and he's so gorgeous

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WHERE DID MEGANE NOBU GO??? ������ But hold a minute… Helllllo guys~~ Who might you two be?? ����

Heheh megane nobu is in my drawer lol. They’re the Fujibayashi Twins~ (Genya and Sakuya) part of the new Love Ballad app (Tenka Moon) like slbp but they’re all ninjas :D and MC is a ninja too!

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okay you said that anon had 3 incorrect assumptions, but there were 4 assumptions total, if I'm not counting incorrectly, which is likely. buut, other guess is that reigen, wanting to see mob and knows that he can hug and see him at a near death state, now tempts fate so that he can see mob?????????? your art btw is absolutely gorgeous and amazing, as always.

reigen tempting fate u sayyy

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In the sneak peek with Kane and Octavia, Kane looked so sexy?! Like don't get me wrong he's a gorgeous man, but his voice, and his authoritative manner made so hot. Holy shit... i don't think i've ever been more attracted to him.

DUDE IKR? Like, I wasn’t super into authoritarian Kane in s1 but now that he’s got the beard and the hair and the, I don’t even know what the word I’m looking for here is, it’s….it’s something. I really wasn’t looking to fall into the Dom!Kane garbage pit here bc tbh it was not remotely how I thought about Kane and yet here I am.