and he's wearing a suit and tie


I did indeed wear the sundress –  this blue print, flowey knee-length Forever 21 thing – with tights and Mary Janes because I liked being quite a bit shorter than him.

[…] Augustus wore a black suit, narrow lapels, perfectly tailored, over a light blue dress shirt and a thin black tie. A cigarette dangled from the unsmiling corner of his mouth. “Hazel Grace,” he said, “you look gorgeous.”

sometimes i catch myself staring into the distance and i’m sure i look super cool and pensive but i’m actually just thinking about how frederick is clearly wearing a collared shirt and tie under his armour

what the fuck, frederick. why did you wear a full suit and tie to war. did you think you were going to have to officiate chrom’s wedding in the middle of a battle? actually that’s pretty plausible


Mainstream men’s fashion is best characterized by this composite photo of the male-dominated “American Horror Story: Hotel” cast that blew up on the web a few months ago.

The dark-haired, light-eyed, squared-jawed sameness is one thing, but notice how you don’t even need full-body shots to know they’re all wearing boring-ass suits.

And then there’s Harry Styles.

Semisheer shirts, layered jewelry, bows, florals galore — recently, nothing seems too gender-bending or boundary-pushing for the 21-year-old One Directioner, who became a polarizing talking point at last week’s American Music Awards when he showed up wearing a flower-print Gucci suit, complete with flared pants.

With long, radiant locks flowing well past his ribbon tie, the singer stood in stark contrast to his safe-playing band mates, providing a much-needed antidote to the traditional ways in which men tend to dress for the red carpet.

Typically, if a guy isn’t sporting a tailored two-or-three piece suit (with a pocket square for flavor or, if he’s feeling bold, no tie), he’s probably Kanye, Justin Bieber or another conscious rule breaker who wears ripped jeans to formal events because, you know, he’s an artist and just can’t be bothered.

But Styles, like the ’70s rockstars he seemingly idolizes, exists outside the confines of these decidedly stale masculine modes. No, he’s not exactly reinventing the androgyny wheel. Mick Jagger, to whom Styles is often compared, was rocking graphic suits with blouses eons ago — and let’s not even broach the topic of David Bowie.

Still, given his absurdly high profile, it’s hard not to appreciate Styles for riding a wave of individuality in a sea of Ken-doll haircuts and cookie-cutter suits. Oh, and for wearing these shoes. -  New York Post

this image is fantastic and here are a few things of note: 

  • Aizawa’s combo of a suit jacket and pink sweat pants
  • Uraraka’s cool pink fingerless gloves
  • basically everything Uraraka is wearing
  • Bakugou’s blue vest
  • also he apparently doesn’t wear socks
  • he’s gonna land on Iida’s head 
  • Iida i’m so sorry you deserve better
  • Kirishima’s christmas colored shirt, tie, and belt
  • Aoyama is facing the wrong direction
  • Shouji and All Might’s bowties
  • at least five people have red shoes
  • in fact i’m fairly certain All Might and Bakugou are wearing the same brand of shoes just with different colored heels 
  • Todoroki is Too Cool For This
  • Izuku still can’t tie a tie
  • Tooru’s super fancy dress
  • Jiro’s fishnet stockings and leather jacket
  • honestly her whole outfit is fantastic
  • Tsuyu’s surprised expression at All Might running besides her
Fashion Bitty

Ok so I know that the general consensus is that Jack is a low key sugar daddy and that Bitty is flustered and somewhat embarrassed by the money that is spent on him (like “Jack you can’t spend this much money on me it’s ridiculous!)

But consider: Bitty is a Fashion Hoe and loves being able to own actual designer clothes.

Picture Eric Richard Bittle, with an extensive collection of men’s Louboutins flats, silk French cut shirts, fitted custom Italian suits and a few Prada sunglasses.

His most prized possession is a Valentino tux that Jack got him for his birthday to wear to a black tie event for the NHL.

And like, Bitty is always looking Fierce, and when Jack and Bitty are out, and they make appearances together, designers start to notice Bits.

That’s how his career as a fashion model begins.

He gets approached by a Vogue exec at an event and at first he thinks it’s about Jack but the guy is like “no, we want YOU.”

And he gets some advice from Alicia and ultimately just goes for it.

He doesn’t walk very often because of his height, but he is on the cover of Vogue Italia and GQ and he is the face of Armani’s Fall collection and he becomes a close friend of Christian Louboutin.

He ends up being one of the first male model to wear stilettos for a Louboutin collection and it goes viral.

BEYONCÉ retweets a pic of the ad with the caption “he did that” and Bitty keels over.

Bitty has brunch with Alicia,Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum on a regular basis. This is of course where he is convinced to be a judge on the revival season of Americas Next Top Model and comes on as a guest judge a few times on Project Runway.

Eric and Jack have had lunch with Tim Gunn.

Jack, of course couldn’t be happier because now everyone gets to see how beautiful his boyfriend is.

And, when Bitty gets to the point where he has his own collection out, Jack is the photographer for the campaign.

Bitty doesn’t need Jacks money to buy designer clothes anymore.

hi my name is francis scott key fitzgerald and i have wispy blond hair (that’s how I got my nickname “pretty boy”) with it kinda short and parted in the middle and icy green eyes like emerald tragedy and a lot of people tell me i look like tom hiddleston (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). i’m not related to ernest hemingway but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie. i’m a romantic modernist but i just like to write about my generation. i have pale white skin. i also went to princeton university, but i got too sick to finish (i’m twenty-five now). i’m really good looking (in case you couldn’t tell) and i’m also really smart. i love expensive things and i buy all my clothes easily since i’m rich. for example today i was wearing a grey suit with a matching knit tie and a pair of my best black shoes. i was wearing a black bowler, silver wristwatch, and a long black coat. i was walking outside of a paris cafe. it was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which i was very happy about. a lot of surrealists stared at me. i put up my middle finger at them.

im honestly crying at enjolras and grantaire at teacher parent conferences??? they’re such a scary couple because grantaire never stopped wearing ripped jeans and nail polish and beanies and even tho he’s been sober for like, 20 years he still kinda looks like he fell off the back of some rock band’s tour bus, and enjolras usually comes straight from work with his suit and tie and carefully styles hair and briefcase and he’s also known for being very,,, opinionated,, and both are fiercely defensive of their kids so most of the more conservative teachers are fucking terrified of them

 little Pines family things

-Mabel and Ford both like to wear sweaters (Ford is even shown wearing a sweater in College– one that looks like Velma’s)

-Dipper and Stan both have stress lines under their eyes

-Mabel and Ford both have floofy hair

-Ford and Dipper both were born with an ‘anomaly’ (6 fingers, big dipper birthmark)

-Dipper and Mabel are both associated with a space related symbol (big dipper birthmark, a shooting star)

-all the Pines family have a little cowlick on their heads, but Ford’s is half gone/frayed (maybe to symbolize his estranged relationship to his family?)

-Dipper and Ford both like to wear high collared coats/vests

-Ford and Stan both wear very similar colors, most predominantly maroon (Stan’s fez and tie/Ford’s sweater, tan shoes/coat, black pants/suit, gold symbol on Stan’s fez/gold on Ford’s glasses). Interesting thing to note: Stan wears mostly black with gold highlights, while Ford wears an even distribution of the colors. However, he wears a darker outfit with a lighter colored coat on top. this could represent Stan’s underlying goodness and Ford’s underlying darkness

-Stan has a bigger upper body and very thin legs, while Ford has a smaller upper body and thicker legs

-Mabel and Ford are both artists (Ford can draw, Mabel can make a perfect wax statue replica of a person and knit dozens of sweaters), while Mabel and Stan are both creative (constantly making up new, weird things for fun/for the Mystery Shack).

-Mabel and Ford are both very good at making things, like Mabel’s sweaters and Ford’s inventions

-Mabel and Ford are both self centered, while Stan and Dipper have low self esteem

-Mabel and Dipper both wear clothes that show off their legs, both wear knee socks, and both wear black flat shoes

-Ford and Dipper never seem to change their clothes. or wash them.

-Both Stan and Ford’s symbols, the Fez symbol and the 6-fingered hand, are a shiny gold thing on top of a maroon object

-Stan and Mabel have both had several romantic relationships that all failed, while Ford and Dipper have never had a romantic relationship, but clearly wanted one (”Maybe it’ll get girls to start talking to me”, Wendy)

-Mabel and Ford tend to think they’re right all the time and have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong. Stan and Dipper are more willing to admit when they’re wrong

-Stan and Dipper are both very loyal and are willing to risk everything for their siblings (reactivating the portal, jumping off a cliff to save Mabel, going after a pterodactyl for Mabel, punching said pterodactyl)

-Stan, Mabel and Dipper all wear some type of headgear (fez, cap, headband)

-Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Ford all wear some shade of red. salmon shirt, maroon fez, maroon sweater, and pink sweater. interesting to note: the kid’s shades are far lighter then the adult’s. (this could be an accidental symbolism, showing how dark and worn the elder Pines’ are, while the younger are more bright and innocent)

-Mabel and Ford both keep personal records (the 3 Journals and Mabel’s scrapbook)

-Ford and Dipper don’t take betrayal well and will hold a grudge. Mabel and Stan are more willing to forgive.

-Stan and Ford are both weak to flattery (Bill, Darline)

-Stan and Mabel both feel insecure because they’re not as smart as their siblings. Stan and Dipper both feel like they’re not as special as their siblings.

-Mabel and Ford are the older twins (5 and 15 minutes, respectively), while Dipper and Stan are the younger

-Mabel and Stan both have an affinity for violence; both have a lot of physical strength

-Dipper and Stan both protected their siblings from bullies

-Ford and Stan both have given dangerous weapons to Mabel (a crossbow and an axe, respectively)

-Dipper owns a tiny version of Stan’s suit

-Mabel, Dipper, and Ford were all tricked by Bill

-Mabel and Dipper have very similar art styles

-Dipper and Stan are more prone to witty sarcasm

-Stan and Mabel are both stubborn optimists. Stan’s just been burned too many times, and he hides it behind a grumpy mask, but he still held onto the hope that his brother would come back and they’d have a good relationship again, even after 30 years

-Stan and Mabel both have/had long hair at one point

-Dipper and Mabel both suck at lying. Stan and Ford are much better at it (Stan more so than Ford)

1D in the Courtroom
  • Liam:*is the only one taking this shit seriously* *looking sharp in a suit and tie* *listens to his lawyer and does what he's told because he's liam*
  • Niall:*talks to the judge as if they're been friends for years* *goes on about how great it is to be back in Ireland* *easily charms the whole room when he takes the stand*
  • Harry:*watched Law & Order to prepare himself* *wears that fucking farmer's hat and one of his designer heeled boots to the court house* *keeps standing to yell "I OBJECT!" even tho he can't legally do that
  • Louis:*doesn't listen to what his lawyer tells him* *makes snide comments just loud enough to hear but not fully understand and then when the judge confronts hime, Louis acts all innocent* *goes skateboarding in the hallways of the courthouse during recess*
  • Z:*seeing 1D again makes him feel like it's 2014 and he's utterly confused* *ignores OT4* *but observes them from affair to get more info for his tell all coloring book*

50 Cent’s two-year-old son Sire landed a $700,000 modeling contract to be the face of a brand of headphones for children. Now, this may seem a little ridiculous, but look at this child. He is wearing a suit and tie and has cheeks that won’t stop. I might give him $700,000 just for looking cute. (I mean, that’s what I do when Katie puts together a better than terrible outfit.)

Who Wore it Best? Supernatural's Castiel vs. Constantine's John Constantine

“Dearest E!

I am writing you because my friends at the NSA sent me a copy of [what] Matt Ryan [told] you in which he claims to wear the iconic trench coat/suit/tie trifecta better than me. I must confess, I do not know Mr. Ryan personally and while he obviously is a more strapping, more chiseled, better looking young man than yours truly, I think the question of who "wears the suit better” is moot. To my mind, this entire question is absurd. It’s like asking which work of art is better? Piccasso’s original “Seated Woman” or an excellent forged reproduction of the same work. No collector would ever seriously entertain this line of inquiry. The first would fetch tens of millions at auction, the second might only fetch a prison sentence. It’s like comparing the dew-swept grasses on the bluffs of Scotland to the astroturf in the planter at a mini-mall. No sane person would draw a parallel. 

All of that said, some readers might point out that when Castiel was introduced on Supernatural the script described his wardrobe as "a rumpled suit and trench coat… A la Constantine.“ In other words, Castiel’s wardrobe was inspired by—or more accurately, stolen from—the comic book version of Constantine. I don’t get bogged down in these trivial details, though.



half a league, half a league, half a league onward

Take My Love

So, I have always thought of Sterek as Zoe/Wash but I saw this prompt at 5am yesterday morning and then the whole fic was dumped in my head.

So, here, a “small ficlet” 7k Firefly AU! (Rated E too- oh god, this is a disaster.)

Derek has seen Stiles in a lot of outfits.

He’s seen him in a formal three piece suit, perfectly tailored and complimented by a pocket square and bow tie as Stiles attends fancy dinners with his clients. He’s seen him in a long, silk robe, belted loosely at the waist, that seems to always want to slide off Stiles’ shoulders. Once, he saw Stiles in nothing but tight black panties and combat boots and he suspects Stiles refused to cover up as a way of teaching him a lesson about just barging into his quarters without knocking.

Most often though, with clients, Stiles wears tight, soft black leather pants, without a shirt or shoes and it’s simple, but the effect is still devastating. The black makes his pale skin stand out and matches the eyeliner that Stiles usually wears and the black stud earrings and the fact that he is always barefoot somehow adds to the whole look. If he has time and is in the right mood, he’ll add drawn, dark makeup that curls around his arms, dark patterns that imitate the tattoos the Companion Registry will never allow him to get.

However, Derek’s favorite is how Stiles looks now.

He is wearing loose, comfortable gray sweatpants and a baggy green t-shirt that Derek thinks used to be Scott’s and he’s still barefoot (even though Derek has told him a hundred times that he should not be walking around the ship barefoot.)

His hair isn’t gelled into its usual modern style so it forms soft curls around his ears and he’s not wearing earrings right then, except for the silver hoop up by his cartilage that he never takes off. The black fingernail polish he wears is chipped and as Derek watches, Stiles looks away from Scott to pick at it some more, smiling in satisfaction when he scrapes away a large chunk from his thumb.

“You better not be getting that stuff all over my floor,” Derek grumbles as he enters the kitchen. Stiles looks up to roll his eyes at him but he’s smirking in a fond way.

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the gay awakens

Poe: *see’s Finn again for the first time after the TIE fighter crashed*

Finn: “Poe!!”

Poe: *holy shit he looks so good ok keep it cool you can’t let him know yet we’ve only had like 10 seconds of screen time together*

Poe: “buddy!!”

Poe: *damn good work bud! that was good that was straight*

Finn: *wearing Poe’s Jacket*

Poe: *lip bite* “Keep it, it suits you”

Poe: *shit I said that out loud didn’t I*