and he's wondering if perhaps he's not teaching the material properly

Jimin Scenario: To Hold You.

Request: Requests are open! Yaaay Can you write a vampire prince AU, where he have a human girl for a while now, & he took her to his “vampire palace” to get to know more of his vampire side, his family & what they do. With How surprise she’s of seeing him as a prince & royal. The plot could be how sweet he’s with her, & fearless with the others specially his enemy. You can add a fight scene if that helps. & you can end it as you wish. I just can’t take vampire prince jimin out of my hand after BS&T

Vampire AU.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

-I’m not sure if this is right- you muttered as you opened the door for Jimin. You were ready to go, you had told your maid to brush your hair until it shone and then you had pinned half of it with a pretty broach Jimin had gifted you a few months ago. It was beautiful as it was antique, and you couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it than to go to his place for the first time.

-Of course it is- he assured with a smile, dashing, was the only word you had to describe him. Jimin was beautiful beyond words, but that one seemed to adjust somewhat right. He had this odd shade of hair, blond, but with an ashy tone that with a certain amount of light looked lilac. -Everything is ready, unless you don’t want to go- he suggested softly. 

You did want to go, you died with curiosity to go to his place, that by the rumors it was something huge and out of the ordinary, everyone talked about it, the high palace by the hill, but not many people dared to go there.

-I want to- you affirmed and that made Jimin take your hand to pull you out of your house. The carriage was just in front of your street. You really liked it, it was luxurious but cozy on the inside, the two white horses that pulled from it made great contrast with the black material of the carriage itself. -I’m just a bit nervous-

-Nonsense Y/N- Jimin laughed helping you in after the driver opened the door for you and Jimin extended a hand for you to get in easily.

He was holding your hand as you rode there, but that didn’t make anything to your nerves. -So everyone is going to be there? Your parents? Your brothers? Friends?-

-Of course!- he chirped. -I gathered everyone for this special occasion-

-How thoughtful- you mused making him laugh. -And are they really ok with it? I mean won’t they want to… eat me?-

At that Jimin lost his smile, shaking head. -No one will ever do such thing, bringing a human isn’t perhaps the most common thing for us but- he kissed the back of your hand smiling a little again. -But I already spoke about it and there’s no turning back, I found you Y/N, I couldn’t ever let go of you-

You smiled at him this time. -We found each other-

-This way you can know more about me too, more about us, and that way you can be sure if you want… this, this kind of life- he finished with a sigh.

-I wish to know it all, but you can’t blame me to be nervous though- He chuckled amused with that. -I’m serious, are royal vampires as mean and ruthless as human monarchs?-

-They are- Jimin conceded enjoying your eyes going wide to then chuckle once more. -But not towards you, you are with me Y/N, everyone will treat you like they would if you were…- he laughed lightly like he was enjoying some secret joke and you hit him with your fan.

-Like what my lord?-

-Don’t call me that- he nagged but still with a laugh in his mouth. -Like my wife-

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Kamigami no Asobi InFinite - Apollon & Hades

Yes I have not forgotten, I’m just very good at procrastinating orz. Two routes in one since the routes here are shorter. I’ll do the same for the other mythologies. Since this is the first one for the remaining eight gods I added a summary for the common Prologue.

Both the routes were sweet but fairly predictable. I’m glad to see Hades get a properly happy end since his endings in the first game were more bittersweet. Actually find Apollon a little more likeable now that I can enjoy all the fluff without all the ex-girlfriend angst.

*spoilers after the cut* 

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Arts n’ Crafts, Coloring Books, & Naps

A (belated) happy birthday story for @the-subpar-ghost!~
*whispers* I’m sorry this is so late.

Basically some family fluff between Ford and Mabel.

It was an average day at the Shack. Stan was out working in the Mystery Shack along with that gopher man and redheaded girl, Dipper was hanging out with the redheaded girl (even Ford could see this boy had a crush on her) and Mabel… actually, he wasn’t quite sure what the girl was doing at the moment. Possibly playing with her pig- Waffles. Meanwhile Ford is taking a break from finding an alternate solution to sealing the rift by getting himself a tall glass of water to rehydrate.

He takes a long sip of water and suddenly he hears a loud noise behind him that sounds distinctly like Mabel’s voice and he chokes on his water out of surprise.

“Sorry, Grunkle Ford,” the twelve year old says while patting his back.

“I-hit’s al-ri-ght, swe-ethea-rt,” he coughs while one fist pounds on his chest to help clear his air passages. When he’s finally able to breathe properly he asks, “What is it, Mabel?”

“Oh,” she perks and then smiles brightly at him. “I was hoping we could do something today. Y’know, just Mabel, Grunkle Ford bonding.”

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You know what urks me? And I'm pretty sure there are others too.

Not a question that needs answering. ^ 

You know those people who just, hmm, how could I put this nicely..complain? About just about anything that Mashima does, for instance “fanservice” I figure that this is way too long and some people wouldn’t want to see others rant and rave about something, which is convenient for you guys ‘cause I literally just discovered the read more link.

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Christmas Plans and Meddling Mums

This is a Christmas gift for @theslightlyevilpooka. She asked for Molly at the Holmes’ house for Christmas (bonus if Mummy mentions seeing the slaps on CCTV.) I hope you like it Pooka! Love you, you big ball of sweetness!!! (Sorry that it got a tiny bit angsty in the middle.) It’s not beta’d- sorry for any mistakes. I didn’t want to bother anyone during the holidays. Enjoy ~Lil~

It’s on AO3 and FF of course! Much love and hugs, Happy Holidays to you all!!

Sherlock was not the least bit pleased about having to attend yet another Christmas with his family. As he pulled the car up the winding country lane he thought about how awful the experience would be, and he cringed. Nothing interesting awaited him this year. No case, no reason to steal his brother’s laptop, not even the Watsons since they were spending the holiday with John’s ‘recovering’ sister. No, this would be incredibly dull and incredibly pointless. But Mummy had called and insisted that he owed her a good Christmas after drugging the entire family and murdering that awful man last year.

Fine, he thought. But next year I’ll find a reason to be in Yeman or Turks and Caicos. Anything would be better than the torture that lurked behind the overly cheerful walls of his parents home. He parked the car and checked his breast pocket for the gift cards he’d purchased for his parents. When he tried the front door, he found it was locked. He knocked, expecting his mother to fling the door open and wrap him in one of her obligatory hugs. But the door didn’t open… no hugs… no Mummy. He knocked again.

Finally his father answered. “Sorry William. Didn’t hear you. Your mother’s in the kitchen with Molly and I was wrapping gifts in my study. You’re brother’s late of course, something about a small national emergency.”

Sherlock froze. What? “Molly- Molly Hooper?”

“Your shoes, William,” his father admonished. “Yes, Molly. Didn’t Mother tell you she’d invited her?”

Sherlock toed off his shoes and hung up his coat. “No! She didn’t.” What is that devious woman up to? he wondered. He followed his father into the kitchen where he found his mother and his pathologist sipping tea and laughing… at his expense.

“…not proud of it. Well, perhaps I’m a little proud,” Molly said tucking her head and giggling.

“Why shouldn’t you be proud? Myke showed me the CCTV footage. You have a quite an arm on you, young lady. Besides, he deserved it. That will come in handy, trust me.” She winked then turned and finally saw her husband and son standing in the doorway. “Oh, look who finally arrived.” She stood up and gave Sherlock a warm hug.

“Mummy,” Sherlock said as he hugged her back making eye contact with Molly, who had stood up and was smiling at him.

His mother stepped away, looking back and forth between the pair. “Well?”

Molly started. “Oh, of course. I hope you had a nice trip. Did you hire a car or…”

Sherlock’s huff interrupted her as he planted his hands on his hips and looked at his mother. “Why is my pathologist here?”

Sherlock’s mother narrowed her eyes. “That was not the least bit polite, William! I clearly invited her. I know how much you hate it when the obvious is stated. Now, greet our guest.”

“She’s not our guest, she’s… she’s just Molly!”

Molly flinched at Sherlock’s words, then she turned to Mummy. “I had a lovely time, Vi. But it seems that your son hasn’t exactly learned his lesson. And since it’s the holidays and I’m not really in the teaching mood,” She gave Sherlock a harsh glare then looked back at the older woman. “I’ll just call a cab back to London.”

She started to leave but Mr. Holmes intervened. “Molly, please forgive William, his social skills may be a bit lacking…”

“No offense, Siger, but Sherlock isn’t lacking social skills. He’s lacking common decency.”

“Oh, really?” Sherlock moved closer to Molly.

“Yes, really! You’re rude, inconsiderate and completely oblivious to anyone other than yourself.” She stepped closer. “I have tried to be patient, Sherlock. I’ve forgiven all the insults and manipulations. I allow you to bust into my lab and shout out orders like you own the place. But you WON’T ruin yet another Christmas for me! Understand?”

“Ruin Christmas for you? I didn’t ask you to be here, Molly! Don’t you have an empty apartment and cat to get back to?”

Molly huffed. “Going right for my spinsterhood this year, ah Sherlock? What running out of material on my breasts?”

“I’ve seen your breasts, Molly remember? I like a bit of a challenge.” He pointed at her chest. “That’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Molly didn’t even react, she just stared at him for all of four seconds before storming past him and into the front of the house. Sherlock looked around and realised he was alone, his parents had disappeared at some point during the argument. He swallowed, hard. How do I always hash things up with Molly? he wondered. He kicked a dining chair then went to go find her.

Unfortunately he found his mother first. Violet Holmes halted his progress in the hallway leading to the sitting room. “Your father’s taking her back to London.”

“If you’ll just let me pass…” he started.

“No,” she said putting up both hands.

“Mummy, I assure you, there are mitigating circumstances…”

“You slept with her and never acknowledged it,” she said with fire in her eyes.

Sherlock felt his cheeks heat up. He had no intention of talking to Mummy about such…

“Don’t William. If you want to play at being a grow-up you’d better be prepared to accept the consequences. And that little display was a bit less than mature.”

Sherlock shifted uncomfortably and stared at the floor. “I, um, suppose that I’ve been…”


“What?” he asked looking up and hating the judgment in her eyes. He normally didn’t care what people thought about him, but Mummy…

She rolled her eyes. “When did it happen William?”

“Didn’t Molly tell you?”

She sighed and folded her arms across her chest. “You’re not the only one who can make a very obvious deduction, young man. Molly didn’t say a word.”

He considered not answering, but he knew very well that his mother wouldn’t allow him to pass until she was satisfied with his answer. “It was four years ago. Before I left.”

She shook her head. “Idiot.”

“Mother, this has been wonderfully uncomfortable, but I need to speak with Molly.” He tried to push past the woman once again, but she still wouldn’t allow it.

She studied her son for a moment then said, “It’s my fault you know, I never… you’re father’s free with his affection.” She steeled herself. “I blame myself, I never properly showed you boys how to love. And because of that…”

She turned to go but Sherlock stopped her, and in the process missed hearing the front door opening. “I did try,” he said.

“What did you try?” his mother asked.

“I tried to tell Molly h-how I felt, after… well, before.” He shook his head. “I wanted to. I wanted to ask her to wait for me.” He turned and paced back toward the kitchen. “But I didn’t, I just left before she woke. I was so… scared,” he said weakly. He turned back to his mother. “Then I came home and she- she was engaged.” He swallowed. “She’d moved on, Mummy. I lost my chance. So foolish of me to think she’d wait all that time. I’d given her nothing… no real indication… I’d only hoped…”

His mother placed her hands on either side of his face. “So William, if you had the chance, one last chance to tell her how you felt, what would you say?”

Sherlock suddenly felt safe, looking down in his mother’s eyes. He could say it out loud, just this once. “I’d tell her that I love her and that it’s always been her. I’d tell her that I miss her smile, the way she used to smile before things got… I’d ask her if I could hold her, just one last time.”

His mother smiled and nodded then turned her head slightly and said, “Did you get all that?”

Molly Hooper emerged from around the corner. She was still bundled up in her outerwear, her face was red and her eyes comically large. “I did,” she said quietly.

Sherlock was too stunned to speak. But his mother wasn’t. “Father’s car wouldn’t start.”

Molly looked at the older woman. “How’d you..?”

Violet smiled and winked. “Well, I’ll just leave you two.”

Sherlock and Molly stood staring at each other for several moments. Finally Molly spoke. “What you said…”


“Did you mean any of it?”

Forward or back? he thought. His stomach was clinched in a painful knot. Molly might never forgive him, even if he was truthful right now. He didn’t know, and he hated not knowing. Finally he made a decision. “All of it,” he said never taking his eyes from hers.

Molly nodded. “So you love me?”

“It seems so.”

She nodded again. “I, ah,” she swallowed as three fat tears fell down her cheeks. “I love you too, you know.”

Sherlock released a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “I didn’t, actually. I… I thought…”

“Well you thought wrong,” she interrupted.



“May I..?” He gestured towards her in a general way, not even sure what he was asking.

She smiled brightly and nodded once again. He didn’t hesitate. He rushed forward wrapping his arms around her shoulders. It was a bit awkward what with her big coat and scarf. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

“I should think so.” She laughed.

And he did. He kissed Molly with all the love he’d long since denied them both. When they finally broke for air and he hugged her to him tightly. Molly tired to speak, but he couldn’t hear her, so he pulled back.

“I said, you realise that this was all orchestrated by your parents. They set us up.”

He had already started unwinding her giant scarf. “Yes, I’m very much aware.”

Molly helped him with her bulky coat. “And how do we feel about that?” She laughed as they both tried to pull down the zipper.

He smiled at her brightly. “Can’t say that I mind. Actually, this is a better Christmas gift than the year they got me a puppy.” He kissed her again.

Thanks for reading!! : )

Go Viral {Prologue}

Pairing: Ten/Rose, AU
A viral video forces medical researcher John Smith into a fake engagement with Vitex heiress Rose Tyler, who is desperate to keep the tabloids from further blackening her already tattered reputation.

A/N: Thank you to the lovely lostinfic for her help.

For anniviech, my partner in crime :)


It started with a video.

But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it started with a video that neither of them could remember being in.

One blasted video - gone viral.

Laying the blame on the alcohol, that was too easy, too clichéd, and he was loathe to do so. Besides, that would mean putting part of the onus on himself and on her, given that they had been the ones to ingest said alcohol.

(Which was to say: copious amounts, very unwise and very ill-advised, especially at a party hosted by a certain Mister Jack Harkness.)

(Hell, they ought to lay the blame at Jack’s feet, when all was said and done.)

(He should’ve known better, in other words.)

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1000-alshain  asked:

Okay but the high school teacher aus except that they're both at the Imperial Academy bc Han is teaching there and Leia is guest lecturing about the Imperial Government (slash secretly gathering intel) and these sixteen year old cadets are all like, yeah bruh, Lt. Solo and Senator Organa are definitely adulting.


okay so I think we’d have to fast forward this a couple years after their initial meeting in the movies, because age difference stuff, idk, would it make sense if she’s there lecturing and she’s only two years older than the cadets, who knows

BUT. this. this has the potential for a WHOLE ENTIRE AU I’m so happy.

Han graduates with flying colours from the academy but he Does A Thing (perhaps not as Intense of a Thing as he does in canon (er, sort of canon), but something insubordinate enough to get him stuck on “teaching the cadets” duty) and is doing his thing, gradually becoming more and more disillusioned by the Empire, la la la, teaching these fresh-faced cadets. 

I want to say that the kids love him, but I also feel like Lt. Solo would be that asshole teacher who is fantastic on good days but also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his teaching material so it can be a struggle if you’re super Empire-positive. Probably, there are maybe two of his classes (interstellar physics, maybe? There was one class I read in a fic that he did really well in and I could totally believe that. But I’ve always thought Han has a good head for math and physics, because?? Anyone who can hold the Falcon together like he does needs to know more than just basic mechanics), that he really likes the material he’s teaching and you can see that he thinks that it’s important for the kids to learn, so those are good classes. (his other classes it’s obvious he doesn’t give a shit, but anyway)

ANYWAY, Leia, who’s in deep with the Rebellion at this point but has still maintained the cover of Imperial Senator, gets invited (begrudgingly - probably manages to invite herself, actually) to give a series of seminars at the academy to teach the cadets about the political side of the Glorious Empire. Leia, of course, is there to sneak inside information and possibly find a way to get her hands on the Death Star Plans (once again, for AU purposes, let’s say the construction of the death star is delayed a few years), but is also there to make sure these kids’ heads aren’t being filled with drivel. In fact, she repeatedly is challenged in the lectures because she’s not saying 100% Empire Friendly things.

Anyway, they first properly meet (prior to that, it was just a brief “oh, this senator’s coming and spouting of politics, meh”, and a brief glance in a corridor) when one of Han’s students mentions her lectures in class - maybe that’s next up on their timetable - and the whole class starts clamouring about it; some of them think she’s “the worst” and others absolutely adore her. Obviously, Han thinks that anyone who can muster up such intensely contradicting views (especially ones that lean towards possibly-dangerous lines of thought) is worth listening to, so the next time his break lands on her lecture, he sneaks into the back of the class to listen in.

It’s not exactly love at first sight.

But he’s got to give her this: she’s got balls of steel.

Problem is, Han, being Han, asks an asshole question in the middle of the lecture (something about Alderaan’s pacifist ideology, probably? Not entirely because he means it, but he wants to throw a rock in the pool, you know), and Leia needs to take a moment to collect her thoughts and throw back a response, which pisses her off. She replies beautifully, though, which prompts Han to go forward and try to make conversation after the lecture, but Leia’s already sort of on edge because of the whole espionage thing and also she’s wary of any Imperial officers in general anD ALSO his question was annoying, so, um, no, go away.

Except it doesn’t quite come out as “go away”, it comes out as a snippy retort, to which Han responds by metaphorically putting his foot in his mouth (she’s really pretty and it’s distracting, damn it), and thus, their wonderful academic relationship begins.

And obviously in the intermin between Meeting Each Other and the Inevitable Angst, there’s a lot of fic trope trash because that’s always necessary and the students are always like “omg Lt Solo you totally have the hots for a princess” and he’s like “shut up and write your exam, Henderson” and they probably make out in an abandoned classroom at least once.

But like at some point, after There Are Definite Feelings There but Neither Want To Acknowledge The Feelings, Leia tries to convince Han to defect and join the Alliance (OR SOMETHING) and Han, while completely disillusioned with the Empire at this point, is like “hhhng no no nah I’m good, I just. Won’t rat you out. But. No” and it’s kind of because he has no idea what he’d do and he really doens’t want to go back to living on the streets, and then agst happnes. Because Leia can’t bring herself to be with him if he’s not on her side and Han’s conflicted because he wants to be with her but he doesn’t want to just up and leave, a weird part of him is still loyal to the Empire and what about all these kids and everything is complicated and emotional feelings and Leia needs to get out before her cover’s blown. Except, then, a few things happen at once:

Han gets called back into active duty because someone heard through hearsay that he speaks Shiirywook (which is true, but he’s still pissed that people found out) and so they drag him over to try and talk to these wookiees they’ve got chained up, except then one of the wookiees breaks free and wreaks a havoc and Han like, stuns his superior officer to stop him from killing the wookiee (HEY, CHEWIE!) and so. Dishonorable discharge, et all. Meanwhile, Leia, who’s upset because they had their Fight/Discussion/Falling out thing, get’s ratted out (not sure how that happens yet) to the Imps and they capture her and take her aboard the Death Star. 

Han, who has no where else to go, takes Chewie and his ship (the Falcon - which he wins at some point during his teaching stint, I’ll figure this out later) and goes to the Rebels, wherein he meets Luke Skywalker (SO Luke and Ben get to the Rebels in a much different fashion than they do in canon; Bail sends them a comm earlier on and the Imps hear that there might be Force sensitives in that area so they ransack the place but Luke’s out of the house so they kill his aunt and uncle when they don’t talk, it’s very sad, etc, but Luke and Ben go join the Rebellion much earlier and Luke and Leia are like besties from the start and Bail and Obi-Wan sweat a lot). Luke’s just gotten word that Leia’ been taken in, and Han’s like “WHAT?” And Luke’s like “you know her?” and Han’s like “oh, shit, kriff, kest, a lot of other swear words I can’t think of right now, those plans were intense top security shit that the Emperor had Plans for, they’re going to torture her to death and I know Imperial torture” so they have to go get her, obviously, and then they do and Han and Leia reconcile and makeout and everything is happy and good except not entirely because torture and stuff but yeah. 

The plot continues with minor changes from there on. Does Alderaan get blown? I really don’t want Alderaan to get blown.