and her cheese

Fast Food Worker gets their Petty Revenge

Once upon a time I worked for a fast food company. I actually enjoyed working there during HS but knew it wasn’t a long-term gig. I was heading to college in the fall. We had our fair share of irrational customers and I usually handled the BS pretty calmly.

Then one day a lady comes in and orders light cheese on her meal. I am at the cash register so I only take the order I don’t make the food but I specified light cheese. She comes up after receiving her food and complains that there is too much cheese on her food. I look in the wrapper and there are like 5-7 pieces of shredded cheese, normally there would be twice that, and personally I’m of the opinion that she could just remove the extra cheese but I take the food back and have them remake it. I ask them to only put only like three pieces of shredded cheese on her food.

The lady loses her mind. She comes up to the counter screaming at me that there is still too much cheese on her food and that “your job is so easy anyone could do it.” Without missing a beat I reach under the counter where the applications are kept and bring one up and slide it towards her and say “We’re hiring.”

At this point the manager has come to the front of the store and is taking over the situation. I’m told to go on break and when I returned everyone was laughing and couldn’t believe I had done that. Seeing the look on her face was priceless.


They’re back…

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(Just ignore me while I’m over here wondering if people would find it as funny if Hook met an overweight AU version of Emma and then joked about needing to cut off her supply of grilled cheese and hot cocoa when he got home…)