and her awesome dress

My fourth Kira Kira Precure fan art, this time is Cure Chocolat <3 Since first moment I saw her, I feel in love with her design, and when I saw her civil form, was even more hahaha but she was so hard to draw, cause i’m used to draw rounded eyes, but hers are different from that c: I hope you like it <3 
-aside from leaks, I used the awesome fan art that @venuscho did to reference her dress-

Went trick-or-treating as Rey, hubs lurked behind us as Kylo Ren. We saw a zombie Obi Wan who was super excited to see Kylo Ren and they had a cute little battle, and we also saw a toddler dressed as Yoda and his parents wanted a picture with us :) But the best part of the night was after we came home. One of the last groups of kids had a 10 year old girl dressed as Rey. I flipped out. Her costume was awesome but she had no weapon and it was really dark out so I grabbed my blue lightsaber and gave it to her as she was leaving. The look on her face was like I had just given her a million dollars. Best Halloween ever. 


This is in answer to your post asking for desires or confessions. You have my permission to post this.

I’ve been turned on by the thought of other men enjoying my wife for a long time. My first wife and I had been married about 15 years when we decided it would be awesome for her to dress up in a VERY revealing outfit and go out on the town. She was a full figured woman with DD tits.

We dressed her in a short skirt, nylons, but no panties, braless, and in a very sheer, white blouse. No jacket.

We went to the best restaurant in town. We requested and got a table with a view of the entrance to the dining room. We sat with my wife facing the door, and I sat to the side. That way, anyone coming in the dining room had a full frontal view of my wife.

The restaurant had a waiting area just inside the front door. As the table was being prepared, people would come in the door, and the first thing they could see was my wife. EVERY person that came in, man or woman, commented on how much they enjoyed my wife’s attire. Talk about a HUGE turn-on! By the time we were seated at the table, my wife’s nylons were drenched. Every time she stood up, her seat was soaked. Since she was wearing a short skirt, when she sat, it pulled up far enough to show everything.

While we were at the table, everyone that came in the dining room would see my wife, check her out, then come to our table and tell her she looked great, and they really enjoyed seeing her dressed that way. Of course, when she saw them looking her way, she would part her legs and let them see her pussy through the soaked nylons. It was amazing! Everyone of us enjoyed it immensely!

That really opened us up sexually. After that, anytime we went out, she would dress to show off as much of herself as possible.

Later, she suspected me of fucking another woman. So she decided to show me how it felt. She met a guy through her work, and he asked her over to his place. So, she told me she needed to meet me at a certain time at home to talk. When I got home, she wasn’t there, but left a message for me saying she was at this guy’s house, and to call her there. When I called, the guy answered the phone and I asked to speak to my wife. He put her on the line, but I could tell they were both preoccupied. She told me she’d be home when it became possible for her to leave his place.

About an hour later, she came home, red faced, hair askew, and obviously worn out. She asked me to come into the bedroom while she changed her clothes.

I sat in the chair near the foot of our bed while she undressed. As she pulled her panties off, i could see the wet spot where his cum was dripping from her cunt. When she took her panties off, his semen started running down her legs. When she noticed me looking, she said, “Yes. We were fucking when you called! How does it feel?”. I uncrossed my legs to show her my woody, which, by now, was growing more painful by the second. I stood, unzipped my fly and let my cock fall free. She gasped as I bent her over the foot of our bed and fucked her doggie style harder than I ever had before. I loved the feeling of fucking her used, already cum filled pussy.

That was how I first found out I loved the idea of sharing my wife. We later divorced, but the thought of other men seeing her and desiring to be with her still turns me on to this day!


So, @imagine-jim-bones-and-spock and I were having a chat about this pic featuring Jaylah and Rihanna (as her sledgehammer alien) looking awesome in wicked dresses and we started chatting about it, so here you are, a mini fic with Galih, the half Orion, half Denobulan tailor:

Jaylah was stressing out. She had to find a dress that was appropriate for a highly formal event with a truly exotic collection of guests. She had met the impressive bunch the day before as part of her sensitivity training How to be dead silent in the presence of superiors, or something. She had expected the event to be as tiresome as every other event she had to dress up for, but then the most enchantingly beautiful woman had walked off the arriving ship and barely glanced at her as she walked away. Jaylah had stood there uselessly as her heart followed.

She had then gone straight back to her quarters and torn into an old radio system before realising she had nothing to wear. And so, she found herself walking into a tailor’s shop and begging the lovely (and hectically busy) woman for a rush job. 

Galih had made a habit of following starfleet wherever they went. She found herself, now, in a partially built station, making perhaps seventeen last minute outfits for the fools at the academy (and a few highly important delegates) over night. Luckily, this was what she enjoyed about her job. Galih flourished under pressure. 

Seventeen, however, was enough. Then in walked this pissed off, blushing, pale white girl with some of the most stunning facial marks she’d ever seen. As soon as Galih looked at her she saw a dress that would look amazing on her. It took some convincing, some haggling, but Galih had always intended to agree. The girl, Jaylah, was clearly keen to impress someone. The gorgeous creature kept stumbling over her words and flushing when she got close to admitting a crush. Galih was happy to help.

Naeddre was so entirely unprepared for this. She was a nobody on her planet except for her natural rock shifting ability. This, apparently, while normal for her people was not common in the rest of the universe. And starfleet was curious about the ability, and, therefore, about her. So here she was, having had a crash course in diplomatic behaviour and instructions to pick up a dress when she got there, to be sure it would be appropriate for the federation.

Unfortunately for Naeddre, as soon as she stepped off the ship she came face to face with possibly the most stunning girl in history. She quickly looked away, every piece of instruction and advice her mentor had given her, and maintained a professional demeanor and fell into bed the second she had the chance, groaning heavily.

Galih was extremely excited when, two days later, Jaylah swung by her shop and showed her a photo of her and Naeddre getting their romance on at the event. Galih had made Naeddre’s dress too!



So her having four arms kind of explains how Garnet has three eyes, I wonder if how many extra things you have determines how good a fusion you are.

Also apparently fusions have both the gems of their components, and those gems are colored like the gem the fusion derives the name from.


Oh it’s one of those monsters, the ones that just multiply when you kill them.

I fucking hate those in videogames.

That makes me wonder though, is this thing a gem? Or are these like the drills from Arcade Mania?

Mmmm they still seem to have a single mind or they just have really good synergy.

I love how Opal’s has Pearl’s flexibility and desire to show off and Amethyst recklesness and quick nature, those attributes merge way better than I thought.

Damn this music is amazing, I know nothing about music theory but it feels like a mix of both their instruments with something else added.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t feel the same connetion between Lucy and her spirits anymore. The idea of the star dresses is awesome, but it feels like after the time skip Lucy tends to rarely summon her spirits, only if it is absolutely necessary, and it makes me see Lucy as a lonely hero now and the spirits like tools.
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Strawberries!!! I attended my nieces second birthday and sewed her some cute dresses but I had to have awesome strawberry nails for her like I do every year. :D

I used Sinful Colors Flower Power and the rest is acrylic paint. I just kind of made some strawberry shapes all over the nail with the green paint and then added little dark green strawberry tops.

Pharah nails next!!! 

This is Sne Frost – Daughter of Snegurotschka. I have sketched her about a year ago but decided only now to colour her.  I love female medieval russian dresses and those awesome crowns a lot! Not to mention that Russian princesses were as much part of my childhood as were Disney’s and Snegurotschka was my favourite! I do wish there was a character (at least a backgrounder) who is inspired by medieval Russian costumes and fairytales<3

Don’t you think it’s kinda amazing how Lucy learned to fight with all those different weapons/magic abilities that her star-dresses have in just a year?!


South Carolina Comicon was last month.

Thank you to everyone who held my sign or cheered for it at the show or pulled me aside to say how cool it was.
It was fun to be able to talk to some people about the importance of seeing more women in lead roles on the big screen.

(And believe it or not, I only had one moron tell me she didn’t deserve a movie.  Almost everyone was super supportive!  You guys are the best!)



(PS: Black Cat cosplayer is my sister Charlie: itsmebutitsnot)