and he's still searching for her

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hey did you know that in a far away country, there once lived a girl with hair that wasnt knee long, eyes that werent moon big but she still had a beautiful smile, a beautiful pair of eyes and a way to write that had even the king of her land in tears? so one day, he started searching for her. she was found but she refused to go with him, but he built her a castle with many stuffies and lots of paper and pens and journals and cats and 100 people she admired and who would take care of her. its u

Im literally tearing up what a LOVELY and amazing n warm n sweet message ilysm oh my god kewkkaakskdjneeiiw❤️💜💖💞💕💝💘

Please help: My friend’s brother has been kidnapped and is still missing.

My friend, ammirabilis, had her brother kidnapped yesterday, Tuesday April 14, 2015 around noon. This is the post she made on Facebook regarding it:

“If you have seen the news this morning, my little brother was abducted from DesMoines area in Washington yesterday and we are still searching for him.

He was wearing a red and white checkered shirt with brown pants. Suspect is female and drives a blue 2005 Hyundai Sonata license plate AMB9450.

If you are in the area and see anything, please report to the authorities. Mom and I just want him back.”

Here is a link to the news article about the kidnapping:

I’ve already seen some people showing skepticism about the incident because her mom did not call the police immediately: she did not call the police immediately because she does not speak English. So she waited for her daughter to get her in order to figure out what they should do and how to file a report.

If you live in the area and happen to sight the vehicle, suspect, or her brother - please, please, please contact authorities immediately. Please reblog or spread the word so that there will be more people looking out for Ronnie.


The first time I saw this I was too shocked to say anything. The fact that someone could dress up as one of the most respected gods in your religion, and then have the nerve to call it mythology? I’m still so angry about this. This is the epitome of white privilege. To take the image of something so holy and respected, and turn it into this bullshit. 

A white girl with a fake trunk, blue paint on her skin, and horribly painted inaccurate face markings. If this sorry excuse of a person knew anything about Ganesh then she would first and foremost know that he was never blue, because he is still a person. The story goes that his head was cut off by Shiva, and to prevent him from dying they took the head of an elephant and put it on his own. His mix of animal and human body parts represents the ideas of perfection that one would strive towards to find spiritual significance. A simple google search would’ve been able to tell you that.

And no Ganesha is not just the God of success. Every little detail and part of him represent something. For example, his elephant head represents intelligence and wisdom. His tusks represent the human emotion, wisdom and emotion. The right, wisdom. The broken left tusk, emotion. It is said that one must be in control of emotions by use of their wisdom to attain perfection. He sits at the foot of a mouse to show that he has control over his ego and has humbled himself. He’s no better than the mouse.

I could go on and on about this, but quite frankly I’m still too baffled by this. This is why this blog is important. Because these types of images are so completely disrespectful and hurtful towards the cultures that it comes from. There’s no respect here. You’re not appreciating anything. This is blatant disrespect and the POC that it affects aren’t going to sit by and let you take advantage of their cultures and religions any more.

- Mod N

So last night was Food Night. As usual, Penelope was being a butt, but eventually decided that she wasn’t interested in having dinner. So I went to toss the rat in a baggie.

Apparently I got distracted by something in the meantime, cos when I went to bed a few hours later, all my stuff from the shelf over her tank was on the floor, and her tank was empty.


So search the shelves, search the floor, search the drawers. Under the bed, in the hamper, behind the catbox. Still no Penelope. Call my roommates to help me and we flip the bed. Nothing.

Now I was pretty certain she couldn’t have gotten out of the room because the door was shut and there’s no clearance for her to squeeze under, and we were in the living room so there was no way she could wiggle past us.

Commence flipping of the couch and tossing the bathroom anyway.

Just as we’re about to start tossing the guys’ room, one shouts out he’s found her.


had been sitting behind the curtain

watching us look for her ass for over half an hour at 3 in the morning.

Just downright disrespectful.

summary of homestuck kids in the credits
  • rose: becoming a model troll wife. literaly morphing into troll version of herself.
  • roxy: ambiguously gay queen of derspit after overthrowing the condesce.
  • dirk: still making robots. still getting decapitated. same old dude we always knew
  • jake: has become famous entrepreneur of technology and marshmallow flower crowns
  • jane: has become entrepreneur of baked goods and your soul, possibly
  • kanaya: has discovered earth gay marriage, and also banned candy from the brooding cave.
  • dave: following his dreams and his own footsteps at the same time
  • karkat: has had it up to here with these FFFFFFFFFFUUUUCKING LIBERTIES
  • terezi: hows "heroically scouring black hole debris in search of girlfriend" sound for extra? anyway we love her
  • calliope: HUGS
  • jade: not the cinnamon roll sister john asked for but the cinnamon roll sister he deserves
  • john: deserves a cinnamon roll. help him

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Blame @hchano because I was like “it should wait until after Christmas, it’s sad” and she was like “POST IT”.

But She Doesn’t Come

At the sudden stab of pain, he clutched his side with renewed attention, letting a wry smile slide over his lips as he felt the blood slip between his fingers. He’d joked it off to Hawk Moth’s face, but as he leaned into the shade in the corner of the dusty roof Chat had to admit the truth, even if only to himself.

Tilting his head what little he could, he searched the skies for a familiar silhouette, squinting against the sun and hoping beyond hope for that shadow to cross his vision. But he knew better. Still, he’d wanted to at least… He closed his eyes, and imagined her in his mind instead.

Damn. He was going to make her cry.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, but his catlike grin never wavered.

He was still Chat Noir, after all.

Does this even count as a fic? Idk. Anyway, I was imagining Chat gets hurt in battle while LB is off somewhere (maybe one of those eps where she doesn’t have her priorities straight and hugely regrets it lol), and he manages to fight off the enemy, but is fatally injured. He tries to find LB (to say goodbye???) but he can’t, so when he can’t move anymore he just waits and watches the sky, hoping she’ll find him, but she doesn’t come. 

PS peaceful smile because he’s thinking of Ladybug aghhhhhhhhhhh. 

Almost 6,000 years ago, the man was placed behind the woman with his arms around her body, and their legs were intertwined. They were buried.
Why they were interred in this manner is not yet determined, but the international team that discovered them in Greece is still searching for answers, according to team member Michael Galaty, a Mississippi State University archaeologist.
“There’ve only been a couple of prehistoric examples of this behavior around the world, but even when couples are buried together, they’re beside each other and not typically touching,” he said. “This couple was actually spooning. We assume they were partners of some kind, and because of DNA analysis, we do know they are male and female.”
Not only does Galaty head MSU’s anthropology and Middle Eastern cultures department, but he also serves as interim director of the university’s Cobb Institute of Archeology.
Another question for the researchers to examine is how the couple died, which happened around 3800 B.C., Galaty said. While archaeologists are unsure whether the man or woman died first, they are sure the couple’s times of death are close together.
“This is unique in Greece, and we’re analyzing the skeletons and bones to find out more about what was going on, how they died and why they may have been placed there,” he said.

More here.

tlh snippet

A Jordelia bit, by request…I had to search a great deal to find something unspoilery!

James and Matthew separated, Matthew to dance with Lucie, and James to speak to his parents. Cordelia saw them glance over toward her and looked away quickly; still, she was not at all surprised when James appeared a moment later in front of her, flashing a smile at his aunt and uncle.

“Miss Carstairs,” he said, with a slight bow in Cordelia’s direction. “Would you favor me with this dance?”

“It’s a waltz,” said Cordelia’s mother, before Cordelia could speak. “My daughter does not know how to waltz.”

Cordelia bit her lip. She certainly knew how to dance: her mother had engaged an expert instructor to teach her the quadrille and the lancer, the stately minuet and the cotilion. But the waltz was a seductive dance, one where you could feel your partner’s body against yours, scandalous when it had first become popular.

She very much wanted to waltz with James.


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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: sfw

Mornings with Calum would be amazing, writing this made me so emotional, it’s so fluffy and playful i want to die. This is literally how i picture Calum being in love, all playful and teasing and wow i hate myself for writing this


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Okay but I’m so emotional. Emori saying “John” and crying as they hugged. The look on Kane’s face when he realized he was choking Bellamy. Clarke searching for Bellamy’s hand to hold as she went into the city of light. Raven being a total badass and saving them all with that Raven signal. Jasper and Monty hugging it out. Monty saying “we will be happy again”. Raven Reyes fucking smiling. Bellamy still protecting Octavia no matter what. Lexa being a total badass and saving Clarke. Miller protecting Bryan. Clarke coming to the realization that she has to overcome her pain, not run away from it. Bellamy and Clarke ending the season in the best way: together, and already thinking about saving all of their loved ones. Again.

Here’s the thing I find interesting.

When Finn is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he ends up massacring 18 innocent people.

When L.exa is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, she hires a man to bring her too her, knowing she’d put up a fight and probably get herself hurt, and knowing other people would probably get killed along the way.

When Bellamy is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he searches for months, and almost gets himself killed but STILL tries to keep going, but puts no one else’s life in danger.

Just something to think about.


A few months ago, my dear neighbor passed away. He was an adorable old man who kept himself busy gardening; his yard always covered in the most beautiful flowers that emitted the sweetest of scents into the hot summer air. I remember walking by his house and saying hello, only to end up listening to incredible tales of himself as a young boy who used his dead elder brother’s I.D. to get into the army when he was 14/16 during World War II.

After his 3rd war, he began to hate himself. Which led him to meet his first wife while soul searching in a botanical garden. She introduced him to the world of flowers and gardening, and when she passed away after having their son he began to garden every day in remembrance of her.

Little did I know, when he passed he was 96… Still driving, still gardening, taking a bouquet that he had grown for the church alter every Sunday. I miss seeing him out in his garden, happy as can be toiling away in the hot sun and wet earth. Today I ventured into his yard, now covered in dead leaves, forgotten. But to my delight, I found his flowers still there, and in bloom. And in his honor, I picked only one of each, and have them pressing in my flower journal, so that there will always be something to remember him by, preserved for the years to come.

We will also see Bellamy and his search party getting closer to finding Clarke, but an army of hunters will get in the way, forcing the search to be at a stand still. However, Bellamy can’t lay low when he is this close to finding her. He puts his own life on the line once again in order to bring Clarke home. If you haven’t already noticed how much Bellamy loves Clarke, you will definitely see how much she means to him in this episode. Right now she is the only one who he cares about, and let’s just say that desperate times call for desperate measures.

you know what ive just realized

if ariel got legs and beforehand was a fish that just pooped freely in the ocean

does this mean when prince eric found her and took her into his castle, that like, at any time during the day, she could just start pissing and shitting all over her new dress. like was she just sitting there in that boat with him, sharting herself and acting like its no biggie while he has to sit there SEARCHING for any shred of a reason to convince himself why shes still worth it

I’m so sorry to do this again but I’m running low on options here.

My cat is sick, she’s been vomiting for days now, last night she woke me up because she was throwing up and just a few minutes ago she starting throwing up again and it’s starting to look a reddish-yellowish color??

My dad has finally agreed to take her to a vet but he expects me to pay him back for it and right now I don’t have any idea how much it’s going to cost.  I’ve been searching for work and still haven’t heard anything back from anyone I’ve filled in applications for.  While I’m still looking, please, if you can spare anything donate to my paypal  I couldn’t stand it if I lost Vriska, she’s been one of the only things keeping me going at this point and I’ve been through so much just so that she could come to California with me to begin with.  I can’t lose her now but I’m so scared.

Thank you for your time and I will try to keep you guys updated on her condition and such.

(Edit: the aforementioned reddish stuff does not at all look like blood, just to clarify.)


And it’s different from a sexual kiss. It’s different from making out. It’s different. A kiss goodbye is more than that. It’s true love, the love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of season five. Jeff loves Annie. That’s different from being compatible with Annie. That’s different from understanding Annie. He loves her. With all of his heart and all of his crotch and all of his brain, he loves Annie. He’s 20 years older than her. Her life is just beginning. His life isn’t ending, but here he is at Greendale. So he has to kiss her goodbye. And she’s clearly in love with him but still searching for herself. I think she’s going from being this two-dimensional type-A personality into being a woman. Full control of her faculties and she gets it. She can make these choices. You know, that’s her owning her young adulthood. And so they’re kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much. -Dan Harmon’s commentary during Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television.

To everyone saying Stiles didn’t do enough to save Lydia...

Stiles made the plan. Stiles stole the key. Stiles passed the mountain ash barrier and nearly saved Lydia before being thwarted, but still he didn’t leave. Stiles chased after Valack. Stiles searched the tunnels for Lydia. Stiles told Theo to break the pipe which led to Lydia. Stiles half-carried Lydia out of Eichen until Parrish had to physically pull him back. Stiles comforted Lydia all the way in the jeep, holding onto her even as she told him that she was going to kill him. Stiles shielded her body from the glass when Deaton and Scott fell to the ground even though he saw what her scream did to Valack. Stiles brought her back when she passed out. 

Sure. Stiles didn’t cut out electricity or break through walls or be impervious to her screams, he was very much human. 

That does’t mean he wasn’t her hero.