny as she looked at him with piercing eyes. “But I dont think we say the same about the third Meachum child, can we?”

Danny’s face dropped, his fists clenched together so tight the Iron Fist might have been activated again had the sudden rise in his anger not blocked it. “How do you know about her?”

“Such a sweet girl,” Madame Gao said, evidently amused by the reaction she got out of him. “So kind and humble, it would be a real shame if she were found dead.”

“Touch her and I will end you.” Danny growled,

Madame Gao simply laughed, an unpleasant noise that had a menacing tone to it. “Your threats do very little, Danny Rand,” She turned around and began walking away. “Especially if we already got to her.”

Danny’s mind went blank and all he saw was red as he lunged at Madame Gao, who easily predicted his moments, he barely touched her before he was sent hurling back into the wall and crashing to the ground.

“Have a good evening.”

Danny looked up and she was gone, but the alarms going off in his head and every instinct in his body to get to you as fast as he possibly could.

He scrambled to his feet, latching onto Sabina’s wrist as the two of them sprinted to the exit of the warehouse. They made it to the well before she released his hold on her.

“Go find your friend,” Sabina said, giving him a concerned look. “If she’s in danger you must find her, those people are vicious.”

Danny tried to calm his breathing. “What about you?”

“I can find my way from here, my father needs me and your friend needs you,” She started to walk away from him. “Find her.”

That was all Danny needed to hear before he broke off into a run out of the warehouse.

When Danny finally reached your house he didn’t waste any time to frantically knock on the door. Letting out a frustrated cry when there wasn’t an answer after a minute or two of waiting, he pounded on the door and called out to you before he stepped back and observed the layout of your house.

He quickly looked for anyone passing by before noticing one of your windows opened on the top floor, he maneuvered himself on the wall before reaching the inside, shutting the window behind him and quickly going in search of you.

Danny looked in all the top rooms and had to strongly resist the urge to completely tear the entire place apart until he found you.

He paused in the living room, his breathing and heartrate borderline fanatic when he realized you weren’t in the house. His hands found there way to his hear as he tugged on his hair as his vision became blurry.

This was all his fault.

He should have been there to protect you and know you were in serious danger.

Danny’s eyes snapped shut at the thought of you possibly being dead somewhere in the city, he sunk to his knees and started to silently sob.

In his anguish, he didn’t hear the front door open or the footsteps that came to the living room.


His head shot up, seeing you looking at him with furrowed brows and concerned gaze as he was still on the floor, hands slowly falling from his hair as he stared at you.

“Danny, did something happen?” You took a step towards him but you didn’t make it any further as Danny ran towards you, crushing you with an impossibility tight hug.

He had even lifted you off the ground, trying to hold you as close as he humanly could, causing your keys to drop to the carpet as you had to quickly grab onto him for some kind of support as you let out an “Oof.”

“(Y/n)!” Danny cried out. “My (Y/n).” He voice broke off into a muffled mess as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

You looked down at him and couldn’t help but be confused. He was still holding onto you and it was the most distressed you ever seen him.

“You’re alive.” Danny said once he set you back on the ground, arms only leaving your waist so his hands could cradle either side of your face.

“You really have to explain what’s going on-”

Your concerns were silenced as his lips captured yours in an overwhelmingly urgent kiss, knowing you would have lost your balance had it not been dor Danny’s tight hold on you

You felt Danny sigh as he continued to give you kiss after kiss, his lips left yours so he could plant smaller ones all over your face and jaw as he whispered “I’m sorry” repeatedly.

“You really should explain.” You managed to break out in segments as Danny kissed you between each word before resting his forehead on top of yours.

“I thought you were dead,” He admitted, his warm breath hitting your skin and making it tingle pleasantly. “Madame Gao got into my head and made me think the Hand got to you. And when I came here to look for you, you weren’t here and I thought I had lost you.”

You wrapped him around in a hug, now understanding why he was panicking. “I’m so sorry, I was working late at the bookstore.”

Danny’s eyes met yours and he gave you one small kiss in the middle of your forehead. “We have to get you out of here,” He said, grabbing onto your hand. “They know about you and I can’t let you stay here anymore.”

“Danny, I don’t think-”

“(Y/n), please just this once, don’t argue with me,” His gaze desperately pleading with yours. “Please let me take you with me so I know you’re safe. You can stay at my place so I can protect you.”

You placed your hands on his jaw and leaned his head down so you could give him a small, but reassuring peck. “Alright, whatever makes you feel better.”

Danny grabbed onto your hands and gave them a lingering kiss. “Thank you.”

12 November, 2017, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 25-year-old man beat 41-year-old boyfriend of his mother to death with a rock. The crime was committed because the latter was violent and cruel to the killer’s mother. This story seems not so interesting until you will hear an astonishing fact about the case – the victim is the third boyfriend of his mother that the 25-year-old man have killed. In 2008, when he was just 16, his mother complained to him that her boyfriend treats her badly, so he killed the man. He spent 3 years in prison and was released. In 2012, his mother once again complained about another boyfriend that too met his death from the hand of the angry son. This time the killer was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment and was released on parole in spring of 2017. Now, after the third murder, he is facing up to 15 years of imprisonment. He confessed to the crime, but said that he has no regrets because he did the right thing.  


Taehyung x Fan (Tae POV)

    ✧ short imagine

    ✧ I was feeling cheesy.

The countdown in my headset began as the last movement of our choreography was complete, my breath was so heavy but yet the applause was louder. 

5.” The voice spoke up, my eyes wandering through the crowd trying to catch her eyes one more time. 

4.” I squinted, seeing her radiant smile in the third – no; the fifth row. 

3.” She tilted her head carefully, turning around, finally noticing that my eyes were glued onto her figure.

2.” Her lips were now agape, as I traced my tongue over my own; wondering if her lips were as delicate as they looked from afar. 

1.” Anxiety overcame me, I looked at her with much more concentration now, trying to remember every detail I could read off her face.

Sorry.” I mouthed before the lights turned off and I deeply was. 

But I swear I saw her eyes glisten even in the scary darkness that was surrounding me …


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count: 3 083
Reader is feeling down and Kai cheers her up.
note: anon, I don’t know if this is what you meant, but I hope it helps/that you like it. 😊
*gif by me


Y/N sighed bracing her hands on the kitchen counter, gazing out the window. It was shortly after sunset and the skies were still a weird mix of orange and red, slowly getting swallowed by the darkness of the night. Another day had gone by and as much as she tried to put on a happy face for everyone’s benefit, she just didn’t feel like it on the outside. It wasn’t like there was some major thing going wrong with her life or anything. It was just one of those days… for like third or maybe fifth day in a row. Nothing seemed to be going right – not in her personal life, not at college and most definitely not in Mystic Falls. Then again when had things been ‘right’ there?

A girl stared at her, a faint reflection of her in the window, while she finished doing the dishes and made her way to her bedroom not even bothering to change. Her hair was still braided in two braids, she was still wearing her favourite black beanie and short black sweater along with her denim short shorts, black tights and combat foots when she got to her bedroom and just tossed herself on the bed, curling into a ball. A couple of minutes passed in complete silence while it got completely dark inside and she got lost in her thoughts. Across from her, on her night stand, stood a picture of her and her best friend – Kai. Both of them laughing at Damon who lurked behind them with cupcake frosting on his face looking ready to kill anyone in his path. A faint smile showed on her face at the memory but just as fast as it had shown up, it vanished. Somewhere in the living room, where she had left her messenger bag, her phone rang but she didn’t bother getting up to see who it was. Her phone rang a few more time and at the end whoever it was gave up. Y/N closed her eyes, taking a deep breath trying to think about something that made her happy when she felt someone climb onto the bed with her. That same someone brushed his fingers against her cheek and she sighed quietly feeling the cold of his rings brush against her skin. Kai.

   “So cute when you sleep.” he said quietly, a smile audible in his voice.

Y/N opened her eyes and felt her breath get caught in her throat. For a moment something inside her sparked seeing Kai laying on his side with one hand under his head, his blue eyes sparkling with mischief and his lips curled into the most radiant smile she has ever seen. There was just something about his smile that always put a smile on her face, only this time it wasn’t enough.

   “Ahh, there she is.” he tapped her nose. “Bop.”

About a minute passed while he waited for her to smile, to say something… perhaps even yell at him for sneaking into her bedroom but nothing happened besides her staring blankly at him, barely even blinking. Kai’s smile faded a little and his hand slipped down to her waist, tugging at her sweater. He could tell something was off because the glow in her eyes was missing and she just didn’t look like herself.  Earlier in the day when he had showed up at her college for a surprise lunch, he had noticed something but she had just skipped right over his question and changed the subject. Now her smile was gone and he felt his heart crack a little seeing her like this.

   “What is it, cupcake?” he asked. “Why aren’t you talking to me? Did I do something to get you upset with me? Is that why you wouldn’t pick up your phone?”

   “N-no.” she said quietly, “Just…”

   “Just what?” he asked, scooting closer to her. Kai pulled her into his embrace, her head resting on his chest while he intertwined their fingers together and he gently stroked her hair. “Whatever it is, I can fix it… or kill it. Or him? Her?” he poked her stomach lightly. “Tell me.”

Y/N sighed, glancing up at him. “I just… don’t feel right. I –” she sighed deeply. “Nothing seems to be going right. Half my friends moved out of town and everyone else is busy dealing with supernatural stuff, college is a mess and –”

   “—you feel alone?” he asked, “You know, I am always here… to annoy you, and make you laugh, and take care of you. That is until I annoy you so much, you decide to kick me out. And even then, you wouldn’t be able to get rid of me.”

   “Not alone. I mean, not exactly. Just… Arrhh, it’s complicated. Even I don’t understand it.” she snuggled closer to him and sighed, listening to his heartbeat. Her eyes closed and for a moment everything was picture perfect until it all fell through the cracks again. “Kai?”

   “Yes, sweet cheeks?”

   “Can you do something for me?”

   “Anything.” he kissed her forehead gently. “Who do you want tortured and/or killed? Just say the name. Is it Damon? I’ll gladly torture and kill him.”

Y/N’s eyes widened. It wasn’t like she didn’t appreciate the lengths her best friend was willing to go to for her, but she’d never ask him to do that.    “No. You are not killing anyone. Except for my bad mood… or depression or whatever that is.” she took a deep breath. “Just… take my mind off it.”

Kai grinned at her and pulled her towards him, hugging her tightly for a long moment before getting off the bed. “Just remember that you asked for it.”

Y/N pulled her pillow towards her and semi-hugged it, watching him leave the room. “You leaving is not helping.” she called out after him.

A few minutes passed in silence when suddenly she heard a loud noise coming from the living room or the kitchen. She lifted her head off the bed calling out for him, but he didn’t respond and just as she was starting to get up to see what had happened Kai popped his head through the door with a goofy smile on his face. His eyes sparkled like never before and without a word he walked into her room, scooping her into his arms bridal style.

   “Wh-what ?? Where are we going?” she asked, hooking her hands around his neck while they made their way towards the front door. Kai only smiled wider but didn’t say a word. “Kai?”

   “Trust me, you will love it.” he winked at her, opening and closing the front door with magic. Kai whooshed them to his car and let her sit on the passenger seat, quickly getting in himself. “Now let’s put that pesky seatbelt you keep forgetting to put on. Why do you keep doing that by the way?”

   “Because –” she turned towards him, finding his face closer than she had expected. “—with you around, I feel safest.” Kai smiled wider at her, putting her keys in the ignition. “You really aren’t going to tell me where we are going?”


   “Can’t I at least get a hint?”

   “Nope.” he winked at her, pulling down the driveway. “It’s a surprise.”

For about half hour they drove around town until Kai parked the car on the parking lot by the town fair. Y/N glanced at him and leaned towards the front car window to take a better look. Most of the lights had been turned off and technically the fair was closed, though there were still a couple of employees here and there tiding up after the long work day. A blink of an eye later Kai was on her side opening the door for her. He held out his hand, waiting for her to take it but she just sat there glancing between his eyes and his hand.

   “Kai –”

   “No, no, no.” he started, sliding his hands under her legs carrying her out of the car. “You are coming with me.”

   “What are we doing here?” she asked, swinging her hand around his neck for support. “It’s after hours.”

   “We –” he kicked the car door closed, “—are breaking in. Sort of. They will extend their working hours a little while longer for us. And we are going to have a small late-night picnic in between riding the bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. Or whatever else you decide we do.”

   “What?” she asked, her eyes widening. “We are going to get in so much trouble –”

   “Yeah, I am sure your blue-eyed deputy friend would book us in for having a picnic after hours at the fair.” he rolled his eyes and grinned at her. “Trust me. He won’t even find out we were here.”

Kai let her feet on the ground right by the entrance and rushed back towards the car to get the picnic basket. So that’s what the noise was about. she thought watching him walk towards her. He placed his hand on the small fence, taking his eyes off her for a second and Y/N used her chance running back to the car. Kai let the basket on the ground and sighed, shaking his head with a smile on his face. Barely a few seconds later his hands wrapped around her waist from behind and he practically dragged inside her kicking but not screaming. A flick of his wrist later the whole place lit up and he let her feet on the ground looking at her with curiosity and excitement in his eyes. She took a few steps taking in the scenery and turned towards the ring toss right next to her, squeezing a giant bear’s nose, the corners of her lips twitching. The young woman behind the counter, gathering up the fallen rings on the ground, sighed and quickly made her way to them.

   “Sorry, but we are closed.” she wiped the counter. “You can come back tomorrow at 10.”

   “You had a bear like this one when you were little, didn’t you?” he took a step towards Y/N completely ignoring what the woman had said, “I’ve seen pictures of you hugging or more like choking it to death, though yours was a bit smaller.”

   “I did.” she said quietly. “But then my parents decided my little cousin would like having Mr. Snuggles better and gave him away saying I am ‘too old’ for toys.”

Y/N trailed her fingers on the counter and turned towards Kai with her hands folded on her chest. His hands were in his pockets, the picnic basket resting on the ground by his feet. He glanced at his shoes for a second, then at her pursuing his lips and took a step closer with a small smile on his face until they were standing barely a few inches away from each other.

   “Hello? Didn’t you hear me?” said the girl. “We are closed. Jeff! Jeff, hey –” she called out at the security guard.

   “I can win it for you.” said Kai, using his magic to stop the girl. “You know, if you want to have this giant Mr. Snuggles cuddling with you in bed.”

   “I –” she glanced around, her gaze falling on the bear then on the security guard who didn’t seem to notice a thing. Was he asleep or was Kai using magic to keep him from seeing anything? “—I don’t know.”

   “Come on. It will be fun.” he put his hands on her waist, slowly turning her around until they were facing the game and pressed his body against hers from behind, taking her hands in his. “We can do it together.” he whispered in her ear, making her heart and breathing stop for whole five seconds. “What do you say?”

Y/N turned her head towards him and nodded. “Alright –” she said quietly. “But don’t complain if there is no space for you on my bed during your unexpected midnight visits.”

   “Great.” smiled Kai turning towards the girl. “One last game before you close up. My girl wants the large bear and I intend on making that happen.”

The girl smiled at them and handed them five rings. Together they took the first one and sent it flying in the air, almost hooking it perfectly around the bottle, until it got weirdly stuck between two bottles. Not really around the bottle’s neck, but not not around it either.

   “Well, we tried.” sighed Y/N.

   “What?” he said shocked. “No, no. We got four more. Come on, this time we will get it.”

   “No cheating?”

   “No cheating.” he said softly in her ear. They took the next ring, Y/N squinted her eyes and flicked her wrist sending it flying in the air until it hitched perfectly around the bottle’s neck somehow fixing the previous ring’s position too. Then they did the same with the next, and the next and the next each of them sticking the landing perfectly. Y/N turned towards Kai, starring at him with suspicion in her eyes. “What? You said ‘no cheating’. I am not cheating. Don’t you know?” he whispered in her ear. “I always win.”

Y/N’s lips curled into a small smile. “So full of yourself. But we still didn’t –”

   “Says who?” he scrunched his nose for a second. “Five rings around the bottle’s neck.” he turned towards the girl. “We win, right?”

   “Congratulations.” said the girl unhitching the large bear from its place, handing it to Kai before leaning in towards Y/N. “Your boyfriend is a catch.”

   “Thanks.” she said, the corners of her lips twitching for a second. She glanced at Kai who was currently having fun hiding behind the bear, making it send a kiss to her. “But we are just friends.” she sighed.

Kai smiled at her and gave her the bear, watching her smile for the first time the past hour. Y/N hugged Mr. Snuggles while he put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her towards him. Something told him that was the first real time she had smiled the past couple of days too and he felt a peck of guilt for not noticing something was wrong earlier, but he intended on making up for it. He intended on making sure her smile would return permanently on her face and she felt happy again.

   “Ferris wheel or bumper cars?” he asked. “Your choice, sweet cheeks. Tonight, it’s all about you.”

Y/N turned towards him. “Bumper cars. But Mr. Snuggles Junior won’t be joining us. He is not much of a driver… his feet can’t reach the pedals.”

Kai laughed under his breath at her commentary, amazed how even though she was in her twenties and everything she had been through in her life she still had that childhood innocence inside her. “Whatever you say.” he kissed her head, getting the picnic basket in his other hand and they made their way towards the bumper cars.

During the following hours both of them lost track of time having fun all around the fair. Y/N’s smile returned permanently and she laughed more than he had ever heard her laugh since they had met almost a year ago. They had cotton candy and chased each other around and every time he caught her, her smile got wider. Her heartbeat was faster than a hummingbirds’ wings and her cheeks turned rosey, her eyes sparkled like he had never seen them sparkle before while she walked or more like danced around, having fun and smiling. Around midnight they took a small break, having their small picking near by the makeup duck pond, which didn’t have any ducks, until around 3am they finally made their way to the Ferris wheel.

   “Close your eyes.” he said softly, wrapping his arms around her from behind. A blink of an eye later they were at the very top, the seat rocked dangerously for a few seconds while Kai made sure she wouldn’t fall. He put his arm around her shoulders and brushed his nose against her cheek speaking softly in her ear.  “I love seeing you like this.”

   “Like what?” she turned towards him, gazing into his eyes.

   “Happy.” he smiled, almost resting his forehead on hers. “With a smile ear to ear and your eyes sparkling brighter than the stars overhead.”

Y/N took a shallow breath and smiled at him. “It’s all because of you.”

   “Aren’t you glad I kidnapped you from your house and we broke in here?” he asked a little amused.

   “Yeah.” she said, “I’ll definitely never forget a second of it –” her eyes widened suddenly and she jumped up so fast, if it wasn’t for him she would’ve fallen to the ground. “But I may have forgotten Mr. Snuggles at the bumper cars. Oh God.”

   “No.” smiled Kai, pulling her towards him. “He is in the car waiting for you to take him home. Don’t worry.”

   “When did you –” she gazed into his blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

   “While you were busy eating the third round of cotton candy.” he laughed under his breath. “That stuff is dangerous.”

   “Dangerously delicious.” she winked at him, laughing under her breath. “You are the best best friend in history. What would I do without you in my life?” she wrapped her arms around him, both of them starring at the night sky.

It seemed like forever ago, her feeling out of sorts. How it was that Kai always knew how to make her smile and make her feel better? Everyone saw him as someone scary and dangerous but this Kai sitting right next to her was who he really was. Cute and cuddly, just like Mr. Snuggles. A sigh left her lips and she caught a glimpse at a shooting star across the sky. Y/N closed her eyes making a wish when Kai brushed his palm against her cheek, tilting her chin up until their eyes met. For a long moment they just gazed in each other’s eyes and slowly he leaned in towards her, listening to her heart about to leap out of her chest and then he kissed her. Their first kiss was slow and gentle sending butterflies in her stomach while he pulled her towards him, barely able to make his lips part with hers. Then too soon for her liking he pulled away, resting his forehead on hers and gazed in her eyes.

   “What would I do without you in my life?”


Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part C)

A/N: Part 5C 😍 The Three Capsicles, killing it as always. 😂 (And ooooo, are we approaching #SebAva2k17? Hehe, you’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t you now? 😉😏) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B’)

Chris poked his head into the green room and smiled when he saw you talking to Anthony and Sebastian. The three of them were due to speak at a panel in a few minutes, and you were all waiting backstage for the stage manager to come grab them. You’d followed Anthony and Sebastian into the green room after Chris took too long at the vending machine, deciding what kind of candy he wanted. Everyone knew he was going to go for the bag of jellybeans, so why he had to stand there and question every other type of candy was the real question.

“Ed Sheeran, huh?” Chris heard Anthony say and he looked up from his bag of jellybeans, smiling when he thought back to what you called 'the best night of my life’. The three of you were yet to notice your fiancé was in the room as he was still standing in the door. “He’s a pretty talented guy, I can see why you wanted to go. So how was it?”

“It was life changing,” you answered and the guys chuckled at your enthusiasm. “You’ll see how life changing is it when you come to our wedding. I don’t know how Chris did it, but he got Ed-” Both Anthony and Sebastian nodded, hiding their smiles. “Wait,” you chuckled in disbelief, “you guys already know?”

“I believe you were the last one to know,” Sebastian chuckled. “He was making the phone calls on set, in-between takes. It was a very long and winding process, but it was obviously worth it. I mean- look at the smile on your face, Y/N. If I were Chris, I’d worry about you running off with Ed Sheeran at your wedding.”

“As much as I love Ed, there is no-”

“Ah ha!” Chris grabbed you from behind and you jumped, cutting yourself short; Anthony and Sebastian laughed. “I was wondering where you wandered off to, I turned and you were gone.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed when you saw Anthony and Sebastian smirk.

“I never took Chris for a PDA person, but clearly that was before he met the right girl.” Anthony commented and Chris chuckled, releasing you to just simply hold your hand. “It’s cute. A little diabetic,” Anthony said and Sebastian nodded in agreement, chuckling. “But still cute.”

“You guys are real couple goals,” Sebastian smiled at how happy the two of you looked together. He couldn’t help but wonder when he was going to find that level of perfection and security in his own love life. “That’s for sure.”

Like Chris had planned, the two of you flew from Boston to Salt Lake City to join a small handful of his 'Infinity War’ cast speaking at a panel for Comic-Con. Most of them- like Chris- only had one panel to speak at and one photo-op session to appear at. The events were scattered over the weekend, and though some only had a one day commitment at Comic-Con- they were allowed to have Thursday morning until Monday afternoon. Hence why Chris planned a very long weekend with you; from Boston to see your future house and Ed Sheeran, to Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

Chris had also got Ava a plane ticket and a VIP pass to Comic-Con- which was really thanks to Sebastian. Unfortunately, her class schedule kept her from coming along. She wanted to, boy- did she want to knowing Sebastian was going to be there, but sadly, the fall quarter started on a Friday which was a day where she had class. You were lucky because your classes started on Monday, and Chris promised he’d have you back before then. That and your parents weren’t as strict with you when it came to you pursuing your passions, whereas Ava’s parents were. They’d warned her if she skipped any classes, especially after they finally agreed to let her give up law and study acting, they’d kill her and bring her body back to England. Neither of you wanted that, so she reluctantly declined Chris’ and Sebastian’s kind gesture and stayed home instead.

You could still remember the look on her face when you were leaving for Boston, she was so upset that you offered to skip Salt Lake City and come home after Ed Sheeran in Boston. But she urged you not to, making you promise you’d FaceTime from Salt Lake so she could take a look around and talk to Sebastian. Speaking of, he looked oddly bummed when you and Chris turned up at breakfast without a third person. Neither of you knew why Sebastian was so looking forward to meeting Ava because neither of you knew he’d spoken to Ava before, but then you both found out and your hearts leapt for the possibility of them being a couple.

Sebastian was single now, which meant that he was available for Ava. It was probably a little too soon for him to move on, but it was nice to throw Ava into the mix. They could start off as friends, like you and Chris did and see where things went from there. It would be a dream come true for both Ava, and you and Chris to have Sebastian be together with Ava. It’d be fun to have couple best friends, have them be the godparents of your future children and the two of you be the godparents of their future children. Of course, Chris didn’t think about any of this until you fed him the ideas. But once you did, he could not stop trying to sell Ava to Sebastian, subtly- of course, or so your fiancé thought; the man was not good at subtlety. You told him to stop, and took the reins instead because subtlety and manipulation? Well, that was your wheelhouse.

“Thanks, Seb.” You smiled at Chris, then at him. “I’m sure one day soon, it’ll be Chris and I looking at you and your partner calling the two of you couple goals.” Sebastian chuckled wearily, nodding with false pretenses. “Aw, don’t be like that.” You reached for his arm and gave it a light squeeze. “You’re amazing and you’re going find someone just as amazing to love you.”

“I knew I should’ve gone to Sydney with Chris,” he joked and you laughed, pulling your hand away. Chris tried not to smile as he pursed his lips at Sebastian, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap an arm around you instead. “Oh relax, it’s a joke,” Sebastian chuckled and Anthony laughed. “Y/N’s only got eyes for you anyway. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“Unfortunately for you, Sebastian,” you chuckled, lifting your head to plant a tender kiss on Chris’ jawline; an act of affection Chris smiled at. “It is one hundred percent true. Don’t worry,” you smiled at Sebastian, “I’m sure you’ll find someone. If you don’t, my matchmaking skills are always at your service.” You tried not to smile at the excitement in Sebastian’s eyes which he hid perfectly; you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t know what you did. “When you’re ready, just hit me up.”

“I will,” Sebastian nodded, smiling.

“We’re ready for you guys.” A man with a clipboard and a communication system attached to his right ear walked over. Anthony, Sebastian, and Chris nodded; the first two followed the man, whereas your fiancé secretly held back so he could say a quick goodbye to you. “You’re going to…” Chris’ instructions faded as the three disappeared around the corner.

“And you say I’m not subtle,” Chris chuckled into your hair when he planted a kiss on the top of your head. You just smiled as a response, which made Chris laugh harder as he pulled away from you. “C'mon, weirdo.” He took your hand and pulled you with him as you walked in the direction the three had gone in. “You can sit side stage and listen to your favorite Marvel trio talk.”

“I think you mean 'The Three Capsicles’,” you reminded him of the nickname you made up for them and he laughed. “And don’t say 'Sam hasn’t been in ice before, it doesn’t work’ because I know that. I already told you he’s a Capsicle because he’s cool and part of team Cap.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Says the guy who’s been called a 'stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork’,” you reminded him and he burst out, laughing. It was funny when he read it on Jimmy Kimmel’s segment 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, and it was funny every time you reminded him. “You’re lucky you’re cute, otherwise I wouldn’t love a stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork like yourself.” You teased him, then giggled when he pulled his hand out of your to wrapped an arm around you and squeeze you tightly against him. He pressed his lips against the side of your head, then whispered with a smile on his lips.

“I’m lucky to have you love me, period.”

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Part 5D

Yea…so more angst for this dude. Cos…I just can. Sorry @sgarrett49​, tho, this is less angst for him and much more for the reader. 

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

You Deserve It

You knew it. You just fucking knew it!

Sam had dragged you out to a shitty little parties, like he always did.

You hated being here. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to support him, but it just bored you to death. 

You left with Sam when he left John and Dean. 

You understood. Sure…deep down you thought he was selfish. But he was your boyfriend. Had been for almost three years, so you supported him and never voiced your concerns or opinions. 

But recently, Sam had been different. 

One day, he became slightly more distant. More reserved and closed off. 

Then, he was happier than you’d seen him in a while. 

At first, you were glad. 

Sam was getting back to normal. 

But then you realized, it wasn’t for you. 

The thoughts raced through your mind, and they’d just been confirmed. 

She walked through the door. 

That Jessica girl. 

She was in his class and he spoke of her constantly. 

You weren’t the type to be so easily threatened, but you could tell something was up with her and Sam. 

Now you knew. 

Sam was in love with her. It was the way his eyes shined, the smile on his face, bigger than any he’d sent you for a few months now. 

You knew they were getting close. He’d come home late, stay behind and meet up with her constantly. 

The way she looked at him told you she felt the same too. 

The next few hours were the most awkward and heartbreaking in your life. 

It was the way all their attention was on each other. 

You were here with Sam, yet you felt like a third wheel with your own boyfriend. 

The little get together finally finished as you watched Sam and Jessica walk out together. 

You stood by the car, waiting as you watched him hug her. 

It was a little too tight, his hands gripping her hips as she inhaled his scent. 

You couldn’t help but wonder, had he cheated?

In your heart, you knew Sam wouldn’t do that. He wasn’t the type. 

But, he had fallen in love with someone who wasn’t you. So you wouldn’t put it past him. 

As you watched him walk over, a grin on his face, you knew exactly what you were gonna do. 

Tonight, once he fell asleep, you were leaving. You weren’t going to stay with someone who didn’t want you, no matter how much you wanted him. 

Then, you’d move on. Maybe meet up with Dean. He always was your best friend. 

All you knew was, after tonight, Sam Winchester would be a stranger to you. 

And when everything went up in flames, and you knew it would, you wouldn’t be there to support him. 

Because if Sam Winchester could forget about all the years you were there for him, for some stiff bitch, he was practically dead to you. 

And when he’d find you later in life, begging you to help him, save him, that he missed you, well, you’d slam the door in his face and live your life happily. Because Sam Winchester deserved all the pain he got for breaking your heart. 

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AHS Imagine - Hotel Cortez


“7…8…9 and…10!”

Your feet naturally padded down the familiar halls you’ve grown to love. Your mother—an angel in your innocent eyes, was in fact a drug addict, resulting in your current temporary living standards. She would brush you and your younger brother from the room so she could ‘Rest’, and during that time you would play hide-and-go-seek.

You pushed your dainty body between the ice machine and the open hallway. Your brother’s heavy footsteps passed the vacant hall you hid in. Hiding places were a challenge, the halls had no corners or little spaces you could crouch in, and the hall you chose was completely out of use…so you couldn’t sneak into a room even if you wanted to. But thankfully for your slim shape you slipped into the small space, hoping your brother wouldn’t catch you. It came as a surprise to you that the hotel even had an ice machine, but you questioned no further as it was a perfect hiding spot.

Hide-and-go-seek was always more fun in your old home, stairs and little rooms were throughout the house—but what really made the game fun was when your father joined. That was until your final game in that house. Your father decided to hide outside, you spent hours of your time searching under every branch and every little hole you could find.

you never found him.

Sometimes you prayed that he was still hiding, but the reality of it all…he left. You were 12; you weren’t oblivious…you knew your mother was unstable, and you knew he wasn’t going to come back… all you wanted to do was convince your mother that the worst was over. 

Your brother’s shadow fell on top of your crouched figure, to contain your giggles, you covered your mouth.

“Found you!” He squealed, and in one swift movement you were out of the small space and running into the delta of the halls.

Everything suddenly became a blur, your vision a congregation of shapes, finally became stable as the blood rushed from your head. Although you were slim, your underweighted body was the reason for your lack of stamina. Your eyes trailed beside the oddly designed walls, all-changing as you turned corners. Your brother—fit for his age, was right on your tail.  A quick turn down another hall sent your brother to an alarming halt. While your brother backtracked into the hall, you took the opportunity to push your feet to their maximum. Your feet begged for a small rest, as they stung every time you stepped. Looking back, you noticed your brother picking up the pace, with a smirk mischievously forming on his lips. Midway during your attempt to turn your head back, your face collided with a hard surface.

Jolting back from the impact, a hand helped you regain balance. Your brother’s shoes behind you slowly skidded on the carpet floor to a stop. You looked forward but had to tilt your head up because the man in front of you was much taller than you were.

“Y/N, running in my halls again I see?” He questioned, making his raised eyebrow show slight irritation.

“Right…sorry Mr. March, I promise it won’t happen again” You flashed him the same smile you gave him the last time you were in this position,

“That smile seems alarmingly familiar, I’m assuming this will be a daily routine?” Mr. March tried to hold his firm stare, but let a small smile crack… feeling bad for being so harsh on you.

“Sorry Sir,” You mumbled, looking down at your shoes,

“Sir? You make me feel old,” His chuckle made the atmosphere more complacent,

“Look up child, a lady keeps her head high…and her hands out of her pockets” Your gaze fell on your hands that were stuffed into your jean pockets, you quickly removed them and placed them on your sides.

“Ah, that’s better” He smiled, placing his hand on your shoulder,

“Promise me you won’t break anything?” He smirked,

“Especially that vase, oh…it must be as old as me,” He eyed the vase that was placed accurately in the corner of the hall.

“I’ll make sure to break that first” You replied, giving him another smile.

“Well, it didn’t mean that much to me anyway”

Your brother walked up to you and Mr. March, rather impatiently.

“Right…well I’ll leave you two to continue to cause ruckus in my halls,” Mr. March leaned on his cane, placing all his weight on it… your eccentric mind thought of it breaking and Mr. March falling on his face…hearing him uncomfortably mumble;

“…Oh my!”

A giggle left your lips and Mr. March studied your sudden outburst.

“What is it child? Is it something on my face?” He wiggled his moustache resulting in another giggle,

“Nothing Sir…I mean Mr. March, we’ll see you later!” You said before running down the hall, followed by your brother.  


          The stay at the Hotel Cortez was temporary; your mom finally admitted her problem and found treatment shortly after. You were 22, in your third year of university and living under your own roof…

“It’s a long drive boo,” Your mother said over the phone,

“Stop at motel or something, a day late won’t kill anyone”

You placed your phone between your shoulder and ear as you made a turn,

“Are you sure? If I drove all night I would probably make it by 7” You asked,

“Are you crazy!? Stay at a Hotel Y/N, I don’t want you driving this late” a groan left your lips,

“But mommm” You whined,

“What did I say about whining? Stay at a hotel and we’ll meet Sunday, night!” And with that, the line went dead.

Arguing with your mother was pointless, when she had her mindset; there was no trick around it, your arguments usually ended with;

“Y/N, I brought you into this damn world and I can take you out!”

You found an empty hotel parking lot and decided to stay there for the night. Locking your car, you dragged your suitcase to the entrance of the Hotel.

Once you entered, the familiar scent filled your nose…it was the Hotel Cortez. The sign was faintly flashing its name, and the outside was slightly renovated. You were surprised you didn’t realize it was the Hotel from the beginning, which embarrassed you.

“Y/N” The sweet voice of Liz Taylor filled your ears, her smile welcomed you.

“Liz” You greeted, as you were pulled into a comforting hug,

“It’s been 10 years, where on earth did you disappear to?” Liz poured a drink but stopped before the liquid left the mouth of the bottle,

“You’re over 20 right?” She eyed you, impatiently shaking the bottle,

“Yes Liz, I’m 22” You replied,

“Then how the hell old does that make me?” Liz questioned, before pouring the liquid into the glass,

In one swift gulp, the glass was empty,

“Thanks for the drink Liz, but I better get going” You jumped off the stool and headed to the receptions desk.

A familiar greeting came from Iris—minus the booze, but she happily gave you the room you shared with your mother and brother, 10 years ago.

Making your way out of the elevator and into the native hallway, you hear heels lightly scrape the floors,

“The linins! I can get these stains out! Don’t worry sir, you wont even know they were there!” Ms. Evers trotted from the corner and scurried past you,

“Y/N, good to see you again” she said, almost completely out of breathe, and in seconds her small frame was around another corner, and out of your sight.

Ms. Evers was always in a hurry, and frankly very fidgety, but one thing you knew was whenever you saw Ms. Evers, Mr. March followed right after.

“Ms. Evers! Don’t forget to bring extra sheets! This ones going to be one hell of a me-“

Mr. March stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on you, his face stayed baffled as you slowed to a stop.

“What was that, Sir?” Ms. Evers returned, popping her head from out of the corner,

“Nothing” Mr. March said quietly. Ms. Evers sighed and headed back towards the direction she came from.

“Young Y/N,” He greeted with a sloppy smile,

“I’m surprised you actually came back…I mean this hotel is marvellous but…” He trailed off,

“You’re back” the sloppy smile stayed,

“How did you know it was me?” You giggled, stepping forward,

“Even a blind man could remember you, and he would say how gorgeous you’ve become”

Biting his lip, he skipped forward; his hot breath touched your skin, sending shiver’s to dance down your spine. His secretive aura was always something that intrigued you, even when you were small.

Mr. March reached for your hand, and placed a gentle kiss on it. His gesture wasn’t the reason for the butterflies in your stomach, it was his eyes that discreetly watched you as he did, and you couldn’t help but feel your heart pound.

“Care for a drink?” His hand stayed locked with yours, lightly caressing the back of your hand.

“I would Mr. March but—“

“James” He corrected,

“James,” you amended,

“But, I have to leave early tomorrow to visit my mom, I’m sorry” You said, removing your hand from his grasp,

“Very well,” he inhaled sharply, and exhaled.

“Y/N” he said, regaining hold on your hand,

“You know you’re always welcomed into my hotel? This can be a place of comfort if you’d like…free of charge” He emphasized the last part, by giving you a warm smile.

“I normally don’t do this but, there’s something about you,” his voice softened, as his hand found your hips,

“You’ve become such a beautiful young lady, Y/N,” With his free hand, he placed loose strands of hair behind your ear, and gently cupped your cheek,

“You’re simply exhilarating, my darling” James held his bottom lip between his teeth, and his eyes bounced from yours to your lips.

“Such a gentle soul” 

The sudden urge to kiss him, or even watch as he felt the same surprised you. The moment you saw him, as unquestionably yet questionably youthful he looked, you felt your heart race, it was something unexplainable, and simply something you couldn’t understand. Soul mates were something you never believed in, but what you felt made you question the whole myth of it all. 

How was he still young? His looks remained unchanged since the last time you saw him…10 years ago.

“How are you still young?” the question left your lips without notice, that was until his expression changed to astonishment.

He looked down,


“You’ve seen enough evidence to know what’s impossible becomes very possible here” He said, lifting his head,

“I’m not what you think I am, but I was once,” He continued. You tried to remove yourself from his grasp, but he held tighter,

“I died, in 1925” The sentence rendered you speechless, as if you felt his hands turn ice cold as he said that.

“But, my feelings for you would not have changed, dead or alive,” He added, releasing his grip, but kept it firm…in a reassuring way.

“You made me feel loved, when you were just a girl, you weren’t scared of me, you treated me like no one ever treated me before,” He swallowed hard, you saw the hope in his eyes that you would listen to him,

“And now, a grown woman, seeing you tonight made me realize what those feelings really were” His voice was low, but quiet. 

You’ve never seen him like this, he was always the energetic, yet odd owner of the hotel, who you considered a friend when you were younger, but now…you considered being more.

“Y/N,” He said, with his hand still on your cheek, and his breath still hitting your skin.


“Sir!” He was cut off; his jaw clenched as he hesitantly removed his hands from your skin,

“What is it Ms. Evers” He answered, irritably.

“The sheets” she said, uneasily.

“Right” He whispered.

“I must head off,” He continued, caressing your cheek quickly with his thumb,

“It was nice seeing you again,” You smiled, breaking the silence,

“It’s always a pleasure” His eyes fixated on you, he leaned on his cane and gave you a wink before walking past you, whistling almost inaudibly.

“I do hope we can continue this…if you ever consider returning”

“My offer still stands,” He said,

“Goodnight, young Y/N” he chimed to you. You turned to return the dismissal but his figure was nowhere in sight, but somehow, if you listened carefully…his soft whistles permeated your ears.


I thought of doing a part 2 but idk idk idk. 

Imagine meeting Chris at the Oscars.

A/N: Okay, so this was a request from @joeidevivre I could see something like this when I watched it too, just didn’t think to write one. So thanks for requesting, it definitely pushed me to write it. It also gave me an idea for another series seeing as my other series might be coming to a close soon. 😢 And I know I know, “why is the reader a writer again?” Well- that’s my passion and what I know. (I’m sorry 😐) Anyway, enjoy. I’d love to get some feedback so I know if it’s a series worth pursuing. X

“This way, everybody.” The tour guide called, holding up a hand to make sure you could all see him as he led his group off the bus and towards the Dolby Theater. “Let’s keep it moving, we’re on a tight schedule.” He reminded the group for what felt like the hundredth time.

“The Dolby Theater!” Iris, your best friend who was visiting from the UK and the reason you were on a tour in your city, squealed. “This is where they hold the Oscars,” she nudged your arm with her elbow and you nodded, mocking her with fake excitement. “I’m glad you’re excited,” she teased, trying not to laugh.

Your best friend knew you’d much rather be at home working on your script than on a bus tour with her; a script that was hopefully going to one day take you inside the Dolby Theater as an honored nominee. You’d always been passionate about writing as a child, but it wasn’t until you turned twenty that you decided you wanted to pursue it as a career. For the past three years, you’d been studying film and media with a major in directing and screen writing. You’d recently graduated with an opportunity of a lifetime thanks to your professor who saw great potential in you; she got you a meeting with Paramount Pictures. So yeah, you’d much rather be at home working on a script that was possibly going to make or break your future.

“I have a lot riding on that script, Iris,” you reminded her.

“I know, Y/N,” she looped her arm with yours. “But you’re also stressed beyond recognition. You need a break, you’re going to burn out your brain before you even finish that script. You’ve still got another six months, you can afford one day off.” You sighed, but said nothing because she was right. “Plus- you should really get to know your home ground.”

“I know my home ground, I’ve been living in Los Angeles for as long as I can remember.”

“I meant the Dolby Theater,” she corrected you, smiling. “You’re going to be here a lot once Paramount and Hollywood sees how freaking talented you are.” A smile creeped onto your face when she said that. “C'mon,” she chuckled, pulling you along to get ahead of the rest of the group. “Let’s go get acquainted with the stage.”

Inside the theater, the stars sat quietly in the dark waiting for your arrival. You’d been so lost in your work that you’d completely forgotten that the Oscars were today and you were about to walk into the event thanks to Jimmy Kimmel’s elaborate plan to surprise unsuspecting tourists, and you- a Los Angeles local.

“Why is it so dark in here?” You asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” Iris replied in the same hush tone. “Maybe it’s pa-” The lights came on and hundreds of familiar famous faces smiled at all of you. “Oh my God,” her grip tightened on your arm. “Y/N!” Your breath hitched in your throat when you realized where you were. “We’re at the Oscars! We’re at the freaking Oscars!”

“I’m going to buy you all the ice-cream in the world after this,” you told her.

“Hello!” Jimmy Kimmel smiled. “Welcome to the 89th Academy Awards, would you like to come in and meet everyone? C'mon, this way.” He beckoned his head for your group to follow him; you and Iris were third and fourth in line, right behind a lovely couple who told you they were about to get married when you met them earlier. “I’m sure you all know everyone here.”

You felt breathless as you walked past the best actors and actresses in the industry, all the people you hope you’d get to work with one day. You couldn’t believe it, you were actually in front of them and they were smiling at you. You nearly passed out when you saw Octavia Spencer, who was an actress you loved and admired. You felt your heart skip a beat when you saw Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep in the flesh, who were just legends in Hollywood. You got to shake hands with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and you thought your knees were going to give way. But nothing compared to what happened next, what happened next had you in another dimension.

“Hi there,” Jimmy greeted you, shaking your hand which was undoubtedly clammy. “Are you enjoying yourself?” You nodded, unable to find the words to express your joy as you scanned the vicinity for the actor you wanted to see the most; Chris Evans. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you told him, shifting your gaze back to Jimmy so you didn’t appear rude. “I’m so starstruck right now, thank you so much for this opportunity.” You knew it was because of him as he was the host, but you also knew it was thanks to Iris; it was why you promised her all the ice-cream in the world after this. “This is- it’s amazing,” you chuckled breathlessly.

Chris smiled as he watched you interact with Jimmy, you were the one amongst many that captivated him. He didn’t know what it was about you, you were very pretty but- it was more than that. You had this aura about you that enticed him, that made him want to get to know you. It killed him a little that this was where he was seeing you, because there was no way he’d get to approach you like he would be able to at a coffee shop or a bar.

“It is amazing,” Jimmy nodded, smiling. “But I think I can make it even more amazing, who is your favorite actor?” He asked and you choked on your breath. “I saw you scanning the crowd earlier,” he commented and you blushed deeply; you didn’t know you were being that obvious. “Who were you looking for?”

“Chris Evans,” Iris answered for you and Chris heart leapt into his throat when he realized he was your favorite actor. “She is in-love with Chris Evans, she’s seen all his movies and she runs like a Tu-” She cut herself off and pressed her lips together when she saw you shoot her a warning glare.

“Chris?” Jimmy looked over to where he was sitting, in between Scarlett and his sister, Shanna. “Do you want to come up here and give her a hug?” He asked but Chris was already on his feet. “The girl’s in love with you, for crying out loud. Come up here, man.”

“Oh my God,” you whimpered nervously as you watched Chris make his way through the row of seats towards you. “Iris, am I dreaming?” You asked her, squeezing her arm. “There is no way that Chris-” You stopped talking when he stopped in front of you, looking mighty fine in his blue tux. “Hi,” you breathed.

“Hi Y/N,” he flashed his heart fluttering smile, not that you could focus on it because you were so lost on the fact that he remembered your name. “Are you okay?” He chuckled softly, placing a hand on your arm; another whimper escaped your throat. “You look nervous, don’t be. We’re only human,” he told you.

“You’re Captain America,” you blurted out and immediately wanted to slap yourself, but Chris laughed which made you feel better. “I’m such a huge fan, you are just so talented. I loved your work in ‘Before We Go’, I thought your directing was-” Before you could finish what Chris was dying to hear, Jimmy interrupted.

“Sorry, but we have to keep it moving,” Jimmy felt a little bad though he didn’t show it; he could tell there was something going on between you and Chris from the look the both of you had in your eyes. “One hug, Cap, then you gotta let her go.” He teased Chris and Chris felt slight heat in his cheeks whereas your cheeks burned.

“She’s a writer,” Iris told Chris over your shoulder as he wrapped you into his arms for that one hug. “She’s got a contract with Paramount Pictures,” she informed him and he smiled gratefully; that piece of information would make things easier for him to look for you, and he definitely wanted to look for you once he left tonight.

“It was nice meeting you, Y/N,” Chris told you when he pulled away. “Good luck with your contract, I’m sure you’re going to do really well. Just remember to take a step back and breath when you get stressed or nervous, don’t give up, and whatever you’re scared of- push yourself into it. It’s what I tell myself every time I start a new job.”

“Thank you,” you smiled. “That’s really good advice.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Jimmy ushered you, Iris, and the rest of the group along.

You looked back and smiled at Chris who couldn’t take his eyes off you; he smiled back then winced when he realized he didn’t get your last name or got to tell you that if you ever needed a director, he was available. But he smiled anyway as he made his way back to his seat because he knew what you looked like, he had your first name, and he knew you were a writer who had a contract with Paramount. Those were enough details to find you, and if it weren’t- he could always turn to the internet for help; there was no way his sweet interaction with you wasn’t going to circulate the web after tonight. Either way, he was ready to find you.


Tags will be open if this becomes a series.

Sehun Mafia AU
Genre(s): Smut/fluff/angst/gore/suspense/drama
warning:some things may be unsuitable for younger readers any triggering or sexual scenes will be starting after “***” is read.

— Let’s start off this little whatever it is if it get good views or whatever or people are interested I’ll make it into an entire series prewarning: the intro is going to be choppy just so I can like start the interesting stuff sooner–

“UHHHHH” you cry out as you throw yourself onto the couch after a long day at work. You roll off onto the floor feeling the thin layer of sweat covering your body stick to the couch. “ew” you state crawling over to the small wooden table lifting yourself up. You walk over to the bathroom flicking on the light you strip off all your clothes , and step into a nice cool shower. You finish up stepping out to a phone call from your best friend “BITCCHHH. LET’S GO OUT TONIGHT PLEASE ITS SATURDAY NIGHT AND WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING I WILL DRAG YOUR ADS OUT OF THAT HOUSE BY YOUR HAIR DON’T PLAY WITH ME.” you roll your eyes muttering something along the lines of ok and chill the fuck out.

You walk out of your house to meet your friend wearing a pair of black leather shorts, high heels and a black sequence top that has a band that wraps around the neck, attire you never wear on a normal day or wouldn’t think of wearing. You guys arrive at the club she was chattering about the whole drive there. She knew you hated clubs but the atmosphere there was really hype but still cool, and calm a great way to end the day. You walk over to the bar ordering a shot of tequila as your friend makes her way to the middle of the dancefloor, you toss that back heading over to the dance floor to eventually meet up with your friend. You away your hips to the hypnotic thumping music blaring it’s way across the club. You feel a body slide behind yours a semi-hard buldge pressing against your back. You turn around facing the stranger with a sneer taking your bad mood out on him “excuse me sir but I think you misplaced your dick. it doesn’t belong near me at all, actually you don’t either now shoo pest” you turn back around flicking your hair in his face as you turned. A small part of you feeling bad for your words due to your normal softer nature. The man walks past you bumping into you roughly causing you to fall to the side “watch out jackass” you yell out to him as he throws up his middle finger in your direction. You laugh to yourself walking back over to the bar needing another shot a small headache already making it’s way to the center of your forehead. You order another shot of tequila just as you are about to shoot it back the same man from earlier shoves past you causing you to spill your drink on the unlucky person behind you. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to. This guy jus-” you begin spill out a string of apologies when you stop dead in the middle of sentence when you get a good look at your unexpected victim.

He’s a tall, thin faced man with small lips that look a soft pale pink in the club lights. His dark hair is slicked back slightly just so that none of it is falling on his forehead, he’s dressed in a dark suit that seems too dressy for the club you are in now. His face is set in a annoyed face, his lips pursed together and his legs spread out with a dark wet stain coating his lap which you knew to be your drink. His eyes flick up at you as he begins to speak “Excuse me. Do you got any idea what you just did. This is my good suit. By the looks of it you wouldn’t be able to afford the dry cleaning bill either. Watch what you are doing women.“ His face twists into a disgusted sneer as he faces you fully. He’s handsome you think to yourself but you quickly ignore that fact after hearing him speak to you. “Ha? Women? Excuse me Man but watch your tongue. I Don’t know what kind of people you are used to talking to like that but it definitely is not me. Enjoy your wet pants Man.” You turn around and begin to walk away before he grabs you by your wrist. “I think not. clean it. Use your mouth if you have to I don’t care. Obviously it seems like that’s your profession based of your attire.” You reared your hand back smacking him loudly across the face. Three men jump up ,one grabbing your arm holding it painfully behind your back the second putting his hand in his jacket the third turning to face the rude man “Young Master you ok? Do you need us to get rid of her?” The man referred to as Young Master grabbing his cheek clicking his tongue “tch stupid women.” He stands up grabbing your face “touch me again and I will END you. Got that? get the hell out of my face before I make you. Stupid bitch.” The man holding your arms throwing you out into the crowd you stumble into the group of gyrating hips and sweat running into your friend. “Let’s go.” You pull her along “What ___? Why? ____? Are you ok?” you guys walk out explaing everything that happened. Her eyes open wide as you described the man. “Wait ____… did he look like this?” she pulls out her phone pulling up a picture of the guy from earlier. “Yea? Why? How do you know him?.” She bites her lip “for starters his name is Sehun. He owns this bar.His father is crazy loaded and scary from what I’ve seen and rumors I heard. I heard he once completely tore some guys house down just for accidentally scratching his car… and um… heh here’s the silly thing…Hes uhh.. supposedly the son of a um.. ya know… maf…ia… boss?” she ends with a small shy smile. You stand there taking in the information you just learned you open up jaw dropping Your friends eyes open like a dear in headlights as you turn around to see Sehun and the 3 men behind you. “Fuck me.” you groan out “Well if you insist” Sehun replies with a smirk.

Unfaithful : Part 31

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

Warnings : so I won’t give spoilers, every chapter could contain mention of blood, death, gore, smut etc… not to mention Negan’s filthy mouth


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Warnings : there’s blood and mention of rape in this chapter.
Didn’t check for misspellings too lmao 😂

“This is how I’m gonna leave this life! Beaten, raped and killed!”

Those words raced in your mind and repeated themselves over and over. Your whole life flashed before your eyes after Jack revealed his intention to rape and kill you.

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 275
summary : Reader gets out Kai of the new Prison World.
*not my gif

Y/N was sitting on the couch checking the clock on her phone waiting for Kai. He was supposed to come over so they can have a proper reunion but he was late. An hour late. All of this was starting to worry her because he’d never make her wait like that. He’d always call , no matter what. Something must’ve happened and no matter how hard she tried , the pit in her stomach grew bigger. She tossed the phone next to her and curled into a ball , pulling a blanket over her legs. A few times she had tried calling him but the call didn’t seem to go anywhere and Y/N wondered if his phone’s battery had died. Just as she was about to try and call him again there was a knock on the door. Her eyes went wide and a smile spread across her face as she jumped up to open it.
“Kai ! Final- . You are not Kai.” she said starring at Bonnie.
“No. Sorry. Can I come in for a minute?”
Y/N stepped away from the door letting her third cousin in. There was something wrong , she could feel it. Carefully she closed the door and turned towards Bonnie who was playing with her hands , smiling nervously at the ground refusing to meet her eyes.
“What did you do to him?” asked Y/N trying hard not to sound angry , her hands crossed on her chest.
Bonnie looked up , a sigh leaving her lips as her head tilted slightly. Somehow Y/N knew what the answer would be , yet she still hoped her friend hadn’t done what she thought he had.
“Where is he ?” demanded Y/N. “Tell me. Now.”
“In a Prison World.” said her friend.
’ What?’ mouthed Y/N , tears starting to gather behind her eyelids. Her initial shock seemed to subside , being replaced by anger.
“Kai tried to kill Lizzie and Josie. He had to be stopped.”
Bonnie took a step towards her , her hands reaching to hug Y/N except Y/N took a step back holding out her hand. Kai was gone. Again. Taken away from her. Again. By the people she called friends , by her family.
Y/N blinked back tears looking at the ceiling, her jaw clenched and she lowered her gaze to meet Bonnie’s , her eyes were burning with fire.
“You did WHAT?” she shouted at Bonnie who tried to hug her again. “No , no. Stay away from me. Get him out now.
“No ? Are you for real?!” scoffed Y/N. “We are family , Bonnie. Do I have to remind you this ?”
“I know and I am sorry but I had to do somet-”
“Stop talking. I can’t even look at you right now !” Y/N interrupted her. “Just because you don’t like him and can’t see the good in him , doesn’t mean other people can’t.”
“There is no good in him Y/N! He is still the same psychopath who killed his entire family.”
“Mhhmm , yeah right.” said Y/N raising her hand and sending Bonnie flying across the room. “And your partner in crime , Damon , is a saint right ? He has never done a bad thing in his life. I do seem to recall he tried to kill you , he has killed dozens of people but you seem to forgive him. How is Kai any different ? What ? Because he was a human at the time and didn’t have the excuse of ‘his humanity switch was off’ ?!”
Y/N’s squeezed her hand in the air chocking her cousin.
“You are such a hypocrite Bonnie! Why couldn’t you bring him to me ? Why couldn’t you let us leave this place and be happy ?” she let go the grip letting Bonnie take a breath. “Damn it Bonnie ! How are you so blind to see it ?”
“To see what Y/N ? That he has brainwashed you into believing he is ‘changing’ ?!”
“Kai hadn’t brainwashed me , cus. We fell in love and if he can love , he has a chance!”
“Even if he loves you , he is still the same psychopath underneath it all.”
Y/N stared daggers at her. “You should’ve never called him that in front of me , Bonnie.”
The next second Bonnie fell on the ground holding her head in her hands.
“Kai is kind , loving … and if you had given him a chance instead of repeatedly screwing him over and literally stabbing him in the back you would’ve seen it.”
Y/N knelt down to her cousin giving her a tissue for the nose bleeds. “Get out. Leave before I decide to cross that line.”
Bonnie got up , shakily walking to the door. She stopped for a moment to take one last look at Y/N who was starring at the ground , tears rolling down her cheeks. Bonnie hadn’t intended on causing her pain by locking away Kai , she just thought that was the best for everyone.
“I’m sorry..” she muttered. Y/N flicked her wrist slamming the door in her face.
Y/N fell on her knees , rolling over to the side , her back against the stair railing. Tears started rolling down her cheeks , a lump had formed in her throat and her heart felt like it was literally being ripped out of her chest. She cried for hours , letting it all out. There was no way she’d lose Kai again. Y/N had Bennett blood and she was witch which meant all she had to do was find the new Ascendant.
“However long it takes.” she muttered, wiping tears away from her cheeks. “I will get you out.

* * *

A month. That’s how long it took Y/N to find where Bonnie had hidden the Ascendant. After that it was the harder part. She needed a celestial event and every minute until the next full moon a week away felt like years to her.

Y/N didn’t sleep the entire night before the full moon the next day, nervous and excited at the same time because that was the day she’d get him out. She glanced at her phone then at the sky - the moon about to hit its apex. Y/N took a deep breath and cut her hand allowing a few drop bloods to fall on the Ascendant ,beginning the spell. It didn’t take long for her to jump through the portal and find herself in the Prison World.
Y/N stood in the middle of town square , looking around the quiet empty streets.
“I did it ! Hah.” she smiled to herself. Now all that was left to do was to find him. She reached in her back pocket pulling out one of his rings (she had kept after the first time she lost him) for the locator spell to find Kai. A few minutes later she already knew where he was. Y/N ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the karaoke bar.

“Kai ?” she called out walking inside looking around searching for him.Then she saw him. Bonnie , or most likely Damon , had chained him to a chair on the karaoke stage. His head had drooped and his skin was grayish. “Kai ! Oh my God !”
Y/N ran towards him muttering a spell unchaining him. She cupped his face lifting it up trying to meet his eyes.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Kai ? Can you hear me ?”
Kai’s eyes met hers , black veins showing under his eyes as his vampire senses caught the smell of her blood. Before she has had time to react his hand had grabbed her wrist and he hungrily sank his teeth into it. Y/N let him feed for a while and when he pulled out she thought that maybe that was it. Instead he pulled her onto his lap in vampire speed seating her sideways and sank his fangs into her neck.
“Kai … Kai stop.” she said trying to push him off her. “You are hurting me p-please stop.” Y/N started feeling dizzy , too dizzy to focus and use a spell to get herself free. A few moments later she blacked out.

A whole month without blood.. Kai hadn’t had a clue how painful dessicating could be. His heart tried to pump whatever blood was left in his veins, his hunger for blood growing stronger with every passing day. In a haze he had heard a familiar voice , felt the chains around him disappear and then the smell of fresh blood took over. Kai couldn’t get enough. As he fed , details from the past few minutes started becoming clearer and clearer , he heard a heart beat .. a very uneven heart beat. He pulled away only then noticing who had been the person to save him and he felt the blood in his veins freeze… her blood. His eyes widened in shock realising what he had done.
“Y/N ? No , no , no , no …” he muttered , his hands cupping her face seeing she was unconcious. Her eyes tried fluttering open when he called out for her. “What did I do ?”
Quickly he bit his wrist bringing it to her lips for her to feed. Fear was starting to take over , the thought of losing her tearing him apart on the inside. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist pulling it closer to her lips and her eyes slowly opened.
Kai had never felt relief like the one in the moment their eyes met again.
“Hey.” he smiled nervously at her , his palm brushing on her cheek and she leaned in towards it. “I … I’m sorry for hurting you. I don’t know what -”
Y/N gazed into his eyes which were now their usual gorgeous blue color , her eyes taking in every inch of his face as if trying to memorize it. Kai looked worried and she knew why but she also didn’t care. All she cared about was that he was there , with her.
“Shut up.”
Her thumb wiping away blood from his chin. He was real. Y/N smiled to herself but he didn’t seem to notice in his panic that he had hurt her.
“Please , listen to me. I am so sor-”
“Shut up and kiss me you idiot.” she smiled at him.
Kai stared at her for a moment. Y/N was smiling. How hadn’t he noticed this ?!
“Did you just call me idiot ?” he teased.
“Just kiss me.” she whispered , snaking her hands around around his neck brushing her palms slightly on his cheek before her fingers tangled in his hair pulling his face closer to hers.
For a moment they gazed into each other’s eyes and then their lips touched. It was like a switch went off somewhere , starting a wild fire igniting every fiber in her body. Kai’s hands pulled her towards him , her body pressing against his as he tried to pull her even closer.
“I missed you so much.” he said breaking the kiss for a second before his lips smashed against hers again. It felt as if it was their first kiss all over again. Kai pulled away resting his forehead on hers , a question nagging at him. “How are you even here ? Did Bonnie send you ?”
Y/N laughed , but there was something different in her laugh. Pain , anger , disappointment. Kai didn’t even know it was possible to laugh and pour those emotions into laughter.
“I stole the Ascendant you dummy.” she said tapping his nose.“Did you really think she’d let me come here ? Nope.” she said serious all of the sudden.
“Then how ? You’d need Bennett blood to do the spell …”
Y/N waved her hand in front of him , the one she had cut and was still covered in her blood. “I’m a Bennett. Surprise !”
His eyes widened. In all the time they had spent together she had never told him this.Y/N didn’t even resemble Bonnie , not in her looks and definitely not in her attitute towards him. For some reason that made him love her even more , but he couldn’t help messing with her either.
“Wow… this changes things.” said Kai pushing her off him with a serious expression. He got up taking a few steps away from her , his back to her.
Y/N took a step towards him , touching his hand and he turned around scooping her up in vampire speed , pushing her against the wall. She was out of breath , only then noticing the grin on his face. Before she has even had the chance to say something , his lips smashed against hers again taking her breath away.
“I love you even more now.” he whispered , his lips colling with hers again in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N’s fingers dug into his hair while he kissed her jaw line , leaving wet kisses on her neck and collarbone. Kai couldn’t get enough of her - her lips , her touch , everything. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” she said , pushing him away for a second. “Don’t you want to get out of here ?”
“I want you , the getting out of here can wait.” said Kai , pinning her hands over her head , his lips assaulting hers.
“The full moon will b-”
“Shhh … No talking.” he whispered smiling , spinning them around in vampire speed until they were both on the floor , Y/N on top for a second before Kai rolled on top of her. “We are getting out , just let me enjoy having you here with me. I thought I’d never see you again.”
“Don’t tell me you doubted I’d find a way to get you out.” she teased.
“Me doubt you? Never.” he smiled before his lips collided with hers again.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

AHS Imagine - Hotel Cortez Part 2.


Part 1

Your mother always assured you that one day you would fall in love, she would say that there was something that brought people together,

“It’s like a puzzle piece my darling, one piece fits with its match…that’s how our hearts work, and that’s what love is”

As a child, you would sneak from your mother’s sight and head towards the streets, sitting on an empty bench and watched couples as they passed you.

Having what mother said minted in your mind, you watched, observing if in fact they were their missing piece. At times you would sit there confused, alerted by pairs arguing, and even separating. You ran home, tears staining your cheeks as you darted into your mother’s embrace. You told her what you saw, and your mother simply lifted your chin with her finger, and gave you a warm smile,

“Darling, its all part of the puzzle game, when couples fight it only means their pieces simply do not fit, and now they can find their match. Don’t be sad, you will encounter people who aren’t for you, and its okay”

As you grew, you began to realize what your mother spoke about. Your first boyfriend, your second, your third, all ended abhorrently. The hope of love at all was slim, you began to think you were the piece that fit nowhere.

Your mother’s wisdom vanished after your father left, but you would always be the one to tell her he wasn’t her piece…and sympathetically, she would agree.


“Darling?”  The call was curious.

“Yes mommy?” You replied, placing down the doll you had just finished grooming. Your mother, ill to the face, propped herself up with her elbows, giving you the same smile she gave you yesterday.

“Could you let mommy rest for a bit darling?” Her voice was weak and attributed her outer appearance…she was weak. No, she was heartbroken.

“Sure…” You got up and tugged your brother along with you, ignoring his whines of irritation you managed to get him out of the hotel room.

“Stop whining! Let mom rest! C’mon lets play hide and go seek” you offered, and your brother, stubborn to the core, finally obliged.

You knew what your mother was doing, hooked on the drugs that stopped her from mourning your father’s absence, it was killing her. 

You and your brother ran down the empty hallways, deciding on which one to play in. Almost inaudibly you heard Ms. Evers complaining to herself, which meant Mr. March was close by.

“Hush up!” You said, yanking your brother back from turning into the corner the voices came from.

“What’s your problem!?” Your brother asked, ripping your grip from his shoulders. You leaned forward and covered his mouth.

“Mr. March” You whispered, placing your finger on your lips. Your brother backed up to the wall as much as he could once he heard Mr. March’s voice leave one of the rooms.

“Clean this up! You know those kids like to play in my halls, as delectable as it is to do this during the light of day we must be cautious.” Mr. March lowered his voice and sighed,

“Off you go” He dismissed Ms. Evers before indulging himself in one of his hums.

“Quick, he’s coming!” You whispered, slapping the glasses off your brother’s face, and threw them down the hall.

“Hey! Gimme-“

“Ah, why am I not surprised to see you two in my halls?” He spoke from behind you,

“Mr. March! I was just helping my brother find his glasses” You replied with a nervous giggle, nudging your brother.

“Yeah…they practically leaped off my nose,” He added, with venom clear in his response.

Mr. March walked past you both and picked up your brothers glasses,

“Well, you wouldn’t want to lose these would you?” He handed your brother his glasses and flashed him a grin.

“Thanks sir,” Your brother mumbled, examining for any damage before sliding them back on with his index finger.

Mr. March nodded and lead himself down the hall, not before he tipped his hat and gave you both a wink.

“Stay out of trouble you two…especially you Y/N, and a little tip,” He paused, leaning forward on his cane.

“There’s no point in lying to me, I hear everything…even if you’re whispering” He whispered, and pushed himself off his cane. You stayed speechless, watching Mr. March casually walk deeper into the hall.

“He’s so weird” Your brother commented, and ran down the now empty hall.

“He’s different.” You corrected to yourself, following your brother… thinking nothing more of it.


Your heart pulsed in your ears as you stepped into the hotel lobby. It was only a few days back when you reunited with James. Your visit to your mothers was longing and agonizing, with the thought of what James said constantly reappearing.

“Look who’s back?” Liz said from behind the receptions desk, she leaned against the wooden desk and smirked.

“Coming for round 2?”

You made your way to where Liz stood and gently placed your bags down.

“Same room?” You asked, flashing her a smile,

“Anything for you, dear” She winked as she handed you the key.

You were back in the familiar halls; turning corners with your strong strides.

“James?!” You shouted, quickening your pace,

“James Patrick March!” You called again, your calls were indisputable with animosity and filled with unease. Your time spent at your mothers was mainly research, of the Hotel and of James.

“I know who you really are,” You said, stopping in your tracks,

“Your name is James Patrick March. You were born October 30th, 1895. You’re a Scorpio, which explains a lot. You’re the greatest serial killer who’s ever lived…” You paused,

“…So this site says,” You added quietly.

“And why do you seem so indisposed by it? Do you not believe what that little screen has to say about me?”

You promptly turned and faced his chest, you had to lift your chin in order to meet his gaze.

“Hello my dear” He said, gently holding your hand,

“Have you considered my offer?”

You snatched your hand from his and slipped it into your pockets.

“My, didn’t we have a conversation about hands being in pockets?” He questioned, shaking his head in disapproval,

“Not very lady like if I may add”

“You’re a murder” Your statement left as a whisper,

“I consider the deed as art, I’m an artist really,” He corrected,

“No, you’re a killer, an executioner, a torturer!” By now you could only imagine what Liz was hearing from your small rant.

“And you thought you could hide that from me?”

James stayed silent.

“Why?” James grew impatient; he stood with his head hung low and his jaw audibly cracking.

“Why would you do that-“

“BECAUSE!” he lifted his head, interrupting irritably.

“I like what I do, I find it normal, the feeling is miraculous, electrifying.” He spoke with such love for what he did, it sickened you.

“But you know what I don’t find normal?” He stepped closer, looking more delirious with every step.


“How the feeling can be the best thing and rapidly turn to the worst. Love is what makes people rabid, delusional…its what breaks people apart and that’s what terrifies me” His solid voice began to soften,

“What I feel, it’s not normal.” He sighed,

You want to know what scares the infamous James March?” his voice quickly rose again, as he inched closer to you.

“Out of all the things darling, it could have been rats, spiders or even the dark… but what burns the pit in my stomach are the feelings I have towards you”

James stopped in front of you, placing his hand gently on your cheek. He leaned in; his hot breath hit your skin. James scanned your eyes,

“It terrifies me,” His shaken voice whispered.

“What have you done to me, young Y/N?”

You stayed silent.

“Do you believe in soul mates, Y/N?” He asked, keeping his hand on your cheek.  

“I believe that everyone is a puzzle piece, and their goal in life is to find their fitting piece” You responded,  

“That’s quite the conspiracy, darling.”

“But do you believe that two people are destined for each other?”

You thought back to all the things your mother had told you, that there was someone for everyone. She would always tell you to take every opportunity life handed to you, because you never know how it could end.


James tilted his head and admired your eyes, before gently locking his lips with yours…something you never thought he was capable of. The kiss showed no desperation or lust, it showed love and compassion, which made you melt in his hold.

“I love you”

The phrase was often used in a lower context, and nothing comparable to what the phrase was meant for.

People use it to express gratitude, or to express friendship. The way James said it was using its full definition— an intense feeling of deep affection—he meant it through every syllable that left his lips.

“You may not believe me now, but let me show you,” he said, resting his forehead on yours.

“Lets start with a drink?” The sentence came out more like a question, but nonetheless you obliged.

The silence as you both walked down the hall was nowhere near uncomfortable or awkward…it was pleasant. Just from the smallest serene moment, you knew his puzzle piece fit next to yours, without ease. And you were finally happy.



How was it? i wrote this while sick IM SORRY.

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Title: The Newest Family Addition

(part two from this original one-shot).

@jasoncrouse requested: I LOVED the one you wrote with my other request, so I was wondering if I could maybe request another one-shot with me, Jason, and Susie where Jason and I are having another baby, and Susie was really excited at first, but as it gets closer to her brother or sister actually being born, she gets worried she’s gonna be replaced and Jason and I will love the new baby more than her, so she’s like ‘do I really HAVE to be a big sister?’ and Jason and I talk to her? Just fluff, fluff, fluff!

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Jen (original female character)
Summary: Jason and Jen tell Susie the good news, but as the months progress and Jen’s baby bump begins to show, Susie becomes anxious that her parents will replace her.
Word Count: 2,265
Warning: Fluff!!!
Author’s Note: AHH! Okay, I live for this pairing now. I just may start a damn series with these two, starting from the day they met until this point of this story because I love them so much. Thank you, @jasoncrouse for requesting all the good fluff! I have such an amazing time writing it! I hope you enjoy this! :-)

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You sat in the hallway outside of your new apartment waiting for the neighbor you were yet to meet to return home. You were hoping it was a guy who was willing to kill or at least get rid of the giant tarantula sitting on your kitchen bench. How it got there- you didn’t know, all you did know was that because of it you’d drop a box of your favorite plates and was now sitting outside on the cold wooden floor of your brand new apartment unable to settle in.

You glanced at your watch. It’d been about two and a half hours since you first spotted it and you were starting to wonder if your neighbor was even coming home. You thought about going downstairs for help but you figured she was about as useful as you when it came to giant spiders as the memory of running into her in the elevator floated back into your mind. She had a pair of six inch Louboutin heels, a fresh French manicure, and a Chanel purse hanging off her arm for crying out loud. You could’ve always asked someone else in the building but you didn’t want to make an embarrassing reputation for yourself quite just yet.

The clock ticked by, just about to reach the third hour when you heard the elevator doors ding open. You looked up and a bearded and very well-built man in a black sweater walked out. You couldn’t see his face because he hid it behind a navy blue cap and a pair of clear plastic Ray Bans sunglasses. Your head tilted slightly as you wondered why those sunglasses looked so familiar. You’d seen those exact pair on someone before, but you couldn’t remember who for the life of you.

The mystery man started to walk towards the door opposite yours. You watched him move, wondering if you knew him from somewhere; there was something about him that reminded you of someone. He was so busy texting he didn’t even notice you sitting on the floor until he tripped over your feet before you could move them out of his way. His head turned your way as you scrambled to your feet, you were about to apologize when he beat you to it.

“Sorry about that,” he winced. “I’ve been told I shouldn’t text and walk.”

Why does even his voice sound so familiar?

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been obstructing the hallway.” You smiled and he mirrored it; you noticed how perfect his teeth was and how heart-fluttering his smile was. “Um- Are you living in that apartment?” You pointed to the door he was standing in front of, only realizing how stupid that question was after you said.

“Yes I am,” he nodded. “Are you the new neighbor?” He asked and you nodded. “I heard someone was moving in across the hall, I didn’t think it’d be a pretty girl.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “I suppose we’re going to be living out a cliché rom-con plot now that I’ve fallen for you.”

“What?” Your eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Oh my God,” he laughed and grabbed his left breast. “That was a really bad joke. Uh- I don’t- I was referring to the tripping and-” he rambled then pressed his lips together to stop himself. “You know what, don’t worry about it because that didn’t make sense at all.”

He’s cute when he’s nervous.

“So what uh- what are you doing obstructing the hallway?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you behind his sunglasses. “Are you locked out of your apartment? You know you can just go down to the lobby and ask for assistance, right? They’re very efficient here, pays to live in a high end apartment complex.”

“Um- actually uh- I was waiting for you,” you admitted then winced when you noticed him tense up.

“Look-” He suddenly didn’t seem as friendly as before. “I enjoy my privacy so if you want a photo and an autograph, I’ll give it to you as long as you promise not to tell people you’re my neighbor. I don’t need people swarming my front door.”

“No!” You held up your hands, trying to calm his nerves even though you didn’t really know what he was going on about. “I was waiting for you to help me kill a spider.” You said and his entire demeanor softened. “I didn’t even know if you were a boy or girl before I decided to wait out here so- whoever you are, you’re safe. I won’t tell anyone I’m your neighbor though I wasn’t planning to considering I don’t know who you are.”

“Oh,” was all he said.

“I can’t even see your face, man,” you chuckled.

“Right,” he pursed his lips. “Well- um- forget I said all that.”

“I would if I could,” you told him and he chuckled softly. “Now I’m curious as to who you are. From what you said I’m guessing you’re an actor. You do look kind of familiar but- it’s hard to tell in real life where I’ve seen you on the big screen. You all look crazy different in person.”

“Have you met many actors?”

“Enough,” you nodded and he waited for an explanation. “Don’t freak out when I say this but- I’m a journalist.” You saw him tense up again. “Oh my God,” you chuckled in disbelief. “I’m a journalist, not paparazzi. I’m more interested in writing about real things so you can calm down.”

“See I don’t know if I should be grateful or offended,” he commented and you laughed. “Well, since you have zero interest in me I might as well introduce myself.” He took his sunglasses off and revealed his face; your jaw dropped almost immediately. “I’m Chris Evans.”

Captain America.

You’re neighbors with Captain America.

Captain America is standing in front of you.

“I take that back,” he smirked at your stunned expression. “Perhaps you do have an interest in me after all.” You couldn’t find the words to respond, Captain America was your new neighbor. “So what’s the headline going to be?”

“If you think I’m going to share you, you’re insane.” You joked and he actually laughed. “Once again, Mr. Evans.” He made a face at that and you took it as a signal to use his first name instead. “I am a proper journalist, Chris. I don’t bother with celebrity gossip, at least not professionally.”

“But when I asked if you’ve met many actors, you said yes.”

“Yeah,” you giggled at his paranoia. “As a fan and not as a journalist, you dumb dork.”

“You’re calling me a dumb dork?” He scoffed and chuckled at the same time. “That’s rich coming from the girl sitting outside her apartment just to avoid a spider.”

“Oh,” you scoffed. “You want to go there? I am a fan of yours, Chris. I know you have a fear of spiders too and if you were me, you’d move houses instead of just sitting outside waiting for someone to get rid of it.”

“Okay, you got me there.” He said then laughed when you did. “But seriously though, have you ever pulled off your covers and seen one in your bed? ‘Cause I have and it was traumatizing.” You giggled. “I don’t know why you’re waiting on me ‘cause there ain’t no way I’m going in there. As pretty as you are, you’re not worth dying for.”

“Ouch,” you chuckled. “Can’t you just get your shield and help a girl out?”

“Hey, when beard’s out-” he pointed to his beard and you chuckled, “Captain America is off duty. I can call a guy for you though, get the place exterminated and cleansed so you’re good to move in without worrying about seeing one hanging out.”

“That means I’m going to have to haul all this stuff to a hotel,” you whined and he chuckled softly. “God, this is not a great start to a new beginning. I was so excited to get unpacked and have a nice hot bath in my new bathtub,” you told him and almost moaned just thinking about it.

“You’re more than welcomed to stay at my place until your apartment is ready,” he offered. “If I call the guy now- he can be here in like twenty minutes and be done by tomorrow. I’ve got a spare bedroom you can use, um-” he stopped talking when he saw how awkward you looked. “I’m being weird, aren’t I? I mean- we just met and I’m offering you a room in my apartment.”

“No,” you chuckled softly. “You’re being as sweet as I imagined you’d be,” you confessed and he smiled. “I just don’t want to imposed considering you like your privacy and have a serious fear of journalists. What will you do when I have to write? You might hover over my shoulder and make sure I’m not writing about you,” you teased him.

“Ha-ha,” he bit sarcastically. “Do you want a place to stay or not? It’ll be more convenient and a lot cheaper than a hotel.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s it cost?” You asked, completely aware you were using a line from The Winter Soldier. From the look on his face, you knew he could tell what he had to say next.

“A cup of coffee?”

“How about dinner instead?” You suggested with a smile.

He nodded then said, “see.” His smile grew wider as he continued, “I told you we were going to live out a cliche rom-com plot.” You stifled your laughter. “You know what, I changed my mind. I think I do like spiders after all 'cause they’re one hell of a wing man.”

Dumb dork.

Kozik cheats for anon! Hope you like it!


You don’t know how you hadn’t noticed it by now, honestly. It’s so blatantly obvious that there’s something wrong in your relationship when Kozik doesn’t come home at night anymore. He’ll claim he had to be at the clubhouse or something important and eventually, he started to run out of excuses.

But now that you’re standing here watching him lock lips with some girl that obviously isn’t you, it dawns on you that this is why he hasn’t been home. This is why he’s smelled of some other girls perfume, it being way too strong for your liking. That was the first clue.

The second clue came when he’d have random hickies on his collarbones, obviously in places he’d try to hide. But you ignored it because well, you like to put hickies there too. It was dumb to make up excuses for him.

The third clue was when you found her panties in with his clothes from a run. Normally it’d be just fine because they look like a pair of yours, but the fact is you’re a size medium, and these are extra small. You still made up excuses for him.

The fourth clue, well, his skipping out on you to stay at the clubhouse. Constant excuses as for the club needing him to keep watch or things of the sort.

The last clue is right in front of your face, their lips locked together and his hands touching at intimate parts of her body. Should you cry or laugh? You really don’t know.

Kozik doesn’t seem to notice you at all, too engrossed in shoving his tongue down this whores throat. You wonder if this actually hurts you or not, if your heart is breaking on the inside or if you knew all along this was happening.

Some of the guys are watching you, eyes wide as he grip tightly at your purse. Since your car had broken down, he’d offered to let you borrow his truck to get around, and with the keys gripped tightly in your hand, you make your way over. You dump them into what’s obviously her drink, it disturbing the both of them.

The moment Kozik catches your eye, his widen and he moved back from the girl a little, clearing his throat. “Y/N?” He asks and you just nod. “Just came by to drop your keys off. My cars fixed thanks to Tig.” You say, shrugging your shoulders. “I’ll leave you be. Your things are in the back of your truck.” You add and Kozik runs a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry.” Kozik starts and you just hold up a hand, taking the beer on the table. “Hope you two are happy.” You smile and take a large drink from the beer before heading out to your car. No one follows you, Kozik doesn’t come running after you. And that answers your last suspicion.

He doesn’t love you anymore.

Hope I’m not too late to put in my work for the Zephyr Appreciation Week. Might be a bit sketchy, I was in a rush to complete this since I was away for most of this week.

Zephyr was my third Warframe since joining 3 years ago. I spent a lot of time on Mag, then Frost, however I was really excited when I got my hands on Zephyr.

One of the few Warframes back then who had a passive, and who could maneuver to difficult places with ease (before the Pakour 2.0 update). Farming her was difficult back when I didn’t have many weapons to chose from; the Oxium Ospreys that blew up in my face didn’t have a dent in their armour most of the time.

With the release of the Hagoromo TennoGen skin, I immediately went straight back to playing her for a while, it was a great addition that brought her to fame for a short time. It’s sad to see that she isn’t as popular, but she’ll always be one of my favourites.