and her awkward face after he leaves her side

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Six

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Cursing

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*Alex POV*

It happened so suddenly. We were all sitting down enjoying our time together. I was so glad to see y/n and Kappy getting along. He’s become one of my good friends out here, I trust him a lot. Y/N was explaining her job to Kappy. I sit there and admire how excited and proud she is to explain it. I turn my head for a moment and that’s when I saw Will walk into the restaurant. Anxious, I started to fidget, not knowing what to do. If he sees me he’s going to blow up and cause a scene. The last thing I want is to piss him off even more. He still brings up the first night every once in a while. I could always stay here and risk him possibly seeing me, but it would be better if I could convince him to leave.

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Writing Prompt, Jily.

Lily hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but the fire had been so warm and the day had been so long. She sat down on the overstuffed sofa by the fireplace and lened back, closing her eyes for a moment. She needed to study, but did she have the energy. She leaned down and pulled a single heavy book out of her bag and sighed, she would have to read it sooner or later. Deciding she should at least be comfortable, Lily swung her legs up and turned slightly so that her back was leaning against the arm rest. She opened the book but as soon as she began to read, she found her eyelids beginning to droop. She would just close her eyes for a moment, she decided, so she rested her open book on her chest, and leaned her head back on a cushion.

It was over an hour later when James came in from a late-night mission with Sirius, Remus, and Peter. James spotted her as he entered but said nothing to his friends. 

“I’ll be up in a minute.” He told them. “I think I l left my spare glasses down here.” He added after Sirius gave him a look. He still didn’t seem convinced but nodded and headed up the stairs to the dormitory. 

James waited until they had all left before he looked down at lily on the sofa. She looked exhausted and he wasn’t surprised. NEWTS were even harder this year, since their exams loomed ever closer, and this only added to the pressure she was under as the threat of war grew and her ex-best friend had chosen the other side.

Life was getting harder for all of them, but Lily had it worse than James did and he admired her for her courage; for how she continued despite it all. He’d liked Lily for years now, but it wasn’t because she was beautiful. She was, but he loved the way she lit up when she smiled, the way she could cope with everything the world threw at her without a second thought and still tried her best to help others who needed it.

James couldn’t help it, he leaned down to kiss her cheek. But as he did so, she turned slightly in her sleep so James felt his lips touch hers. It was less than a second before he pulled away, that memory lingering as his cheeks turned slightly red.

“James?” Lily murmered, half-asleep.

“Sorry, I-” James felt his cheeks burning brighter and turned away, heading towards the stairway.

“James, come here for a second.” He turned around and walked towards her.

“Lily, I’m sorry.” He told her. 

She sat up and reached her arms up until she could feel the stubble on his cheeks between her hands. Slowly, she brought his face towards hers and pressed her lips against his. 

There was a moment when James didn’t move. He was surprised by her actions but he soon forgot this and kissed her back, lowering his hands so that they were on her hips. Lily’s hands found each other at the nape of James’ neck and pulled him down so that he was hovering above her.

“Prongs? You down here?” A voice asked from the stairway. It was Sirius.

“Shit.” James muttered against Lily’s lips. Lily placed her hand on his chest and could feel his heart racing in time with her own. They heard footsteps on the floor.

“Well, well well.” Sirius smirked. Lily’s head was upside down as she leaned over the armrest to look at him and James’ chest was inches above hers, his face also looking at his friend.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” He said after a moment’s awkward silence. The second he had gone, Lily pulled James down and kissed him again. They rolled over onto their sides and looked at each other, her emerald eyes finding his brown. James lessened his grip around her waist, as if he might leave.

“Please, stay. Just for an hour.” Lily begged.

“I’ll stay for as long as you’ll have me, Evans.” He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer into hi, so that her head leaned against his chest. He slowly felt her breathing slow as she fell fast asleep. “I promise.”

Executive - Chapter 04.

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Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
There will be smut in future chapters.
Word Count: 3,997

All Chapters

04. Provoke

You were awkwardly fiddling with the salad on your plate trying not to look at Jongin’s smirking face or meet Junmyeon’s steely gaze. It was difficult. 

“So, how do you two know each other again?” Junmyeon asked, bringing the large glass of red wine to his lips and taking a sip. His eyes didn’t leave your face for a moment and you wanted to hide from his inquisitive stare. You couldn’t understand why there was such a shift in his attitude. He did mention Jongin was a close friend so surely there was no reason for him to be upset by his presence.

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Bliv Prompt: Sleep(less)

Requested by @turtleintheshire: Blaine Hates to sleep on the Couch Alone

There were nightmares almost nightly. They were vague, disjointed, like pieces of a puzzle that just didn’t fit together. But from what he had learned from Ravi, he knew enough to work out that they were memories, memories of the old Blaine.

Most nights he avoided sleeping all together, instead choosing to down cup after cup of coffee, and to go snooping through Liv and Peyton’s living room; flipping through magazines and books and going through their kitchen drawers.

But some nights were like this, where he awoke with the blood pounding in his ears, and his hands clawing at his throat trying to chase away the feeling of suffocation. It was nights like these where he wished that he didn’t feel quite so alone, where he wished that he wasn’t crashing in a house full of strangers who mostly wanted him dead.

The couch was so lonely, impersonal. It was a blank slate just like himself, and after tossing and turning it provided no comfort.

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Sincerely, Me

Pairing: Lily Evans x Regulus Black

AU: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 680

Written For: muclbloods

Lily’s iPad alarm chirps at her for the fourth consecutive time.

She glares balefully at the flashing red numbers, but it takes her a second to process what they are—her vision’s been blurry since midnight, and the last time she’d taken a bathroom break her eyes had been so bloodshot she’d actually paused to consider the possibility of her imminent blindness being worth a passing grade in something as ultimately trivial as Medieval Romantic Literature. Because, realistically, how would the political nuances of Tristan and Iseult help her get into grad school?

Her alarm beeps more aggressively.

She slams her palm onto the touch-screen; she doesn’t think she’s managed to hit an actual button, but her fine-motor skills fled the building around the same time her sanity did.

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