and he's wearing his white tie

james potter: shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbow, sharp collarbones, broad shoulders, never has his fucking tie on straight, shit-eating grin, orders for everyone at a restaurant, pointed elbows that rest jauntily on the table, winking, high-fiving, finger-gunning bastard, can never sit still, stops walking in the middle of the hallway to say something because he can’t do both at once, will drink the tea even if it’s stone cold, all his jumpers are fraying, owns a lot of white t-shirts that all have holes in them, has to keep moving, is always moving, because how else is he supposed to feel like he’s doing something

sirius black: blood pumping, sideswept smirk that stops the heart, chin-tilted-upwards-neck-bearing-column-of-throat-show-of-defiance-what-you-gonna-do-about-it stance, cracks his knuckles a lot, strong arms, resting facial expression that is forbidding and gutting all at once, smells like cigarette smoke, wears his tie around his forehead, twirls his wand around his fingers and it drives everyone insane, never has his charms book, finds himself at the top of the astronomy tower at 3am but doesn’t know how he got there

remus lupin: wakes up with blood in the mouth, glint in the eye that betrays his anger, will comprehensively tear you to shreds in an argument, constantly has a bar of chocolate between his lips, cuffed sleeves, reads for pleasure, owns a lot of threadbare, oversized sweaters, will drink the tea when it’s scalding hot just to feel something, nail biter, constantly picks at the hem of his clothing, bites his lip a lot, lies in the dark staring at the ceiling with an instrumental record on in the background on his bad days, he seems to be having a lot of those recently

peter pettigrew: watery eyes, anxious, sniffs a lot, laughs even when he didn’t hear the joke, three-quarter sleeves, frets with his hands, wringing them at the wrists, stress eats, is constantly stuck in the state of waking up from a nap and not knowing what time it is, the best at simple charms, likes being outside with his eyes to the overcast sky and his hands in the earth, can anticipate what james needs before he asks because he’s good at studying people, he’s good at sitting back and observing, maybe he should do something with that one day

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could i request yoongi for the small au thing please?? thank you<33 (ps you're the sweetest!! i check your blog all the time and i'm always happy to see updates from you<3 hope school is ok for you and you're feeling well!!)

ofc!! aww, thank you!! i hope you’re doing well too!!

  • korean history professor!yoongi 
  • doesn’t want to be teaching this class, wishes he was at home marathoning game of thrones or something
  • and he makes this known to the class. like everytime he comes in
  • just sets down his mug and he’s like “this unit is on the joseon dynasty. who wants to tell me what they know about? but also,,,,,,,,i wish i was at home with my cat.”
  • wears thick framed glasses and a white button down that’s never ironed,,,,,his colleague namjoon was like “yoongi perhaps wear a tie? maybe a sweater?”
  • and yoongi was just like “you wear the same black shirt + black pants + black cardigan combo every day. don’t tell me how to ‘fashion’ namjoon”
  • you’re a professor in the history department as well and you’ve known yoongi since college really
  • and you’ve always thought it was really cute the way he acts so nonchalant in class but you also know that he eagerly wrote a huge dissertation neo-confucianism and how he gets all into books and the way he smiles when grading a good paper 
  • and yoongi always falls asleep if the professors have to stay overtime and you’re always the one to wake him up and take the train with him
  • and one day when you go over to wake him up, yoongi groggily reaches out and pulls you closer to him
  • and you’re aware that he must be dreaming but you’re like “yoongi, let go - yoon-”
  • but then you feel him nuzzle into your neck and murmur that you smell good and you’re getting red in the face,,,,but also his sleepy voice is so cute
  • and you’re like “yoongi, wake up”
  • but than you feel his lips against your neck and he’s like “im not asleep.”
  • and you’re,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,o h 
  • and yoongi leans back and tilts his head and is like 
  • “don’t you think this is long overdue, we should have made out back in college”
  • and you’re like oh so we’re gonna make out and he’s like you don’t want to?
  • and you pause but then throw your coat back onto your desk and throw yourself into his arms because hell yeah you want to 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 11 Preview

Asfdhgdfjkgh! I’m barely coherent here all I know and need to know is that throughout the whole preview Min Hyuk is literally FLOATING ON CLOUD NINE, LITERALLY BEAMING THE WHOLE TIME, and Bong Soon is completely smitten with hi, even experiencing one of those moments of utter amazement she used to have with GD, but now it’s the sight of sexy MH in his white shirt and tie which causes it. Other extremely relevant and important observations are that:

  • She is wearing the badge MH put on her and the handbag he gave her

MH: Who’s the person she has to rescue?

BS: A prince. Because the prince is really lonely.

MH: Then she has to save him! He’s lonely.

I think MH and HS are talking about the game BS wants to make where she is the main character who has to rescue a prince = HIM! It would be so awesome because not only would it be the reflection of their real life, but he already created a game character inspired by her so no it’s her turn to do the same for him.

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Ritual Sacrifice

I am slowly getting through all the prompts I have right now. So please know if you sent me a prompt, I’m not ignoring you, I just had to get through a monster Spacedogs story first. 

This story is for @victorineb and @desperatelyseekingcannibals, so blame them for this nonsense. I’d also like to thank @kateera for making this readable. 

         Hannibal adjusted his cufflink and smoothed his hands down his jacket, admiring his reflection. Thanks to their new life in Buenos Aires and Will’s general distaste for anything that couldn’t double as the covering of a picnic table, Hannibal had few excuses to wear suits anymore. Adjusting his tie, Hannibal turned, making sure the jacket broke properly to allow for a nice view of his backside. He froze when he heard a clicking noise behind him, his lip curling.

         “No, Martin.” Hannibal warned the shaggy white pup, recoiling slightly when the beast moved to sniff him. “Your fur covers quite enough.”

         The dog cocked his head, a filthy tennis ball in his maw. Hannibal reminded himself again that Will probably loved the cur more than him. With a pained sigh, Hannibal held out his hand and accepted the slobbery ball.

         “Fetch,” Hannibal threw the ball and absolutely didn’t run in the opposite direction.

         Taking a moment to catch his breath after a mad dash down the stairs, Hannibal began his search for Will. The kitchen was abandoned and spotless, his office door still closed. Checking his watch, Hannibal let out an annoyed huff at being made to play both fetch and hide-and-seek on his anniversary.

         “Out here.” Will called, amusement clear in his tone.

         Hannibal followed Will’s voice through the living room to find the door to the lanai open. When he finally spotted Will he stopped so suddenly that Martin and his disgusting toy barreled into the backs of his knees.

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Draco Malfoy:

- Last picture on Instagram: (7:55am this morning) Harry, dressed in nothing but low rise sweatpants, standing in their kitchen cuddling their grumpy, fluffy white Persian cat, smiling into its fur. Caption: “Look at how disgustingly adorable both my cuties are, look at them.. 😎 ” followed by half a million hashtags including ‘#Bae, #KittyLove, #SaintPotter and #LookAtHisHipBones.

- Last Snapchat sent to Harry: (6:35pm this evening) Double-picture snap 1) Picture of a rack of lacy red bras. Caption: “Pansy forced me to go lingerie shopping with her FML”. 2) Himself in a changing room wearing the shirt he wore to work that morning, the satin tie and a lacy green thong, his back turned to display his arse, looking over his shoulder at the mirror. Caption: “I don’t hate how this looks. Thoughts?” [Harry screenshots it.]

- Last Snapchat received from Harry: (6:40pm this evening) An undecipherable, blurred image with just a part of Harry’s shoe visible. Caption: “MOTHER OF MERLIN, I JUST RAN OUT OF A MEETING TO GO HIDE MY BONER, YOU TOSSER.” followed by an IM on the chat window - “Buy that fucking thong, Draco, buy it right now.”

- Last link shared on Facebook: (4:18pm this evening) Ten Gorgeous Destinations to Consider For Your Next Holiday. Caption: “Harry Potter, pick a date, we’re going to Hawaii.”
Harry - Just say when, baby.
Draco - What the fuck have I told you about calling me that in public?
Harry - I dunno, call you that more often?
Draco - Please go away.
Harry - But I love you!
Draco - I will unfriend you. And block you.
Pansy - Would you two get a room?
Harry - We have a whole flat, Parkinson.
Narcissa - Draco are you in Hawaii
Draco: No, Mother, I’m very much still in London.
Narcissa: Ok wear sunblock even under your swimwear or you will burn
Ron: This is officially the best thing ever.

(Companion to this)

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The suits headcannons are 😩😩🙌🙌WOBDERFUL!! LLIKE SERIOUSLY, THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED THEM WITH SUITS IS JUST 🙏praissee. Please do continue them!!! Possibly terushima, futakuchi, noya, and tanaka?? THANK YOU SOM MUCH

Sure! And I see you have a type. ;3 Bonus Ushijima and Tendou for you.

[The original suits headcanon here]


  • Three-piece, a brown so impossibly dark that under the wrong lighting it’s almost certainly black. Notch lapel and two buttoned, his jacket’s loose and open on top of a pristine white shirt. The kickers are his tie and accessories- a rich, metallic dark gold with matching watch chain and pocket square, highlighting his bronzed skin and blonde undercut. A pair of simple cap toe derbies finish the look.
    • You see, he knows, that you’d expect him to wear something flashy to match his personality and his wicked tongue piercing, but he also knows that he looks like an oasis in a desert in black and gold.
      • He does indulge his flashy side with his surprisingly smart-casual array of clothes- another formal favourite of his is a black and white checkered jacket on top of a simple black turtleneck with black pants and shoes.
    • He’s a naturally slim person, but his suits are structured to give him the confidence to match his smirk. Pants slim fitted to shape around his sleek calves, it makes him look miles tall.
      • His hair, when he actually tries, is slicked back firmer than usual, and there are absolutely no wisps of hair blocking the sinful expression he shoots at you.
    • Playing with his cuffs when he’s bored just doesn’t kick it for him. He prefers to rest his weight on one leg and slide the tips of his fingers into his pant pockets cockily.
      • He’s always the first one to get asked to dance, with his rough undercut and slick outfit, and boy are they all surprised because this man, despite looking like a million dollars, dances like he’s earning his keep dollar by dollar.
        • Give him a pole. Give him a fucking pole, and you’ll be going home a few items of clothing short tonight.

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So a few days ago I answered a prompt and wrote this
Some people asked for a continuation, and since I am a woman of the people, I obliged! (Edited by the wonderful @alittlemissfit)

The music playing in the mansion was so loud Scully could hear it outside. Rolling her eyes she inwardly groans, starts fantasizing about a vanilla scented bubble bath and a glass of wine.
Mulder comes up behind her and holds out his elbow with a smile. Blushing she promptly takes his arm.

The one positive of tonight was that he was attending the New Years party with her. When he’d picked her up at her apartment she nearly did a double take. Mulder looked handsome on a bad day, but he could clean up nice if prompted to. He was wearing tight jeans, a white button down shirt, a black suit coat and no over the top tie. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a GQ ad, and as pleased as she was he was her date tonight Scully was struggling to keep less appropriate thoughts out of her mind.

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First Date (Bucky x reader)

ayyyeeee so I’m not tired and I feel like writing till I fall asleep so here I go!

PSA: your first date with Bucky. Super fluffy. hehe that rhymed

You heard a knocking at the door of your room in the Avengers tower. Tonight was the night you were going on a date with Bucky. You turned the door handle and there stood your date. He was wearing a dark navy blue suit, with a white shirt underneath and a black tie around his neck. His long hair was messily pulled back, but it made him look ten times sexier.

When you opened the door, Bucky was at a loss for words. He admired the way your black dress fitted your every curve and made you look more beautiful than he already knew you were.

He tried to collect his thoughts, but just gaped at you and blurted out, “beautiful.”

You blushed at his comment and realized he didn’t make an effort to cover up his metal hand. He usually never liked it to show, feeling self conscious, but maybe something changed in him.

“Ready to go?” Bucky was giving you a charming smile that made you weak.

“Let’s go. Where are you taking me?” You giggled a little and intertwined your fingers with his outstretched hand.

“Why it’s a secret. You’ll just have to find out when we get there.” He gave you a wink and you walked down to the car, hand in hand.

He drove away from the bright city lights and took you to the coast. Throughout the car ride you would catch glances at each other and smile. You liked Bucky, you knew the Winter Soldier wasn’t the real him. It took a while, but you finally got his true self, the one Steve knew, to resurface after all those years of torture and pain. Steve knew you were good for Bucky. He was rooting for you two. Not before long, the car finally came along some gravel road. You found yourselves on the coast at a beautiful winery with only one table. A table that was meant for you and your date.

Bucky opened your door and took your hand to help you out. You were wearing heels. Good lord. How were you supposed to walk through all this gravel?

You took one step and you sank, almost face planting into the ground if Bucky wasn’t there to grab your arm.

“Uhh.. hehe.” You smiled shyly and tried to regain some composure.

You thought to yourself, “just 500 more feet of this. Fuck.”

Bucky saw that you were struggling so he chuckled a little bit before kissing you on the head and picking you up bridal style. “You looked like you needed some help there, love.”

“Thank you for noticing. If I tried getting across this gravel I don’t think I would make it to the door.” You weren’t awkward with each other. Both of you felt so comfortable with each other, it was like you two had known each other for lifetimes when it was only a couple months. Everyone noticed that you two had feelings for each other, they were all just waiting for one of you to make the first move.

You had your arms wrapped around his neck and he easily carried you to the open courtyard. “What do you think? Did I pick an alright place? I hope it’s okay..” He looked a little worried at you, he wanted to make you as happy as possible.

“Bucky.. it’s beautiful. It’s.. it’s perfect.” You looked at him and smiled, his eyes communicating with yours that words couldn’t.

He gave you a goofy grin, overjoyed that you liked the restaurant. Dinner went on wonderfully. You tried wines; you both laughed at each other when the one of you didn’t like one. Bucky found out that he was not a Chardonnay type of guy and almost choked on it. You burst out laughing as he gave you a glare for laughing, as he tried to remain stoic and not laugh with you. He thought you had the most intriguing laugh that was always paired with you captivating smile. It was a wonderful night filled with laughter and affection.

After dinner, you two decided to take a walk on the beach. You both took of your shoes, and walked along the shore. He intertwined his hand with yours again, and you playfully swung your arms back and forth. Bucky laughed at your little childish act and stopped in his tracks. You kept walking until you realized that he wasn’t standing next to you.

“What?” You smiled at him, bubbly from the alcohol.

Bucky looked at you with soft eyes, a small smile traced across his face. “I’m just admiring how beautiful you look.” He walked towards you and wrapped his hands around your waist, the coolness of his metal hand seeping through your dress. You didn’t mind it, yet goosebumps trailed across your arms. Bucky noticed and began to pull away, but you didn’t let him.

“it’s okay, I don’t mind.” You looked up into his eyes, them moved your gaze to his full lips. He did the same. You moved your hands from his warm chest to wrap around his neck and pulled him down to you. Your lips softly touched his and he poured himself into the kiss. He pulled away slightly, leaving a tingling sensation on your lips. A smirk drew across his face before colliding with you again. His hands on your waist drew up your spine, sending a shiver throughout your body. This time you pulled away, and looked deeply into his eyes like there was an answer to a question you’d been asking.

He pulled you into his chest and kissed you head. The warmth of his body enveloped you, it felt like home. He smelled of cologne, cotton, with a hint of alcohol. You took it all in, the smell imprinting into your mind.

With a chuckle and his super soldier strength, he threw you over his shoulder and walked into the water. You laughed and thrashed around in his arms, not wanting to get soaking wet. He gently put you down in about shin deep water and you kicked water up at him. He gaped at your action and terrified that he was going to throw you in the water your started running away from him. The water made it harder to run, and Bucky caught up to you. He grabbed your waist from behind and lifted you up. You both burst into a fit of laughter and he carried you back to the shore.

For a long time you stood there on the beach with Bucky, going between kissing, laughing, and the quiet moments where he just held you close to him. With you, all of the fears of his past faded away. He wanted you in his life, and he wanted to make you happy.

When you both realized how late it was getting, Bucky picked you up bridal style while holding your heels so all you had to do was hang on. The bottom of his pants and the hem of your dress were both wet and sand covered. Neither of you cared, both of you were just in pure bliss because of the night.

He drove back to the tower, the ride back was silent. No words were needed. He rested his hand on your thigh and you traced patterns on his forearm the whole ride home.

When you arrived back at the tower, Bucky walked you back to your room. The tower was silent, everyone else seemed to be fast asleep.

“Well, this is me,” you said, pointing to your door. “Thank you for the wonderful night Bucky. I hope we can do this again.” You smiled and took his hand in yours. He pulled you into him and placed his hand on your hips.

“I do too. F/N, i hope we can be something more. I really like you, and I’ve had feelings for you since the day I met you. You make me feel whole again. We can take this one step at a time. Whatever you need, I’ll be there for you. I care about you F/N.”

He pulled a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Bucky, I- I really like you too. I want to be something more with you. You make me so happy; happier than anyone else could ever make me.” He cupped your face with his hand and kissed you passionately before you could say anything else. Your arms that were around his neck messed up his neat hair as you ran your fingers through it. He pulled away, kissed you on the temple, and hugged you for what felt like forever. It was the kinda of feeling where you didn’t want it to stop. He let you go, and you put your hand on the door knob.

He kissed you on the head, and whispered just loud enough for you to hear, “Goodnight, my love.” He flashed you a smile before walking down the hall, disappearing around the corner. You laughed at the little trail of sand he left behind him.

“Goodnight Bucky,” you whispered in the air, even though there was nobody that could hear you. You opened your door and went inside, closing it behind you. You slept good that night, dreaming of Bucky and the future you two could have together.

After Bucky dropped you off at your room, and you went inside, the rest of the team peered around the corner that led to your hallway. They were like teenagers, high fiving and giggling at what they saw. They spied on you the whole night, glad with the outcome.

“Barton, you owe me a training session where I get to kick your ass.” Natasha snickered and Clint groaned. They were betting on whether Bucky would confess his feeling to you, Natasha winning the bet with a yes. Steve dispersed everyone back to their rooms, trying to make sure that their little operation would remain unknown.

Everyone in the tower slept good that night, knowing that you and Bucky were getting together.

Drifting off to sleep, Bucky was rid of his nightmares that night. Instead, you were the one filling in his dreams. He fell asleep with a smile on his face, knowing you were finally apart of his life.

give thanks

Title: Give Thanks
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Daddy kink (obviously because I’m a monster), public shenanigans, dirty talk, unprotected sex (I never tag this whoops), aaand maybe there’s a camera involved…
A/N: Here’s my Thanksgiving present to all of you, especially those of you who had to struggle through a particularly tough dinner today. I hope you enjoy, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

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Imagine Soldier..

- Naming every single one of his racoons.
- He has female one called Liberty who wears a little pink bow.
- Lt. Bites has a red, white and blue bow tie.
- Liberty has babies one day and he gets all emotional and proud.
- They all have boxes lined up for beds and each are personalised with hand made signs by Soldier.

Imagine distracting Sam from research

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

Imagine: Distracting Sam from research. 

Word count: 309

A/N: I kind of tried to objectify Sam ;) Thanks to @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious for beta. I hope you guys like it. As always feedback is appreciated. ;)

You walked into your and Sam’s shared bedroom only to see your boyfriend lounging on the couch with his laptop still in his lap - probably doing some research - and still dressed in his Fed clothes, except the coat and tie. The white shirt he was wearing showed off his upper body just perfectly, his broad chest looking even broader, biceps egging to be freed from the white cotton shirt and the folded cuffs that gave you a splendid view of his impressive forearms. Your eyes moved towards his lower abdomen only to be mesmerized by how tightly the pants were surrounding his flawless thighs. You were practically drooling over Sam and then the realization hit you that he was all yours, so you started making your way towards him. Sam noticed you and after mumbling a barely audible, “Hi,” his attention was on the laptop again.

You sighed, thinking how indulged he was in his boring research, but you had your ways to distract him.

“Saaa-aaam,” you said in a sing-song voice, then started to pull the laptop away from him.

He let out a chuckle and raised his eyebrows in an inquisitive manner as you straddled his - now free from laptop - lap.

“You don’t give me your attention,” you pouted.

“Oh, Sweetheart, all my attention is yours.” Sam winked.

“Really?” You started tracing your pointer finger on his chest, making invisible patterns. “Let’s play then.”  

Just when the words were out of your mouth, Sam snaked his arms around your waist and stood up, his other hand guiding your legs to his waist.

You gasped at the sudden man-handling. “Someone was really into his research few moments ago.”

“And some beautiful woman just distracted him.” He gave a little tug to your earlobe and moved towards the bed.

This is a lot better than researching, you thought.

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Mission: Semi-Automatic // Chapter 6


(also im internally laughing because… peter johnson)

hey maybe read it on ao3 

Boy, was Percy not used to suits. The stood on a tiny round platform in front of a mirror, wearing a pitch black tailored suit with a thin blue tie down the middle of a crisp white shirt. Black socks and black dress shoes that he was sure were oxfords. Surprisingly, it was comfortable. At least, as comfortable as a brand new suit could be. Though, the cufflinks were his favorite. Bronze engraved with little waves. It felt like a touch of him to ground himself. God, would this take getting used to. The whole room was different shades of blue and grey. Dark woods surrounded him and a bright backlit mirror blared his reflection back at him. Either it was the lighting or he needed more sleep.

The gala started early that night, at six. When Percy was finally fitted the time was three in the afternoon. The event itself was two hours away, with enough time to brief and eat before leaving. Percy took this time to find Annabeth to go over cover stories and guidelines for him to go by. He probably wouldn’t remember to follow them, but oh well. It was worth a shot.

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Ok when I first saw Bendy like. I thought his Bow tie was like the tied part of a *cape* or something. So what if he ran around wearing a white cape all the time



concept: harry (in early 20s) being a cutesy little waiter at this cute milkshake and bakery type shop that’s all frilly and pink and they wear roller skates and serve the people there and harry is in cute high waisted shorts and an adorable crop top with a cute little bow tie along with his knee high socks and he’s roller skating around to serve people their cute baked goods and stuff and one day louis’ little girl begs him to let her rent the entire place out and throw her seventh birthday party there and so fast forward to the day and it’s just Louis chaperoning all these little girls with Liam and they’re wearing silly feather boas and tiaras because that’s the attire for the party obviously and Harry comes rolling in with his pretty shorts and milky white skin and glitter eyeshadow and lipgloss and he’s all like “hi! I see we have a birthday girl today!” And Louis who obviously looks hella daddy and scruffy in this moment in his early 30s is staring at Harry like oh my god let me take you to the nearest bathroom stall and have my way with you and Harry KNOWS it can feel it and God he’s being extra giggling and lingering around the party more and smiling at Louis and batting his eyelashes even bending over a bit too slowly to pick up that empty cupcake wrapper to show off his cute little ass and the party is fairly nice until one of the kids spills a drink on Harry’s thin little crop and Louis sees an outline of a lacy padless bra pressed against Harry’s chest and Louis is GONE
He shoots up immediately and darts for the bathroom to try to get himself together
Harry comes after to fix his shirt and possibly change but once the two are alone in the bathroom they stare at each other for a long while before Louis grabs Harry and yanks him over, Harry squealing and rolling over in his skates and then they’re kissing like mad, breathing heavily into each other mouths and groping each other. It gets so bad Louis practically grabs Harry’s thigh and lifts it up beside his hip as they’re just making out and getting more and more sexually frustrated and it’s so so hot and Louis is hella horny but hey there’s a party outside so no can do kiddo so they part after a while and Harry rolls back to grab his spare crop he’d brought with him and he changes his shirt while looking at Louis the entire time showing off the pretty real bra he had on before pulling the crop on Louis watching the entire time before Harry giggles and balls up the wet crop after fiddling with it for a while and playfully tosses it at Louis with a cute smile before skating out of the bathroom leaving Louis with a crop top with a little number written in sharpie at the very base of the shirt near the hem rip


1. His favorite meal was chicken noodle soup, but the noodles had to be flat, not round.

2. He was obsessed with crime and criminals. He had friends in the police department who would call him up if there was a murder or a robbery and they’d let him ride along in the police car to the scene of the crime, and he’d hang around and observe as they did their work. 

3. He hated to wear top hat, white tie and tails. This image was born when he was a child performer in vaudeville with his sister Adele, who was older and taller than him, and because he was supposed to be the man, they decided to put a top hat on him to make him look taller.

4. He picked up skateboarding in his late seventies and was awarded a life membership in the National Skateboard Society. At 78 he broke his wrist while skateboarding in his driveway and was so embarrassed about it that he didn’t want anyone to take a picture of him for as long as he was bandaged up.

5. If he wouldn’t have become a dancer, he would have liked to be a professional golfer.

6. He was an amazing drummer and kept a drum set in his bathroom.

7. He was home-schooled by his mother and only visited public school for two years while living in New Jersey. After his first week there, he could skip a grade.

8. He was good friends with David Niven, Clark Gable, Randolph Scott and James Cagney.

9. He was really self-conscious about his disproportionately large hands and would always curl them while dancing.

10. When he saw himself on the screen for the first time, he said: “Gosh, I look like a knife!” 

11. Second Chorus (1940) was his least favorite of his movies.

12. Kim Novak, his co-star on The Notorious Landlady (1962) gave him a Siamese cat as a gift and he named it Caryle, after her character’s name.

13. Though generally mild-mannered he liked to destroy furniture and throw handy things when he lost his temper.

14. He loved to watch soap operas, his favorites being Guiding Light and As the World Turns and he would call his housekeeper if he couldn’t see the show to find out what had happened.

15. He hated mushy love scenes and rarely kissed on-screen. 

16. He really suffered the fact that he didn’t have a good head of hair.

17. His legs were insured for 75.000 dollars each, a huge amount of money at the time.

18. He had a reputation for being the worst celebrity to interview because he was extremely shy and reserved and refused to talk about himself or share anything about his personal life. In his earliest interviews, he stuttered.

19. He loathed social dancing. 

20. When starring on Broadway as a young man, he used to rollerskate up and down Park Avenue at night, trying to avoid the press who might have spotted him during the day.

21. His wife Phyllis died of cancer shortly before he was supposed to begin filming Daddy Long Legs in 1954, and he was so distressed that he offered to cover any financial losses out of his own pocket if they would shut down production. Eventually he was persuaded to do the movie, but in between takes he would often retrieve to a corner and weep, which is why in some of the scenes his eyes appear swollen and red.

22. He had restless legs syndrome, and even wiggled his toes when he slept.

23. He didn’t exercise.

24. Michael Jackson dedicated his autobiography Moonwalk to Fred.

25. Fred Astaire died of pneumonia on June 22, 1987, on the anniversary of his Easter Parade co-star Judy Garland’s death (June 22, 1969).

Important Godot observation/headcanon

I suppose there’s a decent chance someone’s pointed this out before, but in case no one has, I feel like I need to share this idea with the world.

It’s an established fact that Godot’s vision is severely impaired, and while his mask helps with that to some extent, it also alters how he sees certain colors. While red is the example that’s always brought up in the game, I have to imagine all colors look messed up to some degree or another, and that includes green. That, and it’s implied that he also sees white as red.

At first I thought it was sort of clever that he went from wearing a red shirt and a black tie before the incident to a green shirt and white tie afterwards. It seemed neat to go for opposite colors with his image change, but now I’m starting to think it was completely unintentional. If he sees white as red, and he’s looking at his dark green shirt through red goggles, then perhaps instead of looking like this…

…he thinks he looks something more like this:

Unless he bought that outfit before losing his vision and knows damn well what awful thing he’s wearing, Godot has much better fashion sense than I initially gave him credit for.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Song By: Baby It’s Cold Outside by Idina Menzel and Micheal Buble

Summary: You and Daveed agreed to do a song at a Christmas play at a local high school. During he performance, Daveed shows his feelings for you.

-I really can’t stay = You/Reader Singing

-Baby, it’s cold outside = Daveed singing


I really can’t stay,” you sung walking onto the stage. You wore a dark green knee length dress with a white faux fur jacket, gloves, dark grey beanie hat and black heels.

Coming shortly behind you was Daveed wearing a black and white plaid shirt under a dark grey tailcoat and white tie, black slacks, and brown loafers.

Baby, it’s cold outside,” he sung back, catching up and grabbing the crook of your arm. You smiled up at him, placing a hand on his.

I gotta go away.” You moved away from him, moving in front of the ouch placed center stage. Daveed fell in step, quickly stepping in front of you repeating his last line.

You rubbed your hands up and down his arms. “This evening has been-”

His hands fell on your covered forearms. “Been hoping that you’d dropped in,” he whispered but still loud enough for he mics to pick up.

“-So very nice.” Daveed slid his hands down so he was holding yours, pulling you closer to him. 

I’ll hold your hands. They’re just like ice.” He put on a look of concern before you sprung back, moving away and placing a clothed finger on your chin. 

My mother will start to worry.” Turning, you bumped into his chest. Daveed placed his hands on your hips, eyebrows knitted together. 

Beautiful, what’s your hurry?” 

You glanced to the side towards the audience, half for adding comical humor to the story and the other to control your blush. “My father will be pacing the floor.

Halfway through, you were being pulled to the fireplace the students had created. Daveed gestured to it, cutting in with “Listen to the fireplace roar.

Twisting from his grasp,you circled around him and moved to stand behind a bar table placed downstage. “So I really have to scurry,” you sung on the way, taking a seat on a bar stool. 

Daveed glided over, leaning his top half over the bar table top. “Beautiful, please don’t hurry.

You gave him a once over, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. “Well, maybe just a half drink more.”

He laughed, including the audience. He picked up a bottle of red wine and he two glasses that was sitting on the corner of the table, expertly pouring wine into both glasses without wasting a drop. 

I’ll put some records on while I pour.”

He passed you one glass, throwing his head back and downing the other down. He moved to the radio as you sloshed the wine a bit. “The neighbors might think.” You took a small sip, hiding your disgust of the taste. Red wine wasn’t really your favorite.

Daveed glanced over his shoulder at you, a small smile on his lips. “Baby, it’s bad out there.” 

You shook your head, covering your hand as you held out the glass of wine. “Say, what’s in this drink,” you asked, giggling. Daveed moved back to where you were sitting, leaning sideways on the counter. 

No cabs to be had out there.” 

You sat forward so you were nose to nose to him. You raised an eyebrow, leaning into your fist. “I wish I knew how,” you belted. You leaned back from him, standing up.

Daveed’s eyes became hooded, standing up as well, “Your eyes are like starlight now.”

To break this spell.” You grabbed onto his tie, walking around him, his head following your movements. He stepped forward, causing you to stop in your movement. He pulled your hat off your head.

I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell.”

You thanked him, smoothing down your hair for a few seconds before stomping. “I ought to say no, no, no sir.”

Daveed grinned, slowly stepping up to you. “You mind if I move in closer?” 

You shrugged, side stepping him. “At least I’m gonna say I that I tried.”

He took your hand as you were walking away, twirling you to face him. “And what’s the sense of hurting my pride?

You twirled out of his grip and moved to stand behind he couch. 

I really can’t stay.”

Daveed moved towards you, placing one leg up on the arm rest and leaning on the back of the couch closer to you. “Oh, baby don’t hold out.”

You both harmonized the title of the song, earning an applause from the audience. You sighed,raising an eyebrow a him. “You’re very pushy, you know?”

Daveed mocked your expression. “I like to think of it as opportunistic.” 

He smiled as you took one of the pillows and hit yourself with it. ha was such a corny reason.

You held the pillow to your face, singing he next line. Daveed hurried to your side, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

The answer is NO.” You pushed the pillow into his face, hearing him reason with you as you walked to sit on the couch. “The welcome has been so nice and warm.” 

You laughed as Daveed jumped over the couch o sit beside you. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Look out the window at that storm.”

Hugging yourself, you sung about your sister and brother worrying about you if you didn’t make it home. Daveed tilted his head. “Gosh your lips are delicious.”

He used a finger to turn your head to him, leaning in so your lips brushed. If it wasn’t for the slight cheering of the crowd, you might’ve lost yourself in the moment. You leaned back from.

But maybe just a cigarette more.” You stopped and looked at he audience. “And I don’t even smoke.”

You bounced up from the couch, reaching for your hat on the coat rack by the couch. 

I gotta get home.”

Baby, you’’ll freeze out here.”

You walked in front of the mirror, grabbing a comb on the dresser. After combing your hair for a few seconds you looked at him in the mirror. “You’ve really been grand.”

He strode up to you, one arm wrapping around your stomach, and the other holding onto your hand. “I feel when I touch your hand. How can you do this thing to me?”

You glanced over your shoulder at him. “There’s bound to be talk tomorrow.”

Think of my life-long sorrow.”

Rolling your eyes, you twist your body so you could look up at him. “At least there will be plenty implied.

Baby, it’s cold,” you started. Daveed smirked, pulling you closer, leaning so your foreheads rested together.

Baby, it’s cold outside,” he joined in, the ending harmony receiving an standing ovation.


You walked off the stage with Daveed, only to be confronted with a grinning Lin.

“I don’t remember you two rehearsing that. Care to tell me why it changed so suddenly?”

You blushed, opening your mouth to reply before a loud tsk came from Daveed.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Lin. You already know!” He grabbed your hand and pulled you away from a now hyena laughing Lin.


Happy Belated Holidays!

up-all-night-to-get-hopey  asked:

Can we take a moment to talk about our lord and savior Nagisa Shingetsu?


look at him. beautiful! such pretty eyes with their blue color and diamond pattern. and his hair is absolutely adorbs! the little cat ear cow licks are just so cute!

my son dresses like a total dork and i love it. did you know he wears a bow tie under the scarf???? it’s so cute and adorable!!!!!! from his little white loafers to his shortsuit and scarf, he’s certainly got style!

also he pilots a robot armed with a sniper rifle whose name is based off of hannibal lector like how much cooler could it possibly be??

all in all: a perfect boy, 50/10, very lovable and cute.

anonymous asked:

Benwash, 14?

(guys i had a fucking DAY which is why these r late)

Maybe it was the fact that Ben looked so damn nice while he was doing it. Or maybe it was that George really didn’t have too much work to do, sitting at the desk in the office of their shared home, that he didn’t mind so much when Ben purred his name from the doorway.

He was wearing slacks, a white button up, and a blazer all topped off with a loosened tie. He looked like some smarmy schoolboy fresh off his private school grounds, even as he strode forward, ignoring Georges incredulous look.

“Mr. Washington?” He pouted, lifting himself up smoothly to sit on the end of George’s desk, ankles crossed. “I was told to report to you for detention…”

One brow raised, he raked his eyes up and down the length of his boyfriend and, with it all clicking nicely, he let his voice pitch down and his eyes harden. “Mister Tallmadge, I can’t say I’m surprised to see you here. What trouble did you get into now?”

“I was caught with a boy behind the gym.”

George felt his breath still in his lungs. He takes moment, steadiest himself. “And what were you caught doing, young man?”

Ben visibly shivers, but answers, in the sweet sultry voice of his, “How about I show you, Mr Washington?”

Isaac Lahey x Stiles!sister Request

Hi! Can you please write an Isaac Lahey one shot where him and the reader are dating (she’s stiles’ sister and a werewolf) and it’s their one year anniversary, so he gets her a really cute gift and they go on a really cute date?? I love your stories!! <3

You woke up with a text from Isaac. “Good morning and Happy Anniversary, Love. Picking you up at 5 today. Wear something nice. Love you.” You sent him a quick reply saying you were up and saw his message, and that you would be ready by 5. You told him happy anniversary and got out for bed, getting ready for the night ahead.


“Y/N,” you Dad called up to you, “Isaac’s here.” You threw on your shoes and walked downstairs. He was in his tighter dark wash jeans with a white button up, blue jacket, and a thin black tie, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

“These are for you,” he smiled and handed you the flowers. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, you clean up pretty nice yourself,” you kissed his cheek and took the flowers, putting them in water before you left. He walked you to the car, opening your door for you, and drove off to wherever he had planned.

He came to a stop on the side of the road. “Is there something wrong,” you said worried.

“No, everything is fine,” he said simply and grinned, getting out of the car and opening your door. “Come on,” he urged you out. He took your hand and led you through the woods were a small path had been cleared.

“This feels like the part in the movie where you murder me,” you whispered to him, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Darn, I think I left my knife in the car,” he joked and pulled you along the path. Lights started to shine from ahead and you gasped when you saw the scene in front of you. A circle of rose petals lined the area where mini heaters, lights, and a table sat. “You have no idea how hard it is to find battery heaters,” he squeezed your hand.

“You did all this,” you looked up at him bewildered.

“With a little set up help from Scott,” he admitted. “Do you like it?”

“I absolutely love it, babe,” you kissed him and then followed him to the table.

“And,” he walked over to a locked box and pulled out tupperware, “I even cooked.”

“What?!” You couldn’t help your excited tone, Isaac never cooked anything that wasn’t a grilled cheese.

“Hold your excitement until we know it’s not bad,” he chuckled. “Spaghetti with meat sauce and rolls. I dropped it off just before I picked you up so it should still be warm.”

“Well it smells delicious,” you reassured him. The two of you ate, holding a hand across the table as you spoke and ate. The only other sounds was that of the woods around you. After your plates were clean you sat down your napkin and smiled at your boyfriend. “I think you should cook for me more often.”

“I don’t know about that,” he chuckled and looked down.

“I have something for you,” you grabbed your purse and opened it, pulling out the the small gift bag. “Happy anniversary.”

Isaac opened the gift bag and pushed aside the tissue paper, pulling out the watch and looking it over. “Everywhere I looked it said that the modern first anniversary gift a clock. And I remembered you saw that awhile ago when we went shopping and you said you liked it,” you rapidly muttered.

“I love it, Y/N. It’s perfect,” he squeezed your hand. “I have something for you too,” he got back up and walked back over to the box he had had the food in. “I, on the other hand, had no idea of what to get you. So, I came up with, what might be, the dumbest gift ever,” he ended with a shrug and handed you the bag.

You reached in and pulled out a Build-A-Bear Wolf. “You got me a wolf,” you giggled, definitely not expecting that.

“Press the paw,” he told you in shame and buried his head in his hand. When you pressed the paw a recording of him howling sounded off.

“Oh my gosh,” you laughed so hard that tears started dripping on your cheeks. “Did you howl like this in the store!”

“No, I bought the recorder, went home and did it, then brought it back and made the wolf,” he too was about to cry from laughing. “I thought it would be cute.”

“It is cute,” you grabbed his hand. “It’s funny but also very cute. I love it! And now I can hear you even when we aren’t together. Thank you.”

You helped him clean everything up and walked back to the car. “Do you really like your present,” he looked at it as it sat in your lap during the car ride back.

“I love him,” you pulled the little wolf to you. “It might even be cuter than you.”