and he's the only reason it's worth seeing

ok listen, captain flint/james mcgraw was john silver’s backstory. he is the person that made him who he is. he says he was no one because he believes that to be true. he believes that he was ‘nothing’ before flint. his past wasn’t important, it wasnt what defined him. silver didn’t have a cause before he met him. until flint gave it to him, he had no story. in the same way flint had no story before thomas. no story worth telling, no story worth fighting for. so cant you see it? silver not telling flint his past wasn’t because he didn’t trust him. not because he didn’t love him. it was because flint was his beginning. he was where his war began. and how do you tell someone that? how would james tell thomas that he is the reason for all of it. how would silver tell flint that not only is he fighting for madi, but he is also fighting for him.

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I LOVE that you talk about Phil as his own person and that you bring attention to 'philphobia'! I see in your posts so many of my own thoughts that I've been too afraid/uncomfortable to address, and it makes me happy(? more like satisfied?) that someone is saying it so publicly. It's a disheartening reality some parts of the phandom and it's important to mention it, so thank you <3

I admire Phil so much, and for so many reasons. These are just a few:

  1. He seems like such a genuinely nice, warm, caring, thoughtful person.
  2. He seems so generous, such as when he invited Dan onstage at the BONCAs to share his accolades.
  3. He never brags about his accomplishments, even if maybe sometimes he should! He’s accomplished a lot worth bragging about!
  4. He seems like a really good friend, not only to Dan but to loads of other people, most of which we never see except in occasional little glimpses like his recent collab with Shawna. This is one of the reasons I wish he did more collabs with other YouTubers, because a lot of them seem very fond of him, but we don’t get to see it much.
  5. He seems to really try to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes in life that’s hard, like when he got sick on tour, but he seems to always really try to find a way to still be happy and to make others happy, too. He still went out on that stage every night and did his best to make that once-in-a-lifetime experience something every audience member would always remember with joy.
  6. His love for animals is adorable, but also ethically meaningful. I love that he said in his last live show that while on the tour in Florida he was really worried that they were invading the personal space of the baby alligators. Phil really thinks and cares about the well-being of other creatures, both humans and non-humans. He shows so much respect for the natural world, people and animals and plants and all!
  7. He seems like a very ambitiously creative thinker who believes he can make things happen, and that’s clearly been the case since childhood, since we’ve seen clips of the movie he made when he was a kid. Most kids wouldn’t have had the drive and perseverence to create such a large project, but kid!Phil did. Just imagine what he still has ahead of him!
  8. He seems to laugh a lot, and to quite easily laugh at himself. It requires a real belief in yourself, a sense of security and respect for yourself, to be able to laugh so easily when you realize you’ve done something stupid. I’ve always admired that about him, that he doesn’t edit out the moments when he’s filming and says something dumb … instead, he usually emphasizes it in his videos, knowing that millions of people will see it! That’s a sign of incredible comfort with himself, a level of comfort most people never achieve.
  9. He’s incredibly beautiful from a purely visually aesthetic standpoint, but doesn’t seem to think about that much. It’s rare that we see a photo of him—like the ladybug selfie—where he seems to be emphasizing his own physical beauty. I worry sometimes that this comes from a lack of recognition of his own physical attractiveness, but then pics like the ladybug selfie make me doubt that it’s ignorance, because nobody could look at that photo without thinking, “That is an incredibly beautiful man” … not even Phil, I hope.
  10. He doesn’t let society’s expectations limit him, and it seems like he never really has. He’s always seemed open and accepting (and even proud) of the ways in which he is unique, different, and even “weird.” He doesn’t let anyone’s expectations of what a 30-year-old man “should” be like determine his behavior or his attitudes. He watches anime and steals cereal and dresses up in silly wigs and giggles and doesn’t let anybody tell him that he needs to “grow up.” There are a million different ways to be a “grown-up,” and I love that Phil defines it for himself instead of letting anyone else define it for him.

Phil is not half of Dan-and-Phil.  He is his own person, and I love that person for all the things that make him who he is, even the things he doesn’t let us see, because he has a right to privacy. Whatever parts of himself he chooses not to share, those parts of him still contribute to the whole Phil, and that person is someone I admire and respect.

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Forge. The only reason I'm saying that is because I want to see Lucifer Get Rect by Forge and his gorgeous metal muscles and it's entirely possible

Sorry for not choosing his armored form I just couldn’t deal with scales on his arms. Please click Read More, it’s like, 3 weeks worth of work and got long. VERY LONG.

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fakiru, 9?

fakiru + things you said when i was crying

There are a thousand reasons to leave and only one to stay, but that one is the one he vowed to live his life with, so he’ll just have to suck up everything else and take it because she’s worth it all a thousand times over and more.

He’s dealt with a lot worse, anyway, Fakir reasons. And Ahiru is spending the rest of her life as a duck. He has no right to complain.

Still. That doesn’t make it easy.

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Haki is running late.

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A Good Man v. A Great Man

A friend and I at work love AoS. If we have a shift on a Tuesday and there isn’t a call we watch. The station has satellite that allows us to watch other time zones, so we’ll do that if we had to miss the 10 showing or want to re-watch. We hide the remote so our co-workers can’t change the channel. Anyways we got into a debate last night about the scene between Jemma and Alistair, where Jemma calls Fitz a good man, and his father calls him a great man. My friend took this to mean that his dad did indeed love him, I disagree. At least in the sense of actual love.

Jemma loves Fitz. She loves his mind, and the things he creates, and the things they create together sure. But she loves that Fitz is awkward, and loyal, and kind, and she loves how he sees the world. Jemma loves that he challenges her to see things the way he does, while he strives to do the same. And when they can’t it’s not a failure, it’s not a reason to break up or tear one another down, it’s the understanding that they different people and have different views and that’s ok, its fine, it’s human, and it’s something to learn from and grow together. It’s love.

Alistair loves Leopold. He loves that his son is a genius. He loves that his son is the ‘leading man at Hydra’. He loves that his son learned that a ‘strap across the back’ was necessary to achieve greatness. And that greatness is the only thing that makes life worth living. He loves that his son sees the world exactly the same way he does. He loves that his son views love as a weakness as well as sympathy, empathy, emotions. He loves that Leopold is just like him, only successful.  Sure that’s love too, of the self-aggrandizing sort.

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during lunch today my classmates started dissing long-running anime/manga. Bleach was brought up…and, yeah, I understand the complaints and have a 33,000 tons worth of my own, BUT THEN they started dragging Ichigo, like really dragging him, and i didn’t know what to do. Because, on the one hand, i love him with my whole heart. But on the other hand, in light of the ending, who even was he? i sat in pain and listened to one of my all-time faves panned and wished life had turned out differently.

Things To Love About Chen!
  • The voice!!!
  • How modest he is about The Voice!!!
  • His kitty curls
  • Those arms (Have you seen the gun show? *fans self*)
  • When he gets all shy
  • His super cuddly, affectionate nature
  • He’s Exo’s secret mama (but also a troll)
  • He leaves post-its on the fridge reminding Exo to eat
  • His stupid laugh
  • The poodle perm (Back off. I loved it)
  • Those cheekbones!
  • He was the only one to go and help Lay write Promise (it was worth it)
  • He’s short (Me too. Shorties unite!)
  • The way he flirts with Chanyeol during Playboy and takes it to a really dirty place (see also: how good he looks in leather pants)
  • The Chooty!
  • When he teases people but no one ever gets mad at him
  • WAAAAAEEEEE!!!??!?!
  • These pics and gifs:

Want to suggest an idol and I’ll make one of these for them?

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which episode or movie has a lot of usagi and mamoru in it? they're such a cute couple!

eeeeee! love this question!

ill break it down for you arc by arc. thats a little easier and more cohesive. anyways im doing this mostly from memory so if anyone reads this and has any to add, FEEL FREE.


R- promise of the rose. SO MUCH USAMAMO GOODNESS. oh my god if you havent already this is a must see. the adorable little flashback and then the mirrored scene of them in present day age… oh its perfect. this is the (imo at least) only good movie of the three anyways so its worth the watch for so many other reasons as well. 


really if you want to see tons of funny, pre relationship moments, watch the first 15 episodes. there’s funny moments all throughout, especially episode 11.

episode 34 & 35: YES. these both are fantastic episodes! 34 is great because you have usagi chasing after mamoru, wondering WTF IS HE DOING? WHY IS HE BLEEDING? RAINBOW CRYSTALS????? HE’S TUXEDO MASK?????!!! it’s fabulous. 35 is amazing because they find out about their pasts and flashbacks and it’s jsut GREAT.

episode 44: more sillmill flashbacks!!! one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. 

episode 46: another favorite of mine. we see the fight between evil endy & usagi. so much sad, angsty feels that turn to momentary relief and then to more sad stuff. make sure you watch this one subbed though!! 


(( okay well tbh, this whole season is full of usamamo goodness. the WHOLE thing. if you havent, watch it. it’s a really great season. it’s probably the best season of the anime, imo. although i could really really do without the breakup arc ))

episode 53: usagi and mamoru (attempt) to babysit. hilarious. 

episode 59:  YESSSS!!!!!! another of my favorites. this is a GREAT episode. usagi protects mamoru, he protects her, and his memories return. oh gosh i could talk about this episode FOREVER.

episode 61: start of the breakup arc. lots of feels, sad as they are.

episode 69: mamoru saves usagi despite his conflicting feelings. cant deny how much he still loves her. a really good episode. (this also might be the episode where mamoru cries so there’s that)

episode 77: usagi and mamoru back together, yay! 

episode 83: usagi gets kidnapped by demande, mamoru rescues her.


(tbh, i feel like this season doesnt have much. if you want lots of usamamo goodness, read this arc of the manga!!)

episode 91: usagi & mamoru’s love creates a new weapon and there’s a house full of kitties. perfect combo.

episode 101 & 102: usagi’s birthday. lots of good stuff in these two episodes. 


if i could erase this season from existence, i would lmao.

episode 132: another episode where usagi protects mamoru and he goes ape shit to save her when she’s suffocating. probably the only good episode in this whole damn season.

episode 161: if this is the episode im thinking of, there’s a nice kiss moment and thats pretty much it


episode 172: usagi saves everyone from the nightmare of nehellenia and gets mamoru back from her curse. GREAT episode. one of my faves.

episode 173: mamoru leaves for america and they share a really touching goodbye in the airport.

episode 200: THE ENDING SCENE THOUGH. the finale scene of them together and mamoru talking and usagi’s last speech. its cute and wonderful. also not to mention the reunion scene between usagi and her senshi, as well as mamoru.

and thats what i have,

like i said, feel free to add any others if there’s any that i missed (because i most definitely had to have lol)


Look what you made me do, @qyukie. I saw your post about delimoo and new years kisses and felt compelled to write this. 

I hope you guys enjoy & let me know what you think! Happy new year everyone <3

Pairings: Delimoo
Warnings: Swearing

Jon realised- just a few minutes too late- that he’d just walked into Brock’s chest.

The odds of a chance meeting between the two of them were so low, practically next to none, that the idea didn’t even flicker through Jon’s mind at first. Instead, when he raised his eyes to meet Moo’s, he just quickly shrugged it off with the thought that he’d just bumped into Brock’s doppelgänger. 

And then Brock was reaching out to steady him, fingers rubbing small circles into his shoulder in a comforting gesture and his eyes practically screamed his apologies.

And then he spoke.

“Oh- oh shit… I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention, obviously. Are you okay?" 

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Hi~ What reason could Mob possibly have had in chap 58 to hurt those clients and what is the thing only he might have been able to understand? Especially the latter question makes me think that the only plausible explanation is, that the accident, which happend to the ghost family must have been caused by those students, (who don't seem very reliable anyway).. I really love this chapter for it's great narration >.<.

chapter 58 is a hell of a chapter. it stands out in my mind as “a chapter in which more than one chapter’s worth of stuff happens.” so let’s see…

ok i just checked the raws and before we dive in, let me just…

don’t just omit that “aah…” in the first speech bubble and then add an exclamation point in the second where it’s actually a period! jeez!! little utterances and punctuation choice are important in establishing tone!!!

anyway, let’s see. i don’t think he actually did hurt those clients, for one thing. in this scene, where the college student clients want mob (or reigen) to exorcise an innocent ghost family, mob is stressing out over a concern he voiced earlier in the chapter: why spirits are treated differently than humans. he asked that question after seeing a human get arrested for creepy out-of-body-experience stalking. now consider that if the culprit had been a spirit instead, he would have exorcised the spirit. why does a human get arrested but a spirit gets erased from existence? it’s a pretty disturbing question when you think about it. and naturally, mob has erased many, many spirits from existence via exorcism.

so that leads us to the panels immediately following the above panel,

which i’ve gone and translated as follows (re-translating without looking at the existing scanlation) : 

“i mean, there’s no way i could rely on my emotions… and certainly not so casually… because if i start thinking that i want to protect this family… then next time, i might end up hurting the client.” 

mob is taking his “how to treat spirits vs how to treat humans” issue to the next level: if he favors the spirits over the client here, how will he know whether to side with the spirits next time? and if he has to decide on his own which side to take, with no one to guide him, he clearly doesn’t trust himself to make the right decision. mob is addressing the possibility that in the future, if he follows his emotions, he might side with the spirits he was assigned to exorcise, such that he fails to exorcise them and even hurts the clients in order to protect the spirits. mob sees himself between two options of equal weight, since (as the chapter goes on to say) humans and spirits are socially the same distance from him. he trusts reigen to guide him, to tell him which side to take. he absolutely does not trust his own emotions.

so as for that thing that only mob could understand… hmm… i think he’s saying that this is something he really needs to figure out, that he needs to be able to make this decision, but without relying on emotions… but honestly it’s still kind of confusing to me. mob’s whole deal so far has been that he’s normal and not unique, except for his psychic power, but he knows plenty of espers now. contrary to his heretofore “commoner” self-image, mob saying that there’s something Only he can understand implies that he sees a uniqueness in himself. but i can’t figure out what he’s seeing. how self-aware is he being in this moment? is it that he trusts both people and spirits over his own emotions? i’ll let you know if i figure this one out…

and now, the third part of your message. i really don’t think those college kids are responsible for the deaths of that ghost family. if they were, don’t you think the ghost family would have reacted to their presence and said something, since they’re clearly able to talk? and it’s not like mob is the only one they could’ve told– dimple is there and talking to them as well. plus the implication of the ghost family being at the haunted site is that they died there, so why would college kids return to the scene of the (presumed) crime to take some silly photos and then be creeped out by the photos? i think the group of students is guilty only of being rude, oblivious assholes. they deserved to get ripped off by reigen, since they refused to pay him the day before. hell, they should reimburse his taxi ride from way the hell out in the middle of nowhere too, since they wouldn’t even give him a ride back. 

Toe Curling Kinda Love

Summery: Reader has a crush on Sam but is too shy to tell him, trying to drop subtle hints, the reader tries to clue in Sam. Not to mention embarrass herself.

Sam x Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1213

A/N: Original Request:  Hey, I LOVE your requests btw! I was wondering if you could do a Sam x Reader one shot where she has a crush on Sam. She could be quite sweet and bubbly but she hasn’t got the courage to tell Sam her feelings so she tries to drop him subtle hints. Just fluffiness and humour xx

Your feet curled in your shoes and you could feel butterflies in the pit of your stomach as you looked at the youngest Winchester, Sam. Nobody knew about your crush on the Winchester and you’d like to keep it that way, but that didn’t mean that the feelings you had been experiencing would lessen in any way. If anything, they were intensifying.

“Hmm Y/N?”

You looked up at Sam with wide eyes.

“You weren’t even listening, were you?” he laughed as he shook his head causing his long brown hair to swish.

You scoffed and tried your best to look offended.

“Of course I was listening.”

“Oh yeah? What’d I say?”

“You were telling me how awesome you think I am,” you smirk and cast your gaze to your fidgeting fingers as they played with the book pages.

“You are one hundred percent correct, that is exactly what I said.” Sam said playfully as his smile grew.

“Mmh hmm, that’s what I thought.” your eyes shot up to meet Sam’s before they went back to the book in your hands.

“Well its official, no hunts, no monsters, no nothing.” Sam sighed as he closed his laptop

“You sound disappointed.”

“Nah, it’ll be good to have a day off I guess.” Sam leaned back and sighed with a smile.

Man he looked so cute, you should tell him. Come on what’s the worst that could happen?

“Hey Sam?”


Oh god abort, abort!

“Uh- I… um- you need a hair cut!” you yell as you jump up from you seat to ruffle his brown locks.

“Hey!” he yelled laughing as he swatted your hands away.

Man was he so cute.

“Well I’m gonna take a shower.” you listened to Sam chuckle as you walked towards the bathroom, the perfect idea coming to mind.

It was simple, you needed Sam to see you as more than a hunter, but you didn’t want to come right out with it so you’d have to be subtle about it. You couldn’t be too obvious. Shimmying into a pair of pyjama shorts and a simple black tank top you walked into Sam’s room.

“Hey, I need a sweater.” before he could answer you opened his closet door and started rifling through his stuff.

“Hey!” he yelled laughing as he stood from his bed and walked over to you, pulling out an old and worn dark blue sweater from the hanger and handed it to you.

“Thanks! Hey, are you busy?” you asked, trying to sound as casual as you could but you couldn’t help shift your eyes around the room.

“No, why?”

“I wanted to watch a movie, wanna join?” you could hear the nervousness in your voice and prayed that Sam didn’t notice.

“Yeah, sure”

“Cool, uh- I’ll be in the living room.”

Turning on your heels you walked out with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. 

“Really Y/N? Ghost Shark?” Sam laughed as he sat beside you, grabbing the bowl of grapes out of your hand.

“Oh come on! Its so terrible its awesome!”

Sam groaned and you pushed his shoulder playfully.

“Oh hey! That reminds me, I found something for you!”

You had been saving it for Sam’s birthday but seeing as that was far away and you needed a reason to give him something you couldn’t help but give it to him early.

“What? Y/N, you didn’t-”

“Oh its not that big-a-deal.” you said dismissively. It had only taken you a weeks worth of hunting through bookstores to find what you were looking for. No big deal.


“Oh come on! Open it!”

Sam sighed and gave in, tearing at the crappy plain wrapping paper, he gasped as his eyes widened.

“Y/N- this must have taken you forever to find!”

“Nah, just in the right place at the right time.”

Sam hugged the large, old, thickly bound book to his chest and smiled.

“What? The book gets a hug and I don’t?” you laughed nonchalantly

“Of course you get a hug, get over here,” he said pulling you by your wrist into a tight embrace “Thanks Y/N.”

You were glad Sam couldn’t see the blush crept across you face.

“No problem Sammy!” you said nervously, shivering at his touch.

“Hey, are you still cold?”

“Oh no, its fine-”

Sam set the book beside him and pulled you into him, resting his arm around your shoulders and resting your head on his chest.

“Warmer?” he questioned.

All you could do was nod as your heart started to hammer in your chest.

Wow Sam smelt good. Like, really good… Jeez Y/N, focus!

“What are you looking at?” Sam questioned as he looked down at you. You hadn’t even realized you’d been staring at him.

“You need a hair cut.”

“You’re a jerk.”

You smiled and curled your fingers around his shirt.

“Want a drink?” you asked a moment later, looking away from his eyes.


“You got it.”

You sighed as Sam moved his arm away from you, feeling a sense of loss.

Come on Y/N, think! Show him you like him!

Grabbing Sam’s thigh you pushed up from the couch and looked back.

“Water, right?”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Smirking you walked into the living room and poured two glasses of water, carefully carrying them out.

“Here ya go!” you said as you handed him the water, watching as he took a big gulp.

“Ah, thanks.”


Go figure the moment things were going well you would embarrass yourself. Stumbling over your own two feet you spilt your water in Sam’s lap and fell on top of him.

“Oh my- I am so sorry-”

Your face was on fire from embarrassment as you tried to push up off of Sam’s lap.

“It’s okay” he said laughing and standing with you.

Oh my god could this be anymore embarrassing? You quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom and began to wipe down Sam. You didn’t even realize what you were doing until Sam grabbed your wrists to stop you.

“S-sorry” you stuttered out. Was it possible for your face to become even more red than it already was?

Sam laughed as he looked at you, a weird glint in his eyes.

“Its okay. I’ll go, uh, change.”

“Need some help?” you mumbled under your breath accidentally as he began walking away, you didn’t even think he could hear you until he turned around.


You looked up with wide eyes and internally cringed.

“Uh- I was- ha… um-”

Sam laughed as he walked to his room to quickly dress, coming back in a new pair of pants and retuning to his spot on the couch.  

You knew your face was red, you knew your ears were burning as your heart continued to beat erratically, you couldn’t believe how embarrassed you were as you sat stiffly on the couch.

“You know, you’re cute when your flustered.” he said as he pulled you back into him.


“You think I didn’t notice you big dork? The book, the movie, my sweater and those damn shorts?”

“I- uh-”

“You’re a really crappy flirt you know that?” Sam questioned leaning his face closer to yours.

“You think you could show me?” pulling Sam closer you placed a soft kiss to his lips and smiled. You really were a crappy flirt

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Can u make an imagine where the reader is sisters cameron but likes jack g but cameron won't let her date him

“I’m going out with the Jacks” Cameron announces as he grabs his keys from the bowl on the bannister by the front door.
You spring up from the couch, dropping the magazine you were reading, “Can I come?” You ask
“What, so that you can have Gilinsky all over you? Forget it (y/n).” He says, opening the door and walking out. 
You slump back onto the couch - Cameron has never liked seeing you with Jack because he knows he’s bad news, but you have liked him for years. You rarely ever get to see him anymore because recently he began reciprocating those feelings and Cameron has tried to make you steer clear of him completely. 

Your phone buzzes and you pick up, “Jack!” 
“(y/n), you coming along with Cam?” He asks
“No, he just left - he won’t let me go” You explain
“Shit” He says, “You’re the only reason I was even considering going out today." 
You smile, “Sorry Jack” 
"It’s okay baby, I’ll find a way to get to you” He teases, “Oh, gotta go I think he just pulled up." 


Cameron gets home, throwing his keys back in the bowl and walking over to you - still on the couch, now reading a book. 
He messes your hair up and jumps over the back of the couch to sit next to you. “What you reading, sis?” 
"A book.” You say bluntly. 
“I can see that” He laughs, pinching your cheek.
You look up to him - his fingers still on your cheek and you raise an eyebrow.
He lets go and you look back down at your book.
“(y/n), look.” He says, taking the book out of your hands. “I know it feels good being around someone that likes you, I know you may think he’s a good person to be around, but he’s bad news!”
You grunt, standing up and walking to your room. You hear Cameron call after you, but you ignore him, walking up the stairs and slamming the door behind you as you enter your room.

“Save me” You text Jack
“Closer than you think” He replies almost immediately.
You raise an eyebrow, then start stressing that he is going to come to the front door and cross paths with Cameron without an explanation as to why is he is here.
Then there’s a knock on your window. You smile, assuming it’s him.
You pull the curtains back and smile wider, opening the window and letting him in. “Hey baby girl” He says, grabbing your face and kissing you. 
“Jack” You beam at him, kissing him again. 
The two of you get on your bed and you continue to kiss him, wrapping your arms around his neck, tugging at his hoodie. 
“You’re so beautiful” He whispers before kissing your cheek, down to your neck. 
“Look, (y/n), I’m really sorry abou-” Cameron barges into your room, and you rip yourself away from Gilinsky, heart beating fast, blood rushing to your brain.
“Gilinsky” Cameron yells, jaw clenched. He rushes over to Jack, who jolts up, putting his hands out in front of him to defend himself. “Man I told you to stay away from my sister, you asshat!" 
He starts shoving Jack - pushing his chest repetitively, until he is up against the wall. 
"Cameron stop!” You yell. Your brother respects you too much to ignore you, so he turns and waits to hear what you have to say.
“God, Cameron you think that the only reason I like being around Jack is because he ‘might like me’?” You exclaim, “Cameron wake up! I’ve liked him ever since I was five years old, and he picked a flower off the ground and got stung by a bee in the process." 
He lets go of Jack’s hoodie, that he was holding up by his chest, and turns his entire body towards you, to imply that you have his attention.
"His hand swelled to twice its size, and he told me it was worth seeing me smile.” You continue, “I have liked him since we were six and dancing to Stacy’s Mom in our garage, I have liked him through all the shit we’ve been through, and all the new experiences we’ve tried. He’s not the bad guy here Cameron. I know who he is, I know who Jack is!" 

Cameron is speechless. He turns back to Jack. Speechless. Back to you. 
"I didn’t know.” He finally says, turning back to Jack, patting his chest down to flatten out the wrinkles he made on his hoodie. “I didn’t know." 
"It’s,” You tuck some hair behind your ear, “It’s fine.”
“I’m sorry guys.” Cameron says
“It’s cool man” Jack says softly, pounding his upper arm gently. “I just want you to know, I really like her alright?" 
"Yeah” Cam breathes, “Sure man. But, uh, you hurt her, and, you know”
“Yeah” Jack smiles, “I know man. Never gonna happen." 


raeseddon  asked:

Out of curiosity, what is it about the Friday the 13th movies that has captivated you for so long? They were never my impossibly long running franchise of choice (that honor goes to Night of the Living Dead) but I'm always interested in hearing other horror fans talk about why they love the series they do. Is it the nostalgia factor, the idea that a lot of them are in fact, Very Good Movies in their own right?

This is something I hope to tackle during the Countdown, because it’s one of my favorite subjects.

Focusing mainly on Parts 2, 3 and 4 – because that’s where my loyalty was most definitively built – these are horror movies, but they’re not just horror movies. They’re also movies about young adults getting to have the kinds of “vacations” I used to dream about as a kid. You know, the whole idea of being out on their own in a pretty dead town where the only thing to do was act on their impulses.

Crystal Lake had a lot in common with Pleasure Island from Pinocchio – get there and have your fun, but be careful, ‘cause you’re gonna pay for it.

I just love that aspect of the earlier films. The whole “bunch of friends mixed with non-friends thrown together for what essentially amounted to weeklong parties in the woods.” If you only know F13 by its reputation, this sounds off, but when you see the movies, it’s pretty clear and it has a lot of layers.

(And FYI, that was my main problem with the remake: It knew this, but it didn’t really understand this.)

Beyond that are other reasons, of course. I enjoy Jason as a character. I love the fact that he evolves from movie to movie, more often by happenstance than by storyline direction. I love that no two Jasons are exactly alike.

Thanks to changing trends, different directors and the simple fact that the franchise was “worth more” or “worth less” depending on the year, the F13 movies grew to have quite distinct flavors, too, and they hit upon so many mostly-lost horror “trends.” Part 5 is trashy. Part 6 is MTV. Part 7 is direct-to-video style. Part 8 represents the era when cinema wanted to get hipper but didn’t always know how to do that. Part 9 is ‘90s sci-fi. Part 10 is 2000s spoofy. Like, look at the each movie’s release date and then match it up with other movies that came out in those years. You’ll find that it makes SUCH WEIRD SENSE.

I could go on for hours, really.

As I said, I don’t believe Cami is his true love. I think people like Caroline and Cami are his soulmates, but you only have one true love (twin flame), and neither are it. If that were true at this point in his journey he would be at peace, but he’s not. He’s still self-loathing, still has major issues he needs to confront and neither woman can really help with that. In fact they enable his main issue that he hates himself and see’s himself as a monster and really so do they. As Cami admitted. They do see good in him yes and believe they can save him or fix him but neither can. Klaus needs to confront his own demons and he can’t do that unless he faces the truth. He hates himself and he does not love himself. He thinks of himself as a monster an abomination. He maybe tries to even be good for his daughter but he can’t live up to standards even as hard as he may try, its not him. He has still not accepted himself. This is the root of all of his rage and anger. Mikael didn’t accept him, didn’t love him. He’s an abomination, a monster a freak. Esther didn’t accept him. He really thinks he’s a monster, people thinks he’s a monster so he plays the role he’s been given. In fact I think the only person to date to never call Klaus a monster has been Hayley Marshall. I don’t think she’s ever seen Klaus as a monster, a psycho, a lunatic, but not a monster. She see’s him as broken and damaged much like herself and I’m really starting to believe more and more that she’s his true love. They really hate each other right now, the refusal to show care for the other, the way they’re so guarded around the other and refuse to let the other in, it seems honestly like they’re scared of the other and scared of the other hurting them. Its their constant battle for control that neither can win.

As Julie Plec said in a recent interview “ Klaus doesn’t realize how alike and how bonded him and Hayley are”


Basically what this means is that yes like we all knew Hayley is Klaus’s true love. The women he refuses to let in. The one he tries harder  than anything not to care about. The one he’s guarded against. The one he can’t manipulate or control. The one who saw the good in him even when this man was threatening her life and did nothing but disrespect her. The one who stood up to him even when she had no reason to believe he wouldn’t hurt her.

Hayley is his twin flame which is basically the epitome of a soulmate, they are your other half. They complete you.

 Unlike common belief a person can have many soulmates. This is canon on TVD verse and its true. You can have many soulmates but only one twin flame.

Julie Plec even low key hinted in her answer.

Klaus doesn’t realize how alike and how bonded him and Hayley are.

Klaus is still blind. He’s still chasing after women who he’s obsessed with and desperate to give him some self-worth and see the good in him. He wants some pure full of light angel to save him, which is ridiculous. No wonder he’s still not at peace. He’s looking for the wrong thing.