and her cup

London Fog

Genre: Secret Admirer One-Shot/Suga POV

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: He works at a coffee shop. She works at a tea shop. Maybe it’s true what they say about opposites attracting.

A/N: This is my submission for the @kwritersnet​ February Prompt Event. I had a lot of fun daydreaming about this while working at my tea shop… ;) thanks to @ssconce for giving me helpful feedback <3

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The first time I saw her, she had braids in her hair. Her lips were pink and her smile was wide, her skin glowing in the heat of the summer sun.

She stood just across the road. I was wiping down an empty table at the coffee shop when I looked up and noticed her, holding a tray of small paper cups. Her melodious voice barely reached my ears as she offered her tea samples to pedestrians.

I contemplated, if only briefly, walking over to her to take one of the samples, curious to feel her smile directed at me. But I was on the clock, and I was much more of a coffee person, anyway.

The tea shop was a cute little storefront that I never really paid much attention to. It had been there as long as I could remember, but seeing her was the first time I actually noticed the store. I didn’t know if she had always worked there or if she was new, but she was new to me and she was beautiful.

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So Melissa Benoist learned cup stacking at school (I didn't know that was a thing) and now all I can think of is how out of all the ways Lena could figure out Supergirl and Kara are the same people, she makes the connection by watching Kara stack cups because "you can't possibly do it in that fast Kara."

I would love to know what kind of situation led to Supergirl having to use her cup stacking abilities for Lena to get the opportunity to make that connection

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Lexa sitting on the couch (in her calvins) and Clarke comes up behind her wrapping her arms around her and running her hands up Lexa's abs to cup her boobs. All this while trailing kisses up Lexa's neck and leaving little nips on her jaw and ear. Lexa has her head tilted with her hands up threaded into Clarke's hair. We know where it goes from there. Those horny teenagers🙄

Lexa’s such a gay nerd like she just wants Clarke’s affections 


stopped at a cute cafe while walking from the station to korakuen. jazz music was playing and the elderly woman working there was so sweet and friendly. after we ordered at the cashier and then sat down, we could see her deciding which cups to use for us from the variety on the shelves (each cup on the shelf was different!). and the coffee was so good! 

Names I imagine the RFA members would call MC with

Yoosung - MC : My queen, level 1000+ gal, star of my heart, the A to my B (get it cuz controller buttons haaaa im funny), A+ gf, light of my life, LOLOL Empress of my heart.

Zen - MC : Honey, sweetheart, babe, bae, my princess, sunshine, bugaboo, ma gurl, illegal beauty of mine, the only creature’s who’s equally as beautiful as me.. almost.. 

Jumin - MC : Mother of children, my lady, my love, beautiful elegant kitten, beloved wife, love of my life. (Goodness, that’s all I can think of, maybe if he wants to joke around he’d call her something like ‘Favorite cup of wine’ or something.)

Jaehee - MC: Best friend, kind friend, reason why I smile, my crutch when I fall, the pulse I need, family of mine, dear friend, sweetest friend. (Yes I know friendzoned, sucks.)

707 - MC : Meme mistress of my heart, 606, the 6 to my 7, cat goddess, mystic gal, my space constellation of love and cats, waifu, laifu, binary geef, married-at-the-moon-wife, mother of cats, hacker of my heart.

The Signs as Cry Baby Lyrics

Aries - Don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive // Mrs. Potato Head

Taurus - I feel like I’m just missing something whenever you leave // Cake

Gemini - A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too // Milk & Cookies

Cancer - You take things so hard, and then you fall apart // Cry Baby

Leo - So what if I’m crazy? The best people are // Mad Hatter

Virgo - Everyone thinks that we’re perfect; please don’t let them look through the curtains // Dollhouse

Libra - Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad? // Pacify Her

Scorpio - I wanna make you mine, but that’s hard to say. Is this coming off in a cheesy way? // Training Wheels

Sagittarius - I’m sick of all the games I have to play // Soap

Capricorn - You were comforting and quiet; how did love become so violent? // Teddy Bear

Aquarius - If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it. All the makeup in the world, won’t make you less insecure // Sippy Cup

Pisces - Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel // Carousel

Natsu's heart conclusion
  • Sting: You've got to find the light that drives back your darkness. *walks away*
  • Natsu: Wait! What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  • *dream fades out*
  • Lucy: Natsu! Wake up, please!
  • Natsu: ...Lucy?

westallen + slow mo kisses