and he's so adorkable


A typical Kim Mingyu: Having fun till the bubbles attacked his face

ohhh!!!! cullen is so #adorkable!!! :’)) I just really love it when he dehumanizes + fetishizes mages!!! the way he supports making all mages tranquil is SO CUTE!!!! u///w///u …remember how his original writer said he would’ve eventually broke and acted on his obsession of surana/amell?? how they said it wouldn’t have been romantic at all and it would’ve been violent and he probably wouldn’t be satisfied till she was dead??? how the writer later said they had no idea why so many people liked him because he was written to be creepy and scary for a woman with no means of an escape??? god he’s such a dreamboat 😍😍😍

Mike is so adorkably proud that he’s learned how to spell “Eleven” in American sign language and tries to teach Eleven how to spell “Mike", but she’s confused ‘cause they already established that she’s not deaf and she just doesn’t understand why she needs to learn that and all Mike wants is to be adorable with her…


Peyton: I have one story. Well, Rowan, as I think everyone knows by now, is a complete klutz, right?

KnB Fan Disc Vol. 3 Mini Drama Translation

Ahhh. I saw translations for the notable parts for the fan disc so I thought it was okay but maybe some people want to read the other dialogues too so I just roughly translated everything. 

As for the video um, I think there are copies floating around though I do not know where… I have my own CD. Be sure to support the team by purchasing your copy too, if you liked the content. (^^)

The fan disc gave me life and made me want to rewatch everything… 

Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Akashi kun so cute haha. His voice is significantly higher. Kagami was also adorkable in this like he’s so giddy when he hears Tatsuya’s name and he’s just…. pfffttttt. *throws burgers at him*

It’s so fun looking at all the piyos in this alternate reality mini drama haha. Also, Hiyoko no Basuke is EVERYTHING.

It’s also cute how Ono Kenshou is embarrassed to listen to himself in the first episode during the audio commentary. It brings so much nostalgia even to the actors and director! It’s funny how they put effort into making Kuroko invisible to the naked eye. Pfft, even they knew that someone like Kuroko who has SKYBLUE HAIR is someone who is more likely to get noticed than be ignored. 

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