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Ha no its actually hawker and idk how I know its her in my dream because I don't know what she looks like but I just kinda know it's her? Every time she appears I'm only able to catch a glimpse of her face and it's just weird

lol my dreams sometimes predict peoples faces that i have never seen but i dont know how :’) 

The ending of Rogue One just makes what Leia did in the beginning of A New Hope even more badass than it already was. Vader literally watched her ship leave with the Death Star schematics, and when he catches up to her she straight up lies to his face, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan…” and before that she threatened action from the Imperial Senate. She literally threatened the second most powerful man in the galaxy to his face! Like she has to know that he knows she’s lying, but she does it anyway, what a badass!


Characters: Dean

Summary:  Dean thinks about the reader.

Word Count: 734

Warnings:  Masturbation

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Dean knows he shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be thinking about her. He shouldn’t be thinking about the way the sun catches her face when she sits shotgun in the Impala. He shouldn’t be thinking about what her smile does to him, about the way it feels, deep in his gut. He shouldn’t think about the way her skirt rides up, exposing her thigh. Or how round her breasts are when she leans forward. Or about the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and gives him a glimpse of soft skin below her ear, the skin he wants to nibble with this teeth.

He knows he shouldn’t think about all these things, because he knows it can never happen. The two of them, it’s off limits. At least to him. She’s too good for him, he knows it. She’s beautiful and smart and kind and badass, and she’s off limits.  

But dear god, does he want her. It aches. Not just between his legs, but in his chest. It feels like his ribs are crushing in around his heart, almost like he can’t breathe, that’s how bad he wants her, needs her.  

He gives in, his hand palming the bulge in his jeans. Groaning, he envisions those soft, plump lips and imagines what she tastes like. Spreading his thighs, he flicks open the button on his jeans and pulls down the zipper. Shoving his jeans down to just below his ass, he slips his hand inside his boxers and pulls out his thick cock. It so swollen it almost hurts. When he wraps his hand around his length he thinks about her small hand wrapped around him and he moans. Her hands, so much smaller than his, would her fingers even be able to wrap around the girth?

She could walk in at any moment, she ran out to grab some food. Part of him wants her to catch him, to join him. Even if it was just once, only once. Dean runs his thumb over the slit and imagines her mouth on him, her tongue dragging over the thick head, up the shaft, swirling around. He fucks his hand while he thinks about her warm lips sealing around him, sliding down, down, down.  How far could she take him? Could she take him all the way to the base? He thinks about her eyes on him, locked with his as she sucks him off. Because he knows it would be intimate, it wouldn’t be just a random fuck. It would be intense and electric and there would be no turning back.

His hips buck up off the bed as he pumps faster into his hand, edging close to glorious release. He imagines her cheeks pink and rosy, her skin dewy as she blows him. He’s panting now, so fucking close, almost there. He stops abruptly, holding back, he wants this to last, he’s not ready to come, not yet.

What would it be like to be on top of her? To press his mouth to hers? How would it feel when she spreads her legs for him? Dean thinks about how it would feel to push into her, he knows she would be tight and wet and warm. He bites his lip thinking about her stretching and stretching to accommodate to him, wrapping around him, welcoming him. He thinks about their bodies moving together, he thinks about the sounds that would come out of her mouth and his hand moves faster, squeezes tighter around his cock. His other hand finds his balls, they are drawn up tight, his pulls and tugs, his thighs trembling as he imagines his name on her lips. He thinks about her beautiful mouth and those lips and her high, round breasts and her eyes, those eyes that he could stare into for the rest of his life and he loses it.

One final pump and he’s coming, hot, white liquid spurting out of him, coating his hand. He’s breathless and sweaty and spent. He knows he should get up, he should clean himself off, he should stop thinking about her.

It’s no good, though. She’s under his skin and he can’t shake it. He prays that he can maintain the line, remain professional, but he’s afraid that he’ll cross that line. He’s afraid, because he knows he’s falling for her. And he knows he shouldn’t.

Part 2

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Fake Girlfriend 3 || Dan Howell

A/N: So many of you demanded more of this! I’m sorry for always making you wait a week. Thank you for reading!

Word Count: 1.6K

POV: Dan


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Soon Y/N fell asleep next to me and I couldn’t stop myself from catching a quick glimpse of her peaceful face. My lips still prickled and my cheeks were still hot. I never thought a simple kiss could affect me that much. I wondered if she felt that spark too. I caught myself recreating the kiss in my mind and started shaking my head in disbelief and shock. What was I thinking? We never got along. We didn’t like each other. And now I was having troubles sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

There was a loud knock on the door.

“Breakfast is ready, lovebirds!” Aunt Sarah shouted seconds later, waking us up. Y/N yawned and ruffled through her messy hair. Her cuteness almost made me weak.

“Morning, Dan.” She said while climbing out of bed to get dressed. It was probably the first time she called me ‘Dan’ instead of ‘Howell’ and that filled me with a little feeling of excitement although it most probably didn’t mean anything.

We went downstairs to the dining room and this time we weren’t the last ones to arrive. Only Aunt Sarah and her fiancé Robert were seated at the table. The food they had prepared looked as delicious as always.

“How did you sleep, honey?” My aunt asked Y/N as soon as she sat down opposite her.

“Like a baby. I’ve never slept in a bed that’s more comfortable.” She laughed.

Before uncle Robert could finish his newspaper Harry and his sister entered the room, wishing everybody a good morning. Harry smiled at Y/N and walked over to sit on the empty chair next to her. He had the fucking audacity after what he said to me yesterday in the kitchen.

“I’m wondering how you can look so fresh and beautiful this early. What’s your secret?” Harry asked Y/N with a friendly smile loud enough for me to hear. I felt the blood rush to my head in anger. She just shrugged it off with now pink cheeks. My hands underneath the table turned to fists. He told her exactly what I thought when I woke up next to her, but I wasn’t brave enough to actually speak my mind. I was aware of the fact that she wasn’t really my girlfriend, but Harry didn’t know that and he was still flirting with her in front of my eyes. I wanted to rip his stupid head off. I think I had never eaten breakfast with so much aggression before. I nearly knocked over my cup of tea, I crushed my toast and just angrily scoffed my food in silence.

“Dan, darling, are you okay?” My auntie wanted to know, worried about me since everybody seemed to notice the negative energy that I was radiating.

“I’m just not a morning person.” I mumbled while shrugging my shoulders. As I was about to return my attention to the food in front of me I felt Y/N’s hand squeeze mine underneath the table. I stared at her in surprise. She just smiled and started gently running her palm down my biceps in an attempt to calm me down.

“You know that I can’t stand Harry, right?” she then whispered in my ear. When I had to grin like a fool at her words she giggled her oh so sweet giggle. The sight of her at that exact moment was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. We just sat there in silence intensely looking at each other in what felt like speechlessness.

“So, tell me love, are you a fan of rugby? I tried to tell you yesterday that I’m on the local team and we a-“ Harry interfered, in an attempt to ruin our moment.

“Actually, I don’t like rugby at all.” Y/N admitted, shooting him an apologizing look.

“That’s exactly what Dan said every time I beat him at it.” Harry laughed with confidence, happy now that he had found a way to embarrass me.

But Y/N didn’t give him the satisfaction. “Well, I’m not the sportiest either” she said coldly, wiping that grin off his face.

After breakfast we were about to head upstairs to our room but we were stopped by a familiar voice.

“Y/N, can I talk to you real quick?” Harry asked, exiting the dining room as well. After shooting me an evil glare he added “Just the two of us.”

She shot me a sceptical look before she followed Harry to the kitchen. I just stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to make out what they were talking about, but I only heard muffled sounds. Why would he have to talk to my girlfriend one on one? I got furious again waiting for them to return as I heard loud noises coming from the kitchen.

“You are fucking disgusting!” I heard Y/N shout and seconds later the door opened. She stormed out of the kitchen followed by Harry. I had never seen her this angry.

“I’m sorry, please. That’s not what I meant.” He pleaded, but she wasn’t even listening to him.

She was walking straight towards me, determination in her eyes. I didn’t know what was happening, so I just stood there waiting for her to reach me. My heart was beating uncontrollably fast, although I didn’t know why. Suddenly she stopped only centimetres in front of me and in the blink of eye she forcefully crashed her lips against mine.

I was so overwhelmed by the sudden action that I didn’t kiss back at first. It wasn’t just a quick peck like yesterday, no our lips moved in sync for quite some time. The spark was back and my whole body seemed to be on fire again. My hand wandered to her cheek that felt really hot under my touch. Behind my back I heard Harry groan angrily before he quickly went to his room after what he had just witnessed. I knew he was furious and jealous and he fucking deserved it. I smiled into the kiss and enjoyed every damn second of it, longing for nothing but the sweetness of her soft lips.

We were breathless when we let go of each other. I opened my eyes again and looked at her in utter disbelief. She just kissed me!

“I- uh- you. I mean.. we?” I stuttered completely speechless. Y/N blushed but didn’t say anything. Instead we walked up to our room. I closed the door behind us and we were greeted by silence. It was simply awkward. Before we got to this place we would’ve fought and screamed at each other, now we couldn’t even talk to each other anymore. After 15 minutes of neither of us saying something I decided to break the silence.

“Can we talk about that kiss?” I carefully asked, my heart hammering in my chest.

Even if she just kissed me to make Harry jealous it still didn’t make any sense. She shouldn’t care about me or my issues with my stupid cousin.

Her eyes widened at my question and her pink cheeks made a reappearance. It was her time to stutter now. “I – just. To be honest I think I might-“ she started but she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hey, lovebirds. We are going for a walk in the woods now. Get ready and don’t forget to wear warm clothes!” Aunt Sarah chirped without realizing that she had just ruined an important moment.

After ten minutes, we were already strolling through the snowy forest next to the mansion. The scenery looked beautiful but not as beautiful as Y/N who was wearing a beanie and had a red nose from the cold. We were comfortably chatting. It was a kind of tradition to go for a walk through the forest whenever we were over at aunt Sarah’s.

“Look, there’s a squirrel!” Y/N whisper-screamed excitedly, trying not to scare the little ball of fur.

“A squirrel?” my grandma asked. She had arrived right after breakfast and decided she was feeling well enough to join us. “Squirrels are a sign for fertility and a steamy relationship. My mother saw one right before she got pregnant with twins” Granny told Y/N and patted her back.

“Daniel, darling. You know what I am trying to say with that?” my grandma shouted over her shoulder and winked, making me swallow hard. Y/N’s cheeks were by now as red as her cold nose and she really didn’t know what to say. Why do grandparents always have to be so damn embarrassing? Granny talked to Y/N for quite some time while I had a chat with my uncle Robert.

When she could free herself from my grandma’s endless talking she quickly walked up to me.

“She asked me all kind of embarrassing questions!” Y/N told me in shock, still blushing harder than ever before.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s funny to you?” she pouted. “Why don’t you explain to your lovely grandmother that you treat me right in bed?!” she snapped, but broke out in a fit of laughter not much later.

I nearly choked on my own spit.

We both laughed and I took her hand as we continued trudging through the snow. It felt so normal to be affectionate with her now. Of course it was just to cover up my lie, right? Soon we fell behind and we couldn’t even see the others anymore.

“Dan?” Y/N asked and she stopped walking.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion. “Yes?”

“About our kiss earlier.” She started, staring down at her feet.

“What about it?”

“I wasn’t acting.”


Okay but imagine in the scuffle and terror of racing upstairs, clutching her child to her, Lily manages to snatch up her wand.

She begins setting up hasty wards, dragging furniture to the door manually at the same time, trying to put up barriers, any barrier, between Harry and him. 

She hears her husband, too young by far (but hasn’t everyone who died recently been too young) drop like a sack of bricks downstairs. Her sob gets caught in her throat as she keeps going with renewed fire, ward after ward, all the chairs she can scrounge. 

It does nothing of course, he simply burns through it all. He offers her the chance to live, and she holds her shaky hand in front, knowing that her skill wont match up. She begs and she has had tears streaming down her face because it’s still catching up to her that he’s gone, James is gone, but Harry giggles behind her and Lily draws up, looking him dead in his horrible red eyes. 

In another universe her seventeen year old son uses expelliarmus against the man before her. In another universe she dies stood as a last barrier, a human shield against Voldemort. Here and now, Lily Potter is a split second faster with her spell than him, holding tightly to her son behind her, she disapparates.


a series of unlikely crossovers

Kids can be a delight

SO, I’m one of the two (…apparently? :D) people here who works at a stables… So picture this, it’s November 1st, night after the Halloween candy craze… We’re at the end of a riding lesson, I’m on foot, and I’m walking the group of 5 kids, still on their horses, back to the barn to dismount… when this little girl looks down at me with this super intense, serious look on her face and catches me completely off guard:

7yo girl: where do horse babies come from? (half a second pause) like where do they come out of? …. do they come out of their bellies?

me: …..ahh, no (trying desperately not to laugh/think of an answer) they come out back by the tail

7yo girl: i don’t get it. their tails fall off?! …do they come back?!

I was trying SO hard not to burst into laughter, y'all. Luckily she immediately got distracted by something else, because I actually had no idea how to answer this question. I wasn’t raised to dance around stuff like this… but I feel like there definitely would have been an angry parent calling us if I’d given her a proper answer lmao.

A few minutes later she started rambling about two of our horses, a gelding (FIXED male) and a mare (female)… these two horses live in the same pasture and stick to each other like glue, they’re very close. This girl is convinced they’re in love. And I quote, “They’re a boy and girl so that means they’re dating. When are they going to have a baby? Do you think they’ve kissed yet?!”

Richonne Head Canon Bingo

61. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

On a run, the hand not on the wheel finds her knee, warm from the sun bearing down on them through the windscreen. She gives him a look he pretends he can’t see out of the corner of his eye; something playful and embarrassed. At home – home – there’s small talk, strategizing in the kitchen along with their feeble attempts at dinner. They dodge each other but his hand inevitably finds the curve of her waist, or rests soft on her back letting her know which way he’s going. And at other times – the quieter committee meetings – she feels his fingers brushing against the tips of her hair, and there’s that look again on her face as she catches Glenn’s eyes on them, smiling. And although for the moment she looks away, no matter how her eyes pretend to chide him, she’ll bring her hand to meet his – every time, extending the invitation rather than taking it, keeping him there, close and safe. 

(written by @lnshrr)

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