and her dancing is epic

Taylor Swift released no solo material in 2016, but she still dominated as a songwriter. And while these two songs are wildly different — her ex-boyfriend Harris cut a dance-floor epic; Little Big Town crooned a perfect country ballad — both cement her as one of her generation’s finest songsmiths.
—  Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Best Song’s of 2016 included two written by Taylor Swift at number 11 “Better Man" and number 10 “This Is What You Came For”

hahaha okay but….

captain america: the winter soldier ballet au

rival dance companies hydra and shield preparing for a big competition.

steve, the principal dancer for shield, getting into more and more arguments with director fury.

struggling with ballerina!natasha and their grand pas de deux because he doesn’t know if he can trust her and it translates into the dance. 

getting to know and befriending a former dancer sam wilson who is sunshine and rainbows and everything good in the world and got out before he got hurt and steve envies that.

epic shit talking between steve and “the winter soldier” - hydra’s principal dancer, haha what a pretentious title so lame amirite - before a competition 

and then

who the hell is bucky?

what do you mean who the hell is bucky there is no bucky there’s just buckyandsteve the two best dancers of the howling commandos studio way back in the day, only the boy who inspires steve to keep dancing every single day, haha only the goddamn love of steve rogers’ life. but like, lowkey.

i just……marvel ballet au

someone should write this.

and by that i mean i’ve added it to my to-do list and i’m crying because i have so much to do but i wANT TO WRITE THE THING.