and her awesome dress

What I loved about Beauty and the Beast (live action)

I’ve now seen this movie twice, and feel like I can adequately list everything I loved about it.

(I tried to keep things in order, but it’s all from memory. So if things aren’t in the right order or quotes aren’t perfect, I apologize.)

- The prince’s eye makeup
- Not having the prince be an 11 year old when he’s cursed
- Shadow usage
- Belle’s preciously sweet singing voice
- Mr. Potts can’t remember what he lost
- Père Robert
- “athletically inclined”
- Gaston not knowing what ‘je ne sais quois’ means when he lives in France
- Gaston’s horse kicking mud at the sisters
- Gaston talking to a mirror
- Gaston stealing flowers
- Just Gaston in general
- “Busy?” “No.”
- Kevin Kline
- Belle knowing exactly what her father needs
- “Dignity?” “It’s outrageously attractive, isn’t it?”
- Belle’s washing machine
- Maurice and his conversations with his horse
- Cogsworth and Lumiere arguing over who Maurice complimented
- Maurice seeing Chip and then calmly running the fuck away (relatable)
- LeFou paying people off so they’ll sing for Gaston
- The note Gaston hits when he sings ‘barge’
- Gaston lifting two people onto his shoulders
- Stomping on tables
- “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I don’t get it.”
- “Forever can spare a minute.”
- Belle smashing Lumiere with a stool and him complimenting her strength
- The 'only wing’
- Belle immediately planning to escape
- Beast’s facial expressions
- Belle saying hello to a hairbrush
- Belle crawling out of the dress Garderobe put her in
- Cadenza playing through the 'dental pain’
- Lumiere trying to stay in the spotlight
- The guillotine in the background when Lumiere says 'this is France’
- Lumiere being a dramatic little shit
- Mrs. Potts and her saucy wink
- Belle escaping through a doggy door
- Beast growling at the wolves
- Explanation for why all the household was cursed
- The castle falling apart more and more every time a petal drops
- LeFou booping Gaston’s nose
- “Some of them are in Greek.”
- Belle’s excited giggling at the library
- Belle and the Beast having actual conversations that help you believe they’re falling in love
- Snowball fight
- Beast secretly reading romantic stories
- Belle and Beast relating about being lonely outsiders
- Belle’s mother’s backstory
- The gold leaf floating onto Belle’s dress
- Belle admitting she can’t be happy if she isn’t free (take that Stockholm syndrome)
- In case you missed that last one: EVER. MORE.
- Beast climbing higher and higher to keep watching Belle as she leaves
- Gaston’s believable development from vain jerk to truly evil
- “There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.”
- Belle and her dad making an awesome team
- Belle ditching her impractical dress
- Chip chucking saucers at people
- Gaston abandoning LeFou because 'it’s hero time’
- “The fat lady is singing!”
- Stanley looking fabulous in his dress
- Gaston using a gun because he’s a coward
- “I am not a beast.”
- The coat stand catching Chip
- Everyone turning inanimate and breaking my fucking heart
- Close ups of Beast’s beautiful human hands and feet
- Beast’s eyes
- Garderobe and Cadenza
- Plumette coming out of the feathers like the angel she is
- Mr. Potts finding what he lost
- Belle’s celebration dress
- Belle asking Beast to grow a beard
- Beast’s growl (not appropriate for children)
- Beautiful end credits

Commission for @sophtopus​ and her lovely character Lucidia from her fanfic The Golden Quiche

“The Golden Quiche is a Post-Pacifist mystery drama that starts off with a supposedly simple custody case with The Magus Association. This prompted Frisk to form a partnership with Sans to find out the truth behind their circumstance. As time went by, they get dragged into the complexities of SOUL magic, secrets, and history. Nothing was what it seemed, and many a broken past gets unearthed.

In the midst of this chaos, Papyrus finds his way.

TLDR version: Anime is Real. Recommended for anyone who wants a lightnovel/anime style of storytelling.

if you would be interested to have a quick read and maybe leave some feedback to the author that would be awesome :)

The first girl I took out on a date

Well I have another one for y'all. This girl I will call Barbara. ( Not her name) My second year in highschool I meet this sweet freshman very beautiful and long dark hair. We dated for 6 months or so nothing happened then but about 5 years later I went to see my father in-law in a hospital in another town. Surprise his nurse was Barbara still as hot and beautiful as when I meet her in school. We chatted for a bit. About CA year later I ended up in that hospital for some tests I was walking around and ran back into her. We talked and she said she would stop by and check on me. Well that evening she came by all dressed in her nurse out fit. Wow awesome and I told her she was. That night she sat on the side of my bed and we talked. The next night she came back. She said she could not stop thinking of all the time we dated. She started to rub my leg and me being a very horny guy got hard quick. She saw it and asked if she could help me with it. I said please like a gentleman would she grabbed ahold of my cock and stroked it for a bit then she started to suck it mmmmm felt great. I shoot my load and she gulped it down. I told her she had it let me help he no and she was happy I had a private room. She pulled her pants and panties off. I started to finger her then I made her lay on the bed so I could eat her she came 3 times. Then she said she had to go back to work but would stop by again. Later that night I woke to the feeling of my cock being played with she was back she climbed on to the bed and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy it was so hot I almost lost it right then. After she road me for a but I told her I was going to cum she when I said that I think it broke all of her control she went wild coming and squirting and shake her body went so tight her pussy was squeezing my cock so hard I thought she was going to keep it for good I shot hard and deep into her she collapsed on top of me it was awesome. The next night she was back and this time I bent her over and slid my cock in her ass and made her cum tell her juices wet the floor. I made her wipe her cum off her legs with her panties and give them to me. This kind of thing happened for most of the week I was there then we parted was and I have not seen her again.

Fic: The Bridesmaid Wore Peach

Hi everyone!  This was originally the meet cute I was going to do for a different story, but I scrapped it and went in another direction for that piece. I already had this half written, so I thought I would flesh it out a bit more and share. Kind of different from my usual stories, but fun for me. Read it on Ao3 or below. I hope you enjoy! 

The Bridesmaid Wore Peach

Felicity’s last day in Las Vegas before heading across the country to start her new job also happened to be the day of her best friend Melanie’s wedding. Her dearest friend, always with a weird sense of humor, had chosen peach as the color of her bridesmaid dresses.

Peach with a giant bow in the back.

“Awesome,” Felicity murmured under her breath as she squeezed into the concoction.  She glanced at herself in the mirror and grimaced as her blond hair and pale complexion made her practically blend into the background. She heard a snicker behind her.

“You look lovely.” Melanie was feigning a straight face.

“I look like a ghost!” Felicity frowned, causing Melanie to laugh so hard her mascara ran down her face.

“You can be certain about one thing…you look better than me,” Melanie’s sister Jessica moaned as she waddled into the room, her pregnant body very evident in her peach dress. Melanie and Felicity both looked at each other and started laughing again.

“Why did you put us in these things if you thought they were ugly?” Jessica asked the hysterical bride.

Melanie calmed her laughter with deep breaths as she wiped the mascara off her face and retouched her wedding makeup.

“If I must be in front of all these people all day, I need some comic relief,” she said. “I don’t know how I would get through this day without you girls.”

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see, but you guys are thinking of Emma Swan, who said people should push back and say “this is who i am” and didn’t take any shit (including from fuckboys) and was generally a strong character even when gradually learning to take the emotional risk and love her family. that person wore jeans and tank tops and leather dresses. that character was awesome but they killed her off because they couldn’t figure out how to make it logical that she’d date a dude who acted like their Gary Stu. 

the new character that they added for the self-insert to date is the person who wears hideous floral dresses and pink atrocities with high pony, and she is someone else entirely. she has no independent existence except for being in a relationship, she is passive and allows herself to be treated awfully, she is a caricature of the worst notions of femininity. and she dresses like that caricature. 

but i can see how it’s confusing because they both have the same name. 

So I’ve been on this kick of watching really bad movies, so I thought, why not try to watch some klaroline scenes? It’d been so long, and girls are still so obsessed with it, that I wanted to check it out again and see if there was an appeal there that had gone unnoticed by me. After all, it couldn’t be as bad as I remember. I was right; It was worse.

The dialogue is downright godawful. I’ve never seen a romance spell out what it is as much as klaroline. Klaus’ character is verbally pitching the idea to us at every turn, literally listing off the reasons Caroline fits the role, “you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light” And how exactly does he know any of this? Was this during the imaginary time he spent falling in love with her that the writers didn’t bother to show for…reasons? But I’ll get to that later. The writers, when it came to klaroline, didn’t believe in subtly one bit. “So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone whose capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you.” Holy shit, captain obvious is writing this story! Instead of showing us this angle, the writers take the lazy way out and have Klaus tell the audience that this is what the story is, because even the writers realize they’re failing. How bad can this get?

Worse apparently.

Let’s look at all the iconic romantic scenes they have. There’s him giving her his blood–after he bit her. There’s him saving her life–after he stabbed her and bit her on the neck and watched her slowly die. There’s that cringe inducing speech about the hummingbird that only shippers thought wasn’t hilarious. Oh and there’s their sex scene which was a quick hump against a tree that lacked any kind of romance. And here’s a glaring fact that’s always bothered me: Klaroline literally has no beginning. To this day I’m sure the writers have no idea when Klaus spontaneously fell for Caroline. Most love stories have a beginning and an end, and Klaroline only has an ending. 

I don’t even need to get into how gross and abusive the relationship is because the story speaks for itself, so I’ll get into the overall structure. The progression of the relationship was terrible. Nothing about it felt natural. One episode they’re screaming at each other (big shock), and then the next episode it’s like it never happened. Like the writers literally couldn’t remember where they had left off and were too lazy to go back and watch. And boy were their scenes ever repetitive. Flirt, rejection, fight, roll credits annnnd reuse. Every scene is Klaus rambling about himself and not giving a shit about what Caroline is into.

But let’s get to probably the worst part of this story: the character assassination. Caroline and Klaus were my favorite characters before their first big scene. You would think finding out your fave male and fave female were getting together would be awesome, but no, no, no. In order for Klaroline to happen, their characters had to be stripped of everything that made them worth watching. Caroline, who had finally come into her own and turned into a brave, strong woman, was now shrieking in every episode and obsessing over the men in her life (and her awesome relationship with Stefan vanished), and let’s not forget the prom dress scenario. What happened to a wounded Care telling Stefan, “I’m not girly little Caroline anymore.” And then there’s Klaus…dear God, Klaus. Remember the villain who showed up at the end of season 2, who had followers, who had Katherine running for hundreds of years? Wasn’t that fun? Instead let’s have him talk about hummingbirds, paint ponies and snowflakes, follow around a seventeen year old girl like a lost puppy dog, get outwitted by newbie vamps, and come across like a generally pathetic stalker who shows love by shoving a lamp in your gut. Now doesn’t that sound like a great character! I will say, these characters have made a recovery, but them being on separate shows had to happen in order to achieve this. Not a coincidence.

In short: Klaroline is insulting to my brain as a human being, adult, woman, and a writer. It’s the kind of storyline you expect a teenage girl to be writing in her notepad that never sees the light of day. I’m just sincerely relieved to know it’s dead.

How Season Seven should begin:

Henry: I don’t have a daughter (Shutting door.)

Lucy:(Opening her backpack to reveal a surprisingly large wooden box.)  Eh, yeah you do. Look at this box. You gave it to me because our family gets cursed all the time apparently. Here’s a bunch of photos of you with your moms and Grandpa Killian. Here’s a maternity test proving Emma Swan is your mom and a paternity test proving your my dad. And like, everyone left items with tracking spells linked to them. We can find Great-Grandma Snow with the arrow. Gramps David with the sword hilt. Nanny Emma with the blonde hair and Grandpa Killian with the weird metal sign thingie. Mr. Gold with the rainbow scale and Nanny Belle with the page of this book. Mom left a shoe. Plus, Grandma Regina is totally here so we don’t need it, but she left this piece of her totally awesome sparkly black dress for us. Oh, and yeah, here’s a vial of memory potion.  I’ve got one more and I think we should use it on Grandma Regina or Grandpa Killian because they’re totally here. Now drink it!

Henry: (Looks dubiously at the fluid.) “Are you sure…”

Lucy: (Grows impatient and elbows him in the stomach so he doubles over. Pours memory potion into her dad’s mouth.) 

Henry: (Wakes up) “Lucy…”

Lucy (Smirks) “And you laughed at Grandma Emma when she made me this emergency kit. Now come on, let’s get going. I have no idea how to break this curse and we’ve got our family to track down.

…The rest of season seven proceeds. 

starlitsummermoon  asked:

Hi Astrid! I hope you’re well! So, I’m getting married tonight and I’m super nervous and excited... how would the suitors react as they see their bride walk down the aisle in her wedding dress? Much love!

Hiya! Well- congratulations!!! That is awesome!!! Best wishes to you and your love!

I’m not really taking requests right now, but I mean … this is a pretty special day so…

Giles- would cry, more than you….what else is he good for?

Louis - he would just think you are so beautiful and precious.

Alyn - have a big dumb grin on his face. He mumbles his vows and can’t stop looking at you.

Byron - is quiet and contemplating, a soft smile across his lips.

Leo - is shooketh.

Albert - his glasses fog over when he sees you, and he actually wrote his own vows, he’s so nervous.

Robert - is beside himself with happiness, and thinks you’re stunning.

Rayvis - he doesn’t say anything, but his hands tremble when he puts the ring on.

Nico - is giggly and happy tears, he can barely get his vows out.

Sid - he winks at you when you’re walking down the aisle, and whispers “damn,” when you guys are supposed to be up there having a serious moment 😉


Lizard Lady

7. Come up with a MH OC: Name, child of, and personality. #Monster High Challange

Asha, Daughter of Madam Vastra (Doctor Who), is technically an alien. She’s a bit moody and introverted, but very smart and imaginative. Therefore, she wants to become a detective and continue her mother’s agency one day.

Her dress was made be the awesome ElenaShowRoom and MonstrousLab gave Asha her stunningly extraordinary face.

Find my other dollies and fanart here!


omg, this is just like @illustraice‘s comic????? looking forward to more webisodes! 

Woah - Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested-“Hi! Would you be able to write a Daryl x reader where it’s the Alexandria ‘welcome’ party & the reader is anxious about going- but she decides to go and she looks AMAZING and the whole family compliment her but she leaves early & bumps into Daryl and he is blown away (but they aren’t together)”

Word count: 1476

Warnings: mild swearing, 

Note: thank you for 500 followers!! this is awesome guys!! :)


Parties weren’t your thing. Anymore, that is.

Before the walkers, you were used to going out every Friday. You owned countless party dresses, all of them beautiful.

But now you killed the dead. The party dresses left in your burned down home, fire consuming them and everything your life used to be. You hardened, becoming closer to the small group of budding survivors you called your family.

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Hi, sq Halloween prompt. Seeing a black cat.

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it ^^

Glazed Pumpkins Masterpost


“You know, we can just keep him.”

Emma’s voice broke Regina’s concentration on feeding the small black kitten she had consistently found for the past week upfront their backyard’s door. The body of the kitten trembled in quick purrs, one that never failed to make Regina smile, a smile that she quickly tried to turn into a scoff at Emma’s gentle words.

The blonde was leaning on the kitchen door, her face still covered in glitter and paint from the makeup she had worn a few hours before. Snow had insisted for her to dress up, saying how it would look awesome for the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White to show up and be among the kids like this.

“I think being the savior is already a very strong ace up on your daughter’s sleeve, dear. Plus, I very much doubt Emma had other plans that didn’t involve a costume and sweets already.”

Turning towards the cat once again and letting a small smile escape from her pursed lips, Regina shook her head as Emma moved forward, kneeling in front of the cat while holding her left hand in front of him as he glanced upwards, his eyes staring deeply into the blonde’s fingers before lowering his head and start eating once again.

“He doesn’t seem very thrilled about the idea.” Regina deadpanned as Emma pouted at the animal, a quick smile replacing the look. Her eyes were framed in silver and gold and Regina found herself staring at them, unable to look at anywhere else. Beautiful, she had said the word hours before but it now returned and so she found herself sighing slightly at Emma’s closer form.

“But you are.” Emma pointed out, shrugging and caressing the brunette’s forearm in a quick movement, one that seemed easy and yet, for them hadn’t been for the longest of times. “Besides, imagine what will my mother said; I can only imagine what she will say about finding a black cat on Halloween’s night.”

“Well.” Regina replied as she stared at the small feline at their feet. “I’m a sorceress after all, perhaps it’s time to start looking like it.”

Emma chuckled but said nothing, intertwining her right hand’s fingers with Regina’s as they both stared at the small cat. The feline didn’t seem very worried about his future, his black fur glimmering against the white tiles of the kitchen in where the pumpkin and the cinnamon could still be caught alongside with the sugar both Henry and Emma had spilled when they had returned from their trick or treat trip, hands full of sweets.

“Welcome to the family.”

Emma had whispered the words, almost mouthing them but Regina heard them loud and clear, hovering between the two of them and the cat. She said nothing, she knew she didn’t need to. However, she sent a small gust of magic through her fingers, caressing Emma’s skin who shivered and hummed, a content gleam glowing on the back of her gaze.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Lena Luthor Appreciation Week, Day 2: Favorite Outfit/Look

I really can’t choose just one, especially when every episode Katie McGrath decides to one-up herself and look even HOTTER but I think her entire aesthetic during Medusa was overall my favorite. Her hair was gorgeous, her dress was awesome and then of course it was appearance #1 of THE COAT, and we all know how the fandom feels about THAT. ;) Plus she broke our heart in her scene with Lillian, stood up to Supergirl, and then fucking fooled EVERYONE and saved the aliens. And she did it all rocking stilettos. When does your fave ever???

[Photo cred to @weinzapfel for top pic and bottom two @swallowedabug you are both amazing thanks for your work]


I customized my Courtley Jester! I loved all of her molded details, but felt that they were hidden under all of the solid colors. I added a ton of painted details to her headpiece, neckpiece, and shoes, but I kept her belt and skirt overlay very simple because I did not want to take away from the awesome pattern in her dress! She was a very fun project, and I’m so happy with how she turned out!