and he's so bitter and mean and damaged

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt. 15


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

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You buried yourself in your studies for the next week, finals were approaching fast, and the last thing you wanted to do was fail your classes. Every day, either Taehyung or Jimin would accompany you to your classes, and every day you would tell whichever one to tell Yoongi that you weren’t coming in to work. This was mostly because you didn’t know what to say to him. There were endless questions you wanted to ask, but there was one that kept echoing around your head. “Do you really care about your part-time employee as much as people think you do?”

You guessed that you should be more concerned with questions like “have you ever killed a person” or “how many times have you cheated people out of their money” or maybe “have you ever robbed a bank” but they all seemed somewhat irrelevant. Yoongi had been practically born into the mafia, what choice would he have had in any of it? And he had tried to get away from it (before you accidentally dragged him back into it by asking too many questions). Didn’t that count for something?

You realized you were rationalizing again, and shook your head to clear it.

“You look like you’re thinking about something really important.” Jimin said. He was carrying your bag for you (he had insisted) as you walked across campus. You were approaching the library, and you looked up at the building with a sigh.

“Not really.” You said, knowing that wouldn’t be enough of an answer for him. You tried to think of something to tell him other than the truth. “Just chemistry homework.” You settled on, and Jimin grinned knowingly at you.

“You mean the chemistry between you and Yoongi?”

You shot him a half-hearted glare, he was far too good at reading people. “No. Maybe.” You muttered the last part, not particularly wanting to admit it, but lying wasn’t going to do any good either.

“Is there any particular reason you’re avoiding him?” He asked, sounding disinterested, but after spending most of a week with him, you knew that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not avoiding him.” You huffed. Were you? Probably. Were you going to admit it? Never. The worst part was that you really did need to go to the library to borrow a book for a project, and you had been putting it off as long as possible.

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Something that I feel is under-explored is the fact that Jack is a queer history major. And he went to a very LGBTQ friendly college.

Basically imagine Jack being forever annoyed when people assume that historical figures were straight.

So, with the wonderful help of my dear irl bff @ohsobittle, let me tell you a story. (seriously follow her she’s The Best and we are essentially a matched set)

  • it really all just starts when they Jack is a little tipsy and hanging out with The Boys and Bitty (of course). Bitty is the DD for the night.
  • “Y’know, John Laurens was really cute.” “Who?” “John Laurens. Alexander Hamilton’s boyfriend.” “….what?”
  • (Bitty is on Jack duty. tipsy Jack will probably wander off and go try to teach a class if left unsupervised.)
  • “No seriously John Laurens was really cute. And so was Alexander. You know his eyes were actually /violet/? Like. Bittle. You don’t understand. Pull up a picture.”
  • (Shitty points out that Jack isn’t usually into gingers and Jack throws a pillow at him)
  • “no but he was described as having a peaches and cream complexion like what the fuck”
  • and then of course Holster is like “I didn’t know they were in love” and Jack is like “oh my god their letters, man, their LETTERS”
  • *cue theme music and History Shit With Jack Zimmermann* (credit to ohsobittle for that one)

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I’ll Be There - Part 9

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Member: Hoseok

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 3893 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N:  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays :) After a long break, I’m finally back with the next part to I’ll Be There. A big thank you to @idekwhatsgoingonanymore​ for editing 💕 I don’t know how good this part will be because I struggled a lot with writer’s block, but i hope you guys still enjoy Xx (thank you everyone for being so patient 💖) 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Y/N, come back! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say that!” Hoseok shouts after you, but you’re already out of the school.

“Y/N! Please! It’s been a long day. You know that I don’t find you annoying.” Your pace quickens.

“Y/N!” He finally catches up to you and takes hold of your wrist.

“Let go Hoseok.” You say bitterly.

“Not until you forgive me.” Hoseok replies sternly.

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Why Castiel is the world’s most underappreciated angel:

1.  He’s the only angel even attempting to do his damn job.

What was the one thing God told the angels to do before he left?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  “Love humanity.” 

For most angels, this very simple command seemed to get lost in translation very, very quickly.  (Here, I would include images of all the humans whose eyes got needlessly burned out, but that’s just unnecessarily gory).

But while the other angels treat the human race with repulsion (i.g. Uriel, Zachariah, Bartholomew, Naomi) or at best, quiet indifference (i.g. Hannah), Castiel appears to be the only one who will invariably place humanity’s safety above all else.  Not only that, he appears to be the only angel who legitimately loves humanity in general.

(And don’t even get me started on his love for “humanity.”  That’s a topic for another time).

If you ask me, this is the reason God takes a special interest in Cas.  It’s because Cas isn’t the only one diverging from the angels’ original mission:  he’s the only one staying true to it.  

You’ll never convince me this isn’t why Chuck keeps bringing Cas back.  (That, and he obviously really ships Destiel).

2.  He’s almost completely altruistic. 

Despite the fact that they’ve have never actually formally thanked him for everything he’s done for them (which I’m just the slightest bit bitter about), Castiel continues to battle and suffer endlessly for Dean and Sam.

For one thing, he pulled Dean out of hell.  I really can’t stress that enough. Saving someone from eternal damnation is kind of a big deal.

Then, in season six, he confronted Lucifer AND Michael in the cage to try to rescue his brother-in-law.  Obviously, that didn’t work out too well for anyone involved, but again:  he confronted two of the most powerful angels in the universe to try to rescue him.  KIND OF A BIG DEAL. 

In season eight, he was willing to spend eternity alone in purgatory to keep the leviathan away from Dean.

In season ten, he was willing to die horribly to avoid having to hurt Dean (unless it isn’t abundantly clear at this point, he REALLY FUCKING LOVES DEAN).

Most recently, in season 11, we see Cas single-handedly take on LUCIFER AND AMARA – the two most terrifying beings in the entirety of the supernatural universe – just to keep his precious boyfriend safe.  

(I also think we should all take a moment to appreciate that he’s now called two of heaven’s most powerful and intimidating archangels “ass-butt.”) 

And sacrificing himself in the hope that Lucifer could possibly defeat Amara and save the world was (while unfortunate for everyone) an incredibly selfless thing to do.

Don’t listen to Amara or Metatron or any of those other assholes, Cas.  You’re a fucking hero. 

3.  Everyone underestimates him (and usually, it proves disastrous).

Bad things happen to people who underestimate Castiel.  The only exception to this rule is Dean, who gets a free pass because they’re married.

(Oh really, Dean?  Remember season five, when he sliced off Pestilence’s ring finger without the aid of any angelic grace?  Or when he killed at least three angels in the beginning of season nine, despite the fact that he was completely human at the time?)  

Let’s start with an obvious example:  the writers.

When Cas was conceptualized, he wasn’t supposed to be a main character.  He wasn’t even supposed to be a recurring character for more than six episodes.  His only purpose was supposed to be introducing angels and biblical mythology to mythology to Supernatural, and providing a plausible explanation as to how Dean got out of hell.  The writers only decided to keep him on for seasons five and six due to his immediate popularity within the fandom.  Towards the beginning of season seven, the writers appeared to think Cas and most Biblical mythology had run its course, and arranged for him to be killed off.  Ratings immediately plummeted, until they were basically forced to bring him back.

Speaking of writers, that brings us to our next example:  Metatron, whose greatest mistake was that he underestimated Castiel’s intelligence.  Seriously, at one point he compared him to a “mentally deficient puppy.”  Rude. 

(Although in fairness, he kind of does give off that impression). 

The irony of Metatron’s defeat, however, was that Cas didn’t beat him in some grandstanding, epic battle.  He outsmarted him, using the very same kind of PR warfare that Metatron had prided himself on.

For a slightly less “Meta” example (see what I did there?) we have Naomi.  While she didn’t underestimate Castiel’s intelligence or power, she did sorely underestimate the strength of his love for Dean.  This mistake would cost her the angel tablet, and ultimately result in the angels’  fall from grace.

Earlier still, we have his unfortunate alliance with Crowley.  Now, Crowley is Supernatural’s smartest and longest-surviving villain for a reason:  he’s never underestimated these “denim-wrapped nightmares.”

He did, however, make the mistake of thinking he could continuously manipulate Cas into doing his bidding without repercussions, a misjudgment that very nearly had him smitten.

Obviously, this didn’t work out much better for Cas – or anyone, for that matter, when his megalomaniacal alter ego reigned terror on the entire planet.


4.  He actually DID prevent a second Biblical apocalypse.

This wasn’t properly addressed after season six, but Raphael made it abundantly clear that if allowed to rise to power, he would release Lucifer and Michael from the Cage and restart the apocalypse.  

Perhaps the one “good” dead performed by Cas’s god persona (aside from disbanding the KKK, curing that blind homeless guy, and expressing his support of marriage equality) was that he succeeded in his mission to defeat Raphael.  And by “defeat,” I obviously mean “blow to bits,” possibly out of left over bitterness from the end of season four.

(“SEE!?  Exploding isn’t so nice when it happens to YOU, is it?  Jerk.”)

Regardless of whether or not you think Raphael’s fate was deserved, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it did (at least temporarily) ensure that the Cage would remain shut.  And while God!Cas and the leviathan did an irreparable amount of damage, I don’t think it came anywhere close to the amount of suffering or fatalities that would have been caused by a Biblical end of days.   

5.  The other angels set the bar really, really low.

Castiel is the Kevin McCallister of the angelic race.  Literally everyone in the entire family is a fucking disaster, but the second something goes wrong, everything’s HIS fault.

I mean yeah, he’s made some large-scale blunders.  But at least he’s never purposefully caused the apocalypse because his dad wasn’t home and he was hoping to get some time off of work.

Or nearly destroyed the planet because he got into a kindergarten-style slapping contest with his brother. 

Or literally ruined the entire universe because he was jealous and mildly irritated with his father. 

No wonder the only other sane angel got his ass out of there. 

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 

Chapter 15. First Night

Throughout the reception, guests crowded around to congratulate you and your husband on your marriage.  Happily, clinging to your hubby, you bowed and thanked them for their kind words.  You discovered the chatterbox within you had quieted opting to let Jongin do all the talking while you silently watched him as he laughed and smiled sincerely to the ongoing celebration. 

“Jagiya, you’re staring at me again,” he whispered into your ear.  I know, I’m scared I won’t be able to once you realize you don’t really want me. 


You hung your head in shame.

“But I like it when you do that,” he added, seeing that you took his teasing too seriously. 

Your head lifted and you gazed into his eyes trying to read his expression.  Instead, he grinned, leaned in, and lightly pecked you on the lips with reassurance.  For a moment, your eyes rolled back and you almost fainted again.  Jongin caught you, chuckling at how familiar this situation was.  And through his sweet-talking and laughter, a small part of your locked heart inevitably revealed itself again.  ________ah, let’s just pretend it’s real.         

A man held out his glass of wine and said, “Cheers to the world’s most attractive couple”. 

You couldn’t help but giggle at the description so you clunked your champagne glass against his, and lifted it to your lips.  However, before you could take a sip, the over protective male beside you grabbed the glass and gulped the contents down. 

“You’re sick, don’t you dare drink any alcohol today,” he said in response to your pout. 

“But…Oppaaaaa,” you complained, shaking your body childishly. 

“No buts,” he firmly said.  You crinkled your nose and stuck out your tongue. 

But even then as you threw your mini tantrum, you couldn’t keep your eyes from roaming around the handsome heir’s features.  Perhaps it was because you hadn’t seen him for a whole month, you needed to take extra glances to cure your longing heart.  Oppa, I love you.  So you did your best to push the negative thoughts to the back of your mind and enjoy the moment.      

When the crowd around you guys disperse a bit, Jongin pulled you over to a corner.  You eyed him suspiciously as he poured a glass of wine down a fountain.

“What are you doing?” you asked, tiptoeing to look over his shoulder.  But, gosh was your husband tall.  You ended up hopping up and down like a bunny to catch glimpses of your husband’s mischief. 

“Here, you can have this,” he held the glass to you. 

Your eyes sparkled, thinking that he finally let you have some alcohol.  However, as soon as you took a sip of the contents, your smile dropped.

“It’s water,” you said with a deadpanned expression. 

“Exactly,” he responded, pinching your nose, “So later when someone congratulates us, you can pretend to drink your ‘alcohol’”.

“Oh gee, thanks dad,” you said sarcastically. 

Amused, he responded, “Sorry, Babe, I’m not into daddy kink”. 

You almost choked on your water.  Laughing, Jongin patted your back to alleviate your sudden coughs.  As you recovered, it finally came to your realization that you were married.  You were really married…which meant you had a husband…which meant tonight…

Maybe then…he’ll love me more. 

Burying your face entirely into your palms, you swore you were internally exploding.  You couldn’t even look at a single inch of your husband without feeling like you were being cooked over a campfire.  Desperately, you tried to fan yourself with your hands. 

“Babe, is your fever coming back?” your husband asked, taking a menu from the table to help fan you down. 

“M-maybe…” you stuttered, avoiding eye contact. 

Worriedly, he placed his palm over your forehead and you flinched from the contact.  Electric currents travelled down your spine.  You stared lustfully at his collarbone as he continued to fan you. 

“Jagiya, maybe you should take that off,” he spoke, tugging at your shawl. 

I’ll take everything off.  Meet me at the pit.


“O-oppa…” you sputtered as you stared fervidly at his lips.

Jongin narrowed his eyes and paused his fanning. 

“Oppa…” you called out again, your eyes roamed down his abdomen. 

Immediately, he smashed his lips against yours.  You sucked in your breath, clawing at his shoulders.  Everything was happening way too fast for you to even comprehend.  He sucked on the crook of your neck and you gasped for air.  Your shawl was discarded onto the floor as you roughly unbuttoned his shirt.  Tugging on his collar, you kissed him hungrily and he returned your kiss with just as much passion.  You groaned, wrapping your legs around his hips. 

The sound of shattering glass startled you two.  Still half-clinging onto your husband, you turned around to see your mother-in-law alarmed by you two’s frisky misconduct.  Omg.  Slowly, your legs dropped back down onto the floor. 

“Ommaaaaaaa…” Jongin complained. 

“Oppa, let’s wait until we’re home,” you whispered, tugging on his sleeve. 

Grunting, he stood back up and straightened himself.  Embarrassed, you began to fan yourself again.  You turned around as your husband re-buttoned his shirt back up.  When Jongin’s mother left you two alone, Jongin placed his chin on your shoulder. 

“Can’t wait for tonight,” he whispered seductively in your ear and you swore your heart exploded.  Omg, I’m going to take you right here, bad boy. 

You grabbed his collar again to pull him into an intense kiss, but a shadow appeared to advance toward you. 

“_______ah!” Bang Minah’s voice squealed.  Omg, whyyyy?!  Best friend, I love you but go away.  Go awayyyyyy.


Sighing, you let go of your husband and turned around to greet your best friend.  To your dismay, your maid of honor dragged you further and further away from your husband.  Your feet shuffled around impatiently as she introduced you to a few of her friends.  Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours.  The fire within you was so scorching; you desperately needed your man to put it out.

“Minah.  Minah!” you called to her to get her to stop talking for a moment.

“Yeah?” she asked, confused by the sweat that gathered on your chin.

“Be right back okay?” you said and without waiting for a reply, you rushed back to the hallway where you had left your husband.  But he was gone.  No.  No. No. 


“Oppa, I neeeeed you,” you heard your voice whisper. 

You ran around the venue to search for your mate.  As you do, you dreadfully tried to avoid the eyes of familiar guest, who would stop you to chat.  Not now.  Not now.  Right now all you wanted to chat with and touch was this sexy, handsome, tall man a.k.a. your husband, Kim Jongin. 

When you finally discovered his silhouette, you gleefully ran forward only to stop abruptly to hide behind a wall.  Sohee had seen you, rushed forward, and planted a kiss on your husband’s lips.  Oh how effin’ dare you, you biotch.  You gaped in surprise as you impulsively took off a heel and hurled it at her direction.  It landed on her forehead, causing her to fall over from the impact.  Unlady-like, you limped over to her. 

“YOU SLUT!  HE IS MY HUSBAND.  HOW FREAKIN’ DARE YOU!” you screamed, straddling her and slapping her cheeks until they were the color of a tomato. 

She groaned in pain.  You deserve it, biotch!  Strong arms wrapped around your waist and before you knew it you were thrown over Kim Jongin’s broad shoulders.  You kicked your legs around.  Angrily, you took off your other shoe and threw it at Sohee.  But your aim was really off.  The heel hit the side of the wall and skidded across the hall. 

“_______ah, calm down,” Jongin said, gently placing you back on the floor at the other end of the hall. 

“Calm down!?  She just kissed you yet again!” you screamed. 

“I know, but Babe, calm down, you just recovered from a fever,” he spoke calmly while stroking your arm. 

But you were fuming.  No one – NO ONE on the face of this planet should dare to lay a single finger on the skin of your man – yet this biotch, this slut, this whore, eh#$^%&%$95u90u dared to place her stupid lips on the lips reserved for you and only you. 

“I know!?!?!  Kim Jongin, you liked it didn’t you?!” you hollered.

“What?!  Of course not.  You saw, I pushed her away!” he said, holding his arms up defensively. 

“No, you didn’t!  Did you kiss her back?!  You kissed her back, didn’t you?!?!!” you were going insane. 

He snorted and replied, “_______ah, you’re being really possessive right now”. 



“POSSESSIVE?!  You’re my husband!  Of course I am possessive!  That’s the second time that biotch kissed you!” you shouted. 

Jongin rolled your eyes and murmured, “Actually, we used to kiss all the time before I met you”. 

Shit.  He did not just say that.  You stared at him speechless.  So he did blame you for breaking him and Sohee up.    

Clawing his hair, he exaggerated a sigh and said, “Look, Jagiya.  I didn’t mean to say that”.

But the damage was done.  You let out a bitter laugh, nodded, and turned around to walk off.  Immediately, he grabbed you by the arm.  You swung him away. 

“Jagiya…” he called but you continued walking. 

As you entered into the crowd, Jongin desperately tried to chase after you.  You grabbed a random glass of wine from a table and gulped it down.  Walking down another hall, you stole another glass from a guest, laughed, and then gulped that down too.  Slowly, you started to feel dizzy again. 

Why the hell did you always have the worst luck?  Just when things were getting better again, they turned for the worst.  Angrily, you crumpled a pamphlet in your hands. 

In the car ride home, you crossed your arms and gave your husband the silent treatment.  He sighed, frustrated that you were frustrated that he was frustrated that you were…DAMMIT.  You kicked the car seat, angrily.  Jongin cautiously touched your arm with his fingertip but you flung him away. 

As you trotted up the stairs of the Kim Manor, your husband silently followed behind.  You entered his room and slammed the door in his face. 

“Go sleep on the sofa!” you hollered. 

With your hands on your hips, you waited for him to come in and apologize to you, but his shadow slowly crept away.  You plopped onto the bed with a mix of hurt, disappointment, anger, and the urge to slice the neck of the next person who dared ever lay hands on your husband. 

And that…was how your first night together ended.          



Learn to never judge a chapter by its title…what’s the next chapter’s title? What do you guys think will happen?  ~evil cackle in bkgrd~  ≧∇≦


When BTS debuted with No More Dream (2013), Jimin was only 18 and they made him show his abs, selling him like a piece of meat and sexualising him. He was barely a kid, just because the law says you’re an adult doesn’t mean you really are. At 18, you’re just a child. And what’s more, in Korea he was still legally underage as it’s not 18 but 20.
My point is that having to do that really affected him phsycologically and emotionally and it’s taken him two long years to start to overcome that and feel better about himself and feel happier. I’m upset that’s the price he had to pay to pave the road for those after him but I’m also glad that BigHit seems to have learned their lesson and are laying off the unnecesary sexualisation/nudity, especially with Jungkook. And I don’t believe that Jimin would let the same thing that happened to him happen to Jungkook. 

Jimin: I was like that before but now I changed it a bit so it’s not that extreme. When others see me only eat one meal a day, they worry that I will collapse and told me that as long as I adjust what I put in my mouth, I shouldn’t need to care so much. But since then it seems like maknae started being like me and eating one meal a day. Now people are saying to him, “Jungkook is continuing Jimin’s dieting style. His body is going to break!!” (here) 

This is why it upsets me when people only recognise Jimin for his body when honestly, that’s the least important of all his assets. And he’s been very bitter towards us fans for a long time because of it, in case anyone missed it. 

 [There was also, I think it was an individual lil interview behind the scenes of a shoot and he said something like, “the fans say i should eat more, but you like taking pics better when i’m skinny don’t you?” and it was so sad and so cold and so bitter, i was in shock. Sadly i can’t find it if i do I’ll add it but if anyone knows what i mean, pls link me!]

So just all I ask is that we be more gentle and careful and considerate of the boys, and Jimin, and particularly of Jungkook as well. Let’s not let it happen again, you know how Jungkook is and it could serioulsy damage him if it gets to his head. Feel free to appreciate their bodies, because they do work hard and I’m sure compliments are still flattering, but remember to be respectful, you know? and Remember that their profession is singers, performers, dancers, rappers, NOT body builders. 

Let’s not let it happen again with Jungkook, is my hope/warning.

eighteenish  asked:

I've got to ask, what would have happened if Jack was the one to turn into a vampire, and not Gabe??? I love you vampire AU, but this question has been bouncing around in my head for a while.

That’s a great question, actually!  I’d thought a little bit about this before, but I hadn’t really walked through the whole thing in my head in a conscious way.

Okay, so first, what you need to realize about this AU is that becoming a vampire really does alter a person’s mind.  This isn’t a case where people get cool superpowers and a sunlight phobia and then just go on their way.  Vampirism changes them as a person.  Jack and Gabriel are rightfully worried about what’s been done to them because they are going to become monsters.  They get nastier.  More callous toward other lives.  They become okay with preying on humans.  And I think becoming a vampire amplifies a person’s core selfishness, whatever form that takes, whether it’s greed or lust or vindictiveness or whatever.  It’s already beginning to happen, in fact, by the end of the story.

Gabriel, he gets angry, cruel, as it fuels that righteous wrath he’s always carried inside him and used to keep moving forward.  He develops a penchant for making people who cross him suffer.  And he also becomes more unable to let Jack go.  This is why he enthralls Jack, because 1: he’s furious about Jack backing down and leaving him like this and 2: there is no damn way he intends to outlive Jack.  If this is how he’s got to keep his husband alive, then it’s what he’ll do, even if it taints Jack with some of the same curse.  Even without the effects of the transformation, he would have been furious, maybe even vicious in his sense of betrayal…but his willingness to taint Jack with this curse that the both of them have spent their adult lives fighting, that’s the vampire in him.

Now, Jack as a vampire…

First, what their asshole captor was actually planning to do was to embrace one of them and then leave them to fight and kill each other.  That dude was a real dick.  And if it had been Jack, like he initially planned, he might’ve gotten his way.  Jack’s got plenty of anger of his own, but where Gabriel’s is a kind of burn that seeks vengeance for wrongs, Jack’s is more the ruthless iron kind that drives him through anything that stands between him and his goal.

So if Jack had been turned then, wanting to die, he might’ve forced the issue with Gabriel.  And the thing is, Gabriel knew this.  Jack accuses him of having dragged the vampire’s attention to him because he couldn’t bear killing Jack…and he is 100% right about that.

(The question of whether this is a virtue or flaw on either of their parts is one I don’t plan to try to find an easy answer for.  It’s both, and neither.  It is who they are, and part of what they’ve always loved about each other, for both the good and the ill of it.  It’s not like it caught them by surprise.  They’ve spent their careers risking their lives.  They’ve each gone through scenarios like this in their heads and what they’d do if it came to that too many times to count.)

So anyway, if Jack had been turned, he would have tried to force Gabriel to kill him.  He might’ve tried it right there in the cell–in which case he’d probably have failed and ended up with Gabriel dead at his hands, and trapped under the domination of the asshole vampire who turned him.  VERY bad scene.

Possibility #2 is a parallel of what actually happened: if Jack managed to hold it together enough to realize who was really at fault here, and he got them both out to chase down the asshole vampire together.  But in this scenario, I don’t think Jack would have enthralled Gabriel.  Vindictiveness is not so much a flaw of Jack’s, but stubbornness absolutely is.  What he would have done instead was turn on people dear to them both, trying to force Gabriel’s hand.  Or, if Gabriel kept being stubborn, to drive their fellow vampire hunters to end his life instead.

Jack would have been a bloodier vampire than Gabriel is.  Gabriel can be vengeful and possessive, but he is also calculating with a head for the finer details of strategizing.  As a vampire, this makes him something of a mastermind.  Jack is more of the “unstoppable object” persuasion.  He’s capable of planning, but less inclined toward Gabriel’s depth and precision. As a vampire, then, his approach would basically be to cut a swath as wide as necessary to get what he wanted.

This would put Gabriel in a very unpleasant position, because it’s not just that he can’t bear to be the one to personally end Jack’s life. He can’t stand back and let him die.  So you would end up with a very angry suicidal vampire, and an equally angry vampire hunter who’s been forced to turn his hand against his fellow hunters to protect his pig-stubborn undead husband until he can beat some sense into him.

You haven’t known the meaning of frustration until you get into a savage physical fight with the man you love in which you are both trying to do as little actual damage to each other as possible, over the fact that he keeps picking fights to get himself killed/stop the people trying to kill you.  Gabriel is really bitter that irony can’t actually kill, because at that moment both of them being struck dead on the spot sounds like a great solution.

Imagine #80 Liam [Requested]

“I don’t wanna live this life without you. I don’t wanna spend the night without you. I don’t wanna know what it’s like. I can’t dream without you.”

Liam Dunbar’s rudimental world deteriorated at analarming rate; the seam viciously torn, the irremediable pieces strewn in ahopeless mess. He made a tremendous mistake, driven by an envious madness worsened by his savage mental disorder. The second that the harsh phrase slithered through his clenched teeth, he’d regretted it. He wanted to reach out, grasp the words in a tight fist and shove them down his throat. Witnessing you walking away from him with a heartbroken tear moistened expression sobered him up like a slap to the face. He wanted to scream, to plead for you to ignore everything he’d said and be his again, he’d fall to his knees if it’d help. He was frozen; flabbergasted by the horrid truth that he’d just made a grave mistake. He needed you and he was wrong to think, even for a second, that he’d ever be better off without you. He accused the woman of his dreams of being in love with someone else because he was insecure, because he was a child and Derek Hale was a man.

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anonymous asked:

haizaki angst please?? i know you like him a lot ;)

Oh anon…. anon anon anon…. thank you

He’d never noticed the changes to his home; the things you’d added, replaced and forced into the dingy apartment. Well it hadn’t been dingy for a while, not since you came into his life. Originally just a stranger who needed somewhere to sleep and a meal to keep them going; he never understood what made him say yes to you that night and every night after that. It wasn’t in his nature to care for others, especially strangers, but that’s what had happened. You turned up begging for help and there was something in the back of his mind that told him to let you in, a conscience you might say; something he thought he’d discarded many years ago, that he was just a selfish creature content with loneliness. Thinking back everything had been so bland before you came, nothing had any meaning or value, he was just drifting through life. Before you came everything was grey.

Running his hand over the thick lined red drapes he let out a solitary chuckle; when had you managed to sneak these past him, he’d never pick such vibrant colours and you should have known. Wandering back into the kitchen he saw a pile of dirty dishes, it was your job to clean up, it was the fee he charged you to live here. He didn’t need to ask for you to do any of it, from day one you were cooking, cleaning, caring for him; why? Why had you been so kind to a total stranger? Why had be been equally as kind? The first few weeks had been bumpy with him dragging his whores back to his bed, you simply cleaning up his messes and not rising to his behaviour at all. With you pottering about fixing everything he never knew needed fixing. Sitting down on the soft yellow settee that you’d convinced him to throw his ancient, spring filled, stained couch out for. Slouching back he realised it smelled just like your sweet perfume and it made him sick. It was the time of night you’d normally be settled down in his lap telling him about all the pretty little nicknacks you’d found for the apartment, about all the “exciting” things you’d done with your day, about how you prefered his natural hair colour to the horrid black it was when you first met. You were such an infuriating being yet not once did he raise his voice or hand to you; the idea of you flinching from his caused an unfamiliar ache in his heart that told him he never wanted you afraid of him. You were perfect and you had burst into his life and brought all the colour back. Sarcastically laughing at his own cliched thoughts he couldn’t help but admit that you had indeed made his life beautiful once more. 

Another swig from the bottle helped soothe him, helped him remember what it had been like earlier that day when you went about the daily routine of preparing him for work, another aspect of his life you’d convinced him to pursue. Deep breaths, deep breaths reminded him of the few passionate kisses he’d shared with you and again those memories soothed the now familiar ache. Taking off the shirt you’d bought him he collapsed down on your bed, hoping that you’d materialise in the sheets and allow him to hold you once more. But that was impossible now. You were gone. Leaving your stamp on his life, on the rooms that were just once where he lived that suddenly became his shared home. Glancing round the room at all your belongings he wanted to get up and burn them all, to erase you from his memory. He could cope with that, with never having met you but the damage was done. You were gone, leaving him alone, unwanted, always second best and bitter. You left reminders everywhere but little by little the colour was fading, you were fading and now that you were gone his life was going to be so grey. 

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Can I get an angst scenario with Aomine (that ends in fluff) where his s/o (female specific pronouns!!) isn't really affectionate and Aomine is kinda insecure and hurt about it?

Aomine Daiki:

Aomine wasn’t always affectionate either, but he still had needs to be fulfilled.

He wonders what’s wrong with him, if perhaps he had entered a loveless relationship; you hardly kissed him or hugged him, and when he went it for kisses you would turn away or change the subject immediately. He had been scared for the longest time that you would break up with him with no explanation, as you had yet to talk to him about why you were this way. 

He’s clearly miserable one day after practice, wanting nothing more than to go home and sleep as his thoughts for the entire day had depressed him and worn him down. He hated that you didn’t love him like he loved you; that had to be the reason that you wouldn’t show him the love that he craved.

He doesn’t notice as you call out to him, still stuck in his thoughts as he makes his way home, wiping away sweat as he internally argues if he should take a shower or not. He freezes when he feels two arms wrap around his middle from behind, ready to punch whoever it is, when he sees the top of your head and realizes he probably shouldn’t punch you.

“(Name)… what are you doing?” 

“Hugging my boyfriend who won’t give me attention?” You respond with a raised eyebrow, releasing him from your grip to let him turn to face you. 

“You’re the one who won’t even touch me.” He didn’t mean to sound bitter, and he figures he might’ve done less damage to the relationship if he had turned around and just continued to go home, but what was said was said, there was no going back. “Didn’t realize I was that disgusting to you.”

“Whoa, relax! I didn’t know you wanted me to hug you more. Or touch you more… You don’t say anything so how am I supposed to fix something that I don’t know exists?”

You have a good point but it doesn’t make you feel better. 

“Don’t pull away from me again.” You mutter, shifting closer and hugging him again, head resting on his chest. “We can hug for hours if you want, just… don’t say things like that, okay?”

He leans into your touch, his arms wrapping around you in turn as he feels the weight on his heart lighten.

“Yeah… sorry.”

*UPDATED* The 100 mid-season finale theory

Seeing the summary for Thirteen (3x07):

 I think Clarke is going to find out about the CoL from Lexa and Titus, meaning while in Arkadia the CoL plot is led by Jaha and Alie’s perspective and role in it, we will finally know what it has to do with Lexa and the Nightbloods (at least part of it). So Clarke is going to discover the truth about this in Polis while Alie continues getting people on board in Arkadia with the “no pain” lie. 

 That’s why I think Clarke is not going to appear in Terms and Conditions (3x08). We know Clarke is going to be missing one episode this season, but not having the main character in the mid-season finale is kind of off, so let’s analyze it further. 

 The plot for 3x08 is this:

 Now if you take a look at the actors, you’ll see the characters who will have a major role here are Kane, Raven, Jasper, Pike, Bellamy, Monty, Lincoln, Jaha (and Alie by extension). ALL of them are in Arkadia, so I think 90% of the episode, if not all, is going to be focused on Arkadia. While spoilertv does not mention Clarke, the character is listed in the100wikia, though that’s is not a legit site. 

 So this is how I think it goes: 

  • Clarke discovers the part Alie is not telling about the CoL in 3x07, which leaves us hanging on on the real danger the sky people taking the chip are in. 
  • The complete focus of 3x08 is now on the sky people being deceived by Alie (plus Pike and Kane struggling against each other). So the mid-season finale ends with Alie having control over the sky people. 

 Now there’s also some other scenes to support this: 

  •  We know Jasper is very likely to take the chip but we also know his confrontation with Clarke is coming. I think he will talk to Clarke before taking the chip, which means Clarke is going to be in Polis at the beginning of 3x06 but come back to Arkadia at some point between 3x06 and 3x07 (IF the confrontation happens before the mid-season finale. If it doesn’t I think Clarke will be in Polis until the second part of the season returns)
  • The wound Clarke has on her forehead when she’s meeting Emerson is the same she has when she’s talking to Jasper, and in that scene Jasper is still angry and hurt, so clearly not under the effects of the chip.
  •  This scene definitely has to take place before 3x08, because the next time we will probably see Clarke in Arkadia is when she’s hugging Bellamy in the s3 promo, but if you’ve noticed, now she has a total different wound in her eye, and the one in her forehead has faded. Furthermore, Bellamy’s face is covered in bruises being healed, which I think are from the fight he has with Octavia. The fight would take place before the mid-season finale, so when they reunite in the second part of the season, his face is still healing. 

So Clarke being in Arkadia again when she talks to Jasper would mean that she finds out about the chip, and by extension so do Lexa and Titus. That’s when they tell her the part of the CoL we don’t know yet. Either this happens in Polis or it happens in Arkadia and they return to Polis to do damage control, which would explain them not being in 3x08. (they can still be in the episode without this changing, though)

 Also, Lexa is waking up from a dream in 3x06, which I’m 99% sure that it’s about the CoL, so it’s entirely possible that Clarke starts suspecting something in Bitter Harvest and then finds out the truth in Thirteen

 Murphy got captured in 3x05, and he appears beaten up in the 3x06 promo. This could mean he got taken to Polis off scene and the scene in which Titus is beating him from the season 3 trailer happens in this episode. 

Now, the promo also has Titus holding a different chip from the ones Jaha has. This is the first indication that there are two parts to the CoL: Alie’s and Lexa’s.