and he's within 1km of me


some. very rough concepts for the ‘everything is the same but with stands’ AU:

1) on trill, only the symbionts have stand abilities, developed over time through exposure to their hosts’ spiritual energies and wordly experiences. after each host the symbiont gains new ‘act’ form - for example, dax, joined with jadzia, has 7 (6 before unlocking joran). all dax’s abilities are based on some or other form of sound manipulation - act 1 (lela) is able to generate and absorb shock waves, act 5 (torias) has the biggest range of hearing (around 1km), act 6 (curzon) renders anyone the user is talking to extremelly suggestible to persuasion. act 0 (joran), due to his personality being separated from others is the most independent form, capable of verbal communtication and painfully uncooperative

2) quark’s stand ability is to divert attention from whatever he is doing (creating diversions, generating blind spots within 20m range etc etc), which doesn’t make your local constable’s work any easier. also, ferengi obviously have a tradition of preserving and selling stands after their user’s death

a-salute2satire  asked:

I think you're still taking prompts, but sorry if not?? Uhm so I really love your road trip AU and just...... Want to see all of those scenarios fleshed out because, holy shit, adorable. A van full of pro skaters trying to pretend like they're NOT in some southern rink where practically no one knows how to skate to begin with. (I speak from personal experience—not that common of a sport down in these parts. Howdy from The South.)

Aight, I’m from Canada so basically everyone knows how to skate or at least lives within 1km of a skating rink so it’s pretty common.

- Yuuri and Viktor are the first onto the rink and they just skate around in circles hand in hand
- gross
- Otabek (who is now part of this AU fight me) tries to hold Yuri’s hand but he just skates away
- “you just TRY and catch me Otabek!”
- He does but not without everyone telling them to not skate so fast cause they might get caught
- Guang Hong and Leo’s take on ‘act normal’ is doing really low maintenance moves
- like a backwards spiral (took me like a year and a half to learn)
- Phichit barely even skates he just finds the rink so cute he has to take pictures of everyone
- they got dunkins hot chocolate and I think it’s the first time any of them have ever eaten on the ice despite spending like all their lives on them
- also GOOD FUCKING LUCK trying to sit down to untie your skates in the change room cause of those assholes who put their bags on the benches to avoid the wet ground leaving zero room for actual people
- peasant ice rinks = never again

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