and he's there holding her in check

EXO Reaction || Coming Home And Seeing Their Girlfriend Topless In Front Of A Mirror, Holding Her Breasts And She Casually Asks Them If they Think Her Boobs Are uneven
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“I’d probably have to check it myself”


“Your breasts are…”
*Laughs because he literally feels weird about the situation*
“Look, I can tell you in bed tonight, ok?”


“Doot, doot, doot~ boner. Doot, doot, doot~”


/ So should I stare at her boobs or will that be impolite /


“I don’t see a difference”


“What are you talking about and why are you shirtless?”


“Well, I think your body looks perfect”


“What did you ask? Sorry, I was kinda lost for a second there”


“I can’t tell from looking”


“Maybe? Or not? I don’t know, breasts are breasts, does it matter?”


“Why are you asking me? Should they be different size or what?”


“Pff, silly. A guy wouldn’t notice any difference”


some detail things that I appreciate from that sneak peek:

  • Lucas’ jacket functioning as a blanket for Dorothy headcanon is confirmed
  • Dorothy’s jacket being used as blanket for Toto is the cutest effin thing oh god
  • We Have to Sleep Huddled Together To Keep Warm trope can be checked off the list
  • Dorothy’s head on Lucas’ shoulder practically nuzzling his neck, her hand delicately resting on his chest, his arm around her waist, his hand resting against her arm that’s draped across his chest, and her leg tangling with his
  • The intimacy of the barely audible volume in which Dorothy speaks
  • Dorothy being so comfortable that it takes her more than a few seconds to actually get up and go when Lucas tells her to
  • Lucas carrying and holding Sylvie (is that her name?) like the protector that he is
  • One of the main reasons Dorothy and Lucas get separated is because she does the mean Not Today Satan sprint through the woods

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My favorite part of last night was Blake asking Gwen to stay here a minute when she congratulated him backstage after the win. Just like with the children's hospital check, he wanted her next to him sharing in the moment.

I’m so, so, so, so glad she has someone like that now. I also find it amusing how big the damned statue looks when he’s holding it right in front of her as compared to the one in front of him. 😄 ❤️

Kent avoiding talking about Jack in press interviews like…

ESPN reporter: “So you looked really intense, playing Zimmermann for the first time since he joined the NHL.  You two have a long history.  What were you thinking out there?”

Kent:  *stares absently for a second*  “So like…I was thinking about how if I could go back in time to any time period, I’d probably choose ancient Egypt.  They used to worship cats, and like, my cat is such a goddess.”

ESPN reporter: “…”

Kent: “…”

ESPN reporter: “…”

Kent: *holds out phone* “Check out this picture I got of Kit sleeping in her cat tree this morning.”

BTS Reaction to your mom checking up on you in the middle of a makeout session

Anonymous requested: “Bts react to having make out session at gf’s house and her mom/dad goes to check on them ?”

A/N: omg this is the worst thing to happen LOL IT’S SO AWKWARD; ENJOY

Jin came over with some take out around twenty minutes ago since you were craving, but he was craving something else. When you walked over to the food where he set it on the countertop, he trapped you in between your arms, turned you around, and started kissing you like your life depended on it. You pulled him in closer, holding him tighter and deepening the kiss and all of a sudden you heard the front door click.

Caught by surprise, you push him off you with force and hastily take the to-go boxes out of the bag. “Hey sweetie.” Says your mom as she sets her keys down. “Oh, hello Jin! Thanks for bringing takeout.”

He nod his head awkwardly, “No problem Mrs. Y/L/N.”

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Yoongi brought his laptop over to your place to play you some new tracks he was working on and he wanted your input. You leaned against his arm as he plays the first few tracks and it led to kissing. His music became background noise as you pushed him down on your bed without unlocking each other’s lips. His hands trailed to your waist and yours was in his soft hair.

There’s three knocks on the door. “Y/N, sweetie, can you turn that music down?”

You turn your head quickly over to your door and hop off Yoongi, “Sorry!” Your voice cracks.

Yoongi’s burying his face in your pillows trying his hardest to shield his laughter until your mom is off.

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It isn’t everyday that Hoseok gets days off, but when he does he always makes time to visit you at your home to play video games or eat with you. This time it was a different story. The second you swung open your door he grabbed onto your wrist and pulled you in for a kiss. You lead him inside as you melt under his touch, hearts racing and heat raising, kicking the door closed as he invades your mouth with his tongue.

It lasts for a good fifteen minutes until you feel the front door that you were leaning against open. Shocked, Hoseok pulled away and slammed it shut with his palm and flicked the lock. You laugh as he runs over to your sofa, grabbing a magazine and acts like he was reading it for quite some time.

“Hello? Y/N, it’s me. I forgot my keys.”

You clear your throat, “S- Sorry, I thought it was a stranger.”

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Namjoon was pacing around your living room as if he was waiting for something- he was. You were staring down at your phone on the couch, scrolling through your news feed. “Sweetie, I’ll be back in an hour. See you later too, Namjoon.” Says your mom as she walks out the door. When she closes the door and locks it, Namjoon makes his way over to you with a smile.

“What?” You question him.

He smiles at you, “Nothing.”

He turn your head and he kisses you roughly, holding his breath so that you don’t take his.

You hands snake up his shirt and then you hear the door click again. “What the fu-” he says when you run away and toss yourself on the other sofa.

“Sorry, I forgot my phone- is everything alright?”

Your mother sees Namjoon sprawled face down on your couch and you laugh, “Yeah!”

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Jimin came over in a heartbeat when he saw your text that was begging for him to come over. You finally finished it- your masterpiece of art- and you wanted to show it off, but Jimin had other plans in mind. He pouted when he saw your amazing drawing, complimenting it. He grabs it out of your hand and you question him what’s wrong, but he tosses it back down on the table while he tilts your chin to kiss him.

“Jim-” He invades your mouth with his tongue, exploring ever corner of it and loving every single second until you hear the footsteps of your mother near. You push him away and turn to grab your project, holding it out as if you were showing it off the whole entire time.

“Oh, what do you think of Y/N’s new work?” She asks him.

“I- it’s great.” He says, lowkey sticking his hands in his pants to fix his hardening dick.

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Taehyung, eager to see you, skipped all the greetings and went straight up to your room, expecting you to follow. Well, you did but you found Taehyung in the bathroom instead. You go inside to pull him out, but he grabs onto you with force, dragging you inside to lock lips with yours. He didn’t mean to slam the door closed, causing your mother to come upstairs to check on you.

“Is everything alright?” She asks.

You pull away for a split second, Taehyung’s head dips lower to suck on your skin. “Yeah!”

You bite onto your lip to remain quiet.

“Just checking up on you, tell Taehyung that he left his sweater in the front when you can.”

“O- okay!” You choke out while his lips go lower and lower.

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Jungkook came over to watch the new movie that has been the talk of the town for weeks. Both of you have no idea what it’s about, but there you were, both cuddling no the couch and watching it. You reach over for the remote, but he grabs onto your wrist and sets it down when it goes over his crotch and makes you touch his dick.

“Um, Jungkook?” You ask when you look up at him. He presses his lips against yours and pulls you on top of him so that you’re straddling his lap while making out with him.

“Y/N!” You hear your name get called from your parent’s room, “Let’s go out to eat!”

You hear her footsteps and you jump off Jungkook to run into the kitchen as if you were looking for food. “Sounds great.” You say when she walks in the room.

You look over at Jungkook who’s covering his face with his sweater.

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Oh! What about the inquisition companions reacting to a teenage herald being the victim of a racist slur for the first time in their life, and for the herald being visually upset about it?

Cassandra: Whoever said the slur has made a bad decision. A very bad decision. Cassandra looks between the offender and the upset Herald, and her eyes harden as they slowly turn to the racist. Her fists are clenched, turning white at the knuckles, and they realize they have fucked up. They have fucked up so bad. U kno they ded. After handling the matter, she checks up on the Herald and sees that they’re alright. “I know it’s not fair and it’s not right,” she says, “but hold your head high. You are above them.”

Blackwall: He drops whatever he’s doing and immediately gets in the asshole’s face, intimidating them with little effort. The offender jumps back, obviously thinking that nothing would come of their insult, but Blackwall persists and seems to loom over them. “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps. They take off, and Blackwall turns to reassure the Herald. “Are you alright?” he asks, suddenly softer and worried. “You let me know if anyone ever says that to you again.”

Iron Bull: He stands at full height, towering over whoever said the racist thing, looking down at them with a cold, calculating eye. His shadow looms over them as they look up at the massive, furious qunari. “Do you want to repeat what you just said?” he growls before shoving them down. They scramble to their feet as his hand reaches up towards his ax. The Herald is fairly certain he was just doing it to intimidate them, nothing more, but the look in his eye was enough to make the asshole bolt.

Sera: As soon as she sees the Herald is upset, she reaches for her arrows at holds one at length in her bow. “Say that again.” she dares, glaring. They run off, but that isn’t the end of Sera’s revenge, oh no. The racist in question becomes victim to numerous, merciless pranks, and no one dares to stop her. If the offender is a noble or wealthy, she asks her Friends to help take care of them. Sera has the Herald join her– payback will make them feel better.

Varric: He pulls Bianca out and strokes the wood tenderly, looking up at the asshole calmly. “Do you have a death wish?” he starts coolly. “As soon as I tell the others that you’ve upset the Herald… well, the results won’t be pretty. For you, at least.” The person flees, and Varric scoffs before turning to the Herald, eyes soft. “You alright, kid? Don’t let them get under your skin. They’re not worth it, and you’re better than them.”

Cole: He spends more time comforting the Herald than intimidating whoever said the racist thing. He does want to kill the person who said it, if only for a moment, before remembering that’s a bad thing and won’t solve the problem. As soon as he’s finished soothing the teenager, he tells Leliana. Leliana will handle it and he’ll heal the hurt.

Solas: He thinks little of it until he sees how upset the Herald is, and he feels bad for them, especially if they’re an elf. He stares icily at the racist. “How ignorant and pathetic you must be to stoop to insulting a young person in a weak attempt to soothe your own self esteem. You will never accomplish as much as this da’len, even if you try.” His words bite and simultaneously make the kid feel better. If they try to fight him in anger, he freezes them with little effort, and a careless yawn.

Dorian: He was angry before he saw how upset the Herald was– now there’s pure rage, and it manifests itself in insults, because violence wasn’t an option. He scoffs derisively. “What a pathetic thing you are. Hurling racist insults at someone you hardly know to satisfy your need to feel bigger than someone else? Sorry to disappoint you, but even a demon of sloth is better than you. Now, run along– the spymaster’s no doubt heard about this incident already. Best sing your prayers while you still can. Ta-ta. Good day.” He checks on the Herald immediately after and reassures them repeatedly. “It’s okay now, Leliana will tear them apart for you. Anyone who stoops to such pathetic insults is even more pathetic than the insults themselves.”

Vivienne: They’ve made a terrible mistake calling the Herald such a thing in front of Madame de Fer. She gently puts a hand on the Herald’s shoulder, reassuring them softly, before sizing up the racist and ripping them to shreds with words, much like she did to the marquis the Herald met at the soiree she met them at. After they leave, thoroughly humiliated, she finds out who they are and ruins their career with an easy grace. 

Josephine: She’s actually shocked at their disgrace and dishonorable actions, and she puts a protective arm around the Herald. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” she says stonily. “We do not want you here, not anymore, if you cannot be civilized and respectful.” If they resist, she summons the guards to handle them, and frets over the Herald– she wants to cheer them up.

Cullen: “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps, irritated. “We have no room for a racist in our midst. Get. Out.” If they do not leave immediately, he has a soldier or two forcibly escort them out. He sighs and takes time to reassure the Herald. “Don’t let them disparage you. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s them; if anyone else gives you any trouble, you let me know. I’ll have them escorted out.”

Leliana: They either didn’t notice the spymaster standing there or they were too stupid to consider their words. In either case, they have fucked up. The woman’s eyes turn cold and calculating and she steps forward with a serene grace. “Would you like to apologize to the Herald?” she asks, giving them one last chance. If they refuse– she has her agents learn everything about them and she gets to work. U kno they DEFINITELY ded.

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Heyy could you please let the Rfa+V+Saeran react to Mc being a reallife princess??

Holy shit, this one is amazing. Thank you.

Okay, before writing this, I googled if Korea had a royal family and… well, holy shit, the history is fascinating.

Here’s the link. I might operate under the idea that she’s a Korean Princess, or I might work under the idea that she’s a princess from a different country (like a European country, or something else, IDK).


  • He was going through a history textbook when he came across a picture of the Empress of Korea before they were forced out
  • Yoosung ended up laughing
  • “Hey MC! Check it out! You look kind of like her!”
  • “Yoosung, that’s my great-grandmother.”
  • “What?! But that’s the Empress!”
  • “I know. I’m technically a Princess.”
  • He just about faints
  • I mean, this is the woman he’s dating
  • They play LOLOL, they hold hands, they kiss, they’ve gotten close to….
  • Yoosung’s freaking out because he’s almost had sex with a literal Princess
  • It’d be one thing if it was in a game, but this is real life!
  • Once the freak out wears off, Yoosung is more interested in protecting her and treating her like she deserves to be treated
  • She makes him stop, to some extent, because he keeps saying he wants to “treat [her] like a princess!”


  • She didn’t really put two and two together (not that MC would have told her anything)
  • She didn’t realize that MC was actually Korean Royalty, especially given the history
  • It wasn’t until her father decided to come to visit from Japan that MC had to fess up to it
  • Jaehee was shocked
  • Secretly, she couldn’t help but think how much this was like a fairy tail (or a fantasy she had as a kid of meeting a Princess in disguise that fell in love with her)
  • MC’s not expected to inherit anything, but a Princess being in love with a woman is a little bit of a scandal
  • MC manages to duck the news and keep things clean so that their cafe isn’t hounded by the press when her father goes home
  • Jaehee ends up taking the whole thing surprisingly well, she just asks that, any huge surprises like that come sooner than later
  • Secretly giddy she’s in love with a princess that loves her back


  • When he first called her “Princess” she damn near had a heart attack
  • How did he know?! Except, then she realized he couldn’t
  • MC hadn’t used her real name as her username, let alone anything related to her name
  • When he did find out, his eyes were the size of dinner plates
  • He tried to bow, but MC stopped him
  • “It’s not a big deal.” The hell it isn’t, MC.
  • Of course, he refuses to give her up for the world, but he calls himself her loyal knight from then on
  • Also, he makes it his personal duty to protect her from all harm


  • … yeah, it was a tabloid that recognized her.
  • Here’s the thing, MC didn’t think it would be a problem, right?
  • Royalty in Korea are just people who live in relative obscurity
  • Sometimes they make the paper, but it’s like a Bigfoot sighting in the US, nobody puts much stock into it
  • But no, MC had to start dating a rich, powerful, famous man, surrounded by paparazzi and people who run background checks
  • Once it’s confirmed by multiple sources and MC herself, Jumin is surprised, but pleased in a small way
  • -it’s a good PR move and his father will adore it and be forced to accept their marriage-
  • Jumin ends up using it as an excuse to pamper her and buy her expensive things
  • He likes finding traditional, old fashioned jewelry for her to wear


  • Haha
  • He spat out his Ph.D Pepper
  • Seriously, you don’t expect to do a background check on a girl, only to find out she’s a literal princess
  • It’s why he wouldn’t share her photo
  • It’s also why he found it so easy to flirt with her
  • She was, by all foreseeable standards, unavailable
  • The perfect girl for him
  • But when things go well with them, and he starts to see himself having a life with her (a normal one), he panics
  • Like “nope, sorry Your Highness! I’m just a lowly bastard (in the literal sense), not worth the soil you walk on!”
  • Except that Korean royalty were forced out of their own country and are currently just title holders, hold no real power and just kind of…. exists?
  • They do make jokes about how the son of the Korean Prime Minister and a Princess of Korea fell in love


  • He knew she was foreign
  • That, V could deduce for himself
  • Between her distinct accent and red hair, he figured it was obvious
  • He just didn’t know where from
  • One day, while they were sitting at home, watching tv together, there was a knock on the door
  • When V answered it, it was a reporter who was trying to force her way into to talk to “Princess MC”
  • Well, needless to say, MC explains, yeah, she’s a princess, she’s from Europe
  • He doesn’t treat her much differently, but he tries his best to help her hide her identity from the press
  • However, when MC has to go home and visit her family, V joins her on this mini vacation and uses it as a chance to take photos


  • Mildly embarrassed the trope was turned on its head
  • “Prince Charming rescues girl, they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after!”
  • More like “Princess MC rescues Saeran from clutches of evil cult, then drags him off to a hospital to seek medical and mental help so that he can begin to recover from the life long shit he’s been wading through.”
  • Well, she doesn’t order him to get better, but she does sit with him a lot and basically forces him to get better, even if it’s only so much
  • Saeran takes measures to protect her identity from the public, keeping her hidden in plain sight so that she doesn’t get attention she doesn’t want
  • When a news station plans to run the story about how they found her, Saeran has algorithms that figure it out and he then blackmails the station into dropping the story
  • Saeran’s justification?
  • “MC says she loves me, but she’s never told me about being a princess so she doesn’t want anyone to know so no one will ever know unless she wants them to.”
You Spin Me Right Round

Pack game nights were a relatively new tradition, but over the handful of months they’d been doing them they quickly became a favorite bi-weekly event. A nice counterpoint to movie nights which happened in the weeks between.

It was Stiles’ turn to pick what they played, and since it was Hanukkah time, he decided to share his favorite childhood holiday game with his friends. It was a quiet way to share a little of his mother, too; a way to hold her memory closer to himself for a short time. An activity where all the things that spinning tops and shiny chocolate coins brought to mind were happy thoughts with no tarnish of loss on them.

Still, he’s anxious when he arrives, nervous about revealing too much, about keeping his feelings in check. When he enters Derek’s loft, the dreidels and gelt and some doughnuts from his favorite bakery in a bag and a smile plastered to his face, most of the pack is there already. Allison, Scott, Erica, and Boyd are sitting around the coffee table talking animatedly about something or other. They all turn to greet him with happy shouts, and in Boyd’s case, a genuine smile and a “Hey, man” paired with a nod.

Erica hops up to hug him, unfolding herself with grace that Stiles envies. “Hey, Batman. What’re we playing?” She somehow manages to make it sound suggestive, but Stiles knows it’s on purpose to get a reaction, so he tries to ignore the teasing and deny her a blush.

When Derek comes in from the kitchen, Erica is still partially wrapped around him, and Stiles does feel his face heat then. Derek’s face does something complicated but the expression quickly morphs into feigned annoyance. “Erica, leave Stiles alone, he hasn’t even gotten his coat off yet.”

Derek makes his way over as Erica fakes a pout and kisses Stiles’ cheek with an exaggerated smack. “Aw, Der, Stiles knows I love him. Besides, we all know he only has eyes fo-”

Stiles interrupts with a choked noise and a too loud “All in good fun, Der! I’m uh. We’re good, right Catwoman? Right.” Erica grins at him, all teeth and red lips, a mischievous glint in her eye, but she also squeezes his arm encouragingly as she moves away to plop back down between Ally and Boyd. Stiles takes the opportunity to take a deep breath.

Which proves to be useless because before he can enjoy being able to breathe properly after Erica’s near airing of his proverbial dirty (and domestic) thought laundry, Derek is standing right in front of him. Close enough that Stiles is convinced he can feel the warmth radiating from him. “Let me take your bag,” Derek says gently, and it makes Stiles feel dizzy. He wants to lean forward and bridge the few inches between them and feel Derek’s chest expand and contract with his breathing. When Derek’s hand brushes his own as he takes the tote, Stiles has to bite his tongue to avoid making an embarrassing sound. Derek looks at him like he heard it anyway, a strange mix of confusion and wistfullness on his face.

Stiles breathes out a “Thanks,” and steps back just enough to remove his jacket, looking away from Derek to try to get rid of the feeling that the room is spinning around them.


After a few minutes of conversation, most of the doughnuts being eaten, and the arrival of Lydia, Isaac, and Danny, Stiles is feeling more settled, though he keeps catching Derek’s eye and the dizzy rush of maybe overtakes him all over.

He’s pulled out of contemplating the thoughtful look on Derek’s face when Lydia asks “So, what are we playing tonight? It’s your turn, right Stiles?”

“Yeah. Well. It’s Hanukkah, so I thought we’d play dreidel like I used to with my mom,” he feels like he’s thrown something heavy onto the middle of the table, and he’s holding his breath.

It’s Derek who responds first, “That sounds really great, Stiles,” and he sounds almost grateful. It makes Stiles look at him, and the spinning-the everything, really-seems to stop for a minute.

The rest of the group starts echoing Derek’s sentiment, and it brings Stiles back to the moment. He can’t help but smile as he sees the soft emotions and softer smiles of his friends, it fills him with a warmth that he remembers from lighting the menorah and celebrating with his parents; comfort, family, home.

He takes the dreidels from the bag and dumps the bags of gelt in the middle of the table unceremoniously.

“Chocolate!” Scott yells, reaching for a bag of foil wrapped coins. Erica slaps his hand and makes an annoyed face at him when he whines “He-ey.”

“They’re for the game, doofus,” she says, turning to smile at Stiles. He returns it and Scott grumbles unhappily.

Stiles explains the meaning of the letters, he tells how the Jewish people hid their studying from the Greeks by pretending to gamble and play dreidel if a soldier came near, as they play, he finds himself telling stories about his mom and Hanukkah’s past.
It’s easy, and the warmth he feels only grows as the evening goes on.

Allison is deadly accurate with her spins, Scott is comically bad for a supernatural being with enhanced coordination. Erica sneaks a piece of gelt every time she wins, Boyd quietly amasses an enormous pile of gelt. Lydia attempts to strategize, Isaac’s participation is more enthusiastic than usual, and Danny keeps an entertaining running commentary going.

And Derek. Derek spins expertly and he eats chocolate and he smiles more at Stiles than Stiles has ever seen. It feels like Stiles is the spinning thing, like he’s in a field, arms out and twirling as fast as he can.

At some point, after a snack run and several bathroom breaks, the seating arrangement changes and Derek is next to Stiles. They aren’t touching, but it’s a close thing.

After many rounds, they run out of gelt in the pot through a combination of werewolves with very little chocolate related self control, and actual game winning. They relax into each other and fall into easy conversation.

Stiles realizes that he and Derek have drifted together; their shoulders are pressed together, and Derek’s hand is resting easily over Stiles’ own, his thumb tucked up under Stiles’ palm. Stiles looks up at Derek, startled, to find Derek looking back at him with undisguised fondness, with want and contentment and understanding and a gentle curve at the corners of his mouth. And Stiles is breathless and dizzy all over again.

Before he can think, he’s giving into the desire to be closer, meeting Derek in the middle of the scarce space separating them and pressing his lips tentatively back against Derek’s. It’s brief and chaste and it’s still the best kiss of Stiles’ life.

They move apart, but not far, and Derek says “Happy Hanukkah,” quietly, it would be lost in the din of the conversations happening around them if their faces weren’t so close still. Close enough that Derek’s breath ghosts across Stiles’ lips, an echo of his kiss.

“Hey! There’s one more bag of gelt! We should play one more round!”

This time, Stiles and Derek move properly apart, though their legs still touch.

“We could just eat it,” Isaac suggests, but he’s out voted.

They settle back in, ready to play again, and everyone gets Nun or Shin for their first spins. When Derek picks up the dreidel, he lets his other hand find Stiles’ and spins it, looking immediately to Stiles who gets caught in his gaze. It seems to spin an inordinately long time, and when it lands with a loud clatter, Erica whoops and says excitedly “Look, Der, you got Gimmel! You win everything!”

When Derek and Stiles look back at the rest of the pack, they’re all watching them expectantly except Erica, who looks like she’s about to burst into celebratory song.

Derek raises their joined hands and kisses Stiles’ knuckles, glancing sideways at him. “Yeah, I did.”

Stiles is too busy basking in the warm glow of his pack’s support and Derek’s presence next to him to be bothered by the chorus of “Aww” and “Finally” and “Get it!” that rises up from the group of them.

I keep seeing cute vids of hockey players skating up to the glass where their families are sat and making faces at their kids, and making them laugh, and i can’t stop picturing Tater holding their curly-haired lil toddler up against the glass as Kent skates up and pulls off his helmet. He makes faces at her until she giggles, and smacks her lil palms against the glass and yells, “dada!” then she smooshes her face against it for smooshy-face glass kisses.

Help. I’m weak.


Dumbledore never thought the fall from the Astronomy Tower would have taken so long and he thought he knew everything about the castle he lived in for the most part of his life. This was his choice, rarely anything happened to Albus that wasn’t his choice, he somehow always had an upper hand on life, calculating every move meticulously and making sure no one knew how prepared for anything the life may throw his way. 

When his body hit the floor he opened his eyes slowly, checking his surroundings to figure out where he might have ended up at. This wasn’t some illusion, he was dead, this wasn’t Hogwarts but somewhere completely different where he could hear people mumbling. He straightened himself up and got up with the agility of a man his age normally wouldn’t have.

YOU,” shouted a woman in the distance, her hair was still glowing like fire and she was walking to him fast with two man behind him trying to hold her back. “I TRUSTED YOU”

“Lily, please,” pleaded Albus. “Can we talk about this calmly?”

“Calmly??” yelled Lily, her green eyes were drowning in the tears trying to leave. “Are you even aware of the burden you have loaded on Severus? Let alone my son who is just a child.”

“Severus accepted–”

Accepted?” she interrupted throwing her hands up in disbelief. “He said he didn’t want to do this and you made him kill you, in front of Harry.”

She was shaking so much, a beautiful disaster almost, her eyes creating new wounds on Albus’ already fragile skin and making him wish he had ended up in hell instead of here.

“It had to be done for–”

The greater good.” completed Sirius, a disappointed look on his face rather than anger. Albus had kept him locked of for so long but he had to but he had forgotten how handsome the disowned heir of Black house was before he went to Azkaban. “What difference do you have from Grindelwald if you are doing the same things he had done?”

“It’s not the same thing Mr. Black and you know it.”

“I know nothing anymore Professor,” objected Sirius as he ran his hand through his hair. “I thought I knew everything up until two years ago, I thought I knew you too but things change I guess and don’t call me Mr. Black again… please.”

No one talked for a while as Sirius took Lily away to calm her down a little bit, tears streaming down her face as she watched Harry fight everyone who tried to take him away from where Dumbledore’s lifeless body was. James opened his mouth every few minutes to break the silence but he couldn’t do it.

“Do you know how devastated he was?” he asked finally, his voice breaking a little. “Do you know Bill got attacked by Greyback? Do you know Harry tried to do something so bad to Snape because you made a monster of him?”

“James, I never thought I would see the day you worry about Severus.”

“No, no, no,” mumbled James his eyes gleaming with the fury he was trying so hard to keep at bay. “Don’t confuse my worry about my son with my worry about Snape. The way you are straying away from the subject, I think you don’t know shit, Professor.”

“I have made sure to leave a plan behind for Tom’s defeat,” explained Dumbledore, his fingers intertwined and his gaze on the ring he still was wearing. “These weren’t some momentary decisions, I had known I had to die for a good while, sometimes you have to sacrifice–”

“Don’t you dare talk about sacrifice in front of Lily,” shouted James, Dumbledore had finally pushed him off of the edge he was trying to hold onto. “All three of us sacrificed ourselves, too, you are not the only one who tried to do something for–”

“The greater good,” whispered Sirius as he walked back and forth. “You raised him like a pig for slaughter for the greater good?”

“I tried my best to be there for him, there are things you can’t possibly understand,” began Dumbledore his fingers rubbing the burnt skin. 

“If you had been there for him, I would still be alive you know,” said Sirius his voice breaking down in the middle of his sentence. “If you had been there for me as you promised when we joined the Order, I would still be whole.”

“I’m sorry Sirius that you–” he took a deep breath before staring to talk again. “I’m sorry that this happened to you but that was on all of us.”

“If you had been there for him Snape wouldn’t have made his life a living hell,” countered James. “He took his revenge out of my son, not me, my son and you just couldn’t say no to him because he was your Queen in your chess game where you were the King and Harry was nothing more than a stupid pawn.”

“Harry isn’t in the middle of the war because I put him there, Sybill made a prophecy about–”

“You know damn well prophecies don’t have to be carried out!” shouted Sirius, his grey eyes not so pale anymore but burning with anger. “You could have prevented so many things Albus, this could have gone so differently.”

Lily came back slowly from where she was, walked past James and stood right in front of Albus, her tears dried on her face and her eyes determined to hurt the shell of a man standing in front of her.

“You just love to make sure you are not the only one feeling guilty don’t you? Because how else could you have borne leaving Harry at that house?” said Lily, she was visibly calmed down but her disappointment was visible on every inch of her pale skin. “You left him to rot saying that it was the only way he could live, that’s not a reason good enough for me to leave my son in an abusive household Professor. You may have sacrificed yourself as you have sacrificed all of the pawns in your game but I will never forgive you for what you have done to me, my family. My Harry.”

“Harry was never yours to sacrifice,” continued James as he threw his arm over Lily’s shoulders, hugging her tightly. “I didn’t die for my son to become a soldier in someone else’s war, Sirius didn’t die so you can continue taking advantage of him and Lily didn’t sacrifice herself even though she could have ran away just so he can die at the hands of Voldemort again. Your plan, Professor, is flawed beyond belief and you are the only one who thinks it will work perfectly.”

“You are a coward, Professor and I always thought you were one of the bravest man I have ever met.”

Albus Dumbledore had been called many names before but it had been years since he had been called a coward, it was safe to say he was scared of the word even since Aberforth looked him in the eye at Ariana’s funeral and said it.


Albus would be the first to admit when he did something wrong, he wasn’t perfect and he knew it. Wizarding World however, ever since he had defeated Gellert, thought that he couldn’t make any mistakes. Tom Riddle had pushed him to make mistakes, sometimes to get to the better days you had to go through the darkest of times and he didn’t expect Sirius, James or Lily to understand that.

When he was left to his own thoughts, Albus had thought about all the mistakes he had made in his life, it was a long list for someone who was thought to be a hero of some sort, he was Harry’s hero although for one he hadn’t seen something coming. The more he thought about it the more he felt the weight of the responsibility on his shoulders. The boy he had raised to be a soldier say him as his hero, not knowing half the things he had done. Would Harry have seen him the same if he had known about Ariana? Would he still think Albus was brave if he had known his fate? Harry was a selfless boy, what would have happened if Albus never kept secrets from him?

Albus looked at the trio standing far away from him and decided it was best if he had stayed away for the time being because the more he thought about it, he understood why they were so angry. Harry trusted him and he had broken his trust by not trusting him enough to tell him everything but he had to. Albus had to keep this a secret for everything to work out how he planned them to.

It had to be Severus who killed him, this way he would get the complete trust of Tom and feed him false information. When the time came Snape had to make sure Order didn’t understand he was a spy for them and Harry, well Harry had to die. The moment he had survived the first killing curse, it was certain that Harry was meant for great things but now Albus didn’t know if dying was a great thing to do for a 17 year old child as Lily kept reminding but someone had to make the decisions that were hard to make for others, someone had to do the harder thing but he was a coward after all. 

A coward who had to be the villain in the end to make sure the real villain was defeated. Albus Dumbledore never referred to him as a hero or a brave men, he never was, he hadn’t been brave with Gellert so he was determined not to make the same mistake he did because he was too blind to see back then, this time whatever it took, it wasn’t going to take more lives than it should. He hadn’t been brave with Ariana, he couldn’t save her from herself or the people around her. He wasn’t brave when it came to Sirius, he wasn’t brave when it came to Remus either, he wasn’t brave when it came to the people who he cared about because he was scared.

However Harry, he was brave, he was one of the bravest people Dumbledore had met and that was saying something. He had taken the risk of assuming that Harry would willingly sacrifice himself to save the people he loved and he knew that he was right. Albus was nothing compared to what Harry was, at least that was how he felt as the tall boy insisted he would be the one to do the blood sacrifice in the cave or when he insisted on defeating Voldemort when this wasn’t his war to fight.  

Albus was hell-bent on not having another mistake in his life and if it meant being a coward he was fine with it because he knew deep inside that everything would work out, just fine and it was alright that Sirius, James and Lily didn’t understand just yet, he had to live with the hatred he now know he deserved for a while, at least until the war was over.

You cannot be a hero without being a coward. - George Bernard Shaw

@likingthistoomuch just reminded me of this thought I had when she mentioned something in her post. 

So that moment right after The Phone Call when Sherlock jumps right back into wanting to talk to the girl on the plane. Seems to me he was in big time Conceal Don’t Feel mode in that moment. He was still attempting to hold it together. Because you notice that even Mycroft attempts to step in and actually acknowledge feelings! He said something like, “however hard that must have been-” And then Sherlock cuts him off and ignores him and demands to speak to the little girl. Someone did not want to dwell on the feels in that moment and wanted to move swiftly on! But of course that’s not what happened. Then Eurus made sure he had to deal with what had just happened, and we all saw how that went.

Sherlock Holmes lost his ever lovin mind.

and she says that she misses the way lips like to curve into a smile– her favorite shape. a reason to be happy because someone gives her just the right amount of attention. intoxicating, she says. you can feel a smile through the phone– when someone likes you back, there are no questions– just more answers. like did she smile today? check. did she get a text from him? check. did he paint her soul today? check. did he make her feel safe? check. and when she says i missed you like a hand misses holding a pencil, she doesn’t know that he understands the need for affection– so he draws her into tomorrow. why buy flowers? a drawing of a flower never wilts. she misses him like a book misses the feeling of the reader’s hands flipping through each page in search for an ending– she doesn’t know that he enjoys the feeling of brand new books and the way they smell. so when he opens a poetry book, he reads it to her. she’ll never have to skip a chapter ever again. she misses him like a silly poet that misses the recent supermoon– there’s always a chance to see it again. so he talks to her every night. she doesn’t have to be afraid of nightmares– his mind is built on dreams. she’s just a dreamcatcher– and he’s just caught. she misses him like the moon eating ice cream to get over the sun– 24 hours in a day, it’s just not enough. so i’ll add more hours into a day, i’ll make the impossible something real. she says that she’s grey. deprived. colorless– he sees none of it. he only sees the burgundy. he only sees art where she sees chaos. he only sees light when she sees different shades of a bruised nightfall. the twilight star– and still she says– i miss you. everyday. she misses something that’s not quite perfect. i would say missing someone that much is simply crazy. but that’s the thing… isn’t it? you do crazy shit when the chemicals in your brain implode into a palette of poetry. that’s the thing. she knows that he misses her too. each i miss you… counts.

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Check Please! AU idea: Hearts

Everyone remembers the first time they lose their heart, be it to somewhere, something, or someone.

The first time Jack lost his heart, he was six. It had been a weird feeling, but it was just as his mom had described it to him.

“It’s like having something fall out of your pocket while you’re walking,” she had said, arms holding him on her lap. “You can keep moving forward without it, but you’ll eventually notice that you’ve left something behind.” She did say more, but he had gotten distracted by the bracelet she wore around her wrist and her words simply floated through the background.  

He remembers ignoring the stares of the other boys in the changeroom as he laced his skates back up and walked back towards the rink.

He remembers the feeling of stepping back on to the ice and finding his heart at centre ice. Small, warm, and glowing slightly red, it had pulsed gently as he picked it up.

His dad had laughed when picking him up from practice after. “I’ve lost my heart to the game more than enough times, Jack. You’ll get used to it.”

He does get used to it, but he doesn’t know what to make of the small beating heart feeling colder and colder in his hand every time he picks it up after that.

Part 1: Jack | Part 2: +Parse | Part 3: Samwell | Part 4: Bittle

i keep seeing posts about the way the “hand-holding” arc developed in the force awakens, with finn unable to function outside a team (hence finn’s compulsive need to watch his partner’s back and check their safety when he’s vulnerable) and rey unable to function when working with companions (hence her being confused at finn’s habit of watching her back and checking her safety) and eventually the two of them end up learning from the other and i love it because finn’s vulnerability and rey’s guardedness are perfect complements and watching them come into contact and blend created some chemistry that was really fun to watch

but then i also see the comments and honestly i’ve really grown tired of hearing millennials talk about how racist their parents and grandparents were and then turn around and basically say “get your hands off that white woman” the first time they see an interracial couple. you’re making your racist granddaddy proud. 

and don’t think i missed how some of these same people have mistaken kylo ren literally kidnapping, torturing, and attempting to murder rey as “sexual tension” but see finn reflexively, involuntarily making contact with his teammate when he feels threatened as predatory. apparently rey’s boundaries are being violated when a black man touches her without being cognizant of doing so but when a white man literally knocks her unconscious, straps her to the table on purpose, and tries to forcibly rip thoughts from her head it’s hot. i honestly don’t care how many buzzwords you dress it up in, if you feel this post describes you, you don’t give a shit about rey’s boundaries or autonomy and you’re just using that as a smokescreen so you can dismiss anyone who acknowledges your hatred and fear of black people and interracial relationships. 

BTS Reaction: V App Antics~

Reaction: Your idol group is very active on V live, where she and her group give interviews and do silly things for fans~

Jin: While checking out the response to his latest Eat Jin episode, Jin pulled up your most recent V app session, in which your group were holding a cooking battle in a hotel kitchen. He laughs as your members kept stealing your cooking utensils and dipping spoons into the batter of your cake. 

Yah, unnie, how am I supposed to bake it if you take the pan?” 

He watches you chase after the older girl, flour covering the blue apron wrapped around your waist, and grins into his hand. 

“Y/N looks like a decent cook, if she had something to cook with,” he says, amused. “I’d like to cook with her someday…without the rest of the group, though.”

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Suga: “Hyung! Hyung! Come watch this video!” Jimin calls from the other room, his phone held sideways in his hand. 

“Why?” He groans back, pulling his snapback over his eyes. Don’t interrupt my nap

“You like Y/N, right? From Y/G/N?”

He grunts, irritated, but slowly climbs off his bed and heads into the living room, grabbing the maknae’s phone from his hand and ignoring Jimin’s complaints. In the video, your band is performing the dance version of your recent comeback song “Make It Rain” wearing 90′s style American hiphop outfits, tacky yellow and balloon pants included. He smirks when you pop into the center of the camera, whipping out old moves like the Sprinkler and the Cabbage Patch, a wide dorky grin on your face. 

“Cute,” he says simply.

“Right?” Jimin agrees, grinning brightly.

Yoongi takes one at his face before scoffing and throwing Jimin’s phone back into his lap.

“She’s your noona, brat. Watch yourself.”

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Namjoon:  He’s watching a few of their music videos on Youtube, reading comments and thinking about upcoming promotions, when he notices a video on the sidebar titled, “Y/G/N Cover of Love Is Not Over(BTS).” He clicks the link and watches as a YG dance studio popped into view. You and the other five members of your group are sitting on the floor, greeting fans and talking about recent events. 

He’d been watching your group’s career for several months now, particularly you after you had performed a duet with Jungkook for a Christmas special that year. The golden maknae had sung your praises for weeks afterward. Namjoon had taken an interest and brought up the idea of a collaboration with your group with Yoongi. 

The music for “Love Is Not Over” begins, and he watches as the two members of the group that usually rapped begin to sing the vocal parts. When his rap begins, you step in and start rapping, at a higher register than himself, but you keep the speed and delivery well-paced. He’s impressed. 

“Gorgeous, funny, beautiful voice, and she can rap? Looks like I need to work a bit harder on pushing that collab.”

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J-Hope: The bus ride to the concert stage is dragging on, and Hoseok is bored as hell. The other members are either sleeping or listening to the songs and preparing for the concert, but having spent the first two hours of the trip revising, he needs a break. On his phone, he starts looking at recent V app updates for choreography when he sees a thumbnail of you sitting up in bed, complete with bed head and sleepy smile. He clicks on it immediately.

Ahhh, unnie, good morning,” you mumble to the screen, and the sound of your leader’s laugh comes from behind the camera. You’re wearing a soft baggy sweater, like the dorm might be too cold, and you brush a hand over your hair, eyes blinking slowly like you’re still waking up. 

Morning, Y/N,” your leader says, sounding amused. “Want to help me give a tour of the dorm for our fans?

Okay~~,” you say, struggling past your covers and rolling out of the bed.

“Awwwwww, she’s so cute,” Hoseok says quietly, grinning into his hand. “So cute.”

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Taehyung: He and Jungkook are trolling around on the V app for videos to watch as they kill time before putting on make-up and suiting up for the concert that night. He notices a new addition to your idol group’s video collection and clicks eagerly–like BTS, your group is known for having funny videos, and Tae’s crush on you in particular is an open joke amongst the team. 

“Let’s watch this,” he says before Jungkook can reply, and the video starts playing. 

Jihyo, your group’s lead dancer, is holding the camera and walking around the dressing room aimlessly, stopping on each member and asking questions. She comes to you, where your stylist is using hairspray on your hair, and starts asking you questions.

You know BTS has a concert tonight as well,” Jihyo says, nudging your leg with her foot.

You look at her with a small pout on your face, and Tae feels his heart leap in his chest. “I know! I bet it’s going to be really good. I love their music,” you say with a small, sad smile. 

Yeah, just their music,” Jihyo teases immediately, and you give her an embarrassed, worried look. 


It has nothing to do with a certain singer/soon-to-be actor in a historical drama with a deep voice.”

Unnie!” You shout as you whip to your feet and start to chase her. The camera view starts blurring and swinging as Jihyo runs away, her laughter and your shouts crackling through the audio.

Grinning like a child in a toy store, Tae turns to Jungkook. “She likes me too, oh my god~~~”

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Jimin: After showering upon returning from the gym, Jimin makes himself a light breakfast and sits on the couch with his phone, scrolling through his Twitter notifications. A gif suddenly pops up on his feed of you rolling on the ground in a studio, three of your groups members tickling you as you try to get away. He notes the caption and heads to the V app to watch the full video.

An unbelievably adorable game follows as your group stuffs as many marshmallows in your mouths as possible. You all look like bunnies with over-stuffed cheeks. As the member to get the smallest number in your mouth, your punishment is to be tickled.

Wait, unnie,” you begin as they inch closer to you. Wrapping your arms around your middle, you try again, “Unnie, please, I’ll cook dinner tonight! I’ll--” by it’s no use. They hold you on the ground and tickle you until a couple tears roll down your cheeks. He watches you roll around laughing and shouting pleas for mercy, a huge grin on his face. 

“I want to play too,” Jimin says and pouts, before clicking on an older video of your group backstage at a concert, humming as he finishes his breakfast.

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Jungkook: Jungkook’s at dinner with the hyungs when his phone beeps with a notification from the V App: your band just uploaded another video. He brings the phone closer to his face and clicks the play button. 

“Jungkookie~~, what’s that?” Jimin asks from across the table.

“Shhh,” Jungkook hushes him quickly as the camera closes in on you bundled up into the corner of a sofa, waiting for your turn in the photoshoot.

“Really, this kid,” Jimin mutters, flipping the meat over on the grill and glaring at the maknae, who ignores him.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Your member, whose name he can’t remember, asks, and you look up from your red handheld console.

“Playing Pokemon. Want to see?” You look up at her with a shy grin, and Jungkook finds himself smiling at the screen in response. “I’m at the sixth gym right now. My Ivysaur is close to evolving.” Your member hums appreciatively, watching you click moves, your hands half hidden in the sleeves of your sweater.

She likes Pokemon… He thinks with a smile, closing the video to watch again later and ignoring Jimin’s continuous questions. 

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DO YOU EVER THINK ABOUT MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE BEING OVER THE MOON WHEN THEY FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE HAVING A CHILD FOR THE FIRST TIME LIKE SO EXCITED BC THEYVE BEEN TRYING FOREVER TO CONCEIVE BUT IT WASNT WORKING AND THEN 6 MONTHS IN THEY VISIT THE DOCTORS FOR A CHECK UP AND EVERYTHING IS ALL CHILL UNTIL SUDDENLY no baby. AND THEY JUST ALL GO STILL FOR A SECOND AND THE DOCTOR LOOKS AT THE monitor is complete and utter shock and sadness bc he’s really grown to love this couple and he has to tell them that he’s really sorry but she’s had a miscarriage and that these things are common and they’re both just absolutely heartbroken and MRS. Incredible cries herself to sleep that night and MR. incredible just holds her not knowing what else he could possibly do to help her and then a month goes past and they’re still really shaken up about it but she still has all the symptoms of a pregnancy and she goes in denial and is all like “no. I am having this baby. Don’t lie to me this is not real. I am pregnant. ” and so she stays on her pre natal vitamins and all of that stuff but her doctor keeps telling her that she’s having a hysterical pregnancy and that she isn’t having a child but then two months goes past and she goes into labour bc turns out the baby was just invisible the whole time lol

Bc I think about that a lot

your heart’s desire

inspired by new girl and the lack of any cute cs scenes in the house. its like 1am so all mistakes are mine:)

“Swan.” Killian says, coming to stand beside her as he waits patiently for her to look up from where she’s mixing the pancake batter.  

“Hm?” She checks the batter for any lumps before she tilts her head to look at him, “What’s up?”

“This color is absolutely horrendous.” He holds the little palette up, his eyebrows twitching together in a frown.

Her mouth hangs open and she drops the spatula into the bowl, turning to face him with a hand settled on her hip, “Excuse me?”

“Wood should be a dark shade, love.” He throws the palette of paper that she had given him this morning, telling him that this is gonna be the colour of our wooden floors.

Despite the Evil Queen running around town, Killian and Emma had decided that they will find their quiet moments, that they will live out their normal domestic lives, and one of them included renovating this house which is home now in every sense of the word, but is just so…white.

“Okay, I agree that this place is too bright right now, but if we get really dark wooden floors then it’ll look weird cause the kitchen cabinets are all white.”

“Then we’ll change the kitchen cabinets.” He shrugs as if it’s the most obvious thing ever, his eyes doing a weird (adorable) thing.

She holds up her fingers as she counts them with every word, “We agreed on changing the floor, changing the bathtub to a bigger one wide enough for two people, and to turn the fourth bedroom into a library. We’re not renovating a perfect kitchen.”

“Wouldn’t this steel cold storage thing look better surrounded with darker shades?” He points towards the fridge, raising an eyebrow.

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SSS: When the Moon, Ch 14

I resolve in this moment that if Peeta can’t marry his sweetheart, whether by her decision or my own, I’ll offer myself to fill that void: a warm woman’s body to hold in the darkness, with hands and lips to explore his own wounded landscape, so tenderly – and a womb to seed. I’m not the girl he loves but I can still give him daughters with black hair and blue eyes, as well as everything that goes into creating them, and maybe after a few lonely years he’ll crave the simple comfort of it: of bare skin and breasts and babes rounding a dove-brown belly. This sweet, wealthy boy is aching for what waits beneath the soot-stained coverlets of even the poorest miners, and it’s unthinkable that he might die without ever experiencing the quiet pleasures any Seam husband can take for granted, especially as he’s sharing his home with a Seam girl who loves him with every fiber of her being. I’ll love him forever regardless, but how much better to put that love to use in a manner my boy might desperately need someday?

“You won’t,” I promise him cryptically. “You won’t go without ever again, Peeta, let alone without something so precious. I’ll make sure of that.”


Writer Gregor Hens doesn’t smoke anymore, but he used to — a lot. And as he explains in his memoir, Nicotine, he still thinks about it every day.

He writes, “Every form of cigarette ad gives me a pang of longing, every scrunched-up, carelessly thrown away cigarette packet at a bus stop, every trod-on cigarette butt, every beautiful woman holding a cigarette between her fingers or just looking like she could be holding one.”

He talked to NPR’s Kelly McEvers about the book – and his life as a smoker. Check out their conversation here.

– Petra

It’s a Promise

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Warning:a bit sad, I suppose..

The sweet sound of wild giggling hits your ears,like snow on a christmas morning. So calm and beautiful. A stillness blankets over you, watching the small children playing in the sandbox. Their life force is so pure, so simple.

A little redhead girl walks right up to you and holds out a lily. Her smile is warm and radiate as you take the flower from her.

“Thank you, Mia,” you beam brightly, bringing the flower up to your nose. The scent is sweet, soothing you want it to linger forever in your nose.

“You’re welcome,” Mia giggles before running back to the sandbox. Leaning back into the bench, you roll the flower between your fingers. Checking the time on your watch, you see it’s nearly noon. Sighing with a small smile you wait for him to arrive, like he did everyday for the past year. Bundle nerves pool around your heart, waiting for the man. And then you feel him, right next to you.

“Cas,” you whisper, turning to face him. Sad blue eyes smile at you, his hand reaches down to yours.

“Y/N,  how are you today?”

“Given the circumstances, good,” you chuckle, leaning your head against his shoulders. The two of you sit in silence, hands entangle. He rubs his thumb against your knuckles, filling you in on the WInchester’s latest quest.

“I miss those two idiots. I wish I could be with them. Are they okay?”

Cas lets out a soft sigh, “They will manage, it’s foretold.”

You hum in response, “Was this foretold?”

“No, it was a tragedy. Should have never happened, I am truly sorry,” Castiel’s blue eyes impale you with sorrow and regret, but you just smile.

“Shit happens, Cas. But just promise to keep coming to see me whenever you can.”

The angel squints in confusion, “I would never not come. Do you not know this, Y/N?”

You chuckle, moving your head closer to his. “I know, Castiel. I love you, too.”

He finally smiles, pressing his lips against yours. You sigh against his lips, moving away when a rattle of giggles come from the sandbox. The children’s faces were distorted in disgust causing Cas and you to erupt in laughter. When the laughter dies down, you turn to look at the handsome angel, a warm look on his face. He takes a hand to your face, thumbing at your cheek.

“I will always come to see you. And when I finally cease to exist in the human world, I’ll come to settle in Heaven. Here with you.”

“Is that a promise?”

It’s a promise.”

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