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Mikasa: …Wait… What.
Eren: You weren’t there at the shoot? Levi’s last name is Ackerman, too.
Mikasa: This is…
Eren: I know, it’s stupid. The directors never even bothered to tell us-
Mikasa: -amazing. Oh my GOD. (bursts into laughter)
Eren: …Are you serious?
Mikasa: (wheezing) I can’t breathe!
Eren: Mikasa, what the hell is wrong with you-
Mikasa: -wheeeew well this is awkward. So great. But so awkward. (soundless laughing) I bet he’s so red right now.
Eren: …You guys totally did it, didn’t you.
Mikasa: Last night after shooting. It just sort of, I don’t know, happened. But freaking hell, if that’s not irony I don’t know what is.
Eren: (in absolute shock) Oh my God.
Mikasa: The fans are gonna lose their shit, though. Hopefully we’re not actually related. Levi’s gonna die of a heart attack.
Eren: That fragile, huh.
Mikasa: Like you wouldn’t believe.

Gemma ( Harry Styles imagine obviously)

You were watching at their flat when they’re having an interview live. They trust you enough to let you stay alone in their flat. You we’re very comfortable when someone knock on the door and you opened it. You smile at the girl who you this is Harry’s sister.

“Hi.” You greeted cheerfully.

“Oh, hi!” She greeted back with a warm hug. “Where are they?” She asked as she sat on the couch.

“They’re on an interview.” You answered and she nodded. She look at you like you really looked famillar to her.

“Oh!” She exclaimed like she already know who I am and put a playful smirk in her lips. “So - Harry have been talking to me about this girl that she really like.” She said. She was indeed friendly as Harry said.

“Oh! So you’re Harry’s sister?” You said even you know who she is.

“Yes.” She said and sit comfortably like she have known you for a long time. “So as I was saying, Harry has been talking about this girl she really liked. “Her names (Y/N) but I don’t really know how she looked like because he never showed me and I have no time.” She pause. You gasped, Harry liked you? Your cheeks flushed. She don’t know that she just said her brother like her.

Hour passed and you and Gemma just become friends but she still doesn’t know you’re (Y/N). You spend time laughing to a funny memory.

“My brother’s just really scared admitting it to her. I don’t know? He won’t admit it. And I got really bored because he always talk about her eyes, her hair and everything. And I just really what him to admit it her so he’ll tell me something new.” She said and laughed. You chuckle as well.

“Really?” You asked. She rolled her eyes.

“Yes and everytime he tried to say it, ad he narrate it to me, he always got starstuck. Like I don’t even know what to do with him anymore.” She chuckled. You blushed even harder. He might really liked her alot.

“WE’RE ERM HOME!” Niall literally shouted. “Oh hey Gemma!” Niall really looked cheerful greeting her.

“Hi Niall!” She greeted him as well as the other boys. “So, you didn’t tell me you have a friend here.” She said and smiled at me. Harry’s eyes widen.

“It’s (Y/N).” Liam introduced me. Gemma’s eyes widen too. But I know it’s fake. She already knew me. She looked at Harry.

“Don’t tell me..” Harry said to Gemma and then he excused her.

“What did Gemma said to you?” Louis asked.

“She just literally told me everything about Harry liking me.” You said and their jaw dropped. The after a minute they burst out laughing.

Harry got out with Gemma. She’s wearing a smirk and trying not to laugh. “So you.. Erm.. She..” He muttered. You chuckled

“Yes.” You said with a smile.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “So…” He looked at you.

“I like you too. No - I love you.” You said.

His eyes brighten. “Really?” You nodded and he hugged you tightly. “I love you too.”

Lady and The Tramps - Chapter 1

Chapter Title: Fucking Veterinary School

Summary: Bassist Nanosounds is left band-less after her award-winning indie rock group, Monster Hunters, splits up. Enter Hat Rack who are stranded without a bass guitar player only months before their tour. Worlds collide and Nano makes a choice.

Pairing: Hatsome, Hatsounds

Rating: SFW

Words: 3703

Notes: Heavily based off of Emma’s brilliant Hatsounds Band AU and pushed along by Boa’s brilliant artwork 

(Read on AO3)

(Chapter 2)

Monster Hunters hunting different paths?

Critically acclaimed indie rock band has split up after second album tour.

Fans of Monster Hunters, the award winning musical prodigy, are in peril this morning as lead singer Lomadia announced their break up over Twitter. Stating that it was due to ‘personal goal differences’ the star explained that the group simply did not want to be performers anymore. She then went on to express her delight over being accepted to Veterinary School, leaving us all to wonder where the other members of the band will end up.

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Molly thought Sherlock had identified Irene’s corpse from “not her face”. But actually, he didn’t. That wasn’t Irene. Sherlock was wrong. He didn’t really know her that well. Molly, girl, cheer up!