and her bright blue eyes


/ˈpaləm(p)ˌsest/ noun : is a manuscript page, either from a scroll or a book, from which the text has been scraped or washed off so that the page can be reused for another.

                                Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

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The cold from the metal of the car door left her hands and instead they became full of her daughter. She came in a flurry of messy curls and bright blue eyes.

“Kya! How was your day at school?” she asked, and her daughter pulled away from the embrace, telling her all about the cool new project they got to do as Katara hoisted her into the car. “That sounds fun,” she smiled, and let the door close before climbing into the drivers seat.

On the drive to her brother’s house, Katara would glance at the backseat, as she often did, and looked at all the ways her daughter was changing. From the way her mouth moved to the way she used her hands when she talked. It was all him, and she almost hated it. She would have hated it if she hadn’t been the last thing that was left of him.

“Uncle Sokka! Uncle Sokka!” Kya’s squeals of excitement could be heard from across the yard as they pulled up, and she practically lept from her seat when she was released.

“Hey kiddo! Long time no see!” he exclaimed, and caught her as she ran into his arms. Sokka was one of the only father figures that Kya had, and though Katara always wanted to find someone to be that for her, it just ever felt right.

“It’s only been a week, Sokka, we do this every time.”

She rolled her eyes, though smiled nonetheless. Every Friday night Katara and Kya would have dinner with her brother and Suki. It started out as a way to emotionally cope, so to speak, after the loss of Zuko. But, now, it was just to help relieve some stress. Things got harder the older Kya got, and a little extra help was always appreciated.

During their dinner that night, as they all sat around the table, Katara had gotten a text from a coworker that asked her if she was watching the news. When she replied with no, she got an immediate response of: ‘turn it on right now. RIGHT NOW.’

Confusion flooded her for the briefest of moments before she excused herself from the table, and padded into their living room before clicking on the television. Anxiously, she flipped through the channels until it landed on their local Portland News channel.

“— sources say that they don’t know the source of who led to the finding of him, but the police are acting fast to find a reason, and a motive to behind what has happened within the last seven years.”

Suddenly, the camera was panning down to a street view where multiple police officers were walking someone out of what looked to be an abandoned warehouse. No, not just someone — a man. His face was down, and he was limping, a hand over his stomach as he was helped.

“There is a full investigation underway now, and police say that they are rigorously trying to contact his family—”

Another pan around of the street, only this time, the face of the man was revealed.

“— Zuko Siluk, former CEO of Caldera International, has been found alive.”

“He said he was in love with me, but when I finally told him what I was thinking, what was going on in my head, he just disappeared.” Her voice wavered as tears filled her eyes, “This is why I don’t get close to people. This is why I shouldn’t have gotten close to him.”

“Im so sorry” I looked over at her, bright blue eyes that had never held a single tear. She was so damn strong. Why couldn’t I be that way?

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1101 // @writinglonely
First Christmas- Joker X Reader + Daughter

Request…Joker and Reader have a daughter who is six and when she goes to school she hears how wonderful Christmas is and really wants to have a Christmas but Joker and Reader have never had Christmas and have a hard time coming up with how to do it properly.

First Christmas

Warnings- None, Fluff and cuteness everywhere :)

Y/D/N- Your Daughters Name

The snow was falling gently down over the streets of Gotham. You walked down the sidewalk. Your hand interlocked with your little girls. Her curly H/C locks bouncing as she skipped. You smiled down at her. J wrapping an arm around your waist, planting a kiss on your cheek. Suddenly your daughter comes to a stop, her blue eyes wide and bright. She tugs at your hand.

“Mommy, Daddy there’s a Christmas tree!” she exclaims letting go of your hand and running. You rush after her worried. You didn’t like her running off from you as there had been so many threats out there, even if those threats knew better than to harm you and the Jokers baby it could still happen.

“Y/D/N, baby get back here!” you call after her. J following you looking around. You spot her standing by a shop window gazing up at a large decorated tree. You get over to her quickly and crouch down. “Y/D/N, you can’t run off on us like that” you tell her softly, wrapping your arms around her. She wraps her arms around you, not looking away from the tree.

“Mommy, it’s a Christmas tree” she says smiling

“Yeah…what about it?” you question, clearly confused on why she was suddenly making such a big deal over the tree.

“Tara has a Christmas tree, so does Danny” she tells you with a small pout. “Why don’t we?” she asks tilting her head. Joker makes his way over and looks to you two. You didn’t know how to even explain the idea of Christmas, it wasn’t exactly a holiday you and J had celebrated. You looked up to J, standing up, taking Y/D/N’s hand. “And why doesn’t Santa Claus come to me…? Danny told me it was because I’ve been bad and shouldn’t get presents” J looks down to her then to you.

“Seems like our baby has a little bit of a curiosity about Christmas” you tell the green haired man, wrapping your free arm around his neck. His eyes go to your daughter.

“Please, daddy?” she begs, jumping a little. You giggle at her enthusiasm. You knew neither you nor J had a choice, you both always found it hard to tell your princess ‘no’, especially J.

“You want a Christmas, baby?” he asks her, lifting her up into his arms and starting to walk, you following a small smile on your lips. Your little girl nods, holding onto him and giving a hopeful stare. J chuckles and nods back. “Alright, mommy and I will give you a Christmas” he replied kissing her forehead and setting her down on her feet, taking her small hand in his. You walk closer, an arm wrapping around him and your eyes meet his. You both were completely clueless on how to do this whole thing in the first place but really. How hard could it be?

The next couple days you had done nothing but read up on the different traditions people do on this holiday. Y/D/N had been at school while you and J went out to get a tree. Although your companion was set on killing the man helping you and just steal the tree, you had pleaded for him to remain civil. Now in the living room, you sitting at the couch, drinking your coffee in peace as Joker set up the tree with the help of Frost of course.. You looked to him and gave a small smile, looking to the tree, tilting your head when you notice it’s crooked.

“Pumpkin” you call. J looks to you, his arms crossed over his chest, an eyebrow raised. “I think it’s a little crooked” you point out, motioning to the tree.

“I’m sure it’s fine” he assures you.

“No, J, it’s crooked”

“Could even it out with those things you put on it”

“Ornaments and lights? Honey, it could even it out but putting too many on one side could tip it over” you explain. He sighs and takes your advice and fixes the tree, Frost smirking a little. He found it funny seeing the man doing this kind of thing. “I have no idea what to get her. What would she want?” you ask. He opens his mouth to speak but you stop him mid sentence, getting to your feet and going over to him. You wrap your arms around his neck. “No, and I mean ‘no’, weapons” you state.

“Oh now you’re just sucking the fun out of it” he states frowning slightly, but soon a smile makes his way onto his lips. You peck his lips and look to the tree.

“Still crooked” you giggle, pulling away and walking off to the kitchen. You hear him growl and turn back to him and mimic his inhuman sound. Smiling you turn away again and make your way into the other room.

The week after that consisted of buying presents. You were out at the mall, looking around the stores occasionally glancing at the other moms there who were looking for gifts for their own daughters. Dolls, clothes, even some fake child make-up kits. You were confused by the normalness of it all. You couldn’t help but think that maybe Joker had been right and you were sucking the fun from it all, mainly because you both weren’t the kind to do ‘normal’. You walked around the store grabbing some clothes for Y/D/N. All you wanted was for this Christmas to be good for her. You would do everything you could to do that.

The day was finally here. You were curled up in bed, your arms wrapped around J. Your head nuzzled to the curve of his neck. You stirred a little and looked up at him with tired eyes. His eyes were closed, you pressed kisses to his neck and up his jaw and finally on his lips. He groaned a little out of sleepiness.

“Wakey wakey, baby” you cooed. He turned over making you giggle silently. You looked around and realized what today was. You got up quickly, grabbing your silky robe and exiting the room. You enter the living room where the tree was, surrounded my gifts. You headed into your daughters room. She was curled up in bed, hugging her teddy bear. Crouching down you kissed her head and whispered to her, trying to wake her. You were honestly very excited for today, though you don’t think you would admit it. “Y/D/N, sweetie, guess what’s under the tree?” you asked, brushing her hair from her face.

“Mommy…” she giggled happily, clearly awake but also drowsy. She rubbed her eyes, looking to you with her blue eyes, reaching for you. You smile and wrap your arms around her, picking her up and taking her out to the living room. You looked to her and were happy to see her eyes light up with excitement and wonder. You set her down on the couch and headed in to make coffee. When you returned she was gone. You raised an eyebrow and heard laughter coming from your room from your little girl. You wandered in and saw her hopping on the bed. “Daddy, get up, Santa came! I was good!” she cheered, landing and shaking him a little. You walked over. His eyes opened and looked to the two of you. You leaned down to him.

“Yeah, Santa came, she wants to see what she got” you smiled, playing with his hair as your daughter ran out of the room with happiness.

“Do I have to get up?”

“Ain’t startin’ without ya” you say pecking his lips. He sighs, and sits up, pulling you more to him and kissing you. You smile into it and soon pull away, heading out into the other room where your daughter sat at the floor in front of the tree already holding a box in her small hands. J followed you in and smirked when he saw the box she had. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Alright, babygirl, open it” he said sitting on the couch in the space behind her. You lifted your coffee cup up and took small sips from it. The tearing of the wrapping paper filled your ears. You turned away for a split second  and then heard a box being opened followed by a squeal coming from the six year old and then the three dreaded words came to your ears making you freeze in place.

“It’s a gun!”

“Joker!” you yell and turn to him. The madman grinning at you.

“What, wasn’t gonna let you suck the fun out of it” he states getting up and going to you, pressing a kiss to your head as you growl at him lowly only making him chuckle as the two of you watch Y/D/N open up the rest of her gifts.


Logan leaves the bar in the middle of the night after around 10 whiskeys and a bad conversation with the barmaid.
“Shit.” He mumbles to himself as he sees how some assholes tries to rob a young woman.
“Hey!” Quickly he runs to them, pushing them away from her and after he growls at them, they disappear.
“Are you ok?”
She nods, her eyes glowing in a bright blue and she tries to hide it behind her hand.
“It’s ok. I’m like you.” Logan shows her his claws. “You see?”
Another nod from her and slowly Logan is confused why she doesn’t talk to him. She seems to notice his confusion and points her finger on her throat and shakes her head.
“You’re mute?” He asks surprised and she nods again with an apologizing smile.
She takes a writing pad and a pencil out of her bag and writing something on it.
‹I’m (Y/N). Thank you for saving me.› Logan reads with a smile before he introduces himself.
“I should bring you home.” He takes her bag, but she shakes her head, writing again.
‹I was on my way to the bus station. I need to ‘speak’ to Charles Xavier. Do you know him?›
“Old friend of me. I will drive you.”

Since 10 hours they’re on the road and slowly Logan drives crazy.
Her scent is in the whole old trailer and every time he looks at her sleeping face his heart pumps a little bit faster in his chest.
A little sigh escapes his lips and he concentrates on the street as he suddenly feels her hand on his arm. She sends him a warm smile before she forms a 'hungry’ with her mouth and he nods.
“You don’t need to cook.” He says after she stands up. “There is a diner not far away from here.”
But she doesn’t listen and after 30 minutes the whole trailer smells of spaghetti bolognese and he stops to eat together with her.
“That was good.” Satisfied he rubs over his stomach and she smiles amused before her face getting sad.
“Hey, what is it?” He takes her hand in his and strokes over it.
‹I wish I could talk with you.›
As an answer he nods, mumbling a 'I wish that too’.
Hour after hour passes and Logan still drives without a break even after (Y/N) tried to convince him to take a break.
But he can’t stop, not now.
She 'told’ him that another mutant attacked her and since that day she can’t speak anymore.

Finally they reach the school and Logan can see how excited she is.
“Professor?” Logan shouts and he smiles as he hears his familiar voice in his head.
Together they go in his office and Logan introduces them both.
Silence falls over the room as the two silently communicate with each other.
Suddenly tears falling down her cheeks and Logan’s body tenses.
“What happened?” He nearly growls.
“Unfortunately I can’t help her, Logan.” Charles says and pity rising up in him. “But I can do something else for her. (Y/N), are you ready?”
She nods before she lays her hands on Logan’s temple.
“Hey.” He hears her voice in his head and closes his eyes, enjoying it. “Now that you can hear me I don’t know what to say. I’m grateful. So grateful that you saved me and I know that we know each other only since, I don’t know, 20 hours. But I-I don’t wanna loose you. Never. Don’t ask me why, but I li-like you.”
Her voice is shaking and she is crying again, afraid to loose him.
“(Y/N).” Logan mumbles and he doesn’t care that the professor can see him as he puts his lips on hers, kissing her passionately.

Finally, she allows herself to be led. Out of the hatch. Down the corridor. Into the Boop and into the black. Thrusters burning bright, hurling them into the gleaming blue. Her eyes shining with the light of it. Beneath, between, beyond.

Along the endless circle.

Down the ceaseless spiral.

And waiting for her on the other side?

Just like he promised.

A whole sky of different stars.

YouTube Shallura prompt where Allura runs a beauty vlog and Shiro runs a physics vlog in which he does a bunch of cool science experiments. Both have tons of subscribers not just because of their skills but also because their personalities are entertaining. One day, Allura does one of those, “My Best Friend Does My Makeup” Tags and it’s Shiro who appears in the video and nobody knew that they actually knew each other, let alone that they are best friends!

Its a video filled Shiro’s awkward commentary as he sucks at applying foundation, contouring, and blending but his eyeliner skills are borderline perfection. It’s an overall silly video and the two get caught up in having so much fun with it.

At the end, Allura is looking at Shiro with her bright blue eyes as she asks him, “Do I look pretty?” And her face is just…a fucking mess. But in that moment, the audience can physically see the exact second Shiro falls in love with her right before he replies with, “No, you look beautiful.”

And their fans just explode.

Lance is also their friend and he runs a Gossip Vlog. He uploads a new video titled, “YouTube’s New Power Couple??” With Allura and Shiro’s face as the thumbprint because he and the squad have been waiting forever for this moment. Also because he’s a little shit.


Whenever you saw Emma and Hook around each other either alone or with a larger group, your mood declined heavily. You could go from an idle conversation with Snow and Hook, to complete silence when Emma showed up. In your mind you couldn’t compare to her ocean blue eyes, lovely blonde locks, and her bright smile that lit up an entire room. No, in your mind you weren’t even on the scale from one to ten compared to Emma Swan.

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She twists the ring on her finger nervously, bright blue eyes lowered to the ground. One stray blonde strand escapes the tie holding back her hair. Among the pews, unfamiliar faces. Black casket in the front of the room, black dresses, black ties, black hearts. She takes a step forward and peers inside. An overwhelming sensation of relief wraps itself around her lungs and she releases the breath she was holding. She turns away, twisting the ring on her finger. Alone, all alone.

For Tantoun

Lena looked up with a soft warm smile as the soft pads of barefeet made their way into the kitchen. Kara hadn’t bothered to put her glasses on yet, and hardly neededed them. Lena already knew. She knew the moment she had met Supergirl. It was the soft, dimpled smile and bright blue eyes that caught her attention from day one. Now, those eyes were well rested and the smile, sleepy. She was beautiful in all of her morning glory. Lena chuckled a little to herself and pushed the plate towards Kara as she slid into the barstool. “Good morning beautiful”. Kara yawned and smiled at Lena, her girlfriend. However that managed to happen, neither was too sure of.

She was still reeling from the night before. It wasn’t sex, but the most intimate cuddle session of Kara’s entire life. There was no pressure with Lena. She let Kara be herself. Her goofy, potsticker, Netflix binging, nerdy adorable…perfect self. Lena was so in love. She rested her elbow on the counter and watched Kara inhale the stack of blueberry pancakes she had lovingly prepared. When Kara finished, in mere seconds, Lena chuckled and leaned in to wipe a crumb from Kara’s beautiful, perfect lips. Those soft, rosey kryptonite lips that Lena couldn’t get enough of.

Kara, now awake after breakfast giggled at Lenas mothering touch. “Did you eat?” She asked, mouth still full from the last bite. “I had a few pancakes before you woke up. You only eat like a dozen of them, it takes me a while to make them.” Kara swallowed and leaned in to kiss Lena’s cheek and she blushed warmly. “Thank you. They’re perfect” Kara was perfect. She leaned in and brushed a stray hair from Kara’s shining face. “Do you want to shower with me? We could save some water”

  • Georgiana: [about a gift] You give them to a girl?
  • Darcy: Yeah.
  • Georgiana: Anyone I know?
  • Darcy: Oh, you know, it's just someone.
  • Georgiana: Dark hair, bright, blue eyes? You were just talking to her? I could tell, 'cause you grin a lot when you do.
  • Darcy: [blushes and looks down grinning] It's Elizabeth.
  • Georgiana: It's Elizabeth! Huzzah!
  • Fitzwilliam: Huzzah!
  • Attendants: Huzzah!

Supercorp: A Kara Danvers Birthday.

Lena woke up feeling a pair of eyes staring at her, slowly she opens her eyes and is met by bright blue eyes and dark hair which is scruffy and Lena smiles and reaches out to smooth it down. “Ben what’s up honey, what you doing up at this time?” Lena says and is met with a serious look “It’s Mama’s birthday I set the alarm for 6 am cause Mama leaves by 8 am and we got to make her breakfast and make her open her presents” he says crossing his arms and pouting. Lena’s heart swells at the boy “Oh Ben you’re so sweet. Come on baby boy” and she chuckles at the huff she gets when she calls him ‘Baby boy’ but he says nothing “Go wash your hands” she tells him and he runs out the room way to loudly for someone who’s trying to be quiet.
Lena turns to her sleeping wife. Her and Kara have been together for 11 years, they got married when Kara was 27 after three years of dating and have been married 8 years, they had Ben pretty quickly into the marriage and he turned 6 in September and he takes great pride in being the eldest in his class.
Lena just takes in the beauty that is her wife who’s turning 35 but doesn’t even look like she could pass for 33 years old. Everyday Lena thanks the gods that she was blessed with a wife like Kara and a little boy like Ben they are the most special people in her life and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Kara was late in coming home last night she had been fighting crime into the early hours and fell asleep straight after kissing Lena, so Lena knows her wife must be hungry and tired. Kissing her cheek gently she gets up knowing if she doesn’t move soon Ben will come straight back in the room and tell her off.

Walking into the kitchen she see’s Ben who’s in green PJ’s and Lena smiles at how cute he is with his head in the fridge “Momma what do we use to make pancakes” he says hearing Lena come in.
“Here let me do it, have you washed your hands?” She asks and the boy nods his head so hard Lena worries it’ll fall off. “Okay, get your stool so you can help me crack the eggs” and he smiles and runs off to go fetch his stool.
Lena has all the ingredients out on the work top and if anyone walked in they’d think she’s feeding a small village but no she’s just feeding her Kryptonian wife and greedy son. “ Okay put your stool here next to me and we’ll start making the bater” she says and the young boy smiles and eagerly starts taking the things from his brunette mother and placing the ingredients in the bowl.
“Momma?” a small voice asks and Lena looks down at the boy who’s mixing the ingredients together “Yes my sweet?” she asks “I know Mama is Supergirl, and I won’t tell anyone just I wish I was a hero so I could protect people like you” he says and Lena furrows her eyebrows “What do you mean Ben?” she asks quietly “I mean girls who love girls like you and Mama and Aunty Alex and Aunty Maggie, people who are..LBG” he says “LGBTQ You mean?” he he nods “Yeah LGBTQ because I see that your happy but I know it’s not easy for everyone, like my friend Frankie he wanted to dress up in the dress at school and the boys all laughed and called him a girl and wouldn’t let him play, so I took him aside and let him wear the dress.” he says and Lena stops him from mixing the bater and pulls him into a hug “You’re a hero already” she says “Really?” he gasps “Yep. mine, Mama’s Alex’s , Maggie’s and now Frankie’s. I’m so proud of you” she says kissing his head and he blushes slightly “Come on Mama will wake up soon” he says but secretly loves that he’s people’s hero. Lena can’t wait to tell Kara how Ben is changing people’s lives.

“Ben I said carefully not run” Lena says shaking her head at the young boy. He rolls his eyes but slows down. Lena opens the door for Ben and he runs in his feet padding on the floor and stands right by Kara’s head “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA” he shouts making Kara’s eyes fly open “Oh Rao” she says hitting her head on the back board of the bed and Lena laughs and Ben’s eyes widen “Sorry” he whispers but Kara shakes her head “Hey baby boy, are those for me?” she asks and he nods “Yes, but some are for us too” Lena says walking to her side of the bed and puts the stuff in her hands down and Kara takes the pancakes from Ben and he climbs on the bed.
Ben climbs onto the end of the bed and takes a pancake and smiles “Mama, I’m a hero” he says and Lena smiles and explains what Ben told her in the kitchen and Kara’s eyes water “You’re my favourite hero” Kara says and Ben gasps “Even more then Superman?” and Kara chuckles “Way more!” and Ben giggles.

After they all ate pancakes, Ben three, Lena two and Kara 6 Lena pulls the tray and puts it next to her on the floor. “Present time” Lena says and wiggles her eyebrows making the other two in the bed laugh.
“Right Ben you first” She says and hands Ben the gift to hand to his blonde mother. He takes it and smiles “Here you go” he says and Kara kisses his head before opening it. She rips off the paper and inside is a photograph of the three at the beach from the summer and Kara is standing hugging Lena from behind and Ben is on Kara’s back, they are all sporting huge smiles. The frame has been decorated in stickers and glitter “I worked soooo long on it” he says and Kara smiles “I love it, thank you Benny” and Ben puffs out his chest at making his mother happy “Theres more…Momma helped with this” he says “Momma payed he means” Lena whispers making Kara laugh. Opening the other gift she gasps and inside is a locket and on the top has all three of their birthstones and their birthdays, when you open it theres a picture of Kara and Lena and a picture of Kara and Ben “Oh I love it” Kara says “Put it on me” she asks Lena who nods and leans over to put it on her wife. “So beautiful” Lena whispers not looking at the necklace but her wife.
“Come on Benny you got school and Aunty Alex will be here with Holly soon” Lena says and the boy groans but gets up and hugs Kara “Happy birthday Mamma” he says kissing her cheek before running out the room.

Smiling after the boy Kara turns to Lena “Hey you” she says “Hey yourself” Lena says kissing her “Hmm I missed morning cuddles but it was worth it. We’re worth it” Kara says and Lena smiles “We’re so worth it” and Kara laughs “Now my gift” Lena says and pulls out a card “Open” she says smiling at Kara. The first is a card saying Happy birthday and saying they are going for a nice meal tonight and Kara grins “Now the second” Lena nods. Excited hands open the second one and she gasps when she pulls it out and it says trip to Italy “What about-how, work?” Kara stutters “I own my own company I can do what I want, I spoke to Cat she said yes because you haven’t had a sick day in years, and Alex said her and Maggie will take Ben for the two weeks. We deserve a holiday, a get away. Just you and me.” She says and Kara smiles “God I love you” she says and throws herself in Lena arms “I love you too”

“Hey Lena?” Kara says while laying in her wife’s arms “Yeah babe?” she says playing with her hair “I want another baby” Kara whispers and Lena smiles “It’s your birthday not christmas” she says and Kara smacks Lena’s leg lightly “Seriously, Ben is so amazing and he’s always going on about sibling” Kara says and Lena pushes Kara up so they are looking at each other “I’ll call up the doctors today” Lena smiles and Kara kisses her.
“Happy birthday to me” she says wiggling in bed making Lena laugh.
“Happy birthday to you my love.”

Shu Headcanon (The Cheat Edition)

*I hate writing Shu in a bad light so don’t be surprised if I end up turning this out nicely*

You had worked extra hours today and was tired. Walking in through the sakamaki mansion you discover how quiet it was. Not too long ago a new bride had been brought in. You felt sorry for her but her appearance annoyed you. She was blonde, busty and had bright blue eyes. You bit your lip hard, she looked like a female Shu.
You knew either she would die soon or give in and be a bride to one of the brothers.
You sighed and finally turned down the corridor to your room. As soon as you’ll get in you’ll have his arms to fall into and forget how tired you are.
You paused outside the door, did you hear something? Sounded like faint moans…Laito had hold of the new girl did he?
You shake it off and open the door, smiling excited to see him.
‘Shu!! I…’
You had been terribly wrong, you felt an awful cold chill start in your spine that worked its way up and your whole body froze.
'Shu…’ You gasp.
He looked up at you, surprise and fear on his face. The girl beneath him rolled over and covered herself with the bed sheets…your bedsheets.
Your heart was beating fast, though you couldn’t breathe. You backed away not wanting to see their naked bodies anymore.
Tears flooded your eyes and you ran.
When you reach the rose gazebo outside you collapse and let out the heartbreak.
'Y/N!’ He called but you ignored him, he kneels beside you, dressed but still smelling of her. 'I-i..’
Shu didn’t know what to say, he had been an idiot he knew that, but at the time he was his old teasing self. The vampire in him wanted to play and lure this girl.
But when you walked in and he saw your face he knew he had broken his own heart as well as yours.
'Just leave me alone..’ You sob. 'Why Shu..?!’ You were angry and he backed off. He would give you space and explain later.
You finally stopped crying and took a deep breath.
The mansion was cold and silent again as you walk in. You had been driven crazy by this place. By the brothers. By him. By Shu.
The girl walked past you, she froze and sighed.
'Y/N I’m sorry. But Shu.. he is the only one here that seems sane. He’s handsome and looks so lonely sometimes. I just found..comfort in him.’
You scowl. Who the hell does she think she is?!
'He is mine!’ You roar at her.
'He..he doesn’t have to be!’ She bravely countered.
You were angry, madly angry.
Shu appeared behind you, he puts a hand on your shoulder.
'Y/N I am completely yours.’ He says. You sigh. Of course he is. You didn’t spend the past two years chasing, and looking after him when he was lazy for nothing!
'I know.’ You say darkly, 'You’ll have to apologise everyday.’
'I will! I will! I promise!’ He agrees desperately.
The girl gasps. 'I’m nothing?!’
Shu looks at her blankly.
'After the blood you took and the secrets I told you! It was pointless?!’
You sigh, 'I’ve heard enough’
Shu nods and leads you away. But the girl follows you to the top of the stairs.
'Shu!’ She cries desperately.
She pushes past you and clings onto his arms.
He manages to shake her off which gives you a perfect chance to push her over the stair rail.
You hear her scream and a bone crushing smack on the hard floor.
Shu looks at you shocked.
'Problem solved.’ You smile darkly and walk past. 'Coming to bed Shu?’
He looks over the banister and nods slowly. For that one moment Shu had a twinkle of fear in his eyes.
'I’m coming, my love…’ He follows you instantly.

“She’s My Cherry-Pie.”

Summary: The music industry wasn’t all roses and rainbows. Y/N had learned from the start that if she was going to excel, she had no time for fuckboys and distractions. She was here to make a name for herself and her band… but sometimes, frontmen with bright blue eyes and cocky smirks were a little too hard to resists. When Y/N bumps into Andy backstage, she learns that the hard way.

Warnings: Just your basic smut warning.

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*** SMUT ***

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Jaime x Brienne: Poems

I Hid My Love                                                                                              

      by John Clare

I hid my love when young till I
Couldn’t bear the buzzing of a fly;
I hid my love to my despite
Till I could not bear to look at light:
I dare not gaze upon her face
But left her memory in each place;
Where’er I saw a wild flower lie
I kissed and bade my love good-bye.

I met her in the greenest dells,
Where dewdrops pearl the wood bluebells;
The lost breeze kissed her bright blue eye,
The bee kissed and went singing by,
A sunbeam found a passage there,
A gold chain round her neck so fair;
As secret as the wild bee’s song
She lay there all the summer long.

I hid my love in field and town
Till e’en the breeze would knock me down;
The bees seemed singing ballads o’er,
The fly’s bass turned a lion’s roar;
And even silence found a tongue,
To haunt me all the summer long;
The riddle nature could not prove
Was nothing else but secret love.

Color Blind

The classic “when you meet your soulmate you see color” au, but with a twist. Because what if meeting them isn’t enough - what if you need to realise that they’re your soulmate for it to take effect?

Stiles is in third grade when he falls in love with Lydia Martin. And he knows it’s love, he really does, because when she briefly meets his eye across the playground one innocuous Tuesday the world around him blossoms into color.

He sees the shade of her hair for the first time, not quite orange, not quite red (strawberry blonde, he would settle on later, after encountering both colors separately) and the green of her eyes, as bright as the grass beneath her blue shoes. Stiles looks at Lydia and sees color, and it is beautiful.

Scott frowns when he tells him, like he doesn’t understand. “What do you mean you see color? Aren’t we too young for that?”

Stiles waves off his concerns and goes back to rifling through the classroom crayon supply, which suddenly holds a whole new world of possibilities. Some of them are still in black and white, and some are just sort of shades of grey, but some are vibrant colors and Stiles knows that’s more than most of the other kids can see so he’s happy.

He picks out the ones that look closest to Lydia’s colors and sketches a rough drawing of her. He’s not the best artist, but just seeing the colors on the page makes his heart race.

He catches her just before the end of the day. “Lydia!” he calls as she neatly tucks her pencils into their case. He can see that she’s got a red one and a blue one, and another color he can’t think of the name of, and he wonders if she sees them too.

She blinks up at him as he skids to a stop in front of her desk. “Yes?”

“I drew this for you.”

She takes the drawing and he waits with baited breath for her response. She glances over it before rolling her green eyes back to Stiles’ face. “What is it?”

“It’s… uh…” Now that he’s here in front of her, admitting that he’d drawn her seems like a creepy thing to do. He can see Scott wincing sympathetically across the room. Stiles finally settles on, “It’s in color. Don’t you see?”

Lydia scowls. “No, I don’t see.”

His heart drops, because this is not how the stories go. In the stories, when you meet your soulmate your whole world suddenly changes, and you start to see color. Because they’re your soulmate, they see color too. You look at each other, and you see color, and it’s beautiful. That’s what happened with Stiles’ parents, that’s what happens in all the stories of true love Stiles has ever heard.

But Stiles sees color, and Lydia doesn’t.

This doesn’t make sense.

Stiles is very lost when he asks, “You don’t?”

“No, I don’t.” Lydia eyes him warily, glancing from the drawing to his face and back again. “Why, do you?”

“Uh… I… um…”

When he doesn’t give her a straight answer, she pins him under a very scrutinising stare. For a second Stiles swears that she’s seeing it too, that she knows exactly what he’s talking about, but then she silently pushes the paper back towards him.

Stiles feels like he might cry. “Keep it,” he says quietly. “I drew it for you.”

He turns to head back to Scott before she can reply, and his friend offers him a consolatory pat on the back.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

Stiles shrugs. “Eh. At least I can see color now.”

Scott nods. “And at least she kept the drawing.”

Stiles spins so fast he almost falls over. He turns just in time to see Lydia tucking the paper into her bag behind her pencil case. Both are pink.

Stiles grins. It might take a little bit longer, but he knows that one day Lydia is going to look at him and see something more than grey.

Miracle Baby Pt 2

Characters: Charles X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel,Xmen

Warnings: None


Can you do a small short of Raven and Erik finding out about the baby and maybe they come to see her? Cuz I love this story it’s so sweet and cute!!

Originally posted by lehnsherrcharles

Originally posted by yesilliniz

Your little girl was nearly a year old. She had her daddy’s bright blue eyes and your hair. She was tottering about already but she rather preferred being in your arms or on Charles’ lap, which neither of you minded at all. She was started to speak as well. You remember your husband’s chuffed face when she called him Daddy.

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I don’t think she realized what I meant when I told her I loved her
With every glimpse I got of her, it was like a breath of fresh air
Seeing her curled up in bed for those Sunday afternoon naps made me fall in love with her all over again
All I wanted was to hold her one last time
To see that childish grin come over her face
To see her bright blue eyes light up like the stars
But I guess I learned the hard way that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone