and he's such a smiley klingon

Sisko ships that are great and need more attention

Sisko/Dukat: a classic, pure form of kismesis. Dukat probably keeps a holopicture of Sisko under his pillow. probably partially onesided because Dukat’s flame of lovehate burns fierce and eternal while Sisko is a little creeped out but also lowkey flirts like that time he put on sexy Klingon makeup and growled at him

Sisko/O’Brien: best enjoyed in a mobster au where Sisko is the kingpin and O’Brien is his loyal eyepatched minion. see: dramatis personae, our man bashir, mirrorverse (please please talk to me about mirror sisko/smiley)

Sisko/Garak: in the pale moonlight basically reads as a seduction, Garak slowly bringing Sisko to the side of morally ambiguous murder through the power of charged monologues and no personal space. extrapolate a little further to make Garak Sisko’s dirty little secret

Sisko/Curzon: does anyone really believe they didn’t sleep together at least once. does anyone, anywhere. 

Sisko/Picard: the potential for angst and tension and forgiveness!!!!

Sisko/Bashir: personally, i can’t decide if i prefer Bashir to be crushing on his charismatic commanding officer or to want Sisko to be the positive father figure Bashir never had (and Sisko to be kind of like ‘thats cool but i didnt sign up for that’) but if you see it way # 1 “past present” was some good shit. 

Sisko/Eddington: HE TOOK HIM TO A BASEBALL GAME. and then BETRAYAL and now they’re rping Valvert while angrily making out and Sisko thinks he probably missed a step somewhere in there but it’s all good

Sisko/Quark: look i ship Quark with everyone because i’m disgusting til the day i die

Sisko/Admiral Ross: i think Ross was really boring and i didnt like him but it would make more sense if Sisko put up with him bc he was a great date and really good in bed. eventually Sisko would dump him for being involved with section 31

Sisko/random dudes: never happened but can you imagine if it did. imagine Jake trying to set his dad up with handsome men of mystery. imagine Sisko falling in love with a guy for an episode before it’s tragically revealed that he’s actually some other person’s subconscious projection. imagine Jake making his dad a space dating profile