and he's wearing a suit and tie

Title: Summers heat

Series: Hamatora

Pairing: Skill/Hajime (with extremely small hints of niceart)

Rating: PG

Words: 1,110

Summery: Skill, Art, Hajime and NIce decide to get ice cream in order to cool off from the heat.

  • Note:  Scratching another thing off my list of pairings I wanted to write for, however writing Hajime is still very annoying because of her lack of screentime and at least with Skill I have something i can use as a basis so he isn’t that hard in comparison.


"Nice…" Art began as he tugged at his own tie. "It’s so…"

"Hot!" Skill finished. Sitting in the grass beside Nice, Art and Hajime.

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Make Me Choose
rudennotgingr asked: Ten in his tux or in the blue suit?

In Living Memory

Stanford Pines hated wearing suits.

He hated the constraint on his arms. He hated the chaffing at his collar. He hated the stiff pants, the ridged socks, the polished shoes. He hated the clean undershirt and the silken tie and the rigid belt. But even more than the suit, he hated the metal folding chair he was forced to sit on.

Morbidly, he wondered if the coffin would have been more comfortable.

He decided to focus his attention on the awful chair rather than the awful preacher, who was approaching ten minutes of only the vainest lipservice. “Pillar of the community.” “Gentle soul.” “Loving father.” Stanford wanted desperately to shove the pastor over and share in gory detail the time Stanley woke a hibernating gremlin and had to bash its skull in before it sunk its venous teeth into his leg. He wanted to explain the slippery gooshing noise brains make when you smash them with a stick; he wanted to share every particular curse that had strung from his brother’s mouth, each with the proper emphasis, each with the its etymological background for those in the crowd who hadn’t been so verbally corrupted in childhood.

It would have been wonderful, not because he wanted to paint his brother as some kind of blood-thirsty sailor-mouthed moron, but because every dead person was a “gentle soul” and a “loving family member” and “upstanding citizen.” It insulted Stan like nothing else to hear his brother lumped in with them, passed off as just another flawless dead guy. The preacher didn’t know his brother, didn’t know the driven, vicious, passionate researcher. The man who skewered monsters with medieval pikes and fed abandoned baby birds mushed dog food from a straw. The man who unashamedly loved daytime soap operas and icepops and blankets fresh out of the dryer. The man who burned down most of the family room when he torched an escaped wasp-wolf. Stanley Pines had been a whole, complete human being, not a dead upstanding citizen.

While he will be missed, Stanley Pines will always live on in our memory.”

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50 Cent’s two-year-old son Sire landed a $700,000 modeling contract to be the face of a brand of headphones for children. Now, this may seem a little ridiculous, but look at this child. He is wearing a suit and tie and has cheeks that won’t stop. I might give him $700,000 just for looking cute. (I mean, that’s what I do when Katie puts together a better than terrible outfit.)

Scratched back (Michael smut)


You were wearing a short red dress with red lipstick.Your hair was down and wavy. You had on 5 inch black heels and a black wallet purse.

Today, you and Michael were going to a dinner date at a fancy restaurant. Michael was dress up in a suit and tie, so it was really fancy.

Slowly, you walked down the stairs and saw Michael’s jaw down. He stared at you for a whole minute until he finally spoke.

He began to stutter”I’m not sure I want you around other people wearing that.”

You raised your eyebrow at him. He has been planning this date for a long time, now he wants to put it aside?

"Maybe we should keep this date at home, in the bedroom, with the lights off" he began to walk up to you.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, then laid his hands on you bottom.

You already knew what was going to end up happening, so you played along.

"Okay then, let’s get going" you got out of his grasp, and led him to the bedroom.

Once you reached the bedroom, he pushed you against the wall, and your make out will begin.

(This is the part when I erased and also killed the trust of my mother. )

-the next day-

You woke up in Michael’s bed. Next to you was him asleep, naked. After observing yourself, you were also.

Getting out of bed, you grabbed your underwear, and put on one of his shirts that was a dress on you.

Downstairs, the 3 boys were all in their underwear eating breakfast.

"Rise and shine, you look terrible" Ashton stated, taking a bite out of his toast with loads of Vegemite.

"Thanks for the complement." You grabbed a bowl from the counter and frosted flakes.

You served yourself, then poured some milk.


You looked at the boys and saw that Michael was up. Like the other boys, he was also in his underwear.

"Y/n, you need to clip your nails, are you trying to kill him?"

Michael tried to walk away, but the boys held him.

His back was scratched up, some bruised and little drops of dried blood.

"Shit" you muttered to yourself.

"Damn y/n, is he that good? I bet after that date, you got dessert."Luke laughed.

"Actually, they went straight for the dessert" Calum spoke.

"Michael, we are so proud of you. I never thought this day would happen" Ashton faked cried.

A/n: so I put the story back on, but erased the smut part because my mom wasn’t happy. SHE CRIED!!

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GoM + Kagami doing cosplay with their s/o.

i think i internally squealed at this 

Akashi: “Welcome back, master,” he smiled slightly, giving a slight bow. He was neatly dressed in a black, butler’s suit and was slowly peeling the pure white, satin gloves off his slender fingers. The sight of his partner wearing matching clothes was immensely attractive, and almost made him unable to keep himself composed. “What am I going to be doing with you today?” he said suggestively, while keeping his butler’s persona. 

Aomine: “Heh, this is pretty cool,” he commented, surprised at the detailed work on the Dominator. He was dressed in a suit messily, with his tie barely symmetrical, and his shirt somewhat crinkled. His partner showed up by his side in black, matching formal wear and a Dominator in hand. “You look so badass in that,” he said without thinking; seeing their figure so sleek and sort of imperious in a way. He liked it. 

Kise: One second, he was intensely staring like a model, with his shirt-off, and showing off his incredibly chiseled abs. The next, he was beaming with happiness as his partner walked towards him in their own swimsuit. “You look so cute in that!” he compliments, grinning as he looked them up and down. He suddenly struck a pose, attempting to tense his muscles. “Do I look sexy?” he asked happily like an innocent child; his body on the other hand, seemed to radiate masculinity. “Do you think I can join Iwatobi High?”

Kuroko: He had a white eye patch covering his left eye, and made sure not to brush his bed hair too much. He had agreed to join in on his partner’s cosplay, but he wasn’t quite sure when he agreed to sit down and have his nails be painted black by them.  When he looked up, he spotted the ukaku kagune they had been perfecting for months, and he realized how much the cosplay had meant to them, and how special it was that he was asked to join in. 

Midorima: He knew that he had to wear some school uniform, but he didn’t know it was Ouran High School’s uniform. His partner who was also sporting the same high school’s uniform was approaching him after leaving the change room. “W-w-welcome,” he stuttered, as he broke out in sweat trying to resist the urge to look away. “M-my little l-l-lamb.” His face was quickly displaying all the different shades of red, as he made a mental note to punish Takao later.  

Murasakibara: “This is too tight,” Murasakibara groaned, tugging at the tight, spandex body suit of the colossal titan. “I’m getting sweaty, and I want to eat.” He trudged behind his partner who was fully dressed as a member of the survey corps. “But you look nice,” he managed to compliment. “I like the ropes around your legs.” 

Kagami: “Don’t you think I look cool with this sword?” he asked, enthusiastically swinging the foam cutout around haphazardly. “It makes me look like belong in Soul Society.” He flourished his white cloak which had the number ‘10′ on it. “See? It even matches my basketball jersey.” His partner who was in a simple, black robe and sword could only sigh as they allowed him to express his interest so passionately.

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Prompt : Harry is being childish, Eggsy loves that

this got kind of long so I put it on AO3 too

i just love the idea of Harry bonding with Eggsy’s little sister and getting to loosen his tie a little bit when she wants to play with him (and Eggsy thinking he’s adorable for it)

“Must I come with you to the park?”

“Three birds, one stone, innit?” Eggsy grins up at Harry as he clips on JB’s leash, “this way JB gets his walk, Daisy gets to go to the play park and’ll wear herself out for her nap, and I get to spend some time with you.”

Harry sighs and crouches to be eye level with Daisy in her pushchair, “now then madam, you won’t be getting my suit mucky again, will you?”

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This gentleman was one of the guys who inspired me to start blogging. His blog made the statement that one could have access to beautifully made clothing on a budget—all you needed was a bit of patience and persistence. Joe is a strong proponent of the Anglo-American look (with a strong dose of Italian style as well). Here he wears a beautifully tailored, English-inspired Ralph Lauren navy chalk stripe suit from the mid-1970s, a sharp contrast-collar French cuff shirt (with a pinned collar), a classic American repp tie, and a well-worn pair of brown tassel loafers. Very New England.

handsome-hero-of-the-story asked:

"I am not wearing that.” (Hey there. Been a while ^^)

“Come on, Jack!” He brushed non-existent dust off the suit, which was black with a silk yellow tie. “I know that you did not want to get up today, but we have to go to this party. You do need that extra boost of publicity.”

(Nyello~ :D)

A rare encounter with the skittish specimen Sartorialus Carnivorum emerging from hibernation. Soon he will lose his thick winter vest for complementary suspenders and seersucker shenanigans. Please join us as Mutual of Omaha presents…. WTF?

Derek meeting your parents for the first time

“You’ll be fine!” You walked over to Derek to fix his tie, but actually to be able to calm him down. He looked grumpy and nervous at the same time, and you had to admit it was a look you kind of like on him.
“Did I really have to wear this suit to meet them?” You started laughing.
“Yes, Derek… formal attire, the invitation said. That’s what you get when you manage to wiggle your way out of meeting them earlier…” He grumbled something under his breath, and you chose to ignore it when you opened the door of your parent’s house.
“Mom!!” You greeted your mother when she came running towards you, hugging you.
“I want you to meet Derek!” You turned around, and the sight of the smile he had managed to get on his face, made you smile as well. He stepped forward, shaking hands with your mother, suddenly the example of politeness.
“Pleased to meet you, mrs Y/L/N. You have a wonderful daughter!” He’d be fine… You already saw how he had won over your mother, and you knew they’d like him just as much as you did.

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[Standing in front of the mirror, wearing his suit that he picked out for the wedding… Just having it on makes his heart throb, but his hands smooth down the tie only to come to a rest at his sides… He couldn’t be more pleased with a suit.]

Mat! Come here!