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Back Where You Belong

Prompt: I can imagine Stephanie going home to Amelia and telling her everything and Amelia comforting her and saying she’ll come back to work, can you do a little fic of this?

 Author’s Note : I love this prompt Anon! I really felt for Stephanie when she cried in Richard’s arms after losing the little boy the latest episode. Phenomenal acting by Jerrika Hinton!

 Disclaimer : This is written before 13x14 airs.

p.s. Special thanks goes out to dear Fran @francescabuccino for proofreading! <3

 Stephanie Edwards walked in a daze out of the Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital doors. Each time she walked out of the doors after a shift, she would always feel a sense of pride and joy, a sense of accomplishment at being able to save yet another patient’s life.

 This time though, it was different. She hung her head down dejectedly as she walked slowly back to her apartment. The truth be told, she was hoping for a huge hole to open up from beneath her and swallow her. Today, she, Stephanie Edwards, was a murderer. She had killed an innocent 9 year old boy. She couldn’t live with that. How could she carry on with her career after this?

 The boy’s face kept appearing in her mind. His parent’s reactions upon being informed of his death- his mother’s wails of anguish were echoing in her ears. The poor couple did not deserve this. They had plans to go on a vacation with their son. And now, they would never go on another vacation with him. All because of a mistake she made. She took a boy away from his parents. It was just a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a routine procedure with a very low mortality rate. She was so excited to be performing a solo surgery. How did she mess up, where exactly did she go wrong? The boy’s blood gushing out from his torn mesenteric artery would forever haunt her mind. She replayed the ways in which she could’ve avoided tearing the artery in her mind as she crossed the busy road. Cars honked at her impatiently as she slowly sauntered across the road, opting to take a shortcut, instead of using the pedestrian crossing further down the road. At this point, a car could knock her down for all she cared. At least she didn’t have to live with the guilt anymore should that happen.

 Sure, Richard had talked to her. He told her that it wasn’t her fault and that she couldn’t have known that she had torn the blood vessel. His fatherly words of wisdom comforted her somewhat, but still the sense of guilt remained in her. She was the one who performed the surgery, she was the one who tore the blood vessel- of course she felt responsible.


 Before she knew it, she had reached her apartment. As soon as she entered the apartment, she threw herself on the couch, burying her face in her hands. She just wanted this crappy day to be over already.

 ‘ Hey’ a gentle voice greeted her. Amelia had walked out from the kitchen upon hearing the front door slam open.

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Get To Know Me Meme: Current Celebrity Crushes [1/5] Robin Tunney

I thought, you know what? I’m never going to please everybody, so I’ve just got to be true to myself.”


Good Advice: Don’t draw references for characters you haven’t draw a lot because things could change in their design that you decide look better.
Me: I don’t know I can’t read suddenly.


Here’s what I was gonna post last night at 3AM before I remembered I had things to do very early today.
Meet Mimi Cry! (I think I’m clever.) She can’t speak besides only mimicking song lyrics. I’ve had her a day and a half and she’s already climbed my fav list

Hunched over in her chair, sketchbook in hand, pencil tip glided over the page, dancing its way across lines and shadows, sketching an impression here, forming a shape there. The sound of a chair being pulled back next to her startled the brunette, notebook and pencil falling to the floor and as she looked to the person, a light embarassed blush rose to her cheeks. “Sorry about that – hey.”

Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough - February x Reader
January is available here

Plot: Peter has vowed to be less of a loser around her. So far, not so good.
Words: 635
Taglist:  @sweetievalencia, @a-girl-who-loves-disney, @mc-winchester-on-a-unicorn
A/N: I love this series right now, this is such fun to write. Peter is really coming to life in these, and I’m finding it really easy to articulate what I feel would be going on in his head. The 2nd part in a many-part series. If you like it, subscribe! Request things! Etc!

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Frost covered grass fractured the light of the morning sun as it rose in the sky. Peter Maximoff breathed out heavily; smiling at the way his breath clouded the air around him. It was February, and a colder February than most in the quiet suburban street - the morning was still, and no cars passed by as he walked down the middle of the road. Hands in his jeans pockets, Peter blew his hair out of his eyes, listening to familiar beats on his Walkman.

He reached the end of the street, jumping up to tap the frost off of the street sign. It came away in tiny snowflakes, falling through his fingers as the ice made his hands shiver.

Now came the fun part.

In the flash of a moment, Peter was racing forwards, winding through the streets. The world seemed still to him; the bare branches on the trees were still despite the breeze, and the few cars on the streets seemed stationary on the road as he sprinted so fast. He laughed; when it was just him with no expectations, no motivations - he could just let go. Just be himself for a moment.

He reached the park he sometimes visited on his free days; he liked to lay in the grass and listen to his music, pulling him into another world. He made a b-line for his usual spot under the oak tree, and stopped.

She was dressed in green; dark green coat and a white woolen hat, delicate gloved hands and long boots, sitting on a bench just off of the path. (y/n) was pouring over a book, her breath puffing clouds against the morning sun. Peter felt anxiety rising in his chest; they hadn’t spoken since the ice cream incident a month ago, and Peter was remembering the promise he made to himself.

Don’t be a loser.

He swallowed nervously, taking his hands out of his pockets and breathing on them to warm them. Why was he so pale? God, he was so pale. He shook his head, blood rushing to his face.

Get it together, man. You’ve known this chick for years.

“Hey Peter” she called out, looking up from her book.
“Sup” he nodded.
“How’s reading going? Find out anything interesting?” he added, slipping his headphones down onto his neck.
She raised her brows, blowing out a puff of air “one guy just speared another guy for disrespecting him. I think he might have anger issues.”
Peter grinned “bummer. Did he have it coming?”
(y/n) shrugged “he was kind of an asshole, but I’m not sure being an asshole entitles you to being cut in half”.
Peter shuffled his feet “if it did, I’d be screwed” he chuckled, dragging his index finger across his throat.
“From my knowledge, your biggest crime is that you have a serious addiction to ice cream” she nodded jokingly, furrowing her brows “like, seriously dude. That is excessive”.
“What can I say? Growing guy has gotta eat” he smirked, pulling at his sleeves. (y/n) smiled, rubbing her hands together, and the silence suddenly hung between them awkwardly.
“Anyway-” she began, but Peter interrupted.
“Mom’s out of town next month” he breathed, his hands shaking “want to come over and play pong? I’ve got cable if you like crappy movies, too.”
(y/n) smiled, closing her book in her hands “I’d like that. Just like the good old days”.
Peter chuckled, looking up at his fringe “still going to tease me about my hair?”
“Wouldn’t dream of it, old man.”

Damn, she gives as good as she gets.
Peter felt his heart lift, butterflies fluttering in his stomach. 
“Well, I’ve gotta run. Catcha then?”
She waved “seeya, Pete”.

Peter smiled the whole way home, feeling a lightness in his chest.
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A/N: Part 3 (March) can be found here


Summary: birthdays aren’t a thing in the Winchester household until Y/N comes along that is. what happens when she shows Dean that sometimes cake is better than pie

Pairing: dean x reader

word count: ~1400

Warnings: fllluuuffff, lowkey sad fluff, mentions of death, 

A/N: this is lowkey inspired by deans birthday yesterday and then it just got our of my hands, sorry

The Winchesters never really celebrated birthdays, I mean they didn't exactly grow up somewhere that you could easily bake a cake(not that John knew how to bake one anyway), Dean always bought Sam a little something and Sam usually bought the beer for Dean’s but it was never a big thing. Until they met Y/N, she had a family, and a relatively traditional one at that, until they all got murdered by demons of course; but that’s when she found the Winchesters, and she made it her job to show them some family traditions that they had missed out on. 

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Felicity Smoak & the Wheelchair

Watching Arrow for the past 3 weeks, I just wanted to say a few things about Felicity’s wheelchair arc, how great it is for Felicity and those who are facing or have faced similar challenges, and touch upon the fandom’s response as a whole. 

When we all first found out that Felicity was definitely going to be paralyzed from the waist down, I had my fears along with a lot of other fans. I simply didn’t think the show was going to do this arc justice like Friday Night Lights did justice to Jason Street’s paralysis. But I decided to wait and see how the writers were going to handle this arc, but I understood why some were still wary of it all.

So far, watching episodes 10-12, I’m glad to say that the writers have proven me wrong because the writers have given Felicity an arc that’s so unique that it exemplifies a different kind of strength, an emotional and mental strength that’s unparalleled, a strength that isn’t easily compromised, and a strength that inspires the people around her.

There is so much good coming out of this arc that I think some people forget how powerful this storyline can actually be in further defining Felicity Smoak and setting her story and herself apart from other characters.

Not only is it an exemplary way of showing the strength of Felicity Smoak, this arc gives representation to people who face similar circumstances. This is something that’s incredibly rare for people in wheelchairs to have which makes this arc all the more special. Because the show is telling viewers that people, especially women, in wheelchairs are as strong and badass as people who aren’t. People who are in wheelchairs aren’t less than people who aren’t. It’s an incredible thing for the writers to give this minority a gift in letting a fan favorite character go through similar issues that they’ve probably have dealt with at one point in their lives.

But while I’m glad the writers have proven me wrong in how they’ve been handling this arc, I’ve grown uncomfortable with some reactions to Felicity’s arc and I want to explain why some of the comments (even though they probably come from a good place) I’ve seen have been rather callous. And to be fair it’s not solely from people who love Felicity, these callous comments are also from people who hate her too and would do anything to shut her or Olicity down. Let me elaborate:

Felicity has to walk again so she can walk down the aisle…

  • There are so many people who roll down the aisle instead of walking. That doesn’t make the whole wedding ceremony any less beautiful. It’s damaging to say that Felicity has to walk down the aisle because it implies that rolling down the aisle is less special and that’s thoroughly not the case.

Felicity has to walk again so we can see her be a part of Olicity stunts and go into the field…

  • While Olicity stunts are fun, I simply don’t understand this statement because that’s pretty much what Olicity stunts are. Fun. Wouldn’t you much rather have an arc that exemplifies Felicity’s emotional/mental strength? Wouldn’t you rather see Felicity have a unique arc that isn’t comparable to the other masked heroes on the show?
  • Don’t you think that representation for people in wheelchairs is more important than Felicity doing some fun stunts?
  • Don’t you think Felicity is stronger as a character going through this than she would be going out into the field doing stunts?
  • And I understand that the reason why people want this is because they don’t want Felicity to be limited and want to see her do more, but why not challenge the stunt crew/writers to THINK of a way Felicity could be in the field whilst in a wheelchair instead of asking for a cure?

Felicity has to walk again because [insert reason here]…

  • To say that you want Felicity to walk again ASAP for whatever reason (whether you’re bored of the arc or you just want to see her in the field) is incredibly inconsiderate to the people who are in wheelchairs enjoying this arc right now. Can you imagine how they’d feel reading comments like these? As though having a wheelchair is a burden that you can’t even bother to deal with?  
  • After the writers gave themselves an out in 411, we all knew that Felicity isn’t always going to be in that wheelchair forever. So what I don’t understand is why people can’t be patient and let the people who are enjoying this arc enjoy it in the mean time? Why does she have to be magically cured right away? Why would you want the show to take away that brief moment of representation that’s so incredibly rare for people in wheelchairs?

Regarding Oliver/Felicity’s sex life and the issue of children…

  • Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is beautiful with or without sex. It does happen to be that paralyzed people can and do enjoy healthy and pleasurable sex lives, so educate yourselves on this matter before making judgements about it. Please don’t panic over the fact that the disabled woman on screen’s sex life is going through some changes.  
  • I’ve seen the point of children be brought up. Again, paralyzed people can have biological children - it could be dangerous, but it’s possible. That’s just to begin with. But even if Felicity can’t biologically have her own children anymore, that does not destroy Olicity’s relationship in any way! Two people can love each other without having children by choice or not by choice, having children is not the be-all end-all of relationships. Also, we still can see Olicity babies, because they could easily adopt which isn’t a secondary or less desirable choice to pursue in reference to having kids. 

Making fun of Felicity/Olicity because apparently they won’t have sex anymore (this is to all you haters)…

  • Shut up. And don’t be an asshole. People in wheelchairs are perfectly capable of having sex. It might be a little different but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. 

It is important to think before we comment on such matters, otherwise you end up hurting the people who genuinely have a vested interest in this arc because it relates to them far more than you can imagine.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to want more for Felicity. I’m saying that because this arc is most likely to be transient, why not respect the arc first before asking for Felicity to walk again? Why not respect and be happy about what this arc is giving us instead of focusing on what it isn’t? Because this arc is giving us a hell of a lot more than I anticipated. It’s giving us a stronger version of Felicity than I ever imagined seeing. I am proud of Felicity Smoak because she’s been dealt a crappy hand so far but she’s doing her best in dealing with it. I’m proud of Felicity Smoak because she isn’t pitying herself, instead she’s doing her job and still saving the city. I’m proud to see just how strong she has become over the years and see how much stronger she’s yet to become in going through this.

Felicity Smoak is an amazing woman, and a wheelchair isn’t going to stop her from achieving amazing things. I for one am looking forward to seeing how the show deals with her arc in episodes to come. I hope all of you are too, because this is something special. Something that will define Felicity for the rest of her life.

I’ll probably get a LOT of heat for this post. I don’t care. But this is just something I wanted to get off my chest. 

Also I’d love to thank @honorthedeadbyfighting who is inspiring as hell and helped me write this post. It’s people like her who deserve to be represented because she is amazing. And to be represented by Felicity Smoak?! I’m just so happy for her.

*Gif by @punchdrunkdoc

  • Chat Noir: My lady, you're crying! What's wrong?
  • Ladybug: I just... I wish I had the courage to ask out this guy...
  • Chat Noir, obviously hurting: W-well, you're the strongest lady I know. What's this guys name, let me talk to him.
  • Ladybug: No! You're gonna do something!
  • Chat Noir: My lady, I love you, and I just want you to be happy. If that means seeing you with another man, then I'm fine with that.
  • Ladybug, sighing: Thank you Chat. And I guess I could tell you... His name is Adrien. Adrien Agreste.
  • Chat Noir: Oh... So I guess that means I don't have to see you with another guy...
  • Ladybug: What do you mean by- Oh!
  • Adrien, after detransforming: Hello, my lady. Now, can I have the pleasure of knowing who you are?
  • Ladybug: Oh... Tikki, detransform moi!
  • Marinette, blushing: Bonjour Adrien.
  • Adrien, kissing her hand: Bonjour, my love.

We already have the awesome bromance of Kane and Indra but how about a second one between Lexa and Roan? I can imagine then being super dramatic bros. With Lexa trying to teach Roan how to rule because his mother was shit at actual sensible policies. And we have Roan helping her flirt with Clarke because while in tense and dramatic situations Lexa is smooth as fuck she is completely hopeless in everyday interactions

P.S The first bro act of Roan was to help Lexa pick out that black dress and deliberately put a crappy bandage on her hand

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pseudo-adopting-the-runaway-i-ran-into AU + olicity

[so, apparently I have a few filled drabbles in my drafts folder that were just sitting there, unpublished.]


When she heard the door open, she knew it was him, proven by the clang of his keys hitting the bowl near the door. Standing in the kitchen, she flipped through the various menus she’d dug out of their ‘dinner’ drawer. They didn’t exactly have time to cook anything these days and, well, neither of them were all that good at cooking to begin with. So take-out drawer it was. 

“So, I’m thinking Chinese for dinner,” she yelled to him in greeting. “I’ve been craving egg rolls. What do you think?”

“Sounds good, but, uh, make it for three,” he answered, seconds before he stepped into the kitchen to join her. 

Felicity already had the phone in hand and was mid-dial to their favorite Chinese place when she frowned. “Three? I know you think I hog the chow mein, but that’s because you always eat all the fried rice. Sharing is caring, Oliv—” She stopped abruptly when she looked up to find a boy standing just feet away from Oliver, his head ducked down and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his red hoodie. “Oh, um…” She glanced at Oliver and then back to the boy. 

He wasn’t much taller than her, slim and a little nervous looking. Young, but not so much boy as verging on man. She’d guestimate late teens, but then, looks could be decieving. 

“This is Roy Harper,” Oliver said as he walked further into the kitchen, circling the island to stand next to her. His hand fell to her hip, squeezing, and he leaned down to kiss the corner of her mouth, as he often did when he’d done something he knew he’d have to explain and apologize for. It was a tell of his, much like how kissing the top of her head meant he missed her, her forehead meant he was tired, and her temple meant he wasn’t in a good mood and needed space but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She’d long ago learned her husband’s physical cues when words often failed him. Twelve years of friendship, six of which were spent dating, and four of them being married had built a strong foundation. But that didn’t explain the teenager in her kitchen. 

“Hi Roy…” she said slowly. “I’m Felicity.”

“Boss-man mentioned that on the ride over." 

"Oh? Did he? And where was the ride over from, exactly? Because ‘boss-man' didn’t mention to his wife -his very awesome, very forgiving, very understanding wife- that he was bringing home a guest…”

Oliver sighed beside her, pursing his lips in that way that said he knew he’d messed up, but he didn’t like being told he did. Well, tough beans, she decided. 

"Roy is from the Glades. He ran into some… trouble, and I offered to help him out." 

Felicity’s eyes narrowed a moment before she looked up at him. “Trouble as in…”

Sighing, Roy shifted his feet and blurted out, “He caught me trying to steal his car.” 

She blinked at him; once, twice, a third time, and then— “Oliver, can I see you in the office?” 

He winced, but nodded. 

"Look, I can leave,” Roy offered, looking between them nervously. “You said you wouldn’t call the cops if I came with you. The only reason I didn’t was because you weren’t giving off some creepy pedo vibe. But you don’t owe me anything, all right? Not dinner. Nothing.” He snorted, gritting his teeth and shaking his head. “I don’t need your rich man guilt, okay? Yeah, I tried to steal your car, and yeah, it was probably a shitty thing to do, but I’m just trying to survive, all right? So save the pity and the hero complex for somebody else.”  

Felicity paused, staring at him a long moment. And then she took a few steps forward, staring at Roy head on and rubbing her hands together. “So… do you like egg rolls?” 

He frowned at her, raising an eyebrow. “Is that some weird innuendo? ‘Cause you’re hot, but I don’t think the big guy’s the sharing type.” 

"What? No. Chinese food. I’m offering you dinner. I know you just said you didn’t want any, especially with a side of pity, but this isn’t that. I mean, a side of plum sauce, maybe, but not pity…” She shrugged. “Look, you don’t have to trust me or even like me, and you can chalk this up to a hero complex if you want, but… You remind me of someone and we always have leftover food anyway, so why not stick around and have some, all right?” Her brows hiked high. “And after, you can leave, if you want. If not, we can have the guest room set up… Well, as long as Oliver doesn’t mind moving all my extra computer parts out of there. I’d offer, but, well, no, I have a husband who spends a lot of time at the gym, so he can use those pretty muscles for something useful for once. Especially if he plans on bringing home strays on take-out night.” 

Oliver’s amused chuckle brushed her ear as he stepped up behind her. “Every night’s take-out night.” 

"Yeah, well, you can’t argue with good food.” She leaned back against his chest as his hands fell to her hips and squeezed. “So? What do you say, Roy? Egg rolls for three?" 

He stared at her a long moment, looking skeptical and not a little suspicious, but then he glanced at Oliver and back to her and, finally, with a sigh, he said, “Whatever.” 

Which, despite not having been a teenager for quite some time, she knew was as good as an agreement. Taking up her phone once more, she dialed, calling in an order for three.

Felicity didn’t know how long Roy would be sticking around or if this was just a one-off thing, but she did know that her husband had a softer heart than he liked to think and, well… Roy reminded her a bit of the surly boy she’d met in high school. The son of a billionaire with a chip on his shoulder too heavy to carry on his own. Oliver had grown up a lot since then and now it looked like he wanted to help someone else through that transition. 

Of course, good deeds didn’t always pay off and, for all she knew, Roy would turn out to be more burden than blessing, but… She was willing to trust Oliver’s instinct and, she had to admit, her gut said Roy was a good kid served a crappy hand. Maybe they could help change that…


Two years later, while browsing the card section, Felicity had her seven month old daughter in a baby sling across her chest when she heard the familiar sound of someone ‘awwing’ over her little girl. The stranger, an older woman with a grandmotherly vibe to her, was quick to compliment Adelaide’s chubby cheeks and pretty blonde curls. 

"Is she your first?” she asked. 

And Felicity smiled, shaking her head. “No, my son is a high school senior,” she replied, plucking a card from the shelf that read ‘Congratulations from Mom & Dad.’

Roy would be crossing the stage and accepting his diploma in two weeks and then, in just a couple short months, he’d be joining his cousin Thea as they navigated freshman year of Yale. She blamed hormones for the tears that stung the back of her eyes.

It’d taken time and effort and a lot of proving to him that they wouldn’t just up and leave him or discard him, but, in the end, Roy was theirs and they were his. Family. Maybe not traditional but definitely just as beautiful. And, despite her initial hesitation, she wouldn’t trade one second of the last two years for anything. 

Taking the card, she left the aisle, pressing a kiss to the top of Adelaide’s head as they made their way to the check-out line. She checked her watch briefly and smiled. If she timed it right, she’d be home just as dinner was delivered. Chinese. Her favorite.

The One You Can’t Repair

A/N: Based off of circulating theories in regards to the next Arrow wedding/ceremony. Title from “Stubborn Love” by the Lumineers. Also on ao3.

Oliver has faced a lot of problems in his life.

It sounds trivial, understated, belittling—but it’s true. He has stared more life-or-death dilemmas right in the eyes than the average human being.

For starters, there was the island debacle—which encompassed the sacrificial father thing and the Ivo thing and the Slade thing.

Then there was the Hood predicament, which also, in and of itself, spawned a lot of issues. Murdering vigilantes aren’t exactly hailed heroes, after all.

Then, the Tommy thing; the mother thing—neither of which he has words enough to accurately articulate.

Oliver has faced a lot of problems.

But never, not once in his Godforsaken life, has he considered Felicity Smoak to be a problem. A blessing, a blinding streak of sunlight, an infuriating conscience, a saving grace—but never a problem.

Until now.

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“It’s Central America. It’s hot!” (I too was curious how Claire and Owen looked on their terrible first date) [clawen]

Miyazawa Sae 26-01-2014 tweets. [Concerning the up-coming Re-shuffle]
The AKB Group ‘Major’ Re-Shuffle…

I am looking forward to it~~

Thank you for all the hard work for the four-day Request Hour.


In my opinion The AKB Group 'Major’ Re-Shuffle also has something to do with me. I didn’t think of it as something that is unrelated to me. I couldn’t participate the Request Hour, but I am also part of 48 Group! I don’t know what will happen to all of us. That is why I am looking forward to it! Let’s change our “mentality” as to look forward to new things that will happen.


T/N: i usually don’t translate sae’s twitter as there is already Saetter who updates us with sae’s twitter translation. But i think I have to do this one for the ones who needs some confirmation from Sae ASAP.
Like what our oshi said, let’s look forward to it!!!! Sae is saying that she is excited about the re-shuffle, as a fan… I’ll be looking forward to it as well. She have grown up so much these past one and a half year. :)

Closed || Tate + Ruby

Ruby wandered aimlessly around the house, her mind and body feeling restless and yet nothing was leaping out to take away that feeling. She’d been here a while now, and she was being kept on her toes the whole time. Late at night she’d hear voices whispering down the corridors or in her bedroom, hear someone walk up the staircase loudly, throwing those annoying exploding bang snaps. It was late at night and she found herself in the kitchen, feeling miserable. She sat on one of the stools, her head in her hands. 

Light and love in the dark

Hello Outlander chums (waving from far away…have you forgotten me?!?)

There have been so many special blessings of friendship that have come my way in recent days. I had wanted to write a little post every day leading up to Christmas, but it just couldn’t happen.  So, you might see lots of things from me in the next few hours, lol.  Look away if it’s too much ;p But I hope some of it makes you smile.

I have to start with the first bright packaged that arrived at my back door (this one is so big, it might require two posts, lol). What could it be? I opened the box and here is what I saw first

Awww, puffy little snowman!  But what else?!?

@outlandishchridhe how these colors make my heart smile!  Perfect, they are perfect!!!  Folks, I have been gifted with one of Dish’s rare and beautiful, super power quilts!!!  And it’s huge!  And bright, and deep and special.  It brought me to tears on a kind of crappy day, that here with her hands and imagination and creativity and love was something to wrap me in kindness and light.  

And look at how it matches almost perfectly the knitting I was working on?!!  It’s so beautiful and special, I took dozens of photos.  It doesn’t take a bad picture.  Seriously, I told @outlandishchridhe that this is the Caitriona Balfe of quilts!

Posing with sleigh bell Christmas lights (that kind of look like olives?) But the quilt shines!

Ready to tuck in for some reading late at night.

I have no words for what this means to me, Dish.  When I showed it to Mr. Mitts, he asked if I’d won a prize.  And I told him yes, that I’d won the priceless prize of a dear, sweet friendship.

And my special super power Christmas quilt.  It makes me so happy.  So humbled.

This was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. Marry a guy she barely knew??
But sometimes desperate people do crazy things. And crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do…

Also on FF.NET and AO3

The tag of the dress scratched her back as she sat in the cab; she wished she’d cut the damn thing off. She twisted her body, trying to rub her back against the cab’s leather seats but there wasn’t enough room so she gave up and settled her face in a grimace instead.

She was late. Kinda apt, given tradition, she thought as she watched the seconds tick by and the traffic stood at gridlock.

Beside her, Belle chattered away about nothing, clearly nervous too. Unsurprising, as they were about to do something that was both highly illegal and morally dubious. But Emma tuned her out, ignored the honking horns and crackling radio; instead staring out of the window and up, up, up until she found the patch of blue sky that peeked out from behind the skyscrapers…

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