and he's such a flirt


Magnus recognizing Alec’s potential for leadership from the very start, even when Alec didn’t believe in himself.

Picture this

Miraculous Holders gain the ability to talk to their patron animal. Ladybugs don’t have a whole lot to say, so Marinette doesn’t really use it, but cats… Adrien spends SO MUCH TIME talking to cats, and they give him advice (not always good advice) and stuff. And then one day a teeny little calico comes to Chat Noir, shaky and hungry but says she has a human kitten at home who is scared and hurting and he needs a hero. Picture Chat Noir with a veritable army of feline spies around Paris, reporting things back to him and coming to him for help. “Chat Noir, help me find a safe place for my kittens.” “Chat Noir, my human’s mate strikes her.” “Chat Noir, my human is old and sad and alone, how can I help him?” And as Adrien or Chat Noir, he does what he can, because being a hero is about more than the big things. Picture this.

as someone with a lot of experience with abuse and predatory people, this apology is a scam

a 26 year old adult asking an 18 year old for sexual favors doesn’t “become” insidious. it’s insidious from the start because nick designed the situation that way. he’s a sexual predator, full stop, and he feels no remorse over what he’s done. he doesn’t even feel remorse about being caught

he’s been inconvenienced. nothing more, nothing less. it’s a setback for him that the work he’s put in ingratiating himself to polygon has unraveled. and now he’s doing what he can to build that base of power back up

do not take this to heart. tread lightly and please, for the love of god, stay as far away from this man as physically possible

Self Pep Talk
  • Otabek: Okay, I can do it. 'Hi, Yuri. Do you remember me? We did ballet together.'
  • Otabek: No, no, no. He'll think I am a weirdo. Try again. 'Hey, Yuri! Wanna ride my bike?'
  • Otabek: Fuck no. He'll think I'm a creep. Gotta chill. Think, Otabek, think. Say something that won't show you are crushing hard on him.
  • Otabek: 'You have the unforgettable eyes of a soldier.'
  • Otabek: There, I've got this.

Katy: Why did Lance’s inner wiring get singed again? KEITH!!

(Keith, you broke him)


Katy is so done with their shit

One day before the opening scene in The Winter Soldier….

Steve: How’s this shirt?

Nat: About two sizes too small.

Steve: Perfect, I’ll take it.

Nat: Wait. What are you buying it for?

Steve: …jogging.

Nat: Where?

Steve: …somewhere.

Nat: Alone?

Steve: ….yeeeeeees–

Nat: You’re going to the National Mall to flirt with that guy again, aren’t you.


Nat: Good. Don’t forget to put your hands on your hips, your chest really pops that way. 

He tried
  • Chat Noir: My Lady, I have a question.
  • Ladybug: What’s up Chaton?
  • Chat Noir: Are there any other attractions in the city besides you?
  • Ladybug: Huh?
  • Chat Noir: *smiles and stands proudly besides her*
  • Ladybug: *smiles* Yes, you.
  • Chat Noir:
  • Chat Noir: *he did not expect that, trying to remain calm*
  • Chat Noir: *he fails and starts to blush furiously*

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Concept, based on the 'looking sharp' thing: Hanzo realizes Mcree was flirting with him like an hour afterwards and breaks a bit inside

genji finds him on the floor half an hour later

(first part!!)
Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks
Voltron's Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, & Kimberly Brooks told us their favorite character moments from Season 2. * ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Gets Season 3; ...

Ok…not to freak out or anything but did anyone else hear that last part Jeremy Shada said? 

Specifically the “shoot first ask questions later” part? 

Sound familiar?

Right. And it was in reference to him flirting….so i’m not freaking out you’re freaking out this is fine.