and he's sort of introverted

Bones: Jack Hodgins [ENTP]


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Hodgins is a known conspiracy theorist. In earlier seasons he holds onto these theories and connects even the wildest of things back to them, seeing only dark and negative aspects of life. The more involved he becomes in investigating murders, the more possibilities he finds, the less time he spends theorizing about the negative…the more he comes alive and exhibits the positive aspects of Ne: What will these spores tell us? What do all these seemingly unrelated things we’ve found here have in common? When he is buried alive, Hodgins figures out where they are simply by narrowing down the different possibilities. He knows how to be organized, but hates being confined to things like budgets and organizational binders. Sometimes he rambles through explanations when he gets really excited about something. When a party is cancelled due to budget cuts, he simply throws together his own party using the lab equipment. He comes up with different ways to propose to Angela until he finds one that works (well, sort of).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): One of Hodgins’ favorite pastimes is to analyze things, find data. He enjoys breaking things down and figuring out what it all means and uses his Ne to draw possibilities - seemingly out of thin air - and figure out what hit a bone or how something got caught in clothing. He can be detached and look at things objectively despite his own feelings, and will openly dispute what he doesn’t believe to be true even if he doesn’t have an argument yet. He butts heads with Dr. Goodman in season one when Goodman visualizes the life and death of the man whose old remains are before them, because Goodman’s process doesn’t stick to the facts. He disputes Brennan when they’re trapped underground although the explanation she gives for believing Booth will come for them seems logical. He doesn’t buy it; he knows the truth: “what you have is faith, baby.”

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Hodgins thrives off of praise and positive attention. He loves being the “king of the lab.” He is very protective of all his friends, going so far as to threaten people who come after them. He still chooses to care about Zack in spite of everything that happened and remains loyal to Dr. Brennan even when the going gets tough. As time goes on, he develops the ability to encourage others and even inspire hope.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Hodgins gets upset when certain things change. He has a hard time dealing with Zack never coming back to the Jeffersonian, he freaks out when Cam tells him that the founders’ day party is cancelled. He tends to hold onto anger - there is a point in the show where he just “hates everyone” because he’s so angry about everything that’s happened so far.

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I asked you (maybe 1 week ago) about what would Dylan like in a girl physically and in her personality and i asked you (if you could) to write a lengthy response, describe Dylan's "perfect" girl. Did you get my question?

If you could picture Dylan’s girlfriend, what would she look like ? Small/tall ? In your opinion. Would she be introvert/extrovert ? (I know he didn’t have a specific type or at least we don’t know, but let’s imagine).

What do you think Dylan would like in a girl mentally and psychically and how would he treat her (could you give a lengthy response if possible?)

I’m not sure if you answer these type of questions, but what type of girls do you think Dylan was into looks wise and personality wise?

I had a few of these similiar asks on ‘Dylan’s ideal girlfriend’ so I thought I’d add all of them into one big answer. :) Some of these were asked a while back so my apologies for the delay in response. Luckily, holiday time off has given me the luxury of time to give a response back!

Dylan was pretty tall at 6’3. So, even if his hypothetical girlfriend was considered ‘tall’ at say 5’9 - 5’11, she’d still be a few inches shorter than him. I’d say taller girls are generally not the norm in High School. I know because I was one of ‘em. ;) The odds would be that he’d end up dating a girl of average height 5’6 - 5’8 or possibly even a girl that was significantly shorter than him. While, I don’t think that the physical criteria of height mattered much at all to Dylan, he probably wouldn’t mind a sense of protectively towering over his girl just a bit. There Dyl would be walking down the hall with his girl by his side, hands interlocked, and she’d be gazing up at him with a smile of appreciation. That right there is an automatic teenage male ego stroke, yep. :) That said, I do not think that the girl being shorter than him would be a make-or-break criteria for Dyl. Whereas, say, a dude like Eric who was significantly shorter than most of his male friends, would probably need to feel taller and physically taller with his girlfriend of choice.

I think I said before in the other ask, that I tend to think that Dylan was a bit more attracted to brunettes of various shades - light to dark Of course, Sasha Jacobs and Sarah Slater were blondes, right? Sasha, technically doesn’t quite count, since she apparently took the lead on getting a date with Dylan, all of two times. Sasha’s perception was that Dylan seemed ‘strange’ and she was uncomfortable with him - which probably amounted to a very shy dude clamming up on an official ‘date’ with full on female attention. Dylan seemed to develop a crush for Sarah Slater, blonde number two, based on the fact that she actually spent time talking to him over the internet in the evening. It’s easy to understand how Dylan would let his guard down and feel less intimidated conversing facelessly, connecting via words to a girl at a distance and as he revealed some personal problems to her lending ear she became comfortable for him because of that intimacy and he wanted to date her. Still, I think he naturally gravitated towards girls with darker hair that would include Kristen, Marla, Joanne and Tobin, who was a light brown haired girl that he checked out at the mall and bravely asked out a handful of times.

Generally speaking, I think it tends to be true that opposites do attract. Dylan was drawn to girls with hair color contrasting his own and so he likely might have also found a girl with warm brown eyes more appealing than the blue of his own. Beyond the superficiality of surface attraction stuff like hair and eye color, there’s also that unique spark about the girl’s personality that attracted and captivated his attention If you read Dylan’s love letter how he describes working on a report with “the girl” in class in 1st semester, you hear him expound on that radiance and joy in her personality that enamored him: “I still remember your laugh. Innocent, beautiful, pure. This semester I still see you - rarely, I am entranced during 5th period, as we both have it off.” So, a sense of mirth about her and a sense of ease he must’ve felt being in her company enough to laugh along with her over irreverent things like maybe poking fun of the ridiculous assignment they’re been paired up for together or the ideas they may have had timidly brainstormed together which had her laughing in response that literally made him stand up and take notice in a big way. From there on, Dylan begun to think of her all the time: ‘picturing her face’, ‘hearing her laugh’, ‘just being with her’ - all on an infinitely blissful feedback loop. :)

Dylan eluded in his journal that he was attracted to an introverted, observant sort of girl with an air of melancholy about her which appealed in reflecting his own sense of self. She’d be the intelligent sort but not overly bookish and couldn’t be too much like him in a sense of being painfully inhibited and shy. She would need to be able to hold her own, have a sense of warmth, compassion and be just enough on the assertive side to initiate interaction. However, I think an opposite of himself, an extroverted girl, would’ve coaxed Dylan out of his shell more. Dylan would’ve been greatly relieved of the burden of having to take the lead on dates and he’d learn from his interactions with a down-to-earth, open, easy going type personality sort ( a bit like Devon?) on how to be more comfortable just being one-on-one with a girl, dating alone and not in a group. On the first few dates, Dylan could be relieved in letting an extroverted girl lead the conversation and do most of the talking. An introverted girl was likely what he wanted but an extroverted girl was probably more what he needed, and if she were a little of both, all the better :) I think though for his first initial girlfriend he would really need the girl to be more assertive and less inhibited than himself. Someone that would take Dylan’s initial silence on dates as more of a challenge to engage him, to ask him questions but be receptive yet also interactive with her own opinions, thoughts in response to him. According to Devon, Dylan had an unorthodox, ‘morose’ sense of humor so his girl would need to be appreciative and chill of that type of ‘anything goes’ offbeat sense of wit and humor and be able to return the favor. She would need to be sharp, observant, a bit coy, not obnoxious and wild but warm and easy going enough to get him to relax and reveal that ‘inner Dyl’ the very funny, witty side of himself.

There’s that beginning video snippet in the “Lost Boys” documentary where Dylan is beaming and giggling (yes, giggling like a girl) as he plays video games with his guy friends and you can see how he is just utterly relaxed and goofy, cutting loose and really having a good time with those crinkled up smiling eyes and that huge grin from ear-to-ear. I recall that Kristen Theibault mentioned that she and the other TCM girls used to gang up and beat Dylan and Eric at GoldenEye. Can you just picture the hilarity of this? So, you could just take that a step further and imagine Dylan seriously trying to give his girl pointers on some slick Quake maneuvers while she’s resting on his knee and then she suddenly gets the impulse to go maniacal on the controller attempting to whoop his ass and so he amusedly retailiates by tickling her until they’re both cracking up and segway on to a completely other type of game playing. ;) He was used to being casual and letting his guard down with the guys but to be able to be free and comfortable with a girl would be true bliss for him.

I think he’d like his girl to be liberal, spiritually open, perhaps pagan, wiccan, or someone simply skeptical and questioning, agnostic even - but definitely not religious or restricted in ‘thinking inside the box’ sorts of beliefs. I think he would’ve appreciated her self-directed/chosen individuality and free spirit. Sharing thoughts and ideas would be important. He would want to be able to express his love for certain movies or tastes in music and he would also like to know her thoughts in return. He would be stoked knowing she embraced some of his own musical tastes “I hope she likes techno. :-) “. Being an observant, receptive sort, his girl would be intuitive enough to notice when Dyl was having difficulty expressing himself or that his emotional frustrations were bottling up in his silence. She’d need to be able to approach and handle him in a manner that would encourage him to reengage and express those disconnected feelings into words so he could identify exactly how he was feeling. I think this was the case between Devon and Zach. Zach had found a sounding board in her, and Dylan was jealous that Zach had found that ‘perfect soulmate’ - that safe confidant to help him with his emotional struggles, depression and suicidal thoughts.

It would take Dylan a little bit of time getting comfortable so he would go slow with his girl while things warmed up between the two of them. I could see them talking in the car at night with the lights off and the depth of conversation meandering because they’d be like two voices, two minds listening to one another and exploring one another’s thoughts. She’d probably be the one to initiate the hugs or the handholding - but only at first, until he gained in confidence to reveal depth of feelings. He’d have a bit of trouble with public displays of affection initially in school but would let her lead the pace and follower her lead and gain confidence with experience. He’d be gentle, very tentative and sweet with her, a bit in awe of this girl that’s bothering to spend time with him. The more he’d begin to feel comfortable in the girl’s presence and knowing her better, the more physically, demonstrative and affectionately free he would allow himself to become with her. Then It would’ve been like, whoa, look out Dylan’s girlfriend. ;)

Of course, all of what I’ve said here is an an ‘ideal’ laundry list of the sort of girl for Dylan. In reality, it wouldn’t be perfect, just imperfectly perfect, for however long his HS relationship lasted.

“Dude, your ass is, like fully hanging out of your jeans right now,” I said, “You know that, right?”

“Uh huh,” he responded.

“And those tattoos.”

“Uh huh,” he bit his lip and looked down at his arm, which was etched with an intricate black and white design. He twisted it in the sunlight, admiring it as if it had always been there.

“And your body,” I said.

“It’s so sexy. Isn’t it?”

He pushed himself away from the railing of the balcony and threw his arms up over his head, putting his body on full display for me. He rolled his body up and down and gyrated his hips as if he was dancing to some sort of deep and sensual music that could only be heard by him. It struck me then that he’d make one hell of a gogo boy.

“It really is,” I confirmed, but the obvious boner in my pants had probably confirmed it for me. “Do you like being this way?”

“Mmm,” he moaned. Now, he had started running his hands along the solid muscles of the body I had given him. “I fucking love it.”

“Good,” I said. I was pleased that in addition to the physical changes, the mental changes seemed to have been turning out exactly as planned. “You’re going to make me a lot of money with that body, aren’t you?”

“I’ll do anything for a buck,” he winked. I loved the slutty, trashy voice he had chosen to start speaking with. “Or a fuck!”

He turned around and bent over with his ass in the air. It looked so fucking delicious in the jockstrap that I had him wearing. I licked my lips. I wanted to fuck him right then and there. 

“God damn,” I said.

I had turned my roommate into my own personal fuck toy, one that could be rented out by the hour, all with just a couple of magical pills. It was amazing.

“You’re too shy to do it out here on the balcony, huh?” he said. Ironic, since he himself had been quite the quiet, introverted sort himself before I’d given him the pills. “That’s OK, we can do it inside.”

He took me by the hand, totally confident, like he was a pro at this. I gladly followed him.


@the-dreamer-doer  You dont have to send another request. Its perfectly okay. I used the description from your written ship!Here is your extended BBSC ship love:



(I think with your sort of introverted personality he would be the right person for a first date with.)

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(In some respects Yoongi and you are alike, so thats why I chose him as your crush. He is easier to relate to in a lot of ways)

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(Hes just the perfect guy for you in the boyfriend role)

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(Taehyung and you can bff’s because of how similar, yet different you are at the same time. He provides balance in your friendship combined with your personality)

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(He would make the perfectly annoying brother)

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(You and Jin had to part ways because of Jimin falling for you, and the rest is history)

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(He would admire you from far away, because you are his kind of girl, but Jimin stole you before he could)

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HUSBAND: JIMIN ( As I mentioned in your written ship, I think he is perfect you)<3

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whoo! that took some time! But I really hope you do like it :)

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Matt: psyche

thank u !!!! 

send me asks about my oc’s (a few names tagged in the ask meme if u wanna ask anyone specific)

psyche: what’s their head space like? do they have any mental illnesses? how do they process difficult or emotional situations? what are their coping mechanisms?

so ironically (or maybe not) the entire story around the characters i listed is about coping with grief/loss and then…coping with the fallouts of ur coping mechanisms. so i have a Lot to say about this for each of the characters but i’ll keep it brief.

-for headspace, he tends to get very caught up in himself. even when he isn’t going through a hard time - like, during just sort of ‘normal, easy’ periods of his life he’s fairly introverted and self-contained. he doesn’t have an exceptional dark or light headspace in the general sense, he’s sort of coasting through life lmao

-he doesn’t have any mental illnesses

-despite the sort of quietness he has normally he processes emotional and difficult situations by lashing out either at a person or a concept. he assigns blame whether or not there is blame to assign. in fight or flight he’s very ‘fight’

-he doesn’t really have healthy coping mechanism…… he engages in a lot of reckless and potentially dangerous behaviours

no offense but i really dislike those ExR fics in which Grantaire is super broken/mentally ill and then Enjolras becomes his neurotypical knight in shining armor and saves him. 

I have nothing against neurodivergent R…But please don’t have Enjolras “fix” him and make him be “not broken”. That isn’t how mental illness works, first of all. Disorders are not fixed with love. It can help, definitely, but it doesn’t make the problems go away. Second of all, why is it always Grantaire that’s the one with problems? Why not Enjolras? Why not both of them? If I recall correctly (Forgive me if this is inaccurate - I don’t currently have a copy of the book with me, and I haven’t read it cover-to-cover in almost a year) Enjolras could definitely have neurodivergencies in canon. I understand why a lot of people write R as being ND, given his cynicism and his rants about how worthless life is, but Enjolras can be read that way too, tbh. In the musical we see him becoming really pessimistic and depressive during the battle. In the book we see him as this man who doesn’t smile or laugh much, and is sort of quiet and reserved. Sure, he could definitely just be an introvert that prefers to keep to himself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjolras could have depression. Personally, I always thought of Enjolras as someone who thinks he needs to be perfect. Needless to say, that can lead to a lot of problems. But I never see that written in fic.

Also…he puts other people’s happiness above his own. He is canonly very selfless. The whole point of his character (or one of the main points, anyway) is the fact that he wants to improve the world and make it better for everyone! Not just his friends, not just the French citizens, everyone. And not only could he be rejecting his own happiness in doing so, but he could also get very depressed and anxious and angry when those plans don’t work. Let’s be real here, the world really isn’t always a good place. Not in 1832, and not now. I know that the Les Mis fandom loves Modern AUs in which Les Amis de l’ABC is fighting for problems that we deal with today (some common things I’ve seen written in fanfics are police brutality, racism, and Islamophobia). In those fics, Enjolras is always written as this super passionate guy who never gives up. That’s inspiring, sure, but if I’m being completely honest here…I don’t think it’s entirely realistic? Again, I don’t currently have access to my copy of the book, so I could be wrong, but Brick!jolras has always given me the vibe that he would get really down on himself if his plans to help out the world didn’t work. I don’t want to refer to Enjolras as weak, because he definitely isn’t, but I don’t think he’s necessarily as strong as people write him out to be. He isn’t perfect, as much as the fandom likes to act like he is. He’d mess up. He’d be unable to make a change. And he would hate himself for it, he may even consider giving up. He may see his failures as reasons to stop, rather than reasons to try harder - which is, again, something I’ve seen quite a bit in fandom. 

Apologies, I know this is quite ramble-y and possibly unclear, but it’s just my thoughts. If you need help figuring out what I was trying to say, let me know and I’ll make an attempt to reword it. 

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Wait why do we hate francesco?

well first and foremost. He’s not even cute.. he needs shave that pubey neckbeard before it gets crabs tbh.

second. he always touches lanas face in the most uncomfortable looking ways ever. 

third..hes always on his fucking phone and not talking to lana lol and she’s just there all bored. 

fourth.. he is mean to lana fans. i know someone who met lana and frantrashco and he was like yelling and telling them to leave and that he and lana couldn’t stop. and then he pretended to be on the phone or something yelling in italian. 

fifth… he basically takes credit for that flop of a video that ultraviolence was lol 

sixth and finally. He sort of seems like encourages lana to be more introverted and antisocial than she already is! “We have no social life anymore, because we have to protect ourselves. We don’t join parties or go to invitations. And when people force me, I always make up excuses like “I’m travelling”… frantrashco casserolli 


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those pics of liam in a leather jacket got me wanting bad boy liam fic so bad. can you imagine if maybe zayn was like this sort of introverted artist and maybe the wildest thing he does is graffiti at night & he runs into liam (who's like a pot dealer or something idk) & is sort of charmed by his gruff demeanor and liam's into zayn who acts tough but has lived this super sheltered life. and zayn's parents dont approve, & at first liam's like fuck this, but then tries hard to win the maliks over.

Omg yes all of this. Charmed by his gruff demeanor but falls in love with how it breaks and he turns into the dorkiest gentlest giggle bean when it is just the two of them