and hello michael


The last episode was wonderful, but I’ll miss this beans..The vampire diaries is a big piece of my heart and will be forever here,inside my life. ❤

michael: let’s give them a vulcan hello

georgiou: no, michael we’re better than that!

kirk: what if we… fight each other MAN TO MAN

picard: that is morally wrong and let me facetime the klingons and quote shakespeare at them to prove it

sisko: if it has to be done :/

janeway: let’s give them an ACTUAL hello! we’re here to make friends!

archer: we’re not doing a “vulcan” anything. this is a starfleet ship. we are humans. vulcans personally killed my dad.

lorca: LET’S!!!


Michael: …Those were the worst few months of my life. I never want to go through that again.


Jeremy: Just–ugh! I hate him. But he’s in jail now, I managed to get a video feed of our conversation out to the public so he’s far away and he can’t hurt either of us anymore.

Michael: Pardon my French but good fucking riddance.

Jeremy: Yeah, seriously.