and he's still trying

a list of things Bones has made Kirk do by saying they are “doctor’s orders:” 

  • nothing
  • nada
  • not a thing
  • one time he bribed Jim into eat a broccoli 
  • but that doesn’t count because it was followed by all the alcohol 
  • why is he still trying
  • isn’t it in the rules that the Captain has to listen to him at least a little????
  • he should move on to restraints and recruiting Spock
Another sleepless night

First time writing. Bughead, based between episode 6 and 7. Chapter 1 (maybe?)

Summary: Jughead lays awake at night still trying to process the “moment” he and Betty shared just days ago.

Another sleepless night.

Jughead was getting accustomed to nights like these. Often his mind was unable to slow down long enough to get any proper sleep. In nights past, he’d lay awake and still in projection room of the drive in. Cold nights allowed his mind to fester from tragedy to tragedy; his father drinking his life away with the serpants, his last conversation with Mom and Jellybean, the lingering sting of Archie’s betrayal that summer, and pondering the ramifications of Jason Blossom’s murder. But tonight, in the warmth and safety of Archie’s bedroom, his thoughts were focused and clear.

He shifted onto his back, causing the plastic of the air mattress to creak against the floor.
He rested his hands behind his head, and picturing the gentle smile of his blonde haired beauty, he exhaled deeply. A vulnerable smile tugged on his lips. She… she was incredible.

Clarity. That was the undeniable comfort that she gave to him. With her, Jughead could think again. Suddenly the pain and fear that dominated him each night was lifted, and his mind could flow to and from ideas with meaning, with purpose. Ever since she asked him to write for the Blue and Gold, Betty Cooper had become the fuel for his literary fire. Because of her, Jughead finally felt connected to writing again. The clarity she gave his troubled mind was a gift he appreciated more than he could ever hope to express.

‘Does she even realize what she does to me?’ He thought, rubbing the back of his neck with his long fingers. She didn’t seem to notice how his entire being relaxed as soon as she entered the room, how his sleepy green eyes suddenly were alert and alive, drinking in every ounce of her sunshine.

He used this creative focus to bury himseld in his writing, and in their collaborative sleuthing into Jason’s murder. Every moment with Betty had to have a purpose: a channel for the drive she had gifted to him. Otherwise, he was afraid his focus would shift to the way her ponytail swung to and fro as she rattled off ideas for their lastest story, how her voice softened when she spoke about her family. He had to keep his mind away from everything that made Betty the kind, nurturing, down to earth woman she was. He was afraid if he gave her too much thought, it would become clear just how deeply he loved her.

'But… she kissed me back…’

His mind’s eye took him back to their moment in Betty’s room. He knew climbing that ladder was crossing a final line: there would be no focusing on anything but Betty once he entered that floral pink fortress. From the window, seeing her sitting at her desk, eyes low and deep in thought, her delicate hands twisting her necklace. He considered turning back, retreating into the safety of silent admiration. His gaze was lost to her image, tracing the line of her jaw and neck when his hand involuntarily tapped on the window.

In her room, standing before her, his hand on her shoulder. She’s doubting her own sanity, and it’s his honest words that bring her back to herself. He knew what it was like for family to make you feel like you’re broken, and it was Betty who showed him that he was still a whole person, untainted by the struggles he had faced. For Jughead, honest words of comfort was the least he could offer her. As she relaxed, sinking into his touch, he realized the most he could offer to her: the truth of how he felt.

He barely choked out a single word. She’s looking at him sweetly, her blue eyes inviting him closer. He tried again to speak, to tell her how she makes the world make sense to him again, but his voice was frozen. She was his clarity, but Jughead found no words that did justice to how important Betty was to him.

So he kissed her.

He kissed Betty Cooper and nothing had ever felt so right before.

Pulling himself back into reality, Jughead sat up at the edge of the mattress. He swore he felt her kiss him back, her fingers hovering at his neck. But she moved right along to finding Jason’s car, leaving the moment of elation in the dust. He knew Betty needed answers, and he was committed to helping her find them. But his mind couldn’t let go of her lips, her scent, her very presence so close to him. It was a moment of enlightenment for Jughead, but what did it mean to Betty?

Exasperated by the futility of the unknown, he leaned forward, bracing his elbows on his knees, and his head in his hands. He let out an emotionally exhausted sigh, and let his mind wander again.

'What do I mean to you, Betty Cooper?’

A Drabble For sofancydancy

Just a silly drabble of hyper cannibals. for @sofancydancy because they deserve it. 

Will had gotten energy drinks, mostly for the day after their night long escapades. Hannibal didn’t like him sleeping forever, so to keep a regular sleep schedule he had stocked up. For once, Hannibal didn’t read labels before ingesting. While will was off fishing and working on boats, Hannibal just craved something sweet. The glutton drank four of them. At first, he thought he might be having a heart attack. Palpitations, fast heart-rate. Those were the only heart attack like symptoms though. He felt fidgety and agitated. He then took a look at what he drank. Woops.

He tried to jog off the energy. He was still bubbly. Bouncy. Ridiculous. He was trying not to be hyper. It wasn’t his style, but here he was. He was scribbling out silly drawings, then decided to just pace the room.  Will came in during his pacing.

“Hannibal, is something wrong?” He asked, brows furrowed with concern.

“Hello, William. So, I seemed to have made a mistake. I did a big mistake actually. I drank four of your energy drinks. You see for once, I wasn’t careful. Careful at all! So I drank them, and then looked and saw.” It came out so fast, Will had a hard time taking it all in.

“That’s really bad for your heart. Having one is bad for your heart. Did you have coffee?”

“Ohhh… No! Yes! This morning I had it. Oh dear. Will, am I going to die? This would be a rather embarrassing way to die. I’d like to not die today. Shall I lay down?”

William rubbed his forehead, “Hannibal please slow down.” He couldn’t slow down. He was bouncing off the walls inside his head.

“I know! We could fight!” Hannibal exclaimed, and Will’s eyes rolled.

“No, we aren’t going to fight. You are going to sit, and drink some tea to try and calm down.” It seemed rational enough. Will didn’t really know how to help him settle down with twenty times the amount of caffeine coursing through his blood.

“Tea? Tea would be great! I quite like tea! An earl grey perhaps?” Will shook his head,

“Sit, down. No, something without caffeine. Now wait for me. I’ll get you some water before I make the tea.” God he was even more obnoxious on caffeine. He wasn’t going to even allow him to drink coffee for a week after this.

William made a calming blend of tea, glad his husband was pretentious enough to teach him such things in the last year. He hoped it would work. He also got him another glass of water, since the internet suggested it. Will felt some amusement that in all Hannibal’s knowledge, he wasn’t able to figure out how to cure too much caffeine.

He took him the tea and water, and set it before him. “Drink the water first, please.” Hannibal whined. Audibly, truly whined.

“My stomach is too full.” Will huffed in response,

“Drink it or I’ll make you.” Hannibal smiled like a fucking goober and then pushed his foot to Will’s crotch,

“Hoho talk dirty to me!” he crowed, and Will groaned. What a fucking wackjob.

“I’m going to go shower now, hopefully you’ll be calm by then.” Will then went upstairs to take his shower and relieve himself of the sweat and oil that had dried to him. Once out he went to the bedroom to get dressed. Hannibal was waiting, naked on the bed. Will stopped in the doorway, and stared. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’ve decided there is only one sure way to burn a large amount of energy all at once.” Will’s whole body rolled at that, but he tugged off the towel, and crawled into bed.

Afterwards he was staring at Hannibal, who had finally crashed. He was snoring loudly, louder than usual. Though Hannibal refused to believe he snored. Will smiled to himself from the memories of his hyper state, then sighed pushed him onto his side. Hannibal let out a ridiculous whiny moan at being moved, but stay put. Will smiled, then pressed his back to Hannibal’s, and closed his eyes.

anonymous asked:

I honestly don't know how anyone can think Robert wasn't that drunk in that ep, I mean she even phoned the next day to remind him of what happened! and ask if his head was ok implying the bad state she recognised he was in.

What can I say anon, some of the fandom, are determined to see what they want to see, regardless of the facts. They’ve actually said he was drunk, and yet people are still trying to say “he wasn’t that drunk, cause look at the Pub scene circa 2015.″ b

But tbh, Ryan’s acting wasn’t that great in that scene, it’s clear he hadn’t really ever played a drunk person before, so I’m not surprised he wanted to play it out a different way this time, and to me it felt very believable. 

The only thing we can do, is not let them get us down and annoyed (i am gonna try haha.) 

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how would lysandre deal with a fussy child?

* Keeping a level head, he’ll try to get the child to calm down enough to tell him exactly what’s wrong. Although he knows sometimes that kids can be a bit fussy for no apparent reason so if that’s the case then he’ll still try to get them to settle down although he might need some help from his S/O.

  • Jess: Why did you drop out of Yale?!
  • Rory: *goes back to Yale*
  • Jess: You should write a book!
  • Rory: *starts writing immediately*
  • Me: *incoherent sobbing*

stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening