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hidden away || dylan o’brien (smut)

word count: 5226

warnings: mentions of cheating, oral (both receiving), daddy kink, unprotected sex, angst

request: how about an obrien imagine where it starts w yn in her room w her boyfriend and theyre talking and shes obviously bored and then she tells him shes gonna take a nap and shes feeling kinda sick so he leaves and then she watches out the window as he drives away and then dylan comes out of the closet saying “ugh finally that prick was taking forever to get outta here” or something like that and then it gets all smutty and stuffy thankssss

author’s note: this is my attempt at getting out of the funk i was in for a couple weeks! i hope you enjoy, thank you so much lau @thelittlestkitsune for being so supportive and helping past things for a couple days! she’s my sweet muffin and i love her! also part two? let me know what y’all think!

pairing: dylan o’brien / reader


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Convergence 2

Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 - Part 1 Chapter 14 - Part 2

A/N: Natasha just revealed that she is still in love Bucky, your boyfriend. They exchanged a kiss and you have disappeared into another realm with Loki. Shit has definitely hit the fan as all secrets unfold. 

If you blinked, you would’ve missed it as the lightning cracks and the cloudless sky darkens and opens. A massive tornado appears then dissipated as quickly as it came. Thor’s feet touches the ground and within a breath the sky returned to its sunny Mediterranean hue.

“Not the welcoming, I would hope to receive.” He states as he observed everyone peering over the edge of the waterfall.

“I didn’t think about it until now, but why do we have waterfall?” Sam asked.

“Better question is how do you have a waterfall.” Bruce corrects.

Sam and Bruce exchanged a glance as Steve and Tony resurfaces from over the edge. “She’s not down there.”

"Neither is my shield.”

“Can you say Reichenbach falls.” Sam jokes. Bucky glares at him. “Sorry just saying it’s very Sherlockian.”

“Stop talking,” Bucky states.

“She is with my brother.” Thor stated matter-of-factly.

All eyes turned to the God who was dressed in a loosely fitted shirt and pants.

He smiled. “Hello.”

“Loki? Why is my girlfriend with your brother?” Bucky asked through gritted teeth.

"You would have to ask her that when you see her.” Thor turns and walked towards the house. “I’m hungry, I’ve been craving one of your human foods. Pancakes it’s called.”

“It’s 4:30 in the afternoon.” Sam says glancing at his watch.

“You humans. Such slaves to time.”

“Pancakes and waffles are breakfast foods." Sam tried to explain, but gave up when he realized Thor wasn’t comprehending or just didn’t care.

"You might as well come inside and wait, they won’t be back for awhile.”

“How long is awhile?” Bucky asked as his jaw tightens.

Thor waved his hand. “A few hours or so in Asgardian time.”

“We are not in Asgard.”

“This is true.” Thor paused as he calculated. “They should be back in about a day or two.”

“A day or two!” Bucky bellowed. “You have to take me to her.”

“She’s with Loki for a reason and from the looks of it there’s a lot of tension here and she deserves some time away. Think of it as a mini vacation." He smiles.

"You know nothing.”

Thor’s smile became condescending. “I am a God, James, I know and foresee more than you could ever comprehend.” He inhales deeply and drops his defensive stance. “I know you don’t want to hear this, but my brother cares deeply for her.”

“Cares deeply for her.” Bucky repeated confused. “Why would he care for her, when he doesn’t know her.”

Thor gave nothing away. “She is safe with him. If she wasn’t, she would be here with you. When she is ready, he will bring her back. So, I suggest we go inside and have some delicious pancakes and one of those beers.”

Tony slaps Thor on the back and winces. “A man of my own heart.”

A northern light appears three days later and hovers over the house.

“What is that?” Sam asked, pointing to the greenish hue in the sky.

Thor glances up. “Ah, they are not that far off. It’s Loki’s way of signaling his return.”

“How much longer?’ Bucky impatiently asked.

“Few hours maybe.”

“Can you be a little bit more specific.”

“I am not Loki’s keeper.” Thor answered with finality.

Bucky and Thor had a silent standoff, Bucky caved first and walked outdoors and began pacing and staring at the sky.

“So, are you going to tell us?” Sam questioned.

“What?” Thor asked taking a gulp of his beer.

“C’mon man. Loki and Buck’s girl. What’s that about?”

“Not my story to tell.”

“So there’s something to tell?” Thor shrugs. ”You don’t just disappear into another dimension with a stranger for three days. They know each other? They had a thing?”

“A Thing? What is this thing?”

Exasperated Sam walks off as Thor joined Bucky outside.

“She is not in harm’s way.” He says.

“She’s pregnant with my child.”

“Yes, I know this and Loki knows this as well. He will protect her.”

“Can you stop saying that!” Bucky shouted. “She shouldn’t be with him, she should be here with me!”

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Science with Bughead:

Let’s focus on the first gif!

His thumb caresses her cheek, showing love and kinda immitates his movements from their first kiss. (And it’s only the first second)

His thumb now roughly presses under her jaw (which must’ve hurt badly too, if she wasn’t so in pleasure) too force her head against the cupboard. He kisses the other side of her jaw (his mouth is open while doing that too, but I can’t figure out exactly what he’s doing). Before her head hits the cupboard you can see him actually choking her for a split second, thumb pressing down on her pulse point, before moving back and holding her chin down to keep her still. She moves her head and opens her mouth slightly in pleasure, lips brushing against his cheek, hands firmly placed on his shoulder.

Now our focus is on gif number 2 !
His hand wanders again as she backs up to him offering more of her (delicious) throat and collar bone. His hand probably massages her scalp, while licking and pecking her throat down,before removing completely. We can see her holding on to his neck for more support as he bites and licks her collarbone. Her legs obviously spread wider apart (we can see her knee moving higher) which also means she’s closes any space in between their crotches.

This remind us of an oh so familiar picture from the animal world!

Hunter and Prey - Jughead is the hunter and Betty is the prey.
He pins her down and guides her forcefully, hurting her intentionally. Like a Hunter who’s about to eat his prey. He does it too, the eating, biting and licking her sweet spots, dominating her reactions. Mixed with an incredible amount of hormones and chemical reactions that happen in their brains. Amazing!

But now we’re gonna look at why they act like that:

Why does Jughead act so dominant and rough?
-Jughead suffered through so many situations and not having any control over anything. He couldn’t change the drive in situation, having no control over it. The school exchange - no control over choosing where he wants to live or even his planned surprise visit in Toledo - he thought it would be crystal clear that his mom wants him to visit but she didn’t. He had nothing to say against her decision.
This overall “control” loss and the Trust Issues in his life had him act all demanding and controlling over Betty.

Why is Betty so submissive in that situation?
Betty might has been controlled - no- terrorized all her life by everyone to be perfect, the result being Dark Betty, a figure where she has control (see the bathtub incident) but it’s not what she wants.
When she lets Jughead control her like that, it’s because she chose too, she knows she can let go of everything and he guides her and her flaws, taking her as she is. Trust being the number one part here too.

(Please note that all my knowledge comes from psychological books I read and I don’t know if my analysis is correct)

Gif credit to @musingmola

Once More, With Feeling

Summary: You’re essentially Buffy Summers, a young girl fighting vampires and other supernatural beings. You’re dragged out to a club on your night off by your friend, Margaret, when you run into two vampires. 

Warnings: Vampire!Bucky, teasing, vampire kink (is that a thing?)

A/N: Inspired by the Sims 4 Vampire expansion pack where I made myself a Bucky Barnes vampire sim. Totes giving a shout out to @cryokinetic-cobain cause they’re awesome! Also the title is a reference to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode because it’s amazing.

(Part Two)

(~ my own shitty edit ~)

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Originally posted by alexhoghgifs

So, folks, this is my first attempt at writing anything about Ivar The Boneless (because yea, you’ve all got me there) and also my first smut. **Someone save me.** I appreciate all feedbacks and sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language. Kisses to all ivar’s army!

The water was deliciously hot, the smoke coming out of it a desired cloud around the little tent. Deep blue eyes watched her from afar, their owner comfortably seated on the small bench a short distance from the wooden tub. She stared back at him, lost in that delicious sensation of being suffocated by scrutiny, as if he could see beyond her skin, even know her most secret thoughts. Ivar had this power over her, to discover her intentions, her wants and frustrations… to discover her obscure desires, to unravel them. It was irritating at first, that he could always imagine her plans; While a shield-maiden of another King, that her enemy could read her so easily was not attractive at all. However, all battles come with a price and that kind of connection with her Prince had saved their asses again and again, even to this day. She still remembered their first encounter, during the revenge for the death of King Ragnar, when in the midst of a fierce battle, (Y/N) had jumped on Prince Ivar’s chariot, and he had been pissed without limits. She was convinced that he would kill her after the battle was over, burying the ax in her skull as she had seen he doing repeatedly during the battle. He’d surprised her, however, with a hand tightly clamped around her throat, deliciously blue angry eyes, telling her she was a good shield-maiden. She had almost fallen back.

It had been so many years since that episode, which seemed a distant dream of a younger age now. And the past little interested her while she were naked in a bathtub, with her lover a few feet away, his eyes trained on her. She could not contain the smile that spread across her face, putting her hands on the edge of the tub, right in front of her body and pulling to lean against it, her long wet hair down her back attracting the man’s attention.

- Are you just going to keep staring? – (Y/N) teased, leaning her face in her folded arms over the edge of the tub, her body slightly above the water, just to give him a peek at the curve of her ass, before plunging it further down the water as soon as his eyes moved.

She watched as a mischievous smile spread on her husband’s focused face. The movement made his skin stretch and small wrinkles appear next to his shiny eyes, while the rest softened - he looked years younger. She could not hold the ridiculously passionate little sigh that came from her lips. This man would still be her death - and she would be satisfied, happy and contented to the arms of the Valkyries that came for her.

Ivar got down from the bench where he was, crawling across the floor near the tub. (Y/N) took advantage of that moment to observe the upper part of her husband’s body, the way his muscles flexed beneath his shirt, at times forcing the stitching of it, an aura of brute force around him, while his eyes did not stray from her face, the malicious grin more pronounced now, because he knew exactly how much watching his body excited her. When he got close to the bathtub, sitting next to it, (Y/N) moved away from the edge and leaned back in the bathtub, her body temptingly submerged at shoulder height, awaiting the next step of the man in front of her.

It was shameful how her body was already prepared for him. Some glances, a smile and just seeing him approaching her and she was ready, her pulse accelerating and her whole body warming and shivering, ready to receive him. And Ivar knew this, because his smile grew even larger in full satisfaction as he looked into her eyes, a hand slowly moving up the length of her neck, fingers slowly caressing her pulse. Then, provocatively slowly, stroking her jugular, down to her shoulders, only lightly brushing the skin above her breasts. And all this while his eyes remained focused on hers, watching them being taken over by lust, hazy, and the struggle to stand still as he continued with the small caresses.

Rough fingers dipped the water and traced lightly her left nipple, a flash of satisfaction shining in those large blue eyes as he felt it already hard. (Y/N) also couldn’t contain the small smile when she saw him with that boyish expression. Then his fingers roamed again, now to her face, quietly caressing the side of it, the high cheeks and then, down the tip of the nose to the half-opened mouth of the woman in front of him, to the point that he dipped two fingers in it. (Y/N) sucked on them, slowly and long, with little nibbles, her eyes never leaving his. She could see that he was also excited, his pupils dilating and his eyes focused on her mouth. Resolved to stimulate the fantasy that should be playing in his head, she pulled her mouth from his fingers just to lick them from the palm of his hand to the tips of them, putting them entirely back into her mouth, sucking them. Ivar hissed, releasing the air he held until he shifted, lifting his body so that his other hand could reach her neck, as he withdrew his fingers from (y /n) mouth to spread his hand down the valley of her breasts, descending slowly, stroking, squeezing, massaging all the way to her womanhood. The hand around her neck massaged it, deliciously pressing her neck, shoulders, and back to the nape of the neck, until (Y/N) felt the other hand on her sex and the pressure of the other on her neck. He knew exactly what she liked and how, to the point that he started penetrating with just one finger, slowly exploring her, pushing away her folds, stroking his thumb over the pleasure button just above, all while massaging her neck unhurriedly, calmly, soothing, almost. Another finger was added to the mixture and her breathing became erratic, small strokes on her clit as Ivar penetrated them deeply, still slowly; Even though the pressure in her neck increased, everything was very slow, very little, much less… (Y / N) wanted more.

- More. - A small gasp, and Ivar smiled in satisfaction, almost as if he defied her to endure the provocation. The hand on her throat increased the pressure and she groaned in satisfaction as his fingers became faster, stronger and synchronized strokes and soon (Y/N) struggled not to move against her lover’s hand, a long moan escaping her lips when a third finger was added, his thumb caressing her clit between a few movements, whenever he completely removed his fingers, then put them back, strong, deep. She was going to cum soon. The fact was that her skin was already burning for him, being deprived of this for so long. He could had spend only a few moments on her clit and she would have enjoyed it with the same force she would enjoy now. And he seemed to know because he took one of his fingers out to allow best access of his thumb to the small nervous button and soon it was difficult to breathe, the pressure in her throat making her breath come out in small hisses and her whole body tensed, waiting the great moment. Her climax washed over her, making her whole body tremble as her hands gripped the edge of the bathtub, water flying and her head going backwards as a loud moan escaped her throat, having Ivar allowed her to breathe deeply enough just for that. Upon returning from her high, he looked at her satisfied, completely soaked all over the top of his body. The sight made her laugh and move closer, stealing a small kiss on his lips as her hand wandered down his abdomen to his pants. He deepened the kiss as he felt her hand cling to his hard member and she stroked him over his trousers insistently, wanting him inside her. He broke the kiss to look at her, a devious smile on his face. He pulled the wet shirt over his head and her eyes were immediately drawn to his chest, his muscles defined by more than just battles, clamoring for her touch and her nails. Then his face appeared in front of her eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

- Are you just going to stare? – He mimicked and (Y/N) smiled, her hands clawing at Ivar’s perfect abdomen as they climbed up to his neck to pull him into a kiss. No. She definitely would not.

A Kiss For Clarity

I know I said I was gonna pace myself because I’m supposed to be busy with work right now but I saw this prompt from @birdlovesafish and I couldn’t help but write it:

Betty figures out she can think clearer when she kisses Jughead and they decide to basically have a make out session to see if she can solve Jason Blossom’s murder

It came out of nowhere, but before she knew it Jughead’s cool lips were covering hers, pressing with the most delicious pressure, fingers cupping the back of her neck gently. All thoughts of crazy parents swept from her mind as she focused every nerve in her body on the exhilarating tingle that shot through her. She brought her hand up to experimentally caress his neck, fingers shaking. The world melted away as she tasted his breath, fanning across her face as he sighed. No more parents, no more institutions, no more Jason and Polly…


“The car!”


She listened to him trip over his words as he tried to explain himself. 

“…who’ve been through what we’ve been through?” he stammered. She flexed her fingers round his, his grip a steadying hold on her as she floated through the insanity that has become her life. The concern in his voice made her heartbeat stop and then pick up in double time. Here he was, the boy that had waited for her while she fawned over Archie - she cringed at her behaviour now. He’d not said a word, patiently listening, caring, protecting. She leaned into him slightly while they continued the walk home, basking in the warmth he provided her. He may look blue but he was always golden to her. 

“How far did she get?” Betty stopped, her mind reliving the memory. She turned to look up at him, eyes honest and waiting. She couldn’t help but reach up, cupping his cheeks as he once did to her and place a chaste but firm kiss to his lips. She felt his mouth tilt upwards in a smile against hers. Everything was so much clearer with him around.


Betty felt as if she was going to go cross-eyed if she stared at this damn murder board a minute longer. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples slightly to release some of the ache that had built up in the middle of her forehead. 

“You ok, Betts?” Jughead asked from behind her, sitting at his desk, the tapping of his keys pausing momentarily as he looked over to her lowered head and hunched shoulders in concern. 

“Yeah, I just… we haven’t gotten anywhere recently and it just feels like we’re losing it. The longer it takes the less likely we are to find whoever did this. This whole thing,” she gestured to the board in front of her “just looks like a mess of lines to me now,” she huffed in defeat, shaking her head. Jughead appeared in front of her where she was perched on the edge of a desk, widening her legs slightly to let him stand between them comfortably. He rested both hands on her shoulders, ducking his head to look directly into her eyes. 

“Hey, don’t worry. We’re gonna figure this out, we’ll get there,” he mumbled reassuringly, tilting her head up with a finger under her chin. She gazed into his piercingly blue eyes for a beat, seeing nothing but concern and reassurance waiting for her there. She dropped her head to his chest, letting out a sigh as his arms moved to encircle her, one hand rubbing the middle of her back gently. She could already feel the tension leaving her back, her shoulders, the ache in her head numbing to a dull throb as she breathed in the smell of his detergent mixed with something else that was uniquely Jughead. 

“You always make it better,” she whispered earnestly, pulling back to watch as he ducked his head with an embarrassed chuckle, light pink dusting the tops of his cheeks. She meant it, though. Every touch they shared, every brush of their fingers or touch of their lips, made everything crystal clear to her, like when their skin touched the circuit was finally completed. She peered at him, eyebrows slightly furrowed in wonder before leaning forward, pulling him down by the back of the neck and crashing her lips to his.

This kiss wasn’t like their others. It wasn’t brief or delicate or unsure. It was passion and fire and Betty couldn’t help but pour all her frustrations and curiosities into it. 

He’d never been kissed like this before, never wanted to be before Betty. A groan rose from his chest, surprising even himself, as Betty’s tongue slipped out to run across the seam of his lips. She moaned needily, oh how he wished he could save that sound and play it again and again, as he opened his mouth under her ministrations. His hands fisted in the material at her waist, trying not to dig his fingers into her soft flesh at the feeling of her hooking her ankles round the backs of his thighs and pull him closer, her hands moving to tug at his hair. 

“What are you doing?” he managed to ask when they pulled back for air, heads both spinning at the new sensations.

“Just trying something,” she gasped, and who was he to argue as she came back in for more, willingly letting her take everything from him that he could give, she could have it all, anything she wanted. 

Time turned to dust around them as they stayed locked in that position, both exploring in ways they never dreamed they could. Betty slid up against him, pushing her chest intoxicatingly against his. A new feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach, thrilling and terrifying all at once. Betty couldn’t believe that she’d been missing the chance to have this for all this time. Jughead made her feel whole, not on the verge of some dark plummeting precipice as she’d been made to feel her entire life. Where she was, right now, she’d be happy to jump without a second thought as long as he was with her, holding on tight. 

She pulled back suddenly, lips releasing with a wet pop, chests heaving in unison. They stayed there, trying to calm their breathing and flushed skin, never taking their eyes off one another. 

“Betts,” he breathed, thumb tracing her glowing cheek. She smiled shyly at him now the moment was cooling down. Her eyes flicked briefly, casting a glance over his shoulder.

“Juggie…” she started, hopping off the desk and charging towards their murder board. “We have to visit Mayor McCoy’s office. Now,” she commanded, flying round the office in a hurricane of pink and gold. He chuckled, shaking his head while trying to get his body under control. She was something else. She barely started towards the door before stopping abruptly again and rushing back to his side. Her hands grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him in for one last rough kiss, heady against their already swollen lips. 

“Thank you, Juggie,” she whispered against his lips, beautiful smile dazzling him for a moment longer, giving her a head start out of the room. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied breathlessly to the empty room, casting one last disbelieving look around before following his girl out of the door. 

Car Sex AU

Like a crystalline diamond, sunbeams scattered and enveloped the air. Lexa shielded her eyes from the last reaching grasps of sunlight as dusk settled the winding roads they chugged along, radio blaring, mind occupied with the girlfriend texting away beside her, she licked her lips and smiled because amongst all the tiny tragedies of life, blissful perfect moments like this existed too.

“My parents are home.” Clarke whined and threw her phone beside the seat in a huff. “I’d invite you in…”

“But your mom would give me the Spanish inquisition.” Clarke pouted and nodded at that, leaning over to kiss her girlfriend’s neck. Lexa sighed into it, smiling as she did. “Remind me, why did we tell her the truth?”

“Because she’s not stupid and I’ve never cared so much about AP Calculus in my life.” Clarke chuckled, dragging her mouth along the exposed section of shoulder between Lexa’s vest and neck.

It was good whilst it lasted, Lexa thought. It all started innocently enough, she was assigned to Clarke as her student assistant. The theorem of integrals and tabular data quickly turned into long study sessions and Gossip Girl binges, which then turned into sleepovers, which then turned into desperate quiet sex with hands covering gasps and pillows absorbing helpless moans whilst her parents sat downstairs marvelling at their daughter’s academic one-eighty.

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savethelastklance  asked:

Hey if you're still accepting prompts, can I ask for a fic where polydins are a thing and they go to a planet where everyone on there wants lance and it ends up with the rest of the paladins and allura just get so possesive (please include a scene where keith litterly hisses like a cat at someone).Congrats on all the followers!!!!

I’ll be accepting prompts for the rest of the week, so don’t hesitate to send more prompts my way if you think of any later on. :) thank you for the prompt btw!


“now, everyone remember. we are here to gain a new planet in our alliance. which means we have t be on our best behavior throughout our stay. that means no flirting with diplomats or challenging their guards.” Allura gives a pointed look towards both the red and blue paladins, one of which just so happen to be avoiding eye contact. Lance on  the other hand acts distraught over the accusation “Allura! you know i only flirt with my boyfriends and girlfriends now. i would never break their trust like that.” the over dramatic from their boyfriend helps ease the tension in everyone, and a few of them can’t help but chuckle at Lance’s theatrics. “ alright, alright. just make sure that you all treat the species with respect, please.“ everyone nods their heads in agreement , a much lighter atmosphere hanging around them, ready to add another planet to their alliance.


once the castle touched down on the planet, the team waits by the grand entrance, standing behind Allura as she thanks the king and queen for allowing them to stay on their planet, and wishing for an alliance between them. the team each have their helmets on to keep up appearances as professionals, but secretly they’re all whispering into their headsets about how different yet similar these aliens look like humans. they have somewhat of the same build as most humans, although the four arms are a definite difference between them. but also, their skin coloring is very widely ranged. some of them look as pale as Shiro and Pidge, and they even spot some with much darker coloring like Hunk. and then there were some that just really different; some were light blues or a pale greens and some pinks and reds.  it was really mind boggling to see both skin colors that they’re so used to and then see another being with green skin.

“and now may i introduce the Paladins of Voltron!” Allura snaps all of them back to the present, introducing them to the crowd of on lookers. Shiro takes his helmet off, and down the line, everyone takes their helmets off. Lance is the last to take his helmet off, and its as though the mood changed slightly once his face was visible to everyone. it was pretty weird, but the team tries not to let it get to them. they have to stay professional while their here. besides, its probably nothing.


it was definitely not nothing. every chance they got, diplomats would either shove either eager children or even themselves into Lance’s face and they would not so subtly flirt with him to no end. not that Lance exactly turned them away, trying to be civil and not insult any of them. it seems that Lance’s skin color is something entirely new to this race, and thinking back, none of the others really saw anyone with Lance’s skin tone. and that made him highly sought after by any of the diplomats or their daughters or sons. even the king and queen daughter had made a pass at Lance more than once.

the team tried to not be possessive about their boyfriend, not wanting to botch this alliance, but one by one, they each reached their breaking point. not that Lance really mind, it was nice to know that his boyfriends and girlfriends can get so jealous and possessive. and to be honest, it was getting to be too much even for him. so he wasn’t complaining  whenever one of his loved ones would pull him away from an overzealous diplomat trying to ‘woo’ him.

the first of he team to reach their boiling point was Pidge, who sat down between lance and a very handsy duke (he literally had at least half of his hands on Lance since he introduced himself to him) when the duke tried to get Lance to sit right next to him. and anytime the duke tried to flirt with him or reach a hand out to him, Pidge would intercept him by obviously taking Lance’s hand in her own or talking over him when he tried. of course she would always ‘apologize’ each time, mostly because Allura would give her a bit of a scowl for being ‘rude’ to their hosts, but no one called her out on it, all very thankful of their girlfriend’s actions.

the second to lose their cool was Keith, which wasn’t all that surprising. it was after the feast, and everyone was dancing in some sort of dome ballroom. one of the daughters that has been hovering around Lance had dragged him into dancing with them. and that in itself wasn’t all that upsetting. it was that Keith had overheard one of the other girls talk about how this specific song and dance was a sign of declaration of love in their culture (not that lance knew, he just kind of mimicked what he saw other doing). that is what set Keith off; he stormed over to them and pulled them apart. the girl was not happy about this and tried to reach back for Lance. Keith latched onto her hand and whipped around and actually hissed at her. she immediately backed off, and Keith pulled Lance away from the dance floor. he looped their arms together, making sure that Lance didn’t dance with anyone besides the team.  of course Allura ad to apologize to the girl about Keith’s behavior to her and try and smooth over any ruffled feathers. but Shiro wasn’t complaining, he even slipped in a high five to Keith.

the next one was Hunk. it was the next day and everyone had hoped that their hosts would catch the hint that Lance wasn’t really single. unfortunately, it seems that none of them did. it was early in the morning, and while everyone was groggy with sleep, some duchess was able to steal a seat next to Lance, who was probably the only morning person of the entire team. no one really paid mind to it at first, since she wasn’t overly blatant about her interest in the blue paladin. that is, until the morning meal was served. that’s when the duchess constantly tried to feed Lance from her own plate, always proclaiming how delicious their food was. Lance always politely declined, but the duchess was persistent, and no matter if it was already on Lance’s plate, she would try and feed him. that’s when Hunk probably did the most outrageous thing possible. he leaned over lance and ate off of the duchesses fork, much to everyone’s surprise. Hunk looked her dead in the eye and simply told her that the food is delicious and sits back down on the other side of Lance going back to eating from his own plate silently. what no else saw was that lance patted Hunk’s leg under the table in as a silent thank you.

 Shiro and Allura were the last ones to finally break after the last two days of having to watch Lance being flirted with constantly. it wasn’t that surprising that they had the most self control, but to be honest, if the others hadn’t intervened when the did either of them would have done the exact same thing. but it was when they had secured  the alliance with the planet and were packing up all the food and resources that the queen had gifted them, and Lance was pulled aside and was talking with the Princess of the planet, she seemed to have taken a liking to Lance, which after how everyone else on this planet have been trying, it was almost normal. that is until Allura saw the princess trying to back Lance into a corner. still trying to be polite, Allura called over to Lance to help them carry the boxes back to the castle. lance tried to slip out of the corner, apologizing halfheartedly about the team needing him.

that’s when she blocked off Lance’s escape and planted her lips on his.

in front of the entire team.

and it seems that the princess wasn’t going back down so easily.

and that didn’t sit well with any of them at all. but it was Allura and Shiro who took action. Shiro pulled them apart and let Allura deal with her. he spun around and checked over Lance, making sure that he was okay and that she didn’t try anything else they didn’t see. meanwhile Allura was putting the princess in her place, telling her off for not only forcing herself on one of the paladins of voltron, but also breaking their trust with her by doing such a thing. the princess seemed to realize how much she screwed up and begged that they don’t break the alliance with their planet. Allura looks back to Shiro and Lance, her eyes silently asking if Lance was alright. it looks like he was a bit shaken, but was alright. Allura merely said that the alliance wasn’t in jeopardy but it would be best if she learned the meaning of consent before they ask for Voltron’s help. with that Shiro gathered Lance in his arms and walked off with Allura following close behind.


it wasn’t until the castle had left the solar system and everyone had crowded themselves into Allura’s bed that Shiro finally loosened his hold on Lance, letting everyone else cuddle close on the large bed.

“you okay Lance?”

“yeah, it just kinda freaked me out when she did that.”

“you sure she didn’t do anything else? because if she did I’ll-”

“I’m sure Mullet. she didn’t even get a chance to turn it into anything more before Shiro and Allura came over.”

it was silent for awhile, everyone letting the calm soothe their frayed nerves. since it was so quite, everyone could easily hear Lance whisper  “thanks you. all of you.”

‘for what?” pidge asked, trying to stifle a yawn.

“for helping me with all of…that. you guys are the best. even when your jealous and over pretective.” that last comment got Lance an elbow lightly jabbed in his side, only making him laugh at the little effort put into it.

“you don’t need to thank us for helping you out. you’re our boyfriend. as if we’re going to let someone make passes at you without getting mad.”

lance chuckles again at the blatant trust and love and faith that his team. his boyfriends and girlfriends put in him. he got pretty lucky getting the best relationship ever. he would never give it up so easily. and he’s glad to know his team wouldn’t either.


tada! there you go! i hope you like this! thank you so much for the prompt again, i had a lot of fun writing this!

At the premiere of Dunkirk

Got requests for part 2 of the Dunkirk one shot. Hope y’all enjoy! ;)

A year later

The time has finally come for the movie to be released. Y/N and Harry are finally in a relationship. After going on a couple of dates, Harry finally asked Y/N out. Since Y/N lived in L.A., things were more easier for the both of them considering Harry has a house there and how much he loves coming to L.A. The both of them were extremely happy together. Harry would still tell Y/N his dumb jokes or puns whenever he thought was the perfect time or when he just wanted to. Y/N would still roll her eyes but laugh nonetheless. 

His goofy and friendly personality is what made her completely and utterly fall in love with him. It was hard not to fall in love with Harry. Ever since they became official, he’s done nothing but treat her right. He would constantly spoil her with some kind of gifts even when she begs him not to but he wouldn’t listen to her. He would just shake his head and say, “No, pet. Yeh’re my girl now yeah? So I get to spoil yeh as much stuff as I want.” Whenever she’d have a long or bad day, he’d be there to make her feel better. The list goes on. He was the perfect boyfriend.

They were at the stage where they do say I love you and it was literally confessed the other day when they were out for dinner. Harry confessed it first, in the dorkiest way possible. But Y/N was never going to forget it and she smiles every time she thinks about it.

“Alright, ‘ve got a joke fo’ yeh,” Harry speaks after wiping his mouth with a napkin to clean off any food from his face.

Y/N throws her head back against the chair and groans, wondering why he has to ruin their perfect moment. She just wanted to eat her dessert in peace. Without any stupid jokes or puns because Harry always has something to say.

“Harryyyy,” She drags out, “Do you always have to ruin the moment with your lame jokes?”

He looks at her with offense, hand on his chest to feign a look of hurt. “Oi c’mon! I ‘av t’ tell yeh this one!” He begs and she shakes her head.

“Nope, tell me later,” She says, going back to her delicious dessert. She was about to dig her fork in but is quickly stopped when Harry’s large hands grab the plate from in front of her.

“Oh come on, Harry!” She whines, remembering that time when he took her sandwich from her so he could make her admit that she likes spending time with him. It still felt fresh in her mind.

Harry shakes his head firmly, holding the plate away from her, “Yeh have t’ listen t’ me first,” He demands. 

“It’s a freaking a joke!” She almost shouts, her cheeks blushing when people look their way. She shrinks in her seat, letting out a tired sigh. She knows he won’t give it back until she listens so she gives in, “Fine. What?” She rests her chin against her hand, her elbow resting against the table to hold it up.

He gives her an innocent smile, “Cheer up, love. ‘s gonna be a good one. Promise.” 

She flashes him a fake enthusiastic smile and he just chuckles in return, putting the plate down in front of him.

“Mkay, so knock knock!” He says excitedly.

Y/N rolls her eyes, having to hear this so many times. “Who’s there?”

“Pauline!” He answers.

“Pauline who?” 

“I think I’ve Pauline in love with you.” He smiles and her eyes widen, mouth agape from the sudden confession. He literally just confessed that he was in love with her through a knock knock joke. 

“Harry…” Her voices trails off, not knowing what else to say. Gosh, she loves him so much. She just didn’t know if he loved her back, being the insecure person she was.

His cheeky smile slowly fades when he notices her not saying anything. He clears his throat, looking down at his lap, slightly disheartened at her reaction. Did she not love him back?

“‘s okay. Don’ have t’ say it back ‘f yeh don’…” His voice slightly cracks, making him clear his throat again. He actually felt a bit embarrassed by this. He was thinking about this all day, planning this whole dinner just to confess his love for her. 

Y/N blinks, realizing that she hasn’t said anything and notices the slightly sad look on his face. She didn’t like that look and the fact that she’s the reason why makes her heart hurt. She has to tell him too.

She shakes her, mustering up the courage to say it back. “I love you too, you dork.” She smiles, feeling at ease again when she sees him look at her up in surprise, his face instantly lighting up.

“Yeah?” He asks, wanting her to confirm it again with his eyes looking into hers.

She nods, slightly laughing, “Yeah,” She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, looking down at her fingers in her lap. “Was just taken by surprise.” She reasons why it took a few moments. “But I do,” She nods, “I love you a lot.”

Harry’s face brightens even more which she didn’t think was possible but she sees his happy grin. “How can yeh be surprised pet? ‘course ‘m gonna love yeh! Yeh’re perfect!” He tells her and she immediately shakes her head, wondering how Harry can even think that.

“No I’m not. I’m not perfect. Far from perfect.” She mumbles and Harry pouts, not liking that she sees herself that way. He stands up from the chair and comes around the table, crouching down to become eye level with her. He gently cups her face in his hands, his green eyes staring into her intently. 

“Hey,” He brings his face close to hers, ignoring that they were in a public place, “I think yeh’re perfect mkay? Wouldn’ want anyone else. Yeh know tha’ yeah?” And she nods her head, kissing him right after because she loves him so freaking much. 

Realizing that they were in a public place, she pulls back with a blush. “Can I get my dessert back now?” She asks and he chuckles, nodding his head and standing up but not before giving her another peck on the lips.

“As long as yeh let me feed it to yeh?” He wonders and she smiles, more than happy to agree. He brings his chair to sit next to her along with the plate in his hand. 

“Love yeh,” He says again and she beams at him, saying it back in return. 

And in that night, they both fed each other dessert with happy and love filled kisses.

It’s been a year later and promo season for the movie has already started. Y/N and Harry are currently in Harry’s London home, getting ready for the Dunkirk premiere. 

Harry had called a whole glam squad for Y/N even though she told him it wasn’t absolutely necessary but yet again,  he didn’t listen to her. Harry was wearing a customized Gucci suit and a pair of red boots with designs on them. x Y/N wore a simple black Alexander McQueen gown that was off the shoulders. Her hair was pin straight and her make up was very neutral because that’s how she preferred it. 

When Y/N was ready, she walks out of the bathroom to see Harry patiently waiting for her. His hair was perfectly styled and he looked so handsome in his suit. 

His head instantly snapped up when she cleared her throat. He stood up from the bed, his breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. He couldn’t believe that this girl was all his. He felt so lucky to love and feel loved by her. 

Y/N blushes, looking down at her feet because of Harry’s intense gaze on her. He slowly walks up to her, his hand going under her chin to lift her face up and look at him. 

“Almost knocked me off m’feet, pet. Think calling yeh beautiful would be an understatement,” He tells her and her cheeks tint red at his word. A year later and he still makes her blush every time he compliments her. 

She smiles, holding his wrist to her face as he pulls her close to him with his other hand. 

“Think you look really handsome,” She says shyly.

Harry smiles, waving his hand like it’s no big deal, “Thank you, love, but I think all eyes are gonna be on yeh. Gonna ‘av t’ protect m’girl from everyone,” He tells her and she rolls her eyes playfully.

His eyes linger on her face, a cute smile still on his lips. He leans down to press his lips against hers, keeping them there for a few seconds before pulling away.

“Love yeh,” He reminds her, rubbing his thumb underneath her eye.

“I love you too.” They kiss one more time before walking downstairs to the waiting car.

Y/N feels nervous. It was the kind of nervous where one’s heart pounds against their chest and their body starts to feel warm even though it wasn’t hot. She felt her pulse in her ears and her hands were sweating. She wonders if Harry could feel her sweaty hands since he’s holding them in his lap as they’re sat in the car, on their way to the premiere.

She shuts her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. She tries not to think about the fact that there’s going to be so many people there, so many cameras and news reporters. People knew Harry was dating Y/N but he hasn’t directly confirmed it. They never really talked about it.

Y/N knew Harry liked to keep his relationships private because he doesn’t want his career to affect or harm what they have. Y/N is perfectly okay with it too. This is just the first time they’re allowing pictures to be taken willingly. Pictures of them holding hands or out at dinners were taken by fans in the past without the two of them noticing. There would be so paps lingering around the area but they choose to ignore it.

She didn’t what she was going to say. She didn’t know if she was going to stay with Harry the whole time considering she’s only a techie. She is after all, his date to the premiere. 

She gets snapped out of her thoughts when she feels Harry cup her face, looking at her in concern. 

“Yeh okay, pet? Can feel yeh shakin’ a bit.” He asks, rubbing her temple. 

Y/N gulps, squeezing his hand in her lap. She nods, giving him an assuring smile, “Yeah. Just a bit nervous ‘cause of the cameras. I’m kind of claustrophobic so…” She trails off and Harry nods his head in an understanding way, knowing what she means.

“Don’ worry, pet. ‘M here with yeh, yeah?” She nods, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Know we haven’t talked ‘nough ‘bout this. ‘S kind o’ one of the downsides when it comes to dating a guy like me,” he says with a defeated look. “Could always come separately ‘f yeh want,” he suggests. “Want me t’ tell the driver t’ drop me first and then get the car ‘round? ‘m sure he won’t–” 

Y/N interrupts him, “No, no. It’s okay. I promise. Just a bit nervous is all. I’ll be fine. Promise.” She repeats but will she really? Harry even just offered her the easier way out. She decides against it, knowing that Harry is going to be there in case things get out of hand. He knows how anxious she can get sometimes and just by rubbing his thumb across her hand and cheek, she can already feel her nerves calm a bit. 

Harry lets out a sigh of relief, “Mkay,” He smiles, giving her nose a quick peck. “Love yeh.” He reminds her.

She smiles, loving how he assures her at random times. “Love you too.”

They reach the premiere, Y/N’s anxiety increased drastically. She sees the paparazzi already waiting with their cameras, the other cast and crew already there taking pictures. The car stops, catching the paps attention, their cameras getting ready to take pictures of them coming out of the car. 

Y/N shuts her eyes, taking deep breaths to calm herself again. She hears Harry tell the driver, “Give us a mo’.” And she feels his ring clad hand on her face, causing her to open her eyes and stare into his sea green ones.

“Hey, pet. Yeh sure yeh’re okay?” She lets out a shaky sigh. “Yeh don’ have t’ do this. I completely understand,” He reassures her, not wanting to put any pressure on her. 

“I’ll be fine,” She says, giving him a weak smile. 

Harry sighs at her stubbornness, bringing his face close to hers. “Listen t’ me, pet. ‘f yeh feel uncomfortable, an’ I mean in any way,” He says sternly, gazing into her eyes. “I need yeh t’ tell me. Doesn’ matter ‘f ‘m bein’ interviewed, I need yeh t’ tell me.” He says clearly and she nods vigorously, swallowing the lump in her throat again. “Mum is here too with Jeff an’ Glenn. I might be pulled away for some pictures an’ interviews. Need yeh t’ stay with them yeah?” 

“Okay,” She says. “Okay, I’ll stay with them. Promise.”


“And I’ll tell you if I feel sick or uncomfortable.” She says, feeling like a child.

Harry smiles softly, pressing his lips against hers, immediately taking all her worries away. He pulls away, resting his forehead against hers and kisses her nose.

“Love yeh,” He says with a smile. 

“Love you too,” She beams at him, feeling better than a few minutes ago.

Harry then lets go of her face, telling the driver they were ready to come out. The door opens, the flashing of cameras immediately going off. Fans were screaming loudly, calling out Harry’s name excitedly. He stands aside, helping Y/N out the car by holding his hand out which she takes gladly. He kisses her forehead reassuringly, making her smile. They intertwine hands, Harry’s ring clad fingers slotting through hers. He waves to the fans, giving them his charming breath taking smile, the crowd immediately going wild. 

He walks confidently, his shoulders held high and Y/N watches him act so naturally around the cameras. A few paps get to close, calling of their names out for pictures. Y/N slightly shrieks when she feels a hand grab her elbow, catching Harry’s attention instantly. She tugs her hand out of the person’s hold as Harry turns around. 

His expression is deadpan, lips set into a firm line and green eyes a shade darker as he stares at the pap who tried to grab her for a picture. “Think yeh’re gettin’ a bit handsy there, mate,”He says in a tone she’s never heard before, always use to him being so polite despite people being rude.

“Was just trying to get a picture, mate,” The pap says in a slightly mocking tone, causing Harry to clench his jaw. 

“Yeh didn’ have t’ put yeh hands on the lady,” He says, trying to keep his cool and the pap just raises his hands up in defense, shrugging his shoulders.

“Harry, it’s okay. I’m okay,” Y/N says, grabbing his face to make him look at her, immediately calming him down when she gives him a soft smile.

“Yeh sure?” He asks with certainty. 

Might have been a bit scary, but Y/N felt okay since Harry was with her the whole time.

“I’m fine. Promise.” She says again.

He gives her a thoughtful look before going behind her, his chest pressed against her back. “I want yeh t’ walk in front of me,” He whispers in her ear, “Walk in front o’ me an’ look down so the cameras don’ get in yeh eyes.” 

Y/N nods, feeling much better this way with Harry’s arms around her in a protective manner. The whole time she didn’t look up, trusting Harry to guide her with him behind her. She feels one of Harry’s arms lift up to wave to the fans, saying hello or how are yeh love which causes them to squeal happily.

Once they reach other cast members and crew, they all take a few pictures together. Harry steps out for a few to show Y/N where Jeff and his mom was. He greets his mom with a kiss to the forehead and a hug. He greets Jeff and Glenn with a hug as well while Y/N hugs Anne happily.

“Yeh gonna be okay with mum?” He asks Y/N and she nods reassuringly. 

“Yes, I’ll be fineeee,” She says, kissing his cheek before pushing him away. “Go take pictures with the cast now, talk to the fans, sign their things. I’ll be okay here.”

Harry scoffs, “Already tryin’ t’ get rid o’ me, pet.”

Y/N giggles with a nod, “Mhm, now go! I’ll see you inside.”

Harry walks away but not before turning his head to look at her with a charming smile. He blows her a kiss which she pretends to catch, making him wink and her giggle under her breath. 

“Love yeh!” He calls out, not caring it there were people around.

“Love you too, doofus,” She answers back with a chuckle.

Anne watches the whole exchange, eyes gleaming with happiness because of how proud she was and how happy he was with Y/N. She wouldn’t ask for anything more. 

“That boy is absolutely smitten with you,” She says to Y/N, squeezing Y/N’s shoulder. 

Y/N smiles at Anne, resting a hand on top of her’s before looking back at Harry who was laughing at something a fan said. He looked so happy. “I’m absolutely smitten with him too.”

During the movie, Y/N sat next to Harry with Anne on his other side. Y/N’s right hand is intertwined with Harry’s, his left arm resting around her shoulder. She plays with the rings on his fingers nervously as they stare at the screen intently. 

They were at the  part where the men were hiding in the boat, Harry’s character angrily speaking to the other and accusing him of being a spy. She flinches when bullets go off, the sound being super loud. She was the freaking sound technician, she knew this was coming. 

However, she feels Harry’s hand rub up and down her arm in a soothing manner and he presses a kiss on her head.

“S’okay, love. ‘m here.” He assures. 

She smiles at his words and squeezes his hand to let him know that she heard him and knew, that he was always going to be here.


I think there was only going to be two parts to this story. sorry for no smut lmao. I didn’t think that would fit for this story. Promise the next story will be smutty haha ;) Thanks for reading y’all!

oh btw, I had to search that joke up bc i fucking suck at jokes lmaooo so sorry if its cheesy 

also ignore any typos, i skimmed through. i’ll fix them later


Series: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Words: 1,570

A/N: I have no excuse. I’m gay dragon trash and I didn’t write anything for any fandom for Valentine’s Day specifically this year, so I whipped this up this morning (in addition to another fic which I shall post later).

Blame my followers. They only encouraged me to write for these two gay idiots and their dragon daughter and now I’m hooked and will probably write more…



When Kobayashi had left the apartment that morning, she’d sent out a silent prayer to the universe itself that nothing too crazy would happen today.

She found herself making that wish just about every day now, but it wasn’t always granted, considering the company she was keeping back at home.

She merely went to work as usual and kept her fingers crossed. She hadn’t even remembered about Valentine’s Day until she’d gotten into the office and heard most of her male co-workers mumbling about how they still needed to buy last-minute gifts for their wives or girlfriends.

Oh, Kobayashi thinks briefly. I guess today is that holiday… I doubt Tohru knows about it. It might be best if it stays that way.

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7. Purring

Ladybug was just considering the pros and cons of getting up to find her suit when she heard it.

‘It’ was a soft rumble from the bed next to her. The noise was lower than she’d ever heard any feline purr, but it was, quite unmistakably, a purr.

Turning her head, she found her mess of a partner right where she left him, mask half-visible behind the pillow and love-bitten shoulders, sweat drying between the scratch marks her nails had left on the smooth, sinuous planes of his back.

The sound was most definitely coming from him.

He must’ve sensed her looking at him, because one green eye cracked open, his head turning to allow his gaze to reach her. “Mmh?”

The not-word grated over the purr like city cars grated over off-road tracks, and Ladybug found herself swallowing at how sated he sounded.

She’d done that.

It wasn’t the first time she’d done it, but there was something very special about doing it in a bed, she thought. She hadn’t expected to love this—to love being able to take their time with each other—so much.

Impulsively, she ducked down, nudging at him until he rolled back far enough for her to tuck herself underneath him. They were both sticky and gross and it was kind of making her want to stay like this always, which made no sense, but Ladybug wasn’t always in the business of making sense, so it was okay.

“What?” he rasped, his voice still purr-distorted and now holding suppressed laughter, too, and Ladybug felt the afterglow suffusing her body start to spark again.

It occurred to her, as she hitched her thighs open around his, that beds had another thing over alleyways and abandoned corners—they made it much easier to go for round two.

“Just… wanted this,” she mumbled in response to his question, tipping her head back and kissing his vibrating adam’s apple. The vibrations dulled by the time they got to his chest, she found, but that was okay. The sound alone was doing enough for her. “‘Wanted you.”

His breath hitched, his hand coming to rest on the small of her back, bare skin and dull, human nails on her skin. “…Oh.”

“Mm,” Ladybug agreed, swallowing again.

It never failed to get her, how gutted he always sounded when she said it.

The purr, she noted, was getting louder.

His hand dragged up her back, and she squirmed deliciously at the tingles that skittered in its wake. “S-so, uh.”

“Hm?” he rumbled, kissing her hairline.

She squirmed again, more pointedly this time, and it earned her a floored little laugh.

“Again?” he asked, shaken and wanting, and Ladybug was going to fuck that tentative note right out of him one day, she swore.

In the meantime, she thumped her heel against the back of his calf. “Say that after round four, not before round two.”

His laugh was realer then, the kiss he caught her in hot and getting hungrier, and Ladybug left the rest of her battles to be fought another day.

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Can you do a futurefic where Jughead was forced to move to Toledo or somehow he and Betty got separated as teens and years later, when Betty is a doctor, she gets Jughead as a patient and they reconnect?? Thank you!!

I kind of did my own rendition! Give it a read maybe you’ll like it.

The air still smelt the same, the street signs hadn’t moved, and the familiar flickering red “Pops” sign still lit up the tiny town of Riverdale. no matter how many years had gone by since Jughead left Riverdale, it would always be his home, his safe place.

He was older now, 25 and successful, he was a New York Times Best Selling author and he was living in Chicago, it was everything he had talked about when he was sixteen years, his dreams had come true, he’d proved this town wrong just like she had said he would. She always knew what she was talking about and she never gave up on him. Thoughts of shiny green eyes, long honey blonde ponytails and soft pink sweaters raced through his mind as he stepped through the doors of Riverdale General Hospital.

Betty Cooper had been the great love of his life, she was was beautiful and kind and everything good about his world. He remembered the day he left vividly, the feel of her scarred palms still warm on his cheeks, tear drops dripping from her eyes, a shakey smile followed by the words that haunted him daily
“You’re gonna do great things Jughead Jones. Follow your heart.”

He should have stayed, should have held her in his arms and found a way to stay. He wanted too more than anything, but he couldn’t, this was his family, she understood. It had been 8 years since their last kiss at that airport terminal, 8 years since he boarded a plane to Toledo with his father and never looked back, started over. Left behind the love of his life.

Looking up at the door in front of him he brought his knuckles up and knocked, poking his head in when the distinctly feminine voice told him to come in.

“Is it safe?” He teased, eyeing his very pregnant sister, sitting up in her hospital bed

“No promises” Eric, her husband, said with a goofy smile, looking down adoringly at Jelly Bean.

Jughead stepped into the hospital room and moved to stand beside Jelly bean and grabbing her hand

“So today’s the day huh?” Jughead grinned, his hand coming over to gently pat her belly.

Jelly bean huffed
“It better be. You hear me little baby? Your uncle Jughead came all the way down from Chicago for this so you better get out of there as soon as possible.” She spoke towards her stomach.

Eric gave Jughead a firm handshake and smiled
“Thanks for coming brother, your Mom and dad are on their way, I’m not sure I can do this on my own.”

“Oh you can’t do this?! I’m sorry but..” jellybean began, her rant being cut off by a knock on the door.

“That must be my doctor, I haven’t met her yet. My original baby doctor came down with pneumonia so I have a new one delivering the baby. Come in!” The dark haired Jones girl yelled through the closed door.

What happened next was something from a movie.

Simple white sneakers came first, followed by scrubs covered in a long white coat, curly blonde hair spilling onto a clipboard as a woman doctor read through a file, a soft and gentle smile on her face, Jellybean gasped audibly as Jughead stared at the name tag resting on her coat, a sticker of a teddy bear holding a red balloon placed beside it, the name tag read

“Dr. Elizabeth Cooper”

“Jessica Capra , due date: today!, how exciting, and just on time!” Betty was still reading through the clipboard, eventually she looked up and stopped in place, her sneakers squeaked and her eyes went wide.

“Jughead?” She whispered.

Jughead couldn’t speak, he opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was in shock. She was standing in front of him, the one person that he thought about every single day, the one thought that helped him through his toughest times, and damn did she look good.

Something inside Betty snapped back to reality and she drew her attention to the very pregnant woman who was now her patient.

“Little JellyBean Jones, I didn’t know! Especially with the name change. I’m so happy for you! And I can promise you, you and this little baby are in good hands, your delivery is gonna be smooth as butter.” She grinned at the married pair in front of her, examining Jellybean with the stethoscope.

Jellybean began rambling again
“Oh Betty! I am so glad it’s you! I was a wreck when they told me Dr.Daniels wouldn’t be able to be here, but now you’re here and I love you! And you’re gonna deliver my baby… and … and..” suddenly she was sobbing and Eric moved quickly to stand beside her rubbing her shoulders and shoving Betty back slightly and into Jugheads arms who caught her before she fell.

The two stood together in shock, the dark haired boys arms wrapped around the blondes waist as they stared deep into each other’s eyes, 8 years of Questions, of wanting, of love mirrored in the others eyes.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the hormones. I swear” jelly bean sniffled from the bed, tearing Betty away from Jughead

“Of course, now you’ve still got a bit to go with the dilation, so I’m gonna leave you for a bit, I’ll be back soon to check your cervix. It’s baby day my friends” Dr.Cooper grinned excitedly causing the entire room to laugh.

“Thank god” Eric breathed as Jellybean clutched his hand tearfully.

Betty exited the room, nodding with her head towards the door, indicating Jughead follow, he did of course, he always would.

Once they were in the hallway Betty was in his arms, her body molding perfectly into his as he buried his face into her neck, inhaling her distinctly Betty scent, strawberries and peaches, his hands wandered over her back and sides, there were new delicious curves all over body, his fingers eventually found themselves laced in her hair as her own hands cupped his neck her cheek pressing against his.

“Jughead Jones I missed you.” The beautiful blonde whispered in his ear.

He squeezed her tightly

“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

When they pulled away a few seconds later, Jughead eyed her up and down

“A doctor huh?” He raised a brow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It was a long road but I made it. I’m a baby doctor.” She laughed, he had always known she would do great things, and she always loved children “anyway who am I to talk, look at you you’re an accomplished author, not that I had any doubts.” She beamed as they made their way to the cafeteria.

They ate lunch together, reminiscing about everything and filling each other in, all too soon Betty’s pager beeped and she had to go.

“I’ll see you in Jelly beans room?” She smiled questioningly.

“You bet.. bets” he grinned.

She fluttered her eyelashes dramatically and winked before racing off to a patient.

Jesus Christ he was in some kind of trouble for sure.

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Could I please get a Saeyoung hardcore smut? Thank you..

Here I am! It took me a while, but I started writing again and it felt SO good! :] I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it, even though it’s not “extremely” hardcore. I still believe you will like it nonetheless!

Smut here. Explicit. You’ve been warned!

Mine - Saeyoung (Smut, fluff)

“And I mean, who wouldn’t love this beautiful face of mine?”
“Me, for example. The only beautiful thing I see is Elizabeth.”
“lololol, burn!”

Saeyoung sat at home, smirking to himself as he read the ongoing back-and-forth between Jumin and Zen. If he wouldn’t know better he would probably ship them and call them names like Zemin or Jen. That’s how they always were, bantering and bickering, butting heads with each other, and Saeyoung had lots of fun watching them, and sometimes he would throw in some words, only to bring some more oil into the fire.

He put his phone aside and leaned back on the sofa, his eyes locked onto a photo that’s only been taken a few weeks ago.

Her bangs have grown over the time, and she was wearing all of her hair longer by now. In this picture it was partially braided with flowers on the back of her head, while the rest of it cascaded down to her lower back. She wore a white, knee-length dress with thin straps. Her smile was so bright, and her eyes locked on his so strongly. It almost seemed as if he disturbed the pretty picture, her standing in the white and green field which was overgrowing with flowers, and him, with his striking red hair. At least he wore a black button-up shirt for that day.

“… will you please do me the honor of being my wife?”

And now he was at home, waiting for her to come back from dress-shopping with Jaehee who almost had a breakdown when she was asked to be the maid-of-honor. It was funny how-


“He is the most beautiful man alive!”

Saeyoung almost choked on his Dr. Pepper that he had just brought to his mouth.

It wasn’t rare that someone fangirled over Zen.

But it was a different thing if this someone was his girlf- his fiancee!

His eyes clouded over as he bit his lower lip in thought. He would show her who the most beautiful man actually was. His mouth turned into a smirk as he got up and went for a shower to prepare himself.

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Something Just Like This

Summary: The first time Killian and Emma consider having their wedding on the sea. 

Inspired by the photo above.

Emma woke up to the cozy feeling of warm arms holding her protectively, Killian’s fingers entwined in hers as their hands were tucked against her chest. The curtains were drawn and her eyes were closed but she was hesitant to open them. It was a rare and peaceful moment, one that she never wanted to end. Her fiance’s soft breathing brushed across her bare skin and his naked body was pressed to her back in the most delicious way. She sighed in content, a joyful smile making it’s way across her lips. Damn this man for making her so happy. So in love.

After she had spent all of this time shielding her heart, denying herself of pure, unadulterated love, this pirate managed to worm his way in. And now they were finally taking the next step in their relationship. Emma Swan was finally getting married.

Although the lost orphan inside of her would probably always be there taunting her, she finally felt like the princess she was supposed to be. All of the excitement and joy she felt was buried below the surface, and now threatening to burst through. Her heart was dancing, and she wanted to scream and shout to the entire world that she was marrying Killian Jones, her true love. Who knew she would ever have something just like this?

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bugheadjonesiii  asked:

Okay I am going to request a fic. The phrasing is going to be weird as I know I will be tripping over every word. I was wondering if you could write a fic where Betty is a teacher and jughead comes to visit her after work if you get what I am implying 😏😏😉😉. Okay bye I am going to hide in my bed with the embarrassment that I even requested this 🙈🙈🙈

Hot For Teacher

Summary: Betty has to spend another late night at school grading papers, Jughead visits her to remind her what she’s missing at home. 

Words: 2,200

Warnings: Smut, spanking, female oral, orgasm denial, unprotected sex all in a classroom setting. This isn’t sweet smut. 

A/N: I edited this myself so there are errors. I’ve never written anything with this kind of smut in it before so sorry if it sucks @bugheadjonesiii. I may have gone overboard. I also want to be clear that I have no idea if this is BDSM, I’m not saying it is. It’s just a couple of kids getting crazy. 

Betty huffed, blowing a stray piece of blonde hair out of her face. She was going to be there all night marking papers her tenth grade English class had turned in three weeks earlier.

She welcomed the distraction when her phone buzzed.

Are you going to be home on time tonight? - Jughead - 5:52pm

No, too many papers but I will be home by 8, I promise. - 5:53pm

She sighed and went back to it. She had been putting off marking the essays knowing that not a single one of her students was remotely interested in The Grapes of Wrath. She didn’t blame them but it made reading the papers absolute torture.

Another hour went by and each essay had as little thought put into it as the last. “Next class we should probably revisit the difference between there, their and they’re.” She mumbled to herself.

“Knock, knock.” A familiar voice sounded.

Betty looked up to see her fiancee, Jughead Jones, strolling into her class room. He was wearing dark blue jeans and slightly rumbled light blue dress shirt, a messenger bag at his side. “I thought I’d come over and pull you away from these papers. You’ve been working so hard lately.”

“Well, blame the government for cutting the budget to education.” It was supposed to be a joke but the edge of annoyance was clear in her voice. “Thank you for coming to see me but I really need to get these done. I told the kids I’d have these back to them for tomorrow. I’m already so far behind.”

“How many do you have left?” He asked pulling off his beanie and tossing it on a desk. “I want to take you to dinner.”

“I have around fifteen, it’s going to take me at least another hour.” She pulled her hair out of her ponytail and began massaging her scalp.

“Do you mind if I wait?” He asked looking at the bulletin boards at the back of the room.

“Not at all.” She smiled, flipping open the next essay.

After Jughead has circled the entire room he looked over at Betty. “You know what I just realized? I’ve never had a crush on one of my teachers.” He said taking off his messenger bag and placing it on the floor.

“Seriously?” Betty asked looking away from her paper.

He shook his head. “We all know Archie had Grundy.”

“She 100% should have gone to jail.” Betty commented.

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Request: Could you do something where the reader has just moved to Derry in order to be closer to her relative, Richie and while out for a walk she goes into the House on Neiboot street? Sorry if thats to much

Tag: @ciertoonz

A/N: AHHAHhdksjask; I love this wow. Thank you! I hope you don’t mind that I made reader in college. 

Words: 1.7 K +

Warning: None

You unpacked your bags with a huff, seeing that your clothes were already wrinkled from the trip, having to be stuffed into the tight space of the only bag you had, you scrunched your nose. You had only been in Derry for two hours and it seemed to be just your luck that you wouldn’t have a nice pair of clothes to change into. 

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The Whorish Queen

So, I hate Cersei with a passion but I thought why not do something different? I’ve only seen, like, two cersei smut stories. We hate Cersei but I mean, she’s fucking gorgeous. Her eye rolls are the shit. Anyway, I made this imagine and…yeah. Not long but oh well. 

Imagine: Being Cersei’s lover. (female reader.)

Warning: Smut. Just filthy smut.


Originally posted by beautiful-lovely-girlz

You weren’t sure what attracted you to this woman. Ever since you both were young children, you found Cersei alluring. It honestly didn’t bother you that Cersei regularly fucked her twin brother, Jaime. You could care less because you fucked her just as regularly. A cock was not something you had but honestly, you hadn’t need for one when Cersei was moaning and withering in pleasure.

You smirked at the thought as you lounged in your chambers that evening. Soon, the drunken King Robert would set off to Winterfell to declare Eddard Stark—the Hand of the King. You were perhaps a bit too excited to go to the North. You always did prefer the cold to the heat. You lounged in a simple white gown because the day was rather warm and you had no real plans to venture out of your room.

You simply planned to write letters to your family back at Casterly Rock and read the rest of the day. You surely weren’t ready for the sudden knock on your door—they were quick and impatient. You cocked an eyebrow with faint annoyance and get up from your comfortable perch to answer the door.

There stood Queen Cersei—looking deliciously radiant. 

You looked at her with clear question, “My lady?” You tried not to sound annoyed because you honestly wanted no contact with anybody today. You just wanted peace and quiet. Cersei looked overwhelmed by something or perhaps stressed with the upcoming journey. She rushed into your room leaving her guards to stand outside the door.

You sigh and close the door as Cersei paces in your room, “Cersei?” You drop the formality since the door was closed and no one would hear through the thick, wooden door.

“Where have you been all day?” Cersei demanded quite angrily as she stopped pacing in your room. Her eyes were glittering with fury.

You weren’t affected by her anger—you had grown used to her lioness temper. You calmly gazed at her before answering, “In here, obviously. I wanted to spend the day in peace.”

Your answer did not suffice. Cersei is grabbing you by the throat as she hisses, “Watch your tone.”

Your heart flutters but you remain cool, “My, my, what has you so riled up.” You smirked at her as she hastily lets go of your throat. She had never put her hands on you in such a way—you were very valuable to her.

Cersei glares at you, “Jaime has ignored me for days!” She says with agitation, “He won’t even touch me.” By the New Gods, she looks hurt by her twin brother’s lack of attention towards her. It amused you but you knew better than to show it.

“You both killed the Hand of the King,” You drawled quietly, “There’s a reason why he’s keeping his distance.”

Cersei is looking at the letters you have written for your family as she answers sullenly, “Yes, yes, I know! But it’s been days! No one suspects anything!” She says leaving your letters to stand in front of you before taking note of your thin gown, “Well, aren’t you so cozy looking? Here I am struggling to get fucked and you’re so relaxed.” She says like some spoiled brat.

You laugh at her, “Cersei, love, you’re not a child and I am not a mind-reader. How am I to possibly know that you wish to get fucked? I thought Jaime would’ve stuck his cock in you already.” You admitted teasingly as you move over to seal the letters to later take them to the ravens.

You seal the letters with the family sigil as you hear the sound of fabric being dropped. Your body has heard the sound numerous of times to know exactly where this is headed. Your cunt is already dampening and tightening on the inside. You lick your lips deliciously as you turn around to see Cersei’s naked body in front of you.

Despite her age, her body is still marvelous. You look up at her with a coy expression, “Well, you’re straight to the point.” You say.

“As your Queen, I demand you fuck me.” Cersei uses her Royal voice as she stands proud and tall and with that damned smirk on her face that just turns you the fuck on. Since you weren’t one to disobey your beautiful queen, you take no time in slipping your hands over her warm body and taking one of those pert nipples into your mouth. She’s sighing in pleasure as her hands are roughly grabbing at your breasts through the damned gown you wear.

Your own nipples are stiff and yearning.

You taste her nipple and nip at it before kissing her roughly as you moved her to your bed. “Take that gown off.” Cersei hisses and you oblige. You swipe the long material off your body and reveal yourself to her. Her sharp eyes are greedily taking in the marvel of your body—the curvier of your figure and the large breasts on your chest.

Cersei is becoming restless and fidgety. You parted her legs roughly where her hairy cunt gleams with her juices. “Someone is rather aroused. Poor Jaime, he’s missing out.” You darkly muse as you shoved two fingers into her wet, demanding pussy.

She throws her head back and arches her back. You lower your head and bury your face into the mound of her pussy taking in her womanly scent before parting her lips with your other hand and finding her clit. You roughly shove your fingers at a fast pace in and out of her as she withers in pleasure. You rolled her swollen clit between your lips and run your tongue over the sensitive bud in a manner that has her gasping and panting. Your own pussy is throbbing badly and it isn’t long before you’re parting her legs wider and placing your cunt above hers. She grabbing onto your ass slamming your cunt over hers. You don’t hesitate to begin rolling your hips so that your pussy and hers are rubbing against each other. You throw your head back as your hold one of her legs to get you steady. Cersei is moaning and trembling as you increase the pace to a rougher one. Your ass bouncing and your cunt hitting hers—each one sending shocks to course through your hot body.

“Fuck me, Y/N! Just like that! Fuccck!” Cersei is reduced to begging that is how desperate she is to get fucked. You smirk as you fuck her pussy with yours and quite like seeing her like this so desperate and frantic. Her eyes are rolling back into her head and breasts bouncing rather deliciously just yearning to be sucked on.

“What a whore,” You growled jerking your hips harshly against her cunt. She responds with wanton as her nails dig into the flesh of your ass, “Look at you, Queen Cersei, reduced to beg just to get fucked.” Your words turn her on immensely and she could feel the tightening in her lower stomach as you ride her almost aggressively.

Your heart is racing and your breathing is heavy as you look down at this whorish Queen. You ignore the pain of her nails digging into your flesh and the sting of her hand slapping your round ass. You fuck her and you show just why Jaime could never fuck her like you could.

When Cersei is leaving, You are gathering a gorgeous gown that isn’t too heavy and reveals some hint of skin. Cersei looks refreshed and calmer then before. She is no longer thinking about getting fucked—perhaps she is but not as desperate as before. You had smoothed her hair down just a minute prior. You are stark naked as you watch her gather her Queenly façade.

“You should tell Jaime that he’s slacking. You might stop fucking him to fuck me and only me.” You comment aware of Cersei eye-fucking your body. Your cunt is still throbbing in the aftermath of your orgasm as you slip on the dress and smooth down your hair.

“Perhaps I will,” She mused as she walked up to you and roughly grasp your clad breast, “I want you ready for me tonight, do you understand? You deserve some cock in that pussy. I want to watch you get fucked by a big cock.” Her words are filth but they turn you immediately on.

You smirked at her, “Oh, my lioness you are a wicked thing, aren’t you? I would assume that your fat fuck of a husband would surely fuck you before we depart tomorrow.” You taunt quietly as her hand wandered down to where your lovely cunt yearned for a good fuck.

Cersei’s face twisted into a deadly sneer before she smoothed it away, “He’ll fuck his whores and I’ll watch my whore get fucked and then get fucked by my whore. I’m going to relish in watching a cock fill that lovely pussy of yours.” She cups your pussy and rubs you through the material of your dress. You moan quietly before roughly pulling her face into yours and kissing her.

She moans and presses her body once more against your. You could feel her breast against your own. You give a small growl, “I could just fuck you again, you want that don’t you, you whore?” You hiss grabbing her ass and giving a rough squeeze

You were raging with lust and wanted to fuck Cersei like a mutt would fuck his bitch.

Cersei was turned on—it was easy to see. She was debating intently but knew she had been gone from public view for too long. Someone would eventually figure out where she was and come knocking. Cersei hoped it would be Jaime, so, when he came in he could witness Y/N fucking his sister. Cersei smirked at the thought.

“You make me so horny,” Cersei mused grabbing your jaw and kissing you with passion, “Oh, I am going to enjoy seeing you fucked by a man.” She whispers—excitement coursing through her body at the image of Jaime’s cock filling your pussy and you screaming in pleasure. Cersei had never heard or seen you fucked by a man before. She wasn’t even sure if you were into men, to be frank. She didn’t care though because she would be the first to witness you being fucked by a large and lovely cock. The cock that has filled Cersei’s on pussy for many years.

You sigh against her lips as you pet her lovely figure wanting to rip this bloody dress off and fuck her once more, “Do not tempt me, my love, because I will rip this damned dress off and proceed to fuck you until you scream your throat raw and collapse from the orgasms I give you.” You say it in a dangerous hiss as you grip her dress tightly—warning her that you will carry out your threat, your pussy was hungry.

It takes a great show of resistant but you and Cersei manage to part without exchanging words, because both of you were sure that if any words were to pass between you two you would both be on the bed making aggressive love once more. Cersei smoothes down her dress and hair before staring at you fondly, “Remember what I have ordered you to do.” She says in a light warning. You knew better then to disobey.

You nod and shoo her off, “Have I ever disobeyed you, Cersei? Go on before someone realizes where you are.” You quietly suggest as you ran your hand through your hair.

Cersei watches—just looking at you turned her fucking on but she gazes away and leaves the room. The guards were positioned across the hall but in front of the door—an order for Cersei just to reassure that they wouldn’t hear anything through the door. Though, it would be impossible because the door was made of thick wood and your walls were made of strong stone.

Cersei was always paranoid. 

Cersei gives you a firm stare before strutting away with her guards at her heels. You smirk as you watch her ass sway in that dress and sigh before returning to your room.

Originally posted by calci-in-faccia

Second part

Dangerous Woman

A female unsub kidnaps Spencer as the team is close to catching her and she discovers, slowly and intimately, that she quite likes his company. 

A\N: written in third person because it felt right to have a degree of separation? But the woman is never named, so feel free to imagine yourself :D

Warnings: no smut but suggestive throughout ;) also language


Ohh, she’d done good this time. Really good.

He was sitting in the same chair as the other men before him, wrists cuffed behind him and head hanging low with unconsciousness.

She’d taken the eye-catcher. Not the typical dreamboat who had far too many women who would immediately notice his absence. No, she’d focused on the meekly handsome one with delicate features that she wanted to feel for herself.

She studied the way his hair sat in tendrils that almost wanted to curl, how he was indeed alive from the way his chest rose and fell under his striped dress shirt, she even noted the new scuffs on his shoes from where she struggled to drag him into the room with a smile on her face. That heaviness came from some muscles she was delighted to discover on his lanky frame.

All at once he sharply inhaled and lifted his head, his attention then quickly drawn to her watchful eye. They both stayed quiet as he tested his restraints and once he gave up he spoke.

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Right Here Waiting ~ Sami Zayn Imagine~

Take off your coat, and baby come on in.
Girl, let me help to get back at him.
And I don’t know why you never say goodbye…

Unnamed Female OC x Sami Zayn

PS I have nothing against Seth Rollins I actually adore him I just thought his character would be a good fit here. 

Warning: Smut, cursing, kinda angst

Summary: When her boyfriend cheats on her, she runs to the one she know she can count on to comfort her. Will one night of passion lead to something more?

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

Sami Zayn fell into his hotel bed with a heavy sigh, his body flushed and still moist from his shower. His body stretched, a groan escaping his pink lips as he adjusted his weight among the pillows while flipping mindlessly through the channels on the flat screen. He settled on an ongoing Forensic Files marathon tossing the remote carelessly to the side. Just as his eyes were becoming too heavy and his vision blurring a knock startled him. Glancing at the time, Sami contemplated ignoring the intrusion he had just returned from a night out with the roster surely no one was missing him already. However, the knocking continued, becoming louder and more frantic. 

Sami grumbled pulling himself to a sitting position when he froze at the sound of the voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Sami?” The vulnerable voice whimpered. “Are you there? I need you…please.”

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anonymous asked:

For the prompts (msr): …or we could make out….

Finding Colours

This is Season 10 break-up/make-up fluff.

She poured the wine and watched the ruby liquid cling to the glass. It had been a shared favourite of theirs. A mid-range Australian shiraz, nothing special, in and of itself. But nostalgia had a way of making the mundane taste better and, even after all these years, its taste could still trigger the memory of the exact moment she’d felt the last vestiges of the straight-jacket of common sense that had held them apart, slip away.

That year had started with a promise. There had been a New Year’s kiss and a few evenings spent discussing theories over drinks and take-out; theories that could well have been tested out during business hours in the basement office. Later, there had been a strange night in his apartment when she’d confessed her revelatory insights and then fallen asleep on his couch. She’d slipped into his bed that night and they’d made love in the dark, silent and ethereal; for her almost like an out of body experience. That coupling was as unexpected as it was destined but it wasn’t the end for them, not a completion, more like the beginning, an opening to another dimension.

The wine, that came a few weeks later, when they tested the waters of normalcy and dined together – steak and shiraz, danced together – jazz and two of her finest left feet, and sipped brandy at her apartment in the early hours. The rhythm of the evening had been set at a perfect beat and this time, they loved each other with understanding and depth, noise and smell and taste and touch and a sight so clear it was blinding.

And maybe their vision had become too scarred with their love, scratched and damaged on the run for it to clear. The Father Joe case had hurt them. Mulder reached back into his old self and pulled out a facsimile that he’d hidden away, but she’d cast hers aside a long time ago. She wasn’t ready to go back then. Couldn’t. She was frightened to look into that darkness again and whilst her life wasn’t all light, there was a warm glow to her work that allowed her to function. But Mulder, his life turned to grey and she couldn’t help him find the colours he needed.

And now, there was no choice. What had driven them apart: her desire to just be, to live on the near side of the horizon; and his need to look beyond had now bound them inexorably: William.

Cases came at a slower pace these days. Skinner seemed to be allowing them a grace period. And the down time gave her the excuse to visit Mulder more often. She told herself she was attending to his health care as his physician. Truth was, the weekly visits had soon become every-other-day visits and he’d soon started to open the door a little too quickly, to have meals prepared, offer her tea or wine, and once or twice now, a shoulder to fall asleep on. Comfort, familiarity, the shadows and shapes of the life they used to share greeted her each time. It was difficult not to want to sink back into this pleasant life like she sunk into the ratty couch.

“Want to watch a movie, Scully?”

She yawned and stretched out her legs, her feet barely reaching the coffee table.

That was one thing that had changed. That, and the material that was piled up on it. No more lifestyle or medical journals; just a pile of the bizarre and the unbelievable, that had become more bizarre and more unbelievable during the rise of the internet.

“I’m pretty beat, Mulder. I should get going.”

“Storm’s up, they say the wind’s going to get worse soon.” He hesitated and looked at her.

She flexed her toes and waited a beat. This had been brewing as surely as the weather system outside.

“Maybe you should stay, Scully.”

The timbre of his voice dropped to the pitch she would once have described as dangerous. Mulder always did have an obscenely sensual tone. He could even make a slide show about the ritual exsanguination of cows sound faintly pornographic.

“I shouldn’t, Mulder.”

“Why not?” He sat up and reached out for his wine glass. “Besides, you’ve probably had a little too much of this stuff for you to drive.”

She chuckled. “I’ll be fine, but I might just wait for a bit, see what happens with the storm. Where’s your phone? Check the radar.”

The image was stubbornly red. Mulder grinned. “Wanna play Scrabble?”

“And put up with your pedantry over what words I can play? No thanks.”

He feigned a wound to the stomach, doubling over and letting his face linger a little too close to her lap.

“Being cursed with a photographic memory leaves me open to all manner of insults, Scully.” He pulled himself up and smiled at her. “What about Twister?”

She swiped at him, connecting a palm with his arm. She’d always had a thing for his arms, strong and defined, tender and protective, comforting and loving. Lightning flashed and a sudden rain shower pelted the roof and windows.

“We could recreate our first case, Scully. Dancing in the rain.”

“You might expect me to slip out of my clothes and show you my bites.” The warmth of the wine slipped down her throat and she felt her cheeks burn with her own flirtatious tone.

“Or what about that one where the guy controlled the weather? We could pretend we’re at our high school reunion and dance together.”

“Or we could get high on mushrooms and fantasise about how we perceive each other?”

“Scully, did you just say fantasise?”

“Shut up, Mulder!

“Well, it might just have to be the Discovery Channel then, Scully.”

She sighed theatrically as he reached for the remote control. “Don’t tell me it’s An Alien Stole my Baby night.” She got up and emptied the wine bottle into their glasses.

“Yeah, it’s the one where the child is returned as a pop prodigy and goes on to have a stellar career.”

“I think I’ve seen that one already,” she said. “And I’ve definitely got the album.” She flops down on the couch, deliciously loose-limbed. Her head rolls on the cushioned back and she watches patterns on the ceiling. Shadows and lightning flashes roiling into soft shapes and familiarity.

Mulder turned to her and ran a finger across her jaw. She smelled his cologne as he breathed out, “Or we could make out.” He dipped his head as she turned towards him and the kiss was hesitant for a second before their bodies took over and muscle memory allowed them to meld into each other.

The bedroom was welcoming and warm as the storm built outside and in. Thunder, heavy pressure, rain released. It was like all their colours flashed brighter that night and when she woke in his arms in the morning, she knew that the darkness might just tear at their edges but would never rip them apart again.