and he's too muscly

Writing Prompt #7: Sparks

Requested by the lovely @jaseys-cm-fics 7. “This is my favourite song!” (Reid x Reader). It got completely out of hand… 1261 words. Oops! I hope you enjoy it! :D

Morgan was off dancing with Savannah on the other side of the dance floor. Garcia was at the bar chatting with two gorgeous men; she kept eyeing you whenever they weren’t paying attention to her and motioning for you to get closer so that you could get your chance at that eye-candy of a wingman. He was good-looking, sure: bright blue eyes, dark hair, but too… muscly. She was beckoning you because he was pretty much what you would describe as your “type”. If only she knew that was just a big fat lie.

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okay but like, in season two of shadowhunters, i definitely want a scene where jace and alec are like “ooooh blah blah we have to train bc a battle is approaching or smth” and bc if they do, magnus will lose date night or smth, so he is like “oh ok i will bring my magnificent ass to train with you” and the guys are like “hah yeah ok” and they don’t really believe it and alec even feels a bit bad bc he thinks jace might tease magnus for being too slow and un-muscly or smth. But then magnus takes off his fabulous jacket and comes in with sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt and brings out his guns and well, maybe he doesn’t need to be better than the other two, but like he can more than keep up and he obviously works out and has muscle.

Because how great would it be to show that guys that are into make-up and other things that are considered “girly” by society can also kick ass in the sectors that are considered “manly” ?

Anyway, heres my video game protagonist. Hes a white guy with stubble and hes angry, hes snarky, hes a lone wolf. He loves to shoot cool one liners and never fails, gets the girl at the end but inside he knows hes too cool for girls he just wants to shoot guns. Hes not too muscly but like muscly enough to wield a gun.