and heartbreakingly beautiful

Cracker Jacks and kiss cams

Summary: A story in which Bucky Barnes is very smitten, there’s a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs, and Cracker Jacks are consumed.

Prompt: “I never thought you’d break my heart”
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. A bit of language maybe, but this is all just sappy fluff. 

A/N: This is my submission for @just-some-drabbles​ Rom-Com writing challenge, thanks for letting me join last minute and congratulations on reaching 4k! This story came about because I really love baseball, I really love the Chicago Cubs, and I really love Bucky Barnes, so all in all, it felt like a win-win.


(Bucky, opening Google search)

“how do you know if a woman is interested”
“when do you know if a woman wants to kiss you”
“how to tell a woman you love her without saying it”
“why do I suck at talking to her”
“oh my god why can’t I just ask her out” 

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Shakespeare: writes pages & pages of sonnets about a man so heartbreakingly beautiful that he swears all beauty will die with him

Shakespeare: writes love sonnets about said man

Shakespeare: begs him to at least have a child as to not let his beauty go from the world forever b/c old bill thinks that would basically be a sin, a tragedy,

Historians: anyway this is William & he’s Straight

i fucking love the adventure zone because sometimes it’s like…absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful story-telling or on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills 

and then sometimes it’s justin, travis, and their dad chanting “FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS. FANTASY SHORTS” at poor griffin who’s trying to move the plot forward 




Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

“No spoilers here, but we will say that the book–which includes a number of photographs and some eccentric typography–ends with what is undoubtedly the most beautiful and heartbreaking flip book in all of literature.” –Booklist

Oskar Schell is unlike any nine-year-old you will ever meet. Bright and quirky, it is safe to say he is a little weird. He makes jewelry, he speaks French, he plays the tambourine, he is a Shakespearean actor, jeweler, pacifist, vegan, historian and correspondent with Stephen Hawking and Ringo Starr. When his father passes away in the September 11th attacks, Oskar is left depressed until he finds a mysterious envelope with a key, titled, “Black” in his father’s closet. Filled with inspiration and hope, Oskar embarks on an adventure to find the lock of the key. During his journey, he travels through the five boroughs of New York, where he meets interesting characters with their own survival stories. What begins as an innocent, heartfelt testimonial of loyalty to his father, ends up as a heartbreakingly beautiful climax, which leads to his father’s grave.

Although the plot seems rather thin, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is far quirkier than you believe. Reflecting Oskar’s intellectualism, Foer’s writing is experimental. With several back stories, including the Hiroshima and Dresden bombing, as well as others’ stories of trauma, Foer’s writing is intuitive: it lacks punctuation and shifts narrative. It contains eccentric, illegible typography (where the words are mounted on top of each other) blank pages, pages with one liners, sweet monologs, illustrations and scribbles. Although it may be perceived as gimmicky, it is highly stylistic and unique.

Without a doubt, Foer’s delicate style adds to the sentimentality of the novel. Make no reservations here, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close will make the coldest heart shed a tear. Foer has created a prose on the exploration of grief and healing. As a result of the highly sensitive topic and young narrator, there are no mild feelings procured here, you will feel a gut-wrenching beautiful ache or a bitter taste in your mouth. Note, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Closenavigates two extremes of the spectrum, between beautiful sadness and manipulation.

Read excerpts from the book here!

Sad headcanon: vampires can’t play reed instruments. The water-soaked reeds taste gross, their venom is constantly disintegrating the reed and the mouthpiece, and even if they do manage to keep their mouths dry for a while, their relatively-hard lips can’t get the proper seal for them to use enough force without misshaping the mouthpiece altogether.  (depending on how literally you take the skin thing)  I guess it would be possible, but not worth the trouble or the taste. Edward was such a Benny Goodman fanboy back in the thirties and it killed him when he discovered he would never be able to play the clarinet :(

Actually, most wind instruments just wouldn’t work in general… flute being a nice exception, I guess?  Panflutes?

Thoughts on this, anyone?  What instruments would vampires be good at? Do you headcanon any Twilight character playing a certain instrument?

Cassian’s breath blew out in a white cloud in front of him. He’d been walking around for hours, hours. He knew it was freezing, knew winter was on it’s way, yet he didn’t feel anything. Not the cold, not the hoarfrost on his jacket—nothing. The early morning sky was still black and filled with stars in every direction. Beautiful and untouchable. Like her—no, not like her.

He hated himself.

What had he done? What had he done?

He’d told himself he’d only go to the meeting to see how she was doing. They’d all had dinner as a group, and maybe it had been the alcohol, or the scent of her sadness so palpable in the air around her—but he’d walked her home.

And with the alcohol thinning the walls between them, thinning the walls she kept between her and the world, he’d thought she’d never looked more beautiful.

Heartbreakingly so, with her sadness and her anger.

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xphxntrxshx  asked:

There's a father daughter dance but Hal couldn't go, so FP dances with Betty instead.

That’s great!

Betty giggled as the two Jones boys physically shoved each other over the last piece of her famous Blueberry pie, rolling her eyes she picked up her dishrag and made her way over to F.Ps tiny sink. His trailer was just big enough for the three of them to enjoy a home cooked meal comfortably, she had heard talks of F.P buying Jughead a dog the thought making her smile, it might be cramped but she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriends face.

“I swear you two are nuts, you both just ate a whole pie! After devouring an entire chicken dinner. Bottomless pits the both of you.” She called from the kitchen teasingly. She loved this, loved being here, cooking for her boyfriend and his father, joking around and laughing, she was comfortable and safe all of the work that went into it, seeing their happy faces? It was worth it.

“We’re growing boys.” F.P wiggled his eyebrows, taking the dirty dish from her hands and cleaning it in the sink himself. Betty was always cleaning something, his son had claimed it was her way of coping, controlling a situation, who was he to argue? His trailer was almost Always spotless when she visited and their were leftovers for days when she left. His son couldn’t have chosen better if he tried, the girl was all heart, so much love in her he was surprised she didn’t explode.

He glanced behind him to see his son wrap his long arms around the tiny blondes waist, nuzzling her neck with a smile as she leaned into his chest. That was another thing, his son was so happy. F.P couldn’t remember a time when his son had smiled so much, Betty brought out the lightness in his sons eyes and for that he would be forever grateful.

“Betty and me were thinking of heading to Pops for dinner tomorrow, were going to invite Bets mom, Alice has been meaning to call you about fixing the broken doorframe downstairs. Wanna join us?” Jughead asked lazily, toying with a loose curl on Betty’s neck, smiling adoringly at his girlfriend.

“Sure sounds good. What time? I’ve got work at the construction site until 4.” F.p asked, leaning against the counter.

Betty smiled her most heartbreakingly beautiful smile “after 6 o clock, I have to go finish setting up for the father daughter dance at Riverdale, I’m not staying long, there’s not really a reason.. ya know… because…” she trailed off, her eyes looking down as Jughead squeezed her shoulder and kissed her forehead.

Hal Cooper had abandoned his family. He left his daughter almost as fast as Jugheads mother had left him, it had been so sudden that the pain was still so fresh to Betty, thinking about it made her heart ache.

F.P hated that bastard, sure his wife had left him but he had deserved it, he was a terrible husband. Alice on the other hand? She did everything Hal asked no matter how much it hurt her, and to cut off contact with Betty? Atleast Jughead still spoke to his mother, Hal had stopped answering his youngest daughters calls and if he saw her around he would purposely go the other way. It made F.P sick to his stomach, sure he wasn’t father of the year but he would never ignore his son, especially considering how wonderful Betty was.

“Anyway” he looked up as Betty cleared her throat, I should be out of there by around 545. I just have to go home and change, juggie offered to pick me up from the dance.“ She looked up at her boyfriend with a sad smile

“I told her I’d go with her to the dance, but she said that wasn’t appropriate” he grumbled, rolling his eyes and pressing her closer to his chest.

She laughed “its a father daughter dance, thanks for being sweet though… daddy.” She whispered the last word quietly, only for Jugheads ears as he blushed bright red, that was a story for another time.

“Okay!"Jughead clapped his hands "I’ve gotta drop Betty off at home, it’s getting late, I’ll be back in a few.” He called to his dad, grabbing his dads pickup keys and heading out the door, gently tugging on her arm, eager to be away from his father and alone.. in the back of said pick up truck.

Betty giggled again, the soft melodic whistle, ringing through the tiny trailer
“I’ll see you tommorow F.P , remember! Careful with the sodium, it’s not good for you!”
She called as she was whisked out the door.

Rolling his eyes and smiling, F.P jones knew exactly what he had to do, thankgod for Bud Radleys spare suit hanging in his closet.

The next day passed quickly as he joked around with Fred and sweat his ass off, finally it was later in the day and he was showered and dressed in his suit, standing outside the Riverdale High auditorium. He smiled, remembering Jugheads proud and shocked expression as he left the house half an hour ago.
“Where are you going dressed like that” his son had asked.

“I’ve got a hot date with your girlfriend, something about a father daughter dance?” He smirked grabbing his keys off the table.

Jughead had just stared at him for what felt like hours before the biggest smile he had ever seen crossed the young boys face

“I uhh.. yeah.. you don’t wanna keep her waiting” jughead cleared his throat.

F.p winked at his son and headed out the door.

“Well here goes nothing.” He mumbled pushing open the auditorium doors and spotting his target instantly. Betty was standing alone by the drinks, swaying slowly to the music as fathers held there daughters. It was enough to make F.Ps old, broken heart break even further.

Slipping up behind her, he tapped her shoulder

“Can I have this dance mam?”

Betty swung around in surprise, her eyes filling with tears as she beamed at F.P

“What are you doing here?” She asked excitedly, taking his hand and tugging him on the dance floor.

F.P snorted at her enthusiasm and gently held his sons girlfriend by the waist.

“You’re like a second daughter to me Bets. You didn’t think I’d let you come to this on your own did you? It’s a win win for me, I get to dance with the prettiest girl in the room and.. I don’t think I’ll ever get to have this with Jelly bean, as much as that hurts I’m glad I get to experience It.”

Betty smiled sadly as she rested her head in his shoulder
“We’ve all lost something in this town. It’s about fixing what we’ve lost, finding happiness somewhere else.” She whispered.

F.P nodded as the tiny blonde swayed against him.

After about six fast dances and one more slow, the unlikely pair were exhausted and happy. It had been fun spending alone time with the other, they both had the same sense of humor and they both loved a certain beanie wearing boy very much, looking at her watch Betty’s eyes widened

“Come on! We’ve got to go, my mom and Jughead are waiting at pops!”

Thirty minutes later, walking into pops and spotting Alice chugging a milkshake as Jughead urged her on, the two looked at each other and laughed, they had lost so much but maybe they had gained a little more than they had expected.


Let’s cancel my birthday party. We’re in Europe. Let’s got to Venice, Cipriani. Remember?
It’s a great place to… be healthy (happy). 

Betrothed [Jon Snow]

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow x Reader

Word Count: 1,970

Warnings: Smut

Request: can u do one with jon snow where he’s the king in the north and you’re bethored to him cause you’re from a noble Family but you love eachother, and in the oneshot u two have been together for over a year and its just some cute fluff stuff and maybe sum smut

Hope you like it x

You fingered the silk of your white wedding dress nervously.

“You look beautiful.” Sansa smiled from behind you

She was currently brushing out your hair so that it fell down your back like a silky waterfall. Sansa had been helping you get ready for your wedding day all morning; she had turned you into a masterpiece, you had never felt more beautiful.

“Are you sure he wants to do this?” You blurted out suddenly.

You had been nervous all night; it was the first night that you had spent without Jon in months. It had felt strange to not have him there beside you, kissing your neck with his arm wrapped protectively around you. Thought had swirled in your head all night; wondering if he truly wanted to marry you. You had been betrothed for years now and although you have been together for a year; you couldn’t help but wonder if he was only with you because of duty.

“Y/N, Jon loves you.” Sansa reassured you gently, “He’s been waiting to marry you since the day you met.”

“Y/N, stop fiddling with your hair.” Your mother scolded as our carriage came to a halt in Winterfell.

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

You couldn’t stop fidgeting; probably because you were about to meet the man you were betrothed to marry. Your marriage to Jon Snow had been planned years ago by both of your families; and when Jon Snow had become The King in the North it had been decided that now was the time to meet each other. You couldn’t be more nervous. You had no idea who Jon Snow was, you had only heard that he was a brave and valiant soldier who had fought valiantly in the battle against Ramsey Snow.

“What is wrong dear?” You mother questioned gently when you didn’t move from the carriage.

“What if he doesn’t like me?” You whispered fearfully, “What if I don’t like him.”

“You will grow to love each other.” Your Mother reassured you; although it had the opposite effect, “Now come on, they are waiting.”

The wedding was going to take place in the Great Hall. The servants had been decorating it all night, lighting candles so that everywhere had a soft gentle glow. Flowers had been bought from the markets and scattered everywhere.

Sansa began leading you down to the Great Hall and you bit your lip as you heard the quiet whispers of the guests.

“There you are!” Arya beamed when she caught sight of you and her older sister, “You’re late!”

“Just like the first day we met you.” Sansa smirked.

“She’s late.” Sansa whispered to her sister Arya.

They were both watching their older half-brother; who was currently pacing the great hall. He had been fiddling with his hair for the past hour and the two girls had watched him in amusement.

He stopped suddenly, turning to face them with a worried look in his eyes, “Well?”

“What?” Arya frowned.

“Do I look ok?” Jon questioned anxiously.

This only caused Sansa and Arya to laugh.

You and your mother were waiting outside the great hall. A servant pushed the door open and announced you both.

Your eyes fell on the young man before you. He was handsome; so handsome it made your heart flutter. He was tall and muscular with wild curly hair that made your hands itch to touch. His dark eyes met yours and a nervous boyish smile spread across his lips.

“Lady Y/N.” He greeted you softly, walking until he was stood in front of you. He hesitantly took your hand in his, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The sound of violins flooded your ears as you walked down the hall. A veil covered your face and you clutched a bouquet of flowers in your hands. Your heart hammered in your chest and the world seemed to slow down as you looked at Jon.

He was stood at the end of the hall. His hands were folded in front of him; his hair slightly tamed although it was still wild and curly, just the way you liked it. His dark eyes met yours and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile spread across his face. All doubt vanished from your mind as you realised that what was happening right now was so right. You loved Jon with all your heart; you had loved him since the start.

“So how are you liking Winterfell?” Sansa questioned curiously.

You were currently walking with her around the courtyard. In the weeks that you had been staying in Winterfell you had grown close to the redheaded girl. It had taken a while for the young girl to warm to you; although you weren’t surprised after everything she had been through.

“I like it here.” You answered honestly.

You did like Winterfell. It was different from where you were from. It was strange that Winterfell was always associated with harsh winter when the people here were like summer. Everyone had welcomed you, smiling warmly and pausing to talk to you whenever they had a chance. You felt free here; you could shoot your bow and arrow and run around the forest with the Stark direwolves.

“And Jon?” Sansa pressed, a small smile on her face.

Your cheeks heated up at the mention of the curly haired man. Over the past weeks you had spent a lot of time together. You had grown comfortable with him; you shared the same love of books and horse riding, and you could now talk to him without worrying about saying something stupid. However in the past week things had changed; every time you were near him you couldn’t stop looking at his lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Lingering touches had been exchanged, and longer goodnight as you both stared at each other longingly.

“Yes, I suppose I like him too.” You answered casually.

Sansa smirked, seeing right through your act, “Is that so?”

You opened your mouth to reply when something nudged at your legs. You looked down to see Ghost, his snow white fur slightly dirty with mud. You kneeled down and stroked his head; smiling as he moved closer to you.

“It’s amazing how much he likes you.” Sansa breathed in shock, “He only ever lets Jon touch him usually.”

“It seems I have some competition.” A deep voice stated in amusement.

You looked up to see Jon walking towards you. He was also slightly muddy, his sword strapped to his side and his boots wet. You guessed he had been practasing fighting in the woods; you had learned he often did that when he needed to clear his head.

“It seems you do,” You grinned teasingly, “And I’m sorry to tell you but you’re losing.” You stroked Ghost once again and Jon smirked.

“I’ll have to change that.” Jon said with determination, “Walk with me?”

“Of course.” You agreed, moving to stand beside him after waving goodbye to Sansa, “Especially if Ghost is coming.” You added teasingly before you allowed him to lead you into the woods.

You look beautiful.” Jon whispered as you finally reached him.

His hands found yours immediately, tugging you towards him as you both repeated your vows.

“I love you Y/N.” Jon smiled.

“I love you Jon.” You breathed happily as his lips closed around your own.

Jon had finally given into temptation.

He had you pressed against a tree trunk, his arms wrapped around you small frame as he kissed you desperately. Your hands were entangled in his hair as you kissed him furiously, your heart beating madly in your chest as the man you loved kissed you.

You had not planned for this to happen; it was just supposed to be an innocent walk in the forest, but the hunger had taken over you both and you couldn’t wait any longer.

“Gods Y/N,” Jon breathed against your lips as his hands caressed your waist, “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” Jon gulped huskily as you walked over to him.

The wedding ceremony was over and after much drinking and dancing, Jon had finally taken you up to his bedchamber. Throughout the night your need for him had grown; you had exchanged glances every second and danced so closely the guests around you had began to grow uncomfortable. But now was the time; you were finally alone.

Jon tugged you towards him; not able to control himself any longer.

His lips were on yours in seconds; hot and passionate. Your hands entwined themselves in his curly hair as his tugged at the strings of your silk wedding dress. He grunted when he finally loosened the fabric; quickly tugging it down your body. His eyes trailed down your naked body, a low groan escaping his lips before he met your eyes once again.

“My beautiful wife.” He smiled before kissing you once again.

You kissed each other desperately, a hunger you had never experienced taking over you. You had waited for this moment over a year; your body had been begging to be touched by his own for over a year.

Jon backed you up so that you fell on the bed. He crawled on top of you quickly, kissing you fiercely before he turned his attention to your neck. He nipped and sucked, leaving his mark before he moved further down your body. His mouth closed around your breast, his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud. The new sensation caused you to gasp, your fingers carding through his dark hair.

He moved lower until he was kneeling on the ground, his face between your legs. You looked down at him to see him licking his lips, his dark eyes flickering up to meet your own. Without warning he leaned forward, his tongue circling your clit. A loud moan sounded from your lips as your back left the bed. He continued to lick you, teasing you with agonisingly slow circular motions until you were begging him to let you come. He lunged deeper, his tongue moving at such a fast pace it left you a screaming mess.

You breathed heavily as you came down from your release. Jon quickly tugged down his trousers and squared himself up against your entrance. You sat up so you could wrap your arms around his neck. He pushed into you slowly and kissed your lips softly; stifling your moan. He groaned at the feel of you and rested his forehead against your own.

“I love you.” He whispered against your hair.

His movements sped up when you started moaning. You tugged at his hair and bit his neck, moaning as his thrust became harder and more unforgiving. You squirmed against him, moaning his name as he pushed you further and further over the edge. One hard thrust caused you to break, curses spilling for your lips as you threw your head back in ecstasy. Jon helped you ride your high out before he couldn’t hold it any longer.

He gently laid you down on the bed, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to him. He kissed your sweaty forehead gently as you gazed up at him; wondering how you ever got so lucky to be able to marry a man you loved so dearly.

“Goodnight wife.” He grinned boyishly; looking down at you lovingly.

“Goodnight husband.” You replied, just as happily.